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The Black Prince

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Alarms rang out through the pitch night as rain falls from the heavens to the earth. Atop the roofs of sleeping humans and demons, the thief made his escape from the flashing red and blue lights heading towards the scene of the crime. Little did they know that all they will find is the customary letter thanking the owner of whatever he stole for said item and the black raven feather; the thief smirks as he stops above an alley way. Like every town and city before them, Konoha just wasn't prepared for what hit them, making the Black Prince's job so much easier for him. Lucky for them, this prince was beginning to feel lazy. The excitement of stealing prize jewels was dwindling, but what else was there to do for fun if not sending police on wild chases?

As he was about to jump to the next roof, a flash of bright yellow drew his attention to the alley way below him. Silently, the thief made his way down the building's side, hidden in the shadows as he reaches the cold, dirty floor littered with trash and more. He looks around, and watches with a predatory gleam as the yellow he saw moved.

Upon closer look, the yellow was in fact the bright blonde hair of a small boy. Although feminine with a first glance, looking closer shows the hidden signs of a male. And with a thief's trained eye, it is impossible to miss such simple details. The young boy was looking around, as if confused or lost. Bright blue eyes the color of a stormy ocean swept around the area. He was shivering and trembling without pause and had his arms wrapped around himself as if in a hug to try and keep warm.

The Black Prince smirked as he found his next target, guess he wasn't going to get bored after all. As he was preparing to make an appearance to the distraught teen, out of a back door a tall red head came charging out, as if in a rush. The taller male was looking around almost frantically and calmed the minute he saw the blonde staring at him wide eyes. Eyes that held recognition of the older red head.

"Naruto…? Oh, Naru, are you okay? Come here, let's get you inside." He called and walked towards the confused blonde. The thief took the chance to look at the older male. A shine caught his attention, and he spotted several stud earrings and one pair of loops hidden behind long red locks of hair that was beginning to get matted down with water, "Oh, my poor baby," the elder cooed to the teen as if the blonde were a small child, "you're soaked to the bone… Come on, let's go get you some dry clothes and a hot cup of coco." The blond simple gave a small smile, as he held to the elder absorbing what warmth he could. A cup of hot chocolate sounded quite nice, even if it meant putting up with being babied for a bit.

The thief watched as they went into the building and out the front to a car, taking off down the dark road. 'How interesting…. But that older one may cause trouble... None the less, I always get what I want. I am an Uchiha after all.' With a satisfied smirk, and swirling red eyes, the Uchiha thief left the area, heading to turn over the stolen goods for his pay and then to head home to plot and plan his next move. "I'll have to figure out where he lives… What was his name again….? Naruto…" He tested the name and was please at how well it rolled off his tongue. "You will be mine Naruto." The male said as he removed his mask and looked into the full body mirror in his rooms.

His small but muscular frame was hugged snugly by the dark black mesh top and tight black pant. The smooth ivory bird mask held in one pale hand as the other combed through his tangled and soaked midnight hair that had tints of dark blue in it. His usual spiked up hair lay flat from the rain. The swirling black comas in his crimson red eyes slowed as they bleed back to the normal coal black color. He smirked, revealing his fangs to his refection, the young vampire laughed. One was allowed to be vain when one had the immortal beauty of a vampire, no?

POV Change ~with Naruto~

Naruto was led from the car into the warm sanctuary that was his and his brother's home. His spiky golden locks soaked and dripping puddles onto the floor. He stood there shivering. Kyuubi looks at his little brother and sighs. He takes his eyes off of him for a few moments, and this is what happens. He get's locked out of the club by the back door. Kyuubi shakes his head of excess water much like a dog and carries a towel to his baby brother.
"Come here Naru. Let Big Brother dry your hair." He said and smiled as Naruto sat in the chair in front of him and let Kyuubi dry his hair. "Now, how about you go take a nice hot bath and I'll make you that hot chocolate." Even through the blonde before him was 17, nearly 18, the older couldn't help but baby his brother. It wasn't as if Naruto put much protest into it.

Naruto nodded enthusiastically and went down the hall to the bathroom. Their home was plain, but it held a nice homey feel. Earth brown walls adorned with past school awards and photos of the brothers growing up and of them as a family, with their cousins from the demon village Suna. Surprisingly the demonic gene in the family skipped over Naruto, but didn't completely skip Kyuubi, the gene gave the elder heightened senses and small fangs, barely noticeable to even demon eyes. Lush beige carpets ran across all the floors, but the tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. Naruto reached the bathroom and opened the door. The white marble counters and tub causing him to sigh.

