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The Breeding Ground

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So, I have a list of Harry Potter related women at my disposal. I will pick a random number between one and four. Then I will pick names off the list at random with a randomizer. Then, I'll try to write some kind of little lemony one shot around it. I will say the random number gods were pretty favorable on this one.

Wild cards (aka girls not in the Potter fandom) may be added in future chapters to the Potter list, but not for the first few rounds. This really isn't a new story, just one shots I write for the sake of writing something different than my usual stories, put together for your convenience.. So updates will be...spaced. Sometimes, you might have two a week. Other times, you might not have one for a month if you're lucky.

Birthday Surprise.

Ginny Weasley thought about it long and hard, and wondered what to get Harry for his birthday. What did you get for the man who had pretty much anything? For several weeks, Ginny thought about it, fished for suggestions and came up short.

The answer to the question to what to get for the man who has everything is something extremely practical. The youngest Weasley smiled and waited for Harry to return home. In their bedroom, Ginny stored a surprise which would knock Harry's socks off. Along with the rest of his clothes, if Ginny could say so herself.

The attractive redhead pushed her hair back and smiled. Ginny slipped on an extremely comfortable nightdress, which fit around her curvy frame. Her round, firm, breasts pressed against the dress, at least enough to show she didn't wear a bra underneath. A second later, Harry arrived outside of the door.

"Hi, Harry!" Ginny exclaimed.

Harry raised his eyebrow, and seconds later, Ginny pounced into his arms, wrapping her arms around him. She kissed him as hard as possible. Harry reminded her not to overstep her bounds, pushing his tongue into her mouth, before forcing her against the wall. Harry pinned his hands behind her head.

"What did you do?"

The forceful nature of Harry's voice caused Ginny's nipples to harden along with her loins to moisten. Regardless of the fact Harry pinned her against the wall, eyes scanning over her like an interrogation, Ginny tried to give him a winning smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Harry."

Harry smiled and denied Ginny's attempts to lean forward with another kiss.

"You have a look on your face like you committed some kind of crime," Harry said.

"Well, it's not technically a crime, per say," Ginny said.

Harry ran his hands down Ginny's body, rolling over her shapely hips, before squeezing her cute butt through her night dress. Harry continued to roam down Ginny's thighs, but stopped short from hitting her.

"No panties," Harry said.

"Come on, you know how much they get in the way."

"Which means you've been a really naughty girl," Harry said. He cupped her inner thigh for a moment and leaned in towards her, smiling. His breath hit the feisty girl's neck. "And you know what happens to naughty girls."

"Yes, sir, naughty girl's get spanked, and fucked in the ass," Ginny said.

Harry smiled at her.

"The paddle is where you left it, love," Ginny continued, trying to give her hips as much of a seductive sway she could when pinned against the wall.

"Well, I'll keep it in mind," Harry said. "When you tell me what you've done."

Ginny blinked and experienced his power rolling over her. Ginny wanted him so badly, but managed to keep calm enough. He squeezed her in his hand.

"Damn it…it's a surprise, Harry," Ginny said. "Happy, birthday."

Harry smiled and licked the side of her neck, before pulling back.

"So, where is, my surprise?" Harry asked.

Harry reached up, tracing his finger over Ginny's cheek and caused her to shiver. He smiled, and waited for the vixen to answer.

"Well, Ginny, I'm waiting."

"Up in your master bedroom, Mr. Potter," Ginny said. "I spent some time making sure they were in working condition."

Harry understood exactly what Ginny meant. He leaned in closely, licking Ginny briefly behind her ear lobe, causing her to shudder.

"I bet you did."

Harry punctuated the husky tone with a slap to Ginny's rear, which caused her to squeal in response.

With eagerness in her eyes, Ginny watched her boyfriend ascend up the stairs of their house, licking her lips in anticipation.

Harry swung open the door to be greeted by a sight. Two nearly identical Indian twins laid on the bed, tied against the bed. Parvati Patil dressed in a red top which strained against her body, with a red veil draped over her face, and tight red pants, with bracelets on her ankles and feet. Her feet looked completely bare. Padma wore the same attire, only instead of red, she wore blue attire.

A sweep over their bodies caused Harry to smile. He noticed Padma looking a bit more into this than Parvati was. Of course, it didn't mean Parvati wasn't into it.

'You know what they say about the quiet ones.'

Harry smiled and removed the gags from both of their mouths.

"Hello Harry," Parvati said. "Happy birthday."

"So, did Ginny abduct you two?" Harry asked.

"Well, she convinced us to help….prepare for a surprise party," Padma said. She smiled and looked at him. "We had no idea bondage was involved."

"Although, we've done this all the time at home, with each other," Parvati said.

A certain part of Harry's body pretty much said "tell me more."

"Master, could you please untie us so we can wish you a happy birthday?" Padma asked.

"Please, sir, we'd make you feel so good," Parvati said.

Harry smiled and waved his hands, causing the ropes to disappear from the Patil twins, and Ginny to be bound to a nearby chair in the room.

"HARRY!" Ginny yelled. Despite her protest, her nipples grew so hard at being tied up and forced to watch this spectacle.

Before Harry could respond, the Patil twins pretty much jumped him. Harry caught Parvati in his arms, and she kissed him full on the lips. Her legs wrapped around him, with Padma dipping behind him and kissing him behind the back.

Harry smiled and withdrew the kiss. Padma already removed Harry's shirt and started to kiss the back of his neck, with a smile on her face.

"Why don't you take off my pants? They're feeling a little bit tight."

"Yes, sir," Parvati said with a smile on her face.

Parvati kissed Harry's chest. Her hot tongue lingered down Harry's abs, before she worked his pants off, and pulled his underwear down.

"Mmm," Parvati said. She wrapped her hand around Harry's throbbing cock and started to pump it up and down.

Harry smiled, and ran his hands over Padma's body while Parvati worshiped his cock. The young woman swirled her tongue around all of Harry's length, licking him all over.

Padma gushed from what Harry did. Each little caress of her body sent chills down the spine of the Ravenclaw Patil.

Parvati stroked his cock three times in succession, before giving it a long lick.

"Do you think you can get it in your mouth, love?" Harry asked. Parvati smiled when she swirled her tongue around Harry's throbbing manhood, licking all the way around him.

Padma leaned back on the bed, pulling her pants off, to reveal her dripping mound, with a strip of black hair on it. The sexy girl bit down on her lip.

"Would you like a taste, master?" Padma asked.

Harry couldn't respond right away, on the account of Parvati sucking his cock. Her tongue swirled around his manhood, licking him all over, covering him with spit.

"Yes," Harry said. He shifted himself, towards Padma's waiting pussy.

Harry's tongue extended a few inches as he slipped it inside of Padma's dripping center. He swirled his tongue around her pussy, prompting Padman's thighs to push up.

Parvati slurped away at his tasty cock. She couldn't wait to get his seed.

'Being such a powerful wizard….he must have some really tasty seed.'

Parvati kept slurping his manhood again. Harry smiled and leaned down, while making sure her eyes locked on her sister's pussy.

Padma screamed at the top of her lungs, when Harry used his tongue to trace the alphabet inside her. The woman breathed heavily with Harry pushing his tongue into her, making a zagged Z inside her pretty pussy.

Letting her go, Padma's pussy arched up and down, spilling he juices on the bed.

"Suck my cock like it's your job, pet."

Parvati leaned in, bringing her hot mouth around his throbbing hard manhood. The woman kept swirling her magnificent cock.

Harry groaned and fired the contents of his balls into Parvati's waiting throat. The young man unloaded stream after stream of delicious cum into Parvati's waiting mouth.

"Go share your prize with your sister."

Parvati smiled and beckoned Padma forward. Padma walked over to Parvati, with the two of them approaching each other. Their arms wrapped around each other and both leaned forward into a steamy embrace. Pressing their breasts against each other, the two twins snogged, swapping seed between each other.

Harry smiled and pushed them on the bed. He relieved both of them of their clothes, which caused them to be as naked as the day they were born.

"Whoever cums first, gets my cock last."

Harry smiled and closed his eyes. His tongue split in half thanks to a nifty little charm. Half of his tongue brushed against Padma's pussy while the other half brushed against Parvati's pussy.

"No fair, I have…more," Parvati said.

"No, you don't!" Padma yelled, reaching over to grab her hair.

"Cheater!" Parvati said. Her sister knew how much having her hair pulled turned her on.

'Ladies, behave, and neither of you will win.'

Ginny's amusement almost outweighed her frustration at what happened. She watched both of the girls struggle.

Parvati's competitive spirit rolled over. She would not be outlasted by some bookworm like her sister. Even if she was adept with the handcuffs, old habits died hard. Parvati screwed her eyes shut, thinking of anything gross she could manage. Snape in a thong, Dumbledore doing a pole dance, Umbridge and Filch making out.

Nothing, Harry's skilled tongue caused Parvati to break.

Padma just let it ride out, knowing her orgasm would be slowed if she didn't fight it. Parvati didn't learn the lesson quite yet.


"Don't you want to cum, Pad?" Parvati asked in a taunting voice.

"Too slow, little sister," Padma said.

"Hey, you're only older than me by thirteen seconds…."

Parvati experienced a heavy peak and it all came crashing down on her. Her mind exploded into a cascade of pleasure. The frustration of losing almost was blocked out by the pleasure of cumming.

"You lose," Padma said.

"Barely," Parvati said.

"You can go play with Ginny until I've taken your sister."

Parvati smiled and she flipped her hair, sweat rolling down her face, along with her juices rolling down her legs.

"So, what do you want me to do to her, sir?" Parvati asked.

"Use your imagination," Harry said.

Parvati returned her gaze for Ginny with a wicked grin and walked over towards her. Ginny almost experienced terror, but why was she so horny?

"Payback time."

Harry smiled and spread Padma's legs. He started to kiss her up and down her body.

Padma twitched, each kiss caused her to become hornier. Her pussy grew so damp she could soak entire oceans. The woman's pussy moistened the closer Harry grew down.

"Do you think you're ready for my cock?"

"Please, Harry, fuck my brains out," Padma said.

Harry chuckled.

"Well, good thing I can go a long time," Harry said.

"Yes, good thing."

Harry slid his cock into Padma's tight pussy, causing her to close her eyes. For the briefest second, Padma experienced pain. Harry grabbed her firmly by the hips.

"It's like pulling a band-aid off…hurts a lot less, if it's over…quickly."

Padma screamed when her hips rose up into the air. The first real cock speared into her pussy. Her tight cunt stretched around him.

"Parvati never penetrated you, did she?" Harry asked.

"No, you're my first…came close, but I…chickened out," Padma said.

Harry smiled and rolled his hands all over Padma's sexy little body, cupping her breasts. Her nipples stood out, begging for attention.

Parvati shoved a dildo deep into Ginny's pussy.

"Not as big as Harry, why are you bawling like a baby?" Parvati asked.

"Please, Parvati…I just…"

"If you would have told us, this would have been a lot easier," Parvati said. She pushed the dildo into Ginny, transfiguring it to cause it to swell in her and contract like a real cock pumping inside her. "Come on, scream for me."

"Fuck you."

"Maybe later," Parvati said with a wink.

Parvati forcefully kissed Ginny and she returned the favor, shoving her tongue into Parvati's mouth. The two girls swapped spit, as Ginny tried to dig for the remennts of Harry's cum.

"Yes, Harry, deeper!"

Padma screamed for the heavens, placing her hands on Harry's back. He bottomed out in her pussy.

"Such a good girl like yourself shouldn't be this horny," Harry said.

"No, I'm not a good girl, Harry, I'm a really naughty girl," Padma said. Her hair flipped about her face, with a grin on her face. "I'm going to cum around your big cock. Can I please cum, sir?"

"Yes, you can," Harry said. "Go ahead and cum, cum like the dirty little slut you are."

Padma pushed her hips around Harry and allowed her cum to be soaked out. She collapsed to the bed, the shock from the cum around her.

Harry waved his hand to get the attention of Parvati and Ginny, both who looked very busy.

Parvati jumped halfway up the air, when a tentacle appeared to brush against her opening. Harry used the invisible tendril to pull Parvati forward.

The other Patil twin approached Harry, his cock aimed for her opening. Parvati's pussy opened up towards him and Harry's cock shoved inside.

"Just like old times, Harry?" Parvati asked.

"Yes, your pussy is as tight as ever," Harry said. He pushed into her.

"Your cock is the only one that feels right," Parvati said. Her hips clenched him.

The warm velvet center pressed against his massive prick. Parvati squeezed and released him. Harry allowed himself to be engulfed with her glorious friction.

Ginny realized the dildo left inside her had been hooked up to Parvati's pleasure centers thanks to the magic of magic. She really wanted to reach up and caress her breasts, her thighs, and her butt, along with everything else, but one problem, her hands were still tied, and she was pants at wandless magic.

Parvati bounced up and down on Harry's cock, riding it hard. Despite the fact Harry permitted her to be on top, his hands guided how fast or how slow she bounced. The soreness spread between Parvati's thighs, but the pleasure exploding through her body made her feel so amazing.

Harry smiled and looked into Parvati's eyes. He grabbed her breasts, squeezing them. They were a bit firmer than Padma's, but just a little bit. Harry would need to explore it.

"Damn, you're going to make me cum."

"It's the general idea, sweetie," Harry said, his hot breath hitting her ear.

Parvati's body pressed down against his manhood, releasing her juices onto him. She must have came hard at least twice straight in a row. Maybe one really big orgasm hit her. With Harry, she found it hard to tell.

Harry pulled out of Parvati and smiled. He walked over to Ginny, her battered pussy dripping with juices for him.

"You've been wanting this, haven't you?" Harry asked.

"Harry, you motherfucker, don't tease me," Ginny said.

Harry swirled his thumb against her and smiled.

"You will not jump me when I loosen these ropes."

"Yes, sir."

Harry caused the ropes to loose, testing Ginny's obedience. He transformed the chair into something a bit more softer and tore Ginny's night dress.

Ginny restrained herself from shoving Harry's face into her breasts. He cupped them and played with them.

"You're making it so bloody difficult for me not to jump your bones," Ginny said through gritted teeth.

"It's worth the wait."

Harry brought his throbbing cock against Ginny's hot dripping pussy, and she almost sucked him in through either magic or just plain horniness. Regardless, Harry explored her extremely tight pussy.

"Remember, this belongs to me," Harry said.

"Never doubt," Ginny said.

The Master of Death squeezed Ginny's breasts and ass, signaling pretty much what else belonged to him. He swayed his hips back and forth, pushing his massive cock deep between Ginny's thighs.

Each thrust drove Ginny absolutely nuts, given her hands were tied, figuratively speaking, at least for the moment. Harry pushed deeper into her depths.

Ginny allowed herself to lift her hips, pushing his cock inside her. She matched Harry one hot stroke, after one hot stroke.

"You're almost done already?" Harry asked.

Padma and Parvati rested on the bed next to each other, engulfed in an enthralling embrace. They pushed their nipples together, rubbed their pussies together, and spanked each other.

Ginny tried not to cum, but damn it, Harry's cock proved to be extremely hard to resist. Especially with his hands rolling over her extremely firm peaks. The young man entered and exited her, pounding her pussy.


Ginny's tight pussy came around Harry's cock. Her loins wrapped around his massive cock in an attempt to milk Harry. The attempt fell short when Harry's still throbbing cock slid out of her and Ginny slid down to the ground. Harry prevented Ginny from hitting her head.

Harry turned his head around and he viewed some perfectly prime Patil pussy, where he could finish the job in.

Parvati eagerly anticipated round two, with Harry pushing inside her.

"I bet one of you girls would like a reward, wouldn't you?"

Parvati answered with an eager nod. Her pussy tightened around his cock.

"Padma!" Parvati whined.

Padma started to lick and suckle at her twins nipples, causing her to scream in pleasure and frustration. Her pussy tightened much faster around Harry's cock.

"She isn't up for it, sir," Padma said. She rolled over onto her hands and knees, waving her tight ass at him. "I've got the perfect place to put your cock."

Harry situated his hands around Padma's hips and pushed into her from behind. Her moist center squeezed his cock. Harry gripped her hips and slipped almost out of her, before slamming into her body.

Parvati looked up, in a haze, and jealousy. The orgasm she should have gotten had been jilted out of her by Padma. When she got her sister alone, Parvati was going to have to spank the greedy bitch. Always thinking she deserved more because she was thirteen seconds old.

"Your pussy feels so fucking hot, Padma," Harry said. "But, do you think it's worthy of storing my seed?"

"Oh yes, sir, shoot your cum into my womb, paint my walls white with your jizz!" Padma said. She spoke in a hot, sultry voice.

Harry pushed into her a few more times, thrusting deep into Padma's depths. The young man penetrated Padma hard and his muscles tightened.

Padma experienced a boost of energy and power, when the powerful sorcerer shot his cum inside her. Her pussy muscles tightened around him, careful not to miss a drop.


The extremely passionate yell she gave from her orgasm caused Parvati's jealousy to increase.

"It should have been mine," Parvati said.

Harry smiled, pulling out of Padma. Her pussy overflowed with the cum he shot into her pussy. He smiled and turned to Parvati.

"Well, ladies, I have a three day weekend…so I really hope you're not going to disappoint me."


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Just One Night.

Cho Chang made her way back from a late night stay at the library. NEWT year meant she spent a lot of time in the library to study. The uncertainty of the war made her wonder what kind of future she would have, but if there was a future; Cho wanted to be the best.

She half paid attention to where she traveled, when she almost ran into someone in the hallway.


Cho's eyes snapped up when she realized who she ran straight into.

"Um, hey, Harry."

Harry gazed about Cho. Her skin shined in the moonlight when she looked at him. He hadn't really seen her much or really talked to her since they had a falling out last year. To be honest, Harry thought the relationship wasn't the best thing for either of them at hindsight.

The most chaotic force in the universe played their nasty role in driving Harry towards her. Teenage hormones brought Harry to Cho; even though the nagging thoughts a relationship wouldn't be the best. Especially with the baggage which dogged both them. Cho dated Cedric and Harry saw him die.

One look at Cho showed Harry why he pushed any objections in her mind. Her silky black hair shined in the light. Her bright brown eyes looked at him with warmth. Her soft lips and elegant cheek bones showcased her beautiful face. Her robes parted down to show an abundant amount of cleavage.

No one could take away from Cho's legs, which Harry thought were her best feature. Strong and beautiful, and a nice rear to match.

"Cho," Harry said.

"So, what are you doing out here?" Cho asked.

"I wanted to go for a walk and clear my head," Harry said.

Cho nodded in response.

'Given how much he has on his mind, who could blame him?'

"Harry, I need to talk to you…about last year," Cho said. "Do you think you can….."

"I know of a place where we can go," Harry said. Cho raised her eyebrow. "Actually, I've been meaning to talk to you after last year as well….because our relationship….."

"It didn't work," Cho said.

She waited to see where Harry led her off towards. Harry grabbed her arm and lead her down a corridor. They made several turns.

Cho blinked. Seven years of Hogwarts and she never made her way down this corridor.

'Given the adventures he's been though, of course he's seen areas of this school where only half of us will ever dream of,' Cho thought. 'And I bet anything the truth is a lot stranger than fiction.'

The eighteen year old Ravenclaw shook her head. She allowed the Boy-Who-Lived to lead her into a classroom.

"They haven't used these classrooms in years," Harry said.

"I wonder why," Cho said. She shrugged. "Guess your guess is as good as mine."

Harry nodded and led her inside.

Cho wondered if she was quite ready to face the music. A huge part of her did like Harry.

'You never realize what you have until you buggered it up beyond all belief.'

'Harry, I was completely and utterly unfair to you last year," Cho said.

The truth set people free and the fact she blurted this out made Cho feel a bit relieved.

"I should have….I should have known what a sore spot talking about Cedric was," Cho said. She took a deep breath. "He was killed in front of you by….V-Voldemort."

She couldn't believe she said the name. Harry saying it inspired a lot of them to get over the fear of the name. Fear the man most certainly, but fearing the name was silly.

"We shouldn't have even been in a relationship," Harry said. "It just happened so fast."

Cho agreed it happened so fast. Too fast for her liking and it was over before she knew it and there were a lot of hard feelings involved and many nights where she stayed up all night, depressed about her life. She managed to pull herself together over the summer and throughout this year, but it was hard.

The only thing she couldn't do was look Harry in the eye.

"I kissed you, and then we were dating…and…..well, I just wanted some level of stability to cling onto," Cho said. "And I did like you...I do like you…."

Cho wondered if she stood too far.

"You could have asked me out to the Yule Ball and I would have said yes, if you had just done so before he did," Cho said. "We weren't really dating until after the Ball you know."

"I didn't know," Harry said.

"Of course, I didn't tell you anything, I just assumed," Cho said. "I assumed you knew everything….don't you see….a relationship can't work like that….a relationship shouldn't work like that….and I thought….well I always jumped to the worst conclusion. And there's the thing with Marietta….I acted go at the wrong person."

Harry almost could tell Cho wanted to get this off of her chest.

"I should have never made her come to the meeting," Cho said. "If I didn't…"

Harry pressed his finger to her lip.

"We couldn't be hung up on what might have been," Harry said. "Dumbledore….I don't agree with him on everything, but…he told me that, and he makes sense."

Cho nodded, she agreed.

"I strung you along to…."

"I was your rebound," Harry said. "Your outlet, wasn't I?"

"Yes," Cho said.

"You were confused," Harry said. She nodded. "I was confused….we both didn't know what the hell we were doing."

"I knew better than you did….no offense."

"Believe me, none taken," Harry said. "I thought you'd been avoiding me all year, because you were mad at the breakup."

Cho shook her head.

"If I was mad about anybody, it's me," Cho said. "And I really want to make it up for you…I treated you like a replacement gold fish…and it wasn't fair."

Cho stood up straight and looked Harry directly in the eye. The Boy-Who-Lived stared back at her.

"I really want to make things right."

"Yes, Cho, I do too."

Harry and Cho leaned forward and their lips met together with an intense kiss. This wasn't like the wet embarrassment they shared in the Room of Requirement this year. Cho had no guilt for what she was doing, at least not as much as she did the last time she kissed Harry.

This time, Harry actually kissed Cho back and didn't stand there like a deer in the headlights. He had a lot of time to think about what he would have done differently. His tongue worked his way slowly into Cho's mouth on pure instinct. Cho moaned into his mouth and returned.

Cho couldn't believe she had been kissed like this. A far cry for the diabolical of a kiss she experienced last year. She wondered if Harry picked up a bit more experience along the way. She couldn't be bothered to ask because the Ravenclaw feared the answers.

The pretty seventh year broken away from Harry. Her lips looked swollen and her face looked flushed.

"Better than last year?" Harry asked.

Cho nodded for a second. She tried to come to her senses.

"Harry, I know how this could end….you're a powerful wizard, and I'm a witch in need of….a good shagging," Cho said. She started to peel her robes off. "But, we really should stop right now."

Harry watched her robes removed. She wore a blouse which she filled quite nicely. The skirt looked about as short as Hogwarts would allow. It fit swiftly around her tight ass. Her long, tanned, legs begged to touched, caressed, and played with.

"Why are you taking your clothes off?"

Cho realized she started to unbutton the top couple of buttons of her blouse. She realized Harry slipped out of his robes as well before her.

"It's getting hot in here," Cho said.

Cho allowed herself to be swept off her feet with a kiss one more time. Harry released her lips and started to attack her neck.

Cooler heads had been knocked out of the equation by raging hormones. Harry's hands started to roam over her body. His hands worked all over her legs.

Harry massaged Cho's flesh. Her legs were so soft and smooth. He couldn't get enough of touching them. The rest of her looked rather well as well.

"Harry," Cho murmured.

"Look me in the eye, and tell me you want to stop," Harry said.

"We shouldn't….but I want to!" Cho yelled.

"Well, don't worry about what we shouldn't do then," Harry said. He parted her thighs. He ran his fingers all over her lacy black panties. They soaked with the obvious signs of arousal. "And you're wet."

Cho flushed for a second. She couldn't deny how wet she was. The Ravenclaw rose her hips which allowed Harry to slide her panties off of her.

"Just one night," Cho said.

"Just one night," Harry said.

'Oh for the love of Ravenclaw, please let this not be a dream.'

"This isn't a dream, Cho," Harry said. He started to massage her legs. "You won't be waking up with sticky panties this time…this is the real deal."

Cho wondered how Harry knew what she thought and how her dreams about him ended. She could feel him slowly kiss up her leg and work underneath her skirt.

Harry's head disappearing underneath her skirt made things feel all this more naughty for Cho. His tongue slowly traced her dripping hot slit. He kissed the lips and sucked on them, before slipping the tongue deep inside her center.

"Morgana's tits!" Cho screamed. She placed her hands on the back of Harry's head, but she could barely move.

He worked her up to an intense orgasm. Harry manipulated the inside of her cunt like an artist. She was his canvas and his tongue was her tool.

Harry traced letters in Cho's pussy with his tongue. The tongue rattled inside her. The woman gushed when Harry drove her to an orgasm.

Cho's hips bucked wildly. The first orgasm flowed through her body. She worked all of the buttons of her blouse open and her bra started to slip off.


Harry buried his face between Cho's thighs. He licked her sweet juices. They tasted like lemons and he couldn't get enough of sucking them down. Cho lifted her hips and came in his mouth. He licked the sweet juices off of her and rose to his feet.

"Tell me you don't want me to fuck you."

Cho shook her head. Why would she tell him something like this? She rose to her feet.

"Why should I have all of the fun?" Cho asked. "Why should I get all of the pleasure?"

Cho threw herself at Harry and kissed him with intensity. She tasted her juices on Harry's lips. This taste prompted Cho to attack his lips even more and wrap her legs around him.

The dark-haired vixen removed Harry's shirt to reveal his toned body. She hated Hogwarts robes sometimes. Cho ran her hands around his body.

"That's it, worship me."

Cho worshipped him with a series of kisses to his chest and made her way down to his abs. She planted a series of intense kisses all over his body. She teased his pants line and started to remove his pants. The bulge in his boxers caused Cho's lips to water.

One more tug brought down his boxer shorts and brought his massive cock out into the open. Cho's eyes widened when she looked at the thick and long cock before her.

'Guess what they say about wizard's and their power are true…at least in Harry's case.'

Cho wrapped her hand around him to test the length in her hand. She stroked up and down and worked him over.

"Good, but don't you want to have my hard cock in your mouth?" Harry asked.

Cho flushed, she wanted just what Harry suggested. The raven-haired beauty dropped to her knees on her cloak. She took his large cock into her mouth and started to worship her god.

Harry closed his eyes and placed his hands on the back of Cho's head. He guided his thick cock into her mouth. The manhood pierced into the back of her throat with each hard and intense thrust.

"You're a good little cock sucker, Cho," Harry said. He placed his hands on the back of her head. "Keep it up….keep it up nicely."

Cho pushed her lips around him and took his length further into the depths of her mouth. She wrapped her hand around his balls and started to stroke them.

The lewd sound she made with her lips drove Harry further to the brink Her throat felt like a perfect little fuck hole around him. The Chosen One shoved his mighty rod down the throat of the older girl. She took it into her throat like the perfect goddess she was.

"Suck me, Cho, suck me like your life depends on it."

Cho rocked forward and took his length into the back of her throat. Desperation filled her body. She didn't want to disappoint it.

"You're doing a good job in making things up to me….you feel guilty because you were trying to use me last year, weren't you?"

Cho sucked his cock even harder yet to make things up for it. She ran her fingers between her legs and gained relief. The thing tool stuffing her cheeks caused her to lose her mind.

"And now you're going to take a big load of cum down your hot little throat," Harry said. "But, I bet you like it…I bet you get off on it…don't you? Because you're such a brilliant cocksucker."

Cho didn't know what came over Harry, but she liked it. She liked the fact she dominated his face.

Harry smiled. Practicing on those bitches on Privet Drive came in handy. He would have to thank the Dursleys for giving him a criminal reputation. They didn't realize hot bitches dug bad boys.

Cho worked her mouth around Harry's massive rod. She could taste him and wanted even more of him. Cho's hand stroked around his balls and started to stroke him. The cream coaxed closer towards the edge of her mouth. Cho took him into the back of her throat.

"Close, you're going to get a treat."

Cho sucked him even harder. Harry enjoyed her hot throat working him over. Her lips, her tongue, everything worked over his massive rod. She worked him over well.

"Don't waste a drop."

The eighteen year old witch intended not lose a drop of it. She twisted the part of his cock which was not in her mouth and licked and suckled him.

Harry grunted and slammed into her throat. Cho almost gagged on his full cock inside her throat. She managed to hold and accept the huge load spilling down her throat. Harry pumped the load into her mouth.

Cho slurped down the warm seed. Her body heated up and now she had this cock inside her mouth, she wanted it inside her body.

Harry pulled away from her and summoned a large comfortable chair. The sorcerer sat down on the chair.

Cho pulled off her bra and revealed her full, round breasts. Her nipples stood up.

"I'm going to suck your tits," Harry said.

He pulled Cho forward. Not a request, not he would argue. The Chosen One buried his face in Cho's chest. Cho rolled her head back and moaned, with his fingers questing against her.

"Please, Harry," Cho said. His finger brushed against her anus and caused her more pleasure than she thought she would have. "Please….really…please….PLEASE!"

Harry pushed her lips open and started to rotate his thumb inside her.

"Please what?"

Cho couldn't believe what he did to her. Her entire body hungered for him. Harry manipulated her insides and sent a little bit of magic on her clit.

"Fuck me…fuck my brains out!"

Harry positioned her onto his lap. Cho's wet pussy grinded up against Harry's cock. The young man inched into her and almost parted her hips.

Cho closed her eyes and felt the pleasure. Her mind drove wild with hormones.

"It's only half in," Harry said. "Surely you don't want to give up."

Cho refused to give up. She refused to be anything less than the best. She would take this entire cock inside her body and be fucked extremely hard. The Ravenclaw drove herself down on Harry's cock and felt him spread inch by inch inside her body.

"Bloody hell, you're inside me!"

Cho dug her nails into Harry's shoulder. The teenage witch started to bounce up and down on Harry's cock. She took him into her body and stretched herself out.

"Good job, Cho, five points to Ravenclaw."

Cho snaked her arms around her back. She brought the point of her pussy down onto his thick rod. Cho felt his cock bursting on him.

"Don't stop, it will hurt more if you stop," Harry said. "Ride me."

Cho kept riding him up and down. His cock buried into the depths of her body. The raven-haired goddess brought her hips down onto his manhood.

Harry ran his hands over Cho's gorgeous body. She bounced up and down on his manhood. The sultry vixen drove him up and down on his prick.

"How is this making you feel, Cho?" Harry asked.

"Good….so good!"

She slid her pussy down onto his cock. Her love box clenched him. Cho wondered when she would come. Harry's hands cupped her breasts and made her bring down onto him.

"Do you want to cum?" Harry asked. He leaned in and nibbled her neck. He moved down and planted kisses on Cho's neck and on her collarbone. He attacked her chest.

Cho couldn't answer. The back up in pleasure in her body caused Cho to bounce higher. The thick tool had been brought into her body.

"Yes, Harry, please."

Harry toyed with her a little bit more. He pounded her. Her beautiful pussy tightened around him. He manipulated Cho's sexy body and managed to channel it like a G-spot. He bombarded her with the pleasure.

Cho's body tensed around him. She flooded his cock with her cunt juices. Her dark hair clung to her face which drenched in sweat along with the rest of her body.

"Oh, Rowena, how the fuck can I let you get away!" Cho breathed.

"Not so smart for a Ravenclaw, is it?"

Harry's hands cupped Cho's firm ass. She brought her hot hips down onto his manhood.

"It was for the best in the end," Harry said. "And I still got to fuck your hot, tight, pussy!"

The young man buried his rod into her and Cho's nerve endings hit another bombardment. His hands rolled all over her body. His hands roamed over her body.

The pleasure Cho felt fueled Harry on. He received a nice little boost of power by making her submit to him. It would serve him well nice.

"Guess heroes do get their prize after all."

Cho couldn't really respond to this. She had been driven to another orgasm which cascaded over the Ravenclaw's body. Cho never wanted to stuck fucking him.

"I control your orgasms now."

To demonstrate, Harry ran his hands down her legs and thrust into her. Every seven thrusts, Cho gushed with pleasure when Harry slammed into her body. The orgasm hit her with all of the force of a bludger. Her body brushed against his. Her soft body pressed against his when she rose up and brought down onto him.

"See my point," Harry said.

Harry's hands cupped her and Cho gasped in pleasure.

"I want it….I want your seed," Cho said.

The lust of pleasure and power going through her. Harry smiled when he brought her down onto him.

"Don't worry…charms!"

Cho managed to articulate what she wanted. A part of her wondered if any contraceptive spell would win the rock, paper, scissors game of magic with the person who survived the Killing Curse from Lord Voldemort. She got wetter at the thought of Harry Potter knocking her up.

"Very well," Harry said. He smiled and pounded her pussy with a series of thrusts.

Cho screamed when Harry worked her pussy over with a series of hard thrusts.

'If this is one night… best night.'

"I wonder if you've earned my seed," Harry said. He teased her with a few more strokes. "Maybe I should see if your body can handle one more orgasm."

His finger's traced down her spine. Cho's wet cunt slammed down onto him and her body thrashed up and down onto him. Her mind exploded with pleasurable sensations. The eutrophic spreading over her body couldn't be described. She hit her peak and came down onto him.

Harry drove his face between Cho's tits and thrust into her body. He came inside her with an amazing fury. Harry buried several thick spurts of seed into Cho's cunt.

Cho came multiple times before Harry buried all of his thick seed inside her pussy. Her cunt squeezed and tried to milk his balls drive.

The Ravenclaw collapsed on Harry's shoulder and looked at him with a dazed expression.

"Better not be a one time thing."

Harry smiled and kissed her behind the ear. Cho shivered when Harry hit her weak spot.

"Any time you want, love."

The End.

Chapter Text

Helping Out:


Gabrielle Delacour graduated with top marks out of her year, and she could pretty much have any job in the world. And not because of the fact she was a pretty face either. The eighteen year old Veela princess had golden blonde hair, a soft complexion with soulful blue eyes. Her sizeable breasts squeezed into a tasteful white blouse, which came down to the plaid skirt she wore. She wore white stockings over her long legs which stretched down for miles.

The Veela Princess could have any job she wanted in the world with a combination of qualifications, connections, and her beautiful looks, but she chose a job where she could do something in the world.

Harry Potter had been a target. He had a tendency of ruffling some rather important feathers and pissing off some extremely dangerous people. Most of them had friends in low places.

Thanks to her qualifications, Gabrielle acquired a position as the nanny of Harry Potter's twin daughters. The money was more than good, not she needed it. The fact she owed Harry her life caused her to jump on the job.

And want to jump on him, if she had half the chance.

Veelas could be extremely fierce and protective of those underneath their care. Gabi was no exception. She proved herself from saving the twins from a kidnapping attempt. The poor kidnapper was currently in the long term spell damage ward, covered in burns.

The girls had been set down for a nap. Gabrielle decided to kick back and relax for a seconds. The security had been upped around the home since the near kidnapping attempt, which was about nine months ago. No one dared try, but Gabi dare not relax her vigilance.

The door opened. Gabrielle rose up to her feet, and paused, before smiling.

"Mr. Potter, I didn't expect you would be back so soon," Gabrielle said.

"My business meeting ended early," Harry said. "So, how are my girls?"

"They're perfect little angels," Gabrielle said, smiling at her employer.

"Which means they've finally crashed, haven't they?" Harry asked.

Gabrielle smiled and allowed herself a musical round of laughter. She frowned when she saw pretty much how stressed Harry looked.

"Sir, is there a problem?" Gabrielle asked.

"Just dealing with politicians all week," Harry said.

Gabrielle reached forward and patted him on the hand in a sympathetic manner. She did in fact understand where he was coming from. Her family was in the thick of political turmoil far too often.

"I'm stubborn, they're stubborn, you could imagine how well this goes," Harry said.

Gabrielle walked behind Harry and started to use her hands to massage his shoulders.

"Ms. Delacour….."

"You look tense, sir, and it's my job to help you out in any way I can," Gabrielle said. "Your wife….made it clear what all my responsibilities are."

Gabrielle continued to massage Harry's shoulders. Her breasts pressed against him.

"I'm here to help, Mr. Potter," Gabrielle said.

She moved around and smiled, running her hands down Harry's front. Her blue eyes looked into his. Her crotch pressed against his.

"After the week, I've had, I need you to help me all you can," Harry said, his hands wrapping around her slender waist.

"Oh, believe me, Mr. Potter, I intend to help you all night long," Gabrielle said, with a smile on her face.

She undid Harry's belt and pulled down his pants. Gabrielle licked her lips when she saw the tool which she had to work with. It caused her nipples to grow in front of her shirt.

"Seems like there's…a lot of tension down there," Gabrielle said.

"Well, why don't you do your job, and take care of this tension?"

The teenager smiled and descended down on her knees in front of the older man. She unveiled his huge cock to the entire world. Gabrielle wrapped her fist around him and started to pump him and down.

"Yes, Ms. Delacour, help me out a lot."

Gabrielle wrapped her cherry red lips around his swollen head. She gave it a long and sloppy kiss before pushing his manhood into her mouth.

"Are you sure you can handle helping me this much?" Harry asked, putting his hands on the back of her head.

Gabrielle descended down onto his cock throat first like the wonderful sex goddess she was. The back of her throat squeezed his manhood when she pushed deep inside him.

"You're such a good little helper," Harry said.

She bobbed her head up and down on his manhood. She suckled and released him. The Veela Princess wrapped her hand around his cum-loaded balls and started to rub them hard. Her fingers brushed against him.

Harry closed his eyes, feeling her warm mouth. Her throat felt extremely tight around his manhood. He grabbed onto her face and pushed into her mouth.

Gabrielle cooed at her employer's large cock pierced down her throat. Her warm lips captured his massive prick deep inside her mouth. Her throat expanded and relaxed around him.

"Getting closer," Harry said. "Hopefully you're ready for your reward."

Oh, Gabrielle was ready alright. She bobbed down on his manhood harder and faster, taking his thick prick deep into her throat. She could taste him, into her throat.

Harry pushed into her mouth. Another push launched the contents of his cock into her mouth. Gabrielle tilted her head back in time to accept all of his cum.

She rose to her feet, and smiled. Gabrielle unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her large tits in a nice white bra. The transparency of the bra gave Harry a perfect view of her nice nipples. She shimmied her skirt off to reveal her soaking white panties to him. She turned around for a second and bent over at the table, showing her thong to Harry.

"Looks like you need to help me now, sir," Gabrielle said.

Harry pulled her panties down to reveal her hole. The young man shoved his fingers inside her depths and started to pump her. Gabrielle cooed when Harry pushed his fingers deep inside her. He put one finger, then two, and then three, all pumping into her gushing pussy in succession.

"You've done such a good job, I think I will help you," Harry said. "Your pussy is so tight. Is this the first time you've been fucked?"

"By…a man, yes," Gabrielle said, closing her eyes.

"Who was the lucky girl?"

"My…my sister."

Harry smiled, the possibilities looked to be quite nice. He knew Veela were very much more liberated than more people, embracing the fact sex was a natural part of life.

"Well, pet, I hope you're ready for this."

Her tits fell out of her bra as Harry pushed Gabrielle into the coffee table. He rubbed the thick tip of his cock against her dripping slit and inched himself into her pussy.

Gabrielle almost lost her mind with Harry sliding inch by inch into her. He stretched her out.

"Only halfway."

This news caused Gabrielle's center to really gush around Harry's massive prick. The rest of him pushed inside her and caused her to moan with pleasure.


"Yes, Ms. Delacour?"

"Please, more!"

Harry smiled and grabbed onto her hips. He felt up her ass underneath his hands. The firmness of her delicious rear made Harry want to explore it later. Right now, he settled for submerging his cock inside her tight teenage snatch.

Each time he slid inside her, Gabrielle saw a few more stars. She clenched onto the table. All of her energy concentrated to the area between her thighs. Harry gripped onto her hips and pounded her from behind harder.

