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What's in a Smile?

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Leaning against the rough brick wall just inside the mouth of the alley, half concealed by shadow, Bane watched John. Snow dusted the concrete, the street was abandoned. Except for John. And her. Bane didn’t know who she was, but it was clear John knew, and that she knew the detective. Bane had picked this vantage point to wait for John on his routine trek around the ravaged city; it might be time to remind the rookie cop that a routine was dangerous in times of war but he thought that passed beyond his job repertoire.


John was an excellent fuck, yes, but he was a grown man. He should be able to take care of himself.


The routine had been interrupted today though by this blond creature that had given a screech at the sight of John and promptly rushed forward to wind her arms around him. Bane had watched curiously as John’s face broke out into a smile that Bane hadn’t seen before. He thought a smile that wide must hurt one’s face to maintain and wondered who this woman was to make the detective so happy at the sight of her.


Although it would be foolish to think John would tell Bane anything during their few rushed rendezvous, Bane didn’t think this could be someone of physical interest to John. The detective took Bane’s cock just too perfectly. Of course, John had never really had much choice in their encounters; perhaps he had just decided that he was most likely to survive if he didn’t fight Bane off.


Oddly, this thought did not please Bane.


As he continued to watch John talk to the blond woman, too far away to hear their conversation, Bane felt his teeth grinding together. He tugged his coat open slightly, feeling constricted and hot under the collar. Making John happy wasn’t Bane’s job, or his motive. But he couldn’t help feeling like he had lost something, and the thought left him agitated and impatient. Each time John grinned or laughed – Bane hadn’t even known the detective’s eyes crinkled like that – he wished the blond woman would just go.


Finally he saw her fling her arms around John one more time, the rookie’s arms winding around her waist in return for a tight, familiar hug, and then walk away. Bane felt a growl building at the back of his throat when John remained standing where he was for another few moments, watching the woman leave until she was out of sight around a corner. Only then did Bane take a few steps back, further wrapping himself in shadow as John returned to his routine and step into the alley.


John jumped and tensed as soon as he caught sight of Bane, cursing loudly and sending him a dark glare. “What are you doing here?” John snapped at him, obviously unhappy at being so startled.


Bane noted that John’s smile was already gone and he realized that this truly displeased him. “Who was she?” Bane asked bluntly, stepping closer and crowding John up against the wall.


They were surrounded by shadows but there was enough light from the narrow sliver of sky above for Bane to watch the colour drain from John’s face. “Leave her alone,” John demanded, strong but nervous. Bane always enjoyed watching John’s determination to act strong despite his fear; he found it rather admirable. “She’s of no interest to you.”


“I will be the judge of that,” Bane rumbled, pinning John more fully against brick. Through his coat and armour he could feel John shiver. “Who is she?” he asked again.


John’s lips curled down into a silent snarl, warning Bane away. Bane finally vocalized his growl as a response. John tensed and continued to glare but finally offered an answer. “She lived at the orphanage for girls a few blocks away from my orphanage,” John explained. “She was one of my closest friends. She’s like a sister.”


“Are you sure about that?” Bane pressed. Decided that he wasn’t close enough, Bane hooked his hands under John’s thighs and hoisted him up, the detective’s back skidding against the wall. Bane leaned into him until he could feel John’s chest attempt to push against Bane’s own each time he took a breath. “You seemed very pleased to see her.”


John raised a confused eyebrow even as he wrapped his arms around Bane’s shoulders, not fighting their new position. Bane wondered suddenly if he had said too much, John returning to his annoying habit of scanning his eyes over Bane’s face like every secret lay there. Bane allowed him to continue, though he didn’t have a good reason why. “I am quite sure,” John scoffed. “Or were you not paying attention when I let you fuck me the last three times?”


Let me,” Bane repeated, a rough bark of laughter crackling through his mask. John’s courage, however foolhardy, never ceased to amuse and impress him. “Aren’t you cheeky?” Bane didn’t bother fighting down the smile that curled his lips upward after his short laugh; he knew his mask would cover it and maintain his image. What confused him was when he saw John’s eyes widen and then crinkle familiarly, lips turning up into a smile that wasn’t quite as wide as the blond woman had received, but was still strong and genuine. “What are you smiling at?” Bane huffed, curious and annoyed that he didn’t understand.


