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Number 12

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Looking over the sheet of station promos, Joey nods, listening to the producer for a moment. It's late, the radio show's over, and Joey wants nothing more than to go home and crawl into bed, but he has to get this stuff taken care of; Kidd and Mulvihill did their takes already, and Joey's the only one left in the studio aside from the producer and a lone sound engineer. He takes a breath and starts reading, eyes trained on the sheet for his script, voice up and full of false cheer.

Justin arrives just as Joey starts; he sits down and chats with the producer, an old acquaintance from the studio. Joey's just about done anyways, so it only takes a few moments to convince the producer to take off and let Justin lock up; the engineer follows him out, bumping fists with Justin before Justin follows them to lock the exterior door. He comes back and sits, smiling to himself at the sound of Joey continuing to run through the promo, and then when he hears him pause, Justin leans forward to the microphone and clears his throat. "Jesus, Fatone, that SUCKED. Take it from the top!"

Joey jumps, startled, gaze darting up to the glass separating him from the booth, and then he breaks into laughter, dropping the script sheet again. "Oh, fuck you, you think 'cause you've done a million of these you're so much better than me." He's still grinning as he takes off the headphones, getting up and heading for the booth.

Justin's leaning back, spinning in the chair by the time Joey gets in there. He can't quite hide the grin with a repentant look, though he does try. "Hey! Sorry. Uh... Really, no. Sorry."

Snickering, Joey kicks the door closed behind him; seeing that the booth is empty except for the two of them, he bends over, resting his hands on the armrests of the chair, to kiss Justin in a soft greeting. "Sure you are," he murmurs.

With a tilt of his head, still smiling, Justin grabs the front of Joey's shirt; the wheeled chair moves him closer and he kisses Joey back. "Well, maybe I can make it up to you?"

"I like the sound of that." Joey nuzzles Justin's jaw, the smooth warm line up to his ear, and he says in a soft tone, "You lock the door?"

Justin looks up at at Joey, a mischievous grin as he nods. "And stationed Mike outside too."

"Have I told you today how much I love you?" Joey grins, cocking his head toward the old leather couch against the booth's back wall. "Why don't we get more comfortable?"

Justin gets up fast, catching Joey's hands and urging him to walk backward, then moves in to straddle him once he's seated. His voice husky as he leans in close to inhale Joey's warm musky scent, he almost whispers, "Whoever's idea it was to put a couch in here, man, they deserve a raise."

Hands stroking up and down Justin's back, Joey grins up and leans in to kiss Justin, long and slow, lingering. "Mmm, yeah," he agrees absently, "I'll get 'em a fruit basket or something."

Barely holding back a grin so he can savor the kiss, Justin's framing Joey's face with his hands, moving down to kiss the little dip below his lips, his chin, then underneath his jaw to murmur against Joey's neck. "Fruit basket, stock options, a new car, yeah, something. Good idea. Very good idea."

Joey's head lolls against the back of the couch, and his eyes drift shut in pleasure; his hands are moving, sliding under Justin's thin shirt, easily finding the smooth hot skin of his back. "Fuck, yeah, this," he mumbles. "Best idea ever."

Justin answers as he's licking down Joey's neck, his fingers busy unbuttoning his shirt, "You left so early this morning, man. I woke up by myself, wanting you, thinking about you... surprised I made it til lunchtime."

"Had to, had to go." Joey groans softly, already half-undone by the sweetness of Justin's tongue. "I knew if I stayed in bed any longer I'd wake you up and never make it into the studio and Paul would have killed me and oh, God, I love your tongue, fuck, that's good." He pulls up on Justin's shirt, urging it up over his chest, thumb gliding over a nipple.

Justin's gasping from Joey's touch as he bends to kiss and lick Joey's skin as it's revealed, and then he's pushing Joey's shirt to the sides, sliding his hands hungrily, greedily, over his chest; he shakes his head almost in disbelief as he slides back on Joey's thighs a little and leans in, licking a wet stripe up the center, then saying, "You feel so good. Taste so good."

"God, Justin," Joey gasps, shuddering a little, one hand cupping Justin's nape. He skates the fingers of the other over Justin's chest, the strong defined muscle, catching at his other nipple, and he rolls it between his fingers, tweaks it. "Jesus, that's good."

