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A Summary of Events

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YEAR: 2070

This summary of recent events has been put together as a voting aid. It is based on your social media activity, your browser history and your work profile. 




From the Global News Web:

Amid growing fears re: sustainability and the protection of borders, the Global Defense Force is holding a televised, livestreamed hearing about the recent activities of International Rescue. Viewers can tune in on IBC, ITV, Sky, and Fox News to participate in the hearing, and voters who press the red button will be able to answer short opinion polls and questions via their TV. Select Tweets may also be read out.

As per standard policy, names of the GDF councilpeople shall not be given and faces shall be obscured via hologram in the courtroom. Colonel Francesca Casey shall not be attending any proceedings, as she has voiced her displeasure at this turn of events and has been placed on indefinite leave…


From the Daily Mail Express:

No-one can doubt the good work that International Rescue do, and Jeff and Lucille Tracy were instrumental in restoring sanity to our world during and after the Great Conflict. Yet the fact still remains that their pilots are fallible and their activities are poorly regulated. Take, for example, the events of the 20th June, when three hundred refugees were plucked from their sinking ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and transported to hospitals throughout America. A kind gesture, but who is picking up the bill for these people? Who is sending them back where they come from? International Rescue should not be providing blatant handouts


Transcript of hearing, part one:

PROSECUTION: The prosecution calls Mr Tracy to the stand.

[All five men instantly stand up]


[JOHN TRACY takes the stand. He’s clearly ill at ease, although his brothers appear to be mouthing encouragement at him]

PROSECUTION: What is your official job title, Mr Tracy?

JOHN TRACY: Space Command Communications and Dispatcher for IR, sir.

PROSECUTION: Would it be fair to say that prior to the events under discussion, International Rescue specialised exclusively in natural or technological disasters?

JOHN TRACY: We specialise exclusively in rescues, sir.

PROSECUTION: Even when your…rescuees have deliberately put themselves in danger, and are specifically counting on International Rescue to absolve them of responsibility? Or to arrange care for them in a country not their own, where they will be nothing but a heavy burden for the taxpayer?

JOHN TRACY: If people require medical care, we take them to the nearest IR-accredited hospital. That’s a system that’s been in place for ages, and the UN-

PROSECUTION: But you don’t follow up on these people afterwards. If, say, a sinking boat of two hundred refugees is picked up in the Pacific and delivered safely to New Zealand, those two hundred could be left to roam unchecked throughout the whole country, taking up resources that are already scarce in that part of the world.

JOHN TRACY: ‘Roam unchecked’…they’re not cows, sir.

PROSECUTION: Did I say they were cows?

JOHN TRACY: No, sir.

PROSECUTION: This is a serious problem, made even more serious by the fact that it’s only just now come to public attention, wouldn’t you agree?

JOHN TRACY: The people of the GDR…

PROSECUTION: Are, likewise, apparently totally unaware of the scale of the problem.

JOHN TRACY: This has nothing at all to do with the people we saved from that boat.

PROSECUTION: Except that it does. It highlights the culture of irresponsibility that you, your family and your extremely wealthy friends have allowed to foster.

[Alan Tracy opens his mouth to speak; gets as far as an “F-” before his eldest brother clamps a hand over his mouth.]

PROSECUTION: If I may, I want to demonstrate to this court just how far the irresponsibility goes. I have here a small sample - very small! - of medical records.

[General mutterings of unease]

PROSECUTION: Here’s yours, John Tracy. Apparently, according to this, you were diagnosed with serious depression while you were studying at Harvard? So serious that your father checked you into a medical facility?

[General murmurs of surprise, punctuated by:]

SCOTT TRACY: Oh, fuck you!


Tweets from the scene:

donald_r: lol does he kiss his mother with that mouth

donald_r: wait nevermind

donald_r: #imabadperson


Transcript of hearing, part two:

[General consternation in courtroom]

PROSECUTION: I’m sure you’d be thrilled with such a person being your child’s school bus driver. Yet this man sits behind the controls of what is, essentially, an outer-space bomb…

ALAN TRACY: Hey! Hey, jackass! Why don’t you ask about the actual bombs we’ve removed from outer space-

PROSECUTION: [pressing the button to mute all noise in the defendant box] My point, ladies and gentlemen, is that IR has no vetting process whatsoever. It’s an organisation founded on reckless spending and outright nepotism, rather than adherence to the law. They’re essentially circumventing hundreds of immigration laws that were put in place for good reason, and answering to absolutely no-one when there are very serious concerns about their behaviour!

[John Tracy has been sitting with his arms crossed]

JOHN TRACY: Okay. Basically what you’re saying, is that we should have just let those people drown because no-one wanted them.

PROSECUTION: Of course that’s not what I’m saying. That’s not what anyone here is saying. We’re here to examine questions regarding regulation and sustainability. This isn’t a trial.

JOHN TRACY: It feels like one, and I’m really not interested in answering any more questions.

PROSECUTION: Just as well, because my time with you is, thankfully, at an end. Ladies and gentlemen, a recess.



There’s no doubt that this is serious business, but the opposition are aiming low. It’s a heartbreaking scene and I think a great many of us wish we were in a position to do something about it. Other than voting via the TV and online, of course, which I'm assuming you're all doing. The final vote is set for tomorrow.

I’m told a protest has also been organised for tomorrow, outside the GDF European HQ where the hearing is being held, more information as we get it…


Tweets from the scene:

penelopecreightonward: It is thoroughly unethical to use someone’s mental illness against them

penelopecreightonward: John is one of the best people I know. You couldn’t find anyone more dedicated

penelopecreightonward: And I am disgusted & disappointed at this turn of events



Are you watching this? ARE YOU WATCHING THIS? It’s a good thing I can’t see that guy’s face or I would FIND him and GO TO HIS HOUSE and BURN IT DOWN WITH HIM STILL INSIDE IT!!!!!!


Transcript of hearing, part three:

PROSECUTION: One more interview, then I hand you over to the defense. I feel that I should tell you that while Tweets have largely been in IR’s favour, there are a few influential voices of reason. Governor Desmond Saunders suggests that as Americans, your primary loyalties should be to the American government -

[Mutterings but nothing decipherable]

- whilst UK deputy PM Brian Burgess wishes to make it known he feels that you would save a lot more lives if you released the blueprints for your machines and allowed others to use them.

VIRGIL TRACY: The machines you just said were essentially bombs?

PROSECUTION: [hitting the mute button once more] Ladies and gentlemen, my next interviewee is rarely seen in public. She’s a fiercely private person, but as always there’s a good reason for that. Ms Kyrano, would you take the stand, please.

[There is at least one angry but muted yell from the defendant box. Tanusha Kyrano takes the stand.]

PROSECUTION: Some difficult questions may be asked in this hearing.

TANUSHA KYRANO: Yes, I noticed. Thank you for your part in publicly humiliating one of my dearest friends.

PROSECUTION: It’s my job. I’m taking no more pleasure in this than you are. And in truth you should be thanking me - had your family history gotten out in a less reputable arena than this, you’d be vilified by the media.


PROSECUTION: Shall we talk about your uncle?

TANUSHA KYRANO: I don’t have much choice in the matter.