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Après Moi, Le Déluge

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Mid September, 2018.
Karkura Town, Japan

On a normal Tuesday, Ichigo Kurosaki, 19, would find himself free of his daily exhausting lectures by around 3pm. With a sudden burst of vigor a stark opposite to his day long lethargy, he would push past crowds of his fellow classmates and leave his MedSchool campus, making his way to the parking lot where his best friend, classmate and roommate Shinji would be waiting besides his horrendous mustard ("it's a dull golden!") car as his Lab always finished earlier than the redhead.

On a normal Tuesday they would make a stop at Cafe Kafka where Rukia Kuchiki and Tatsuki Arisawa, fellow classmates and Ichigo's long time friends, would already be found sitting at their designated table, the one besides the window with the overhead air conditioner (that was turned off these days due to the increasingly chilly Fall weather) and the perfect view of the counter and the baked goods set on display whose aroma wafted over deliciously setting up to what Shinji referred to as the perfect hangout atmosphere, (and to what Tatsuki referred to as Shinji's crazy perfectionist heaven.)

On a normal Tuesday they'd have a light snack before Tatsuki would get up for her 4pm shift as a waitress and the rest would leave. Ichigo and Shinji would then huddle back into their shared apartment, binge watch whatever movies were on in the late afternoon before Renji arrived in the evening to take them out for the mandatory weekly Guy's Night.

This wasn't a normal Tuesday.

For starters, Shinji had been stuck in his Lab overtime due to his Pathology Professor's TA having messed up the microscope slides, or well that's what the redhead assumed. Ichigo glared at the screen of his mobile, eyebrows drown in a scowl of frustration. His blond friend had literally the worst chatspeak he had ever witnessed.

Ichigo sighed as he stuffed his books back into his backpack haphazardly, plopping his iPod in the front pocket of his hoodie as he shrugged on his bag, following the rest of his classmates out of the Lecture Hall. The afternoon was slightly windy, the redhead noted as he pulled the hood over his bright orange spikes, rubbing his hands together for some warmth before stuffing them into the large pocket as he made the ten minute walk from the Lecture Hall complex to the Student's Parking Lot. He had decided to stop by the college cafe near there to kill some time before Shinji got free otherwise if the blond didn't get free soon, or find a way to sneak out, he'd take the bus home.

The redhead wrinkled his nose as he stepped into the crowded room bustling with people, and narrowly avoided a spastic brunette who dashed past him hurriedly, her coffee cup overflowing and threatening to spill. He stood in line and finally, at his turn, he nodded at the guy behind the counter in acknowledgment who only gave a brief curious look at his bright coloured hair before a small curious grin tugged at his lips.

Ichigo only scowled in response.

"Good afternoon Sir, what may I get you?" Ichigo scanned the menu above before frowning. He hated the coffee they served here and wasn't really up for dessert at all today; his stomach had been acting up ever since Renji had made them try that new Thai restaurant two days back. Ichigo had made sure to send them an extremely annoyed and unpleasant review on their website. A just punishment for them making his stomach act like it was trying to eat itself.

He shook his head and furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'll have a strawberry cheesecake." Which, irony, yes but Ichigo would be dead before he let anyone take a shot at his favourite dessert choice. He scowled at the barista whose grin had widened and the guy coughed in a failed response to cover it up before nodding.

Ichigo plopped down on a vacant table, setting his plate down next to his bag before taking out his phone again to check for any new messages from Shinji. Finding none, he sighed before digging into his cheesecake.

It was approximately half an hour later when his phone buzzed, vibrating on the table, catching his attention from the music coming out of his iPod. Hitting pause, he reached forward and swiped the screen of his mobile open.

Fcking hell Ichi. Hes stll nt lttng us out! -.- i wnt to set ths bitch on fire. she keeps askng qs! Ill w8 5 more mns othrwse im breakn outtt! - Shinji Hirako, 3:37 pm

HAHA, we just finished the last of those blueberry muffins. :p sucks to be you really, berryboy. – Tatsuki Arisawa, 3:39pm

I know you live for whatever small victories you can find, Arisawa. I'll let you have this one. – Ichigo Kurosaki, 3:40pm to Tatsuki Arisawa

If I have to sit here and deal with this idiotic barista making eyes at my hair one more time, I'm going to punch him. It may get ugly. I regret nothing. – Ichigo Kurosaki, 3:40pm to Shinji Hirako

Ichigo sighed as he finished out his response, before clicking his phone shut. He rubbed the back of his neck, easing out some of the tension as he traced the bare skin there. On top of the food poisoning, staying at campus overtime and being made fun of by the barista nonverbally, Ichigo had managed to lose his pendant. Its chain had gotten a bit weak from the redheads bad habit of fidgeting with it whenever he was concentrating on his assignments and it had most likely fallen off in his room when he was getting ready. Even knowing that it was most likely lying on the floor next to his cupboard or in the tiled washroom floor did nothing to ease up Ichigo's anxiety. The pendant had been given to him by his mother and he had it ever since he could remember; the cold press of the thin silver chain and the tiny inverted Y crossed with V symbol attached to it was something he was so accustomed to that without it the redhead felt exposed and naked.