Justin's breathing fast and uneven, and he moves so he's kneeling between Joey's legs. He straightens even as his hands are busily opening Joey's jeans, his mouth closing over Joey's nipple to return the tease Joey'd dealt him. Once Justin's got Joey's jeans unzipped and opened, he slides a hand inside and under the waist of Joey's boxers to run the back of his fingers over Joey's cock. He lifts his head to meet Joey's gaze, still trying to catch his breath as he replaces his mouth on Joey's chest, playing and rolling lightly. "You know, you'd think... " Justin trails off a moment to curl his fingers around Joey's erection, shivering at the heat, the thickness of it. "After all this time, I'd be able to just. Be cool. But fuck, I want you all the time, want you so much."

Panting shallowly, quivering all over from what Justin's doing to him, Joey's having a hard time thinking, let alone responding coherently; but he manages to assemble his thoughts somehow, grinning rakishly down at Justin. "Never gets old," he agrees, stroking a hand over Justin's head. "Never stop wanting you as much as the first time, even more now. Jesus," he adds with a low gasp as Justin's fingers move, "your hands."

Justin responds, "My hands..." and trails off briefly with a grin even as he's unzipping, pulling, gently tugging. "Have a mind of their own." He reaches down and pulls Joey's sandals off, then helps him get rid of his cargo shorts. "They're just like the rest of me. Want you *naked*."

"Well, fuck, if I'm gonna be naked, you better be, too." Joey lifts up so that his shorts slide off easily, and then he leans forward, his mouth finding Justin's again, lips urgent and hot, as he reaches down to open Justin's belt and jeans, pushing down on the fabric awkwardly.

Justin stands once Joey's got his pants unzipped, it's a quick push down and he kicks them off, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing them in the same direction as his jeans, and he kneels astride Joey's legs, licking up the side of his neck. He chuckles, not a bit sorry. "I'm basically just attacking you here, aren't I?"

"Do you hear me complaining?" Joey takes hold of Justin's waist, hands reaching back to squeeze his ass, molding the firm flesh, and he groans as Justin's tongue sends wet fire through him, making his cock jump against his belly. "Jesus, I fuckin' want you, baby."

In response, Justin arches toward Joey, hissing as their cocks slide together. Holding back a groan, he mutters, "You've got me, come on..." and then something close to a smirk crosses his lips as he reaches for Joey's hand, pulling it back toward his cleft.

Joey's eyes are puzzled for a moment, but then they widen when his questing fingers encounter the round base of the anal plug where he was expecting only smooth skin, and he drags in a sudden heavy breath, his brain going liquid because holy fuck, that *is* what he thought it was and he can't even think clearly for a moment. "Oh, fuck, Justin," he groans. "This. Oh, my God."

"Just want you, man, didn't want to wait, wanted to be ready for you to just--*take* me." Justin's whispering against Joey's ear, hot breath and a quick lick every few words, his hands resting on his shoulders, letting go with one so he can reach down and lightly stroke their erections together.

Shuddering, Joey tugs on the plug and it slides back, smoothly, and he moans as it comes out all the way. He tosses it to the couch, hands moving to Justin's waist to guide him, and one slips between them to pry Justin's teasing hand off his cock. "You don't fucking play fair, God. Come on, come on," and he slips his erection between Justin's thighs, the slick head nudging at Justin's entrance.

"Play to win, fuck... fuck being fair. God!" Justin retorts, then he pushes down, and yeah, he's so ready, so hungry it's so easy, even in this position, to just take Joey in, a slow slide, no pauses. Justin shudders once he's taken all of Joey's stiff cock, his head dropping back, his body shakes hard, once, twice, before his deep breaths and the twinge of pain from biting his lip pull him back from the edge.

Joey gives a low, wordless moan and pushes up, the incredible gripping heat of Justin's body making him shake; it's with an effort that he relaxes his hands on Justin's hips, letting one rub up, smoothing over his chest, playing over the broad planes of his torso. "God, that's, that's perfect," he breathes, gazing up at Justin.

Justin's pushing up, the cushions are soft and deep and he sinks, not really rising much. He can barely manage to strangle out the words to answer Joey. "You feel. Fuck, Joey..." It feels so good, amazing, the small lift and then Joey moving back deep in him, he leans forward enough to meet Joey's mouth, playing the tip of his tongue between Joey's lips.