John’s smile wavered with clear uncertainty and Bane felt his own smile waver as an echo. When John’s smile returned, Bane’s did not, but a rather maddening fluttering sensation had started somewhere in his chest. “You were smiling...” John trailed off. His eyes narrowed, trying to read Bane again. “Weren’t you?”


“I was doing no such thing,” Bane refuted. John was still smiling though and Bane didn’t like the knowing look in those soft brown eyes. Still curious though, he lifted his fingers to briefly trace the upward curl of John’s lips and the lines accenting his eyes, taking note of the details of John’s smile. Bane had caused that smile, even though it had been an accident. He couldn’t remember the last time he had caused a genuine smile.


“So why all the questions about my friend?” John probed.


The teasing lilt of his voice was obvious and Bane dropped his hand away from the detective’s face. Bane knew the reason: jealousy. He was familiar with the emotion even though he found it rather peculiar to be feeling it about this rookie cop. But he had no intention of giving John the answer he sought, of admitting such weakness for a man who shouldn’t even be on Bane’s radar. Instead, he dropped his hands to John’s belt and began undoing the clasp deftly, this being a routine he didn’t mind repeating. “It doesn’t matter. She is of no interest to me.”


John laughed softly and tightened his hold around Bane’s neck. Bane felt his fingers fumble for a moment at the sound and stole another glance upward to take in that smile and crinkled eyes. The smile was wider this time with both relief and amusement and Bane took careful note of another discovery now that he was closer; John also had dimples. This time Bane did force his tiny smile down, unwilling to risk John noticing again. He was a little concerned at how difficult it was to keep the smile down.


The detective was the one who helped, refocusing Bane’s attention by rolling his hips forward. Taking the hint, Bane pinned John in place with his chest before reaching down to pull off his shoes and socks, promptly followed by his pants and underwear. He leaned a little closer when he felt John shivering from the cold, blocking most of the wind sweeping down the alley with his body.


Bane didn’t need to grip John’s legs to make the detective wind them around Bane’s waist, but he did anyway. One hand curled along the underside of John’s thigh while Bane presented the fingers of his other hand to John. “Suck.”


John grimaced as he considered the digits. “Would it kill you to bring lube?”


“It wouldn’t kill me,” Bane said, as close to teasing as he would get.


The detective rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you then?”


“Why would I?” Bane kept his fingers in front of John, hovering only a few inches over his lips. He knew he could push his fingers forward and part those lips; John would take it. But he waited.


“Because it hurts when you don’t,” John said brusquely. “Spit isn’t enough.”


Bane hesitated and drew his fingers back a few inches. “You never said anything.”


“Would you have stopped?” John asked seriously. Bane remained pointedly silent, refusing to answer. John sighed and began reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket, pulling out a small packet of lube a moment later. “I brought some this time.” Bane watched John bite his bottom lip nervously before looking up to meet his steady gaze. “Will you use it?”


Bane could knock the packet to the ground and force his fingers into John’s mouth; he would take it all. But the idea wasn’t terribly appealing. By using the lube he could make this more pleasurable for John, and although John’s pleasure was not Bane’s first priority, it would build his own pleasure hearing the man moan for him. So without another word, Bane plucked the packet from John’s fingers and tore it open, letting some of the slippery liquid coat his fingers.


John remained silent as Bane handed back the packet for the rookie to hold, quickly returning one hand to John’s thigh to hoist him up while pressing two of his fingers against John’s puckered hole. He pushed in slowly, knowing he should start with one finger but not stopping when John didn’t complain. Bane felt John’s nails scrabble across the leather of his jacket, searching for purchase as he clenched and then forced himself to relax, allowing Bane to slide in to his second knuckle.


He always enjoyed the sounds John made while he worked him open, little choked-off gasps John tried to stifle. Bane wondered idly if John was trying to contain his noises of pleasure from Bane, or from the judging world beyond their alley; he would have to take the detective in a more private location next time to see if there was any difference. He would not be opposed to John voicing his pleasure louder and twisted his fingers before spreading them, stretching John’s hole wide open in preparation.


