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Death Can Play Too


“Hey, Kid! Where are you going?” I call to my neighbour as he races from his home.

“To Anubis’ pyramid to kill a witch who raised mummies.” He shrugs, calling Beelzebub.

“Where are Patty and Liz?” I ask, they’re never separated.

“I left them behind at the pyramid.” Kid says looking sheepish.

“What?! Why would you leave them in a pyramid full of mummies and a witch?!” I cry at him.

“I thought my painting was crooked.” He blushes.

“Oh Kid.” I sigh, partly from exasperation and partly from pity.

“I’m going back now though! It won’t take long on Beelzebub.” He says quickly.

“Ooh! Can I come?” I ask.

“But you’re just a human and it’s dangerous.” He frowns.

“But you’ll be there to protect me. Nothing can get past a Shinigami.” I pout and flutter my eyelashes.

“Okay then, hop on.” He smiles.

I grin and jump on the back of Beelzebub with Kid, wrapping my arms round his waist. I may be just a human and he’s a grim reaper but we’re still best friends. Have been for years, ever since I moved next door. We always get into trouble together.



On the way back from the pyramid I can’t help but tease Kid. He would normally be able to open a portal straight to his Father but because I’m with him we have to go the long way. Plenty of time to have some fun.

“So, Kid. You have a kinky side.” I whisper into his ear, biting my lip so I don’t laugh.

“What?! No I don’t!” He cries, blushing.

“You so do! I saw the way you reacted when you saw Liz and Patty all tied up!” I chuckle.

“That was only because I thought they were… you know.” He shrugs.

“Liar! You got all aroused by them being tied up!” I laugh.

“I was not!”

“You like bondage!” I say in a sing-song voice.

He growls and tips Beelzebub so I land on my ass on the sand and then carries on without me.

“Kid!” I cry.

He ignores me and soon he’s so far away I can’t see him. I sit down and begin to cry. I’m stuck in the middle of a desert, I have no idea where I am, I have no food or drink and no way to get home! I sit with my knees pulled up to my chest and lay my head against them, sobbing noisily. I’m crying so hard I don’t hear a whoosh beside me.

“I’m sorry, don’t cry!” Kid says as he lands beside me.

“Y… you came b… back for me!” I cry, wrapping my arms round his neck.

“Of course! I would never leave you here I was just fooling around.” He says, hugging me back.

“Well, don’t do it again, you jerk!” I cry, slapping him round the head.

“Ow!” He cries and then we set off again.

He drops me at my house and then goes to see his Father.



I sigh and head to the DWMA. Humans aren’t normally allowed in the academy but Lord Death has made an exception just for me as I have an ability to stop some of Kid’s neurotic OCD tendencies. It came about after Kid passed out during his exam due to not being able to get his name to look right on the paper.

“Hi Soul. Hi Maka. Have either of you seen Kid?” I ask, entering the academy.

“I think he was with Black*Star.” Maka says.

“Oh…” I start, when Black*Star suddenly lands in front of me.

“Now run in fear of the awesomeness that is me!” He yells, obviously finishing a speech he started a while ago.

“Oh shut up!” I laugh and walk round him.

“She only thinks she’s a bigger star than me because she’s friends with reapers.” Black*Star grumbles.

“You’re just jealous that Kid has a hot girlfriend and you don’t.” Soul mumbles.

I giggle as I walk away and soon spot Kid, talking to Professor Stein.

“Kid!” I call, waving when he turns to me.

He grins and walks up to me.

“Get bored at home did you?” He smiles.

“No, I wish it was just that. I need to tell you something.” I mutter.

“Okay, let’s go to the library. No one ever seems to go there.” He frowns and wraps his arm round my waist.

We walk to the library in silence. I bite my lip, wondering how I’m going to tell him my news. He knows something’s wrong, I can tell by the way he keeps glancing at me. We walk into the library and Kid locks the doors. I guess being the head masters son has some perks. I hop up onto the edge of a desk and swing my feet, looking down at the ground. Kid walks up to me and stands just in front of me.

“What’s wrong?” He asks quietly.

“We’re moving.” I mumble to the floor.

“What?! No! I won’t allow it!” He cries.

“There’s nothing you can do Kid. My parents have decided.” I say sadly, tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I… I’ll talk to Father! He’ll stop them! You can live with me!” He says, grabbing my chin and lifting my face up.

