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The Start

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Asdel took a deep breath as he ran his fingers over the dresses in front of him. He had always been a touch jealous of how colorful and soft the female attire was.

Of course, in his travels around the world, he had met more than a few men who dressed and lived as a woman. If he were honest with himself, he was jealous of those lovely 'ladies' the most. They were full of confidence and lived beyond the constraints of either of the sexes.

He clutched the silken garment and felt something inside of him flip. Like there had been something off kilter inside of him, that was suddenly righted.

He looked at the flamboyant ladies around him and felt his eyes start to mist. The fabulous ladies of the Hidden Door were happy to help him rediscover himself.

Two hours after he had started, Asdel had died, but Miss Flora Lee had been born in his place.

"Hello Flora, I welcome the woman in me, to the real world. We are going to be spectacular," she whispered to her reflection in the mirror. She was hot, fierce, and ready to face the world with a new attitude and lease on life. Nothing could stop her now.