He blinked as his phone buzzed again.

jst gt dne! Im ltrlly flyng my wy out of hre! Shinji Hirako, 3:51pm

"Finally," Ichigo muttered, sighing to himself in relief as he stood up, moving towards the exit.

The sky had darkened a bit, the wind blowing a bit faster as Ichigo made his way to the Parking Lot, leaves crunching underneath his sneakers as he increased his pace to a light jog. The Lot was mostly empty, he observed, most of the cars gone save for a few. He smiled politely at some of his classmates leaving the area, making his way to the bright coloured atrocity that called itself Shinji's transport. Ichigo adjusted the strap of his bag, shuffling his feet, as he glanced around for a sign of an approaching blond head. It was when he glanced back towards the car's passenger side window facing him that the redhead startled, dropping his iPod from his hand. He took a sharp intake of breath at the site of a dark haired haggard looking boy staring back at him.

Ichigo turned around to face the stranger but was midway in motion when he felt a sharp stinging pain across the base of his spine, like tiny pin prick needles radiating from the base all the way to his neck. He gasped, leaning forward in pain, before he felt something hard hit him across the back of his head and everything went black.

When Ichigo regained his consciousness, he winced, reaching forward to grasp at the side of his head. It felt like his skull was being split into two, a deep throbbing ache was present just behind his eyes and was steadily intensifying and when he pulled his hand back, it was smeared dark red and wet. Ichigo had to blink several times to see clearly, his vision blurred, and his head dizzy.

The redhead looked up, squinting to clear up his vision, and all he could see was darkness. He could make out all trees, going up into the sky, silent except for the whistling of the leaves against the light wind. It was dark, possibly after 8 or 9pm, and the moon was half out, most of it hidden behind dark clouds. Ichigo moved to sit up a bit, his legs cramping up and gritted his teeth as he felt his right wrist throb in pain. His iPod lay next to him covered in dirt and it was then that he looked down and realized he was lying down on the bare ground; mud and dirt clinging to his clothes and fingers as he slowly moved his limbs to a sitting position. Ichigo winced as he brushed away his bangs, now wet and sticking together from the blood that was dripping from his head wound.

It was when his vision cleared a bit after a while, that Ichigo realized he was sitting in the middle of a huge pentagram, drawn intricately onto the dirt with a chalk. Tiny candles lay lit at the apex of each of the five pointed ends of the pentagram, their flames, small and wisp like, fluttering away along with the wind.

He made to crawl a bit forward, reaching for his bag which lay just outside the star, and inside which his phone lay, when he felt something stop him. He tried again, reaching forward with his hand, eyes narrowed in confusion, only to be stopped again. Ichigo tried once again, pushing at the air in frustration and confusion, flexing his hand before trying again, only for it to reach halfway and stop as if opposed by some invisible barrier.

"Oh how the prey struggles against its cage!" A giggle came from behind him and Ichigo jumped a bit, eyes wide, fists clenched as an automatic response as he turned towards the sound; ignoring the throb at the base of his head as he did so. How much blood he had lost, he had no idea at this point.

The boy from the parking lot stood there, illuminated against the moonlight. His eyes were sunken and bloodshot, wide lavender iris's staring at him in amusement and glee. His face was smudged with dirt, covering his pale skin and even some of his dark hair, as it lay straggly and limp. A single white piece of what, to Ichigo's horror, looked like a piece of bone dangled from the dark tresses. He was covered in a white clothe, like a robe of some sort, that was dirty and torn in places giving way to a lean slim body that would have confused Ichigo on the person's gender if his flat chest wasn't on display. But what made the redhead's blood run cold was the tiny silver intricate looking dagger in the boy's hand. Ichigo swallowed inaudibly, eyes narrowed as he turned his eyes back onto the boy's as he made to sit on his knees facing the redhead, letting out another sharp giggle.

"My dear child, is it not such a beautiful night?" The boy stroked at his own cheek with his left hand, his mouth opening into a wide smile that crinkled his eyes. There was something off about the look in his eyes, his posture too stiff, his body language distorted and off, that reigned in Ichigo's temper and he took a few calming breaths.