“Thank you… but they’re my parents. I have to go if they say so.” I smile weakly at him.

He looked frantic and lost for a moment and then suddenly his lips are on mine. I freeze for a second but then I close my eyes and kiss him back. He licks along my lips experimentally and I open my mouth to him. We’d kissed before, enough times we both knew what the other liked. This kiss was different though. It was hard and hungry, desperate almost. I finally pull away, gasping for air.

“Stay with me tonight?” He asks and I know what he really means.

I bite my lip and nod my head. That night we lost our virginities to each other. The morning I left he gave me his death brooch to remember him. I put it on a chain and wore it as a necklace.



I don’t know how long after I left I got a phone call from Kid. It was about two in the morning when my phone rang.

“Hello?” I ask sleepily.


“Kid? Why are you calling me at this time of night?” I ask drowsily, seeing the time on my clock.

“Can you… go to a mirror… and call Death. Please… I… need to see you.” He stutters, sounding sad.

“Of course! Give me a sec.”

I hang up and go over to my stand up mirror, pulling it to the end of my bed. I breathe on the glass and spell the number out. A few seconds after I call, Kid is standing in the mirror. He looks very upset and I wonder where his Father is. I look behind him but can’t see anyone.

“Kid?” I ask hesitantly.

“You look nice. Very symmetrical.” Kid says, looking at me in a dazed way.

“Thanks?” I frown, looking down and realising my short nightie was practically see through and so short he could probably see my mound too.

“You’re wearing my brooch as a necklace.” He smiles.

“Of course! I never take it off.” I say, running my fingers over it.

“My Father’s dead.” He says sadly, tears leaking from his eyes even though I can tell he’s fighting them.

“Oh no! When? How? Who? Oh! Kid I’m so sorry!” I say, placing my hand on the glass.

He places his hand on mine and we end up talking all night long.



Five years after that night I’m finally back in Death City. I sigh when I step of the boat and try to figure out where I should go first. I decide to go to my old house, sight see a bit before I have to check into my hotel. I’m not sure why I’ve come back. I just wanted to. I walk to my old house and it looks exactly the same. I smile at it and the memories that flood my mind from when I lived there.
I haven’t spoken to anyone from DWMA for about four years. Not even Kid. He became so busy after taking on his Father’s role we just kind of slowly lost contact. Maybe I should go to DWMA and see him? No. He wouldn’t want to see me after all these years. I walk blindly down the street to a little coffee house I used to like going to. The whole city seems so much more peaceful than I remember. I guess the pact with the witches is going well.

“Hey!” I hear from behind me.

“Soul!” I cry, wrapping my arms round his shoulders.

“You grew up.” He smiles.

“So did you! I heard you became a death scythe? Congratulations!” I smile.

“The last death weapon, actually.” He declares.

“Chosen a Death yet?” I ask.

“Not yet.” He says looking down.

“How is everyone?” I ask.

“They’re all good. What are you doing here?” He replies.

“I don’t really know to be honest.” I smile sadly.

“You should go see him, you know.” Soul says with a grin.

“Nah. He’s probably forgotten all about me.” I laugh.

“Wouldn’t bet on it.” He smirks as he walks away.

I walk to the coffee house, order my drink and sit down. A few minutes later Patty bounds into the place. She looks round like an excited puppy, spots me and comes over with a huge grin on her face.

“Hi Patty!” I say standing to hug her.

“Come on!” She cries, grabbing my wrist and pulling me along.

“Patty! What the hell are you doing?” I complain.

“You’ll see!” She sing-songs.

“Patty, I’ve already been by my old house!” I say when I realise where she’s leading me.

“Sorry, it’s for your own good!” Liz shouts through my old front door as we get closer.

“Got her!” Patty cries out to Liz.

“Hurry up Patty!” Liz snaps.

“Uh, what’s going on?” I ask, but they both ignore me.

Instead they both grab me and push me towards my old front door. When we reach the door Liz pulls it open and shoves me inside, closing the door quickly behind me. They push me in with such force that I fall, straight into a body. We go crashing to the floor, my elbow landing in the person’s ribs.

“I’m so sorry!” I gasp, trying to scramble up but only succeeding in tangling us more.

“It’s okay.” The other person groans making me freeze as I recognise his voice.

“Kid?!” I cry finally scrambling up.

