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Between Lawyers and Cops

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Strange feelings towards you


Monday night, this was going to be one of those longs nights where Sharon Raydor got another hard case, this time the son of one of her closest friends was involved in some nasty shit, but she was going to prove that her client hadn't done anything wrong, that he was in the wrong party in the wrong time, his name was Jackson and he was only 17 years old close to her own daughter’s age, he was the son of one of the most important judges in the city of LA and of course he had asked her to take the case and she was more than glad to help. Sharon Raydor was the kind of lawyer that got things done, she never joked about her cases and when someone important was in trouble she was the one that got called out, but on cases like this she wasn’t very happy because she had to confront a very impolite blonde that had arrived to the city only 7 months ago to be the Deputy Chief of a new division named “Major Crimes” in the LAPD, Sharon had never met a woman so determine in the things she did, -something that she had to admit she admires-, but the blonde didn’t care about rules and that was something that Sharon didn’t like at all, since the woman started working in the police force, it was harder to work and many times she had complaint about the lack of importance this woman gave to rules and protocols, but nothing had worked. When Sharon got a call from her judge friend asking for her help, she took a deep breath and accepted to help him, despite to have to confront the woman; when she arrived to the police station she knew she had to hurry because she was 100% sure that the blonde was already interrogating her client and the parents weren’t present. She got out of her car and walked into the LAPD building, walking as fast as her legs let her, as soon as Lieutenant Flynn saw her coming into the murder room he rolled his eyes and headed to the interrogations rooms to prevent his Chief about the presence of this woman, but all of his attempts failed when Sharon asked with a cold tone “Where is Jackson Williams Lieutenant?”.

“Amm-“ he didn't know what to say “he is in the-“

Before he could finish his answer or lie, Sharon walked faster to the first interrogation room and opened the door “don't say one more thing and you Chief Johnson how many times I must tell you not to interrogate people without the lawyer present?” She walked besides the boy and stood in the most straight angry way she could “my client is done talking”.

Brenda got angry but also her heart started beating faster and her blood felt hot as soon as she saw Sharon walking into the room –that was how she felt every time she saw the other woman-, this was the worst thing her night could end or start with, even worse than the murder if she was honest, to have to deal with this woman who thinks that she’s the best and always wants to put rules and tell people how to do their jobs and her perfects looks and beautiful expensive outfits that made her look amazing and her curves…., *ugh okay concentrate Brenda, remember how much this woman has made your life impossible, don’t distract yourself* her mind remembered her why she was angry, this was outrageous. So she began talking “first, you don't tell me how to do ma job” she stood up and lean on the table “second this boy is in serious trouble, he can’t go” she strained her sweater and walked to the door “oh and I expect cooperation from him”. As soon as the door closed she heaven a sigh and exclaimed “oh that woman!” in the room inside Sharon was smirking as she heard those words leave the blonde’s mouth, she enjoyed this very much.

Lieutenant Flynn intercepted the blonde when she was walking to her office, everyone knew that when Sharon was around, it was going to be a hard case not because of the murder but because their Deputy Chief would be grumpy all the case through “hey Chief I'm sorry I…ah-“ he paused “I tried to stopped her but you know how she is” he always wanted to be in good terms with her.

“Yeah is okay Lieutenant” of course it wasn't she thought and slammed the door of her office, took a deep breath and opened her drawer and took a chocolate, on moments like this she needed all the chocolate in the world. While she gave the chocolate its first bite, she heard an argue outside her office, this day couldn't get more though “ugh” she made a frustration noise put the chocolate above her desk and went outside to found a very much angry Sharon yelling at Provenza and Flynn. “What is happening here?” She raised her voice and the three of them stopped yelling and turn around to look at the Chief.

“We were just-” the three of them spoke at the same time.

“Please just one of ya explain I don't wanna hear all of you” she stood there with her hands on her hips waiting.

“The lawyer here” Flynn pointed at Sharon, she of course rolled her eyes “wants to know why we have to keep her client here and of what are we accuse him of, but the woman can't just be polite and ask things nicely!!” he raises his voice to made it clear that he doesn’t get along with her.