Harry smiled, ramming into her again and again. His fingers traced patterns around her body. Every time he touched her, Gabrielle erupted with a little moan and more warm juices trickled down her thighs. Harry decided to play with her mind a little bit more, and start rolling his fingers down her body.

A certain spot on the back of her neck caused Gabrielle to become undone. Harry paid special attention to it and to her, teasing the beautiful goddess beneath him.

"Don't worry, you'll cum soon enough."

The small teases of orgasm caused Gabrielle to almost lose her mind. She tried to regain control of her own inner muscles. The fact this powerful young man dominated her, a Veela, caused her to clench him extremely hard.

"Just relax, it's coming soon," Harry said. "Focus on how good it makes you feel."

"IT FEELS SOOO GOOD!" Gabrielle moaned at the top of her lungs.

"I'm sure it does, let it go."

On cue, Gabrielle's loins started to erupt with pleasure. The pleasure spread all the way around her body and caused both of them to be surrounded by a momentary shield of fire.

Harry wasn't so deterred by the momentary spontaneous combustion. He kept with a steady pace to pound her from behind. His throbbing manhood slammed into her from behind. Another huge thrust rocked her body extremely hard.

Her sticky loins tried to clench out of him. Much to the Veela's dismay, Harry pulled out of hern.

"No more."

She whined at the loss she experienced. Harry turned her around and pulled her to be on the couch with him.

"I want to see the pleasure in your eyes."

Gabrielle smiled, feeling his cock rubbing against her belly. She spread her legs and brought herself all the way down onto his cock. She rose up and bounced down onto him.

Harry observed the teenage goddess bouncing up and down on his throbbing cock. He enjoyed the help she gave him, her tight, wet, warm help. Her vaginal walls spread out and clenched him hard.

Gabrielle mewled because of Harry's touches.

"How, do you like this?"

She whimpered when Harry used his hands to massage her breasts. The more attention he paid to her nipples, the more Gabrielle lost herself with the lust she was feeling.

Harry drove his face between her creamy globes, suckling on the firm flesh between them. Gabrielle clutched onto the back of his head.

"They're yours…take them!" Gabrielle yelled, feeling more pleasure with his mouth working over her breasts.

Magic spread through her body. His hand moved behind her and he started to play with her ass. Harry worked around and slipped a finger inside her ass.

Gabrielle cursed in French when he finger-fucked her ass, and drove his pulsing member into her. She never experienced anything so erotic in her life. His mouth also paid her breasts an ample amount of attention.

Harry smiled, burying his face between sweet heaven. Gabi's insides started to stroke his manhood and pump him even harder. The moaning of the riding goddess caused him to smile.

Gabrielle's body shook when another amazing orgasm spread through her body. The trickling waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Harry's fingers hit all of the right buttons.

"Give me all your seed, sir."

The sexiness of her French accent slipping out made it very hard to say no. She clenched around him, and gave another shriek of pleasure. Harry returned fire, by shooting his load inside her pussy.

Gabrielle tightened around him and rolled her hips down onto him. She bucked down on him, clawing his back like an animal in heat. She looked intense, moaning. Her hair stuck to her face the further she came down onto his thick tool.

She slid back out of him, full of his cum. Gabrielle watched the load he fired inside her drip from hre pussy. The French vixen reached between her legs and brought up her fingers to taste herself.

"There's one more hole I just want to try."

Gabrielle smiled, turning over to show her ass towards him. She wiggled her sexy rear at him and slapped it.

"This ass belongs to you."

Gabrielle teased Harry's cock with her stocking clad toes for a moment. When his cock was nice and hard, she moved over. Gabrielle positioned herself over his cock.

Harry allowed himself to be submerged into the pleasure of a French Veela's ass. Her mouth was amazing, her pussy was perfect, but this defied all explanation. Her ass felt as hot as a burning star, and Harry's cock ached when she worked herself down onto him.

"Mmm, you feel so good," Gabrielle said. "I've got a big cock up my ass….I won't be able to sit down for a while."

Harry smiled and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard. Gabrielle screamed when his hands handled her tits with a few squeezes.

"It will be…worth it," Harry said.

Gabrielle agreed for it one hundred percent. Her tight cheeks spread around his manhood. She impaled her sweet and sinful ass around him over and over again.

The bucking and moaning Veela pushed his throbbing manhood into her ass. She bottomed him out in her ass.

Harry closed his eyes, her ass really tested his self control. He didn't pride himself with being a powerful wizard for nothing, however. He kept himself going inside her.

Gabrielle saw stars. She touched herself and made her cum faster.

"You're making me sweat," Gabrielle panted, rolling her hands over her breasts and clit.

"Yes," Harry said, enjoying her ass too much to pay this fact much this little tidbit

"Veelas, don't…sweat," Gabrielle said, pushing herself down onto him. She took his entire massive cock into her back entrance.

Harry smiled, it was an achievement he could take to the bank. He focused on her ass. He managed to block the cum from coming up. A huge load filled his balls.

The warm cheeks spread with Harry's tool slamming into her. Gabrielle closed her eyes, bringing herself into him.

"Don't hold back," Gabrielle said. "Cum in my tight ass!"

The warm rear wrapped around her made Harry's balls come close to popping around her. He reached in and played with her breasts. It fueled his fire when she moaned underneath her touch.

The Veela submitted to her master and would not lose herself. She wanted to have her master's seed in all of her holes, to cement their relationship.

Harry finger fucking her almost felt like he drove a second cock into her. His finger appeared to swell inside her, and stretched her dripping cunt out wider.

The contents of Harry's balls erupted a while later. He spilled his contents inside Gabrielle's tight rectum. He spilled his seed deep into her guts so much it started to trickle out.

Gabrielle savored him emptying the contents of his balls into her ass. She came all over his probing fingers and nearly lost her balance, before he caught her from coming off of the couch.

She pulled away from him, her ass sore from being fucked by such a big cock. She winced when she sat down after a moment. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled her neck against his chest. His fingers rested underneath her breasts, teasing them just enough to drive her wild all over again.

"I think I should help out more often."

"Well, we have to maintain a close employer-employee relationship," Harry said.

"And sex builds trust, yes," Gabrielle said, with a smile as Harry played with her hair.

The End.

Chapter Text

Inter-House Unity.

Harry Potter decided to head to one of Professor Horace Slughorn's, despite the older professor having the air of a mad collector who wanted a rare and mint condition Harry Potter to his collection. He figured it would be a nice change of pace from the routine he experienced at Hogwarts over the past six years.

'It can't be all escaping with my life by the skin of my teeth.'

Harry made his way into the party not knowing what to expect. A small and intimate gathering of the chosen elite of Hogwarts gathered around. Harry turned on, only to see Horace Slughorn make his way into the picture.

"Harry Potter, my dear boy!" Horace yelled. "So, glad you could make it."

"Well, I heard these parties are the place to be," Harry said. A lot of people would give their right arm to get an invitation, you know."

Slughorn chuckled, he did get this impression sometimes.

"Come in, then, make yourself at home," Slughorn said. "And if there's anything I can get you, don't hesitate to ask. The skies the limit…especially if you have a fraction of your mother's talent."

Harry smiled, the fact Slughorn knew his mother caused him to be intrigued. All he heard about his mother was the fact Harry shared her eyes and she performed some advanced charm work which prevented Harry from dying at the wand of Voldemort.

"Hey, Harry!" Ginny called from the other end of the room. "So, Slughorn finally twisted your arm, didn't he?"

"Figured, I'd see what's up," Harry said.

"Some good food, good music, better company," Ginny said, with a smile when she looked over Harry. "You'll have a great time…if anyone deserves a night to unwind, it's you."

Harry smiled when stepping back to allow the party atmosphere to soak in. With Voldemort loaming on the horizon and NEWTs coming up, Harry didn't have too much time to kick back and relax.

He dodged a discussion with Cormac McLaggen, who wanted to try and get into Harry's good graces. His attitude proved to be a distressing problem, and the only thing Harry could think of him which would be appropriate on the field would be as target practice for the Bludgers. McLaggen had a thick enough head where there wouldn't be much damage.

"Hey, Potter…"

"McLaggen, I need to get something to drink….but I think that girl over there is trying to catch your eye."

Harry pointed in a vague direction and the older student turned around to chase some phantom girl who Harry said would catch his eye.

"How very Slytherin of you, Harry Potter."

Harry turned his attention towards a girl who leaned against the side of the table. Her dark hair tied back in a ponytail and he bright blue eyes were shown. She wore some emerald green dress robes which fit around her curves nicely. She was a seventh year, by what Harry could tell.

"I just wanted to….."

"Cause that prat to buzz off," another girl, who looked like the other's twin, said, walking over towards other side. "You're far more craftier than people give you credit for…"

"You could have been in Slytherin," the first girl said.

"You were under the hat for a long time," the second girl said. "That only happens when the hat is debating with a student which house they should go into."

Harry didn't expect this conversation to go in this direction. These two attractive girls, twins by the looks of things, looked at him like they were hunting for fresh meat.

"You can tell us, Potter, we won't judge," she said.

"You know who I am….."

"You'd have to be living underneath a rock not to know who Harry Potter is," she said. "Or at least hit over the head with one."

"Yes, I figured you'd know who I am," Harry said. "But, I don't have an idea who you two girls are."

"Well, this could be a problem," one of the girls said. "My name's Hestia Carrow….."

"And I'm Flora Carrow," the second girl said. "And….we're Slytherins, seventh year."

Harry relaxed a little bit. None of Malfoy's gang of douchebags cut the mustard at the Slug Club meeting, and from what Harry saw, Malfoy looked pretty butthurt about the entire mess.

"So, were you almost sorted into Slytherin?" Hestia asked.

"Or somewhere else?" Flora asked. She received one of those looks from her sister. "He doesn't have to be an almost Slytherin, he could be a Ravneclaw…or a Hufflepuff….."

"Harry Potter, a Hufflepuff, perish the thought," Hestia said. "Granted, there's nothing really wrong….."

"Hard workers in Hufflepuff, a bit too loyal for their own good," Flora said.

Harry cleared his throat at both of the girls. They turned towards him with indetical smiles on their face.

"You really want to know if I was almost in Slytherin?" Harry asked.

"We do," Hestia said, looking at him. She fluttered her eyelashes and leaned forward, to give her a look at her cleavage. Harry noticed she was a bit more well-endowed than her sister.

"So, could you tell us, please?" Flora asked.

"We'll….do anything if you tell us," Hestia said.

"Really, anything?" Harry asked.

"Yes, anything," Flora said, pressing on the one side of Harry.

"We just want to know," Hestia said. "We've waited for six years to get you alone to ask you….because…..well we just want to know."

Her breasts pressed against Harry's shoulder. He noticed the two twins started to slowly edge him out of the side of the room.

"The Hat wanted me to be in Slytherin, but I chose to be in Gryffindor," Harry said.

"Why would….one of Dumbledore's stooges got to you ,didn't he?" Flora asked.

"Harry Potter has to be the leader of the light, so he has to be in the house of the light," Hestia said.

"Even though Gryffindor has had a few dark witches and wizards," Flora said, with a sigh.

"Well, I was under the impression everything from Slytherin was evil," Harry said. "I was eleven…the world was a lot more simpler back then."

"To be fair, Malfoy and his crew doesn't exactly help with our public image," Hestia said. "You met him, didn't you?"

"Yes, on the train," Harry said.

Hestia and Flora positioned themselves on Harry's arms on either side and walked him over to the office.

"And by being in Gryffindor, there was a huge part of your magical education which was severely lacking," Flora said. "I'm surprised someone didn't jump you and pull you into your closet the first day you were here still….."

"I don't think no one could get close to me," Harry said.

Hestia, Flora, and Harry made their way to an empty classroom.

"Look, Harry, mind if I call you Harry?" Hestia asked.

"No problem," Harry said.

"There are a lot of people who were curious about you, when you defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named," Hestia said. "There was something special inside of you…..and…you never got a chance to fulfill it yet, have you?"

Hestia slid off her robes to reveal she wore a white blouse with a couple of buttons undone. A green lace bra could be seen on the other side of the blouse. Her short skirt showed a nice and dazzling set of legs.

Flora slid off her robe as well, revealing similar attire towards him.

"Things could have been different," Hestia said. "But….ever since our third year, we've been mourning a missed opportunity."

"What?" Harry asked.

"Remember during the dueling club, where it came out you were a Parseltongue?" Flora asked.

Harry paused for a second, and nodded. He did wish this little tidbit hadn't made its way out into the open, but what was done was done.

"A lot of people don't realize the skills a Parseltongue has to please a woman," Hestia said, with a smile when she looked at Harry. "And we could have helped educate you…."

"Although there was a line of Slytherin upper year females far as the eye could see," Flora said. "They built a shrine towards you and hoped one day they could get ahold of you."

"Are you kidding?" Harry asked.

"Snape was furious when he saw it and demanded we take it down," Hestia said. "He didn't want you to get an inflated head."

"But, it's what we Slytherins wanted," Flora said. "We want you to get an inflated head….we want you see…if the rumors are true."

"The talent in the Slytherin house is lacking," Hestia said. "We wanted to catch you before you left Hogwarts….succeed where all of the girls above us failed."

"So, you wanted to drag me into a classroom and seduce me?" Harry asked.

"Very good, Harry," Hestia said, with a smile. "Will you let the naughty little snakes play?"

She looked at him with a saucy little smile on his face. Harry reached around and grabbed her around the waist. He pulled the older girl into him and found her lips with an extremely passionate kiss.

Hestia closed her eyes and allowed him to explore the inside of her mouth. He was a bit tentative at first, which showed her how ignorant the Gryffindors were about true power.

'Oh well, you snooze they lose.'

Harry reached around and cupped Hestia's arse daringly through her skirt. He ran his hand over her.

"Don't let my sister have all of the fun, Harry."

Flora nudged Hestia out of the way and she threw herself onto him with a kiss. Her lips suckled his, before Flora started to plant a series of kisses down the side of his neck.

Both Carrow sisters worked Harry's robes off to reveal his school uniform.

"I think someone is exciting to play," Flora said, rubbing Harry's package.

"Are you just going to play with it, or are you going to suck it?" Harry asked.

Hestia helped her sister remove Harry's trousers and pull down his underwear. Both sisters looked on in numb shock, drool forming on their chins when they looked at his cock.

"You're such a big boy, Harry Potter," Hestia said. "I need to have you in my mouth."

Hestia and Flora started to lick Harry's cock on either side. Both twins slurped and suckled on the side of Harry's manhood.

"You better suck my cock, suck it like you've always wanted to suck it."

Hestia wrapped her plump lips around his head and started to tease it with a small suck. She ran her fingers down his manhood further, teasing the length.

Harry allowed himself to be submerged in pleasure when Hestia leaned forward to wrap her hot lips around his massive tool. The hot seventh year Slytherin brought herself down onto Harry, worshipping her new god with her throat.

Flora leaned down and caressed Harry's balls.

"He's going to pack a huge punch too," Flora said, giving Harry's balls a firm squeeze. "Hope you can handle all that cum in your mouth, Hestia."

Flora made sure Harry's eyes were on her. She unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her perky breasts in a top. They weren't as large as her sisters, but they were still quite nice. Harry's eyes traveled down her trim stomach.

Hestia ensured all the attention was on her. She brought her mouth down onto Harry's thick rod, suckling him hard. She rubbed his thighs and caressed his balls.

Harry grabbed onto the back of Hestia's head to steady her. The seventeen year old girl's nose brushed against his pubic bone which caused him to twitch forward. His balls ached with the need for release.

"Damn, woman," Harry said.

Hestia redoubled her efforts to get his big cock to cum in his mouth. Flora joined in on the fun, kissing her sister on the mouth and dragging her tongue down on his manhood.

Harry's balls ached with the need for release. After a couple more minutes of intense sucking, he achieved his climax. He fired his into Hestia's mouth, shooting his thick seed into her mouth.

The seventh year Slytherin tipped back her head to drain his seed into her mouth. Hestia pulled back and showed Flora Harry's seed on her tongue.

"I want some of it," Flora said, pouting.

Hestia smiled with an evil grin on her face and grabbed Flora around the face. She gave her sister an extremely passionate kiss, her tongue crashing into Flora's mouth.

The moment Flora tasted some of Harry's seed, Hestia climbed up onto the desk. She slid off her panties and tossed them at Harry. Harry caught them to get a hint of arousal.

"Harry, please, eat my horny little pussy," Hestia said. "It wants you….and I know you're hungry for it."

Harry walked forward, instinct driving him. The scenet of the horny older girl drove him mad.

Hestia gushed with anticipation when Harry's face came closer towards her cunt. Soon she would get the fabled talents of a Parseltongue.

Harry's lips pressed against her nether lips. The sorcerer's mouth wrapped around it and suckled them, causing her to whimper in pleasure. Hestia wanted even more, but he teased her.

'Damn, he's not going for the main event straight away.'

Hestia's walls dripped with pleasure and anticipation. Harry hovered over the edge of her pussy, and slowly teased her with a few strokes.

Flora kept a close watch on her sister's face, while casually diddling herself. The more pleasure which spread over Hestia's face, the more Flora enjoyed watching. Harry dive between her sister's legs and slowly nibbling the area between her thighs.

Hestia closed her eyes to really enjoy the pleasure of what Harry was doing her. He only briefly teased the entrance to her lips.

"Use…use your tongue!" Hestia said, breathing heavily in pleasure.

Harry smiled when he trailed his tongue over the inside of her opening. He tempted her a little bit. The delicious juices trickling down between her legs prompted Harry to keep up with what he was doing. Every time he pushed into her body, Hestia's body responded to the swift strokes he caused.

With a blink of the eye, Harry moved in for the kill. He used his tongue inside her, tracing the letters of the alphabet inside her pussy with a vibrating motion.


Hestia experienced sparks of energy flowing between her legs. Her hips lifted up to meet Harry's tongue. His extremely able tongue delved into her pussy.

"Damn, Flora…oh god…he's everything I've ever wanted…he's everything they…they say he could be!" Hestia managed, before she succumbed to the lust.

Harry's strong and well trained hands started to caress the insides of her thighs. Hestia lifted her hips up and sent a flood of juices towards Harry's mouth. He lapped it all up with is tongue, his vibrations increasing in her. The pleasurable sensations caused Hestia to start breathing up and down.

"Oh, Harry!" Flora called, putting herself on the desk. She leaned back and opened her thighs. "Do you want some of this?"

Harry stepped over and kissed Flora on her lips, allowing her to taste her sister's juices. Harry slowly kissed down her body and started to tease her. His heightened senses picked up more of her pussy juices when he edged closer between her legs.

The sorcerer parted her thighs and pushed his finger between her legs to tease it.

Flora's hips rolled up to meet Harry's tongue when he probed her insides. He kept licking her pussy. Each swipe of the tongue drove her even more insane with pleasurable sensations.

Harry knew where he had her and started to head in for the kill. His tongue dove between her sweet lips. The older Slytherin girl experienced a rush of lust in her body when her pussy exploded into pleasure.

'Oh god, he's not letting up,' Flora thought, lifting her hips up closer towards him. 'This is so…fucking good…he's really fucking amazing.'

Harry smiled when dove his tongue into her. Another orgasm filled Flora's body and caused her to shake all over. Harry pulled up from her, her juices dripping from her face.

"We need to be fucked, badly," Hestia said, throwing her arms around Harry and pushing her breasts against him. "Please, Harry, would you fuck both of us?"

"I'll fuck you so hard you'll never want to be fucked by anyone again," Harry said, squeezing her ass which caused her to moan. Harry pushed Hestia down on the desk next to her recovering sister.

Harry ran his hands over every supple curve of the older girl, worshipping her body. His fingers traveled all down her body. The girl lifted her hips up in an attempt to bring Harry's manhood inside her. Harry swooped down and stopped her from doing so.

"Patience," Harry said, leaning down and kissing her on the lips.

Hestia whined she didn't want to wait, she waited a long time to be made into the sex slave of this powerful wizard. Her hips rose up towards the god before her.

Harry slid his manhood into her body. The moment he touched her insides with his cock, the swift thrusts reduced Hestia to butter. The seventh-year Slytherin watched his throbbing cock push inside her.

"I can't believe it's inside me," Hestia said.

"Only half of it is," Harry said.

"Fuck, this, give me all of it!" Hestia yelled.

Harry smiled and positioned himself above her for leverage. He lifted almost all the way out of her and slammed into her body with a hard thrust. Hestia's eyes closed as his manhood started to stretch her pussy, pushing all the way into her.

"I thought you said you wanted it all," Harry said.

For as much as it hurts, Harry's throbbing manhood inflamed her pussy and wanted it even more. Harry pushed into her and bucked his hips into her.

"Yes, I want it, I want fucking everything!" Hestia yelled. "Take your big fat cock and wreck my tight pussy!"

Harry decided to give her everything she asked for. He marveled at how tight and wet her pussy was. Harry plowed her body with a large thrust into her body which spread her thighs apart. Each thrust caused Hestia to lift her hips up and moan.

"Take me, I'm nothing but your naughty little whore!" Hestia yelled

"I did charm your pussy with your language," Harry said.

Harry smiled and started to drill her pussy with a few thrusts. He kept drilling her tight little cunt with each thrusts.

Flora decided to give Hestia's mouth something constructive to do. The Carrow sister rubbed her pussy over her twin's mouth. Getting the hint, Hestia worked her tongue into Flora's pussy.

"Yes, sis, you know what I like!" Flora yelled, with Hestia slurping her.

Harry grabbed onto Hestia's breasts and squeezed them. The moaning, despite buried underneath Flora's pussy, was hard to ignore. Harry picked up the pace and kept plowing into Hestia's tight pussy.

"Look Harry, she likes it, oh yes, she likes it!" Flora yelled, riding her sister's pretty face. "She's nothing but a dirty little snake."

"You're one too," Harry said, reaching forward to touch Flora's perky breasts. "You're the dirty little snake who likes her sister eating her sweet little pussy!"

"Yes, oh, Morgana, yes!"

Flora kept bucking her hips up and down her sister's face. She wanted to achieve a wonderful climax with her.

Hestia could feel dazed. Harry's manhood kept burying into her and stimulating her entire body with each thrust. Her body heated up. She wanted his cum inside her so bad, she could taste it.

Harry sensed his partner's pussy tense up around him. He eased her over to an orgasm. She came a couple of times already, but she hadn't really cum. Harry pushed his hands on her breasts and tensed them around her tits. A few long thrusts caused her wet pussy to twitch around him.

"Getting close," Harry said.

Hestia realized her body had never been pleasured with anything this amazing. His cock hit the right spot and it was a domino effect of pleasure spilling through her body. Her loins sized up with pleasure. Harry held onto her hips and pushed into her with another long thrust deep into her hot depths.

Flora closed her eyes, her sister's hot mouth brought her to pleasure. She kept riding Hestia's face. The sister's eyes opened and watched Harry's cock twitch inside her sister's pussy. She followed the progress of his cock inside her.

"Don't worry, you're next."

Flora heated up with anticipation, she could hardly wait. She occupied herself with Harry plunging his thick manhood into Hestia's stretched out cunt.

"Get ready, here it comes."

Hestia's pussy tightened around Harry's probing rod. The powerful young man lifted up almost all the way out of her and sank down into her overheated pussy. Each thrust brought an increased amount of pleasure into her heated loins.

She wanted this so bad, she wanted this worse than bad.

Flora grinded herself on her sister's face and enjoyed the attention Hestia's mouth gave her. The Slytherin started to drive her hand on her sister's face, closing her eyes. She experienced pure bliss in her face.

Hestia clenched Harry's walls.

"Go ahead honey, cum, cum for me," Harry said. His fingers tempted and toyed with her body. Her gushing center rose up to grab his cock deep inside her depths.

Hestia lost herself to the pleasure and furiously started to milk Harry for all of his seed. The young woman pumped her walls around him to allow his thick seed to spill into her body.

Harry grunted when he unleashed the contents of his balls into her pussy. It gushed while Harry planted load after load of seed into her body.

Flora smiled, yanking herself off of her sister's face.

"Sister, you're leaking," Flora said.

"Why don't you be a good sister, and clean her up?" Harry asked.

Flora scooted her body all over Hestia's. Her breasts pressed against Hestia's larger ones. The Slytherin vixen's lips pressed against Hestia's with a really heated kiss, which grew more intense the more she pushed her lips against Hestia's.

Hestia moaned under Flora's able assault. She could sense her lips rather closer.

"Looks like being eager runs in the family," Harry said, cupping Flora's pussy. "I have to sample the set after all."

His fingers caressed her womanhood which turned Flora into a gushing mess. She managed to keep her mind on the prize between Hestia's thighs.

Harry smiled and teased Flora a little bit more. He kept working his hands between her thighs and started to rub her pussy lips to make sure she was nice and moist.

The moment Harry stopped rubbing, Flora moaned at a loss. Her moan had been stopped with Harry keeping his throbbing manhood against her dripping hot pussy. He pushed his cock into Flora's eager depths, taking his entire length inside her tight sheath.

"So tight, and so fucking wonderful," Harry said.

Flora couldn't really say anything due to the fact her mouth was occupied by her sister's pussy. Hestia prompted her sister soldier on and keep licking her moist cunt.

"Now we're having some fun, aren't we?" Harry asked, leaning down to nibble on the back of Flora's neck.

Flora would have to agree to be honest. She marveled out how much he stretched her overtaxed pussy out. Each thrust was like receiving a new gift on Christmas morning, wonderful and exciting.

'He must be either experienced, or a natural.'

Flora thought either possibility was wonderful. He kept touching her body.

"You're mine now," Harry said. "Every time you go to sleep, you're going to be thinking of me fucking you both."

"Oh, yes, we are," Hestia said, rubbing her breasts the moment to the lovely picture of Harry nailing her twin from behind. She watched his cum bloated balls hit Flora's thighs with a few long thrusts.

Flora agreed as well. Harry's hands tempted her breasts, her ass, and pretty much ran all over her body. Each caress lead up to an orgasm. He fucked her into her sister's pussy. Every moment she felt was extremely wonderful; Flora couldn't think of anything better than this sensation.

"Damn, you're fucking great," Harry said, pinching her nipples. He tweaked them a bit more. "I wonder if you're going to cum harder than your sister. Maybe you don't want this as much as her."

"She's a far bigger slut than I am," Hestia said.

Flora attempted to protest this slander had been stopped by a mouthful of her sister's sweet pussy. Her dripping pussy convulsed and squeezed Harry's tool, working into Flora's center.

"Go ahead, cum," Harry said.

She obeyed his words. Her pussy clenched his rod.

"It's going to be my turn, isn't it?" Harry asked. "Hope you're ready."

After seeing the load Harry put in Hestia's pussy, Flora prepared herself for more cum than she could ever want in her life. Her hips pushed back, wanting it, and anticipating what would happen next.

Harry could feel the heat pumping from between her legs. He held onto her and sawed into her. Her walls expanded just enough, but contracted in an attempt to milk it.


Harry leaned in and nibbled on Flora's neck, marking her for his own.

"You came again, you really are a horny little snake."

"Yes, we're your horny little slutty snakes!" Hestia yelled. "You dirty fucking dark wizard, you enchanted us with your evil Parseltongue magic."

Harry grinned when he planted his thick rod inside Flora's wet womanhood. He kept pushing into her with a few rapid fire thrusts, at least until his balls could not take no more.

With one final thrust, Harry let Flora have the contents of his balls. Her cunt clenched and came to open the door for Harry spilling an immense amount of his thick seed into her body.

Flora's body heated up and she felt a charge of magical energy which could only come by being seeded by a powerful wizard. Several spills of hot seed shot into her body.

Harry pulled out, causing Flora to slump forward. He caught her with a smile on her face.

"So," Hestia said, with a grin on her face. "Same time, same place, next week?"

Harry smiled when he looked both of them.

End Snippet.

Chapter Text


Daphne Greengrass tapped her fingers on the edge of the table. The witch smiled, waiting for her partner to arrive. He had never been late for an appointment as of yet. She looked at the clock and realized there was still time for him to show up.

The twenty-one year old witch casually reclined on the desk. She clipped her hair back to avoid it going into her face. She dressed in a green and black set of elegant robes which stretched over her body. The robes only partially hid her abundant curves.

The door opened. Daphne smiled when she saw Harry Potter walk into the office.

"So, is everything in order?" Harry asked.

"I think we have a pretty slam dunk case here," Daphne said, putting the information down on the table. "I'm sure you're going to be happy to finally throw the book at Malfoy."

Harry took the information his partner acquired for him. He flipped through the information in the folder. The Boy-Who-Lived's expression grew more vibrant when he looked it over. The evidence all danced in front of him.

"We finally got him, we finally got the smut bastard," Harry said. "He won't be able to buy his way out of this one."

"No, given how much the Confederation frowns on trafficking," Daphne said. "We just follow the paper trail and bring them home."

Muggleborns disappeared underneath their nose. Some of them had been sold into slavery in other countries. Some might not have even made it this far. The potions Lucius sold and purchases were highly frowned upon and would net him some uncomfortable time even without the trafficking.

"This time, he's not going to be able to cry Imperius," Harry said.

For years, Harry and others wanted Lucius Malfoy to get put away for good. For the past year, Harry searched dead end after dead end. Some of Lucius's old contacts either went under ground or died underneath mysterious circumstances.

"If this is the sparking wand you think this is….."

"It is," Harry said.

Daphne's face cracked into a bright smile.

"Then, I'll copy this and said it off to Andromeda," Daphne said. "You know she'll be like a dog with a bone with this."

Harry smiled, Andromeda would be pleased for sure. He was rather pleased as well. The sorcerer closed in on Daphne, with a smile on his face.

"You've done excellent Daphne, I'm really proud of the work you've done."

Daphne tried not to seem too pleased with herself. Her head wouldn't be able to fit inside the room. She leaned over her desk and started to copy the necessary files. Daphne hoped Andromeda would appreciate the present she would send her.

"The Confederation will nail Malfoy's head to a pike," Daphne said, with a smile on her face. "If we can only get his spawn of a son on something too, we'd be rid of the bastards."

"Patience, Daphne," Harry said, turning her around. "Good things come to those who wait."

Daphne about ready opened her mouth to protest, what if she didn't want to wait. Harry never really gave her a chance to talk, on the account he pressed his lips onto her.

Harry smiled, his lips finding Daphne's with an extremely passionate and lustful kiss. Daphne closed her eyes, with Harry pushing his tongue into the depths of her mouth. She returned fire after being caught off guard for a moment.

Daphne had been backed into the desk. Harry slowly pulled away from her, slowing kissing the side of her neck and face, showing her he was in the mood for some fun.

"Here, seriously?" Daphne asked. Her loins grew hot at the thought of being fucked at work, and anyone walking in on her and Harry.

"Yes, Daphne, seriously," Harry said, undoing the clasp on her robes. "You've done a good job on this case, and you deserve to be rewarded."

Harry pulled Daphne's robes off. He revealed her wearing a nice button up green blouse which matched Harry's eyes. The first two blouses came undone to expose a nice little dose of Daphne's cleavage. Harry's eyes traced down to look at her hourglass figure, with her smooth stomach, curvy hips, and legs which stretched on for miles.

"Want to see a magic trick, Daphne?"

Harry pressed his mouth against Daphne's ear. He waved his hand which caused her panties to spring off her body. Harry ran his hand down, feeling her smooth cunt lips underneath his hands. He slowly eased his fingers between the wet folds, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Harry, mmm Harry!" Daphne yelled. One of Harry's fingers slipped inside her, followed by a second one. The woman grabbed onto the edge of her desk. "More….stretch out my cunt with your fingers!"

Harry worked a third finger inside of Daphne's pussy. He could see the look of pleasure dancing in her eyes. Harry toyed with her.

"You sure you weren't coming here to jump me when we were done?" Harry asked, running his fingers against her pussy lips. Daphne breathed heavily, feeling his right hand's fingers inside her, while his left hand massaged her inner thigh. "Because, you seem pretty pent up….and pretty horny."

"Yes, I hoped I would…fuck you today," Daphne said. "I need to cum….please."


Daphne almost growled, but Harry's talented fingers cut her off at the pass. He channeled a heavy amount of energy through her body.

The buttons on Daphne's blouse started to pop open. The tops of her large breasts spilled out. Large bust size was a key component for magical power among witches and Daphne had a nice set of knockers.

Harry smiled when he brought Daphne closer towards the edge. His fingers pushed into her womanly depths. Every time he reached into her, Daphne gave a whimpering moan of delight.

"I have you now," Harry said. "You're mine."

Harry withdrew the fingers from Daphne's cunt and caused her to collapse onto the desk. The powerful young man smiled and pulled down his pants.

Daphne drooled both on the higher and lower end of her lips. Harry's prick protruded outward. Her cunt almost tried to suck him into her.

"I think I'll take your nice tits first."

Harry pulled her bra out. Cool air rolled off of Daphne's nipples, causing them to harden in the air. Harry put his finger on one of her hard nipples and twisted it.

"You dirty girl, you like me playing with your tits, don't you?" Harry asked. "Are you sensitive right there?"

Harry continued to rub her right nipple between her fingers. He channeled the right amount of magic to fuel her flames while wanting her to get more. He leaned towards her, brushing his throbbing cock against her smooth belly.

Every time Harry's cock touched her in any way, Daphne almost lost her mind. She would like nothing better than to have his cock deep inside her body. Her hips bucked up for a moment.

Harry smiled, taking Daphne's breasts and wrapping them around his cock. He shoved his cock between her large breasts, slamming in between her gorgeous melons.

"Your tits were made for fucking, weren't they?" Harry asked. His large balls brushed against her chest. "Do you want me to cum all over your tits?"

"Mmm hmm!" Daphne moaned, leaning her head up so Harry's cock can touch her lips. She tasted the savory taste dripping off of his cock.

"Do you want me to cum all over your sexy pureblood face?" Harry asked, hammering her tits.

"Oh….ah…..YES!" Daphne yelled.

Harry squeezed her globes around his cock and pounded her. His hands clenched her breasts, channeling an immense amount of magic through them.

"Say it…explicitly," Harry said, exerting his dominance over the former Slytherin queen bee.

"Harry, I want you to fuck my tits, spray your thick seed all over my big breasts!" Daphne yelled. Her words were rewarded by Harry slamming into her. "I want you to take your big cock and spray your seed all over my fucking face….paint like I'm your high class whore. I want to be covered in your baby juices"

Harry held onto Daphne's breasts, working an even more steady pounding in between her glorious globes. The throbbing prick hit Daphne's chin when it slid out of her breasts. Any second now it would expel it's creamy delights in her face and all over her tits.

One final grunt caused Harry to expel his load onto Daphne's face and breasts. The heavy amount of cum caused Daphne's face and breasts to be coated completely in his seed. Harry pushed forward, emptying the contents of his balls onto her breasts and her ass.

Daphne closed her eyes, feeling the warm and delicious seed hitting her mouth. She licked her lips hungrily when Harry coated her face in his spunk.

A wicked grin crossed Daphne's face as she turned over. Harry smiled and walked behind her on the other side of her desk. He saw Daphne's heart shaped ass positioned up at him in the air. Her legs spread to expose her pussy lips.

"When you fuck me, I want the first thing anyone sees when they walk in to be my cum-soaked face," Daphne said.

The minx wiggled her ass which got Harry's motor running. He reached forward and cupped one of her tits, still sticky with his cum.

"Harry, fuck me," Daphne begged him. "Put your big cock inside my tight pussy, and wreck the shit out of me!"

Harry slipped his manhood into the cunt of the horny little snake. Her walls closed around him and encased his manhood. Despite all of the flaws with magic, powerful witches remained rather tight and horny. Her slick walls caressed his manhood when he spiked into her.

"You're hoping someone walks in, don't you?" Harry asked. "Because you can't get fucking off unless you give someone a show, can you?"

"No, honey, I can't," Daphne said, feeling his manhood slide into her body. "Pound me into jelly...wreck my pussy!"

Harry decided to go with her suggestion. He kept firing a series of hard thrusts inside Daphne's pussy. Each time he hit her insides, more screams came from her body. She really got off on the fact someone, anyone, might walk into the room and see Harry plowing her into the desk.

His cock hardened at the danger of the situation. He continued to fill the pussy of is kinky little minx.

"Oooh….I think I'm cumming!" Daphne yelled.

Her pussy tightened around Harry and squeezed him. His aching balls pushed against her. Harry paused for a second and continued to pound her.

"I wonder how many more times I can get you to cum," Harry said.

"Loads, hopefully," Daphne said, turning around to show Harry a sultry grin. The sweat and cum dripped from her face.

"Well, given I can get you to cum for doing this," Harry said, nibbling her on the side of her ear.

Daphne cursed when Harry tapped into her pleasures spots, prompting her pussy to start spilling their juices around her. He nibbled her right ear and the back of her neck, all spots which were really bloody sensitive and caused her to get horny. And Harry knew it and reduced her into jelly because of him.

"I think you're breaking aren't you," Harry said, holding onto her with a few thrusts.

"Yes, yes, I am," Daphne said to him. "Harder, please!"

Harry decided to give her everything she wanted with a few huge thrusts. The sorcerer picked up the pace, manipulate the energy around her. He shoved himself into the depths.

"You're going to cum again, already?" Harry asked.


Harry chuckled at the sensation of her cunt squeezing him, desperately trying to milk him. He used his caresses to cause the tension of her body to heighten even more.

Daphne thought she would black out before Harry came inside her. Her strong resolve pushed her on. Even if she couldn't walk in the morning, the boost of power she received from her seed.

Her entire body became an instrument of pleasure for Harry. He shoved his way inside her dripping pussy.

"And again," Harry said.

Daphne's walls tensed around Harry and released her juices. This time, Harry didn't let up on her. He made her sweat and made her orgasm extremely hard.

The door of their office opened up. This action didn't cause Harry to slow down, rather it caused him to speed up.

"Hello, Andi, I'll be finished in a little bit….if you needed to talk to me."

Andromeda Tonks stood in the back of the desk. The MILF witch watched Harry's cock perform its own magic. One minute it slid out of Daphne's pussy and the next minute it went into her pussy. The oldest Black sister started to remove her robes to reveal her elegant business attire underneath. Her D-Cup breasts strained against the cups of her bra and nipples poked out. Harry's actions caused her pussy to soak through both her panties and skirt.

The oldest Black sister tried to reconcile the fact she should have been the adult in this situation and reprimanded Harry and Daphne for their inappropriate behavior. She just couldn't find herself able to do such a thing.

Daphne's pussy got wetter at the thought of having an audience. The fact this audience was their boss, and she looked torn between giving them a stern lecture or jumping in made Daphne all the more excited.

The older of the two Greengrass sisters looked up and started to wiggle her tongue at Andromeda. Andromeda stared back at her with a look which stated "you kinky bitch."

Harry slapped Daphne on the ass and continued to pound her pussy. He made sure her full attention was on the fucking her gave her.

"Don't forget, I'm not done with your body," Harry said. He ran his hands up her abundant curves, stroking them all. "But, I'm about ready to cum."

Daphne's pussy twitched around Harry's thick cock. He pushed his manhood into her depths with a few more thrusts. He made sure she came before him.

"Ready?" Harry asked.

"Cum in me, please," Daphne said, biting down on her lip.

Harry held her shapely hips and plowed into her body. He kept plowing into her. Each time he spiked her body, Daphne wrapped around him, tugging and releasing him.

The end hit Harry in a flood. The contents of his heavy balls spilled into Daphne's center. He launched several large splatters of cum into her body.

Andromeda watched Harry drain his balls into Daphne's pussy so hard and so fast, the cum started to leak out of her womanhood. The woman lifted her hand up and started to cup her breast, but realized Harry locked eyes with her.

"Mr….Mr. Potter," Andromeda said. "I must say, your behavior is highly inappropriate."

Harry pulled his cock out Daphne's pussy which caused her to collapse on the desk. His cock still was half-hardened and Andromeda stepped closer.

"Oh, and would you mind reminding me of the appropriate behavior?" Harry asked.

He didn't move, but his cock grew in anticipation . Andromeda realized she lacked the aura of intimidation or authority with hardened nipples and a soaked skirt. The pureblood vixen's eyes locked on Harry's hard organ.

"It's inappropriate to leave a mess behind, Miss Greengrass, and Mr. Potter."