“It’s you!” He cries standing up after me.

“Kid! I mean… um… Lord… no! Um, Shinigami-kun?” I ramble.

“You can call me Kid, I don’t mind.” He smiles, turning on a light.

“N… no, you’re a Shinigami, you deserve respect.” I reply, looking down at my feet.

He steps forwards and reaches out his hand, holding my chin and lifting my face up. He smiles kindly at me.

“We’ve known each other our whole lives! We were each other’s firsts. You were the only person I wanted to talk to when my Father died. I’ve thought about you every day! You’ve obviously thought about me too.” He finishes, lifting his brooch from under my top.

“Kid.” I sigh.

He smiles and steps forwards, pressing me against the door as his lips descend on mine. It starts off soft and gentle but then he nips my bottom lip and when I gasp he pushes his tongue into my mouth. I moan as I taste him for the first time in years, my hands running up to grab his hair tightly. He moans at the pain and then pulls back, gently tugging my hands away.

“I… I’m sorry.” I pant, thinking I hurt him.

He just shakes his head and smiles. He suddenly picks me up bridal style which makes me yelp in shock. He chuckles more and then carries me upstairs. He heads into what used to be my bedroom and drops me down on a black four poster bed with black silk sheets.

“Well this place has changed.” I say, looking around.

“My father bought it after you left. I live here now when I’m not at the academy.” He replies looking sheepish.

“Why?” I ask curiously.

“Because it used to be yours.” He shrugs, his gold eyes flashing.


“Undress for me.” He says softly and smiles.

I smile back at him and stand up. I take my coat off and drop it on the floor. I hesitate for a second expecting him to bitch about the ruined symmetry but he doesn’t. His gorgeous gold eyes never leave me. I slowly unbutton my blouse and his eyes seem to glow as he sees more and more of my flesh exposed. I drop my blouse with my coat and then unzip my skirt, letting it slip down my legs and then step out of it.
I stand there in just my bra, matching panties, thigh high socks and high heels. Kid is still just standing there staring at me and the look in his eyes makes my pussy start to soak my panties. My breathing has quickened which makes my breasts heave up and down. His eyes glide over my body and his skin flushes as he licks his lips hungrily.

“Keep them on.” He whispers as I go to undo my bra.

“Okay.” I reply just as quietly.

“Do you trust me?” He asks, walking towards me.

“Yes.” I say with certainty.

“You remember that day you came with me to Anubis’ pyramid?” He asks, smiling.

“Of course! It was so much fun. Until you left me in the desert anyway.” I laugh, wondering why he’s brought it up.

“You remember how you teased me?” He says slowly, looking at the floor.

“Teased you? Oh! That’s right! I said you liked bondage because of the way you blushed at Patty and Liz!” I laugh.

“I’ve never been with anyone since you but I do make myself cum, imagining you. I do like bondage. Every time I imagine you… I imagine you tied up for me to use.” He says quietly, refusing to meet my eyes.

“Really? You’ve never been with anyone else?” I ask, shocked.

“That whole confession and that’s all you notice!” He yells.

“That’s all that matters to me, Kid. If you want to tie me up then do it. I trust you with my life, always have done. I just can’t believe that you haven’t been with anyone else. I’m not special and YOU, you’re Death. A God, a Reaper, a Shinigami known around the world. Worshipped by many.” I say seriously.

“You are special to me!” He says angrily, gripping my arms and shaking me slightly.

“There’s been no one else for me either.” I whisper.

He stops, frozen for a second and then he grabs my hair and pulls me to him, ravishing my mouth with his. I find myself suddenly being picked up and thrown onto the bed. I bounce with a yelp as I land then Kid is on me again. He reaches behind me whilst kissing me and I arch up slightly so he can unclasp my bra. He kneels above me so he can slide my bra off my arms and gasps when my breasts are finally uncovered.
He gazes at them for a few seconds, licking his lips. I reach up and pull his jacket off then start undoing his shirt buttons. He growls in impatience and rips his shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. I gasp, more of shock at the fact he did it than seeing him shirtless but he doesn’t seem to notice. He shreds his shirt and then pulls me up the bed to the headboard. He pins my wrists above my head, making me moan and then ties them to the bars of the headboard. He leans down and gently kisses me then starts to nibble down my neck.
I arch up and moan as he bites down on a sensitive spot. He growls as my breasts scrape across his chest. He kisses down further until he reaches my breasts. He nips a line down one then suck my nipple into his mouth. I cry out and arch into him and he hums in satisfaction. He uses his hand to pinch and tweak my other nipple and then swaps over. By the time he begins to kiss his way down my stomach I’m a moaning writhing mess.