Brenda rubbed her forehead heave a sigh “Sharon come inside my office please, I'll explain you” she walked to her office and assumed that Sharon would follow, which she did after giving a hard look to the two Lieutenants.

“I come in here and you are interrogating him without his lawyer, which you know very well that a minor must have either his parents or a lawyer present” Sharon stated, putting her purse in one of the chairs staying standing alongside the chair.

“When is going to be the day that you don't give me a hard time huh!?” Brenda asked sitting down in her chair.

“I think you know the answer to that already” Sharon crossed her arms in her chest “now can you tell me why my client can't be released and of what are you accusing him?”

“Why don't ya sit down Sharon?”

“And why should I do that Chief?” She looked at her with a serious face

“Oh for heaven’s sakes, just sit down will ya?” She put her hands over the desk “you are making me nervous!!” She exclaimed.

“Fine” she did sit down, since when did she follow instructions!?.

“Okay, your client was in a party where a girl was murder and he's a suspect, he was found covered in her blood” brown eyes look right at green ones.

“And why is that? What makes you think that he was involved?”

“You know I can't tell you such thing!” She exclaimed.

“Fine” she had heard the voices of her friends outside, who were asking about their son “now if you'll excuse me Chief, I better go talk with my client and his family then” she stood up and grabbed her purse.

“Sharon” why did the blonde had to say her name like honey that attracts bees!?

“Yes!?” She asked in the most politely way possible.

“Just don’t do another scandal please!” the blonde said grabbing her chocolate, getting ready to enjoy the most of it.

“I hope your team and you don’t give me a hard time Chief, can’t promise not to do it if you do such thing” she opened the door and closed it behind her slowly and walked to the conference room where the family of her client was in. She took a deep breathe before opening the door.

“Thank you for doing this Sharon” her friend stood up to greet her.

“Is okay Larry, I’m glad you called me” they hugged each other “this is serious” they part and she walks to the table putting her purse and file above the table and sitting down “Jackson is being accused of murder” she made a paused and looked at Larry with concern “he was found covered in the girl’s blood”

“But I didn’t do it!!” he exclaims standing up brutally, he was now dress in someone else’s clothes because the police took his as evidence.

“That attitude won’t help Jackson” Sharon raised her voice, she took out a picture of the young girl “how do you know her?”

“Oh my God” the boy started crying

“What’s wrong Jack?” her mother asked worried

“She’s ahh…” he sobbed and sat back, burring his face in his hands “she was my best friend” he wouldn’t stopped crying.

“Jackson what did Chief Johnson told you earlier?”

 “She started asking me why I did it and she said that some witness had told her that they saw me arguing with her in the party, but that is not true, you have to help me Sharon I can’t go to jail!” he exclaims desperate.

“You won’t, I’ll try my best to find out what happened, until that” she says taking out her cellphone “don’t do more scenes and don’t answer anything, don’t say a word” she pointed at him “I’m gonna make a phew phone calls, be right back” she headed to open the door “and Jackson” she turns around “when I’m back I need to know what really happened in that party okay? Every detail” he nodded and she closed the door behind her.

A few minutes later she reentered the room. “Okay now tell me what happened?”

“We were at some guy’s party, he’s much older than all of us” Sharon raised her eyebrow in question “older than all of my friends” he says “anyway he is from the school we go and Melany had a crush on him so she insisted in going to that party” he sobbed at the thought of having to talk about his best friend in past “so we were there having fun and there were some guys molesting her and we kept avoiding them all night but the next thing I know, the lights went off and I’m lying on the floor next-“ he can’t finish that phrase, is too hard for him to do so, Sharon waits and doesn’t push him to talk “and she’s right there” she starts crying again “and I was covered in her blood and the police brought me here without telling me anything!!!” he says very upset, his mother brings him for an embrace and he keeps crying.

Larry stood up and motion to Sharon to stand up as well, they walked to a corner of the room and start to whisper to one another “what happens now?” he asks worried.

“I’m expecting somethings from the office, just be patient, I know you must be desperate to know what’s going to happen but give me an hour and I’ll have an answer on what to do next okay” she pats his shoulder and he nods.

“Jackson” Sharon turns around to look at the boy “this guys who were molesting you, had you seen them before?”