"What do you want?" He muttered, quietly. Ichigo quickly tallied if he could feel his wallet in his jean's pocket and realized he that he could. If his wallet, iPod and phone (presumably) were still in his possession, then what did this person want? And where was he? What was this pentagram? Why couldn't he move?

"How the mind analyzes! How it calculates and tries to understand! What do you see, poppet? Do you feel it too?" The boy suddenly made an abortive forward motion into the chalk line, moving on his knees towards Ichigo, towards the centre, and the redhead made a few steps backwards. The boy stopped, dangling the dagger between his fingertips with grace that betrayed his appearance. He twirled it around his long spindly fingers as his eyes remained fixed on Ichigo, wide and unblinking.

"If you're looking for money or valuables, you can take them, I don't have much money and-", Ichigo was cut off by another sharp giggle.

"Oh joy! Oh joy oh joy oh joy! How it acts so innocently! How it deceives!" The boy clapped his hands together, the dagger falling down onto the earth with a plop. Ichigo made a few moves back until his back was once again stopped from moving any furthur; from that same invisible barrier that stopped him earlier.

Was this a dream? Would he wake up with his head on the table in the cafe? Did he doze off waiting for Shinji as he had leaned against his car?

"Young boys shouldn't wander off alone without protection." The boy tsked, waggling a finger at Ichigo's direction as he reached forward to grab a tiny rock from the ground. He was silent as he gazed at it for a while, rolling it around in his palm, as if assessing it.

"Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream." The boy giggled, hiccuping to himself as he flicked the rock between his hands.

And then he suddenly stood up.

Ichigo made to get up too, but he grunted, eyes widening, as he realized he couldn't move his limbs. His legs and arms lay heavy and he budged, struggling against the invisible barrier trying to wriggle away as the boy stepped into the circle.

"Whoever you are, leave me alone, I swear, if you even touch me I'll-", Ichigo gasped as the pain in his head doubled, as if his brain itself had caught on fire, a sharp sting so intense as it radiated from the base to tip it made his eyes water, ears ringing as he cried, clutching his head before falling to the ground in a fetal position.

Ichigo could feel the blood dripping from his head onto the ground, his wrist throbbing in agony as he gasped, his head threatening to crack open right here on the ground.

"Hush hush, child. It'll all be over soon." The boy soothed, voice light and airy as he approached Ichigo, hands calloused and rough and yet dainty as they fluttered across his face; his tough light and delicate. They grasped his face, pulling him up, rubbing invisible patterns on his cheeks with his bony thumbs.

"Your phone buzzed and buzzed in symphony with the nights progression! Oh the joy of being wanted! Are you precious, my child? Are you someone's precious? Do they ache for you, I wonder? Will they cry for you?" The boy grinned as he dropped Ichigo's face and reached for his hands. They ran cool fingertips over his swollen wrist and Ichigo gritted his teeth in pain, trying to pull back but the grip intensified.

"I apologize for this. I am not...proficient in physical labour. But all wounds are but mortal, yes? It is the wounds of the soul that can never be repaired." The boy tutted as he patted the swollen joint once again.

And before Ichigo could even blink or think of anything but the intense burning in his head, he felt the boy bring the rough edge of the rock sharply against the smooth skin of his palm. He cried out as he felt his skin give away, the pain blossoming and spreading across his hand. He felt the boy do it on the second hand and he blinked away tears from the corner of his eyes as he felt blood pool slowly from his palms onto the ground.

He wouldn't give this psycho the satisfaction of his tears.

"W-what do you want?" Ichigo gritted his teeth in anger, scrambling to get up, to do something, anything, but cried as he felt his head throb again. This kind of pain, it felt inhuman, unimaginable.

The boy only whistled, giggling to himself a tune Ichigo couldn't hear and even if he did, he was pretty sure he couldn't make sense of. Ichigo felt his kidnapper kneel down infront of the increasing small puddle of the redhead's blood and felt him trace a pattern in it.

"I always desire for an audience! To see my art come to life! Oh the joys! It's a shame your people don't mourn as much as they should. What a display I would have given! The joy I could have spread!"

Mourn? People? What?

And then Ichigo realized it.

The bare ground, the tall trees giving way to a clearing for near perfect moonlight sighting.

He was in the Karkura Town Cemetery.

And just like that, the pain in his head stopped. Ichigo gasped, blinking away the wetness in his eyes, as he scrambled to his feet, pushing his scratched and bleeding palms against the rough ground. He gritted his teeth as he made his limbs, which felt like lead, move into a sitting position.

The boy had moved back out of the center, dipping what looked like the silver dagger ,he had previously been holding, into the tiny flames of the candles that surrounded him, one by one. And the dagger was more red than silver now. Red as in..