Andromeda cupped Harry's balls in her hand and moved her hand up to caress his manhood. She found herself surprised to see how thick his cock was. She couldn't even stretch her fingers around the head and it grew thicker on the way down.

The sexy hotter woman brought her mouth down onto the cock of a young man old enough to her son. Harry smiled when her hot mouth came down onto him. Andromeda bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock, taking all of him into her throat.

"Oh, this is appropriate, Barrister Tonks?" Harry asked. "Why don't you educate me on how proper workplace conduct really works?"

Andromeda responded by giving Harry an extremely sloppy blowjob. She used her mouth and tongue to fully stimulate Harry's member. Her hands rubbed his cum loaded balls, almost trying to eagerly get his cum into her mouth. The pureblood heiress stopped.

She released his cock from her mouth with a solid pop. She grabbed her wand and waved her hands. The oldest Black daughter dressed in an extremely lacy one piece lingerie set with her breasts spilling out of the top. Harry viewed her nipples poking out from behind the top.

"It's against workplace etiquette to tease your boss with cock…." Andromeda said, sliding her pussy against his hardened manhood. She slid the fabric back and positioned herself. "And not deliver."

Harry smiled when he could feel his cock press against her eager folds. She looked to be in heat, which made Harry wonder how long it had been for her.

"Well, I wouldn't want to be in violation."

Harry held her hips down and pushed her onto his cock. The MILF stretched out onto his throbbing manhood. Andromeda held onto his shoulders and started to bring her hips down onto his massive manhood.

"Yes, you strapping young stud, give your boss your big cock!" Andromeda yelled, wiggling her hips down onto him. "I think you might be in for a raise."

"Oh, I'm giving you a raise alright," Harry said, thrusting into her. Her mature breasts spilled out for Harry to touch and squeeze.

Despite being on the North end of fifty, Andromeda kept in shape. She put many women in their thirties and even some women in twenties to shame. A huge part of it was the prowess of magic, but another huge part of it was her working out every day. Purebloods who didn't work out didn't understand how much it extended the already decent benefits magic gave her.

Speaking of being stretched out, Andromeda stretched out on Harry's thick cock. She brought her hips all the way down onto him, riding Harry.

Daphne could barely move after the rogering Harry gave her. This wasn't the first time she played a spectator to Harry fucking some other women, the fact he made their boss ride him was hotter.

Andromeda regressed from a sophisticated pureblood woman into a mewling woman spurned by lust. He kept running his hands down her.

"Touch me, and it'll drive me insane," Andromeda said, leaning her chest towards him.

Harry thought of something which could really cause her mind to be driven wild. He buried his face between her supple, mature melons. Harry bit and chewed on her breasts to leave a series of love bites on them.

Andromeda never had anyone attack her breasts with such a fury. She never knew she enjoyed having her breasts feasted upon until Harry actually did it. His hands exploring her body and thrusting into her.

"You're earning your keep, Mr. Potter," Andromeda said, rocking her hips down onto the hips of her younger lover. "With interest."

"And here I thought you loved me for my mind," Harry said.

"Best of both worlds."

Andromeda rode Harry's tool. Each time it spiked into her body, sensations not felt since the time she had sex for the very first time spread through her body.

Harry squeezed her tight rear to encourage Andromeda to keep riding up and down on him.

Daphne stroked her pussy. She figured Andromeda would look good with her face buried between Daphne's thighs while Harry took her into the desk.

'Save something for the future, I guess.'

Andromeda pushed her thighs around Harry and brought him into her. She rode him like the stallion he was; knowing soon even he would pop.

The first wave of many orgasms struck through Andromeda. The true nature of Harry's power caused her mind to be sent on a pleasure trip. Nothing else mattered other than riding this cock and satisfying her own pleasure. The MILF brought her hips down again as she impaled herself on him.

Harry squeezed her ass and pushed into her. His balls started to ache. Harry made sure to lead Andromeda over the edge one last time before he came.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Harry yelled, marveling at how her pussy milked the contents from his balls.

"No, you're better," Andromeda said, pushing her hips down onto him. His seed spilled into her. "I'm getting all of your fucking seed, Mr. Potter."

She tried to maintain control even though his cock enslaved her body with more pleasure than Andromeda felt in her life. Harry finished inside her body.

Andromeda pulled herself to her feet, barely able to stand up right. Her thighs most certainly felt the results of the heavy pounding. She looked from Harry to Daphne.

"I expect you my office first thing tomorrow morning….for further de-briefing."


Chapter Text

If you are offended by incest, I suggest you skip this chapter. You've been warned.

MILF for Christmas:

Snow fell down from the skies on December 24h. Seventeen year old Harry Potter watched the fields of Godric's Hallow outside of the Potter Residence get covered. The young man smiled and saw this year would be a white Christmas. Slowly turning around, Harry backed off from the window. He cleared up some of the books and clothing which littered the floor.

A soft knock on the door brought Harry's attention out of the cleaning. He slid the books onto the desk and turned his attention towards the door.

"Come in."

The door opened and Lily Potter stepped into the room. Harry looked up and watched his beautiful mother enter the room. She dressed in a nice green dress which her ample curves poured into. A slit cut down the right dress on one slid and showed her gorgeous legs off. The legs covered in red stockings. Lily wore a bow on the top of her head.

"Hey, Mum," Harry said. Lily threw her arms around him with a smile around her face and pressed her breasts against her son's muscular chest.

"Hello, Harry," Lily whispered in his ear. "I've been thinking… you want your Christmas present early?"

Harry raised his eyebrow at his mother. The redhead vixen smiled back at him with her fingers starting to trail down his chest.

"Sure, where is it?" Harry asked.

"I'm right here," Lily said, with a giggle to her voice. "Why don't you unwrap me, honey?"

Lily wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and leaned closer towards him. She planted her lips onto his with an extremely hungry kiss. Harry returned the kiss, holding his mother's head towards his. He smashed her lips into hers. Harry's tongue eagerly sought Lily's mouth.

The kiss had been returned with Lily shoving her tongue into Harry's mouth. Harry reached up and removed the bow from the top of her head. The bow fell down to the ground.

"Mmm, Harry, you know how to please Mummy," Lily breathed, with Harry's mouth wrapped around the side of her neck and suckling on it. "Why don't you unwrap your present?"

Harry grabbed the straps of the dress and pulled it down. He revealed a red transparent bra with green bows on it. Harry grew hardened at the sight of her hardened nipples through her top. Her large breasts threatened to burst out. Lily's toned tummy had been revealed and the dress pulled down to reveal the red lacy thong with a matching green bow on it.

"Mum, you're so fucking hot," Harry said.

"Thank you Harry," Lily said, running her fingers down his stomach and unbuckling his belt. "I see you have a present for me as well."

Lily worked Harry's trousers down towards his ankles and then his boxer shorts. Harry's thick cock sprang out towards Lily. Lily wrapped her hand around Harry's manhood.

"And it's just the size I wanted."

Harry shuddered with Lily teasing his swelled head with a few licks. Lily started to lick him around the head before bringing him and down his throbbing cock.

Lily smiled as she tasted her son's beautiful cock. The wrongness of the act really turned on her. She brushed her tongue against Harry's slit and then run her tongue all the way around Harry's thick manhood. Lily reached over and squeezed Harry's balls, before her hand grabbed his ass.

"Damn, Mum, you're so fucking kinky!" Harry yelled.

Lily grinned when she gripped onto Harry's ass and kept sucking her son's monster cock. The redhead MILF brought her throat down onto his throat. Her lips and throat kept suckling his manhood and pumped his length all the way down inside her.

Harry leaned back against the wall, grabbing one hand across the back of his mother's head. The lewd sounds she made caused Harry to pump her into her head.

"I'm going to cum," Harry warned her.

Lily didn't back off, wrapping her hand around him and started to stroke his balls, milking him for everything he was worth. The sultry redhead kept suckling his manhood bouncing up and down and taking his complete length into her.

The cream flowed from Harry's balls down Lily's throat. Lily suckled her son's manhood and started to suck him all the way down. She milked his cum.

"Mmm, Mummy's so glad she tasted your milk," Lily said, giving her son's cock a loving squeeze and she started to kiss the side of his neck. "Why don't you return the favor and unwrap the rest of your present?"

Harry unsnapped Lily's bra to free her large breasts. Her nipples bulged out into the picture. Harry reached underneath her breasts and squeezed her funbags causing her to moan. He guided Lily back to the bed and kissed her breasts and then her cleavage, before working down.

Lily gasped and breathed underneath her son's efforts. Harry reached between Lily's thighs and squeezed her. He lifted Lily's sexy leg up and started to pepper her right leg with kisses. He moved over to the leg and did the same. His nose only brushed against her clit for a little bit and teased her womanhood.

"Not nice to tease your Mum," Lily said.

Harry bit down through her panties which caused Lily to moan. The sorcerer teased his mother's pussy through her panties. He removed the panties and revealed her swollen pussy lips. Harry decided to kiss them.

Each kiss caused Lily's hips to jump up and want even more. Harry reached and started to rub her clit as well. The hyper stimulation of pleasure.

"Feed me."

Lily spread her legs and Harry pushed his face between her legs. Lily gasped when Harry went down on her. He was always such a good pussy eater.

"Make sure to finish all of Mummy's honey," Lily said, with her hands placed on the back of Harry's head in encouragement.

Harry went down on his mother like a good son. Lily's moans inspired Harry to go deeper down into her. Her legs spread and his tongue extended to kiss her ovaries.

"You're making Mummy cum so much," Lily breathed. "Make me cum over your handsome face. Oh my big boy knows how to make his mother cum!"

Harry drove his tongue into her even more. He started to trace patterns in her pussy which did the trick. Lily thrashed her hips up to allow the cream to start flowing out.

Lily collapsed down on the bed and looked up smiling. Harry's face was covered with her juices and the thought just made her horny. She played with her pussy before rolling over onto her hands and knees.

"Harry, Mummy needs a big manly cock in your sticky little twat," Lily said, with a smile on her face. "Do you think you could be a good boy and help you?"

"Yes, Mum, you know I'm a very good boy."

Harry pushed his cock into his mother's soaking wet pussy. There's no place like home and Harry pushed his manhood into the depths of Lily's womanhood. Her warm pussy pumped around him. Harry could not get enough of his mother's pussy and had to keep fucking her hard.

Lily closed her eyes and experienced everything she ever wanted in a man in her son. His heavy balls slapped against her thighs and Harry crammed his cock into her womanhood hard. Every single inch of his prick drove into Lily.

"Give me all your cock, love," Lily breathed, grabbing onto the sheets. Sweat rolled down her face.

Her son's big meaty cock pierced her womanhood hard. Lily slowly experienced the rush down her body. Things grew even more intense the moment where he gripped her breasts and squeezed them.

His muscular chest pressed against Lily's back when Harry drove in towards her. His cock pumped into her pussy. Harry reached around and played with her breasts. The moment he touched his mother's nipples, she squealed out in pleasure.

"I bet you like your baby boy rubbing your breasts," Harry said. "They're so big, I need to have them."

"They're yours, baby, yours!" Lily moaned. "Fuck me with your mighty staff, Harry. Split Mummy open! Make her cream all over your big manly cock!"

Harry continued to squeeze Lily's right breast with one hand before sending a jolt of energy through her body. Lily's pussy clamped down on Harry to milk his rod with a few thrusts.

Lily's body convulsed around Harry's cock. She wanted to suck his rod deeper and deeper into her until he spilled all of his baby batter into her womb. Lily's pussy clenched at the thought of the naughtiness of her son knocking her up, especially on Christmas Eve.

"You're such a kinky little mix, taking your son's cock," Harry growled. He marked Lily on the side of his neck.

"Yes, I want all of your cock!" Lily moaned. "And I want you to fucking blow your load in me. I want you to put your load in my pussy. All of it, all of your thick cum! Put a bun in my oven! Knock me up with your baby!"

Harry's balls twitched at how outrageously his mother spoke.

"You want it baby, give me your cum," Lily said, working her muscles around him to milk him. "Impregnate me, Harry….any child of ours will be so fucking powerful!"

Harry speared into his mother from behind.

"You want it, don't you?" Harry asked. "You want me to impregnate you…you kinky little slut. You want to have a taboo baby by your own son?"

"Oh, it's so hot…watching my breasts fucking swell knowing we've made something wonderful," Lily said. "I love you Harry…let me show you how. Give me a little girl Christmas, Harry!"

Harry groaned and lost his load inside his mother's pussy. He fired his load inside Lily's pussy. Each burst of his cum fired inside his mother's pussy.

Lily spread her legs to ensure his cum coated the insides of her womb. His viral seed spilled inside her fertile womb. Lily sighed in content.

Harry pulled out of her. Lily turned around and grabbed his cock, playing with his head when she talked to him.

"Your mother's a horny bitch when she's ovulating, isn't she?" Lily asked, turning around, rubbing her tummy. She pressed her arms around Harry. "But….I'm still in the prime of my child bearing years….and you're a powerful wizard….who demands several children….likely daughters."

Lily smiled when she stroked her son's cock hard. She reached over towards the table and found her wand around her clothes.

"I want to give you your first," Lily said, smiling, running her finger against his head. "But, I still want to have some more fun."

Lily took her wand and tapped it to Harry's cock.

"What was that, Mum?" Harry asked, feeling his cock expand and stretch. The sensation of her hand on his cock caused Harry to nearly lose his mind from the pleasure.

"Something to make you feel really good," Lily said. She tapped her wand on her. "And something to make me feel really good."

Lily's breasts swelled a couple of cup sizes for Harry. He watched and Lily pushed Harry back onto the bed. The foxy redhead straddled Harry and ran her pussy lips over Harry's newly sensitive cock. Each sensation brought pure bliss into Harry's mind.

"Harry, suck my breasts, please," Lily said.

Her large globes jutted out. Her nipples stuck out for Harry. Harry leaned his face between her large funbags and captured one of the nipples. He was surprised by a taste in his mouth.

"Harry, good boy, only the best of Mummy's milk for my big boy," Lily said, stroking Harry's tool when Harry sucked her breasts.

Harry eagerly sucked his mother's lactating breasts. He dug his nails into Lily's back and buried his face between her breasts. He startled to suckle and squeezed her breasts.

Lily rose up on his lap and started to tease herself with the prospect of his cock. The charm might have added a couple of extra inches to Harry's generous length. The MILF's cunt moistened at the thought of having him inside her.

Harry buckled his hips up when his mother's warm pussy drove down onto him. She spread her legs and brought his thick, throbbing cock inside her.

"Ride me, Mum," Harry said. He squeezed her breasts and touched them. "Fuck my balls dry, you slutty pregnant MILF."

Lily was about ready to say it wasn't one hundred percent certain Harry knocked her up. After this round, she might be. His hands and mouth mauling her overly sensitive and large breasts removed any sense of coherence.

The warm pussy of his mother wrapped around Harry's throbbing tool. She bounced higher into the air and brought her hips down onto him. The base of her pussy slid around his balls dripping her juices onto him.

Lily bucked her hips down riding Harry like a stallion. Sweat rolled over her body. Her hair draped over her face and her body gave a glow like a particularly naughty angel on top of a Christmas tree. Only instead of the tree, she perched on Harry's cock.

"You're so fucking hot," Harry said, squeezing her milk bags. Lily gasped and milk leaked out. "I'm going to make sure your so full of my cum, you're going to have twin girls!"

Lily's cunt dripped onto him. Harry touched her hyper-sensitive G-spot. Lily rocked her head back with a moan when she kept pushing her hips up and down onto him.

"Time for you to cum now," Harry said. He squeezed Lily's breasts. "And I'm going to make you cum by squeezing your big milky tits."

Harry sucked more milk from her breasts. Lily pushed her nipple into Harry's mouth when his cock buried deep inside her. The siren's hand wrapped around him.

"HARRY!" Lily screamed. "You're….making…..Mummy….gush!"

Lily's pussy released a flood around Harry's thick tool. She lubricated his pole and brought herself down onto him. He kept working over her breasts.

Harry's balls ached with one of the biggest loads he ever felt. Lily's hot walls rubbed his cock over and started to build up more cum.

"Don't worry, you'll get your release in time," Lily said, panting when she bounced down on Harry's cock. "And it's going to feel sooo good!"

She punctuated those last few words with an orgasmic shriek with Harry pushing his thumb into her rear. He stimulated Lily's sensitive ass even more.

More cum bubbled into Harry's balls. At least five orgasms worth of release stored in his heavy balls. Lily brought her ass down onto his balls when she fucked him. It didn't make things any better.

"Damn, Mum, you're so fucking naughty," Harry said.

"Oh, I'm a naughty slut!" Lily yelled. "Taking my son's cock for Christmas, craving his cum, wanting to be knocked up until I'm knocked out with his babies."

The MILF buried Harry's face between her tits. Warm heaven covered Harry's face. He drank the milk from his mother's bulging breasts.

"When am I going to cum," Harry said, pumping his cock into his mother's over heated pussy.

"Soon, baby, soon," Lily said, going down onto him with a few more thrusts. "It's going to feel really good."

Harry closed his eyes, with Lily riding him like a prized bull. His thick cock spread in between her walls and the swell of cum in balls began to build. Lily's legs clamped around him when she milked him harder and harder.

"Soon," Lily said, pushing Harry back onto the bed. She smiled when he played with her ass and her breasts pressed against his chest. "Soon, baby."

"Mum, I'm going to bury so much cum in you," Harry said.

His hands massaged her legs. Lily gasped when she brought her slick walls down onto her son's probing prick. Her breasts were nice, but her legs and ass should never be neglected as well. Lily was a perfect ten, but there was only one man who could satisfy her. The man currently with his cock buried in her.

"Harry, it's time," Lily said. "Cum in your Mum!"

Lily bounced onto him, rubbing her legs against his waist to stimulate him even more. Her ass slapped against his swollen balls.

"Damn!" Harry groaned, holding onto his mother when he pushed into her.

His cock released like a cannon and caused Harry's entire world to be stimulated with even more pleasure. The seed spilled into her body. The sensation of Lily's warm, wet, pussy tightening around him and releasing him made things even more intense.

Lily rode him all the way through the orgasm. Most of his cum found its way inside her. She rode him all the way through the climax, squeezing his cock until it started pumping seed into her body. She received an orgasm or two on the way.

Both mother and son sighed at the mutual orgasms. Lily pulled her hyper sensitive pussy off of his tool and leaned back on the bed. She invited Harry to join her and she wrapped her arms around him. Harry's head rested in the valley between her breasts.

"This is going to be the best Christmas ever, Mum," Harry said.

"Yes, Harry, it is," Lily said, running her hands through her son's hair. "And we're not done yet."

Harry caught sight of the naughty look in the MILF vixen's eyes, and he wondered what else she had in mind.


Chapter Text

Truth or Dare:


Lisa Turpin could not believe she agreed to do this. It all started out innocent enough as a friendly game of truth or dare. Her and her dorm mates played. The magical bottle landed on her. She decided to go for "dare" Mandy decided to dare her to break into the room of one of the most prominent students in her year and drop off a pair of panties on his face while he was sleeping, without being caught.

Her roommates had some pretty perverted minds to be honest. Lisa could not break into the room of someone easy, no she had to break into the room of Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, the Emerald Eyed Enchanter, he had more than a few names Lisa knew off of the top of her head.

Lisa Turpin stepped forward. She wore a pair of glasses balanced on her beautiful face. Her chocolate brown curls hung over her head. She wore a nice blouse over her perky breasts. Her skirt spread across her shapely thighs. The stockings she wore covered legs which stretched out for miles.

'Okay prove you're a Ravenclaw.'

Lisa took out her wand and opened the door. She wondered what kind of security would be around this room. She noticed a couple of monitoring runes. Thanks to her talent in the art, Lisa froze them. They would start back up in less than two minutes which gave her just enough time.

It astonished her the security around Harry Potter's bed was some lax. Then again, the real security was around Hogwarts. Nothing really wrong went there.

Other than a troll being let in the school. And the Chamber of secrets being opened and four students being petrified. And Dementors storming the castle. And the entire mess with the Triwizard Tournament. Other than those relatively minor things, Hogwarts was perfectly safe.

Lisa stopped and looked at Harry who laid in his bed. She noticed he seemed to be having a very pleasant dream given the state he was in. The brainy girl stared at it, surveying him over her eyes.

She managed to reboot her brain enough to grab onto her panties. It couldn't be a pair of panties which she pulled out of the drawer. It had to be the pair she waved.

Lisa almost tripped in her haste to pull her panties off. She caught her balance with her hand resting on Harry's crotch.


Lisa slipped her panties all the way off. She decided to set them down gently on Harry's face and bolt towards the door.

The second Lisa did the deed, a strong hand grabbed her by the wrists. A pair of panties, damper than Lisa thought they were, laid on the face of a now suddenly awake Harry Potter.

Lisa Turpin wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Harry smiled when he woke up.

"I'm normally used to girls throwing their panties at me," Harry said. "But, they usually have the common courtesy to do so when I'm awake."

Lisa flushed at his casual words. He rose to his feet and looked towards her.

"There's…there's a good reason why I'm in your room, um, Harry," Lisa said, wondering what shade of red her face turned now.

"Well, I'm all ears," Harry said, rising to his feet.

Lisa almost squeaked feeling such a powerful young man closer to her. Her heart beat against her chest the closer Harry edged towards her.

"Myself and my doormats…we were playing Truth or Dare," Lisa said. "It was myself, Mandy, Padma, Su, and Morag….well I had been picked, and Mandy decided to send me into your room."

"And she told you to drop your panties on my sleeping face and run," Harry said.

"Mmm, hmm," Lisa said.

"Well, you made a mistake," Harry said. "You wasted too much time…and you're going to have to suffer the consequences because of it."

Lisa could feel his eyes lock onto hers. Fear spread through her mind as she wondered what Harry Potter could do to her. He fought a dragon without blinking. He fought a two hundred foot long snake. He ran Dementors off the grounds with a single Patronus.

She tried to squeeze her legs together to get some relief. Harry put his hands down on her hips.

"Please, Harry….I didn't mean….I know how… you must have problems with stupid fangirls sneaking in your room," Lisa said. "I'm not one of those….sure I think you're hot…but it doesn't mean I want to sneak in your room on purpose, you know."

"You think I'm hot?" Harry asked.

"Well, you're very good looking and any witch would be lucky to…be had…to have you!" Lisa yelled, going redder in the face.

Words, they failed her. Lisa wondered if she could make any more of a pig's ear out of this situation.

"I think this situation demands adequate payment," Harry said, with a smile leaning towards her. "And think a part of you hoped I'd wake up."

Harry reached towards her hand and rested it upon his crotch. Lisa couldn't believe the touch of his thick tool underneath her hand. It almost pushed out of his trousers to touch her hand.

"It didn't finish before you woke me up," Harry said. "What would you propose we do, Miss Turpin?"

Lisa managed to tap into her Ravenclaw spirit and attack this problem logically.

"I can try and suck it," Lisa offered.

"Five points from Ravenclaw."

Lisa's knees grew weak when she dropped to the ground. Her trembling hands hooked onto Harry's trousers and she pulled them from his body. The moment she pulled down his boxer shorts, she could see his thick, juicy, cock. It was the things legends were made of.

Chang really was an idiot to pine over Diggory over this. Oh well, her loss. Lisa took his cock in her hand, barely able to fit her fist around it. The sixteen year old brainy beauty gave him a few more tugs and strokes.

"Surely you aren't going to let your mouth go to waste?"

Lisa didn't want to do this. Her lips reached forward. It was almost like his cock grew to touch her lips sooner. Lisa pushed further and wrapped her lips around Harry's thick prick.

The moment his head touched her lips; Lisa lost her mind to the lust. Her lips wrapped around his cock. It took a moment for her throat to adjust to his thick tool spearing down it.

"Good girl, Lisa," Harry groaned.

Lisa smiled, bringing her lips and throat down onto Harry's manhood. She intended to give him the most pleasurable time she could. This was the first time she sucked a cock.

"Use your tongue a little bit more."

Lisa took Harry's advice and worked over his shaft with her tongue. She bobbed and suckled all over him, causing spittle to land on his cock.

Harry smiled. He would have to give her a passing grade on energy. Her technique could be fine-tuned, but the sheer determination to please made him very excited. The loud sloppy slurping sounds Lisa's mouth made when they wrapped around his cock made him ache.

"Suck it, my little Raven," Harry said.

Lisa didn't answer, on the account of having her mouth filled up with so much cock. She hummed when working him over. Lisa's nipples hardened a little bit more and her bare pussy dripped with more juices.

"Hope you enjoy your very first load," Harry said.

Lisa attempted her best to stay the course. She watched when Harry's prick pounded her tight mouth. He stretched out the back of her throat. The first taste it her tongue.

Unfortunately, for Lisa, she couldn't hold on for too long. Some of his cum hit her mouth, while other spurts of cum fired into her face. A particularly big glop hit her square in the right lens of her glasses. Some of them hit her cheek and her lips as well.

"Sorry," Lisa said.

She took off of her glasses. A naughty idea hit her head. She started to lick the dripping cum off of her glasses. Lisa locked eyes to Harry and watched his cock rise as she used her tongue to feast his cum off of her glasses. She placed them back on.

Harry wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in close.

"You hot piece of ass," Harry said, squeezing her ass for emphasis. "I want you so badly."

"Not as badly as I want you," Lisa said. After the sucking, she wanted his throbbing meat inside her body. She almost choked for it.

Harry reached up and pulled her blouse off. The Boy-Who-Lived almost removed her bra in the process. Lisa's perky breasts spilled out. Her nipples hardened for it, tempting Harry. Harry reached over and cupped her breasts.

Lisa enjoyed the most powerful man in their world pawing at her breasts. Harry squeezed and caressed her breasts, running his hands all over her body. He touched her stomach and caressed the area between her legs to tease her even more.

"I just can't keep my hands off of you," Harry said.

"Please, I need….I need your hands on me, all over me."

Lisa's skirt rode up and exposed her cunt lips. She situated herself closer towards Harry's manhood. His manhood touched her lips and almost slid inside her.

"Say what you want, and I'll be there," Harry said.

"I want your cock in my body," Lisa said.

Harry obliged her request with style. He hoisted up Lisa by her hips and pushed her down onto his manhood. The more of his meat slid inside her, the wetter Lisa became.

Lisa looked at him with an adoring look behind her glasses. At first, she didn't know what to do with this cock inside her. This time, Lisa brought her hips down onto Harry's thick prick. Lisa decided to go for a ride and work her hips onto the meat.

Harry watched as she bounced more and more. The look of pleasure behind those glasses got Harry excited.

"Look how wet you are," Harry said, brushing his fingers over her nipples. "Your nipples, they feel like they can poke through glass."

Lisa wanted to take Harry's word for it. The only thing which stopped any further thought was Harry diving between her breasts and suckling them. Harry's talented mouth lavished her nipples with attention. Lisa thought she about died and went to heaven.

Harry enjoyed the sensations of her walls massaging him. Each time he pushed inside her, she hugged him with increasing passion. The little spurts of orgasms only fueled her towards a bigger one. Harry pushed his fingers behind her and kept her riding.

"Spread them as far as you can, baby," Harry said, cupping Lisa's breasts.

Lisa's eyes glazed over, but she nodded. The Ravenclaw brought her hips down onto Harry's thick tool. She wanted the full experience and even more.

"It's so big…it feels so good," Lisa said. "I bet the girls line up to polish your wand."

"Oh, and more," Harry said, cupping her sweet ass from behind to encourage Lisa to bring herself down onto him. "Time for you to feel what it's like to really cum."

Lisa assumed she already came and came hard. Harry did the best to destroy the assumptions. A rush of energy spread through the body of the Ravenclaw. Her glasses almost dangled off of her face when her head began bobbing. Harry caught the glasses and prevented them from falling off.

"This adds to your appeal," Harry said, shifting his cock into her. "Bet you didn't expect this to happen, did you?"

"NO!" Lisa yelled.

"Good thing you chose dare, wasn't it?" Harry asked.

Lisa nodded feverishly. Another orgasm crossed her body when she bounced higher up into the air and came down on Harry's body. She could feel the young wizard's cum loaded balls press up against her thighs. She knew he grew closer, and Lisa knew she had to have it.

"You're going to make me wait for it, aren't you?"

Harry only responded with a soft and subtle biting on the side of her neck. This action caused Lisa to come undone.

She almost lost her balance. Harry shifted positions and had her pressed against the bed. The Chosen One straddled Lisa and started to pound her cunt with a few rapid fire thrusts prompting her to scream to the heavens.

"Oh, you haven't felt anything yet, have you?"

Lisa almost lost herself in Harry's rapid fire thrusts. The Chosen One worked his generous prick into her dripping, hungry, pussy. Lisa hung onto him, her back arching.

Harry decided to switch to another play, elevating her legs all the way up towards his shoulders. Lisa screamed when Harry pierced her womanhood. Each thrust caused her pussy to drip with hunger when his rod spiked into her womanhood. His hands caressed her legs to allow him to touch the beautiful skin on her legs.

Lisa whimpered every time he planted his thick manhood into her body. She thought this was the best consequences to a dare ever. She encouraged him to bury his rod into her body, and Harry answered her encouragement with every single step along the way.

"More one more time for good measure."

Harry pounded Lisa's damp pussy with a series of rapid fire thrusts which caused her to be driven mad like a wild animal in heat. She didn't want this intense fucking to stop.

The Boy-Who-Lived marveled at her. Her glasses hung skew from face when Harry pounded her extremely hard from above. Her wet cunt milked his prick every step through towards the end. He knew she wanted it and Harry happily gave it to her.

"One more time," Lisa begged him.

Harry decided to oblige her words by thrusting his thick prick into her wet womanhood. Lisa twitched around him. He stuffed her completely full of his engorged prick.

"I wonder if you're becoming addicted," Harry said. The Chosen One started to caress and touch her. She mewled underneath Harry's talented hands. "Every time I do it, it's like magic."

In another time, Lisa would have groaned at the corny nature of what Harry said. Only this time, she couldn't do anything other than cum and cum hard. Every time Harry sank his prick into her body, she responded by contracting her walls around him to milk him.

Harry brought her to another mind-shattering orgasm. Feeling the heat rise form her body, Harry assaulted her with a series of rapid fire thrusts. He punished her pussy with a huge amount of deep thrusts.

"My turn," Harry said.

Lisa anticipated Harry's load to go inside her. He rose almost all the way out of her and slammed into Lisa's dripping pussy. Each time he planted his thick prick inside her body; Lisa's pussy stretched out even further. She waited for the final climax to happen.

One final thrust brought Lisa to a spectacular peak. Her hips bucked up to take his manhood into her womanly depths. The Ravenclaw witch saw an amazing amount of stars.

Harry finished inside her body. The thick, creamy, seed spilled into Lisa's body. He launched an immense load into her.

Each time Harry pumped into her, Lisa lost a little more of her. His cumming reduced her to a bucking, moaning, animal.

Everything eased to a stop as Harry pulled out of her. He smiled when he looked down at her body. Lisa smiled back, thinking she'd still feel Harry between her thighs for months to come.

"Yes, choosing dare was the right thing."


To Be Continued.

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If there was ever blatantly shameless porn(to quote Kara Zor-El/Supergirl in Calendar Girls), this is most certainly a shameless example of shameless porn. I shamelessly admit it.


Fixing Leaks.

Charlotte Granger tapped her fingers on the edge of the table and waited for the repairman to arrive. Her washing machine wasn't working as well as it should and she didn't know what went wrong with it. Given her ex-husband picked it out, it was likely a cheap piece of junk. She wanted to know whether or not it was beyond repair.

The woman tapped her fingers, before stopping. The dark haired vixen looked at the clock. Technically the repairman was not late. She was just impatient. The dark haired woman smiled.

Her chocolate brown locks draped down over her face. Her blue eyes shimmered brightly in the light of the sitting room area. She dressed in a bathroom which had been fastened over her large breasts. Her curvy body came down to a toned stomach with an ass which could stop traffic. Charlotte's legs stretched down for miles and a pair of high heel shoes covered her feet. Her toes painted with a coat of red nail polish. She started to lift her foot in and out. Her arches were perfect and elegant.

The door bang rang and Charlotte bounced up to her feet. The brunette stepped over towards the door and opened it up.

The mature woman smiled and saw the young man on the other end of the door. His handsome face greeted her with beautiful green eyes and unruly black hair.

"Hello, you must have been sent here to fix my washing machine," Charlotte said with a smile. She gave his body the once looking over. She drank in the eye candy with every rake of her eyes. "I'm Charlotte…Charlotte Granger, and you are….."

"Harry Potter," the young man said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Harry," Charlotte said. She turned around. "Why don't I show you where the washing machine is?"

"Lead the way," Harry said.

Charlotte led the way down the hallway. Harry followed her with a smile on his face. Her robe rode up a little bit with each step and gave Harry a hint of her lacy black panties.

'So many of my house calls end with a bang'

Charlotte smiled and readjusted her bathroom. She could feel Harry's eyes on her ass. So many men stared at her ass, she developed a sixth sense about it.

"It's right down here in the basement."

Charlotte walked down the stairs and clicked on the light. She walked over towards the washing machine and pointed it out.

"It's leaking all over the floor," Charlotte said. "My husband bought it, years ago….and this isn't the first time I had problems with it….the washing machine I mean."

Harry smiled when he looked at her.

"Of course," Harry said.

"I was wondering if I should trade in for a younger model, or try and live with it," Charlotte said. She reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Take a look at it, and see what you think."

Charlotte stepped back to allow Harry to work his magic. She could see his tight ass in his uniform and she smiled. She wondered if the front view was about as good as the back.

"Did your husband try and repair this before?" Harry asked.

"Ex-husband," Charlotte said. He ran off two years ago and she hadn't been too displeased to see the back of him. "And yes he did….he never the handiest."

"I can see it," Harry said, with a frown. "I can see what I can do, but I might be able to buy you only another year or so. I'd trade in with a new model."

"Well, some things just can't be helped," Charlotte said.

She watched Harry get to work. Charlotte watched him work with a smile.

'Nothing like seeing a man who knows what he's doing with his hands get down to work,' Charlotte thought. She smiled and slowly undid the sash on her robe in an absent minded manner.

His hands moved like magic and did a series of actions which Charlotte didn't really understand. She knew he knew what he was doing.

"So, I think I've got it fixed," Harry said. "At least for now."

Harry moved his way over and grabbed the laundry which was in the basket. He put it into the machine and started to wash them.

"It's the best it's run in years," Charlotte said. She smiled looking at him. "In fact, it's the best it's ever run. It's like magic."

Harry smiled in a knowing manner before he stepped closer towards the beautiful divorcee.

"It's more than fine," Harry said. He walked closer towards him with a grin locked onto his face. "I'm used to picking up the slack from husbands who just can't cut it."

"Oh, I bet you can," Charlotte said. "So, how much is this going to cost me?"

"I'm not sure," Harry said. "The company will send you a bill in the next few days, and….if you have any problems, you just call them."

"Oh, well, I think you deserve something a little extra for your effort," Charlotte said. She smiled when she walked against him. She backed him up against the wall. "You've done such a good job, you deserve a nice tip."

Charlotte wrapped her arms around him. The robe worked its way open as she rubbed up against the crotch of the handsome young man before him.

"It's been a long time since I've been with a man who could really handle a woman," Charlotte said. She leaned closer towards him.

Harry reached around and grabbed Charlotte by her ass. She squealed when he squeezed her ass. He smiled and leaned closer towards her.

"Oh, you want to be handled, do you?" Harry asked.

The two of them met face to face. Harry pressed his lips against Charlotte's with a forceful kiss. The beautiful older woman returned the kiss with hunger, shifting it into his mouth.

Charlotte leaned back and allowed the robe to drop to the ground. Her large breasts almost spilled out of a slightly transparent black bra. Her bountiful curves were on display for Harry. A wet spot came out from the other end of her lacey panties. A pair of sheer black stockings and a garter belt added to her. She rose up on the pair of high heels she wore as well.

"You're beautiful," Harry said.

"You're delicious as well," Charlotte said. She unzipped the edge of his uniform. "Let me tip you."

She revealed his muscular chest underneath the uniform. Charlotte placed her hands on his firm chest and started to massage it. Her hands wrapped around the back of his neck and she smiled.

Harry closed his eyes to allow Charlotte to run her hands all over his body. She rose up with a smile on her face, rubbing her sensual body all over his, worshipping him.

"Oh, isn't this a nice little surprise?"

Charlotte undid the bottom half of the uniform and pulled down the boxer shorts underneath. The breath had been knocked out of her body when she saw the throbbing veiny cock of the young man before her. She couldn't even wrap one hand around her.

"You're so big," Charlotte said.

"Bigger than your ex-husband?" Harry asked her.

"Yours is a masterpiece, his is a drunken doodle on a used napkin," Charlotte said. She smiled and could feel the thick cock throb.

The horny older woman leaned over and placed her tongue over his head. Charlotte covered his swollen head with her salvia. She worked over his base.

"You're so fucking good," Harry said.

Charlotte smiled and squeezed his thick balls. She could feel all of the cum which slowly began to build up for yours.

"Hope you can re-load these pretty quick after I'm done sucking you," Charlotte said.

The sexy minx sucked his swollen balls before making her way down to his thick tool. She popped his throbbing manhood into her warm and wet mouth. Her juicy lips wrapped around him and bobbed onto his sizeable manhood with hunger in her eyes.

"You're a really good cock sucker," Harry said. "You're going to take all of my cock into the back of her slutty throat!"

"Mmm," Charlotte moaned, taking him into the back of her throat.

Charlotte brought herself all the way down onto him. Her throat stretched out to bring him deep into her. Charlotte stayed the course.

The beautiful slurping sounds caused Harry's balls to throb. Charlotte reached around and squeezed his throbbing balls. She massaged his testicles.

"You're going to make me cum soon," Harry said.

Charlotte looked up at him, smiling when she rubbed his balls and sucked him off. The gorgeous woman brought her nose down onto his pelvic bone and inhaled his cock into her mouth.

Harry's muscles tightened and he spilled his load into the warm and waiting mouth of the woman he brought to her knees. He held onto her face and pushed himself into her mouth, sending his load into her.

Charlotte ruined her panties the moment the warm hot seed touched the back of her throat. She started to suck the seed from him, rubbing his balls.

A pop released him from her mouth. Charlotte rose up to her feet with a smile.

"You're delicious, love," Charlotte said. She turned around and walked over towards the washing machine.

Harry noticed Charlotte casually shoved her panties to the side. Her dripping wet cunt exposed itself to him. He reached over and placed his hands on the side of her waist.

"I must have mixed this leak," Harry said, pushing his finger into her dripping cunt from behind.

"Oh, my, it's dripping all over the floor," Charlotte said. She could feel him slip another finger into her pussy and a third finger. "Oh, that's the ticket right there."

Harry unclipped her bra strap with his free hand. Her large breasts spilled out of her top. Harry cupped her right tit in his hand and squeezed it.

"Oh, baby, more," Charlotte said.

Harry rubbed her pussy with one hand and played with her breasts with the other hand. The sexual moans given by the woman made Harry smiled. He leaned closer towards her and started to nibble on the back of her neck.

"Enjoying yourself, aren't we?" Harry asked. "This is what you wanted isn't it? This was what you hoped for when you answered the door, didn't you?"

"I don't….know what you're talking about," Charlotte breathed. Harry delved his fingers between her wonderful thighs.

"Oh, I think you do, dressing in the minimal amount of clothing possible when I answered the door," Harry said. "The washing machine doesn't the only thing needing to be fixed, was it?"

Harry pulled his fingers from her, denying her an orgasm. Charlotte breathed heavily and Harry smiled when he backed away from her.

"Yes, I was hoping they'd send a nice stud I could seduce and fuck," Charlotte admitted.

"I know you were," Harry said. "I'm sure you want more than my fingers in you. You want my cock drilling your slutty cunt, don't you?"

Charlotte nodded in response, and Harry spun her around. He pushed her back so she was pressed against the washing machine. Her thighs spread apart to reveal her delicious center which dripped towards him.

"You want me to be inside you, don't you?" Harry asked. He played with her nice tits.

