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Because "AU" Literally Means "Gold"...

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Ser Jaime arrives at his sister’s bedroom door in the late morning, as he always does.  Her ladies and his sworn brothers believe that he escorts the Queen to the sept for her prayers on these occasions…but, of course, he actually takes her to the storeroom in the rear tower, where he bends her over barrels of grain and fucks her raw.

His cock begins to stiffen with anticipation as he raps on her door.  The low, sensual tone of her voice when she tells him to enter only intensifies the desire, and he swings the door open-

But Cersei is far from ready to depart for the “sept".  She still lies abed, her smile sweet and sleepy, the morning sunlight glittering in her hair as she stretches and sighs.

Another figure lies atop Cersei’s bed cushions; from his vantage point in the doorway, Jaime can see only Lady Catelyn’s long, white limbs and her nest of ruddy hair. 

He opens his mouth to demand an explanation from his sister, but Cersei puts her finger to her lips and gives him a soft “Shh."

"She’s still sleeping," his sister whispers as she moves closer to Lady Catelyn.  She curls her lithe body around the other woman’s and smiles up at Jaime before kissing Catelyn’s mussed hair and gently palming her full breasts.

Rage and indignation burn hot and bright in Jaime’s cheeks- taken in combination with his arousal (which has not abated in the least, Gods be damned…if anything, it’s only grown stronger…), the sensations confuse and bewilder him, and he finds that he cannot stand there for a moment longer.

"I’ll come back for you later," he huffs, stepping backwards out of the doorway and pushing the door shut.

Cersei’s laughter chimes through the air, bright and sweet and stinging, and it follows him all the way down the corridor.