His blood.

He looked around for anything and glanced at the rock the boy had left behind. It was small and insignificant, and Ichigo knew it wouldn't amount to anything. But he had to do something.

He had to stall. Shinji would've noticed his absence. Of course he would have. And Renji too. They would've called his dad, or the police, or something.

So he had to stall.

Gritting his teeth, Ichigo furrowed his eyebrows, grunting as he threw the rock at the far edge of the circle of candles, watching it as it flew and knocked down the last of the set, the tiny flame dying as it met the earth before disappearing out of existence.

And at the same time, the invisible barrier Ichigo had felt against his back all this time suddenly gave away and the redhead startled as he tumbled onto his back.

Ichigo hastened and tried to get up as soon as possible and scrambled out of the centre, standing on wobbly legs, twisting around in search of his bag.

"Ooh! How tenacious! Look Mother, look how the prey struggles!" The boy giggled.

And before Ichigo knew it, once again the burning sensation reappeared in his head and he gasped, falling onto his knees, clutching his head in both hands as he felt his vision sway once more.

He could hear the boy clapping in joy behind him, giggling, as feet approached him from behind.

Ichigo felt him kneel down next to him, the silver dagger tipped red glistening in the moonlight as he twirled it in his hands.

"Et sacrificium, et os sanguinis." The boy whispered as Ichigo felt him trace the dagger lightly against his cheek, his nose, his lips. "Pons a vobis ad imitandum nos." He giggled as if all of this, his blood, his pain, his life was just a harmless joke. Something petty and insignificant. Ichigo gritted his teeth as he tried to push the boy away through the pain. Hands batted away at his weakened protests, shoving him down harshly against the ground. "Te exorietur umbra" He whispered, stroking Ichigo's cheek as he did so.

"SOMEONE HELP ME-" Ichigo started but was cut off as the burning intensified and slowly he felt blood coming out of his nose.

"It'll be over soon, poppet. Don't you worry." The boy smiled, wide and broken in the darkness of the night, as Ichigo crumpled onto the ground.

And then it all stopped.

The redhead gasped, reaching forward with his hands, his body sluggish and weak and dizzy, as he tried to glance around to see what had happened. He rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hoodie sleeve, wiping away the blood and tears as he tried to take in as much of the darkness he could. His fingers grasped at the dirt, as Ichigo pushed himself onto his feet. He swayed, reaching forward with arms that felt like lead to try to balance himself. His palms were slick with blood as he leaned against a nearby tree. And then he saw a flash of blue, followed by a snarl.

Ichigo blinked as he moved towards where his bag was, towards where the crazy freak who was trying to stab him with a knife was standing just now, and then he saw it. A tall guy, with shocking electric blue hair, dressed in dark colours, maybe a hoodie and jeans Ichigio couldn't tell, had pressed the boy against a nearby tree; his hand wrapped around the boy's slender throat, lifting him a few inches off the ground. And then Ichigo's eyes widened as he felt the blue-haired man reach forward and bite down on the boy's neck.

He could hear the boy scream and gasp, giggling into the silent night as the blue-haired man attacked his neck, blood spilling out onto the earth, everything illuminated by the white shine of the moon. Ichigo scrambled for his bag, knees shaking as he fell on his knees next to it, hurriedly opening the zip for his phone. If this was all a dream then he needed to wake the fuck up like right now.

He glanced back up at a sudden shout of pain and a thud, and saw the blue-haired man fall onto the ground on his knees, hands clutching his head as he screamed in pain, shouting curses at the boy, while the latter giggled, despite the gaping neck wound; wrist flicked open, palm facing the blue-haired man as he circled around him.

Ichigo had a pretty good idea what his rescuer was going through and as he struggled to open the second zip of his bag, his eyes caught onto something glimmering on the ground, hidden by a pile of leaves, next to the bright stark white lines of the chalked pentagram.

It was the dagger.

With a gasp, he reached forward, grasping it against the handle, the blade cold and slick against his bleeding palms. Ichigo needed to act quickly because he was pretty sure he was going to bleed out soon. Biting his bottom lip to stop himself from gasping in pain as his body resisted any movement as he made his way to the two men, every part of his body burning and aching. Ichigo blinked away the tears as he approached the laughing boy, clothes stained red, neck open raw and bleeding as he towered over the gasping blue-haired man.

Ichigo pressed the blade right against the boy's exposed right shoulder blade as he stepped up behind him with shaky legs.

"L-let him go. Now." He muttered, eyes wide, lips drawn in a line as he fought to control his body's shaking. The boy stopped, and Ichigo could see his entire body twitch, a shudder running up his spine, before he giggled again.

