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In Which Social Media Is A Conduit Between Worlds

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raavastempest:  [Read more…] New lifting record since the incident.  I should probably be proud of it.

raavastempest:  @lipstick-and-motor-oil, how are you so perfect?

lipstick-and-motor-oil replied to raavastempest’s post:

Right back at ya. ❤️

lipstick-and-motor-oil:  If I can’t get this car purring like a little lizard-kitten by evening, I am taking the engine apart all over again.  Starting tomorrow.

steelbreeze154 reblogged:  [basket of lizard-kittens]
@lipstick-and-motor-oil mentioned lizard-kittens.  There was context, but what’s relevant is that I’m reblogging lizard-kittens.  @lavaferret

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lavaferret: [basket of fawn-puppies]
#steelbreeze154 #raavastempest #there’s no way you’re NOT a dog person

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Just because the president is a nonbender doesn’t mean everything is perfect for us now.  Just saying.

#I’m a HC airbender tag

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#THIS #I acknowledge that have it easier than most

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#relevant to past major fuckups #learning to fail better

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lipstick-and-motor-oil:  More awesome STEM girls are following me, and I’m loving it.

necromancer-princess:  Hey, @lipstick-and-motor-oil, any word on that power source I was hearing about?  Can you hook me up with a sample?

lipstick-and-motor-oil reblogged necromancer-princess’s post and added:
No; I never got my hands on it.  And unless you want to pretty much open a rift in the middle of your city, it’s probably best left alone anyway.

necromancer-princess reblogged lipstick-and-motor-oil’s post and added:
You’re right; that could be a problem.

(What kind of rift, by the way?)

frecklefacedscout reblogged: [Isle of Skye landscape photo]:
#wish I could go back #by which I mean: wish it were even an option

[Someone promptly starts an argument about not seeing what the problem is, considering the Isle of Skye is still there.]

in-yr-mine-hackin-yr-mainframe:  Just because it’s not you they’re exiling offworld right now doesn’t mean everything is okay.  Make no mistake: the Organization is rotten through and through.
#why yes this does concern #the person trying to ‘splain at #frecklefacedscout #over HIS TAGS ON A LANDSCAPE PHOTO #screw the Organization

frecklefacedscout replied to in-yr-mine-hackin-yr-mainframe’s post:

Thank you.

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raavastempest:  Wait, what? Who the fuck gave PD Internet again?  And how the fuck is BAB even still alive?

in-yr-mine-hackin-yr-mainframe:  [Read more…] Dammit.  There seems to be a loop, and I’m out of said loop…but suffice to say that I seem to have inadvertently re-opened someone’s old wound.  I re-iterate: dammit.
#I hecked up I hecked up I hecked up


Samella Connel Receives An Ask From Avatar Korra

in-yr-mine-hackin-yr-mainframe:  [Read more…] Your approval fills me with shame.