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You are Perfect

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Hands touch the flawless pale naked skin, caressing up the flat stomach and towards the chest, Earning a moan from the yokai beneath him. But eyes opens watching him intensely, he leans forward giving the forehead a kiss. Right between the horns.

“Relax, don’t’ be afraid.” Natsume quivers his voice, but keeps it natural as their eyes met. Natsume sees the worry wash away and contained behind a still quite afraid façade. Natsume plants his lips upon the left horn before he brushes his against it and kisses it, he moves to the next one and he feels how the yokai shivers underneath him. His lips brushes over Bemu's trembeling lips and those eyes slid closed and depends the kiss. Natsume can’t fight his emotions and all he can do is to kiss back. He lets Bemu take the lead so he wouldn’t feel pressured that he could pull back if he wanted to. But Bemu doesn’t. His arms close around his neck and bringing the kiss deeper. The scared unsure yokai is gone and here is the confident yokai, Natsume also knows. The hands begin to tug at his shirt and Natsume chuckles as he breaks the kiss a bit to pull his sweater of him and throws it on the floor. Before Natsume can think of anything else the yokai snatches him down so he falls sprawled over Bemu. Their naked chests press together and Natsume moans into the mouth which resume their kissing. He hears the yokai chuckle. Natsume’s finger tickles Bemu’s sides to proof his worth thus feeling the yokai shiver once more and on que Natsume takes charge of the kiss. Making the yokai moan as his still clothed hips brushes against his crotch. His lips leave the now more pinkish swollow lips nipping down the throat towards the neck, which arches against his mouth. Answering his touche. He have no idea what the yokai likes – but it was time to figure it out and by him making Bemu into a pool of goo, Natsume was on the right track. Lowering his head passing the shoulder he continues giving kisses down the chest. He wonders if the nipples are as sensitive as the horns was as he hovers before one of them. He gives it a flick of his tongue and he hears Bemu hiss as fingers sinks down in his hair to urge him on. Natsume takes the nipple between his blunt teeth and nips at it gently before he licks it. Rolling his tongue over it and the body under him arches against him as a moan falls from those lips. A smile breaced Natsume's lips as he knows he's on the right track and he shift sides to stimulate the other perky one. The hips moves against Natsume’s as Bemu now moves on temptation. Natsume can hear the heart beating under his lips, the feel of bulge in the those leather clad pants begins to get noticed. Natsume gives the right nipple one last lick as he raises his head to look at the beautiful creature under him – he would call him an fallen angel. The eyes was close and the face confronted in complete bliss.

“Bed.” Their position on the couch, of course would work, but the bed would be softer, more comfortable and for the first time he wants to make this beautiful creature feel good.

“Bed?” Those eyes open a bit glossy, they are in the zone and Natsume remembers how bold the yokai can be.

“Yes, bed the softer duvet you can sleep on.” Natsume chuckles and now the yokai blushes quite heavy.

Natsume stands up, trying not to chuckle at the bold yokai as he helps Bemu up and leads him inside the bedroom. He get rid of his pants and socks as he lays down in bed. But still keeps his boxers on to not make the yokai feel uncomfortable as he pets the side beside him at the still standing yokai.

“Come here you.” Wanting the more daring yokai back.

“Relax…” He says as he pulls Bemu into his arms and just holds him.

“This is okay right?” Natsume then asks as he presses kisses on the cheek, the hollow of the throat and Bemu hums.

“More than okay.”

“So give me the more confident Bemu back.” He whispers in Bemu’s ear, reassuring him that he can take what he want. Natsume isn’t afraid.