"Oh poppet! How has this come to be?" His voice became shrill, breaking at the higher pitch as Ichigo saw his shoulders start to shake.

"Stop it, whatever you're doing. I don't know-what-I don't know who you are and how, but I know you-you're doing it. Stop it!" Ichigo pressed the blade more firmly against the other boy's skin.

Would he really be able to do what he was threatening to do?

Could he do it?

Ichigo felt his entire body shake as he saw the boy's neck bleed more profusely, crimson red staining the dirt marked pale skin and dripping onto the ground.

The boy tilted his head slightly towards Ichigo and that horrible burning, he felt it start again. The sharp stinging throb that had threatened to split his head apart before had just started intensify a bit more when Ichigo drove the blade into the other boy's back.

He gasped as the knife immediately turned red hot, clutching at his damaged hand as the boy started screaming, howling into the night. The boy went onto his knees scrabbling at his back, as the knife fell out back onto the ground, screaming loud and high, voice turning inhuman as he fell to the ground, rocking in a fetal position.

Ichigo felt a strong hand immediately pull him back against a strong chest, and then behind a warm body and he flinched, immediately pushing away from the stranger, gasping and pushing with his hands. It was only when the screaming had stopped, and silence once more filled the night, that Ichigo realized he was shoving at the blue-haired man; the man who had rescued him.

The redhead blinked as he looked around him to where the boy had been, only to see nothingness except for a blood stained patch on the ground next to the tree where he had the boy cornered and the silver dagger right in the middle of it. He turned back to the pentagram to see all the candles had been burned out and lay on the ground in a haphazard pile.

"Your heartbeat's all over the place, hey. Hey!" Ichigo quickly turned around, blinking and taking a sharp intake of breath at the sight of his rescuer.

He was tall, around 6'1, pale, and extremely muscular, with a shockingly electric blue mop of hair in a ruffled mess, and a pair of teal eyes staring at him intensely. A pair of teal iris', surrounded by blood-red sclera and thick prominent veins underneath his eyes reaching to the top of his cheekbones, and the fangs.

Ichigo screamed.

"Ohmygod. Oh my god. What the fuck. Whatthefuck. Ohmygod." He gasped as he scrambled backwards, pushing himself against a nearby tree.

The man blinked, blinked his red demon eyes, in confusion before making an 'Aah' noise. Right before his fangs retracted into his mouth.

His fangs retracted into his mouth.

His fangs.

Ichigo immediately turned around, scraping his palms against the tree bark as he pushed his legs towards his bag; where he could at least arm himself or something. Ichigo felt his chest tighten up and he gasped struggling to take in decent breathes of air, body sluggish and heavy as he wobbled away from the man. With fangs

"Woah woah, hey calm down. Kid, kid!" Ichigo felt a thick arm come around and grasp at his left wrist and turn him around and he immediately pushed it back only for it to feel like he was pushing against a block of marble. The man realized his mistake and quickly let him go raising his hands in surrender.

"Sorry, sorry. No touching, Get it. Really fucking understandable."

Ichigo took deep breathes as he took a few steps back, eyes wide and horrified.

"You need to calm down before you give yourself a heart attack. Your heartbeat's like a jackhammer."

"You have fangs. And your eyes."

"Yeah, shit. Sorry about that. It's just, whole lotta blood here, yeah and..." The man motioned around him and yeah Ichigo could get it. I mean. Blood was a vampire's everything wasn't it?


"You're a vampire." Ichigo breathed out, palms bleeding and pressed against his chest, as he pressed himself further against the tree.

The man rolled his eyes. "Yeah, look can we just skip this part and get to the-", and then he stopped and gave Ichigo a whole once over. "Fuck. You're all banged up and shit. Your head's bleeding and goddammit. That's bad, I mean you're human. That's a lot of blood. Fuck what did that sonofabitch do to you-"

At the mention, Ichigo reached up to his head and noted that his hair was all clumped and matted together; the blood all thickened and dried up. It didn't even hurt as much. Which, wasn't really a good sign.

"Don't lose your shit at what I'm about to do, kid." The redhead had only just registered what the other was saying, what the vampire was saying, and suddenly felt a warm heavy weight push him against the tree, his arms pushed against the other's chest.

"What are you doing, let me go, stop! What-", Ichigo gasped before the man bit into his own wrist and shoved the bleeding wound against his open gaping mouth. Ichigo gagged, choking as the sharp metallic taste of blood entered his mouth and he pushed against the other's thick forearm, which may as well have been made of marble, until he had no other choice but to swallow. The man let him go and Ichigo gasped, falling to his knees, as he took huge gulps of air. He coughed, spitting out some blood, feeling nausea crawl up inside his body.