“You’re so wet you’ve ruined your panties.” He says, lying between my legs and holding them wide open.

“God!” I moan as he runs a finger along my slit, over my panties.

“Yes that’s me but I’m going to be worshipping you today.” He whispers, eyes changing to an amber colour as they darken with lust even more.

I moan as he presses his finger against my clit, still over the top of my panties. He chuckles darkly then rips my knickers off in one hard tug. I buck my hips and gasp in shock at his actions. He holds my panties up so I can see how soaked they are and then tosses them across the room. He grasps my thighs hard and opens my legs even wider. He moans as he sees my dripping wet pussy.

“Oh how I love your scent! I’ve missed this so much!” He moans.

“We only had sex once, Kid.” I chuckle.

“It’s all I’ve ever been able to think about.” He says looking at me over my body.

I open my mouth to reply but suddenly his mouth is on my clit, sucking greedily. I cry out, grinding my hips against his face and pulling against my restraints. I want desperately to touch him but I can’t, I have no control over what happens and I find it freeing. Kid removes his mouth from my clit and replaces it with his thumb, rubbing hard circles into it. I’m whimpering and whining as he pushes his tongue into my pussy, moaning at my taste. He quickens his thumb on my clit as he slowly laps up every drop of my juices.
I tense and whine as I feel the pressure building in my stomach and then Kid presses even harder on my clit with his thumb and I crash into my orgasm. I arch up and scream his name as my eyes snap shut and my body quivers. I can hear lewd slurping noises as Kid licks up every drop of my cum.
When I manage to blink my eyes open Kid is kneeling over me with a self-satisfied smile on his face. I look at his now naked body hungrily. He’s more muscular than he was last time but still as lean. His cock has gotten a LOT bigger since last time though. I don’t know what Kid sees in my eyes as I look at him all over but whatever it is it causes him to throw his head back and groan.
He looks at me whilst his lines his cock up to my entrance and I think he looks sexier than I’ve ever seen him. His golden eyes are blazing so much that the black line in the middle of his irises is standing out fully. His hair is drenched in sweat and his sanzu lines are askew. His pale skin is glowing with a sheen of sweat and all I want to do is lick him all over. Taste him and make him moan.
He slowly sinks his cock into me, neither of us breaking eye contact as he does, until he’s finally fully sheathed in me. We both moan as he goes as deep as possible into my pussy then he freezes, just looking into my eyes. I whine at the lack of movement and wrap my legs round his waist, heels digging into his skin. He hisses at the pain but as I open my mouth to apologise he grips my hip, pulls out slowly then rams himself back in.
I begin to scream and moan incoherently as he pounds into me, hitting deeper and deeper each time. I pull against my restraints and tighten my legs. Everything seems to egg him on as he gets harder and faster. I’m almost constantly screaming from the overwhelmingly good feeling of him stretching me whilst hitting the deepest part of me in a bruising pace.
He leans down and bites hard enough to bruise on the sensitive part of my neck. I scream his name as my orgasm sweeps me away in a rushing current. I arch and my heels dig in tighter as my climax carries me away. A couple more thrusts and Kid is right there with me, growling my name as he continues to thrust erratically until I’ve milked him dry. My orgasm last so long I black out.
When I finally come round he’s undone my wrists and is laying wrapped round me with his head resting on my breasts. I hum in satisfaction and run my hands through his hair. He looks up at me and smiles, looking tired but happy. I smile back at him as he reaches a finger out to touch my necklace.

“Stay.” He says, looking at me again.

“Okay.” I shrug.

“I mean forever. Don’t leave again, please.” He says, an almost desperate look in his eyes.

“I love you Kid. I’m not going anywhere until you decide you’re sick of me.” I smile.

“Then you’ll be here forever.” He smiles happily.

His eyes drop closed and I hold him as close as possible.

“I love you too.” He mumbles drowsily.

From outside the door I hear Patty and Liz laugh happily and I smile as I drift off to sleep.

“Your breasts are perfectly symmetrical.” Is the last thing I hear before sleep takes me away.