John whined and panted as he fell forward, arms around Bane’s wide shoulders and face tucked against Bane’s neck. It was far too intimate but Bane didn’t remove him because it meant John was gasping and whining directly in his ear, his whole body trembling as Bane worked in a third finger and began fucking John on his hand. Bane forced himself to remain focused and not turn his face, instead wringing out exquisite noises from the detective until Bane was sure the man was ready.


He withdrew his fingers and placed the heel of his hand against John’s shoulder, flattening him back against the wall. John’s skin was flushed and his pupils were blown wide, the rookie giving Bane a bit of a dazed look. Their eyes remained locked as Bane quickly undid his own pants and fished his swollen cock out, stroking himself a few times at the image the detective presented. “Tell me you want it,” Bane commanded as he took the lube back and coated his hand with what was left. “John,” he growled when the rookie remained silent.


John jumped slightly and canted his hips forward, licking his lips as he watched Bane slick up his cock with lube. “I want it,” John whispered.


“Louder,” Bane said, lining the head of his cock up with John’s stretched hole but not pressing in.


He groaned when he felt John trying to arch down and take Bane’s cock in greedily. “I want it,” John said again, loud enough that if anyone had been walking along the sidewalk they would have heard.


“Good,” Bane hummed and then pushed the head of his cock past John’s tight ring of muscles. Once he was lined up and inside, Bane moved both hands to holding John’s ass, squeezing with enough strength to leave bruises for the next few days.


Slow and soft was not how they did this so as soon as Bane was sure of his angle he thrust up while pushing John down hard, burying himself all the way inside John’s tight heat. The detective gasped loudly and arched back against the wall, effectively pushing his ass down further until Bane’s balls and the teeth of his zipper grazed against his ass. Bane waited a few patient seconds to let John adjust and then began a ruthless rhythm.


He pinned John fully against the wall, bruising the rookie and keeping him immobile so that John could only take what Bane gave. He thrust up hard and fast, thick cock stretching John further until he was loose and welcoming for him. Bane loved feeling John clench around his length, forcing Bane to drag out slowly and force his way back in each time. He also loved the way John’s fingers skidded across his coat desperately, searching for more, and how wanton he became as soon as Bane found the right angle to hit his prostate.


Fuck,” John hissed, mouth falling open as Bane found that bundle of nerves and angled his hips, thrusting up again. As Bane continued to hammer John’s prostate, cock stuffing his hole full again and again, John began offering little hiccupped gasps, eyes clenched closed as he rose and fell on Bane’s cock. “Bane,” John whined and that was when Bane knew to move one hand to the cop’s dripping length.


John called Bane’s name whenever he could find the breath as he began trying to rock up and down, eager for Bane’s cock to spear him up again but also seeking out Bane’s tight grip. The words weren’t loud enough to please Bane but he let it slide, his own thoughts getting a bit muddled as he repeatedly buried himself inside his detective. His fingers were slick and sticky with precome as he stroked John in time with his thrusts, feeling the man’s muscles tighten warningly around him.


As always, John came in a rush without any vocal warning. His sticky seed splattered across his own coat and slid over Bane’s fingers as Bane fucked him through it. He felt John’s body jerk each time Bane hit his prostate again, another small glob of come trickling out of his tip. When John was finally finished, Bane allowed him to fall forward as he always did, arms holding Bane close and face returning to Bane’s neck.


As soon as John had found his place, Bane began his movements anew. He was close, his balls tightening as he shoved himself into John’s loose, welcoming body again and again. His breathing was harsh as it rushed through the mask, though John never seemed to mind. The rookie also didn’t complain when Bane returned his come-coated hand to gripping John’s ass, finding his steady hold again. With John properly pinned against the wall, Bane finally leaned into it and thrust up with all his desperate strength, fucking the air and weak little noises out of John’s lungs.


He couldn’t last long and with a final groan he slammed his hips up and froze, grinding weakly into John as he spilt his seed deep inside the detective. John moaned loudly in Bane’s ear and held him tighter, taking each stream of hot, sticky come inside his body. When Bane was finally spent he collapsed forward, holding John close to his chest as he let his body shake, momentarily weakened. He knew he shouldn’t be comfortable being so vulnerable in front of the detective, but he was.