"What did you do?" Ichigo bit out, coughing, eyes wide, hands shaking as he pushed himself onto his feet. The vampire, vampire, just shrugged his thick hoodie clad shoulders, staring at him intently.

"It doesn't hurt anymore does it, kid?" The man smirked slightly at what Ichigo assumed would have been his dumbfounded slash confused slash blank expression. In his defense, he just had a guy with fangs bite into his wrist and force feed him his blood.

And then he felt it.

"My head-I-my wrist, what? I-It doesn't hurt anymore." Ichigo muttered, clutching at his right wrist; the swelling by some miracle had gone away. His head was beginning to clear up too and his limbs didn't feel so heavy. Bringing his palms up, and wiping away the blood, Ichigo realized that they were cut free.

"You're welcome, berry." The man nodded. Ichigo gaped, opening his mouth for words that wouldn't come. He closed it, before opening it again and closing it again.

"What just, I don't, I don't understand. I-Is this a dream? It has to be a dream, you have fangs and magically healing blood."

The man rolled his eyes. "Hey calm down, it'll all be over soon." Ichigo turned to him, eyebrows raised in exasperation.

"It'll all be over soon? Calm down?! I was kidnapped at college. And some freak of nature put me in a magical pentagram before attempting to stab me with a mystical knife. And then you bit his neck, because you're a vampire. Then I stabbed him with said magical knife and he magically disappeared. And then you healed me with your magical vampire blood and now all my wounds are gone without any medical reason or explanation." Ichigo took a deep breath, chest heaving as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

What the fuck.

What the ever loving fuck?

Had he gone down the rabbit hole?

The man made a few steps forward, "Look. I know you're probably freaking out. And literally two steps away from spontaneously combusting."

"A man tried to sacrifice me whilst chanting to himself in a strange language all the while giggling out nursery rhymes."

"..Yeah, look. Kid, relax. I can help you."

"I can't-I don't-I don't understand. He-just, and how. How. You. What is going on." Ichigo made to turn away, to his bag, to his phone, to Shinji, to sense and reason and logic, when he felt the other man grab his shoulders. He immediately kicked out, knee hitting the others solar plexus as his fist clipped the man's chin, but all it did was in turn make both body parts throb in pain as the man quickly took control of his protesting limbs, pushing him against the tree, hands grabbing his face by the cheeks.

"Hey, hey. Listen to me. You listening?" The man muttered, eyes intense and focused on Ichigo's own.

"Back off, What are you doing-what else is-you need to back off-"

The man rolled his eyes before turning to level him with an intense stare.

"None of this happened. Alright? You are going to take my hoodie and cover yourself up because you look like shit. You are going to forget you were ever kidnapped at college, tell your friends or family you were at a movie or whatever the fuck else. You didn't meet me today. You don't know what vampires are, or that I healed you, or compelled you to forget this. You don't remember a crazy lunatic trying to kill you or some shit or you stabbing him with a mystical dagger. You're going to go home, take a nice long shower, and put your pretty little head to sleep. That cool?"

And before Ichigo could even blink or ask what the fuck the other man was going on about, he was gone with a gust of wind.

Just, gone.

Leaving Ichigo Kurosaki, 19 year old medstudent, standing alone, in bloodied clothes, in the middle of the cemetery at ass o'clock, next to his mess of a bag and iPod, and a mystical white dagger which not ten minutes ago someone had tried to kill him with.

The crazy lunatic, as Ichigo had now permanently dubbed him inside his head, had been crazy smart to boot as well. Not only had he texted Shinji that he'd caught a ride with a friend to his parent's house but he'd also told him to carry on with the plans without him.

All of this made sense as to why when Ichigo, finally trudged all the way back to his Apartment Complex, looking a like a mess with his dirtied bag and clothes and an oversized hoodie, with the hood pulled up to hide his matted bloody hair, tolerating the stares on the bus and from his fellow building tenants, he was greeted with an empty apartment.

Ichigo glanced around the living room quietly, confirming for any signs of Shinji or Renji.

"Shin, you home?" He called out, his voice sounding tired and hoarse and dead, even to his own ears. Silence greeted him, and surprisingly enough, Ichigo was glad.

Quietly he moved towards his room, trudging his way through Shinji's mess littering the hallways, dumping his bag near the entrance. He made his way to the bathroom and slowly took off his shoes, grimacing at the squelching noise they made. Evidently, some of his blood had managed to seep in there as well.