"Oh, I love you playing with my big tits," Charlotte said. "Squeeze them, honey, suck on them…fuck me hard!"

Harry straddled her and rubbed his throbbing cock against her toned stomach. He eased his way down and teased her for a moment.

"I'm burning up," Charlotte said. His head touched her inner thighs but did not slip inside her. Charlotte tried to raise her hips up towards him, but Harry pinned her down. "Give me…give me your cock!"

Harry leaned in and wrapped his lips around her nipples. He bit down on it and caused her to moan. He squeezed her right tit while suckling on her left one.

The duel sensations bombarded Charlotte. His cock came preciously closer towards her hungry cunt. The young man almost touched her outer lips to enter inside her.

"Please!" Charlotte said. "Please, master….give me your cock."

"I'm your master, and you're my pet, aren't you?" Harry asked. He stroked her thighs with his hands and teased her a little bit more.

"Yes, sir, please, give me your big cock," Charlotte said. She lifted her hips up. "Fuck me against the washing machine."

Her large breasts squashed against Harry's muscular chest when the handsome younger man leaned down against her. His thick throbbing cock pushed against her.

"YES!" Charlotte yelled. She spread her thighs to allow his larger intruder inside her.

Harry grunted when Charlotte's hot heat wrapped around his thick manhood. She grabbed onto his ass and encouraged Harry to plow into her.

"You haven't been fucked for a really long time," Harry said. "Your pussy is so fucking tight."

"Oh, yes, it's tight," Charlotte said. She shifted her hips up towards him. Charlotte wrapped her legs around Harry's waist and held him in closer towards her. "Loosen it up a little bit baby."

"Oh, I'll make your cunt mine," Harry said. "I can feel how much you love me fucking your snug twat!"

Harry rubbed down her legs. Her soft skin pressed underneath his palm. He plowed deep into her body and almost came out of her before he pushed completely into her depths. He rose up and slammed himself into her.

Charlotte rocked her hips up towards him. The mature babe rose her hips up towards him. Her hips rolled up to bring him deeper into her. She could feel it, in her body. He brought her to an orgasm with the power of his cock. Charlotte gasped when he stuffed her full.

Harry leaned down and buried his face between her breasts. Charlotte wrapped her arms around him and held his head against her breast. His mouth and tongue lavished her, eating her.

"Love, you're so good," Charlotte said. "Mmm, oohhh….ah."

Her pussy flowed rather nicely. Harry kept rocking his hips back into her. Now her pussy moistened completely it allowed her to plow against her tight walls even more. Charlotte arched herself back to allow him to push into her. The head of his cock buried deep inside her body.

Harry relaxed himself to all her walls to contract around him. He could feel her insides. The heat touched him and he sought even more of it. He plunged into her.

"Enjoy cumming for a real cock?" Harry asked.

"Oh, yes, baby," Charlotte said. "Stuff my naughty twat with your big fat prick."

Harry smiled when he continued to play with her legs. He enjoyed how sexy her toned legs looked with the sheer stockings. He brought himself down onto her.

Charlotte gasped when her belly had been stuffed with his large cock. The signs of release crept up her body. He pushed himself into her.


One word whispered into her ear. Charlotte obeyed the words of this younger, forceful man. Her pussy twisted around him and kept launching her hot juices around him. Harry continued to push into her. He leaned down with each thrust and teased her nipples with her teeth.

"Master, please, cum inside me," Charlotte said.

He fucked her vigorously against the washing machine. Charlotte never could believe anything like this could happen in real life, but she couldn't have enough of it. She rose her hands up and dug herself into her.

"You're an animal, pet," Harry said.

"Yes, fuck me like one!" Charlotte yelled. "Bury your prick inside me and make sure everyone knows a hung stud drilled me! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"

Harry rammed himself into her depths. Charlotte's heated core stretched around him. He pushed into her. The cunt stuffing actions brought the cum to the point of his balls.

"One more time," Harry said. He leaned towards her and bit onto the edge of her ear.

Charlotte thought she would lose it. She milked him with the hard thrusts. Again she saw stars and again Harry plowed into her. His cum heavy balls slapped against her thighs.

Her body shuddered to stop and Harry plowed inside her. He fucked her pussy raw, hammering her. Charlotte hung onto him, moaning, squeezing his bicep. Harry could feel himself be brought to the edge.

Her shriek brought another orgasm. Her walls clamped down onto him with Harry slamming into her body. His nerves fired with pleasure and the point of his cock launched into her body. The hot and warm seed spilled into her body. Harry held into her hips slamming deep into her womanly depths.

Charlotte shuddered with a stop with Harry emptying the contents of his balls into her body. She couldn't believe his balls held this much seed. He overflowed her and filled her body with so much cum.

Harry pulled away from her and surveyed the latest results. Charlotte smiled when she ran her fingers over her body. Her stomach rose and fell. She felt stuff full with his cum flowing from her.

"Well, at least it's structurally sound," Charlotte said. She tried to stagger to her feet with a smile. The bountiful brunette almost collapsed forward into Harry's arms.

"Yes, it is," Harry said, squeezing her ass when Charlotte pressed her breasts into his face. He squeezed her again which caused her to gasp. "Yes it is."

Charlotte's loins tingled and she wanted even more. The fact this stud was willing to give her everything she needed was music to her ears.

"Let's see how loud I can make you scream."



Just because she's been retired from ever appearing in my stories again, doesn't mean her mother should be punished. Don't ask, just don't ask. So, wild cards will be included rather soon, although there will still be Potter women exclusive chapters. Will the next chapter be one of those with a Potter woman, or a woman from another fandom? (I know, because the next chapter is already written).

Chapter Text

I've decided to put what women will be featured next to the chapter titles. It kind of ruins the element of surprise, so sorry about that. You can feel free to skip past the bold type, and not ruin the surprise. I feel when the wild cards get figured in in future chapters, I'll need to put the character and the fandom they are from anyway. So if people want to research them before they go into the chapter, they can do so. Also, the list is growing on the blog. Nowhere near complete. Well, Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter are mostly complete, but the other lists...not as much.

Anyway, I've babbled enough, and I doubt only half of you have listened to a word I said. Or read read with a word I said.

Who Broke Who?(Bellatrix Black-Lestrange and Narcissa Black-Malfoy from Harry Potter)

Harry Potter reclined as much as he could against the dungeon walls of the Malfoy family dungeon. The Boy-Who-Lived found his wrists shackled to the wall. His legs had been spread apart on the wall. A few scratches and bruises covered his face.

Twelve Death Eaters it took to bring him down. Harry was certain he brought a handful of them down in the process and left many others with injuries to remember him by. The plan looked a bit better on paper, than it did actually playing out in practice. Harry deepened his smile. He was positive he could salvage this one.

The doors opened up and a refined woman descended down the stairs. Bellatrix Lestrange approached the steps, a scowl on her face. Her silky black hair shined in the dim light of the dungeons. Her soft and refined face returned to its full luster after being out of Azkaban for a few years. Her exotic violet eyes shined in the light. Her lips curled down, coated in dark lipstick, plump and perfect for all kinds of oral talents. Her robes stretched over her body, hiding a lot of what was underneath. Bellatrix dressed in a pair of fingerless black gloves with her nails painted black.

Harry believed she was rather well endowed indeed, thanks to her magical prowess. Bellatrix walked over towards him. The scowl on her face was quite fetching on her.

"Well, well, well, Potter, look what the cat dragged in," Bellatrix said.

"Hello, Bellatrix, how's my favorite psychopath?" Harry asked.

"Better than you are right now, I can tell you," Bellatrix said. She looked like a predatory who stalked her prey. "You've been a naughty little boy, Potter. Constantly meddling in the Dark Lord's schemes."

"My day's not complete unless I ruin Voldemort's," Harry said.

"You speak his name," Bellatrix said.

"Well, it's not his name, mainly some title he gifted himself," Harry said. "His real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. His father was a common Muggle. His mother was barely above the level of a filthy squib."

Bellatrix's rage bubbled over to the service.

"And to think, only a select few know his name, his real name," Harry said. Bellatrix pulled out her wand and pointed at her adversary. "But, perhaps you know. Perhaps you know Voldemort is the bastard son of a squib and a Muggle."

"It's lies Dumbledore has told you, Potter," Bellatrix said.

"Well, Dumbledore has lied many times, but…your master told me himself," Harry said. "I stared him in the eye when he admitted who his father was…nothing but a filthy Muggle. Useful in death, because his bones allowed your master to cling onto his pathetic existence called life."

"The Dark Lord is more powerful then you will ever be, Potter," Bellatrix said.

"Oh, you've tasted my power full on, haven't you?" Harry asked. "When I gave you the Cruciatus Curse in the Department of Mysteries. Remember Bellatrix."

"You didn't cause me pain," Bellatrix said. "I told you, Potter, you didn't mean it."

"Oh, naïve, Bella, I obviously didn't cause you pain," Harry said. "Magic is all about intent. I've performed the sister curse to the curse by pure accident, and….you were in desperate need of a change of panties, weren't you, Bella?"

Bellatrix returned fire with a glare of her own. He did cause her sexual stimulation, as if by accident. She tried to hide it underneath her demeanor, and thankfully the Dark Lord turned up and drew attention off of her.

"The mirror of pain is pleasure," Harry said. "I get it, you want to be a tough girl. And you can be dangerous…you're extremely bad, Bella. You're a naughty little vixen, who thinks she can have her way with the naïve Gryffindor."

Bellatrix locked eyes with him. She tried to show no fear.

"Deep down, you get off on it, you get off on the idea of submitting to a wizard who society things is beneath your standards," Harry said. "And deep down ,you know about Riddle. And you continue to throw yourself at him….but he doesn't want anything to do with you, does he?"

Bellatrix hated how close to home he struck her. She stepped towards Harry and placed her hands on either side of her face. The nails of the dark witch dug into Harry's face.

"Shut up, Potter."

The dark goddess moved her hips against Harry so she could press against him. She squashed her breasts against him when against the wall.

"You think you're so big, Potter?" Bellatrix asked. "You think you got the better of me."

"I did get the better of you, and I got the better of you now," Harry said. "The state of you tells me as such."

Bellatrix stepped back to cup her breasts. Her nipples hardened through the other side of her robes.

"And the moment I get out of here, I'm going to treat you like the whore you've always wanted to be," Harry said. "I'm going to make you scream my name, and you're going to have a new master."

"You think so, don't you, Potter?" Bellatrix asked. The Chosen One's eyes locked onto her with a smile and Bellatrix removed her hand from her breast to stare at him. "I'm going to break you. I've bet you've never experienced a real woman."

"Take your best shot, Trixie."

Bellatrix raised her wand and started to slice off Harry's robes. The tattered remains of his robes fell to the floor. She ripped his shirt off to reveal his muscular chest. The scars covering his athletic upper body didn't detract from the experience. Bellatrix slowly ran her hands over the scars, tracing patterns on them.

"One would think you're getting into this," Harry said.

Bellatrix realized what she was doing and stopped.

"We'll see how tough the great Harry Potter is," Bellatrix said.

Bellatrix undid Harry's trousers and pulled them down. The only piece of clothing left to block her sight from the promise land was a pair of boxer shorts. She could see Harry's tent being pitched.

"Auntie Bella wants to play," Bellatrix said, squeezing his package in her hands. The dark witch removed her hands and worked Harry's boxer shorts down over his ankles.

Seeing his naked cock out in front of her caused Bellatrix to gasp. Most purebloods didn't measure up to this at all. The thick cock standing in front of her caused Bellatrix to step back and gasp.

"Ah, what's the matter?" Harry asked, doing a perfect imitation of her baby voice. "Ickle Trixie afraid of big bad Harry's big cock?"

Bellatrix squeezed Harry's balls forcefully. She could feel how thick and heavy they were and ran her hand down them. A fire burned through her eyes when she leaned down. The thick swollen head greeted her. Bellatrix leaned forward and touched her lips to his cock. She slid her tongue against it.

The sexual stimulation was about to begin. Harry watched Bellatrix ease her mouth open and lower herself onto his cock. The dark witch came closer to bringing him into her mouth.

Bellatrix inhaled Harry's cock with one fell swoop. She brought her lips down onto him and made a lewd popping sound. The thick manhood pierced into the back of the throat, which Bellatrix brought him down.

"Not a bad cock sucker," Harry said. "Most certainly top five."

Top five? Bellatrix vowed to show him she was the best. She leaned back and slurped his thick prick into the back of her throat. Bellatrix' warm throat accented his cock. The middle Black daughter worked over his thick manhood with his cock, dragging it up of the edge and tonguing out of his slit. The warm taste of his pre-cum hit her tongue.

Harry closed his eyes. Bellatrix used her tongue, teeth, and throat to give his cock a full stimulation. She went to town on his cock, with all of the talented precision of a top dollar war. The vixen's tight throat contracted around his cock and started to suck him down. Bellatrix refused to let go of the throbbing tool placed in her tight throat.

Bellatrix sucked him into the back of her throat. Feeling his heavy balls, Bellatrix tingled in excitement for the amount of cum to her. The suction sound made sure his entire cock would be feeling this, when Bellatrix left him nothing, but a broken man, with a sore cock and an empty, drained, sac.

"Whore, Death eater slut," Harry growled. "But, I've bet you've never had a cock this big in your throat."

Bellatrix groped his sac and started to rub him violently. The dark witches's nails sank into Harry's hairy balls when she brought him. Bellatrix milked him like a cow, and she would get all of his fucking milk.

Harry thrust his hips forward and choked Bellatrix on his erupting cock. The cream coated the back of her throat firing into it with the precision of a firehouse. Bellatrix clutched onto his balls and stroked them, milking all of the cream from his balls down her throat.

The witch rose to her feet, a dazed expression on her eyes. Bellatrix knew one thing for sure, she never took this much cum into her mouth. A bit of a cocky smirk returned to her face when she stared at Harry.

"Guess you aren't so….." Bellatrix said. She stopped the moment something else rose to the occasion. "How are you still hard?"

Bellatrix's eyes looked at Harry's cock. It remained erect despite just seconds earlier her giving him a sloppy and sexual blowjob which drained his balls.

"Guess, you're not as good as you think you are," Harry said with a smile. "I'll give you an EE, there's most certainly room for an improvement."

Bellatrix removed the clasp on her robe and pulled it down to the ground. She revealed a tight black halter top where her breasts almost spilled down them. The abundance of womanly curves stretched into the shirt. A tight black leather skirt stretched down until a little bit past her knees. Her legs covered in ripped fishnet stockings and black leather high heeled boots.

"Not too bad, Trixie," Harry said. "You'd look good hanging out on a corner in Knockturn alley."

Bellatrix gritted her teeth when looking at him. Yet, there was another part of her who got off on getting demeaned on him. She removed her halter top and revealed her large breasts. The globes rested high and firm on her chest. Harry received a visual buffet of big areolas, and juicy, erect nipples. Bellatrix pushed her large tits in his face.

"Suck it, you little bastard," Bellatrix said.

Harry bit down onto her nipple which caused her to gasp in pleasure. The Boy-Who-Lived's mouth treated her sensitive nipples extremely roughly. Bellatrix groaned the more Harry buried his mouth over her nipple.

"Oh, fuck, bite my nipples, maul my breasts with your mouth," Bellatrix said. She reached between her thighs and started to rub her cunt. The juices stuck to her fingers. "Feel this, you little cunt warmer, feel what you're doing to me. You naughty boy."

Bellatrix removed her breasts from Harry's suckling mouth and tried to forcefully shove her juice stained fingers Harry's mouth wrapped around her fingers and inhaled them. Bellatrix groaned when Harry bit down onto her finger.

"I'm going to ride you into the ground, Potter," Bellatrix said.

"Do you think your cunt can handle me?"

Bellatrix ripped her skirt off to reveal her cunt. Her pink lips beckoned out for Harry with a strip of dark hair down it. The dark witch straddled Harry's hips and pushed her cunt closer towards his thick manhood. Bellatrix grinded up and down on his thick cock, almost ready to shove him all the way inside her.

"Damn, you're the tightiest whore ever," Harry said.

Bellatrix wrapped her legs around Harry's hips with a crushing force. The nymphomaniac death eater pushed her hips down onto Harry's thick cock and slid all the way down her pole. His cock entered her tight cavern.

Harry grunted when Bellatrix impaled herself onto his pole. Bellatrix Lestrange's big tits smacked into his face. Harry took the creamy globes into his mouth and started to suck them.

"You bastard, you're going to make me cum," Bellatrix said.

"Oh, my poor cock sleeve, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into, have you?" Harry asked.

"No, but you've gotten yourself into me, Potter," Bellatrix said, squeezing her thighs closer to milk his probing prick. It seemed to grow and swell by each thrust.

Bellatrix leaned down and bit down onto the side of Harry's neck, drawing a little bit of blood. His cock pushed deeper into her.

The heat from her loins surrounded Harry's cock. He rose his hips up and brought all twelve inches sthick into the dripping hot womanhood of Bellatrix. Bellatrix grinded down onto him pushing onto him.

Bellatrix's body erupted into a pleasure. A pair of strong hands gripped her on the ass and squeezed it to push it into her.

Wait a minute, hands, loose, on her ass, roaming all the way down the back of her legs, and up her body to touch her breasts. A hazy conclusion reached Bellatrix.

A crack echoed and Harry brought Bellatrix across the room. The Death Eater couldn't fight it, or care too much about the fact Harry Potter was loose. The only thing mattered was she came all over his cock.

Restraints strapped around her and the next thing she knew, Bellatrix found herself strapped to a torture rack in the dungeons. The restraints were fastened tightly around her, and Bellatrix couldn't be any more horny than Harry left her now.

"A big rack for a big rack," Harry said as he pawed her tits, having pulled completely out of her. "Let's see if I could stretch you out."

Harry rubbed against the entrance of the woman. Juices collected on the tip of his cock. The number of juices coating Bellatrix thighs allowed him for an easier move.

"Stick it in me, Potter, you're making me crazy," Bellatrix said.

"Just now," Harry said. He played with Bellatrix's right breast and started to squeeze them.

"Harry, please, I need your cock inside me," Bellatrix said. "My pussy is on fire."

Harry smiled and edged his cock against her, sinking into her dripping hot pussy one more again. The sound of the moans in his ear prompted Harry to bring his entire weight down into his cock. Harry pushed his hips against her.

Bellatrix gasped when their pelvic muscles met together. His cock stretched her out on the rack. His hands started to maul her tits and rubbed them hard.

"You can drown a man, Trixie," Harry said.

"All the better…for you to fuck my brains out," Bellatrix said.

The door on the stairs opened and Narcissa Malfoy stepped down. She went down to check to make sure her sister didn't get out of control with interrogating Potter for information. Bellatrix could go over the top a lot of the times.

Narcissa heard moans, which she expected. What she didn't expect was there were Bellatrix's moans. Narcissa opened up the door and saw a sight she never thought she would see in her life.

Harry Potter violated Bellatrix repeatedly with his….gifted equipment. Narcissa watched him, thinking she should intervene, but Narcissa couldn't bring herself to do so. She couldn't look away from the tawdry scene next to her. Like a disgusting broomstick crash, Narcissa knew the spectacle would be a big much.

And speaking of broomsticks, Harry penetrated Bellatrix and started to cause her to scream. Narcissa reached up and undid the front of her robes slowly. She trailed her fingers down.

Bellatrix tried to lift her hips as much as they could. A rush spread through her body. Every single part of her body had been attacked by Harry.

"Having fun?" Harry asked. "Time for you to cum again."

Bellatrix tried to exert some kind of self control. It didn't happen for long, but Bellatrix made the effort to do so. Harry brought his thick manhood into her.

"Just look at you, the state of you," Harry said. Her legs had been released, allowing Bellatrix's fishnet clad legs to wrap around him. He could feel her legs up. "You're a bad girl, lusting after the cock of your master's most hated enemy."

Bellatrix gasped with a pleasurable moan. Harry brought the point of his throbbing penis into her body. Bellatrix wrapped her thighs around him and started to pump him.

"And look at you, you're cumming again….I don't even need to say anything do I. I just have to touch your nipples."

Harry flicked her nipples to prove his point. Bellatrix overflowed and sent her into a gushing rush of pleasure. His cock pushed into her depths, stuffing her completely full.

The moment Bellatrix came down, Harry pulled out of her. He knew she wouldn't move now.

Narcissa Malfoy stopped, eyes widened. Her robes were opened with her skirt rolled up and her panties rolled up.

"Hello, Mrs. Malfoy, long time, no see," Harry said.

"Mr. Potter," Narcissa said, trying to look casual.

"I'm guessing Lucius hasn't been….quite living up to standards," Harry said. He made sure Narcissa stepped completely into room, locking the door behind both of them and casting a spell so no one could bother them. "But if he's anything like his demon spawn of a son, there's some pretty low standards."

"Potter, you're…you're not going to do this to me, like her," Narcissa said. She backed up against the wall.

"Do what?" Harry asked. He lightly touched his fingers on the edge of the wall and pinned her back.

Narcissa's cheeks grew with the heat. The thought of this powerful young man being up close to her dried her mouth.

"She means you're not going to fuck her like a high class whore," Bellatrix said. "She means you're not going to pin her down to the ground, rip open her blouse and suck on her giant tits, while shoving your cock into her underused cunt. The only thing she's had it was barely bigger than a pin."

"Bellatrix, you're….."

"It's not like Potter can handle both of us," Bellatrix said. "Your cunt's tighter than mine. He'll burst in it."

Harry backed Narcissa against the wall. He could hear her heartbeat against her chest. Harry smiled when he pushed up against her.

"Potter, don't…..please," Narcissa said.

"Are you afraid of me, Narcissa?" Harry asked. "Are you afraid you can't handle a real man's cock?"

"No, I'm not afraid, Potter," Narcissa said.

"Then prove it," Harry said.

Narcissa threw her arms around Harry's neck and pushed her rosy lips around his. The two of them exchanged a passionate kiss with each other. Harry's tongue went into her mouth.

"Yes, give in, embrace your inner whore, little sister!" Bellatrix said, cackling.

Narcissa stepped back and wrapped her hand around Harry's thick cock. Narcissa could feel flushed when she rubbed her future lover's pipe in between her fingers.

"Are you going to do anything?" Harry asked. "Or have you forgotten?"

Narcissa waved her wand, and transformed one of the chairs into something more comfortable. She backed Harry onto the love seat and looked at his thick prick into the air.

"I love your big cock, Harry Potter," Narcissa said. "You're the chosen one…chosen to fuck me."

Narcissa kissed the tip of Harry's thick prick and pushed her lips around it. She brought his cock into her mouth. Narcissa tasted his cock.

"Oh, Narcissa, don't you realize you're sucking his cock with my juices staining it?" Bellatrix asked.

Narcissa wasn't deterred. Harry reached around, threading his fingers on the back of her golden blonde hair. Harry pushed his thick prick into the back of her throat.

His cock stuffed her cheeks and the back of her throat when Harry started to face fuck the mother of one of his school yard rival. Narcissa's wet heat of her mouth inhaled and released his cock.

Harry pulled his cock out of Narcissa's mouth. She looked up at him with a smile on her face. Narcissa rose up and grinded her wet pussy against his cock.

"Inside me, Mr. Potter," Narcissa said.

"Yes, Narcissa," Harry said with a smile.

Narcissa positioned her heated mound against his thick cock. She pushed his cock inside her, straddling Harry's hips and bringing him inside her. The sexy MILF wiggled her hips down onto him.

"Oh, Narcissa, Bellatrix was right!" Harry groaned, her pussy envolping his thick cock. "You're really fucking tight!"

Narcissa positioned her pussy down onto him. Her almost virgin tight pussy wrapped around his thick cock. Despite giving birth to her son, magic made her pussy extremely tight because of underuse.

"Going to cum yet, Chosen One?" Narcissa asked.

Harry removed her blouse to reveal her creamy, delicious, tits. He leaned in and took Narcissa's rosy nipple into her mouth. Narcissa wrapped her arms around Harry's head and pushed them into her creamy breasts.

Narcissa couldn't believe this. No one worshipped her breasts like Harry did. His mouth stimulated her and caused an eruption of pleasure to go down her body.

"Faster, Narcissa, drill your cunt over his big half blood dick!" Bellatrix yelled. Her hands had been freed by Harry, but she wasn't to move. The dark witch masturbated herself raw.

Narcissa hung onto his neck. Her wet cunt brought down onto his thick manhood. Tingles pushed into her. She could feel his cum swollen balls going up into her cum.

"Cumming, so hard, Bellatrix," Narcissa said.

"Just the first one, first of many," Bellatrix informed her. "Does your entire body feel like he transfigured it into a G-Spot?"

"Yes!" Narcissa screamed at the top of her lungs. She pushed her hard nipple into Harry's mouth.

Narcissa's snug cunt squeezed Harry's cock like a python. The glorious heat wrapped around him and sank down onto him. The woman's hair stuck against her face.

Harry motorboarded her breasts. Her heat pumped down around her, with Harry shoving himself into her. Narcissa gasped when Harry shoved his thick prick into her body. His balls swelled when her hot anus pushed down onto them.

"Spill your seed into me, Harry," Narcissa breathed. "Put your seed into me. Breed my pureblood womb!"

"Oh, I knew you were a slut!" Bellatrix yelled. Her masturbating got even more hungered, at the thought of the Boy-Who-Lived knocking up her younger sister and knocking her up. They would need to kidnap Andromeda and complete the cycle, providing they could walk again when Potter was done with them.

"Yes, I'm the slut, the slut of the Chosen One," Narcissa said.

"What about the Dark Lord?" Bellatrix asked.

"Did the Dark Lord ever do this to us?" Narcissa asked.

"No, he hasn't, he'd rather spend time with other men kneeling before him," Bellatrix said.

Harry gripped Narcissa's delicious ass and continued to allow her to ride onto him. The pureblood vixen kept riding onto him. His balls started to churn with cum inside her.

"Please, Master, give me your seed….I'll carry your heirs!" Narcissa yelled.

"Not if I don't carry them first," Bellatrix said.

"But, you couldn't finish the job," Narcissa said. "I guess years in Azakban have made you soft, Bella."

"Are you willing to forsake the Dark Lord for me?" Harry asked, looking up from Narcissa's breasts to stare at Bellatrix.

"Yes, I'll willingly betray the Dark Lord for your cock!" Bellatrix yelled.

Harry smiled, he supposed it was the thought which counted. He pushed his cock into Narcissa's extremely willing pussy. Her cunt pumped up and down onto him.

"Yes, I'll take your cock, I'll kill my husband for your seed!" Narcissa yelled.

"Aww, I wanted to kill your husband!" Bellatrix whined.

Harry's thick cock started to pierce her. Narcissa summoned all of the power to her pussy and tried to squeeze him completely hard. She wanted to feel him knock her up. Her breasts swelling with milk for her master to feed on.

"Give your pet your cum, Master," Narcissa said. Harry nibbled on her breasts to leave love bites on him.

"Oh, are you receiving your new mark, Cissa?" Bellatrix asked, having conjured a magical vibrator and shoved it into her pussy.

Harry smiled and decided to give Bellatrix an orgasm from across the room. Her hips bucked up and down, slamming into the invisible air as the magically simulated cock speared into her.

"You might burn out, Narcissa."

"I won't."

Narcissa lifted her hips down onto him. She allowed him to touch her ass and cram his cock into her pussy. So much cum, she was pretty sure he used a charm to prevent himself from cumming inside her.

Bellatrix collapsed into a drooling state, resembling one of her past victims. Narcissa left.

"Do you swear to follow me, no matter what?" Harry asked

"Yes, I'm loyal to only you," Narcissa said.

Harry smiled, her legs were amazingly soft, as her were her breasts and pussy. Her ass looked to be delicious as well and he couldn't get enough of it. Harry pushed deep into Narcissa and pummeled her.

"Don't worry, Voldemort will be dead momentarily."

Bellatrix would have asked what Harry meant, had she functioning brain cells which hadn't been fucked into a stupor. Her pussy kept humming from the results of the series of orgasms Harry channeled through her body through the body by the sheer force of well.

Pleasure racked Narcissa's body and it increased when the contents of his balls spilled into Narcissa's body Harry fired the contents of his balls into Narcissa's womb.

"Did it Bellatrix," Narcissa breathed, making sure all of his cum filled her pussy. She could feel her master knocking her up with a child, a child which would be more powerful than the disappointment Lucius gave her.

"Only because I got the ball rolling," Bellatrix said. She rose up to the table and walked over, almost collapsing to her knees.

"Don't worry, there's more where that came from."

Harry smiled; he used Bellatrix's dark mark as a conduit for a sexually charged ritual to kill Voldemort and his followers. He saved Bellatrix from this fate by binding her to him as a sex slave, and he added Narcissa as a lovely door prize.

All was well.

The End.

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Well here begins the official inclusion of the Wild Card chapters. Well technically, last chapter was the official start, but it came up as Harry Potter in the entirely complicated way I decide these things. Anyway, enjoy, or don't.

Across the Realms(Arwyn from Sojourn)

A rumbling sound echoed in the distance. A hideous creature guarded the edge of the temple. All who had tried to get past it to get the treasure inside had been slain. The treasure laid in the dominion of a sorcerer who intended to use this particular magical artifact to enslave the people and bring a new age of darkness to the kingdom.

A statuesque blonde dressed in green stepped into the picture. She dressed in a lacy tied up green garment and tight silver pants. Her soft face was a contrast to the intensity blazing through her eyes. The woman slung a quiver over her shoulder and a bow in her hand.

"No more, no more will suffer," the woman said. "This will end tonight. Your master will fall, and you along with him."

The creature responded with a loud growl. The archer loaded her bow and fired the arrow. The arrow caught him directly between the eyes. One shot with the arrow only served to enrage the beast.

Several more arrows unloaded into the creature's chest. They were designed to drop him to the ground, but instead, the creature remained standing on his feet, blood dripping down from his chest.

A flash of light appeared over the archer's head. Her eyes opened when a striking young man fell from the ceiling at her feet. He dressed in a black uniform with the slight hints of silver. His green eyes distinguished him the most with an unruly head of black hair which one could run their fingers through for a long time. The lighting bolt mark on his forehead had some significance. He strapped a sword over his back, which the archer could tell was more for show than anything.

The visitor opened his palm and fired a blast of light towards the creature. The creature dropped down onto the ground and howled.

"His weak spot is the right side of his neck," the traveler said. "Do you think you can hit it?"

"Yes," the archer said, aiming back her bow.

One arrow fired the right side of his neck and the creature howled in agony. The enchantment which bound him to this location had been compromised by the arrival.

"It's inside, isn't it?" the traveler asked.

The archer responded with a nod and watched the creature vanished from the realm. Rushing inside, she snatched the item out of the box.

"The key, it's here, he had it," she said.

"An army will be sent, you've triggered the enchantments," the traveler said. "You need to leave."

"I will see him dead," the archer said. "Even if it means my demise"

The army approached and they were in great numbers.

"Your demise isn't something I'm willing to do after if I saved you," he said. "And I'll save you one more time."

The archer braced herself for a fight, but it did not come. The army stopped outside.

"I have shielded this place from the eyes of your enemy….." the handsome traveler said. "Even if I do not know his name, I know he is of great power."

"Mordath," the woman said, great venom dripping from her voice.

"Yes, I can tell you have a history," he said.

"History, he killed my family, he killed others which held dear to me, and if I perish, I hope to take him with me," she said.

"Yes, a suicidal attitude, it's a common virtue of the noblest warriors….Miss….."

The noble young man left the name dropped. The archer smiled when she looked at him.

"Arwyn, my name is Arwyn, I was once one of the Royal Archers," the woman said.

The sound of the army had been replaced by the sound of a storm. It looked like unless the army discontinued their search immediately. Given the dangerous man they worked for, neither held any love loss.

"Arwyn, it's a beautiful name," he said. "Fitting for the woman it belongs to."

The woman smiled when she looked him over. The gentleman looked like he took care of himself.

"And who you are…noble knight?" she asked with a smile crossing her face.

The savior chuckled in response. To be honest, he had been called a lot in his day. Noble knight was quite frankly a new one.

"I wouldn't call myself a knight, more like a humble traveler, who is drawn to women in peril," he said.

Arwyn folded her arms underneath her chest which did a good job in enhancing it. Something about his aura seemed enchanting to her. She drank him in like a rare wine.

"I was not in peril, the situation would have been…dealt with, had you not intervened," Arywn said. "But, I do thank you for assisting me and for…misdirecting Mordath's followers….and again, I do not have your name, so I cannot properly thank you."

"Harry Potter," he said.

"Yes, a name worthy of nobility," she said. "You sound like someone who would be a resident of this realm, but yet, you are not around here."

"I'm a traveler, I walk amongst worlds," Harry said. "I seek out the most beautiful of all of the creatures in the universe."

"And these are?"

"Women," Harry said.

Arwyn heard his self-assured voice. His eyes locked onto her face, never studying her body, but he didn't need to. Once glance into his eyes told her all she needed to know.

"And I've been drawn here by your plight," Harry said. "And trust me when I say I've been in your position. Lost friends, family, all because of an evil dark wizard who would have liked to see the world burn. But in the end, you always find another reason to fight. You find another reason to get out of bed another day."

"I'm finding it difficult," Arwyn said. "And I thank you for your help, Harry Potter, but I must be departing."

Arwyn found her self-control waver the longer she stood here in this place. The thoughts of what might happen to her, because of him haunted her mind and her thoughts.

"You shouldn't leave, noble archer," Harry said. "The storm is not fit."

"I will brave it."

Arwyn stepped closer outside, but took one look at the storm. A hideous wind and snowfall kicked up outside in the place. The temperature dropped several degrees and was dropping once again. She would not be able to make it to the edge of the village by nightfall, much less make it back home.

"We better find wood to start a fire, then," Harry said. "Because, we're in for a long night."

"I'm afraid a fire would be out of the realm of possibility," Arywn said. "The wood in this forest, it burns cold…even if there is some in the sitting area."

Harry walked out and picked up a chunk of wood in his hand. Arwyn sat down on the couch and rubbed her hands together in an attempt to gain friction.

"You're right," Harry said, after testing starting a fire. The embers flickered and the flames crashed. "Maybe I should try a warming charm?"

Arywn blinked and could feel the frigid chill spread through her body even more. The young man raised his hand and performed the spell.

"Anything?" Harry asked.

"Still nothing," Arwyn said. "It was a powerful bit of magic, but the ancient runes buried deep within this village has prevented you from generating any warmth. Mordoth uses them to keep us weak and cold…no doubt he has devised a way to counteract them."

"It seems to be the case."

Arwyn looked at the traveler. Her eyebrow raised at his lack of reaction.

"Aren't you cold?" Arwyn asked.

"No, I'm not as cold…but I've trained myself to resist cold temperatures," Harry said.

Arwyn could feel a chill go across her body. There had to be some clothes around here. The search of the archer was fruitless and the temperature around here seemed to drop. Soon, it would be unbearable. She needed to keep moving.

"There's one way where we could generate heat," Harry said. He placed his hand on her shoulder.

Arwyn turned around. The archer's beautiful face contorted into a smile. He was rather handsome and she was rather cold. And it had been a long time since she had intimate contact with a male.

"Please, I'm cold."

"Let me warm you up."

The two touched together, their lips meeting into a passionate kiss. Arwyn could feel his warm lips touching her chilled ones and something spread through her body. The archer's shapely hips pushed forward and touched her hips towards Harry's pelvis.

Harry wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight into him. The archer's shapely and firm breasts pressed against him. Arwyn made a moaning sound, when Harry ran his hands all over her body generating friction.

For a few seconds, Harry recognized reluctance. Then he recognized compliance with the necessity. It was in his nature to help women in need, and this women would freeze to death.

"Are you feeling warmer now?" Harry asked, kissing her on the side of the neck.

"Yes," Arwyn said. She pushed her hips towards him, smiling. "Share all of your heat with me, noble traveler."

The archer fumbled with the clasp of his uniform and pulled down the bottom of it. Arwyn let out a startled gasp when his thick manhood revealed itself towards her. She drooled when seeing it.

"We need to be on even ground for this to work," Harry said.

"Take my pants off, but keep rubbing against me," Arwyn said. Her breasts swelled and fell against her top.

Harry did as she asked him. The archer rotated her hips against Harry's when her pants had been pulled down. Her lacy green panties clung towards her pussy.

"Warm you up a little bit more," Harry said. He touched his fingers between Arwyn's needy lips. She gasped the more Harry played with her dripping slit towards her panties. "It's been a long time for you, hasn't it?"

"More than long enough," Arwyn said.

Harry's right hand cupped and squeezed her ass while his left hand played with her pussy. Both actions caused friction to rise from the beautiful blonde.

"Bed me," she begged him, biting down on her lip. "Make me yours, Harry."

"Looks like you're giving me plenty of heat in return."

Harry cupped her pussy and started to squeeze between her legs. Her panties soaked completely through before Harry removed then. He revealed her pussy with a strip of blonde hair trimmed in the shape of an arrow.

"Cute," Harry said.

"I need you inside me," Arwyn said.

A fantastical need to be stuffed full of this throbbing manhood filled the archer. She wanted him, even if it wasn't necessary for her survival to get fucked by him.

Harry pushed her back against the couch and straddled her hips. He undid her undergarment and smiled.

Arwyn's D-Cup breasts spilled into the air. The young man smiled when he squeezed her gorgeous globes in his hands.

"Don't worry, I'll keep you plenty warm," Harry said. His top was off and he pressed his muscular chest down on her breasts. Her hard nipples pushed into Harry's chest.

Arwyn panted. The powerful visitor's hands cupped and touched her chest. He seemed to hit all of her buttons at once. The archer privately wondered if he was secretly an incubus who had been sent here to steal her soul through sex magic.

'Far worst fates,' Arwyn thought in a lustful haze.

"Are you ready for my cock to be inside you?"

"Yes, make me, make me yours, lover," Arwyn breathed, trying to lift her hips up.

The fact Harry forced her down and made her wait for the end caused her cunt lips to moisten. She wanted him so badly, and the fact he controlled her made her.

Harry pushed his swollen head up against her entrance. The heat the archer generated made him feel really good. Harry pushed himself into her, burying his cock into her.

The first few inches of Harry's cock pushed into her moist center caused Arwyn to lose her mind. Every single inch of his thick tool buried into her moist cunt. The stars she saw were amazing and beyond all recognition. It was like someone had taken her innocence all over again.

"Time for more heat."

Harry stuffed her pussy with a few thrusts. The sounds the woman made were beautiful. He buried himself into her waiting heat which caused Arwyn's breasts to bounce up and down.

"OOOOH, AHHH!" Arwyn yelled.

The archer reached a peak she had not reached in an eternity. The tip of his manhood struck her G-Spot. Her legs locked around him when she clenched.

"You're doing it, you're making me cum!" Arwyn yelled, feeling Harry bend down towards her.

Harry played with her breasts and kept up the effort. He rammed his cock into her at an intense speed. He though for a moment it had been too much, but Arwyn held onto him.

"Destroy me, break me, break my cunt!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

The proper demeanor faded. Arwyn's hair plastered against her face and pure lust radiated from her eyes. Harry's hands kept exploring pretty much every inch of her body.

"You're cumming, again," Harry said.

Arwyn held onto him, pushing her hips up against him. Her pussy clamped around him and relaxed around his prick. A few more thrusts caused her to rear back her head with a moan.

Harry stopped ramming his cock into her body and pulled out of her. Arwyn whined in agony, having lost her favorite toy. Harry smiled and pulled her up to a sitting position.

He leaned in and dragged her towards him. Arwyn perched herself over Harry's lap. The heat of her love box teased the throbbing staff of the enchanter beneath her. Harry could feel the heat kiss him and wanted to push into her.

Arwyn gained a bit of control and she relished it for a moment.

"I'm going to ride you, and I'm going to give every single last drop out of you," Arwyn said. She cupped his balls when hovering her dripping opening over him.

"Hopefully you can make the shot," Harry said.

Arwyn gave him a sultry smile. The archer pushed her hips over his thick head and brought down onto her hips onto his cock. The archer's hips pushed down onto hip and she kept up the momentum.

"Great ride, oh this is a great ride," Arwyn said, rising her hips up into the air and bringing herself down onto the point of his thick cock.

