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Steve was not sulking. Nor was he hiding, moping, pouting or brooding and Jan was more than welcome to stop sending him texts describing his mood anytime now.

He was, he admitted, not especially in the mood for company. Normally he enjoyed fundraisers for the Maria Stark Foundation, even the more formal affairs. But he just wasn’t in the mood to socialize tonight, no matter how worthy the cause. So instead of standing around and being standoffish to potential donors, he had excused himself to one of the balconies and was leaning over the edge looking out over the city, watching the lights come up one by one in the late summer evening, listening to the sounds of traffic from far below.

He could hear applause from inside and felt a momentary pang of guilt that he had missed Tony’s speech. But he just wasn’t in the mood to look at Tony on the stage, hair gleaming in the lights, eyes bright and happy as he spoke to the crowd, body lean beneath the clean lines of his suit.

Steve took a deep breath and blew it out, cheeks puffing out with the force of his exhale. That was a dangerous trail for his thoughts to wander down.

“I do not wish to intrude.”

Thor lingered in the doorway, the curtains billowing around him. He had lost his tie at some point and undone the top few buttons of his shirt.

“No intrusion at all,” Steve said. He straightened up a little, offered Thor a smile. “I just wanted a few moments of fresh air.”

“I had heard you were not in a mood for company.”

Steve grinned. “Jan’s been texting you too?”

“It was suggested that you needed motivation to stop ‘brooding like a broody mcbroodster’.” Thor gave the words a sense of gravity they certainly didn’t deserve, but his eyes were bright with amusement at Steve’s expense. “And while I did decline to accept some suggestions on how to accomplish such a task-”

“Oh lord,” Steve said, “I don’t want to know, do I?”

“-I did happen upon a solution of my own that I believe will meet with equal success.”

Steve knew better than to trust that grin. “Oh?”

“Indeed.” Thor looked over his shoulder and reached back through the curtains. He tugged and Tony practically fell through the doorway, held upright mostly by Thor’s grip on his arm. He was frowning at Thor, but spared a moment to frown at Steve as well.

Steve took a step toward them. “Thor,” he said, something heavy and sour in his stomach. He wasn’t in the mood for his teammates to poke fun at his feelings, he was too tired for that tonight, too raw to smile at something that hurt even on the best of days.

Tony stopped glaring at Thor long enough to shoot Steve a concerned glance and Steve had to clench his fists to stop himself from crossing his arms defensively.

“Two good men are alone this night,” Thor said. “And neither need be.” He gave Steve a pointed glance even as Tony’s face blushed pink. “So, good friends-” He grinned suddenly and yanked Tony forward, sending him stumbling against Steve’s chest. “-I bid you enjoy one another’s company.” He flung the curtains aside dramatically as he strode back into the house.

Then he closed the balcony doors behind him, the lock sliding into place with a solid thunk.

Tony was warm against Steve’s chest, his hands still resting on Steve’s shoulders from when he’d tried to catch himself. He straightened up and started to pull away.

Steve tightened his arms around him without letting himself think about it too much.

Tony paused, tipping his head slightly to look Steve in the eyes.

Steve leaned forward until he could feel Tony’s breath on his mouth. He felt clear-headed and strangely calm as Tony relaxed in his arms. “Keep me company?”

“Yeah.” Tony slid his arms around Steve’s neck. “Yeah. I’d like that.”