Ichigo slowly stripped off all of his clothes, his hoodie, shirt, undershirt, jeans and boxers, balling them up, sans the vampire's hoodie, and throwing it into the laundry hamper. He slowly stepped in front of the mirror and quietly gazed at the reflection.

His pale skin was even whiter and gaunt, splattered with some blood around the ears and chin, despite Ichigo's best attempts to clean himself up as much as possible. His orange hair had turned a dark burgundy shade, clotted with dried blood, and his palms were pink and raw. But other than that there wasn't a single scratch or sign of injury on his body. Ichigo furrowed his eyebrows, turning around and examining himself in all angles, and yet he couldn't find a single wound. Not the head wound, or the cut on his palms, or even his swollen right wrist.

Against all knowledge and medical expertise and know how and logic and common sense, his wounds were gone.

Because of the vampire blood

The mystical healing vampire blood

The blood of a vampire

Ichigo took some heavy breathes to control the shaking of his body, gripping the skin tightly with his hands till his knuckles turned white against his skin. With shaky hands, he pulled the shower curtain apart and stepped inside. Turning the water to hot, Ichigo closed his eyes, shakily laying his head against the tiled wall, and let the stream of water wash away the grime and the blood.

His blood

His proof

That today had happened. That he wasn't hallucinating or dreaming.

With shaky hands Ichigo washed away his entire self, messily rubbing soap all over his tired and aching body, haphazardly applying shampoo and conditioner to his hair. Washing away the dried mess from his head, his face, his hands, under his nails, in his skin.

And then when he was done, he slowly turned off the shower, wiped his entire self with a warm fluffy towel, got into a pair of comfortable warm PJ's and an old T-Shirt. Ichigo undid the comforter and sheets and shakily slid underneath the layers. He lay in the dark, in his warm bed, underneath layer upon layer of comfortable snug bed coverings, head on a fluffed up pillow.

He lay there, at 10:27pm, in his room, safe and sound. After being kidnapped at his college's parking lot; and waking up to a man who tried to stick a silver dagger inside of him as he made his head and hands bleed, as he chanted in a foreign language and danced and sang and giggled into the night. While Shinji and Renji went out and partied as per Guy's Night.

Whilst he lay there bleeding on the ground, half passed out from the pain and the blood loss.

Until a vampire came to save him

Until he saved a vampire, by stabbing a boy

Until the vampire promised to help him, by compelling away his memories

Promising to make it all better

Promising to make it forget

But he didn't. He remembered.

Ichigo lay in his bed, warm and safe and sound, freshly showered in his clean clothes, at 10:27pm, trying to sleep.

He finally did, at 2:17am.

To dreams of fire, and candles, and laughter and blood

When Ichigo next woke up, it was to Shinji's blond head propped up next to him, one hand in a packet of Lays and the other texting away at a speed only a Hirako could accomplish.

The redhead startled a bit, scowling at his roommate sleepily. He only got a wide cheeky grin in response as his friend reached forward to poke him in the face.

"Ichi! You missed it!" The blond sighed dramatically, falling back onto Ichigo's bed with a bounce, limbs spread wide, empty Lay's packet falling to the floor.

Ichigo only grumbled a bit, sitting up, and stretching, rubbing away what little sleep he had managed to get with one fist. As Shinji continued to go on and on about whatever the redhead had missed yesterday, it was only until Ichigo spotted his dirty bag sitting near the entrance of the bedroom door that he remembered just what had happened to him yesterday and he froze.

He remembered just what lay hidden in his bag, next to his books and his iPod, within the tiny pocket in the back.

He blinked as a tan arm flailed in front of him and he rolled his eyes and grunted half-heartedly, making his way to the bathroom. The blond pouted as he sat up.

"You're doing it again. The thing which will eventually make me stab you one day." Stab me with one day. Well Shin, someone already tried to beat you to it.

"The ignoring you thing? Because it's...six thirty in the morning on a day when I don't have classes till two? Shinji you're lucky I'm too sleepy to beat the shit out of you." Shinji only cackled.

"Ha! Yeah, Kurosaki, I'm terrified of your midget limbs, I am. Really." He got a warning glare from the redhead through the bathroom doorway and just grinned in response.

"So Renj' and I went to this amazing bar last night. I can't believe we never went there before!" Ichigo only made a non-committal voice in acknowledgement as he finished brushing his teeth and made his way back into the room.

"You really did miss out, idiot. Some of the bartenders were really fucking hot." Ichigo raised an eyebrow in response.

"Please tell me you came home last night. And I am not just witnessing you post walk of shame."

Shinji rolled his eyes. "Ichi, please, I'm not a tart. Well, not a complete tart. That sort of fun is for this Friday obviously." With that he got to his feet, flicking Ichigo on the shoulder as he walked past him.

