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Quaint Little Categories

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At age fourteen, Kel has discovered a fine line.

Kel and Gray go down to the beach early in the morning. They build a sand castle with towers, windows, and a moat. Kel tears some fabric off her brother's shirt for a flag to decorate the tallest tower; Gray flings sand in her face in retaliation, and in that moment, she's a girl.

Then they run into the water as the tide starts to come in. A wave topples Gray off his feet. Kel decides to teach him how to bodysurf, and when he starts demonstrating how to paddle into the oncoming waves, he's a boy.

After school, one of Kel's classmates leads him into the woods and presses him up against a tree. She slips a knee in between his and leaves a trail of kisses along his collarbone. He arches his neck in surrender, and as he moans her name, he knows he's a boy.

One cool evening, Kel and her neighbor go for a walk along the sand dunes. The twin moons of Boeshane rise over the ocean, and they stop to watch, hands entwined. The neighbor reaches up to caress her face; the knowledge dawns that she's a girl.

Both of them are beautiful. Kel can't decide.

Kel peers into the mirror. She purses her lips, tilts her head forward, lowers her eyelids a little. She looks in the mirror and sees a girl.

But then he tucks his bangs behind his ears, juts out his chin, and squares his shoulders, and looking back at him in the glass is a boy.

Both are beautiful. Kel can't decide.