Slowly his cock softened and finally Bane pulled out. He knew John must be freezing with his lower half exposed to the cold air but he didn’t try to shift out of Bane’s grasp. Instead he just wrapped his arms and legs around Bane a little tighter, keeping him close. Bane held him aloft, never knowing what to say now as he felt John’s smile against his neck. All he could do was hold John until the man finally began shivering fully and let him down on shaky legs to pull his clothes back on.


Bane tucked himself back into his pants silently, watching John’s naked skin until it was finally covered by clothing again. He always felt like he should say something at this moment, both of them still close before parting ways and pretending they didn’t have a guilty pleasure in the other’s body. But all he could think to say was from his thoughts earlier. “You should change your route home,” he said. “Routines aren’t safe in times of war.”


John sent him a confused look. Bane wondered if it was because of his suggestion or his choice in topic after fucking John senseless. “How else would you find me?” John eventually asked, standing straight when he was done tying his shoes.


Bane’s eyebrows furrowed. “I think you are overestimating your agency in all this.”


“I’m quite sure I’m not,” John retaliated, crossing his arms.


“Then why do you ‘let me’ do this to you?” Bane repeated John’s words from earlier mockingly.


John’s confidence was returning now that his body was calming. “Because I want this,” he stated strongly.


Bane swallowed thickly, refusing to let himself dwell on any implications in that statement. “Don’t you hate yourself for being with a monster?” he used the words he had heard attached to him many times before, not even considering by now if the label was true.  


“I should,” John admitted. “But I think there’s more to you. Nothing is ever so black and white or simple.”


“You are a fool,” Bane accused roughly.


“So are you,” John shot back, though he didn’t sound particularly angry.


“What makes you think so?”


“You’ve let yourself care about a cop trying to undo you,” John declared boldly.


Now Bane took a warning step forward. “You are even more of a fool if you think I care.”


“Then why do you follow me home after each of these encounters?” John raised an expectant eyebrow.


“I don’t,” Bane argued slowly.


“You do,” John responded immediately. They stood in silence for a long moment and then John huffed. “I don’t mind that you follow me even though I’d be fine on my own.” Bane would disagree but that this point he had no interest in admitting anything. “I don’t know who you’re trying to fool, Bane. Me, or yourself,” John ran his fingers through his own hair in agitation. When Bane remained silent, John sighed tiredly. “I’m going home.”


Bane let John brush past him before finally saying, “Changing your routine would be safer.” He refused to label his motivations.


John paused and looked back at Bane over his shoulder. “Will you find me anyway?”


“Yes,” Bane said easily.


John smiled lightly, half turning to meet Bane’s gaze. “It’s reassuring to know you don’t see yourself as a danger to me, despite calling yourself a monster. You don’t even consider your own presence as something I should avoid to be safe.”


“Do you have a point, Detective Blake?” Bane barked, thoroughly displeased now.


John’s smile softened. “It’s just reassuring to be proven right,” he said cryptically, smiling at Bane for another few seconds before turning and walking out of the alley.


Bane watched him go, outwardly calm but frustrated and confused on the inside. John’s words kept echoing in his head, nagging at him. I don’t know who you’re trying to fool. Refusing to consider the words further at that moment, Bane waited a few more seconds before walking to the alley mouth. He peered out and saw John a few blocks down the street, maintaining an even, unhurried pace. Bane slid out onto the sidewalk and followed him.


He was ready to step away into another alley if John ever turned, refusing to be caught. But John never turned to glance over his shoulder, not even when he slipped the key into the main door of his apartment building. However, Bane did notice that John kept the door from closing all the way as he stepped inside and disappeared up the stairs.


It was an open invitation; one Bane considered for a few long, drawn out seconds. What would he be admitting if he walked through that door, found John’s apartment number on a list and went to his flat? What would he be missing if he turned and walked away? Bane walked across the street and paused in front of the door, hand on the cold metal of the handle. Who was Bane trying to fool, John or himself?


Taking a deep breath, Bane stepped into the apartment building and pushed the door securely closed behind him.