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Kitty Paradise

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Early morning, and a cloud of owls erupted from a large building, where light had spilled brilliantly from the many windows throughout the night, as well as ecstatic cheers of joy. Everyone in the wizarding world woke to the sound of insistent tapping at their window and opened the morning edition of the Daily Prophet only to shout and cry in similar elation.

People poured into the streets soon after and threw sparks in the air with their wands despite the early hour, excitedly waving the newspaper in the air. Others congregated to the pubs to drink to their victory and to talk about the shockingly sudden downfall of the Dark Lord.

As in all other pubs, the Leaky Cauldron was jam packed with witches and wizards all discussing the latest front page article that they each so pleasantly woke up to. Each conversation centered around the same questions, as two such persons figured out. Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange were sitting in the corner of the pub silently celebrating their new freedom and watching everyone else gossip. One such conversation that was near them caught their attention.

A young man had just run in and came over to the group that was in the middle of a toast, “Did you hear?”

“Who hasn’t?” Someone else replied.

“Is it really true? Is the war really over?” another asked.

“This says it is,” yet another answered gesturing to the newspaper.

“B-But how? After so long, how can You-Know-Who just…”

A man who had been listening in walked over, “I don’t know, but according to the Prophet a Death Eater turned rouge and freed Harry Potter and together they took him down.”

“Have you seen him lately? Potter I mean.”

“Yeah,” someone answered with a laugh, “He has cat ears.”

“And a tail,” a woman said looking down at the picture that was on the front of the paper. The picture had Harry and another handsome man standing in front of a burning building surrounded by torn up terrain. Both of them were dirty and covered with what could be either mud or blood, you really couldn’t tell by the black and white picture. “I heard he had kids now.”


“I didn’t hear that!”

“Yeah. Twins,” someone answered, the man had a pin on his robes showing that he was an off duty Auror, “They're these guy’s,” he said pointing to the man in the picture next to Harry, “Thomas Randall.”

“What?! How is that possible? He’s a guy!”

“He’s a cat. The potion accident that turned him changed his anatomy as a side effect, so he could have them. At least that’s what the Prophet said.”

“How did they even have time to do that?” someone asked.

“It says here they had done a short interview,” the newcomer said and looked down at the paper and read, “‘I met Harry down in the dungeon of the Dark Lord’s hideout. I wasn’t important enough to be involved in the big meetings, I was just there to take care of the prisoners, giving them food so that they at least stayed alive for the Dark Lord’s interrogations. I had already started to regret my decision when I joined the Dark Lord’s cause. When I met Harry…he wasn’t all that bad, nothing like the Dark Lord made him out to be. The more I talked to him and got to know him the more I started to really like him.’”

Someone else picked up, “‘The more Thomas came down to see me the more connected I felt with him. We had so much in common. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with him and he with me. Thomas eventually was able to make a way for us to escape and we went into hiding.’”

“Geez. I guess you really can find love anywhere.”

“No kidding.”

“I think it’s romantic,” a woman said sighing happily and her friend next to her nodded too.

“I guess they were in hiding long enough to start a family and had to fight when You-Know-Who found them.”

“I hope their babies are okay,” the woman said.

“They seem to be.”

“I wonder it they have ears and tails too.”

“Who knows? Can’t see them in here,” a man said gesturing to the pictures.

“It seems surreal doesn’t it? I mean he’s really gone, for good.”

“No kidding. I don’t even know what to think.”

“Wait what about the Death Eaters? What happened to them?” someone asked.

The Auror spoke up, “They were all captured. When the Dark Lord was defeated they sort of…collapsed I guess the word is. They were all clutching their dark mark and we were able to apprehend them.”

“But I heard some of went free?”

The Auror nodded, “When we questioned them, some of them were under the Imperious Curse.”

“The Imperious?”

“Yes. It seemed that when the Dark Lord came back some of them weren’t too keen on joining him again and he put them under the curse. Lucius Malfoy was one of them.”

“So you let them go?”

“Had to. They had a justified reason. And it kind of helped that Potter vouched for them.”

“Wow. Everything is just turning upside down isn’t it?”

“Yes, but it is for the better. Now everything can get back to normal.”

“Or as normal as it can be.”

“I propose a toast,” someone said loudly and the pub went silent, every person holding up their glasses, “To our freedom. May it last for a long time.”