Bemu gives him a look, and then he moves gracefully. Natsume lets him take the lead as the yokai straddle his body, trapping it. Those lips kisses him deep and there’s passion there, the passion is burning into his very being. Natsume knows he’s in love. Bemu explores his new territory, his fingers cares down the silken skin as he gets out the same reaction from the man beneath him as his own body had reacted. So he know he did something right, but never done this sort of thing before during his long years of life, he feels shy. But he goes on instincts and somehow Bemu fallows his brain signals. He just knows automatically what’s drives his desires onwards. He leaves the mouth and let’s his lips explore his new territory. Carefully kisses down the chin and down the throat. Nipping on the bobbing Adam apple earning a groan from Natsume. His teeth bits down on the nipple and he make the body shake under him and Bemu smiles a bit and licks his tongue over it. Natsume of course quivers under the touches but he need to focus on the task at hand. He reaches out his hands, letting them caresses the skin that’s begin to turn warmer. He moves it over the flat stomach seeing the lean muscles, but he travels more down. Natsume begins to tug at Bemu’s pants and it seems that Bemu won’t care at the moment. Cause his teeth nips down at his other nipple thus making him hiss. But he pulls the pants down, over the perfect shaped bum. Natsume makes a slightly turn of event. Bemu is naked underneath him and the yokai wiggles out of those pants as he resumes the kissing. Seems the yokai like that quite much. Natsume let’s the yokai have the lead in the kiss as the body reacts to his naked warm body as skin met skin. His waists wiggles between Bemu’s legs that kind of traps him there in place as his still clothed crouch touches Bemu’s naked flesh. Those hips roll against his and Natsume breaks the kiss. As he moves down now and Bemu gets the key of what he kind of wants to do so the yokai fists his fingers in his skull and arches his body against his. Natsume of course keeps going down pressing his lips over the flesh that had heal, after a robbery gone bad, but Bemu as usual had gotten himself in the line of crossfire and taken the bullet. But there was no trace any longer, but Natsume slowly kisses that spot under the navel and continue his way further. Bemu feels touched, knowing very well what that kiss meant the warmth keeps spreading like fiery liquid inside him. His eyes closed shut when another source of warmth closes around him and he moans as his neck arches into the pillow. Natsume slurps as he feels the flesh expand inside, bobbing against his cheeks. He sweeps the tongue over the slit, kind of he had imagined how Bemu would taste. But Natsume shakes his head to get rid of that thought, but Bemu doesn’t taste wired at all – right the opposite, he tastes sweet a little salty but to Natsume its heaven. He wraps his tongue around the flesh at the head and strums his tongue down, feeling how the flesh thickens as he moves down to the base. Bemu feels the tingling. The feeling in his stomach tightens when he feels how his muscles contract. He can’t breath and he can’t contain the feeling. His lower back arches and with a moan he sees white.

Bemu’s is brought back by sweet kisses on his lips. As he travels down from his high as he hums against those lips and somehow he can taste himself on those lips, which makes this even kinkier. He pulls his arms around the human’s neck to bring the kiss deeper. Natsume chuckles, so Bemu did react as human being does; well of course the yokai did. Natsume felt stupid to think about anything else as Bemu is more human then he will ever be. Planting one last kiss on the lips before he gaze at the beautiful creature beneath him whom opens his eyes, meeting his. That body beneath him still shivers in after trembles and Natsume chuckles.

“There’s a condom and bottle of lube, just at your right under the pillow.” Natsume whispers and he sees those pale cheeks heat up, becoming pink like. Natsume continues planting kisses at the throat as the head turns towards the side to see what he’s doing while digging after his request. Bemu hands the items obvious with his huge blush on his cheeks, but Natsume must be all sweet and tender when he closes the gap once more and kisses him. He also noticed that somewhere between the mists Natsume was naked as he shivers when naked flesh trusts against his sensitive spot between his legs. His moan gets silent by a kiss as fingers grabs the items from his hand, a smile tugs Bemu’s lips. Natsume devours the skin with his hand as he travels downwards, the stomach dips even more under his touch as he closing in on the rear. He gives the already hard cock a tug, leaving a hiss on those rosy lips. He cares the puckering hole with his fingers edge. Feeling the raw muscles, knowing very well that the yokai had never been touched there. Natsume slicks his fingers with the slick substance before he starts to push his finger inside the tight muscles. He’s careful watching every face expression on Bemu’s face. Natsume chuckles slightly when there’s an “Oohh” forming on those lips.

“It’s not uncomfortable is it?” Natsume asks as he sucks on the skin between the shoulder and neck met feeling the body shiver underneath him.

“No…” Bemu replies, as he’s waiting for something else to happen. But Natsume just smirks around the flesh as he prods a bit more and there he sinks his second finger inside. Feeling how the body reacts every movement he drinks in as he finds the spot, there and pushes against the egg like shape inside the clenching walls.

