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Destructive Hatred

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Duryodhan looks at karna’s pyre. today he became completely alone in this world. Now no need to live. he lost everyone , his son, brothers relatives, teacher and lastly his dearest friend and then finding his identity was last straw in his patience. “What is my iron body will be used for? Neither i can revive any of them and thanks to Krishna’s trick i cant kill any pandav either.” he fumes. “what i will do?” Shakuni and Aswathama were unable to console him. "Will you leave me alone for tonight please?” he asked They nods and went.
His energy was driving him crazy. an urge to destroy everything was making him mad. If only one of his enemies he could destroy fully. If not by killing but by some other means. He walks towards his friend’s pyre. The evening was advancing towards night. fire had been extinguished taking Karna and Vrishali in its possession. None was there anymore. But suddenly in moonlight it feels someone sitting leaning the big tree. He advanced and was astonished.
“Drupadkumari.” he exclaimed in surprise. As he dragged Draupadi on her feet. her eyes were lost towards the pyre so even she was shocked to see prince of hastinapur.
“so you remember him after death” he clenched his teeth in rage. Duryodhan knew about the relationship Karna and draupadi shared. Somehow Draupadi knew Karna was eldest brother of Pandavas right after her marriage . he knew both of them desired each other and as karna’s blood right of being eldest pandava he was her husband as well. gods consented their relation. But its Draupadi who ignored the relation, insulted his friend again and again and used him only when she missed Arjun. Like mother-in-law even she abandoned her son born from karna. Duryodhan knows how Karna had been burnt from inside for the love and desire he had for her and she never cared. In Gambling Hall all heart Karna’s insult to her they didn’t know what pain caused him to say that. And suddenly the urge occupied him avenging all his loss. He cant kill any of Pandavas, but he can ravish Draupadi right now. Anyway he had been her master by winning her in gamble and still she is not won back. Yes by violating her his overwhelming hatred will only be controlled. Today he will avenge his friend and yes his dear brother’s death too. how can he forget how brutally Duhshashana was killed for this woman? Yes today he will avenge his best friend and dear brother. Anyway he is going to be killed tomorrow. So its better to destroy atleast one of his enemy so that he has that satisfaction before death. This is last chance of them. Pandava camps are in a distance. And after revealation of the identity of their elder brother they are too shattered to even care. Other warriors must be busy to convince them for tomorrow war. Bheem must be handling that loser Yudhisthir. And from aswathama he got to know Krishna had taken Arjun to adhirath’s place. no chance of returning them before morning. this is the golden chance to take this fireborn.
“stop Drupadnandini” Duryodhan commanded to departing Draupadi. “You cant go now.”
“why?” Draupadi frowned with confusion, shock and disgust.
“ Because I will destroy you tonight.” Duryodhan grabs Draupadi and pulled her closer.