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Gray and Natsu: Fuck Buddies Code

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Gray and Natsu are good friends, and they like to hang out together. Recently, they relationship intensified, and now is about to involve sexual intercourse.

Gray and Natsu sit on the couch and talk to each other. They just arrived to Gray’s apartment; they had gone out to lunch.


-G: Ok, before our relationship gets to the next level, we have to have some things clear, OK?

I want total sincerity when it comes to health and sex. We want to keep things as safe and cool as possible. Biosafety is something important to take into account. So before we make out to have sex… Have you been with many people before me?

-N: Not really G, you already know it.

G: Just guessing, have you ever had any unprotected intercourse? Any accident or biologically risky situation?

N: No, I’ve always worn a condom, sometimes even when it didn’t feel necessary…

G: Ever stepped on a used syringe needle, on the beach for example…

N: No…

G: Nice, me neither. But I did had some unprotected sex. Thought I got tested and I’m clean. Did you ever get tested for STDs?

N: No, well, actually, I’ve given blood several times, and when you give it, they send you some test results they perform, and I’m clean.

G: Cool, well, concerning health I guess that’s all. What’s more… ah, yeah. Be fucking sincere to me and never lie. If you fuck someone when we are together, you tell me. I’ll do the same. I won’t get mad. If one day you are bored and horny and meet someone to blow yourselves or whatever, you fucking tell me. If you feel sick, you tell me. I’ll also fucking tell you.

N: No problem bro.

G: And yeah, we take this easy… if you don’t want hickeys, scars bite marks and this kind of stuff in visible places or anywhere at all, you just tell me.

N: Cool. Can we fuck now?

G: Sure, pass me that bucked of lube!