The archer's tight love box clamped down onto Harry. She generated a lot of each down. She brought her thighs down onto his and his cock deep inside her pussy. The sensation of her tight ass slapped down onto his cock filled balls.

"You're warm enough, but you're fucking me."

"Don't want to lose it."

Harry smiled, he couldn't argue. Arwyn's bouncing breasts taunted Harry, it would be rude to leave them go, leave them keep bouncing in his face without any recourse.

"Mmm," Arwyn breathed, feeling her lover's talented mouth suckling the generous flesh. A tongue swirled around her nipples.

Arwyn could feel his fingers questing on her body. Each of her sensitive spots had been struck with precision. The archer kept bucking her hips down onto Harry's thick manhood. Every single inch of his cock pushed into the depths of her dripping hot cunt.

The pussy contractions brought Harry closer into her. Arwyn sucked him in. Her fit body built for fucking pushed down onto him.

Arwyn kept her stride. Her thighs rubbed against him. The veiny cock rubbed against her velvet walls. The buxom blonde's pussy throbbed at the thought of a lover who was durable enough to match her needs.

"You want me for your collection?" Arwyn said, playfully biting her lover on the neck. "You can have me…if you keep bringing me to ends like this."

Speaking of an end, Arwyn's pussy clenched around him. The archer's eyes met Harry's when he looked up from her breasts. Arwyn attacked his lips with a kiss. A tongue shoved into Harry's mouth and mapped out the insides. Harry returned, pushing his tongue into hers.

The bodies of the two fit lovers melded together with a passionate dance of fury. Their loins became one when pushing back and forth.

"You're going to be mine," Harry said.

"I am yours forever, if you give me the same love," Arwyn panted. "Bed me nightly."

"More than nightly," Harry said.

"Add me to your collection, lover," Arwyn said. "Paint my insides with your strong seed. Our children will be beautiful."

Harry held onto her hips. Her legs wrapped around him to keep him closer, to eliminate the danger of pulling her out.

"This escalated quickly," Harry said.

"Why wait for something worthwhile?" Arwyn asked, feeling him touch her breasts. Her nipples ached and needed more attention and he gave it to her.

Harry's mouth wrapped around her right nipple which seemed to be a bit more responsive then her left.

"No reason," Harry said. Love bites marked the side of Arwyn's neck and her breasts as well. "I want everyone to see I have the most beautiful woman in the realm."

"None but you will see half of where you mark me," Arwyn said. "But it's the thought….."

A nerve racking orgasm fired through the young woman riding his cock. Her legs tightened around him and brought down onto her hips. Arwyn milked the young man.

Harry could tell his end was at near. The seed building would find a new home and into her body.

The first shot of cum inside Arwyn's body caused her to cum once more. Pleasure spiraled through her body. Every fiber of her being, every nerve ending fired to full cylinders.

Harry experienced the familiar sensation of a woman binding to his being. The two shared the tantric energy swelling from Harry when their loins met. More cum shot into Arwyn's stretched snatch and traveled down her birthing cannel.

Arwyn moaned at the sensation of her tight stomach swelling with his cum. Harry's cum started to hit her womb and filled it up completely. Some of the thick creamy fluid oozed from her.

Harry caught Arwyn before she collapsed. The blonde's eyes flickered open with contentment when Harry pressed against her chest.

"You said you look for reasons to live," Arwyn said. "I've found mine."

Harry pressed his lips towards hers.

The whirlwind courtship process aside, Arwyn's confidence swelled.

'This will work nicely,' she said, casually brushing against Harry's cock with her hand. 'Very nicely.'

"The storm doesn't look to be subsiding," she added coyly, with a push of hips into Harry's. "We're going to need to keep the heat going if we're going to sleep the night."

Harry wasn't about to tell Arwyn thanks to the bond they shared, she had a few gifts. Including his immunity fro intense could.

'Something tells me, it wouldn't change a thing.'

Arwyn impaled cunt first down on Harry to ride out this wicked storm. Grabbing onto his newest wife's bouncing breasts, Harry rode out the storm along with the buxom archer.

The End.

Chapter Text

A Cut Above.(Featuring Elektra from Daredevil)


A figure crept onto a balcony overlooking a populated city in the dark of the night. The woman dressed in a red body suit which hugged every single curve of her body. One of the top assassins in the world knew exactly how to maneuver into the right situation. And after several failed assassination attempts on this particular target, some very important people contracted her for this job. These people were the type to pay very big dollars when the job was done.

And only when the job was done. Any failure would mean a lack of payment and likely a contract out on the assassin's head. The crafty ninja moved towards the only unguarded entrance, almost ten stories above the payment over a very narrow balcony.

A slender hand belonging to the world class assassin Elektra Natchios opened up the latch. The latch opened and allowed her entrance into the penthouse. The ninja traded softly and stuck to the shadows. Two dishes laid out on the table, indicated the person in question ate.

Harry Potter, a business rival of her employee, was Elektra's target. Several assassins went after Potter and all of them suffered their set of calamities. Misfortune visited each and every one of them.

Elektra snorted when recalling the multitude of injuries. The assassin placed a hand to the thigh and retracted a blade from the sheath. Around any corner, the woman's pray could come.

The two plates indicated the ninja's target may have either had a visitor, or one still was inside this penthouse somewhere. Elektra stepped casually; not wanting to use lethal force against one who was not subject to the contract. Death was useless without a point.

'And yet, if the guest intervenes, there will be few options,' Elektra thought.

Elektra walked around the corner to the bedroom and stood against the wall. Coming from the bathroom, the young man with green eyes and dark hair walked from the bathroom to the bedroom.

The lavish bed impressed Elektra. Clearly a man of impeccable taste and clearly someone who enjoyed the final things of life. And clearly a man Elektra regretted someone wanting to kill.

Elektra leaned back against the side of the wall. Quick and clean, without giving subject of the contract a chance to recover.

The door swung open without any noise. Elektra perched in the shadows. Harry Potter returned to bed and rolled over to return to sleep.

'Alone, perfect.'

Elektra tightened the grip around the sword and jumped into the air. The steel of the sword stabbed through the bedsheets and came down through it.

The splatter of blood which Elektra expected did not come. The woman backed off for a second and ripped back the bed covers.

No body, in fact there was nobody in the bed. Elektra turned around, confused.

"Not too bad."

Elektra blinked and came face to face with Harry Potter. Harry stood there and casually wore a pair of silk pajama bottoms with no top. Elektra's eyes traced down the young mans chest. The definition and the scars both showed the Greek assassin a warrior.

"Most certainly the best looking on the eyes who have been sent after me."

Elektra tried to pounce for the sword. The second the blade came towards him, an invisible force blocked the attack. Elektra gasped the second Harry pushed back.

"And you're skilled as well as beautiful," Harry said, a blade now in his hand. "Have to say, a good battle gets the blood pumping."

Elektra wasn't in the mood for pleasantries. The assassin stabbed the blade towards the enemy. The subject of the contract dodged to one side to block the attack. Another stab with the sword had been avoided and the curtain slashed underneath the sword.

Harry watched the movements of the latest assassin. The mask came down to reveal the woman's beautiful face. The burning blue eyes locked into him and the sword threatened to stab him again. Harry turned around and deflected each of the attacks.

"Why must we be enemies?" Harry asked.

"It's the contract, they want you dead," Elektra said.

Elektra hesitated for a moment which allowed Harry to blast the blade back against the wall. The blade clattered against the wall. Harry grabbed Elektra and the two tusseled the old fashion way. The two ended up on the ground and Harry ended up on top, restraining Elektra in a reverse choke. The two continued their battle.

"Yes, the first few assassins gave me the idea."

Harry flipped over and watched Elektra withdraw a sai. The sai blocked from Harry's attacks.

"Surely a beautiful women like yourself has some more…interesting itches to scratch," Harry said.

One more time, Harry reached behind her and gripped Elektra by the waist. Harry's hands quested up to touch the underside of the ninja's firm breasts before she broke free. Elektra landed hard to the side of Harry and returned fire to the attack.

Two more stabs were dodged. Each time the steel came closer to hitting Harry, the skilled gentleman moved out of the way. Catching Elektra by the hand, Harry flipped the Greek beauty down onto the bed.

The moment Elektra hit the bed, Harry was on top of her. The presence Elektra's latest target exhibited showed the assassin an attempt of what he had in store.

"If I give you a night you'll never forget, will you abandon the contract?" Harry asked.

Despite the fact Harry's body rubbed up and down against Elektra's; the assassin failed to give up and break. Nipples poked excitedly out of her skirt and the bodysuit strained two sizes too small. Heat pumped between the Greek warrior's thighs to only be quenched by one thing.

"They'll kill me, if I fail," Elektra said.

"Well, they'll be a tad bit preoccupied."

Harry stepped back to allow Elektra back to a standing position. The woman stood in a battle stance. Elektra eyed him for a few seconds and the moment of truth crept closer.

Elektra pounced to jump onto Harry. A pair of well-defined Greek thighs wrapped around Harry and a pair of arms tightened around the former target's neck. Rosy lips pressed against Harry's.

A tongue shoved into Harry's mouth to explore the insides of it. Elektra positioned them, kissing Harry as fiercely as the two of them fought just a few moment. The gorgeous Greek's tongue shoved down Harry's throat and massaged the insides of his tonsils.

Elektra pulled away from Harry, lips still swollen from the efforts of the kiss. One more nibble on the lips before Elektra yanked away from Harry.

"How long has it been?" Harry asked.

"Too long."

Elektra removed Harry's pajama bottoms and boxer shorts. With a smile, Elektra ran the point of the thumb down Harry's pulsing prick. The woman's thumb swirled around the head with a few moments.

The soft hand pumped Harry's manhood a few times. Elektra geared up for the next movement. The juicy lips pushed around the edge of Harry's cock and gave him a few intense sucks. Elektra eased all the way down the pole to bring Harry's manhood.

"Show me your as good of a lover, as you're a fighter," Harry said. "Take it all in your mouth. Use your throat to worship me!"

Elektra could not believe the cock of the man she intended to kill was being shoved into the depths of the assassin's hot throat. A powerful suck brought the thick meat down into the back of her throat.

"Suck me…harder…oh yes…harder!"

Elektra tasted the cock and the pre-cum oozing from the tip. A wet tongue dragged around the throbbing vein on the underside. Elektra came all the way down and touched the point of

Harry groaned at the sucking which followed. The enchanter preferred having his cock sucked to being killed. The beautiful woman put a talented mouth and juicy set of lips to good use.

"The perfect cock sucking lips," Harry said.

Elektra impaled down onto Harry's thick shaft with a few more sucks. A swift hand found her way to his balls and started to fondle them. Elektra weighed the thick sack and found the testicles to be swelling with cum. Cum about ready to be fired down Elektra's throat.

Harry bucked his hips up to slam home into Elektra's waiting and inviting throat. The warm insides caressed Harry just as much as Elektra's soft hand did. A firm squeeze coaxed the cum towards Harry's balls.

"Going to get your first dose of my cum, and it won't be the first of hole I fill."

Elektra ran a free hand down her curvy frame and briefly touched herself. The sensations escalated all over. The skilled warrior's body hungered for this thick cock to be inside her.

Harry enjoyed the ride and tightened his fingers into Elektra's cheeks to make sure not a drop was wasted. A look of intense surprised opened the door to acceptance.

"Your mouth is my little fuck hole, and you're going to get a good dose of cum in your throat," Harry said.

Elektra's throat opened on its own accord to accept the sticky load. Several thick strands of cum pumped into Elektra's throat. The woman pumped her mouth up and down Harry's generous fuck stick. The excessive load coated the back of her throat.

A few more sucks brought Elektra sitting up. The woman reached to the top of the body armor and pulled it down. A bountiful set of breasts popped out, tapped with juicy areolas and nipples standing out. Elektra smiled and pulled down the garment the rest of the way. The gorgeous Greek revealed her wet pussy, smooth and shaven. Long, tanned, steams stuck out.

Harry drank in every single each of the body of this living Greek goddess. The sweaty, tanned body shined in the moonlight coming from Harry's window. Elektra's body boasted of a sensual combination of feminine and muscular. The type which could either crush a man into submission, or just simply fuck him dry.

"I hope you're ready to fill all my holes."

Elektra turned around, sticking her ass towards. Harry. A tight slap of it caused Elektra to smile. The dangerously beautiful woman pushed the dripping lips of her slit in a reverse cowgirl motion.

Turning around, Elektra peered over her shoulder to stare down Harry. A curtain of jet black hair draped over the face of the gorgeous woman. Pouty lips curled with a devious smile.

Harry's throbbing meat slid into Elektra's sheath. Elektra could feel her lover buried inside. Deep inside. Elektra gained some momentum, bringing the point of her hips down onto Harry's.

"Damn, you're so tight, and so lovely," Harry said.

Elektra tried not to lose her mind at Harry's efforts. A round breast cupped into the palm of an extremely strong hand. Elektra responded to his touch with bouncing up and down.

"Faster," Harry said, squeezing Elektra's breasts.

Elektra peaked before bringing dripping thighs down onto Harry's cock. She sank down onto Harry's cock.

"You're going to make me cum," Elektra said.

"Oh, like this?"

Harry illustrated these words by wrapping one hand around Elektra's breast and using another hand to force her hips down onto them. The duel sensations prompted Elektra's moans to get deeper and hungrier.

"Mmm, yes…like this," Elektra agreed, moaning.

"Isn't this much better than trying to kill me?" Harry asked, pinching Elektra's nipples and twisting him.

The assassin nodded vigorously when riding Harry reverse-cowgirl style. In the mirror, Harry caught a reflection of Elektra chewing her lip. The action proved to be quite delicious. Harry pushed into Elektra's womanly depths with a huge thrust.

"Yes!" Elektra moaned. The talented woman kept riding Harry, bringing the point of his cock deep into her moist vagina. Every time Elektra rose up, Harry filled the vixen even more.

Harry appreciated the heat pumping from her pussy. Despite the fact Elektra rode him, Harry controlled the tempo of the woman's movements. The vixen kept bringing her hips down onto Harry's cock, stuffing the thick shaft deeper inside. More thrusts brought Harry's manhood into Elektra's extremely tight center.

"You can't help yourself, can you?" Harry asked with another firm squeeze of the ninja's breasts. The tanned skin pushed into Harry's hands to fondle them. "You keep creaming yourself with me playing with your breasts."

Elektra hit an amazing peak. Elektra's entire body rose high and pushed down onto Harry's cock. The thick shaft filled Elektra. Juices pumped out of Elektra the more Harry shoved it into her tight quim.

The squelching sound of a cock being removed from a pussy caused Elektra to gasp. Harry rolled Elektra over onto the bed.

"My turn."

Harry lined up his prick with Elektra's opening and shoved the meaty organ inside her. Elektra stretched around him. Clenching the dark haired beauty's hips, Harry rocked back and forth. The rocking was slow at first, but picked up momentum with greater speed and intensity.

"BATTER MY PUSSY, BATTER IT!" Elektra yelled, digging her nails into the side of Harry's shoulder. Harry pumped down into Elektra's slick and sensational quim.

Harry grunted when Elektra's pussy contracted and released around him. Each time Harry speared his thick manhood into Elektra's waiting cavern, the woman positively dripped.

"When's the last time you've been fucked?" Harry asked.

Elektra only responded by gripping onto Harry's muscular forearm. Fingernails dug into Harry's arm to encourage him to push deeper into Elektra's pussy. Receiving the hint, the dark haired enchanter pounded Elektra's pussy like it owed him money.

"Stretch me out on your horsecock!" Elektra said. "Rut me like a slut!"

"Oh, you enjoy being fucked into a drooling state, don't you?" Harry asked.

Elektra pushed her hips up to meet Harry's. The woman scissored her firm legs around Harry's waist to further put him inside her. Harry returned the fire with a huge thrust.

Harry observed Elektra's beautiful, muscular, tanned, body rise and fall onto the bed. Attacking Elektra's breasts returned quite the impassionate response to Harry. Licking and biting Elektra's nipples brought her to the edge of a pleasurable edge.

Elektra hoped Harry never stopped bringing his cock into her body.

"Are you going to cum?" Harry asked. "Do you get off in me jamming my big juicy cock in your tight holes? You must train your body every day to take a cock like mine."

Elektra matched Harry's actions, but slowly, thrust by thrust, the vixen succumbed. The athletic assassin pushed her boundaries with Harry's cock buried deeper into her.

"Yes, you're beautiful," Harry said, nibbling Elektra's ear. "And you're mine now."

"Yes, I'm your slut," Elektra said, crossing one ankle over the other to pull Harry into her. A pair of hands grabbed Harry's firm ass to bring him to Elektra's depths.

The dirty talk intended to make Harry cum did the voodoo on Elektra. The vixen's pussy tightened around Harry in tune with him planting a series of deep thrusts. Elektra moaned in appreciation with him filling her up.

"Now, it's my turn."

Elektra clenched around the tight prick again. The contents of Harry's balls fired into Elektra's hot pussy. The lady hung onto Harry's ass to clench him close to her. A spewing of seed sprayed into Elektra's pussy.

Harry grunted with a thrust to empty the contents of his thick balls into Elektra's waiting and needy pussy. Thrust after thrust spurt into Elektra's pussy. The contents shot past her and spilled into the depths of the athletic assassin's body.

Pulling out of Elektra allowed Harry a chance to survey some wonderful handiwork. A combination of both of their juices spilled from the cunt of the woman contracted to kill Harry several hours ago.

Elektra spread her legs instinctively to show a great amount of flexibility. The woman tried to move, despite being stuffed full of the man's seed. Locking eyes with Harry, the gorgeous Greek started to touch the area between her legs. Pussy lips ached the more Elektra pressed her fingers down onto the hot and juicy folds.

A finger pressed against Elektra's anus. She gasped when Harry pushed into her tight buns. Harry rutted back and forth into Elektra with his finger, leaning down with a smile.

"Would be a shame to deny a Greek girl," Harry said, leaning down and kissing Elektra on the lips and the side of the neck whilst still fondling the beautiful and firm ass beneath him. "Of some Greek loving."

Elektra clenched at the thought of having such a work of manhood into her pussy. The folds moistened and seconds passed. Elektra's heart skipped a couple of beats.

"Do you think you can handle it?" Harry asked.

The head of Harry's cock knocked on the entrance of the Gorgeous Greek's back door. The emerald-eyed enchanter grinded up and down on Elektra's ass, teasing her welcoming opening.

"Please, put it in my ass."

Harry accommodated the quest by sliding his throbbing manhood into the ass of the beautiful Greek assassin. A sensation of pulsing heat surrounded Harry's cock. Touching Elektra's hips, Harry rose in and pushed out of the delicious heat. More pumped around the wizard's hardened staff the more he pushed into her.

"Yes," Elektra said, the hole clenched around Harry's probing manhood. "More."

"Damn, your ass is so tight," Harry groaned.

Harry drilled Elektra's ass with a few fluid motions. The more Harry pushed inside the tight hole, the more it clenched the mage's prick.

Elektra's lover rubbed his fingers all over her clit when fucking the woman's tight asshole. A gasp escaped the throat of the assassin and more cock speared into the heavenly buns. The tightness clenched Harry, determined to get every single drop.

Roaming hands moved from Elektra's clit up to the Greek's stomach. Harry touched the woman's breasts and cupped them while pistoning inside the tight asshole. A firm grab prodded Harry to slide in and out of Elektra.

Elektra's dazed and pleasurable moans continued. Every single inch of Harry pushed into her tightest hole with a calculating furry. Harry's big balls pushed against Elektra's tight asshole.

"Fuck…fuck me," Elektra said.

"Harder?" Harry asked.

"As hard as you can," Elektra said, the beautiful woman's tightest and hottest hole stretching in entirely different ways from Harry pumping down. "Wreck me….make me…make me yours!"

Harry obliged with another series of deep thrusts to bury into Elektra's hole. Every time Harry pounded the bedded lady, a pulse of heat enveloped the invading cock. Tight buns squeezed around Harry to try and milk him.

"You want my seed inside your hole, don't you?" Harry asked, pushing deeper into Elektra's tight hole. "Tell me how much of an anal slut you are?"

Harry yanked Elektra's hair for leverage to continue the rough anal sex. The moans coming from the woman showed Harry precisely how much she enjoyed the hard and fast rutting into her tightest hole.

"Yes, yes, I'm your anal slut!" Elektra yelled, enjoying how Harry drilled all twelve inches into her most taboo hole. "Take a big cock and ram it into my tight ass….make it so everyone knows you fucked me!"

"So everyone knows you've been fucked by the best?"

Elektra agreed Harry was the best. The humbled assassin's body shook all over with the cock buried deep. Harry held onto the steamy vixen's hair before continuing the intense anal fucking.

"Look at how much you're cumming from me fucking you?" Harry asked "In your ass even."

Elektra's pussy gushed from the hard fucking. Juices coated the tanned thighs of the gorgeous assassin. Sweat continued to coat the beauty's breasts with each powerful pump.

"Nothing, but a proper anal slut, good for big cocks!"

Elektra accepted a fate of being used by the more powerful man.

"Cum again for me, cum because of my cock in your sexy Greek ass!"

Hips bucked up and down to send juices flying to the air. Some of Elektra's pussy juices squirted into Harry's. Undaunted, the British gentlemen licked the juices from his face.

"Cum in my ass?" Elektra asked.

"Oh, don't worry," Harry said, slowing the thrusts, but only for a moment. "There's a big load of cum for you. You want me to empty my giant balls in your tight asshole."

Elektra wanted to feel the sorcerer's seed spurt out of both holes. The powerful young man sped up the thrusts to go deeper inside Elektra's tight ass. Each time Harry penetrated Elektra's sweet ass, a sharp tingle wiggled through the young man's balls. Something would have to give sooner or later.

"Here it comes."

Elektra's asshole opened up in anticipation to receive the thick load of cum into it. Harry bucked forward to shoot a sticky load to Elektra. Every spurt caused Elektra's pussy to clench together. The assassin touched it to feel tender juices just ooze from the dripping hot cunt.

Harry pulled out of Elektra's puckered hole. A thick string of cum hung from Elektra's ass. The woman used quick reflexes to catch the dripping cum onto her finger.

Elektra lifted a finger and placed it into her mouth. Harry viewed Elektra sucking the seed down with a set of juicy hot pussy lips displayed for the taking.

"Let me clean you up."

Harry's re-hardened cock found a new home inside Elektra's warm throat. More sucking and more fucking was on the table for this evening.

After all, Elektra had to re-coup the money lost for the failed contract.



Chapter Text

Under the Full Moon(Lillian Moon from Harry Potter)


Lillian Moon stepped outside to the edge of the forest and took in all of the nature around her with a smile on her face. Even when Lillian was a child, the former Slytherin loved the outdoors. Something about the unrestrained and primal feel of nature brought brand new life to her. Tingling filled the woman's fingers.

The young blonde had her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore an elegant silk blouse along with a plaid skirt which stretched down to her knees. A pair of sheer white knee high stockings had been added. Lillian kicked her shoes off, not much liking them. Brown eyes twinkled into the sunlight.

A pair of footsteps came from behind Lillian. She turned around and saw the young man standing before her in the moonlight. Despite all of the wondersif nature, Lillian thought they might be the most beautiful thing.

Despite most people assuming her name had been shortened to Lily, Lillian didn't agree with this particular name shortening. It drew the inevitable comparisons to Lily Evans-Potter, who history fondly judged to be a true hero, thanks to the efforts of her son. Who just happened to be the man standing next to her.

"Beautiful night, isn't it, Ana?" Harry asked.

"Oh, it is, isn't it?" Lillian asked, smiling. It was an unconventional way to shorten her name, although magic users were among the unconventional.

The blonde turned around and looked into Harry's handsome face.

Harry smiled. It was interesting how they came to be together. Harry was outside for one of his regular ill-fated trips into the Forbidden Forest, when he had gotten locked out of the school. Lillian was outside the school as well, having wandered outside. One thing lead to another and they talked, until finding a way inside the school the next morning. Being a Gryffindor and a Slytherin, they were not considered to be a conventional friendship by any means.

"So, how long until the moon comes up?" Harry asked.

"A few hours," Lillian said, leaning back against Harry.

"I brought you a present, Ana,' Harry said. "Don't worry, it's not silver."

Ana smiled and saw a beautiful diamond and gold bracelet being latched onto her wrist.

"It's beautiful," Lillian said with a smile.

"Just like the girl who wears it," Harry said.

Lillian responded with one of those smiles, edging even closer towards Harry. The golden haired blond answered with a grin.

"Just wait, Mr. Potter, the full moon is coming, and….well my kind have fun out here," Lillian said.

Around Harry, Lillian Moon was normal around this time a month.

"Don't worry, you're beautiful," Harry said. "And unique."

Lillian grabbed Harry by the tie and pulled him into a forceful kiss. The two sets of tongues started to entangle each other.

Harry felt his beloved Ana's tongue shove deep into his mouth. The two lingered together. Harry reached around and grabbed her blonde hair. The former Slytherin started to grind her crotch over Harry's to increase the heat between the two of them.

The two broken apart for a moment, but not for long. Lillian unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out to reveal a lacy green bra containing her perky breasts. Harry's eyes traveled down her toned and athletic stomach. The former Slytherin shimmied her skirt off to reveal a matching pair of panties.

Harry reached towards Ana and cupped her pussy. The beautiful Lillian Moon gasped when Harry grabbed onto her pussy.

"You're in heat, aren't you?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Lillian said, giving her mate a playful nip on the neck, before ripping off his shirt. "And there's only one thing which can stop it, don't we?"

The feisty female's able hands removed Harry's pants down and pulled out his throbbing cock.

"Seems like I'm the only one who won't have a hunger tonight, Mr. Potter?"

Lillian teased Harry's length for a few strokes, but an intese look showed in her eyes.

"Fuck me against the tree."

Harry grabbed Lillian and shoved the girls eager body against the tree. The Boy-Who-Lived revealed her of the bra and panties in a short order. Ana's nipple stuck out and Harry captured it in his mouth.

Ana gasped, feeling so good from what Harry did to her. The emerald-eyed enchanter applied the right amount of pressure, biting down on Ana's nipple and causing her to juice between her legs.

"I bet you want me, inside you, don't you?" Harry asked. "You want me to make you my bitch."

"You've already made me your bitch, Har," Ana moaned, feeling Harry's able lips work over her nipples and thick head brush against her opening. "My heat, it's sucking you in, isn't it?"

Harry couldn't deny how good Ana's heat felt around his approaching cock. Only one thing to do now and it was to slip inside the goddess pinned against the tree.

Lillian Moon screamed when Harry's thick cock pushed deep inside her. Every single thrust buried into her body. Lillian reached up and dug her nails into Harry's manhood.

Harry grunted, Ana's cunt crushed down onto him.

"Better let me finish, before the moon comes up," Ana breathed, a spike of pleasure flowing between her legs.

"Don't worry, it will be fine," Harry said.

Ana wondered what it could mean. Time had been lost to her through the thrusts. Harry rose almost out of her and slammed into her. Ana's back scrapped against the tree. The lust increased with several large thrusts.

Harry grunted and held onto Ana. The strong legs of the beautiful former Slytherin scissored around Harry, ensuring he did not stray far from home for too long. Harry wasn't about to do so. He pushed into Ana, seeking the delicious heat.

Ana's hips bucked up. Two small orgasms broke up the floodgates to two rapid fire ones.

"Harry, the moon," Ana managed, feeling her body shift.

"Just hang on, Ana."

Ana wondered if this was healthy for him to be inside her when the changes happened. On one hand, Harry was stronger than the average wizard. On the other hand, the body contorting in such a manner could crush him.

"Ana, just embrace it…don't try and hold it back."

Harry's pelvic reason crushed against Ana's, and another mind rattling orgasm caused the girl to lose her mind.

The werewolf moaned in pleasure when Harry pushed into her body. Ana's body covered with thick, silky, fury. Her eyes grew a more prominent shade of brown.

"Harry, I'm not…completely changed."

Ana knew she could keep her mind thanks the advances in the potion. But the only difference between Ana and her human self was the added body hair. The hair which was more soft, and not as ragged, not as coarse as well. Ana touched her breasts and marveled at how soft her fur felt.

Harry smiled. Ana's soft fury legs pushed against his waist and her slick pussy enveloped Harry with each hard thrust. Wolf fur brushed against Harry's balls when he pushed into her.

"The present, it prevents a full change," Harry said, nibbling at the wolf girl's neck.

"Oh, you and your fetishes," Lillian Moon breathed.

Lillian realized being fucked underneath the full moon left her body more responsive and more eager to Harry's deep and powerful thrusts. Her breasts started to twitch and grow even larger because of the transformation.

Harry held on and drilled his thick cock hard into the busty wolf girl. Ana's claws sunk into Harry's back, leaving very noticeable marks on his back. She clawed Harry, marking him while in this form.

The wolf sensed a powerful Alpha male and Ana submitted to the thick manhood which swelled inside her. A deep rooted need to be bred filled Ana, one she didn't have when Harry fuck her in fully human form.

Ana's tight pussy clenched down on Harry's invading rod. The werewolf lifted her hips forward to meet Harry's incoming and deep thrusts. Each time Harry penetrated the wolf's body, she could feel a spiking inside her.

Harry smiled, her soft, warm, pussy clenched his rod. Reaching down, Harry cupped her breasts, the fur pressing against the palms of his hands. Lillian's beautiful eyes opened up, looking more exotic in this form.

"Harry, I'm going to lose it," Ana said. "I need your seed."

"And you'll have it….when we have some fun," Harry said.

Ana's legs tightened around Harry, ensuring the powerful sorcerer didn't stray from her. Each series of thrusts brought Ana closer towards new pleasure. An orgasmic feeling filled her body.

Harry reached behind her and grabbed Ana by the tail gently, but firmly. This gave him some more leverage.

Ana gasped when Harry clenched her tail. The added nerve endings Harry stimulated caused a spike of pleasure to go down the legs of the furry vixen. The wolf girl kept slamming her hips closer towards Harry.

"You're soaked," Harry said. "You're going to make your fur all sticky if you're not careful."

Ana panted when Harry's hand clenched another handful of delicious tit flesh. Each thrust caused Ana's heart start to beat at a quicker rate.

"Your fault…always your fault," Ana breathed.

"Yes, it's my fault," Harry said, holding onto Ana's hips when pushing inside her. "It's my fault you're cumming so hard and can't keep yourself from cumming."

Ana's trained muscles clenched around him. She gave a howl, almost embarrassing herself in the process. No time for embarrassment as more hot juices trickled down her body.

Harry pulled out of her and Lillian slid down against the tree. Her larger than normal chest heaved up and down to catch the breath. The werewolf girl reached between her thighs and started to feel it. Sure enough, the fur between her legs was sticky.

"Turn around, so I can see you properly."

Ana did as Harry told her. The girl flipped over to show her full ass, with wide hips and an ample rear sticking out. Harry reached down and touched Ana's tail, flipping it out from between her legs. Harry's thick manhood inched towards Ana's entrance.

Harry inhaled the scent of a wolf in heat. His bitch started to pump a lot of heat between her legs.

"Harry, need it!" Ana wailed.

Harry shoved all twelve inches inside her cunt with one fell swoop. Ana's sweet cunt closed around Harry's thick manhood with Harry pushing into her and going deep inside her.

Underneath the moonlight, Harry drilled into his lover's pussy extremely hard. The magic creature's cunt started to contract and squeeze around him. The manhood slipped deep inside her.

"Fuck," Ana breathed. Harry reached down and tweaked her nipples. Her large breasts jiggled, with Harry brushing the fur and her nipples underneath his fingers.

"You like that, babe?" Harry asked.

The state of Ana answered the question more than enough. Harry reached down and tugged on Ana's tail a little bit, giving it the leverage to slam into her pussy.

Ana's walls opened and shut on Harry's cock, milking him all the way through. The sensations of such a prime piece of meat pumping into her hard from behind drove the werewolf to moan. Harry pushed himself into Ana and pushed the wolf girl down onto the ground. Being fucked out here in the middle of nature, was far more bearable.

Harry could feel the slick lubrication increase in Ana's pussy. The wet walls opened up, contracting all around him.

"Just let it go, embrace what you feel," Harry said.

Harry's fingers quickly swiped over every last inch of Ana's body. A thousand pleasurable caresses hit the werewolf in the most sensitive spots which caused a combination of a moan and a howl.

Ana's fur coated with a nice shiny coat of sweet. The woman could feel a rush going through her loins. A heated pulse continued to escalate within her.

"And here you go, cumming again," Harry said.

"I'm your slutty little wolf, who likes her master's cock inside her!" Ana yelled. "And I want my master's cum inside my body….I want every last drop from your balls into my slutty, transformed body."

Ana's human body was beautiful, but she did look drop-dead sexy with the curves which came with the transformed body. The bracelet held true and Harry kept pounding Ana's pussy. Cum built even more from his balls.

"Please, love, give me it," Ana said.

"Relax, you'll have your gift soon enough," Harry said, clutching Ana's swinging breasts and squeezing the furry melons in his hand.

Lillian Moon thought she would be a few seconds away from losing her mind. She lost herself in pure lust with Harry's long cock burying inside her. The thick manhood stretched out her needy pussy.

Another burst of pleasure followed with Harry dragging his finger down the back of Ana. The finger traveled down the wolf's spine and caused her to shriek. Harry hit the most sensitive spot on her lower back and caused her muscle muscles to clench.

"Naughty little puppy, cumming again," Harry said, nibbling the back of Ana's neck. "You must really want my seed."

"Yes!" Ana howled, clutching her claws into the ground at the sound of Harry drilling his cock into the transformed witch's heat pussy. "Put your seed in me! Put all of it….my slutty pussy is hungry for your fucking seed. I'm nothing but a supernatural slut, who needs cum, so give it to me! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!"

Harry's balls ached when he could see how burning with lust Ana was. Speeding up the thrusts, Harry pushed deep inside her body.

"One more time."

Ana hated the torture coming, but accepted it. Harry's hands hitting all of those hot spots made the crawl to her latest orgasm inevitable. Ana pushed her hips back.

First the werewolf girl came undone extremely hard. A heavy amount of her juices exploded out between her thighs to ensure they remained sticking together.

Now, it was Harry's turn and Ana's walls opened up. She didn't want to waste a drop of the most valuable seed in the world.

"And now, I've tamed the naughty little wolf," Harry said. "Time for you to get your reward, pet."

Ana's cunt twitched at being called pet. The tight vice contracting around Harry's prick. The contents from Harry's bloated balls shot inside the inviting pussy of the former Slytherin. The coating of the cum shot deep between her legs and kept firing with each long and powerful thrusts.

Harry kept pushing inside Ana, depositing all of the seed inside her. A few more thrusts followed before Harry pulled completely out.

Ana rolled over, smiling and pushing herself over Harry's lap when he sat in the middle of the forest.

"The moon is still full, handsome," Lillian said, playfully running one of her claws over Harry's chest. "And your naughty little puppy wants to play."

Ana slipped her sopping folds onto Harry's re-hardened clock, looking up at the moon with a feral grin. Harry held onto her ass and pumped inside her.

The two met once again in the most carnal and natural dance in nature.



Chapter Text

How Many Licks? (Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw).

Harry Potter swung the Sword of Godric Gryffindor and decapitated a zombie with a full swing. The zombie's head ripped off and caused a shower of maggots to spray in the ground. The screams of horror followed and Harry turned his head to the side to watch the innocent bystanders scramble off fast as their feet could carry them. Why would they not bother to run before the zombie apocalypse started Harry never knew? Harry long since stopped trying to figure out the logic of people.

The powerful enchanter cast a shadow over all which he ran into. Wearing a black trenchcoat, black shirt, and black leather pants, along with a black rimmed cowboy hat, Harry peered into the darkness. Eagle eyes surveyed the situation, and it all seemed dire.

The area around him was rather silent, but it didn't mean anything. Harry stepped further onto the blacktop, seeing the carnage of fallen bodies. Not all of these bodies were human beings either. Harry checked for signs of life, and being the Master of Death, he would know better than most how to check for them.

Not a creature stirred, neither living or dead, at least in this area. Harry double checked for signs of life.

Zombies were a notoriously grey era for the Master of Death. The souls belonging to the bodies technically already moved on to the other side, so the walking manifestations of death were just the tool of some dangerous force. Harry recalled much evidence of people trying to raise a loved one which went extremely wrong.

Harry's enhanced sense of smell zeroed in on the rotting flesh. Another step forward moved Harry closer. The doors swung open in t he school. The Master of Death hoped for the sake of everyone involved they found a way out. Otherwise, they would be acquainted by Harry's humble servant sooner rather than later.

'Let's step in and see what trouble I can find today,' Harry thought.

A sound of a heartbeat, an alive heartbeat could be heard. Harry figured without acting, it wouldn't be alive for much longer. The Master of Death and the Slayer of the Undead, took a step into the gym. He could smell gasoline and….hear a chainsaw?

How peculiar, well this entire adventure just rose with an entirely new mess of layers. More layers than an onion, or alternatively an ogre, because ogres had plenty of layers, as did onions. What this had to do with fighting the manifestation of rotting flesh and horror, Harry didn't really know.

The loud "rat-a-tat-tat" type sound brought Harry out of his mind. Without fear in his eyes, Harry blasted open the door, and entered a gym area. He stopped short for a moment.

Harry's mouth hung open. Out of all of the things he expected to see, this was pretty much low on the list. A pair of emerald eyes followed the progress of a blonde teenager in a cheerleader outfit with a chainsaw.

Mentally checking to make sure he got this right, blonde, teenager, cheerleader outfit, with a chainsaw, yep, yep, yep, Harry got all of this. He mentally scratched another mark off of the list of things Harry never expected to see.

The blonde's clothes had been slightly ripped on the battle. She did a flip in the air which gave Harry quite the eyeful. Purple panties flashed in his mind's eye. Something a bit more unsettling replaced this vision from Harry when the blade of the chainsaw came down across the head of the monster.

A pounding could be heard and several more monsters ruptured through the bleachers. Harry got involved, rushing into the gym.

"You need to get out of here!" the girl yelled, noticing the new occupant.

Someone else trying to be a hero was the last thing she needed right now. Unfortunately, this new(and handsome) visitor to the gym didn't come unprepared.

"Don't worry, I'm here to help!" Harry yelled, hacking the sword down across the head of one of the zombies. "Duck!"

The girl ducked, and Harry swiped the sword. Magical energy blasted from the sword and cleaved a hot path through the zombies. The entrance where the zombies had poured in.

"Where did you get the sword?" the cheerleader asked, using the chainsaw to hack one of the zombies in half.

"I pulled it out of a hat," Harry said, doing another side-swipe to a zombie who hung from the basketball hoop, either in an attempt to get away and attack. "Where did you get the chainsaw?"

"Internet," the cheerleader said in a distracted voice before whirling around. The chainsaw hacked the zombies in half and caused them to drop down onto the ground. "So, um…what's your name?"

"Harry Potter," Harry said, unable to believe he was having this conversation with in the middle of zombie apocalypse with a hot blonde cheerleader, wielding a chainsaw. "And who might I ask are you?"

"Juliet Starling….and….I really hate my homecoming dance being ruined by a zombie invasion!" the cheerleader yelled, hacking the zombies into a million maggot invested chunks.

"Yes, that's a problem," Harry said, smiling and deciding to further drive the zombies back.

Harry made contact with enough of them to push them back at the source. The swirling of magical energy wrapped around Harry's sword. Puffing his chest out, Harry locked onto the power.

"Stand back, things are going to get a bit ugly right now," Harry said. Juliet raised her eyebrow, with a look at her new partner in zombie slaying crime. "And by getting ugly, I mean more so than usual."

Juliet could see where he came from with this one. A rush of energy came through the gym. The girl opened her mouth, seeing the pure power rising from the handsome and exotic older man before her. The energy started to vibrate from the sword and shoot a beam of purple energy towards the zombies.

The energy struck the zombies and caused them to be ripped apart. The backlash of energy rocked the entire gym. Juliet put down the chainsaw for a moment.

"We better leave now!"