“Ooh, ooh” Bemu’s eyes that had been closed flutters open as he moans and suddenly his body is singing. like it was struck by a bolt inside him. Whatever Natsume had struck his body with, it felt good and his body craves more, when it on demand just moves in sync with Natsume and his instincts awakens to life. But Natsume doesn’t want to hurt Bemu, so he adds the third finger and he hears Bemu’s breath heave a little.

“Relax, it will get better, much better.” Natsume feels fingers tugging at his hair, as a sign to continue. He raised his mouth from the throat leaving a red area, wondering if Bemu would heal it, and just like that the redness disappears, leaving the skin paleness once again. But the tugging on his hair brings Natsume back to reality and lips are on his as he had been tugged forward. Natsume knows Bemu is ready so he pulls out drowning Bemu’s whine in his kiss. As this being Bemu’s first time and all. Natsume smothers some lube around the hole before slicks his cock with the liquid, after all he didn’t want to hurt Bemu and he wanted this to be pleasurable as possible. Nipping at the under lip, Natsume distracts him as he angles the position letting Bemu’s legs tighten around his hips, before he pushes inside feeling the muscles obey him a bit more easier as they loosen up around him. Natsume moans at the feeling and when the body underneath him moves in sync with his own careful trust. He kissed the yokai more passionate as he slowly pulls out and back inside the welcoming heath once again. Bemu moans as his whole body arched. His hips moving on their own accord, and there was that zing again as something brushes against the bundle of nerves inside him. His head arches into the pillow and those lips leave him to let him pant with a half open mouth as his whole body shivers. Bemu leg’s tightens around Natsume as their movement’s heats up. Natsume cups Bemu’s face with his palm as his other hand keeps him steady. Bemu glows a hue of blue, his paleness skin shines when the moonlight lits up the room from the window and Natsume things he's the most stunning crature he's ever seen as their gazes met, before they kiss once again. Their kissing grows sloppier and needier as Natsume groans into that mouth when he feels the walls clenching around him in sign of bringing him towards the age. Bemu clings to him for dear life as he gasps. There’s that feeling that settles around his stomach, like a pressure that’s building inside him and he wants to desperate release it. He moans and his nerves wants to jump right out of his own body. His lips tries to form sentences against those sloppy kissing lips that draws out the kiss longer and longer. Bemu losses control, containing the animal inside him and his vison waver but he clings on.

“-are you okay?” There’s that voice a hint with worry, but he can still hear his heart beating as he open his eyes blinking as the room comes back into focus once again. Everything around him is warm. Bemu can’t form the sentences inside his head, so pronouncing this, this feeling inside him he couldn’t put that into words. He feels a warm tingle run up his spine when there’s a lick on his horn and then led by the kiss on his forehead and then their gazes met. Natsume’s eyes contain that warm, caring and somewhat worried look, they are warm just like his name. He tugs Natsume down bringing his lips back onto his and let his action speak for him.

Action speaks better than words.

"That was, I mean that was."

Natsume chuckles as he continue lazly press kisses down from the shoulder and towards the chest.

"You don't have to..." He hums as his arm reaches out towards the side, his fingers gripping a hold on the covers that he had kicked towards the right side of the queen sized bed. He pulls it over their still warm bodies cocooning them from the chill outside. Bemu just clings onto his body even more as they leave no vacant space between them. Their hips moves a little and Bemu moans this time, not caring about the warm stickiness between them that starts to sip dry against their skin as their bodies tangles up even more.
One thing Bemu knows is that he doesn’t regret anything. Not this, not this feeling that was so tempted and not that it was Natsume.
It was dangerous and addictive.


The alarm blares in the early morning. An arm reaches out from the heavy duvet to kill the sound, fallows with a heavy sigh. As the body is about to roll out off the bed, two pair of arms curls around the hips.

"Stay..." Natsume whispers as he sinks his face into the skin of the yokai.

"But what about?" Bemu's voice quivers a bit worried.

"They wont be here in another couple of days..." Natsume tells him and tugs lightly in a sign that Bemu can return to bed, he can stay.

"Okay... Okay." Bemu let's Natsume pull him down into the bed once again. He cuddles up against the human, letting their bodies entangle into a body armor of a mess.

"In fact stay whole day, I'll be back around the evening." Natsume trails his finger over Bemu's warm back lalzy, knowing he needed to go up and get himself ready for work.

Allright, just a few more minutes.