Trying to rock up into Justin is difficult; Joey can't get much leverage from the thick, soft cushions of the couch, but for now he doesn't mind, he's enjoying the friction, the feeling of sinking deep into Justin and then back again. He kisses Justin hungrily, licking at his lips, into his mouth, savoring and tasting him, wanting everything; he groans shakily into Justin's mouth as they rock together.

Justin rests his hands on Joey's shoulders as they find a rhythm together, and he watches Joey's face as he murmurs, "You have no--no idea, how hard it was, getting here like... that." Even as they're moving, driving their bodies so fervently, Justin cracks a smile, his eyes a little glazed from arousal.

"I can... I can imagine. Jesus." Joey bites down on his lips, hands bracing on Justin's hips, and then he lets go with one, sliding it over to close on the stiff length of Justin's cock; they're setting an easy, regular pace now, not too fast, and his hand strokes in time with the steady movements. "Must have been, God. Pretty hot getting ready."

"Ahh..." Justin slides his hand across Joey's chest, rubbing his thumb against his nipple before he continues. "I was so... It was... I was tempted. Very tempted." A small smile before he finishes, grinding down a little, "But I knew the payoff with you'd be a million times better than me, in the shower with that," Justin tosses a quick glance to the side where Joey'd dropped the plug, "and my hand."

A little ripple skates over Joey's skin, and he pushes against Justin's hand, even as he glances over, gaze following Justin's. He can't help but smile as he looks at the plug for the first time: "Baby blue, huh?" he observes in a teasing tone. "You know, just visualizin' you doin' that, fuck, you have no idea how hot that is." He's still straining upwards, but it's hard, in the depth of the old, worn cushions, to get leverage into Justin, and he pants shallowly.

Justin barks a short laugh as he brushes Joey's hair back, and he nods. "Yeah--god. We need to--you wanna try something else? This couch, it's a little too..." To illustrate, he tries to lift up for a longer stroke but his weight just pushes him deeper into the cushions.

"Yeah, let's -- here, get, get up." It's with reluctance that Joey urges Justin up and off of him, and he stands on shaky legs, picking up the plug and tossing it on top of his discarded boxers. "Lay down, lay on your stomach, baby."

Justin nods, fumbling down to grab his t shirt and toss it on the couch; then he drops down to lay on it, one leg drawn up under him on the couch and the other bent and off the side of the couch with his knee on the floor. Justin looks back over his shoulder, tense, needy, his fingers gripping the edge of cushions tight, and he meets Joey's eyes as he hisses out, "You don't get back inside me in like, one second, I'm gonna go nuts, man, come on..."

"Oh, like I'd wait, you must think I'm an idiot or something." Joey grins as he kneels behind Justin, urging him a little further down on the couch, and then he presses the head of his cock between Justin's buttocks and gives a sudden convulsive push, sinking himself deep in one urgent stroke that's accompanied by a low gasp of pleasure.

"Not an--" Justin stops sharp, gasping, crying out helplessly, "Oh god, yeah, that, that's it, that's so--" Justin turns his head and groans into the cushion, the sudden return of the fullness, the heat and pressure, sends shocks through him, and he pushes back to increase the sensations.

Bracing himself with his hands on either side of Justin's shoulders, Joey shakes as he presses into Justin, his thrusts sure and steady now; he rocks to meet the roll of Justin's hips, and he lowers his head to lick at Justin's shoulder, the smooth expanse of skin. "God," he gasps, between shaking breaths, "so beautiful, fuck."

Justin just shoves back, hard, and his breath is coming fast, this is so much more--deeper and more intense, and Justin's not satisfied, every sensation makes him want even more. He's barely coherent, saying, "Feel so good, baby, god!"

"God, you. You." One hand slips, on the smooth leather of the couch, and Joey reaches for Justin's hand, threading their fingers together; then, pausing between thrusts, buried completely in Justin's body, he draws Justin's hand up, over his head, so that he's stretched out even more beneath Joey's shaking body.

"Oh, oh, fuck..." Justin's turned his head, gasping, he squeezes Joey's hand, moving with him, lost in a torment of need and want. "Jesus, Joe, yeah, oh, oh god, please..."