“Only one of them, Melany showed me a week ago some letters she was receiving and she thought it was Brandon the guy she liked, but” he breathe and calm down “but this week, three days ago she received a very strange letter and she got scared”

“What did the letter said?”

“I can’t remember, it said something like: die, you’ll never have Brandon and some other stuff”

When she was about to say something, the door fell open “don’t you know how to knock!” she says turning around to look at the person who had just interrupt them, with a cold angry face.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to know if you needed anything” the tall man felt like small at the cold of her eyes.

“No thank you very much, but before you leave do you know anything knew about the case or we will be kept here all night?”

“I can’t say anything sorry” he was about to close the door when Brenda pop in

“I need to ask a few questions” the blonde said opening the door wider and entering the room.

“We are all ears Chief” Sharon said sitting down.

“Okay” she sat down and opened a folder with some papers in it “Jackson do you know this boy?” she showed him a picture.

Jackson looked at Sharon for approval to answer to what Sharon nodded, Brenda just rolled her eyes at this, she heated when lawyers were involve, it just complicated things so much more.

“I saw him a few times” Jackson said “I didn’t really know him why?”

“I do the questions here” Brenda said with a cold tone “with who did you see him?”

“With Brandon, they guy from the party”

The questions continued, there were moments when Brenda and Sharon gave each other hard looks, the tension kept growing between them, but also a strange feeling for both of them was there present, something they didn't know.

“Well that’s all for tonight, I will let you go but you can’t leave the city, not even your house, you are still an important piece of this puzzle” Brenda got up, she really hated people with influences, this kid was a suspect and because he was a minor and the son of a prestige judge, he couldn’t spend the night in a cell, this was unfair for this girl and for every suspect that was treated as such, she closed the door with a little bit of force and headed to her office, minutes later someone was knocking on her door.

“Come on in” she said leaning back in her chair, wondering about what to do, it was late but she didn’t want to go to an empty home and without finding a good lead to this murder. The door opened and revealed a brunette, she didn’t know if it was a nightmare or a relief to see Sharon.

“Sharon please don’t come in here to make this harder” Sharon didn’t respond, instead she closed the door and walk to the desk and leaned on, using the chair as support.

“I just came to tell you that my client didn’t do anything, he was framed”

“Isn’t that what all lawyers say about their clients?” Brenda asked sarcastically

“Look I don’t want to argue with you-”  

Brenda stood up “You always want to tell me how to do ma job!” she walked to confront the woman “and I’m really tired of that” she crossed her arms "and of fighting with ya".

Sharon turned around and faced the blonde with a smirk on her face “are you so insecure about your job that you think I want it?” Sharon was actually smiling, like daring her.

“I’m not afraid of you or anyone” she got closer, without parting her eyes from Sharon’s, trying not to break, she knew that in the inside she was dying of nervous, this woman made her feel things she had never felt before, she felt strange things in her stomach and she felt like her voice broke but always managed to be compose and not to let her see what she was truly feeling, for god's sakes she had faced killers and the worst of people, she sure could face this woman in front of her,but if she was honest to herself, she knew she couldn't.

“If that’s so-” Sharon stood properly and approached her face to Brenda’s ear whispering “why are you so nervous right now and every time we talk?” her lips touch Brenda’s earlobe and the blonde felt like going on fire, her legs trembled and she couldn’t move. “Like right now Chief” Sharon said moving to faced her, Brenda thanked that the blinds of her office were closed because what happened next, she wouldn’t be able to explain to her team or even herself, Sharon closed the space between them and kissed her not expecting a thing from her actually because it was just a quick touch of lips that Brenda regret it didn’t last longer “see you around Chief” and with that Sharon was gone. Brenda stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what just happened and when the moment passed she just exclaimed *Oh that woman!!*, Sharon had crossed a line, but Brenda sure didn’t regret, still she didn’t like her, ugh this was frustrating and confusing.