"…Bath… Long bath…." He mumbles as he sets up the I-pod player that was constantly left in there for this very reason, choosing his favorite play list, Naruto begins to fill the tub with hot water that wouldn't cool for a while. Once the temperature and desired amount was set, with added soothing lotions and bath salts, Naruto striped and sunk into the blissfully warm water. Away from the cold air, away from the wet clothing that clung uncomfortably to his body, away from the icy chill of the rain and wind, and away from the one who locked him out in that cold rain.

Shaking his head, and allowing himself to sink into the tub a bit farther, only leaving his head above water to breathe. With even breathes and the soft humming sound of the 1,000 song play list, Naruto allowed himself a moments rest. Closing his now calm cerulean blue eyes. 'Only a moment,' he told himself.

The next time the young blonde came to; it was to a smiling Kyuubi who informs him his coco was getting cold. With a sleepy smile, Naruto steps out and quickly dresses into the freshly warmed pajamas his brother had laid out for him. After being given his hot chocolate, he was sent off to bed.
Once his head hit the pillow, Naruto knew no more other than the beautiful dream being before him, shrouded in shadows and darkness, all but his bright red eyes. Naruto stared transfixed by the red eyes.

Kyuubi checked on his little brother once before giving the okay, checking that the security system was activated, and going to bed himself. Next time Kyuubi sees his poor baby brother's tormentor will be the last time she does anything to Naruto. With an evil smirk and many evil, not so nice plans swirling around in his head fighting for their chance to be used in his revenge, Kyuubi fell into a light sleep, unaware of the dangerous creature that had just made its home in Konoha.

Later in the night Naruto awoke to a constant tapping at his window. He glares at the window and sees nothing out there but the pitch dark night, the tree by his room, and the moon still out. He looks at the clock and groans. "It's only one in the fucking morning… What the F." He mumbles as he tosses on his bed. He closes his eyes and hears the tapping again, he jumps and storms to the window. He glares out at the night and growls. He turns to go back to bed and hears it again. Spinning on his heels he gets ready to yell but freezes seeing a raven sitting on the branch of the tree outside his window. He laughs as he opens the window a bit. "A raven? I was freaking out over a raven?" He laughs at himself and shakes his head. "Come on little guy, I'll go see what we have you can eat." He says as he leaves the window open. He leaves the room, closing his door, and heads to the kitchen.
After searching the cupboards and such, he returns with a few pieces of bread. He sees the raven on the window sill and smiles. "We don't have much, but here's some bread." He holds the bread out as he sits on his haunches on the ground. The raven looks at him, if Naruto didn't know better he'd think it was studying him, but everyone knew birds weren't that intelligent unless trained. And this raven couldn't possible be trained, right?

Finally the raven flew over and rested on his arm, eating the offered bread. Naruto smiled. "You're a very pretty raven. Are you someone's pet? You're much too well groomed to be wild… And ravens aren't common around here…" He wondered. The raven looked at Naruto with its piercing pitch black eyes. Naruto shivered as it felt that the look was much to calculating to belong to a mere bird.

He stood up and walked to the window. "Well, if you have an owner, you better get back to them." He said. The raven looked at him, and Naruto swore it was glaring at him. "I'm sorry, but I have to sleep. My brother is taking me out tomorrow to shop and sign up for school here." He said and then it hit him he was talking to a raven. 'Dude, I'm talking to a bird… I must be lonely. What would Kyuubi say about this? God, he'd say I went off my rocker!'
During Naruto's inner tirade, the raven flew away, and once he notices this fact, Naruto closes his window and climbs back in bed to sleep. Unknown to him, that little raven flew across the town to a small two story house. The walls were pitched black, blending into the night and the only thing keeping it separate was the light of the moon. The raven flew to one of the windows on the second floor. Sasuke sat on the window sill waiting for his raven to return with the information he wanted. The vampire smiled as his pet landed on his arm and had learned exactly what he wanted.

"Hello Demitri, so it seems little Naru has a soft spot for animals." He smiled revealing his fangs. The raven knew from living with the vampire that he was safe and proceeded to clean himself. Sasuke glared at the bird. "Do not ignore me!"

Demitri looked up at his master and cawed loudly. Sasuke continued to glare at the bird before giving up. He had what he wanted. He knew exactly how he was going to go about meeting his little human. He would lull him into a sense of security, around him and his pet. And as their familiarity grows, Naruto will either come willingly or Sasuke will simply do what he does best and steal what he wants.

Sasuke went to his room and lied in his bed. He would to be rested and at full strength tomorrow so he could run into his Naruto without anyone questioning him.

With that in mind, Sasuke went into a light, sleeplike trance. Unaware of his own older brother having come to check on him, and chuckling at the teen's seemingly lost argument to the raven.

Across town in the small home of the Uzamaki's, Naruto was curled up in bed. Oblivious and unaware of what one Sasuke Uchiha, a vampire, wants of him. The only thing on his mind is his fears of school, and thoughts of that beautiful raven and if it would be coming back…