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Barely Spoken Words

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With a whimper, Stiles pushed his hips back against Derek’s, trying to force his knot into him. A snarl was ripped from Derek’s lips as he clutched Stiles’s hips harder and thrusted one last time before shoving his knot into Stiles leaking hole. Stiles cried out, hands scrabbling at the sheets on the bed, trying to find something to hold onto. The pressure of the knot against his prostate had him writhing on Derek’s dick. Derek rutted against Stiles wracking more whimpers and mewls from his lips as Derek’s knot harshly pressed against Stiles’s prostate. Stiles screamed out from pleasure as he released, nearly blacking out. Derek roared out his release as it coursed through him, painting Stiles’s walls white with spurts of cum. Stiles sobbed as the feeling Derek’s come flooding his passage, the pleasure almost too much as his over sensitive dick tried to harden again. Panting, Stiles collapsed onto the bed, feeling boneless. Derek gently eased himself down beside Stiles, spooning him from behind. Stiles shifted slightly causing the knot to shift against his prostate, pulling out another whimper from him and a grunt from Derek as another spurt of cum filled Stiles. Derek gently bit down on the back of Stiles’s neck, a calming rumble echoing from his chest, keeping Stiles still. Love you, mumbled Stiles as he drifted off. Love you too, Derek rumbled the rarely spoken words, holding Stiles closely, sleep overtaking them both.