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Raining Cats and Dogs

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Harry sat on the back porch, watching Gwen and Cara play in the yard. The toddler and the Blithee ran through the grass, chasing each other. Gwen would shriek and Cara would bark -- they would take turns leading at their own game of tag.

"Hey! Come up and have a drink!" Harry called.

The two clambered up the steps, both panting.

"Lemonade?" Gwen demanded imperiously.

"Of course," Harry replied cheerfully. He handed Gwen a glass, and made sure Cara had a bowl of cool water. They both slurped up the drinks enthusiastically, dripping liquid everywhere.

"Cookies?" Gwen asked slyly.


Harry supervised a messy bath -- Sullie would frown at him later for the mess -- but both Gwen and Cara needed a serious wash-up before dinner. Dirt and grass spiraled down the drain.

Dinner was mac and cheese, with fairy cakes for afters. Harry almost called for another bath, but settled for a warm washcloth and some gentle scrubbing.

Both Gwen and Cara curled up around Harry for a bedtime story. Gwen's current favorite, a present from Hermione, was Green Eggs and Ham. Gwen would chant the "Sam, I am" with Harry, and Cara would give a small woof.


Severus came home to find his family asleep in one bed.

Harry would often let Gwen -- and, by extension, Cara -- sleep in their bed when Severus was working late. Severus wasn't sure it was such a good idea, but all the sad eyes turned his way would defeat a stronger man.

Cara lifted her head as Severus came in, blinking in welcome before settling back in next to Gwen.

Severus climbed into bed next to Harry, wrapping his arms gently around Harry's growing belly. Severus inhaled the scent of the outdoors, green grass, fresh air -- and family.