"And you're going too! No questions asked! And we're going to talk about why you ditched me yesterday, don't think you're in the clear mister."

Ichigo startled before clearing his throat.
"Oh, uh yeah, well you were taking too long and Li from Anatomy offered me a ride." He got a grunt in response followed by the sound of a door slamming which meant the blond had gone to his room to get dressed for his morning classes, not as blessed as the redhead with Wednesday's schedule.

Ichigo drew his lips in a thin line as he scrolled through the messages on his phone that had clearly not been composed by him and quickly deleted them. He quickly placed a Passcode for his phone. He thumbed the screen for a bit before sighing and placing his phone back on the table.

There was no way Shinji was getting involved in whatever mess Ichigo had pulled himself into; not when he could do anything about it. The idea alone that someone had attacked him so viciously last night had left him shaken and disturbed. The very thought and idea of them possibly targeting the people he cared about made Ichigo's heart feel heavy and blood run cold.

Whoever it was had clearly ran away and knew who he was and where he studied and who his roommate was and who his family were.

The police was out of the question, what with no amount of proof whatsoever and an unrealistic story to boot.

If Ichigo was going to doo anything about it, it was to get answers.

And answers he would fucking get.

Starting with the silver dagger he had brought home with him.

The dagger he had spent 10 minutes trying to get his own blood out of.

The dagger he had stabbed someone with.

He'd be damned if he let someone get the better of him again. Next time, Ichigo Kurosaki would be prepared.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes as Nnoitra ran around the living room of the apartment the latter shared with Coyote Starrk, TV remote in hand, as a flailing Nelliel chased after him.

172 years of existence and you'd think he'd have found better companions. With a grunt, the bluenette turned to his pancakes, stabbing one with a fork and ingesting it whole in one mouthful. Nelliel's cooking really did wonders for his blood cravings, dulled taste of human food or not. Ulquiorra sat opposite him, book clad open in front of him, green eyes immersed in the text.

Feeling his eyes on him, the human looked back up, cold green eyes staring at him intensely before resuming his reading. Grimmjow only snorted.

"And you'd think I was the one with a beating heart." Predictably, there was no response.

After a while, Nnoitra reappeared in the room with Starrk following him, the brunet sleepy eyed, but then again that was his expression 96% of the time so Grimmjow couldn't really be sure anymore, and yawning as he took a chair next to him, reaching forward for the newspaper.

"Hey, Starrk, Grimm here tell you about his lil' shenanigan last night, yea'?" Nnoitra grinned, looming over the table as he poked at Ulquiorra's head who only swatted him away in annoyance. Grimmjow gave Nnoitra an irritated glare as Starrk hummed in response, motioning for Nnoitra to continue.

"Ya'! Ol' Blue here found 'imself a damsel in 'distress!" Nnoitra cackled as he avoided Grimmjow's fist, appearing besides the fridge, opening it and rummaging around for a snack. Starrk turned to the blunette and raised an eyebrow.

"Sounds quite a story,"

Grimmjow only rolled his eyes and grunted.

"Nah, just some witch trying to start up shit and attacking a human. I was just passing by and heard the commotion." This caused Ulquiorra to put down his book.

"Leave me to talk about sacrifices and shit to get your attention, Ulqui. You creepy little fuck." Grimmjow grinned at the green-eyed pale human's irritated scowl.

"Charming as always, Jaegerjaques. I can only hope you were careful? You should've let the council deal with it."

Starrk just stared at Grimmjow silently. From their location, they could hear Nelliel dancing to the music of America's Next Top Model's intro theme.

"Yeah, I compelled the little bugger. The witch ran away, but he was injured. Kid had balls of steel, I can give him that. Fucking stabbed him with his own weapon. It was kind of sexy." Ulquiorra only hmm'ed in response before turning back to his book.

"As long as you were careful, Grimmjow," Starrk cleared his throat, returning to the crossword puzzle he had begun to solve. Grimmjow nodded in response.

"Yeah you should be more concerned with Nnoi with how he was eyeing that blond fairy's neck last night. Real subtle, dickhead."

"I was a fucking ninja! As always!" Grimmjow snorted at this.

"Ya' sure you compelled him right? Or didja' get too mesmerized by his pretty eyes and fuck it up?" Nnoitra grinned, wide and lecherous, as he reappeared from the fridge with a plate of last night's Pizza.

"I'm pretty sure I did it fucking right. I would've known if he was supernatural. When Grimm's on the job, you lot ain't got nothing to worry about, yeah?"

His only response was Nelliel's "DO YOU WANNA BE ON TOP?!"