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All for One

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'You're thinking about them, aren't you?' Kasper said, when he noticed Jonah looking around the mall at groups of harried parents and children loaded with shopping bags. Signs for the stores around them touted back to school savings in bright colours. Jonah didn't respond, and Chiquita chuckled, petting his hair. 'Ahhh, Misha is making such a difficult face.'

Kasper bent closer to Jonah's face, grinning. 'Or do you miss your lessons? Edgar and Allan could teach you a few things.'

'No thanks,' Jonah said laconically.

'So straight forward,' Chiquita said, trying not to burst into laughter. 'Ahhh, but look at those uniforms, aren't they cute?'

Listening and watching from a distance, Edgar sighed. 'Christ, she's totally like one of those owners who wants to dress up her pet dog in dumb costumes.'

Allan nodded slowly over his coffee. 'In that way Boss is exactly the same.'

'Look at them go...'

'Now they're arguing over the design...?'

Suddenly Edgar unmuted his headset and said in a hurried whisper, 'Sis, I'm with you on the shorts and kneesocks. Good job.'

Allan nearly choked on his coffee. 'You too?!'