Joey groans helplessly -- it's so fucking hot that he can barely stand it -- but he reaches for Justin's other hand, their fingers woven together, and again, pulls it up, stretching it over Justin's head. He's laid full over Justin now, working shallowly into him, short hot thrusts, and his voice is low and shuddery. "Is this OK? God, I just, you're, you're so."

"It's, jesus." Justin's panting, nodding, thinking that it's asking a fucking lot to have to form a credible sentence, a shiver skitters up his spine at Joey's voice, and without conscious thought, he's rocking against Joey, taking everything he'll give, and finally, belatedly gasps out an answer. "Yeah, about, about a million times better than ok, jesus."

Joey works himself back in gradually deeper strokes, grinding into Justin, and it's so hard to hold back and not just drive mindlessly into him the way his body is demanding, but he sucks on Justin's neck and holds back, wanting to stretch this out as long as he can, panting and gasping every time he sheathes himself in Justin's pliant body.

"You're killing me, jesus..." Justin's not fighting against the hold, it's incredible like this, mostly covered by Joey, unable to touch himself or Joey, and all he can do is feel, push back against every thrust, grind his erection against the couch as Joey pulls back, and try to remember to breathe when he pushes in deep and Joey's cock rubs his prostate.

"No idea, God. So good, feel so, so fucking good." Joey's breathing in shallow pants now; he's starting to lose his battle, all his senses lost in the incredible heat, the delicious tight grip of Justin's body working around him, and his thrusts begin to speed out of control. "Oh, oh *God*, J, God--"

Justin gives a short sigh in relief, because yeah, that's all he needs, that extra push, the faster and harder--he arches up to meet Joey, groaning low and guttural, "Oh yeah, yeah--" and his words are cut off by his release, tearing through him quicker than he even had expected; shocks of pleasure shattering him.

"Fuck!" Joey gasps and groans, and his last thrusts are a flurry, arrhythmic, pounding into Justin as his lover's orgasm seems to pull his own climax out of him; it rattles him to the bones, leaving him shaking and drained. It takes him a few moments to realize he's still squeezing Justin's hands and he apologetically lets go, draping himself on Justin's back as he gasps for air.

Justin scrabbles to grasp Joey's hand again, hanging onto it tightly and and reaching back with the other, a clumsy caress of Joey's side. He's still shivering and he says, low, "God, Joe. Stay, don't move, stay like this for a while."

"I don't, I don't think I could move if I wanted to right now." Joey wraps his hand around Justin's, pressing weak kisses to his nape, his shoulder. "Jesus, baby."

Justin's unthinkingly shaking his head. "You, god. Unreal." He tugs Joey's hand down, kissing his palm, still feeling shivers and twinges from his intense release. "Love you, Joe."

"So much, Justin. So much." Joey wraps his other arm around Justin's waist, tugging them and rolling a little until they're spooned together, his back against the back of the couch.

"God, we're gonna have to move pretty soon, or I'ma fall asleep right here." In spite of his words, Justin slides back to fit into the curve of Joey's body.

"Not yet," Joey says quietly, pressing his lips to the nape of Justin's neck. "That was the hottest fucking thing ever, baby."

"Good." It's an effort not to sink into the comfort and warmth, post-coital satisfaction, but Justin rouses with a smile, half turning to see his face. "How about, next time, your turn?"

Joey just smiles back, squeezing Justin close against him. "We'll have to see."

"Mmm. Bet I can talk you into it." He cranes up to nuzzle under Joey's jaw. "You'll love it."

"I just might, at that." Joey tilts his head down for a soft kiss, licking at Justin's lower lip. "God knows you can get me to do just about anything."

"Oh, I *like* the sound of that, baby. Like the sound of that," and Justin tips his head and opens to Joey's kiss, groaning in spite of himself at the thrill that races through him at the slick tease.

Closing his eyes, Joey shifts a little, shivering pleasantly, and he breaks the kiss with reluctance. "OK, OK, let's talk about this later, huh? In bed?"

"Yeah." Justin winks and raises his eyebrows. "Do a little online shopping, maybe." He stretches, and reluctantly pushes up to get to his feet, scratching the side of his neck as he starts to look around the room for his clothes, holding out a hand to help Joey up. "Home, baby. We'll just see what we can talk each other into."