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A Marine Bivalve Mollusk

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“Are they aware of how…in love they are?”

Jensen shoves Misha, and he trips a couple of steps before veering to his right and pushing into Jensen’s side shoulder-first. 

“Just wait for it.”

“What exactly are we waiting for?”

“Shh, shh,” Jared says in mock condescension to Felicia. She’s obviously not on set often enough if she’s asking these questions.

“Oh my god,” she breathes as Jensen wraps his arm around Misha’s neck and pulls him down to ruffle his hair.

Misha escapes and jumps on Jensen’s back. Jensen starts trotting like a horse, and Misha wraps his arms tightly around his neck and buries his face down close to Jensen’s.

“Yeah, it gets worse,” Jared comments, totally jaded by this situation.

“No but seriously, are they aware?” Felicia returns, still sounding shocked.

“Just keep watching.”

As they get to the row of trailers, Jensen lets Misha down gently and reaches back for his hand. Misha takes it in his and sidles up so close to Jensen that Jared and Felicia can’t even see where their hands are undoubtedly connected in front of them.

“Damn,” Felicia says.

Misha turns his face to Jensen’s ear, and Jensen angles his head down to listen to the whisper.

“What are they saying? Jared, what are they saying?”

“You really want to know the answer to that question?”

Jensen throws his head back and laughs while Misha tugs on his hand and tries to shush him through his satisfied smile. They disappear behind a trailer as Jensen continues laughing.

“Fuck! Oh my god.” Felicia walks to the side to try to get a better look.

“Just wait,” Jared offers.

“But I can’t—”

Felicia’s cut off by the sight of Jensen being pushed backward between trailers, Misha’s hands on his chest and their mouths working together hungrily.

“And there it is.”

“Do they…do they think they’re being subtle?”


They disappear again, but then they reappear when Jensen pushes Misha into the back corner of another trailer and attaches his mouth to his neck. 

“Do they know that people know? I mean, everyone knows, right?”

“Everyone is very good at pretending like they don’t know.”

As if on cue, a hair and make-up girl passes by right in front of Felicia and Jared without even looking to see the spectacle happening less than 20 feet to her left.

Misha moans rather loudly, definitely loudly enough for the crew members eating lunch a few yards away to hear. None of them react. Jensen looks around nervously anyway, as if he’s just now realized they’re in public. The concern is short-lived as Misha slots a leg between his. 

“This is freaking ridiculous,” Felicia says almost angrily.

Jared just laughs.

“How many years have you put up with this?”

Misha pushes Jensen back again and tries to kiss his way up the steps of his own trailer. He ends up giving up and lifting Jensen around his waist in order to make it through the door. It shudders on its hinges as he closes it with his foot.

“I got used to it during Misha’s second day on set.”