The rest of the case was a nightmare for the not so happy Deputy Chief Johnson, her first suspect had been framed because the murder weapon didn’t had his prints on and Sharon Raydor, the oh so good lawyer had gave her some evidence an information that the dead girl had been stalked for the past month, now she had to find the real killer, that meant this was going to be a long case in a long week of a long month, cases like this frustrated the blonde too much. It was Wednesday now and they had a lot of evidence that pointed to a 23 year old, but the police couldn’t found him even if they had put his picture all around the media world. Brenda was in her office looking at all the proves and things they had on this case to see if they had miss something when there was a knock on her door, it was Provenza.

“Come on in Lieutenant, what is it?”

“Chief we found the suspect-” he said worried, there was something else

“That is great news Lieutenant but what is it?” she sat straighter in her chair, putting down the folder she was holding.

“He is holding hostages in a store and someone is hurt, we know is him because we got a call from the inside of the store”

“Let’s head there then Lieutenant!” she said standing up, grabbing her purse and walking as fast as her legs let her.

When they arrived to the store, it was complicated to convince the suspect to release the hostages and even harder to convince him to go out, but in the end he did, this case was over now, Brenda Leigh Johnson would be able to go home earlier after all the paper work was done, but as always she had decided to leave it for later and rest, she arrived at home at 8pm which was an unusual hour for her to be home, she pushed open the door of her apartment, took off her shoes, put her keys on the little table in the entrance of her apartment and throw her purse on the floor, heaves a sigh and walks to the kitchen to fill herself a glass of red wine, her favorite of course, the first sip feels like heaven the second she can’t describe it, she listens to the messages on her phone…

The first one was her mama: Hello Brenda Leigh, your daddy and I were thinking to come and visit you to your new home, call me as soon as you can, we got a nice offer to buy the tickets, don’t forget to eat and sleep honey I love you.

She almost spills all the wine she had in her mouth when she heard that message, it had to be a dream, her parents wanted to come to visit her OH GOSH she wanted to run, when they visited they usually stayed for a week or more and she always had to listen to her mother telling her to get a boyfriend or not to be absorbed by her work, etc. Gee this wasn’t going to be a good thing but she knew she had to let them come, she hadn't seen them since the last Xmas and she knew she couldn't keep telling her mama how busy she was just to avoid the inevitable, her parents coming; that also meant she had to clean up the apartment and she still had some boxes all over her living room that she hadn’t stored and now she had to, she took a deep breath and decided to return the call to her mama.  

“Hi mama how are ya’all?”

“We are good Brenda Leigh and you? You are home early!” her mama said surprised

“I’m well mama, yes today we closed the case earlier than expected” she took a sip of her wine and headed to the living room and sat down on her couch. “so you and daddy want to come to visit!?”

“Yes sweetie, we wanna come down there and see your new apartment, we are worried”

“Mama I’m alright, ya don’t have’to all worried about me” she took a deep breathe, of course she miss them “but you can come, next week is fine for you?”

“Okay Brenda Leigh, next week is great for us” she then heard her mama talking with her daddy about buying the tickets

“I have’ta go now mama, we talk later okay?”

“Take care, we will tell you the day of the flight okay?”

“Yeah mama, bye now”

“Bye Brenda Leigh, I love you” it always warmed her heart when her mama said that.

“love ya too mama”

She hung up the phone and drank the rest of her wine slowly, testing every sip, letting the oh so good wine to please her mouth and the image of a very beautiful brunette appeared on her mind, that quick kiss had left her wishing for more, her attraction for Sharon Raydor was inevitable, that moment she understood that it wasn’t all hate what she felt for her but attraction, she smiled at the thought of kissing Sharon again, she wanted to; in the past she had felt attracted towards girls in her early years at high school or even in college, she had also felt admiration for a teacher but she had ignore all that and went out with boys, till this day Brenda had buried those strange feelings she had towards women, and went out with men she even got married one, maybe she was bisexual, she really didn’t know, the thing was that all this feelings were coming back and she felt terrified about it, she had never talked about this with anyone, not even with her gay brother, maybe she should give him a call and talk with him. But what the hell was she thinking!? She is going out with a man at the moment who could be called *her boyfriend*, she likes him very much, she can’t be thinking about Sharon Raydor and how would she look naked and how will her skin feel, stop she said to herself, this was insane, maybe it was all the lack of sleep, yeah Brenda Leigh needed to sleep but she couldn’t keep kidding herself, she felt something towards Sharon Raydor.