Juliet was about ready to ask exactly where they were going to go. Harry, without any warning, wrapped his arms around her and the two vanished in a flash of light from the gym. Juliet experienced a sensation like being sucked through some kind of tube where she couldn't quite fit, but the sunction of gravity pulled her through.

The two dropped down for a second. Harry's hands rested on Juliet's bare stomach for a moment, feeling the soft and tender flesh on it. The girl's skirt rolled up and her purple panty clad ass brushed against Harry's crotch.

"I think we're safe," Harry said, retracting his arms.

Juliet's body shivered at the lost for warmth.

"Yeah…well, there goes homecoming," Juliet said, with a frown. "But…that was kind of fun….wouldn't you agree?"

Harry looked at the girl. He didn't know how many girls would consider mauling a bunch of rocking corpses with a chainsaw to be stimulating. Or receive hardening nipples which stuck out from underneath the girl's cheerleader top.

Granted, Harry knew a few, because he encountered some wild women in his day.

"Yes, it's a living for me," Harry said.

"More like a hobby for me," Juliet said, smiling when looking over him. Harry placed his hands on hers and checked for something. "Um, what are you doing, dude?"

"Checking to make sure you hadn't been infected," Harry said, casually running his fingers across the girl's arms and becoming one with her.

Juliet felt as if something probed into her very being. The girl's cheeks reddened the moment she realized how dirty this sounded. And how exciting it sounded as well. Harry's hands moved away from the girl's arms and briefly brushed against her breast. Only for a second, only for long enough to cause a tantalizing hint of pleasure to spike through her body.

"Relax, it can be a bit stimulating," Harry said.

The fact he acted like he wasn't doing this on purpose made the perky blonde hitch in a breath. Strong fingers drummed across her stomach. The young man brushed against the underside of her skirt for a moment and continued the trip around her soft, firm thighs down to her knees.

Harry continued to feel every inch of her body. The hotness coming from between her thighs was second nature for Harry. So far, so good, every inch of her checked out. Harry thought he would be getting through this one without any problems.

Juliet breathed heavily when Harry's fingers came completely close to her treasure.

"You're all clear," Harry said.

"You're going to have to dig deeper for this to work," Juliet said. The girl offered him a bubbly little smile. "How can you be sure I'm completely okay if you don't go deeper?"

Juliet reached between her legs and slowly slid her panties to the side. The girl moved, breasts heaving when her nipples poking out.

"After all, I could be infected more deeply," Juliet said, brushing her finger against her opening. "And it would be a shame if you missed something because you wouldn't give me a full exam."

Juliet hoped to fluster him. Instead, he reached between her legs and cupped the girl's pussy. Juliet gasped when Harry's hands toyed with her sopping folds. The brush against her inner thighs were brief, but exciting. Sexual stimulation spread over the girl's loins at the panting.

"Do you think I'm going deep enough?" Harry asked, slowly working his finger inside the girl's pussy.

Juliet bit on her lip to stifle the obvious moan. The zombie hunting cheerleader casually lifted her hips to meet the handsome man's probing finger.

"A little deeper!" Juliet said, bucking her hips up. "YES…RIGHT THERE!"

All pretext this was anything but what this was had been dropped. Harry slowly worked his finger into the blonde woman's snatch. He smiled feeling the moisture collect on his digits.

'Wouldn't be a day in my life if it wasn't for another eager young woman wanting to jump my bones.'

The ageless wizard started to push into the young and moist snatch. Juliet's breathing increased with each thrust. Slowly, Harry eased her towards the point of climax. The girl lifted and lowered her hips the more Harry pushed inside her.

"Almost there," Harry said. "We're almost finished."

"I know, oooh…I think I'm feeling pretty good!" Juliet said. The girl's eager cunt sucked in Harry's fingers with each probing thrust. Her breasts bounced up and down when she rode his hand.

The dam inside Juliet's body broke. A flood of clear juices coated Harry's hand. The vixen rode his fingers all the way to climax. Harry pulled them out of her greedy pussy and placed them to his mouth. Harry slowly licked the teenage juices off of his face.

"It's in my own professional opinion you're good," Harry said, smiling when he placed a hand on her thigh. Harry gave her a firm squeeze to get her attention.

Juliet felt the strong desire to suck on something nice and hard. The girl lifted a hand up and placed a hand on Harry's stomach, smiling when her smoldering gaze fell on him. The girl looked at Harry with hungry desire flowing in her face and licked her lips.

"I love sucking on lollipops," Juliet said, with a sultry little smile, running her hands down the young man's firm abdomen. Her pussy moistened even more when feeling the muscles underneath his shirt. "But, I….lost mine in the middle of the fight, and I don't have any more. Do you think you can help me, Harry?"

Juliet's fingers brushed against Harry's bulging crotch. The ageless sorcerer wondered what game the cheerleader played. He decided to play along with her.

"I'm afraid I don't have any lollipops," Harry said, barely able to get out this last word.

"Oh, I think you do," Juliet said, pulling down his trousers a little bit. "You've been holding out on me, baby. You have a big lollipop in your pants."

Juliet pulled down Harry's pants and the boxers followed seconds later. The bubbly cheerleader prepared to see what would await her. What awaited her caused the girl's heart to almost stop. The flood of lust continued to go down her legs.

'Oh my God!'

The thickest, longest, juiciest penis stuck out. The head bulged angrily. Juliet's eyes traveled down the base of the cock to see how thick and veiny it was. Drool dribbled down the mouth of the cheerleader which she quickly wiped around. His large and hairy balls showed how much they could hold.

"You have a nice lollipop," Juliet said, finally managing to find her voice in the middle of the lust. "You have a nice, really big lollipop."

Juliet traced a finger down Harry's vein. She started to breath heavily and move closer towards examine it.

"I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the creamy treat in the center," Juliet said, a wide grin going over her face.

"Why don't you find out?" Harry asked.

Juliet decided to find out by swirling her tongue all around the older boy's head. The perky blonde drew her tongue up and down the base of the sorcerer. The boy's cock started to throb even more with Juliet using her tongue to lather him up in spit.

Harry closed his eyes and enjoyed the bubbly blonde giving him a full service job. She pulled up and kissed Harry on the top of her head. The girl's wet and hot tongue brushed against his slit, before running down Harry's vein. A series of hot and passionate kisses lathered Harry's cock with her spit and lipstick.

"You're so talented," Harry said. "And you're so hot."

Juliet formed more kisses around the base of Harry's cock. She went down between Harry's legs and took his bloated balls into her hand. The cheerleader latched onto Harry's testicles and applied a heavy amount of sunction on them.

"Damn!" Harry groaned. Juliet's warm mouth continued to service his testicles. "You must have really wanted to suck on something."

Juliet retracted from his balls and kissed all the way up Harry's shaft. The moment the cheerleader hit the top of Harry's prick, she paused. Juicy red lips touched the tip of Harry's cock.

Harry groaned when the bubbly girl made out with his cock. She wrapped her lips around the top of the swollen head and slowly pushed down him.

"It's good," Harry said, threading his fingers against the back of her head. "It would be even better if I could fuck your hot little throat. Do you think you can fit my large cock into your tight throat, baby?"

Juliet rose to the channel and impaled Harry's cock down her throat. The girl gagged around the thick manhood stretching her throat. The cheerleader's fingernails dug into Harry's thighs until she gained a steady moment. A slurp followed when Juliet gained even more momentum.

Harry leaned back and enjoyed the ride. Juliet took his entire cock into her mouth and released it. The warm and tight heaven caressed around Harry's throbbing prick.

Juliet never thought she would have anything this delightful inside her mouth. The powerful young man made her hopeless addicted to his cock.

"Good girl, good cock-sucking cheerleader!" Harry said, placing his hands on the back of her head and pushing into her mouth. "I'm about ready to choke you with my cum. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Juliet responded to his words by happily swirling his tongue around the head of his cock. The girl's hot tongue gave Harry's cock a full service job. Harry pushed into her mouth balls about ready to burst.

Harry clutched to her face to keep fucking her mouth like a vagina. One more thrust opened the flood gates for Harry to flood her mouth with his thick and juicy sperm.

Juliet gasped when Harry's cum spilled into her mouth. The cheerleader bobbed her head up and down to lap up every single last drop of the seed spilling from Harry's balls into her mouth. His cum tasted of chocolate, something which Juliet could not get enough of. She sucked it down like an addict.

Seconds later, Juliet thought Harry finished and popped his cock from her mouth. The girl gasped at the mistake when his cock mimicked a fire hose and kept going off. Several spurts of thick and hot cum fired into Juliet's face. The girl's face, hair, and neck had been covered by Harry's thick spunk.

Harry finished unleashing his one man bukkake on the cheerleader's face. Juliet moaned in contentment with the cum covering her face. The creamy treat flowed down her face and started to smear her makeup. The girl lifted a pair of hands up and cupped her face to scoop the cum off.

Juliet practically devoured the cum which spilled off onto her hands. Every single slurp and suck caused Harry to wave her with lust.

"Soooo, good!" Juliet moaned, using her free hand to rub her aching right breast. The taste of the cum ignited a new fire within her. "Oooh, you taste so good!

The fire coming from her pussy could only be quenched by one thing at all. Juliet balanced herself on the edge of the bed with her legs spread.

"Do you think you can fuck me?" Juliet asked. "Do you think you can impale my tight little pussy with your big cock like you impaled those big nasty zombies with your sword?"

Juliet lifted her legs up to spread them wide. Her knees bent back and Harry marveled at the flexibility.

'Then again, cheerleader,' Harry thought, smiling. The young and dripping snatch awaited for his large cock.

Harry pushed himself head first inside her. Juliet gasped and tried to stretch to accommodate his manhood. Her pussy squeezed around his cock when Harry worked to get it all inside.

"Oh, that's it, you can do it…you can do it!" Juliet yelled, waving her hands around. Her breast bounced fro underneath her top and smacked into Harry's face. "Give me your cock…give it in me…give me…."

"I'm going to give you my big cock," Harry said, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her cum stained face to look into hers. "You've been asking for it all day, haven't you? Jumping around in a tight fucking mini-skirt, flashing me your panties, haven't you?"

Juliet breathed at the sensation of their loins connecting with each other. Every time Harry shoved into her, it brought another point of pleasure.

"Seeing how strong you were makes me so hot," Juliet said, lifting her top to flash Harry her breasts. The firm and juicy teenage globes bounced. "Do you like fucking my young…tight…eighteen year old pussy?"

"Yes," Harry grunted, pushing into her. "I like fucking young pussies. I've been doing it for centuries!"

"Oh, you're such a dirty old man, taking advantage of young, impressionable teenage girls with your years of experience!" Juliet yelled, feeling the huge cock stretch into her.

Harry squeezed Juliet's tits. The Master of Death paid special attention to her nipples.

"Yes, I love your young pussy, it's so sweet," Harry said. "So sweet to know no other cock is going to feel right inside me, isn't it?"

"So big, nothing will ever feel right," Juliet said.

Juliet raised her legs and balanced them onto the back of Harry's head. Her hot snatch sucked him in completely. Juliet wasn't sure if he was as ageless as he said. The way his hands touched and tormented every inch of her body made her feel good. Harry hit all of the right spots, even though he didn't linger.

"Look, you want to cum, but you can't, can you?" Harry asked, pushing inside her. His mouth caught one of her peach colored nipples in her mouth.

The cheerleader's shirt rode up over her breasts. Juliet leaned in to watch Harry's big cock disappear underneath her skirt, feeling every single moment of it.

"How much do you want to cum?" Harry asked.

The pressure built up in Juliet's loins. The release didn't come any time soon. Harry reduced her into a panting wreck. She refused to back down, wanting even more.

"I want to cum really bad," Juliet said, raising her hands up and digging a set of well-trimmed fingernails in the back of Harry's neck. "REALLY, REALLY, BAD!"

"How bad do you want it?" Harry asked, kneading her tit flesh when he squeezed it.

"Really, really badly," Juliet responded with puppy dog eyes in response.

Harry pushed inside her one more time. The force caused the pressure of her loins to release. Juliet's sweat juices flowed and coated Harry's cock with her cum.

Juliet breathed up and down feeling the intense feeling of a well-earned orgasm. She wanted even more. The fit teenager's hips pushed up in a thrusting motion.

"Now, I'm going to really take your pussy," Harry said.

Juliet braced herself for impact. Harry slammed her pussy hard. Juliet refused to be one to break underneath the pressure. Every time Harry's cock impaled into her smoldering core, Juliet returned fire with a series of hot thrusts up and down.

"You like being pounded don't you?" Harry asked, running his hands all over her body.

"Yes…oh yes….mmm, yes…yes," Juliet said, breathing heavily. "Give me more of your big cock…I can feel it inside me….shove it deeper!"

Harry bottomed out in the flexible cheerleader's pussy. She got every single last inch of his cock inside and joined the list of the elite girls who could do this. Juliet mewled and hung onto Harry's thick manhood.

The tight vice grip of her pussy squeezed him. Juliet kept rising and lowering to pump his prick in tune with her thrusts. The pleasure kept spreading through her hot body. Harry nibbled her nipples and neck to hit all of the sweat spots.

Another explosion of bliss filled Juliet's body. Harry smiled looking at how much her body anticipated he orgasm and the delight which spread over her face.

"Oh, this feels so good, but aren't you feeling left out?" Juliet asked, pumping around his thick and meaty pole to bring him inside her. "Don't you want to cum inside my pussy? Fill me up with so much of your thick seed."

"I'm going to give you up soon, don't worry," Harry said, pushing inside her. "I just enjoy you cumming around me too much…you really were built to fuck."

Juliet's legs clenched around her lover. The girl's dripping hot pussy grabbed onto him with a few thrusts and tried to milk him dry.

Multiple orgasms later before Harry moved his prey in for the kill. Juliet's pussy stretched around his cock and fulfilled his desires for this adventure. The thick orgasm bubbling within his balls would be more than enough to drive her absolutely insane.

"Cum for me," Harry said, biting her on the side of the neck. "Cum for me hard."

Juliet's hips rose and fell to a lovely rhythm. The moans coming from her body almost sounded like a cheer, even though it wasn't of any coherent language Harry knew.

Harry unleashed himself inside her pussy. Cum fired into Juliet's pussy.

Juliet's thought she was fucked raw and would be out for the night. The thrusts recharged the cheerleader. More orgasms rolled through her body when Harry launched the cum inside her body.

Harry pulled from Juliet. The combination of pussy juices and cum drained from her pussy. She resembled a particularly naughty angel laid back with her legs spread.

Juliet turned over and presented her backside towards him. Harry thought it would be difficult to say no to such a young temptress especially one who still had something left to give him.


Chapter Text

My Fair Nymmy(Nymphadora Tonks and Narcissa Black-Malfoy from Harry Potter)

Narcissa Black, no longer Narcissa Malfoy thanks to the untimely demise of her husband in recent months, sat in the sitting room of the former Malfoy manor, tapping her fingers on the table in patience. The last few months had been quite turbulent for the former wife of Lucius Malfoy.

Lucius suffered an unfortunate accident at the hands of a botched Floo travel. The odds of him suffering such an accident amounted to one and a billion. Ludo Bagman wouldn't have even been bold enough to take the bet. Lucius became the one to succumb odds when a trip to Knockturn Alley resulted in him getting crushed in a void within the Floo Network. The experts managed to recover enough of Lucius's charred remains to bury him.

Draco experienced a more grisly fate. A trip abroad(a trip Narcissa warned him not to go on) turned south when magical bandits came across Draco. The bandits were not impressed by the name of "Lucius Malfoy" and as a result they slaughtered Draco for his insolence. The investigation was on going, and the witnesses were not forthcoming.

After these misfortunes, Narcissa decided to form an alliance with the newly named Lord Black, Harry Potter. In exchange for swearing their loyalty to him, Harry allowed Narcissa and Bellatrix to reclaim the Black name. The two also educated Harry on both pureblood heritage and where a lot of the skeletons were buried with some of the so called ancient and noble families.

Narcissa thought about the other matter. Harry reinstated Andromeda into the family after Narcissa's aunt threw her off the tree in a fit of rage. Her uncle, being spineless, catered to his wife's every single whim. Andromeda returned the Black family line and Nymphadora would follow her.

One problem, and Narcissa prepared to address the matter right now.

"Nympahdora, welcome."

Narcissa ignored the look her niece gave her at the particularly lovely name Andromeda gifted her daughter. Nympadora dressed in a white cotton blouse with a tie and a plaid skirt. Her hair pinned back and at the very least, Nympahdora didn't decided to make her hair different colors. Andromeda's daughter settled on a very practical shade of dark brown.

'Perhaps she is not beyond all hope just yet.'

"Hey, Auntie!" Nym said.

Narcissa surveyed her niece with a raised eyebrow. Nymphadora sat down in front of her aunt.

'And perhaps her vernacular could use a slight amount of work.'

"Good afternoon," Narcissa said. "I wish to speak to you for a few minutes about something extremely important."

Nym wondered what her aunt was talking about. The Metamorphmagus figured if she would just sit back and pay attention to Narcissa, maybe she would learn something.

'Worth a shot, guess.'

Narcissa smiled, pleased her niece's full attention directed towards where it should be presently. The youngest of the three sisters poured the two of them a cup of tea a piece.

"Thanks to our brand new lord, and head of the most ancient and noble house of Black, your mother has been reinstated into the house," Narcissa said. "And thanks to her reinstated, you have been included as well, rejoining the Black family tree."

Nym answered her aunt's words with what she thought was a respectful nod. The ancient and noble house thing few over her head. It made those who used it sound a little bit pretentious in her mind.

"And while your mother has been briefed on certain lessons, you have not," Narcissa said.

"What lessons would that be?" Nym asked.

"Your duty to the head of your house and your duty to the Black family," Narcissa said with a firm look on her face. "There are certain lessons on being a proper lady which you must learn."

Nym snorted in a very un-lady like manner. A perfect lady, her, well this was something which did not compute at least the mind of one Nymphadora Tonks.

"You will have to demonstrate your loyalty to the newly named head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black," Narcissa continued. "We did not have to perform this loyalty test to Sirius, due to his imprisonment. And by the time he had been released from Azkaban, the ship already sailed on anything of that nature with him."

"Because the Dementors caused him not to be able to get it….."

"Yes, Nymphadora, we're both aware of what happened," Narcissa said. "Our new head will be arriving here momentarily. You will conduct yourself as a lady and in a matter fitting this family. And you will allow him to use you as he sees fit."

"So you want me to be a whore for Harry?" Nym asked.

"I expect you to do as he tells you, and if he decides to treat you like a Knockturn Alley street walker, then you will spread your legs with a smile and refer to him as sir, or my lord," Narcissa said. "Unless he explicitly gives you permission to act differently. And if he does, all of the rules out. Your mother expects you to be one with him."

A soft knock on the door caused Narcissa's eyes to turn towards him.

"It's unlocked, my lord."

The one and only Harry Potter stepped into the room. Nym took one look at the young man and his mere presence took her breath away. The tall and elegant young man with his messy dark hair and burning green eyes made her ache between her legs in need. An elegant and athletic body built for either sport or intense fucking awaited them. Nym tried not to be too obvious with the undressing of Harry's body with her eyes.

Harry cast one look towards her, a knowing smile popping over his face. Nym looked a fair bit flushed.

"Nymphadora, has Narcissa told you want to expect?" Harry asked.

"Yes, my lord,' Nym said. "I'm to be tested to see if I'm worthy of inclusion to the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black. I'm to conduct myself as you require and I'm at your disposal."

Harry motioned for Nym to rise to her feet. He got a good look at this current form. Silky black hair came down past her shoulders. Blue eyes sparkled with a sense of wonder and an even greater sense of naughtiness. The pair of pink lips moistened and Harry knew one thing such a plump pair of lips were useful for. D-Cup breasts strained against the top, and thanks to Nym's gifts, she could make them as large and firm as she wanted to. The skirt came down to showcase a never ending pair of legs encased in silk stockings.

"Kiss me," Harry said.

Nym walked over and snaked her arms around Harry.

"Always allow your lord to lead the kiss and follow his cue," Narcissa said.

Nym didn't really have much of a chance to say any differently. Harry pressed his lips against hers. Nym opened her mouth to accept the entry for his tongue. The two sets of tongues tangled together.

Harry tasted the sweet sensations of Nym's lips, wondering if she could make them taste any way she wanted thanks to those powers. The Boy-Who-Lived mapped a path on the inside of her mouth. The girl pushed against him as much as she dared. Friction appeared when two sets of hips pushed against other, grinding back and forth with hunger.

Nym gasped into the kiss when Harry groped her supple rear underneath the skirt. Everything he wanted, she would be his.

The eager witch leaned into Harry's hands when he explored every single inch of her body. Nym could feel a draft and before she knew it, Harry unbuttoned her blouse. Seconds later, her skirt came off.

Harry stepped back to take a good look at Nym. Nym tried to strike a pose to show off everything she had in her lacy green bra and panties. Narcissa smacked Nym on her panty clad ass.

"Hey!" Nym yelled.

"You are not acting very lady like, Nymphadora," Narcissa said.

"Narcissa," Harry said when looking at the mother of his late number one schoolyard annoyance. "I'll take it from here, thank you very much. Only instruct her if you feel it to be necessary."

"Of course, sir," Narcissa said. "My apologies."

"As long as you do not overstep your bounds again, you will go without punishment," Harry said.

A small part of Narcissa craved to be punished by her lord. A feeling of wanton dampness erupted between the youngest Black sister's thighs.

"Nym, to your knees and remove my pants."

Nymphadora Tonks dropped to her knees without any word. Her fingers unbuckled Harry's belt and removed in with a solid swing. Next came the trousers. Nymphadora's fingers brushed against Harry's crotch.

The next line of defense came with Harry's boxer shorts. Nymphadora gave an "eep" when Harry's cock slapped her in the face.

"Remain composed," Harry said. "It's not fully erect."

Nym tried not to roll her eyes. How did one not be composed because of that? Nym tried to grab it and shove it all of her mouth.

"I do hope you don't intend to shove him all in your mouth," Narcissa said. Harry gave her one of those looks and the pureblood heiress shot off. "And I apology for overstepping my bounds again, master."

Narcissa wondered if her niece ever so much as serviced a wizard. The fact Harry would be her first would be appropriate.

"Take my head, and savor the moment," Harry said.

Nym wrapped her juicy lips around Harry's head and slowly worked her lips around it. She wondered when it would be time to get a little bit more.

Harry looked down to see the sight of Nym's eager lips wrapped around his cock's head. The mind tease caused his cock to grow and by some form of magic, it started to push its way past her lips deep into her mouth.

"Now, you're going to get a little bit more," Harry said, stroking her hair. "If you don't open up wide, I'll be displeased, and your night will be a very dry one, Nym."

Harry's fingers traveled down Nym's slicky black hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Nym gasped when Harry's thick phallus worked its way past the witch's lips into her throat. A gap could be heard before Nym expanded the muscles in her throat to allow him inside just a little bit.

"Perfect," Harry said, looking down at his little cock-sucking half-blood whore. "And now, you're going to show me what skills you've learned with your throat."

Nym contracted her throat around the length of Harry's cock and allowed it to spear into the depths of her throat. She rocked back on his manhood.

The hot smacking of Nym's delicious lips caused Harry to grunt. The Boy-Who-Lived hung onto Nym's head to piston his thick manhood into her mouth and use it as his own personal fuck hole. Nym brought the point of her throat down into his thick tool with a few more long and deep sucks.

"You're going to get the first part of your reward for being such a good cock sucker," Harry said.

Nym decided to try something else. She extended her tongue and wrapped it around the length into her mouth. The tongue lavished every single inch of the underside of Harry's cock at once.

"Putting all of your talents to work. I like that….I like that a lot! And now you're going to get something for your trouble."

Nym mewled at the point of his cock pushing down deep. Harry unloaded his thick seed into the back of the throat.

"Remember, not to waste a drop."

Nym didn't intend to. This delicious seed firing into the back of the throat caused a buzzing feeling to raise through her body. Each inch of Nym's hot body hungered for even more. This seed firing into the depths of her throat caused a multitude of pleasure to rise deep within her.

The moment Nym sucked the last drop, a popping sound followed. Harry waved his hand and motioned for Nym.

"On your hands and knees now."

Nym obeyed and showed Harry her wide ass. Harry smiled and couldn't wait to get a taste of her in more than one ways. The skilled sorcerer performed a magic trick and caused Nym's panties to disappear.

A talented tongue replaced the feeling of Nym's bare cunt being released in the wild. Harry slowly slipped his tongue down the edge of Nym's nether lips. Nym gasped every time his tongue brushed against her. Juices started to trickle downward and started to coat the edge of Harry's mouth.

Harry decided to work her up a little bit more. His mouth lightly nibble Nym's nether lips. Harry gripped and released Nym six or seven times in succession. Each one causing a moan to go.

"H…my lord, I need my pussy eaten!" Nym said, feeling tension going. Every single time Harry captured her nether lips in his mouth, Harry held them a bit longer, before releasing them.

Harry decided to have his fun for a little bit longer. The wizard's tongue shoved into the depths of Nym's white hot pussy, causing her to gasp with a sensual moan. Harry worked his tongue inside her.

Narcissa locked onto the look of pleasure forming on her niece's face. Nym's firm biting down down on her lip when Harry used his mouth and tongue to stimulate the younger girl's sex sex caused Narcissa's to grow all hot and bothered. The pureblood witch dropped her robes to the ground and slowly began to unbutton her blouse to gain better access to her needy breasts.

Harry worked Nym slowly up. The vibrations of his tongue caused her to become undone.

'Alright, you're going to cum, and you're going to cum all night long for me,' Harry thought, when he continued to trace tongue patterns in her.

Nym couldn't tell what he did to her pussy. The positively sinful feelings caused pleasure to rise from her loins and the woman's heart to start beating.

Orgasm hit and coated Harry's face with the juices of the older woman. Harry worked his tongue back and forth to stimulate further orgasms.

"Time for the last lesson," Harry said. "You're plenty wet enough."

"Yes, she is!" Narcissa yelled, rubbing her fingers up and down. The pureblood witch showed a lack of shame by masturbating herself through her panties.

Harry flashed her a smile and waved his hand with a stern glare dancing in his eyes. Narcissa yelped in surprise when ropes wrapped around her body, along with a gag in her mouth. Her hands had been tied.

"Just sit, and watch," Harry said, flicking his finger within Nym's dripping hot opening. "And know it's going to be your turn sooner or later."

Harry's thick head pushed through Nym's hot walls. The Metamorphmagus moaned when Harry invaded her walls. Every inch brought a new pleasure into her.

"So tight," Harry said, hand flying towards her breast and squeezing it in his hand. "Let's see if we can loosen you up a little bit, Nym."

Nym thought she died and went to heaven. His thick cock pushed her apart. Nym tried to gain some control over her pussy. Harry's pushing into her tight crevice caused Nym to be worked apart. Every last inch of him pushed inside her.

Harry placed a finger on the curve of Nym's spine and slowly ran it down. Each time he brushed closer towards her ass, Harry pushed into her even more. His thick cock speared into her from behind. The pleasure coursing between Nym's legs spurred Harry to go onto greater heights.

"Look at you," Harry said, leaning down towards her. He nibbled the back of her neck. "Look at the state of you."

Nym breathed heavily with Harry nipping on the back of her neck.

"You're going to cum for me, aren't you?" Harry asked, using his tongue to move down the back of Nym's neck. "You're going to gush for me aren't you?"

Nym couldn't say anything other than moan like the perfect witch in heat. Harry pushed himself deep inside Nym's womanly depths, experiencing the sensation of her cunt against him.

"Go ahead, Nym, let it go. Cum for me, let it all go."

Harry's hands flew to her breasts and squeezed them. These actions didn't give Nym much of a hope. Her body tightened around the edge of Harry's thick tool.

Nym's vision flashed with stars. The orgasm to end them all caused her to cum. One look at her aunt's frustrated and horny face caused Nym to lose herself even more.

Harry pulled out of her and left her panting, wanting more.

"I need more," Nym said, watching Harry turn her over. Harry leaned down and pushed his muscular chest against her breasts, squashing them. "Please sir, stick your big gorgeous prick into my tight body. Take me and wreck me…fuck me all night long!"

Harry eased his way against Nym's dripping hot pussy lips. The thick engorged head of Harry's prick almost shoved inside her wet center.

"Yes, I'm going to pin you down, and take your pussy over and over again," Harry said, grinding against her pussy with each word. "I'm going to pin you down, and you're going to beg me to be your bitch."

"I am…I am your bitch," Nym said, almost pushing her hips up. Harry blocked them. "And I'm in heat."

Harry grinded his cock against Nym's over heated crotch. The heat pumped up and threatened to engulf Harry's cock. Harry pushed his head further against her and slipped it inside her a tiny bit.

"Yes, I can tell," Harry grunted, holding onto her hips. "It's time for you to get your reward, are you ready?"

Nym nodded her head, biting down on her lip with a pleading look in her eyes. Harry grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. This action tightened Nym's pussy around Harry's half submerged cock.

"I need it, I need it all the way!" Nym yelled.

Harry smiled and made sure his eye contact locked onto Narcissa. Narcissa watched her master's cock enter Nym's pussy. Despite not being able to do anything to relieve her frustration, Narcissa watched on.

Nym rose her hips up to meet the incoming thrust of Harry's big, thick, organ. Every single inch speared into her pussy. Nym's pussy expanded to allow Harry's cock to enter new depths. Their pubic bones touched each other.

The friction excited Harry. The young man grinded his pelvic bone against his lover's. Nym responded by pushing her legs up and wrapping them around Harry's waist.

Harry touched his thumb to the side of Nym's leg. The sorcerer started to run his hand up and down Nym's leg. Nym rocked her hips up to meet Harry's thrusts and moaned.

"Your legs are so soft," Harry said, smiling and running a hand down Nym's legs. "You like me playing with your legs?"

Nym's moans increased with each passing thrust. The Metamorph loved Harry playing with her legs very much. The legs extended, growing smoother and more sensual with each passing brush. The perfect and lovely flesh molded into Harry's legs.

Harry grunted when Nym's pussy contracted around him. The witch's orgasm coated Harry's throbbing pole inside her pussy. The two met heat to heat with Harry's throbbing cock sliding inside her wet womanhood.

Nym thought she would break from the mere force of Harry's cock slamming inside her. Every time the Boy-Who-Lived buried his pole inside her, she lost herself.

"And you're going to cum for me again, and harder this time," Harry said, cupping the witch's tit in his hand. "You can't help, and cum, can you? You can't help, and obey me, can't you?"

Nym shook her head. Her entire body lost itself to the pleasure of Harry shoving every last single inch into her. Harry manipulated her very core with this.

"No, I can't!" Nym yelled. The panting increased with Harry leaning down and nibbling on Nym's sweet nipples. Nym gasped with Harry wrapping his mouth around them.

"You can't, you want this," Harry said, holding onto her hips. Harry pumped up and down into her. "And I'm going to give you everything you need. One of the best orgasms you've ever felt in your life."

Harry channeled power through Nym with her breasts being used as a conduit. The horny witch racked with a million little bursts of pleasure coming up and coming down. Her body road a roller coast of highs and lows with Harry pushing into Nym's depths with several rapid fire thrusts inside her body. The beauty's cunt expanded and contracted around Harry's thick rod, in an attempt to milk the seed from the point of his balls.

"You're going to take this, every last inch of my cock inside your body," Harry said. "And you're going to take my cum inside you. And when the last dose of cum hits your womb, you're going to be mine forever."

Harry sped up the thrusts and reduced Nym to a moaning wreck. She pushed up and went down.

"Who does your pussy belong to?" Harry asked.

"You…my lord, it belongs to you," Nym said, pushing her walls around Harry's engorged pole. "Shoot your seed inside me…make me yours. Put your child inside my womb!"

"Maybe if you're fortunate," Harry said, with a smile, caressing her right leg one more time and then the left leg. These actions drove Nymphadora Tonks beyond wild.

Harry continued a steady and swift path into Nym's center. The contents of his balls spilled into Nym's body. Spurts of seed buried inside Nym's tight center and buried deep inside her womb.

Nym almost blacked out from the pleasure bombardment of the orgasm. Harry pulled down and raked his eyes down the goddess on the bed, smiling at his handwork.

A pair of vibrant green eyes locked with those of Narcissa's. Harry waved his hand and pulled Narcissa up to her feet. Narcissa's bound and nude body pressed against him. The woman stared at him with wanton eyes.

"I can feel how hard you wanted to get off," Harry said, grinding his cock against her. Harry's cock still dripped with the combination of his and Nym's juices. Now Narcissa's had been collected on top of those. "You want this inside you, don't you? You wanted my thick manhood buried inside your juicy center, don't you?"

Narcissa's body crushed against the wall. The woman spread her legs as much as it could be allowed in this current predicament.

"I'll take this as a yes."

Harry spiked his cock inside Narcissa's sweet pussy. The walls hugged around Harry's manhood and started to caress his thick, veiny, cock. He grunted and pushed inside her body.

"Yes, this feels so good," Harry said, rutting against Narcissa. He took her breasts in hand and squeezed them. "Knowing you had to sit there the entire time when I fucked Nym."

Harry smiled, pushing himself into her. The gag removed from Narcissa's mouth so Harry could shove his lips over hers with a mouth bruising kiss. The two of them connected with this sensation combination of spit.

"My lord, please," Narcissa said, no sooner did he release her lips so she could talk. "Make me cum."

"I'll make you cum harder than ever before," Harry said, capturing a juicy nipple inside his mouth.

Narcissa gasped when Harry bit down upon her nipple. Harry stimulated her nipples.

"Mmmm, ah…ooooh!" Narcissa breathed, feeling Harry's cock spear into her and stimulating her to another amazing orgasm.

Harry worked over Narcissa's breasts which caused her to lose all sense of her mind. The pureblood noble's pussy and body succumbed to Harry's thick manhood. A few long thrusts buried inside Narcissa's wet pussy and brought her closer to the edge.

"Go ahead, let it go."

Narcissa's pussy clenched Harry again. Harry drove her more wild, nibbling the side of Narcissa's neck. The wizard suckled on the pulse point of her neck and switched over to between her breasts. Harry's tongue trailed down between her sweaty cleavage and spiked her pleasure to another level.

Harry slowed down the thrusts to make each moment leading to a big orgasm mean something. The orgasm sunk into Narcissa's brain completely before he led her to another one. Harry grinded inside her.

"Master, please," Narcissa said. She didn't know how much longer she could hold together. Harry's able hands worked her body, causing torture. Pure magic rushed through her body and loins.

Harry built up his orgasm and buried his cock deeper. The build-up in his balls became so big and so hard it almost hurt.

"Do you want my, cum, pet?" Harry asked, fingers prodding Narcissa's thick cheeks and smacking onto it.

Narcissa pushed her hips closer towards Harry. The orgasm started to roll over her loins and make her want things even more. The connection sparked pure magical energy between the two sides. The thick cock buried inside Narcissa's juicy womanhood.

"Yes, I need it," Narcissa said, taking advantage of the master untying her hands. Narcissa placed her hands on either side of his ass and started to piston inside her. "I need it…all of it inside me."

One more orgasm exploded through Narcissa. Harry's path towards her center became easier. The contents of his balls started to churn up the side.

Harry allowed Narcissa one more orgasm before he planted his seed inside her. The noble woman turned into a shrieking whore when Harry fired his seed into her. Harry thought this was the greatest magic trick he could have performed.

Narcissa's walls parted to accept his cum pumping inside of her pussy. Each drop spurting in her caused her body to buzz.

Harry allowed her to drop, sliding to the ground. Narcissa's legs remained spread. Her cunt made like a bubbling river with the seed dripping and oozing out of it.

'Well, the etiquette lessons broke down in a hurry.'

"Come here, Nymphadora for your next lesson."



Chapter Text

Waiting for Extraction(Alex Danvers from Supergirl)

Harry Potter walked down a long and winding hallway in a top-secret government facility and not for the first time in his life either. There always seemed to be a war with the various alphabet soup government organizations when they attempted to one-up each other. It almost amused Harry, not as much as it frustrated him. Everyone had their secrets, and no one wanted to share those secrets.

The young man turned around the corner and waited for his partner to come to meet him. This organization was called ARGUS and they overstepped their bounds a little bit. Harry Potter worked for the DEO as a consultant and did his job about as well he could be expected. Being a consultant and not being a full time member allowed Harry to get a lot more of the room.

"The security system is down, we have ten minutes to get in and get out."

A dark haired woman turned around the corner. Her bright brown eyes shined out. The agent dressed in a sleek tight black tactical suit which fit into every one of her curves.

"Ten minutes," Harry said. "Way too much time to do what we're going to do."

Alexandra Danvers rolled her eyes. Leave it to Harry think an absurdly small window was way too much time. The two of them made their way down the hallway.

"Watch my backside, I'm going in," Harry said.

"Gladly," Alex said, eyes firmly glued on his backside, and she shook her head. Her handsome partner walked in. He had a magnetic appeal which attracted women. Despite her bravado, Alex was no exception to this obvious rule.

Harry stepped inside to the room. He made his way through the hard copy filing cabinets, or so it seemed. Shoving back the cabinets, Harry found his way into an alcove which shifted back. The elevator brought Harry down to the bottom and to the computer system.

"Let's just see how secure you are," Harry said, plugging in the drive in the computer and started to work his magic. This was a far more dangerous power than any magic in the world, his hacking ability. Which had gotten better after some early attempts.

"Harry, five minutes," Alex said, warning him.

"Don't worry, just keep watching the doorway," Harry said, putting the information. He wanted to see what was so important ARGUS wanted to keep it from the DEO.

A patient moment followed when Harry finished downloading the information onto the drive. Harry rocked himself back onto the heels of his feet.

"Okay, I'm done, and I'm coming down the hallway," Harry said.

Harry made his way around the corner. Alex kept covering him. Her mouth almost opened up for a long second. The two agents made their way around to the stairwell.

"I'm cutting it close," Harry said, walking up the steps and pausing for a long moment. "But, it's not as close as a lot of the times, is it?"

Alex smiled. Harry really did cut things close. It caused her adrenaline to be heightened up to another level. The two of them made their way up the set of stairs. All they needed to do to get onto the roof and things would work out for the best, at least in her mind.

'Well, here goes nothing,' Alex thought. She paused for a long moment and looked around.

"Alex, we better move," Harry said, looking at the palm computer. "Someone turned on the security system."

"That's impossible," Alex said. Harry grabbed her by the hand and lead her to another direction. "That's not the way up to the roof either."

"No it isn't," Harry said, hearing the pounding of people down their way. "We're going to have to find an alternate way out of here."

Alex pulled out her side arm, clicking it into place. She didn't want to really attack to be honest. The agent prepared herself to fight and make their way out of the building.

It was a common occurrence when she partnered up with Harry. He was both the most capable hand they had, and the most frustrating to team up with.

"Okay, this way, hurry!" Harry yelled, gripping Alex by the hand and leading her down the hallway. "Don't attack unless they do so first."

Alex couldn't really fire off any kind of response. Harry made his way to an elevator and pulled them both inside. Harry punched in a series of codes on the elevator.

"I'll find a way to get us out of here," Harry said. The elevator started to ease up to the tip-top of the building. In the office building which had been built over the top of the building.

Bare bones crew in an attempt to throw people off of the entire building. Harry waved his hand and caused Alex to switch out of her tactical gear. She dressed in a black button up top and a nice skirt. The skirt stretched down and showed her legs off. The pair of high heel shoes caused her to balance.

Alex looked up and saw Harry dress in a nice button up shirt and a pair of dress pants as well. He looked like someone who had been trapped in the office building up there.


Harry leaned forward and pushed his lips over Alex's. Alex gasped in surprised and only fought the kiss for a couple of seconds before returning the entire kiss.

The elevator doors slid open. Harry and Alex jumped up in surprise as the ARGUS agents entered the elevator. The two agents backed off.

"Clear out of the area, you two," the agents said. "There are a couple of dangerous spies who compromised the security of the building."

Alex touched her hand towards her leg and prepared to pull out her gun to take them out. Harry reached and grabbed Alex around the wrist lightly to warn her. The young man switched angles to grab Alex's hand tightly.

"Oh, well that's really bad," Harry said, without missing a beat. "We're just leaving for a coffee break, and the elevator sealed us inside."

"Yes, coffee," the agent said. "The two of you better get out of our way…return to your office…this entire building will be on lock down. They can't have gotten far."

Harry and Alex walked past the guards, almost expecting some kind of trouble to happen. The guards didn't do anything.

"Our secondary extraction plan won't kick in for another hour," Alex said out of the corner of her mouth. "Some good, and quick thinking…way to think on your feet."

The two made their way towards an abandoned office. It was bare bones, nothing other than a desk and a couch in it. The two agents entered inside.

"All communications outside of the building are being monitored," Harry said.

"Can't you just teleport us out of the building?" Alex asked. Harry gave her a long look. "I know, there's a reason why you haven't already, but I just had to ask."

"They have magic monitors on the building, if anyone leaves the building that way, they'll know it," Harry said. "It's hard to shut them down without them knowing."

"Right, ARGUS pretty much polices the magical users in the United States, I forgot," Alex said. "So, we're stuck in this office for an hour?"

"At the very least," Harry said, taking a seat on the couch and inviting Alex to sit down next to him.

The sound of guards moving around them caused Harry and Alex to settle in. The two of them looked at each other. Alex kicked off her shoes and propped up her feet on the couch.

"What?" Alex asked. Harry gave her a knowing smile. "We're going to be in here for a long time, especially if the extraction team runs into trouble. Unless you can find a way to extract us without tipping off any sensors."

"Believe me, I'm thinking of every angle," Harry said. "Losing those three minutes really timed the entire mission off. I want to really know what went wrong."

Alex's stocking clad foot moved around the edge of Harry's crotch in an absent minded manner. Harry looked towards her and she smiled back at him.

"Why don't we make the wait inside the office a bit more interesting?" Alex asked, smiling and working his pants open with her feet. "I know you can't get enough of my legs and my feet."

"The rest of you isn't anything to sneeze at either," Harry said, feeling Alex's foot put a little pressure on him when she pulled his pants down.

"Thank you," Alex said, smiling. "And you're pretty handsome yourself…and I'm curious to see what you have in your pants…someone as confident as you has nothing to be ashamed by."

"Why don't you take a look for yourself?" Harry asked.

"I think I will," Alex said, pulling down the fabric to allow Harry's cock to spring out and face her. "Oh my god."

Alex touched her toes against the edge of Harry's cock to feel how veiny and thick it throbbed out for her. She watched it mesmerized, with a bit of drool coming down her mouth. She rubbed her foot up and down his cock.

"You're huge," Alex said. "It must be at least a foot long."

"It's as big as you want it, sweetie," Harry said. Alex didn't have the time to comprehend this situation in her mind. "How about you give me a footjob?"

Alex thought this was a good idea. She tried to ignore her throbbing cunt to focus on this big cock in front of her. At first, Alex used her big toe to stroke up and down Harry's cock. The beautiful agent used her toes to rub the veiny underside, before placing her sole his cock and rubbing it.

Harry enjoyed the soft feel of Alex's soles placed on either side of his cock. It felt so good to feel her feet wrapped around it.

"I'm going to make you cum over my feet, stud," Alex said, rubbing her feet up and down his cock in a pumping motion. "And then we can see what other fun we can have."

"Looking forward to it, honey," Harry said, feeling her silky soles rub them up and down. "Oh, your feet feel good, and your legs are so smooth, I love them!"

Harry pushed his fingers up Alex's legs. Every single inch of her extremely soft legs squeezed underneath his fingers. The coos of delight cumming from the mouth of his lover spurred Harry to go on.

Alex worked her feet over Harry's cock. The excitement of the DEO agent grew the more Harry's cock throbbed between her feet. Alex's heels brushed against his cum bloated balls. Alex tested and teased him, knowing the big load of see which was about ready to spurt out of his cock and splatter her feet. She couldn't wait for it. This would be the moment she had been waiting for.

"Oh, I need this!" Alex yelled. "All your thick and juicy cum all over my feet!"

"I'm going to cum all over your perfect feet, all over your wonderful arches!" Harry said. "Do you see the power your feet has over me."

"Don't you see the power your cock has over me?" Alex asked.

Harry's cock spurted their load onto Alex's delicious feet. It started to splatter against her feet, ankles, and legs all the way. Some of the cum went so high it splattered against the ceiling, leaving stains.

Alex enjoyed out the shine had been given to her feet and legs thanks to his cum. The sexy agent's long stems looked even more vibrant than ever before.

"Come here, you minx and give me a kiss," Harry said, grabbing Alex around the waist and pulling her onto his lap.

Harry pushed his mouth onto Alex with one of the most mind-blowing kisses anyone could ever imagine. Alex happily reciprocated the kiss, working her tongue into his mouth. Alex turned so she could straddle Harry. The stud's cock slipped underneath her skirt and brushed against Alex, hitting her through her panties. Pleasure waves connected to her.

"You know what you want now," Alex said, slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

"Is it the same thing you want?" Harry asked, reaching around to cup the ass of this vision straddling his lap. "I know I want to fuck you."

"Harry," Alex mewled, feeling his hand move up and go between her legs "Take me, take me right here. I don't care if there are cameras…if there are, then give me a show."

Harry slid Alex's panties down her legs and could feel her smooth pussy. Her lips beckoned to be played with and Harry did just as they required. The soft folds brushing against his fingers made Harry feel really good.

Alex slid her blouse down her shoulders to reveal her firm breasts pushed up in a lacy blue bra with an intricate design.

"Do you want to see them Harry?" Alex asked, smiling and playing with her bra strap. "Do you want to suck on them…make them yours?"

"Yes, I want to take your tits, suck on them, make them mine, and make you scream for more," Harry said, using his free hand while one diddled her pussy.

Alex closed her eyes and could feel her bare breasts let out into the wild. Her B-Cup breasts ached with Harry kissing them and paying tribute to the firm breasts.

"Yes, suck on my perky breasts, Harry," Alex said, humping his hand for encouragement.

Harry worked his fingers in between Alex's hot and lovely walls. Fingers worked between her. He could feel how wet she was and knew she would be perfectly lubricated for his cock.

"Oh, you're making me cum so hard," Alex breathed heavily.

"You're so wet, so tight, I can't wait to have my cock inside you," Harry said, pushing his fingers in and out of you. "You haven't had a real cock inside you, have you?"

"No, nothing…nothing like yours," Alex said, heaving her chest out. Harry switched from one breast to another breast, sucking on the hot nubs and driving her wild.

Harry smiled and made her cum all over his hand. The squeezing of her cunt around his fingers made it an extremely tight fit indeed. Harry anticipated greatly what his cock would feel like buried into her tight walls.

The moment Harry withdrew his hand from her pussy, he touched it to Alex's mouth.

"Taste yourself."

Alex never tasted her own pussy juices before. The very taste of them drove her completely wild and made her extremely hungry for more.

"Do you see it?" Harry asked, feeling Alex rise up against him. The babe's pussy hovered inches away from his cock. "Do you taste how horny you are?"

"Yes, I'm a horny slut who needs a big cock inside her virgin-tight pussy," Alex said, biting down on her lip in the sexiest manner possible. "Will you help stretch my tight cunny out, Harry?"

"I think I can arrange it," Harry said, with Alex's pussy lips rubbing up and down on his cock. His cock twitched a little bit and came close to sliding into the sexy agent. "My god…you're so hot."

"Oh, I'm really hot," Alex said, pushing herself a little bit further down onto Harry's cock. "And I'm sure you want to see how hot my pussy is around your throbbing hard prick."

Harry grabbed her hips and forced Alex down. Alex experienced a brief second of pain which had been replaced with an even greater amount of pleasure with Harry sliding into her.

"YES!" Alex yelled.

Harry groaned when her tight pussy wrapped around her. The agent showed how much she worked out by bouncing on Harry's cock. She stretched her legs out far and wide to accommodate his thick manhood going into her dripping hot snatch. The brunette's walls closed around his tool.

"Right there, there's a good spot," Alex moaned, leaning back so Harry could have full access to her breasts.

Harry accessed her breasts quite nicely. The young man licked and nibbled at Alex's nipples. These hardened nubs responded to his tongue. The pink flesh worked into Harry's mouth.

Alex placed her hands on Harry's head and made sure her lover's mouth didn't stray far from her breasts. The brunette panted with each rise and each fall.

"You're going to make me cum," Alex said, pussy twitching around Harry's cock. "Nothing has ever made me cum as hard as your big, thick, cock. I love feeling it jammed in my pussy, stretching me out. Making me yours, making me yours forever. Oh yes, this the best….oh god, I'm so good. Fuck me harder baby. Really make me cum."

Harry switched his hands to Alex's bum and caused the woman to push down onto his cock. The agent drove herself down on Harry's cock. The force of her orgasm rippled around him.

Alex's entire body shook with pleasure. She didn't want to stop even if every nerve ending sang in pleasure. Harry held onto her hips and rocked her up and down.

"I bet I can make you cum more than you ever could have dreamed," Harry said.

"Please do," Alex said, pressing her hands onto Harry's chest and rising up. Harry pushed into her cunt before she lowered down. The pleasure burst between her loins rocked her body.

Alex worked her hips up and down on Harry's cock. Juices trickled down between the toned agent's thighs. Harry held onto her hips and brought her down.

"I want to fuck you from behind," Harry said, nibbling on Alex's ears. "I can show you how much power I have over you, how much pleasure I can bring you. If you just let go."

Alex finished off riding her latest orgasm. Juices trickled down her pussy. Lips spread hungrily. Alex turned around and placed her hands on the desk. The agent's ass stuck in mid-air. The thighs of the dark haired babe spread.

"Put it in me, Mr. Potter," Alex said, swaying her rear enticingly.

Harry's cum bloated balls slapped across Alex's right hip which caused excitement to spread through the woman's body. He situated himself closer towards her. The tip of his cock slid in.

"Please, I'm dying," Alex said. A fire rose through her pussy. "My pussy feels so empty without your cock in it. I need your big cock in me!"

"Ask and you shall receive," Harry said, slapping her on the ass once. The movement caused juices to trickle down Alex's pussy.

Harry slid inside Alex without any problem. The two lovers worked back and forth against each other. Harry bent Alex over the desk and thrust into her pussy.

Alex groaned the moment when Harry speared deeper inside her. He touched her in new places for sure. Alex wasn't sure how far he went. The comment about him being as big as she wanted him to be resounded in her mind.

'I'm going to have to ask him sometime.'

Harry's hands molded Alex's firm body. Each time he touched her, Alex gave a lovely little sound. Her body responded to his touches just as well as her pussy did to his cock.

"Time for you to cum for me again," Harry said.

Alex couldn't argue. Her walls slid back against Harry and released their juices onto his pole. Harry responded by pounding her, never letting up. The never ending bombardment of orgasms caused her to lose her mind.

"Yes, fuck me, harder, more! "Alex yelled. "I want everyone to know you fucked the ever living hell out of me and battered me."

"Now this is a hell of a way to wait for extraction," Harry said, hands running down every nook and cranny of Alex's body.

"Yes, and you better not extract your cock from my pussy!" Alex yelled, feeling each thrust bury into her.

Alex's orgasms grew more intense, more close together, and longer in duration. The addiction to this piece of meat Harry used to stretch her out grew.

"Don't worry, I won't," Harry said, feeling up her body. A few more pushes inside her body. "And soon it will be my turn."

Alex's pussy heated up at the thought of Harry's cum spilling inside her body. The thrusts inside her grew more intense and the orgasms followed even more so. Sweat rolled down Alex's body when she clutched onto the desk for leverage. Harry pushed his thick rod into Alex's hot depths.

Harry could feel the pleasure about ready to rise from his balls. Seconds from now, Harry would have his seed completely inside her.

"Together," Harry said, cupping her firm breast lovingly.

Alex breathed heavily. Harry's eyes locked onto her ass when he fucked her caused her to get excited. Her walls clamped around him and would not let go until every bit of seed spilled inside her body.

Harry gave one more grunt and pushed inside Alex. The mutual orgasm caused both of the parties to see stars with each other.

The two paused for a moment. Harry's cock pulled out of Alex. He walked over to check something.

"Looks like they're going to be a little late."

Alexandra Danvers rolled over onto the desk and spread her lovely legs for Harry to see all of her dripping pussy.

"Well, looks like we have plenty to do to keep us occupied then."

Harry walked over towards her. He stepped over with Alex wrapping her legs around him and holding Harry in closely. His cock approached her pussy.

"If I knew my partner was such a nympho, these missions would have been a lot more interesting," Harry said. "Especially the flight to and the flight back."

"Just shut up and fuck me," Alex growled.

Harry laughed and pushed his cock into her pussy. The warm vice closed around him. The two of them rocked back and forth with each other.

Their lips met and their tongues wrestled for dominance as well. Harry gained some momentum and prepared for a couple more rounds with Alex. His magic causing time to run a bit slower in this room to give the more time.

Alex sighed. She didn't give a damn how late the extraction team was. She wanted Harry to fuck her and keep fucking her all night long until she was too sore to continue. Being in such good shape made her keep up with Harry.

Harry buried himself balls deep in Alex's pussy. She matched him well, which was good. They did have some time to kill.

The End.

Chapter Text

Boned(Susan Bones from Harry Potter)

Harry Potter started to stir awake in the early morning feeling a warm and soft hand start to rub against abs. His eyes flickered open and he saw a head of red hair near him. The bright blue eyes looked at him with a smile on her face.

"Good morning, Harry," Susan Bones said, pulling back and running his abs and going down to rub his crotch for a few seconds. "I'm hungry."

Susan moved over. The redhead goddess looked down at Harry with the transparent night gown hugging around her ample curves. Her D-Cup breasts strained from the other end of the night dress to show she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Susan's nipples stuck out. The gown flipped to show her flat stomach and wide hips. A black thong came down to cover her hips, with only the smallest amount of material covering her crotch. A pair of sheer stockings.

"Oh, are you?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Susan said, placing her stocking clad foot on Harry's erect cock and rubbed it up and down. The redhead beauty started to rub his crotch up and down with the point of her foot.

Harry groaned, feeling his lover's foot grind against his thick manhood. It pulsed underneath Susan's dainty little foot for a moment. Susan ran her toes up and down his thick throbbing manhood.

"Oh, god, you're so good," Harry groaned. "Why don't you suck my cock? I'm sure you'll be well fed there"

"I thought you'd never ask," Susan said, giggling for a moment. Her hand wrapped his cock and pumped the manhood. His crotch rose into her hand.

Susan's tongue swirled around the head of his manhood. The redhead applied a series of hot kisses onto the manhood. She loved the way it twitched near her mouth. Susan looked up and looked him directly in the eyes.

Harry grunted when Susan pushed her lips around his cock. The beautiful witch took his cock into her mouth with a loud slurping sound. She resembled a high class-whore when pushing her mouth deep down her throat. Susan bobbed deep down and took Harry's cock deep into her throat.

"Oh, really, it's really good," Harry said, closing his eyes and grabbing the back of Susan's head. "I love fucking your mouth."

Susan slurped hard on his cock. The manhood twitched into her mouth. The beautiful witch tried to get him deep inside her mouth.

Twenty minutes of intense slurping caused Harry's cock to start twitching in her mouth. Susan pulled back from him, not allowing him to cum in her mouth.

"Susan," Harry said, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"You know you want it," Susan said, licking her lips. "You want to fuck my tits, don't you?"

Susan pulled off her night dress to reveal her ample and firm tits. Harry growled and pushed his thick cock against the edge of her cleavage. He plunged between her breasts and started to rut in and out of them.

"Oh, yes, fuck my tits!" Susan screamed at the top of her lungs, with Harry hanging onto them. "Fuck me so hard!"

Harry did as she asked. The warmth of her large breasts wrapping around his cock caused him to twitch deep inside her. Pretty soon he would cum all over her face and tits. Harry held onto her.

Susan could feel a warmth start spreading between her body at the thought of being covered in Harry's magically powerful cum. The witch grabbed her globes and squeezed them.

"Cum for me, cum for me so hard!" Susan yelled.

Harry slid in and out of her cleavage. The contents of his balls trickled out. One more thrust and the contents of his balls spilled onto Susan's tits and face. The Boy-Who-Live coated the witch in his cum.

Susan closed her eyes, feeling the hot cum spill over her. Her skin glowed from the impact of the cum. Susan rode out his orgasm to the end point.

"So good," Susan said, turning over.

Harry squeezed Susan's ass, before pulling back her thong to reveal a dripping hot and tight hole.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out," Harry said, growling. He pushed against her and almost slipped inside. Harry stopped and grabbed Susan's swinging tit to squeeze it.

"Oh, I hope so, baby," Susan said, the sensation of Harry's questing figures working underneath her nipples. He squeezed them. "Go ahead and put your big, thick cock inside my tight little pussy."

Harry took a few minute tour of Susan's body. He caressed pretty much every single curve she had. Each of these caresses caused Susan's eyes to close. Harry gripped the underside of her breast. Her breasts, ass, hips, and legs all gave him an enjoyable feeling. He wanted nothing better than to push his thick rod inside her body.

'Patience, Potter.'

Harry decided to wind her up to massage the smooth and milky flesh underneath his fingertips. The breathing of the Bone heiress encourage.

Susan thought this to be torture. Torture which made her feel wonderful beyond all belief granted, but still, torture was torture. Harry's fingers warmed her up. A couple of times his cock head came close to entering inside her.

"HARRY!" Susan screamed at the top of her lungs. In response to Harry's eager actions, she pushed her hips back to get some traction. "Please, I need it, and I need it now."

Harry smiled and continued his tour over her body. He really was going to make Susan beg for it. Her soft curves molded around his hands. Harry cupped her ass and grinded up against her opening. The magnificence of her could not be stated enough. The juices flowed freely the closer Harry became to penetration. He almost reached the edge. Sensations would bring him to an amazing height.

Susan lost all sense of sanity. Harry tormented her to the edge. Seconds before she begged again, Harry moved in for the kill. An orgasm nearly caused her to die of pleasure.

"Good things come to good little girls who wait," Harry said. His firm grip remained on her hips and thrusts buried deep into her body. "Deep underneath that sweet and little Hufflepuff demeanor, you're nothing, but a kinky little bitch who can't get enough cock."

"Yes, yes, yes!" Susan Bones yelled. "I'm you're Hufflepuff Slut….just take your big cock and beat the hell out of my pussy! Please Harry, I can't fucking stand not having your cock inside me, stretching me all to hell. Oh god, wreck me!"

She could get pretty vocal. Harry took her words as encouragement and held on for leverage. He pulled almost all the way out of her and slammed into her. The force of these hard thrusts resulted in a marvelous effect. Susan's large breasts jiggled with each thrust. Harry caught her.

"Those slutty tits," Harry said, leaving his words hanging enough. The words hung as much as her tits, which Harry cupped in his hand. "They're mine….always, and forever."

"Yes, the most powerful wizard…needs my powerful tits," Susan said.

The bigger the tits, the more magic a witch possessed to use at her disposal. Rowena Ravenclaw put across this theory a long time ago and it proved to be true. Harry grabbed Susan's magically enhanced funbag.

"Yes, your big magical tits are mine, just like your pussy is!" Harry growled, nipping Susan on the back of the neck. "Just think, now I'm marking you…do you like that, Sue?"

"Yes, baby, fucking fill me up with your cock and grab my huge tits," Susan said, eyes and mind both clouded over with an insane amount of lust. "They belong to you, baby, they all belong to you!"

Harry took complete dominion over Susan's funbags and gave them a squeeze. He really knew what could get her going and what got her cumming.

Susan closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Harry's hands all over her tits. He molded them into her hands. His fingers caressed them in all of the right places.

Harry appreciated the ample flesh in his hands, giving it more squeeze. Her pussy squeezed him back in response. The sorcerer's balls started to fill up.

"Cum for me," Harry said. "And it will be my turn."

Harry's fingers brushed against Susan's hot nipples. Her hips squeezed and relaxed him. The hot redhead's screams continued. They weren't coherent.

"Look how hard you're cumming," Harry said. "You're really getting off on my hard cock pounding into you, aren't you?"

Susan continued to pant in pleasure with Harry's thick cock shoving into her dripping twat. The chesty redhead experienced Harry's hands all over her to bring her to the edge of pleasure. Harry slid deep inside Susan.

"I can feel you in my stomach," Susan said. "Put all of your cum in there….all of it!"

Harry squeezed Susan's nipples hard, and thrust even harder. Her pussy closed around Harry's cock the more. Harry groaned to feel the sensation in his balls. He rode her all the way to an amazing orgasm. A twitch in his cock put him on the path to cumming inside Susan.

The first blast of hot cum fired into Susan's body. The beauty experienced Harry's magical cum filling into her body. Each hard thrust brought more and more cum inside her body.

Harry pulled completely out of Susan and watched his handiwork leak out of Susan's dripping pussy. He turned Susan around and smiled.

"Do you have one more round in you?" Harry asked, giving Susan's tits a nice squeeze to get her attention.

"Depends," Susan said, grinding her pussy against Harry's cock and pushing her over the top of him. "Do you?"

Harry smiled and pushed Susan on top of his erect cock. The pleasure of the redhead increased the deeper she pushed down onto Harry. Her tight cunt muscles flexed around him and released his cock.

"Yes, always for you," Harry said, slapping her on the ass. Susan moaned with Harry slapping her again.

Susan closed her eyes, experiencing more enjoyment from Harry's thick cock inside her. Her glorious breasts bounced up and pushed into Harry's face.

"You're just asking for it, aren't you?"

The Bones heiress didn't have a chance to ask Harry what she was asking for. Her answer had been given when Harry buried his face between her. Susan wrapped her hands around him and panted. Harry took her tits, and motor-boarded the hell out of them. This action prompted Susan to ride up and down on her.

"Yes, blow on my titties, suck them, bite them, take them, take my tits!" Susan yelled, anticipating how Harry would make the best of this situation and enjoying every single second of it.

Harry enjoyed her warm, soft, tits pushed into his face. The glorious flesh found its way into Harry's mouth. The buffet was almost too much. His balls grew heavier.

Susan made sure not to allow Harry's head to leave the area between her breasts. Each little love bite and suck on her breast resulted in a miniature orgasm spreading through Susan's body. The former Hufflepuff bounced on his lap, burying his cock into her. More seed for her and more cum to enter her body.

Harry didn't neglect her ass. It got less attention than her large tits, but was never the less extremely lovely as well. Susan pushed down onto Harry's thick rod to bury herself down onto his hard rod.

Susan came over and over again, moaning in Harry's ear when he sucked on her tits. The gorgeous redhead kept working him deep inside her dripping hot cunt.

The connection between the two of them, in addition to the heat on their loins. Harry held Susan's hips and forced her down onto him.

"Harry, mmm…Morgana's tits!" Susan said, with Harry's fingers drumming into the inside of her anus.

"No, I'll just settle for your tits," Harry said, giving them a few more parting bites.

Harry sucked hard on Susan's eager nipple. This action resulted in Susan coming down cunt first onto Harry's cock. Her wet vice clutched him, anticipating more of Harry's magical seed to be spilled inside her womb.

The Boy-Who-Lived could not hold back long with Susan's cunt milking him. An orgasm hit his body just as another one hit hers.


Susan experienced a burst of pleasure through her loins. The thick contents of his ball sac buried in Susan's pussy and straight into her womb.

Harry buried his second load inside her. Susan fell forward, with Harry balancing her up. She perched on his lap and Harry's face pressed into her breasts.

"How was that?" Harry asked.

"Perfect," Susan said. "But, you know I want more."

"Of course you do, and you'll get more, my little Huffleslut," Harry said, squeezing her rear, and letting her slide onto the bed. Harry laid back, using her ample melons as a pillow.

Susan needed to take a breath after Harry put her through the paces. Then more fun would be had. The night was still young.


Chapter Text

Control This Rod(Big Barda from DC Comics)

Barda strayed a bit from her female Fury roots after breaking herself free from Granny Goodness and her little army of sycophants. The woman stood extremely tall and proud. Her battle attire had been changed out for a red top. The red top fit over Barda's ample breasts which stood both firm and large thanks to her enhanced Apokolipian genetics. Her toned body gave the perfect combination of feminine and muscular all together. Her bottoms only came down to her hips and showcased a pair of long toned legs which could crush boulders with their strength. She stood over seven feet tall of pure womanhood.

Her companion stepped towards her. Harry Potter, also known as Har-Zod to many and likely many other unflattering names which could not be repeated in polite company, stepped towards her. One appreciated how tall Barda was when she towered over this tall man. The Kryptonian sorcerer stepped towards her and had to stretch up to properly meet her eyes.

"They didn't really have a chance, did they?" Harry asked.

"No," Barda said. "I almost felt sorry for them, how pathetic they were."

"You feel sorry for an enemy?" Harry asked with a smirk appearing on his face.

"I did say almost," Barda said with a predatory smile like someone who was willing to go on the hunt for anything they wanted. A tongue flickered across the woman's lips. She touched her hands to Harry's waist and leaned down. "You were magnificent out there…it's very becoming of you to see you take them down and make them beg for mercy."

"And the looks on their faces when they realize I'm lacking it?"

Barda's lips twitched into a smile when she leaned closer towards Harry.

"Perfect," Barda said with a smile.

She leaned down and captured Harry's lips with a sudden and intense kiss. The woman of Apokolips attacked Harry's lips with the same fury she would an enemy of battle. Such a kiss had the capability to crush the mouth of a normal man. Harry retired fire with his tongue seeking her mouth to invade it.

Harry could feel Barda's hands gripping his cheeks, digging the nails in, in a sexually aggressive manner. Their tongues battled together in an intense fashion.

The kiss concluded and Barda turned to the side and favored her right shoulder.

"Is there a problem?" Harry asked.

"I bruised it in battle," Barda said, closing her eyes. "I think I may have punched my final enemy so hard something had been knocked out of place."

Harry smiled. Barda would be the type to injure herself, even in a minor way, because she kicked too much ass.

"Why don't you lay down on the table and I can see if I can take care of it?"

Barda smiled. Harry's magical hands pretty much had been well known by women the universe over. The injury wasn't as bad as it was annoying. Barda wasn't going to turn down a free massage especially since she had a shrewd idea how these things normally escalated.

Harry watched Barda settle herself down on the table, angling herself for Harry to have full access of. Her backside lurched in the air and gave Harry a nice view of it. He took a second to calm down.

"Tell me where the tension is," Harry said, running his fingers gently down Barda's arm. He gained a little bit of momentum.

"A little bit more…yes right there," Barda said, feeling his hands against her arm. He massaged her shoulder and caused a gasp of pleasure to escape through Barda's mouth. "Perfect."

She couldn't deny how perfect this was. Harry's hands proved how able and willing they were. He placed them on her shoulders and started to massage.

"I'm going to have to remove your top to get better access," Harry said.

"By all means," Barda said, only barely holding a smile. Harry removed her top and Barda's large breasts pressed across the table.

Harry decided to angle himself behind Barda. His hips pressed against hers when the woman spread her legs. Harry reached up and ran his hands up and down her shoulders. He kneaded and squeezed the flesh on the shoulder to get all of the tension knots out.

Barda could feel his hands mold and become one with her body. He pushed them onto her shoulder blades and kept squeezing them. The more Harry touched them, the more enjoyment Barda received from these efforts. Her heated thoughts escalated every single time Harry worked her over.

"I think I need a full body massage," Barda said, the moment Harry's hands ran over her shoulders. "Just to make sure….just to make sure all of the tension is out."

Harry smiled and decided to edge a little bit down. He ran his hands over Barda's back. His hands strayed further down to her sides and kept running his fingers down. They strayed underneath Barda's tight little bottoms.

"Remove them," Barda said, enjoying the bliss spreading through her body. "Everything, I need everything."

Harry decided to wait a minute on it. A bottle of massage oils, heated up, filled his hand. Harry tipped the bottle to pour the hot massage oils all over Barda's lower back.

Barda closed her eyes to experience the pure sexual bliss with the oils melting into her back. Harry's hands followed and touched her lower back, running up and down it. She breathed in and out heavily with these strokes of her back. Harry's hands worked the oils around the area of her back and shoulders. The oils saturated deep into her skin and simulated the Apokolipitian's nerve endings.

A rush of warm passed between Barda's thighs and Harry exposed the tender flesh between her legs. Harry's hands started to work over her legs and rolled over them. The muscles which knotted up became flexible and more rigid.

Harry marveled out how soft her legs were despite being so muscular and so firm. And speaking of firm, Harry ran his hands over Barda's firm glutes. The powerful warrior enjoyed the feeling of the former Female furies ass in his hands when he oiled it up.

"Yes," Barda breathed, smiling when his hands pinched her ass and prodded it to work the oils into it. The oils acted like a partial aprodiastic to cause her pleasure to heighten. "Don't forget the inside of my thighs….they're really tense."

"I'm certain."

Harry slipped one of his able hands in. He stopped short from entering Barda with his fingers. He worked into the inner thighs. Every time he pinched and prodded more of Barda's flesh, she enjoyed it.

"Turn over so I can get your front."

Barda slowly turned over without any hesitation. He caught a full sight of her breasts with nipples poking out at him. The hard and juicy nipples begged to touched. The large breasts begged for attention. Harry's eyes traced down Barda's toned abs and down to the garden of wonders between her legs. Dark curls of hair glistened with juices between her legs. Barda kept herself neatly trimmed, but not shaved completely. This allowed Harry to take a long look at her.

Harry draped his hips over Barda's. The friction caused allowed Barda's growing arousal to soak through Harry's pants. Reaching over, Harry cupped the massage oil in his hand and tipped it onto Barda's collar bone. His able fingers started to work the oils into the side of Barda's neck.

"Mmm, right there," Barda said, enjoying the message on the side of her neck and down her collar bone. Harry's fingers strayed closer towards her jutting breasts.

Harry cupped one of her breasts in his hand and squeezed it. The massage oils worked onto her breasts. He rubbed his hands in to saturate her breasts into the oils. Seconds passed of work and Barda's large breasts dripped with oil.

Barda closed her eyes to enjoy the effort and attention his hands paid her. Her breathing increased every second Harry brushed his hands over. The talented hands cupped and squeezed Barda's breasts and ran down her body. The magical hands traveled down between her legs and started to rub the area between the thighs.

"How's this?" Harry asked, massaging Barda's inner folds. Liquids started to pool between her legs.

"Yes," Barda said closing her eyes. "Perfect…right there….there's a good spot, right there."

The moment Harry was done, Barda grabbed Harry around the neck and turned him over. She ripped his clothes off to reveal his naked body. Each inch of body was on display for her.

"Roll over," Barda said, putting the oil all over her hands. "I need to return the favor."

Harry did as she asked him. It took every sense of self control in his body not to have an awkward time laying down on his front. Somehow, beyond all reason, Harry allowed himself to do it. Barda's hot and able hands started to run all over Harry's back and kept going down his body.

Barda returned the favor and rubbed Harry's back. She massaged between her shoulders. Her pussy pressed against his ass when she rubbed against him.

Harry enjoyed every moment of it. Barda's large breasts pressed against his back. The friction of her breasts rubbing against his back almost felt like she was giving him a going over with her breasts. She combined with her hands and her breasts as well.

"Let me get your lower half now, and then you can turn over."

Barda's hot breath hit Harry's ear and he couldn't go much lower. The warrior woman used her hands to work the oils into him. She rubbed Harry's inner thighs and started to brush against his testicles. She massaged Harry's ass for a moment and looked to be going down.

'Damn you, woman,' Harry said, feeling her hot breath against his balls. It was starting to be a bit….difficult to be on his front.

He could almost feel Barda smiling on the other end. The smile increased and Barda touched her hands on Harry's shoulder blades.

"Okay, you may now roll over."

Harry turned his attention over towards Barda. In an instant, Barda straddled him. They were one wrong(or right) movement away from Harry pushing himself inside her.

"Oh, you're pretty tense now," Barda said, pressing her chest against him and rubbing her hands all over her lower body.

Harry groaned at her wet center brushing against the tip of his cock. Her breasts smashed against his chest and slowly ran down his body. It went from his chest to his abs and stopped at his crotch.

"Oh, I think I've found the tension," Barda said, reaching between his legs and groping his balls. "Some real tension."

"It would be a shame if we didn't….work the tension out," Harry said, with Barda squeezing his balls hard.

"Yes, it would," Barda said, wrapping her oiled up breasts around Harry's long manhood.

Harry's large and thick cock disappeared between Barda's breasts. She wrapped her breasts around him and started to pump up and down the rod. The slick oil rubbed up and down his deliciously hard manhood.

Barda rocked herself up and down on him, allowing his cock to be pushed between her breasts. She got off with this thick manhood pushed between her breasts.

"Yes, really work it, work it hard!" Harry groaned.

"Don't worry," Barda said, squeezing her breasts against Harry's cock. "I intend to."

Barda could feel her pussy heat up with desire. She wanted nothing more than to have Harry's thick cock inside her and pounding away. In time, she would. Now, Barda settled for working her breasts against him. Harry's hips rose up, burying himself further into her cleavage. Every now and then, a bit of his head slipped out. Barda licked the head to get a taste of the glorious surprise which was to come.

"Yes, oh yes, mmm, yes," Barda said, pushing her breasts up and down against him. "Go for it Harry, cum all over my big tits!"

All pretext dropped. Harry jackhammered Barda's tits from above. His balls got heavier and heavier for cum.

"I'm going to cover your tits, and face your face!" Harry growled. "And you're going to get it…you're going to get every single last drop of it all over your face, your tits."

"Shower me in it, darling!"

Harry's balls tightened in desire. He rocketed his cum into the air. He watched with greed and glee as it showered Barda's face. The thick seed coated Barda's face and breasts.

Barda's body shook with a miniature orgasm from Harry cumming all over her breasts. She pulled back, the moment his cock stopped shooting over her face and breasts.

A moment passed before Barda locked eyes with Harry and made sure his eyes were on her. Barda's hands started to rub all over her breasts. Her strong hands wiped over the cum coated breasts. The white spunk saturated into her breasts.

Harry watched her, his cock getting harder by each moment. Soon he would not be able to hold back. One look at Barda's face, covered in sweat and cum, along with her body covered in oil and cum, showed she didn't want to.

Barda gasped when Harry pushed her down upon the slab so hard it almost cracked underneath their weight. Harry's re-hardened cock pushed inside her and stretched out her pussy.

"YES!" Barda yelled, the moment Harry's cock pushed inside her. He stretched her out.

"This is what we've been leading up to," Harry said, pounding inside her. Each clenching of her tight pussy made his cock feel like it was being worked over in an entirely different way. "You want my big cock inside you, pounding your raw."

Barda stopped herself from answering this question. Harry's hands clutched her large breasts in his hands. The sensation of his hands working over her breasts while getting pounded caused vibrations to rise up and down through her loins. Her pussy rose up.

"Harder, pound me harder!" Barda yelled. "And I wanted you to pound me raw!"

Harry doubted he would do anything to hold back with her. The fierce woman's tight cunt contracted around his rod for a moment before releasing it during the next moment. The control she had over her body allowed Barda to train herself to an immense fighting style.

'She might have a little bit of control,' Harry thought, pushing himself inside her. 'But, I have even more than her…she'll see it….and she's feeling it now.'

Barda's eyes closed to enjoy the flooding of pussy juices coating Harry's cock when it entered and exited her. The first orgasm with Harry's cock inside her was more than intense.

"Go ahead, and cum," Harry said, smacking her right breast hard. This caused Barda to squeal and push her hips up.

"Harder, I can take it!"

Harry gripped her hips for leverage and did as Barda requested. His cock pounded her into the rock. The two of them moved back and forth with each other.

Barda experienced their joining. Her heated loins pressed against his when he drove his thick manhood deep inside of her pussy. Barda held onto his ass to ensure he pushed inside her.

Harry didn't slow down even more. He watched Barda rise and fall with another orgasm and then another one. Each time her large breast shook, still oiled up and covered in Harry's cum. Harry responded by squeezing them.

Barda clamped down onto him. Her body needed his seed inside her. The seed of the powerful warrior who conquered her body was a delightful one indeed.

Harry closed his eyes and enjoyed Barda's hot walls pumping into him. He held back, knowing she wanted it. And the more he waited, the more it would feel amazing to her when he gave it to her.

"I'm going to save a really big load for you," Harry said, squeezing her breasts again. "First, I want you to cum for me again."

Barda came on cue for Harry. Her slick walls enveloped Harry's huge prick the deeper he pushed inside her. The contents from his balls came closer to going inside her.

"I bet you can't get enough of it," Harry said. "You do a good job in conquering my rod. This is the one rod you can't conquer!"

"One day, one day!" Barda said, losing her mind and allowing the breath to pass through her body.

The two lovers created a huge crater in the planet. Barda refused to step back no matter how hard or how fast Harry fucked her into the ground. His hands gripped her hips the more Harry pushed inside her.

Harry drove himself into Barda and Barda into the ground. She held onto him tighter. Arms wrapped around him, pushing himself into her as far as he could go. Harry pushed himself balls deep into this fine Amazon.

Barda's sex crazed moans prompted Harry to pump his way into harder. His balls tightened up the further longer he pounded her.

Multiple orgasms racked Barda's body all in a row. Never once did she lose sight of the prize she sought. Barda channeled all of her strength into a milking motion through her inner cunt muscles.

"Well, you're working hard for it," Harry said. "And I've had you worked hard for it. Time for us to join together one more time."

"Inside me, put your seed inside me!" Barda yelled, tightening her legs around the fellow warrior.

The yellow sun beat down upon their backs and fueled Harry. His balls bloated the further he pushed deep inside Barda. The contents from them came close to coating Barda's insides.

The first splash of cum hit Barda's insides. Her pussy twitched and more followed. A rapid fire series of seed shots spilled inside her.

Harry pushed hard inside her, digging his nails into her hips for the needed leverage. She enjoyed it, so Harry kept it up. He emptied the contents of his balls into her pussy with a sensational and animalistic fury.

A moment passed with Harry removing himself from Barda's pussy to survey his hand work.

"And how do you feel now?" Harry asked.

"I think we still have a couple of kinks to work out."

Barda rolled over onto her hands and knees. A strand of mixed juices hung from Barda's pussy and broke off, hitting the ground.

"Drive me down straight to the planets's core, Har-Zod."


Chapter Text

Post-Match Encounter(Megan Jones from Harry Potter).

The roar of the crowd echoed all around from the world they could see. One of the biggest and most impressive victories in the entire history of Professional Quidditch occurred with Harry Potter capturing the snitch, avoiding two of the best beaters in the lead and horrific weather conditions, in time before the other team could score to push them ahead. It was extremely amazing.

Harry dropped down to the ground. People threw their arms into the air and were excited. They only stopped short of hurling babies in the air which showed they had a lot of dignity.

He made his way into his private lockerroom where the rest of the team soaked in the cheers from the crowd. Harry intended to celebrate in a different way.

Harry noticed a gorgeous brunette girl waiting for him. She dressed in a professional looking blouse and suit combination. The first couple of buttons of her blouse unbuttoned to reveal her generous cleavage. A mini-skirt came down to a couple of inches past her upper thigh. Black stockings covered the girl's legs. The girl topped off the hair fit with hair clipped back and a pair of glasses which made her look extremely naughty.

"Hello, Mr. Potter," the girl said. "Megan Jones, Sports Reporter for the Daily Prophet. And I have to say, that was an amazing catch."

"It was nothing really," Harry said, sitting down on the bench.

"Oh, I'm sure you're more than enough," Megan said, placing a hand down on Harry's knees. She started to stroke up down his knee. "I'm sure no matter what, you'll always score."

Megan unbuckled Harry's pants, the roar of the crowd continuing outside of Harry's private locker room.

"Oh, yes, I always get what I want," Harry said.

"Mmm, I'm sure you are," Megan said, pulling down his pants with one hand and rubbing the bulge from the other side of Harry's pants. "I'm sure you're going to get another million endorsement deals."

Megan fished Harry's cock from her pants. The horny brunette wrapped her hand around Harry's cock and started to stroke him up and down.

"Well, I've had my ups, and my downs," Harry groaned, the tightness of Megan's hand wrapped around his tool. "Mostly, it's been up though."

"Wouldn't you say you will rise to the occasion?" Megan asked, the ruby red lips closing in on Harry's cock.

"Always," Harry said, enjoying the moment when Megan planted a kiss on the tip of his cock. She suckled his head the few times. "I'm sure everyone has their fill of me by now."

Megan wrapped her mouth around Harry's cock. Her hot throat pushed down on Harry's engorged tool. The fact anyone could walk in on them at any moment caused her excitement to grow.

"And I'm sure you can see how enjoyable this can be for me," Harry said, gripping the back of Megan's head. "Where I have many perks and benefits, but don't think I'm going to take. I can give a lot. Wouldn't you agree?"

Megan responded with a solid "mmm hmm" while having her mouth full of Harry's cock. Her mouth accommodated Harry's cock and pushed deep into her mouth.

"I'm sure you're going to get everything you want when you came to talk to me," Harry said, holding his hands on the back of her head. Harry thrust deep into Megan's throat. "How do you like your exclusive, Ms. Jones."

Megan showed Harry how much she liked exclusively having his cock down her throat now. The horny Hufflepuff pushed deep down on his tool. The sucking sounds brought Harry closer towards the edge.

Harry took a deep breath, drawing out the pleasure. He could see Megan redouble her efforts and try and draw the cum out of him. Megan's soft fingers tickled his balls and raked them. Harry held onto the back of the vixen's head and thrust deeper into it.

"You wanted a taste of me, didn't you Ms. Jones?" Harry asked, holding onto her. "Here we go, you're going to get a taste….a really big taste to be honest."

Harry's thick balls slapped against the edge of Megan's chin. The contents of his balls spilled into Megan's mouth. Megan wrapped her hot lips around him and sucked hard on him.

The contents of Harry's balls shot into Megan's throat. Megan brought her mouth down onto Harry's rod and sucked him dry. She pressed down onto his pubic bone and inhaled the contents of his cock. Megan cradled his balls and rubbed them with hunger. The girl's eyes watered slightly.

"Damn, Megan," Harry said, breaking "character" for a moment.

Megan released his cock and kissed Harry's testicles. She suckled on the swollen balls and pulled to her feet.

"Turn around, Ms. Jones," Harry said. Megan did as she had been tolled. The brunette vixen's skirt rolled open to show she wasn't wearing any panties. Harry reached up her skirt and cupped her cunt in his hand. "No, panties?"

"Never," Megan said, chewing down on her lower lip, hunger spreading through her body. "Are you going to fuck me?"

Harry slapped her bare ass which caused a trickle of cum to roll down her legs. The sorcerer reached around and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt. The bra pulled off and released Megan's breasts into the wild.

"Turn back around," Harry said, rolling Megan's skirt up and pressing against her.

Megan moaned, Harry pushed against her. Her C-Cups breasts pressed against Harry's chest. Harry kissed down her body, teasing her. Harry suckled the side of Megan's neck, hitting her pulse point.

"Oh God," Megan said, enjoying Harry's mouth going down her neck and to her collar bone.

"You're too kind," Harry said, kissing back on her neck and suckling behind Megan's ear. "I'm going to make beg for my cock, and you will be begging for it."

Harry's fingers traveled down her collarbone and brushed down Megan's breasts. The enchanting gentleman brushed his fingers down Megan's belly and traveled down to between her legs.

Megan thought she would pay for the earlier fun. Harry's fingers slowly teased the entrance to her pussy. The brunette's hunger flashed through her eyes the further Harry tried to work his way into her.

Harry inched closer towards Megan's sweet opening. One finger brushed against the inside of her core. The heat of her core sucked him in, sensing his power. Harry crooked his finger inside Megan. Harry looked up at his lover and the Hufflepuff bit down on her lip with hunger.

"Just scream," Harry said, thrusting his finger into her. "I'm going to hit your breaking point sooner or later."

Megan screwed her eyes shut long enough to feel the sweat rolling down her face. Harry pushed his thick digit inside her womanhood. Megan's hips lifted in an attempt to engulf Harry deep inside her.

"A little bit further, and you're break," Harry said. "Come on, Ms. Jones, just let so. You want to cum, don't you?"

Another finger slipping past her gushing entrance caused Megan to get absolutely lusts. Harry tortured her with two fingers thrusting inside her. The squishy sounds her pussy made increased Megan's hunger.

Harry pulled away from her before Megan had been brought to the edge. Megan closed her eyes, having been denied an orgasm.

The next thing Megan knew, Harry pushed her up the wall, making her spread eagled. An invisible force stuck Megan to the wall and exposed her pussy. Harry rubbed against the edge of her outer lips.

Harry licked the edge of Megan's lips for a moment. She couldn't do anything other than accept what he did. Megan found herself pushed against Harry's mercy and the full force of his tongue when it touched up against her. The Hufflepuff squirmed underneath Harry's tongue and mouth. The full heat rising from her body turned into something completely and utterly unbearable.

"One might think you're about to break," Harry said, squeezing Megan's breast. Megan panted when Harry came back down and licked around her thighs.

Harry pushed between Megan's pussy. He buried his face between Megan's thighs and prompted a pleasurable gasp. Megan's hips pushed up as much as they could be allowed against his face.

"Please, give me, more!" Megan begged him, enjoying the worth of his mouth inching closer towards her. Harry sucked her clit briefly.

Harry buried himself between Megan's soaking thighs and proceeded to devour her womanhood. The hints of womanly juices pumped out of them.

Megan groaned when Harry munched on her carpet. Every single nip of his mouth over her womanhood brought her closer and closer to the edge of the climax. A little more would push her over the edge. Megan could feel it building up inside her.

Harry started eating her out before the climax and caused Megan to fall back down to her earth. Sweat rolled down the Hufflepuff's body and a disappointed moan followed. Harry brought her to the highest of highs, and just pulled away.

"An orgasm well-earned feels more pleasurable than the rest," Harry said, running his hands down Megan's body and caressing every bit of it. Her soft, sweaty, body molded nice into him. "And I think you're going to agree when I finish you off."

A small and foggy part of Megan's body realized he was right. The thick and swollen head pushed up against the entrance of her pussy. Megan's breath escaped her body the further Harry attempted to work inside her. Soon he would be inside her and he would have her pussy for his own.

"Take me," Megan said.

"Of course," Harry said.

Megan's thighs parted to allow Harry's thick manhood all the way inside. The moment his cock stretched into her pussy, Megan had been overwhelmed by the pleasure. He held onto her hips and kept pushing into her.

Harry's hands continued to explore every inch of Megan's gorgeous curbs. The reporter's pussy closed around his thick tool and tried to milk it for all of it was worth. He reached around and grabbed her ass.

Megan really wanted her hands to be freed so she could place them on Harry's ass and encourage him to fuck inside her. All she could do was moan and try and push her chest into his.

"Feels good," Harry said.

"Mmmm, hmm," Megan said, sweat rolling down the body. The cock of her lover speared into her body.

"I bet you'd want to cum, don't you?" Harry asked, placing his lips on the side of her neck and kissing downwards. Each kiss reached perilously close to worshipping Megan's breasts. "I bet you want to cum and hard, don't you?"

"Yes, your slut wants to cum for your gigantic cock!" Megan yelled. "Oh, it feels so good being fucked by a such a gorgeous prick. You're amazing, it's like a fucking work of art. Use it to paint my insides….make me cum for you."

Harry grabbed onto her hips and pounded her even harder.

"You better be careful what you ask for," Harry said. "You want to cum? I'll make you cum harder than anyone ever has before!"

Tension rose through the depths of Megan's body. She received one of the more intense orgasms ever. The backed up teasing and denial really caused it all to rush out.

"Your slutty little reporter body belongs to me," Harry said. "Why did you come in here?"

"I wore a short fucking skirt, and no panties!" Megan yelled in bliss. "I came in here, and expected to get fucked. And you're taking your thick cock inside my body and fucking my mother fucking brains out!"

"Why are you come in here like that, Ms. Jones?" Harry asked.

"Because, I'm a dirty slut who wants cock, who loves the cock of world class Quidditch players inside her pussy!" Megan yelled, pussy clenching Harry once again. "And you know what else I want? I want everything in your balls buried in my womb! Destroy me Harry. Wreck me for other men forever!"

Harry smiled and leaned closer towards Megan.

"The moment my cock touched your lips, you were ruined for other men forever, Ms. Jones."

"Which lips, sir?" Megan asked in a sultry tone.

Harry grinned at her and kept working his way deep inside her depths. Every time Harry entered her, Megan's cunt refused to let go of Harry's prick without a fight. Her clenching turned even more prominent when Harry toyed with her tits and also her amazing legs as well. Those couldn't be denied as well.

Lust flooded Megan's mind and made her susceptible to an amazing orgasm which was about ready to come. She could feel his cock buried deep inside her, touching her womb. The head of his cock kissed her ovaries and made her gasp in pleasure.

"I'm as deep inside you as I can go, Megan," Harry said, prodding her flesh. "And it's time for me to give you what you've wanted. You came in here for cum, and you're going to leave here filled with mine."

Megan's pussy clenched from the desire of her wizard's cum buried inside her. Harry held onto her and kept pushing his way deep inside her depths.

"Just a little bit closer, baby," Harry encouraged her with a firm squeeze of Megan's ample breast. This resulted a light moan escaping from her throat.

"Fill me, fill me with your cum!" Megan yelled.

The contents of Harry's balls emptied in Megan's womb. He didn't just inject her with a few pumps. Several deep pumps filled up her womb with the contents of his balls. Megan's pussy contracted and milked him. Her body craved more than a sufficient amount of cum to impregnate a woman.

Whether or not she was on any sort of potion, well that would be telling.

Harry finished emptying his balls inside Megan's pussy. Megan closed her eyes to enjoy the last of the cum. The sticking charm released and caused her to slump to the ground. The combined juices fell to the floor.

"What a mess," Megan said.

Harry reached down and pulled his lover up. The two of them exchanged a passionate embrace.

"The shower's right there, so we can get cleaned up."

Megan smiled, and noticed the door cracked open. The fact someone could see her being ravished by Harry turned her on. The two made their way into the shower for some good clean fun.


Chapter Text

Temptation(Kitty Pryde from X-Men)

Kitty Pryde smiled in her usual devilish manner. The brunette woman knew what she wanted and knew exactly how to get into position to get it. All she had do was wait for him to get here and it would be for her. Kitty barely held back from licking her lips in anticipation.

Kitty thought she came a long way over the past ten years from the stumbling thirteen year old who fell through the floor when she had been embarrassed. She turned into a completely lovely young woman and changed from the slightly more innocent wardrobe in those earlier years. The type of clothes Kitty wore today would gave her parents a stroke.

The mutant's brown hair flowed down over her face to showcase an alluring look in the twenty-three year old's soft brown eyes. Her heart shaped face looked like the personification of beauty with high cheek bones, soft skin, and pouty lips which currently had been done in a shade of red lipstick. She dressed in a black leather jacket which could slide underneath her. A tight leather vest rode up to show Kitty's flat stomach. The vest allowed a full view of Kitty's generous cleavage. A pair of low riding black pants showed the hints of a black G-string underneath. The boots topped off the outfit and made her look like a confident woman.

The footsteps came around the hallway. Kitty tried not to get too excited. She rehearsed this moment for a long time. Unfortunately for her, despite the clothes there was still a small part of the awkward thirteen year old girl which rested upon the recesses of her mind. She waited for the man of her dreams, seven years her senior, to come inside.

'Okay, just don't act like a spaz, and you'll be fine,' Kitty thought, breathing and breathing out. 'Imagine him in his underwear….which shouldn't be a problem, because you've imagined him in a lot less.'

The door opened and Kitty's mouth hung open. Harry Potter always cast a presence to him. He stopped for a moment and looked at Kitty.

"Wow, Kitty, you look beautiful," Harry said, with a smile.

Kitty was glad Harry noticed.

"It's good to be noticed," Kitty said, with a smile. Harry reached over and grabbed her hand for a briefest moment. Kitty thought she would die because of the moment of skin to skin contact. Greater frustration came in when Harry broke free.

"Believe me, I've noticed," Harry said. "Anyone who didn't notice would have to be pretty blind, or pretty dense."

Kitty's libido did a happy dance. She summoned up the strength to take a closer step towards Harry.

"Seriously?" Kitty asked, daringly putting her hands on his hips.

A long smile happened when Harry's green eyes came down to meet Kitty's brown eyes. A lump entered Kitty's throat and swallowed for a moment.

"Yes, seriously," Harry said with a smile. "So, are you all dressed up to go to a party, or something?"

Kitty thought now was the moment of truth. Butterflies entered the stomach of the mutant. Twenty-three years old and now she wanted to make the mood she wanted to make for a long time. The moment since Harry came to the Institute many years ago Kitty wanted to make her mood.

"Actually, I'm hoping the two of us can hang out," Kitty said, smiling. "I'm sure there's a lot of fun which can be had here."

"Oh, I'm sure we can find something here to entertain ourselves."

Kitty leaned forward and kissed Harry on an impulse. Time started to freeze the moment Kitty's lips pressed Harrys. The brunette almost pulled away from him. Harry hung onto the back of Kitty's head and made sure it didn't leave. His tongue sought entrance into the inside of Kitty's mouth.

Harry smiled, wondering when she would get to the point. It would be up to Kitty to make the move. Harry almost took pity on her and decided to make the first move. Kitty's stalling almost annoyed him. He mapped out a path in the inside of her tonsils and caused the brunette to lose her mind.

Kitty could not believe it. She kissed him. Harry kissed her back. Harry's tongue overwhelmed Kitty and backed her against his wall. His hands caressed her body and started to touch her. Every single touch caused a new heat to raise through Kitty's body. The moment Harry placed his hands behind her and cupped her bum, Kitty almost went through the wall in surprise.

"Easy, take it easy, relax," Harry said.

Kitty screwed her eyes shut and nodded. Harry gave her another kiss and lead Kitty over towards the bed. The brunette placed her hands on her knees.

"I want you to feel what you've done to me, Ms. Pryde."

The fact he took out a "stern disciplinarian" tone caused a heat to rise through Kitty's loins. Harry placed Kitty's hand on top of his lap. The brunette's fingers quested on his lap and went deeper into him.

Kitty's hand turned intangible and slipped through Harry's hand. She wrapped her hand around the tight rod. Kitty's eyes closed.

"I want your eyes open when you do this," Harry said and he leaned in to kiss Kitty.

Kitty accepted his powerful experienced lips on her younger ones. He connected with her lips and caused a hot fire to rose. The fire burning through Kitty turned even more intense.

Harry groaned at Kitty's eager hand. Her hand squeezed and rubbed down his cock. He could see a look of lust burning through the yes of the beautiful mutant. She pumped up and down on it.

"Oooh, you're cock feels so big," Kitty said, pulling Harry through the pants by the cock.

"Be careful," Harry warned her.

Kitty only half paid attention to Harry's warning. She looked at his thick cock before her. A little bit of drool spilled from Kitty's mouth onto his cock.

"I have to suck on this," Kitty said. She closed her eyes. "I'm not even sure if I can fit all of it in my mouth."

"Think outside the box Kitty, I'm sure you can figure out a way."

Kitty re-doubled her determination in an attempt not to disappoint Harry. His cock extended to the air and almost beckoned for her lips. Kitty drew herself down towards Harry's aching cock.

Harry soaked in the sensations of Kitty's hot mouth wrapping around his aching cock. The brunette's able lips came down around his thick and throbbing cock.

"Good girl, you're doing it."

Harry placed his hands on the back of Kitty's head and guided her down. Inch by inch, his cock went down her throat. Kitty relaxed herself to get all of his cock into her. She slurped his cock into her mouth.

Kitty bobbed up and down on Harry's aching prick. Every time it hit the back of her throat, Kitty thought all of her wet dreams came to life at once. Harry's hands guided her through each step of the way of her task.

"I bet you wanted to suck my cock for a long time."

Harry's cock twitched at the beautiful sight of it being inside Kitty's mouth. Her beautiful brown eyes gazed towards Harry. Eye contact with a cock inside her mouth made Kitty look hot.

"You're a beautiful woman, Kitty."

Kitty smiled. She would become a woman in every sense of the world when Harry was done with her. She sucked him hard a couple more times.

Harry slowed his breaths to savor the sensations of Kitty's hard suckling. The beautiful lips pumped a heated action around his throbbing cock. Harry closed his eyes and guided himself into Kitty's mouth.

Kitty knew what she wanted and had a pretty good idea how to get it as well. She serviced the strong cock before her.

"Close, Kitty," Harry said. "Open up wide, and take it in your mouth. You're going to get it all down your throat. All of my cum. But, that's what you want, isn't it?"

Kitty responded with a hungry nod when she brought the full point of Harry's engorged prick into her mouth. This was exactly what she wanted. The feisty brunette came down onto Harry with a few more sucks.

One more thrust into her mouth caused Harry to send the contents into Kitty's mouth. Kitty hung onto Harry's thighs in time to experience the joy of Harry spilling his seed deep down her throat.

Kitty hummed hungrily and pulled her lips away from Harry. The brunette slowly drew her tongue over her lips and smiled.

"How do you like that Harry?" Kitty asked.

"Pretty good," Harry said. "Why don't you get against the wall so I can fuck your tight little pussy?"

Kitty thought this was an excellent idea. Her lower lips dripped with hunger. She wanted Harry's large throbbing cock buried inside her in the worst way.

Harry put his hands on Kitty's lower back and slowly trailed them down her. He urged her to shift from her clothes. Kitty did as Harry requested and exposed her dripping wet center towards Harry.

"Harry, please!"

The fingers toyed with Kitty's opening. She knew he drove her crazy on purpose. Kitty started to chew hungrily on her lips. The sensations pulsing between her legs made the need to be filled even more.

Harry touched the tip of his cock to the edge of Kitty's pussy lips. Her moist lips almost sucked him in. Harry grabbed Kitty's shapely hips and pushed in.

"Fuck!" Harry groaned. "You're so tight!"

Kitty's toned body stretched for a moment and wrapped around Harry's engorged prick. The feeling of Kitty's hot pussy around his throbbing prick made Harry groan with pleasure. He took a moment to adjust to Kitty's tightness before he pushed himself in and out of him.

"Yes, I'm really tight, but you're doing a good job at stretching me out."

Kitty closed her eyes. The throbbing piece of meat pushing inside her made her entire body shift with an increasing amount of pleasure. Harry pushed deep inside her. The contents of his balls slapped against Kitty's thighs.

"You're doing a good job in taking my cock inside your tight pussy," Harry said. "It was like it was meant to always be stuffed inside your dripping hot twat."

"Always!" Kitty yelled.

Harry kicked up a generous pace with a few long thrusts. He put his thick manhood deep inside Kitty's cunt. His fingers traveled over Kitty's soft flesh. He roamed all over Kitty's tight belly.

Shivers flew down Kitty's spine. The contents of Harry's thick balls slapped against her.

"I'm going to fuck you through the wall."

Kitty clenched around him.

"With my powers….I don't…oh Harry, drive your cock inside my cunny, make me cream all over it!" Kitty yelled.

Her fingers slipped through the wall for a brief moment. Kitty tried with all of her might to re-double all thoughts. Harry continued to saw away at her. Her pussy closed around him and opened with each incoming thrust.

"You're losing control, aren't you, Kitty?" Harry asked. He pressed his hands on either side of the brunette's tight body.

"No, no….."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked, cupping Kitty's firm tits.

Kitty clenched around him. Pretty much every thrust caused Kitty to almost be pushed through the wall. Harry kept rocking his hips deep inside Kitty's body.

"You're going to cum, and there's nothing you can do about it," Harry said.

Kitty took the full brunt of Harry buried inside her. He turned her entire body into one never ending cascade of pleasure. Harry's hands knew where they needed to be at all times to make Kitty feel like her body was struck on fire.

Harry enjoyed the tight clenching of Kitty's moist center. He pushed deeper inside Kitty with a series of rapid fire thrusts to bury inside her.

Kitty enjoyed the sensation of Harry deep inside her. Another sensation added on top of it which further caused Kitty's concentration to be broken.

"Harry, what are you doing?"

Harry rotated his finger slowly in Kitty's tight ass. The breathing coming from the girl made Harry go even further inside her.

"What you want me to do?" Harry asked. "Tell me you don't like it, you naughty little girl?"

"Sir, I do like it!" Kitty yelled. "Are you going to put…your cock in there later?"

"Only when you've cum nice and hard for me," Harry said with a large thrust.

One more good orgasm would prove to be Kitty's undoing. She tried not to lose all sense of herself. One more nudge would bring her deep over the edge.

Harry understood where Kitty was coming from. One more shove would bring Kitty directly over the edge. He grabbed her hips and pulled almost all the way out. A huge shove brought Harry's full cock inside Kitty's tight body.

Kitty screamed when Harry forced her through the wall. The two of them landed in the hallway. Harry held onto Kitty and pumped his way inside her super snug cunt. He fired a few more thrusts inside her dripping hot cunt.

"Mmmm, you're so good, so wonderful," Harry said. "And now I've opened you up to give you my cum."

Kitty's pussy opened wider to accept Harry's thick cock. Dream come true didn't even begin to describe the sensations coming from Kitty's mind. Her cunt clenched around Harry the moment he almost pulled completely out of Kitty and pushed directly back into her again.

The brunette's pussy muscles flexed around Harry in a delicate and amazing milking motion, bringing the bubbling sensation up from Harry's balls.

"Good, you're going to receive my cum," Harry said. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, put it inside me, all of your cum inside me!" Kitty yelled. "I want my belly to swell up because of your cum."

"Naughty girl," Harry said, pushing deep inside her. "You've waited a long time for it."

Harry gave Kitty's ass a few spanks. Her pussy responded by clenching around Harry's incoming rod and milked it. Harry grunted and pushed inside Kitty. The contents of his balls spurt deep inside Kitty's pussy.

The sensation of cum spurting inside her body exhilarated Kitty. She soaked in the experience of Harry's cum filling up her womb and using it. The cum sprayed into the brunette's body.

The moment Kitty came down from her post orgasmic bliss, she slid off of Harry. She positioned her asshole.

"One more hole, Professor," Kitty said. "I'm sure you know how to get this one."

Kitty being his former student caused this entire affair to add another layer. Her asshole inched towards him. The tight hole would bring his thick manhood deep inside the depths of her ass. Harry reached around and squeezed her breast. This caused Kitty to allow a sensual moan.

His cock extended up and Kitty pushed her hot ass down around him. At first, Kitty could feel pain as Harry's cock intruding her ass.

"Just relax yourself, and enjoy it," Harry said with a light nibble on her neck.

Kitty did as Harry requested and came down onto him. His hand grabbed her cheeks and guided Kitty deeper down onto him.

"Oh, god, I didn't know….mmm, it feels so good," Kitty said.

"You look like you're at home taking a cock up your ass," Harry said. "Then again, you've been always a kinky little girl with a nice ass."

Harry's fingers teased her aching pussy. Kitty took this as encouragement to bring herself down. She soaked in the moment of Harry entering balls deep inside her tight ass.

"Oh, you enjoyed my ass ,don't you?" Kitty asked. She drove herself down onto Harry's throbbing cock.

"Your ass gets full marks, Ms. Pryde," Harry said.

Harry hung onto Kitty's glorious hips and brought her down ass first onto his cock. The brunette's ass kept driving deep down onto his thick throbbing cock.

"Are you going to give me your seed?" Kitty asked.

The furnace like feel of Kitty's tight ass coming down on Harry's engorged prick made it extremely hard to say no. The girl pushed in and pushed out. His cock trapped between those supple cheeks.

"You've had a lot of it today, haven't you?" Harry asked.

Harry pounded Kitty's ass hard. Her moaning and grinding on him made a tingling feeling rise through Harry's balls. The young man continued the steady pounding inside Kitty's tight ass.

Kitty's pussy twitched at the sensation of Harry's cum swollen balls pushing against her. She would have all of it in her ass in a moment. The thought of having all of Harry's thick cum deep inside her ass would be glorious beyond all belief. Kitty wiggled her tight rear down onto Harry's engorged manhood.

"Mmm, yes," Kitty moaned.

Harry came deep inside Kitty's deep bowels. He fired a sticky load inside her. Each time he jumped more cum spilled into ass.

Kitty came just as hard as well. Her pussy made a squelching sound when she finished.

The white hot goodness both of them felt was perfectly. Kitty took a moment to pull herself up to her feet. Harry's cum dripped from Kitty's ass and pussy with a smile on her face.

"Oh, I'm going to be feeling that for a long time," Kitty said. "I'm going to need a shower."

Kitty reached forward and wrapped Harry's cock.

"Care to join me?" Kitty asked, squeezing him.

"I'd be insulted if you didn't ask."

Kitty pumped him a couple more times and turned around. Her ass swayed as the two walked their way to the shower rooms.


Chapter Text

Sisters Share Popsicles (Elsa and Anna from Frozen).

Harry Potter returned from taking a long and steamy shower. Few things like a nice shower to get Harry bright and ready for the morning. He walked down the hallway and thought of all of what he wanted to accomplish this morning. Harry had a few schedule on his plate to be perfectly honest.

The emerald-eyed sorcerer's traveler made his way through the palace. He walked about shirtless with a shirt tucked underneath his arm. He was about ready to slip his shirt on properly.

Sounds coming from across the hallway caused Harry to stop short. He stopped short. His bedroom door had been cracked open. Harry frowned when moving closer towards it. The shining light beckoned him forward.

'Very odd,' Harry thought. 'I could have sworn the door had been locked before I left for the bathroom.'

The numerous movements of the other occupants of the palace made it very difficult to keep track of these things. Harry was about ready to let the matter drop.

The sounds of a female giggling lightly prompted Harry to stop. The girlish giggle and a half-hearted plea to stop caused Harry to frown. He thought about knocking on the door.

The door swung open on its own accord. Harry watched the scene playing out of his bed with amusement. Two sisters were in his bed. Granted, this wasn't an uncommon occurrence to be honest.

Elsa, the oldest of the sisters, had her icy blonde hair mussed about the edge of her face. It clung to the side of her face with shiny blonde eyes. The blue material of her night dress came down and showed a transparent quality. Her nipples stood a little bit erect from the other end of the shirt. A pair of blue panties covered her modesty.

Anna, her younger sister, sat with a green night dress. Her firm breasts pressed out against it. Her sister's finger lightly traced down her cheek and caused Anna to breathe heavily.

Harry cleared his throat for a moment. The two girls looked up at each other with a faux innocent look on their faces. Harry didn't buy it for a moment.

"And how my two favorite princesses doing today?"

Both of them responded with smiles towards Harry.

"You know, we're just waiting around, hoping you'd show up," Anna said.

Both of them eagerly ate up the eye candy of a shirtless Harry who approached them. Harry could tell where they're minds are.

"We figured you'd be around soon," Elsa said with a smile. "And we could….have some fun before breakfast."

"You know, maybe a little bit of dessert," Anna said.

The sweet little smiles coming from both of the girls caused Harry to smile. He walked over to meet both of them. The relationship between the two sisters had been unconventional for some time, even before inviting Harry into the mix. He was the only man who could satisfy their carnal desires.

Harry leaned down to look at both of them with a smile.

"You know having dessert before breakfast is something naughty girls do," Harry said. "Maybe we should do something about that?"

"We're just a pair of spoiled princesses," Elsa said with a smile. She turned around ever so slightly and made sure to present her panty clad ass towards Harry. The transparent blue panties stuck out towards him. "Maybe you should spank us?"

Harry thought about it. Anna lifted her hand and swatted Elsa on the ass.

"I meant Harry, not you," Elsa said in a gasp.

"You moaned out like you enjoyed it," Anna said, rising up to her feet. "So, would you like to play with us, Harry?"

Anna placed her hand on Harry's torso and started to drag her fingernails over his chest to draw some patterns. Harry groaned at the sensational feeling of her hand going against it.

"We've gotten better at sharing," Anna said. She cupped her hand around his crotch and squeezed it. "And you have a really big popsicle to share."

Harry gripped Anna's waist and landed forward. He kissed the princess on the lips. Anna closed her eyes and hungrily shifted her tongue deep inside Harry's mouth.

Elsa turned on the bed and watched her sister and Harry make out. She watched Harry's questing hands roll over every single tantalizing inch of Anna's body.

Anna pushed herself into Harry's hands. They resulted in tingles spreading through her body. The skilled touches caused her breasts, stomach, and ass to all be pleasured.

Harry continued to indulge himself in the horny princess and the long kiss. Anna nearly had been kissed breathless.

The moment Anna had been released, Elsa rushed towards Harry. She threw her arms around Harry and kissed him on the lips. Her sweet lips pushed against Harry.

"You are impatient," Anna said. "So hot though."

Harry trailed his fingers down Elsa's body and came down her body. The dressing gown slipped off to reveal Elsa's breasts. The princess's tantalizing breasts pressed against Harry's chest.

Anna decided to recover from the momentary dizziness. She pulled Harry's pants off the rest of the way. One more piece of clothing released Harry's cock. It sprung out and hit her in the face.

Harry pushed his hips forward to allow Anna to roll her tongue all over Harry's throbbing phallus. The princess's able tongue traveled around Harry's engorged prick.

The moment Anna had been done traveling all the way down Harry's rod with her tongue she came down and took his balls into her mouth.

"Mmm, that looks like fun."

Elsa pulled away from Harry and started to kiss down his chest and abs. The ice princess traveled all the way down Harry's body. His torso had been lathered with kisses.

The tip of Harry's cock met the edge of Elsa's lips. She pushed Harry's rod into her mouth. A hungry suck brought the point of Harry's cock directly into her mouth.

"Real fun," Harry said. "Just think about how much fun when it's inside you."

Elsa gave Harry a few deep sucks before trading off with her sister. Anna's technique was a bit more different than her sister's. Hers was more passionate and more frantic. Elsa favored a more deliberate and methological method of cock sucking.

"I'm going to blow if you two aren't careful," Harry said.

Elsa settled in for the long haul to suck Harry. She locked eyes with her sister when Anna went between Harry's legs and took his balls into her mouth. Anna stroked the heavy sac between her fingers.

Anna kissed up the part of his length which was not submerged in Elsa's mouth. She returned fire by kissing all down Harry's balls.

"Damn, you're going to really make me blow," Harry said. "That's what you naughty girls are after though, aren't you? You want your faces painted white."

"Sounds like fun, doesn't it, Elsa?" Anna asked.

Elsa gave her jaw a rest before pumping Harry's cock a few more times and pulling away from him.


Harry grabbed Anna's head and guided his cock inside her mouth. The redhead princess took his thick prick inside her mouth and swallowed him whole.


Elsa blinked and looked both jealous and aroused. She never quite managed Harry's entire cock into her mouth. Anna came all the way down on his throat. She looked extremely beautiful with this thick hunk of meat buried into the depths of her throat.

Harry held onto Anna's head and started to rock further into the back of her throat. The warmth and frantic nature of her blow job caused Harry to reach closer to the edge.

"You're a really good cock sucker," Harry said.

Elsa frowned, and intended to show her sister up later. Her sister's pouty lips slid all the way down Harry's cock before grabbing his cock.

Harry grunted to feel the release. Anna jerked his cock and caused the thick seed to spray on Elsa's face. She allowed some of it to hit her mouth as well.

"Oh, he has a lot of it!" Anna giggled, jerking his cock. "Enough for two greedy princesses, and more left over to spare!"

Anna pumped Harry's cock to a conclusion. The younger sister turned around and noticed the older sister wearing a gooey facial. The thick juicy seed rolled down the ice princess's face, lips, neck, and also partially covered her breasts.

Elsa glared at her sister through the semen mask. Anna reached forward and pressed her lips against Elsa's. The two sisters exchanged a passionate kiss.

Harry's cock hardened even more at these two naughty sisters kissing. The sound of them sucking face followed by Anna licking Elsa's face clean caused a vivid picture to be played.

"Anna!" Elsa moaned loudly.

Anna responded with a wicked grin and fired more kisses down her older sister's body. Like a good baby sister, Anna licked Elsa clean, enjoying more of the taste of Harry in her mouth.

The younger princess flicked her finger over Elsa's nipple which hardened underneath Anna's hand. She tweaked it and wrapped her lips around it.

"Now, that really does look like fun."

Elsa thought she would explode with pleasure from Anna sucking on her nipple hard. Harry grabbed her right breast and joined in with a sucking. Her thighs rubbed together.

"No fair, ganging up on me!" Elsa pouted.

"Ah, but that's half the fun," Anna said.

Elsa closed her eyes. The stroking caused the area between her legs to start to moisten. The hunger and the lust burning through her body couldn't be blocked by any means.

Harry guided her back towards the bed. The blonde's thighs spread for Harry. His cock pushed against the edge of her entrance.

Elsa lifted her hips in an attempt to guide her lord inside him. Harry's thick tool came close to penetrating her love box. She closed her eyes and squealed with excitement.

This squeal prompted Harry to push his full thickness inside the tight cavern of the delicious beauty. He held onto Elsa's hips and started to ride into her. He slowly gained a little bit of momentum with the rapid fire thrusts.

"You're making me feel so good!" Elsa yelled.

"I know I am," Harry said. "And you know what would make you feel even better?"

Elsa cutely bit down on her lip and shook her head in response.

"If you got more of my thick cock inside your tight little pussy."

The ice princess blanched when she realized Harry's complete tool wasn't buried completely inside her. She perked her head up to see half of his cock stuffed inside her.

"Would you like it all inside you?" Harry asked. "Would you like my entire huge cock inside your tight pussy?"

Elsa nodded vigorously in response. Harry held onto her hips and almost slid completely out of her. Anna took her fingers and dragged them across Elsa's slit which caused her to shudder.

"I know how much she likes this," Anna said before popping those fingers into her mouth. She pushed her tongue around her fingers. "And I know how much I like this."

"Oh, and I know how much you're going to like something as well you kinky girl."

Elsa's fingers created a particular large dick shaped icicle and rammed it into Anna's twat. She screamed when the large phallic like object rammed completely into her depths.

Harry showed Elsa what he thought of this hot sisterly bonding by ramming hard into Elsa's pussy. He rose almost all the way out of her and crashed inside her.

Elsa tried to maintain her concentration. It was extremely difficult to stay focused given how deep and how hard Harry went inside her.

"I feel it inside me!" Elsa yelled. "I'm going to cum so hard."

Elsa's right hand held onto Harry's waist to encourage his thrusting. The left hand remained pushed the makeshift dildo into her sister's pussy.

"It's melting already!" Anna yelled.

Elsa pulled out the half melted dildo and placed it in her mouth to suck the rest of it off like a popsicle. Her tongue twirled around it.

"Oh, that's really hot," Harry said.

Elsa's pussy clenched around Harry's cock. Her honey covered Harry's cock from the tip all the way to the base. It allowed him to slide inside her even more.

"Mmm, I bet she's covering your big manhood with her nasty juices," Anna said. "And soon it will be my turn. I can't wait."

Elsa's womanhood stretched all the way around Harry's throbbing rod and buried inside her body.

"You're too coherent."

The dildo which Elsa slid inside of Anna's dripping cunt earlier had been replaced by a second one. She pushed the icicle dildo deep inside her.

"You're making my popsicle melt, Anna," Elsa said.

"Just like you're melting in Harry's hand," Anna fired back. "You're going to cum aren't you. Come on Elsa, let it go…."

She hit a high note when Elsa shoved the frigid dildo into Anna's dripping hot pussy.

Harry grunted at the sensation of Elsa's pussy clenching around him. The contents from his balls were about ready to come out and spill inside her. One more huge thrust pushed himself into Elsa's hot depths.

Elsa came just a few seconds before Harry. Their orgasms were so close together it might as well have been shared. Harry held onto her hips and pumped the thick and hot seed inside her.

Every time their juices molded together it could feel spectacular. Elsa arched her hips in time.

"Put it all inside me," Elsa said.

"I know you won't waste a drop," Harry said. "And you're making it snow."

Elsa tried to focus for a moment. Harry's huge prick burying inside her prevented any thoughts or attempts to focus. He held onto her and buried all twelve inches into her.

Harry finished unloading the contents of his balls into Elsa's pussy. The moment he wrapped up with her, Harry pulled away from her with a smile on his face.

Elsa took a couple of moments to adjust to the sensations coming through her mouth. Harry pulled out of her and had been replaced by a new and wonderful sensation.

Anna gave her sister a mischievous smile the moment her tongue took a tour around Elsa's hot womanhood. The combined taste of both Harry and Elsa caused her to hungrily bury between her thighs.

"You taste so good," Anna said.

Anna swirled her tongue inside Elsa's cunt. She took a couple more passes.

Elsa tried to think of some way to make this all better. She threaded her fingers in the back of Anna's head and allowed her younger sister to keep suckling the juices from her pussy.

Anna could feel something poke the edge of her lips. She gave a gasp when an ice-dick rose from Elsa's pelvis. The cute redhead wrapped her lips around Elsa's ice phallus and tasted the delicious popsicle having been made from her sister's juices.

"Tasty," Anna said.

Harry placed his hands on Anna's hips and started to rub his fingers down her. The friction caused Anna to gasp and moan.

"Don't want you two girls to forget I'm still here."

Harry slipped his very able tongue between Anna's thighs. He could tell how she melted two popsicles with her center. The heat was pumping out between her legs. Harry started to push his tongue deeper inside her. The tasty juices trickled onto her hand.

Anna closed her eyes and went down throat first onto the ice-dick. Her abilities got even more frantic with Harry munching on her pussy from behind. His talented tongue kept swirling within her hot pussy.

"I wonder how many licks you can take to get to the center," Harry said.

Harry buried his face between her thighs which encouraged Anna to keep eating her sister. Anna pushed back. Harry's hands ran over Anna's hot body and grabbed her breasts with a squeeze.

Elsa placed her hands on the back of her sister's heads with a series of large pumps. The ice-dick pushed deep inside Anna's mouth. Anna almost sucked her down to the core with her frantic licking and suckling.

Anna smacked her lips together with a delicious "mmm" as she started to taste more of her sister. Elsa's hips bucked closer towards Anna's mouth and released a torrent of cum into her mouth.

Harry enjoyed the taste of Anna's juices. He slurped the juices up towards her.

Anna collapsed down onto her sister's pussy. Elsa's breathing became rather ragged from the constant orgasms she had experienced. The younger sister rose up and grinded herself against something which started to poke her in the backside. Anna responded with a grin and turned around towards Harry. Her arms wrapped around Harry's neck and leaned towards him.

"I'm not done playing," Anna said, straddling Harry's lap.

She teased the tip of his cock inside her dripping hot pussy. Anna lowered down and kissed Harry on the mouth. The two tasted each other with a long and sensational kiss.

Anna shifted her hips down pussy first onto Harry's cock. The redhead vixen pushed her hot hips down onto Harry's throbbing cock. Anna wrapped her legs around Harry's waist and started to ride his manhood.

"Feels so good!" Anna yelled.

Harry grabbed her breasts and made Anna rock down onto his prick. The tight and nubile woman started to drive herself down onto him. Harry's hands covered her sweaty, sexy body.

"I'm going to have to suck on those beautiful tits," Harry said.

"Mmm, you're so naughty," Anna said. "Not as naughty as my sister though."

Harry snuck a look at Elsa who started to pump another dildo creature from her fingertips. She created miniature icicles on her finger tips and fucked herself into a stupor.

"Yes, she's pretty naughty," Harry agreed, cupping Anna's tight rear. "It runs in the family, doesn't it?"

Anna slid herself cunt down onto Harry's tool and experienced the sensational rush deep inside her. The redhead princess worked her hot hips down onto Harry's thick, throbbing tool.

Harry buried his face between Anna's breasts and started to nibble on her. The princess screamed out in pure bliss when Harry left some love bites all over her cleavage. She started to bring herself down cunt first onto Harry's throbbing hard prick.

"More, Harry,I want more!" Anna yelled.

The princess clutched her hands onto the back of Harry's head. Harry continued with the intense nibbling of her nipples. Anna dragged her pussy up and down on Harry. She trapped his cock inside her.

The contraction and releasing of her hot pussy brought Harry closer to the edge. He pumped inside her and battered Anna's cunt.

"You can't stop yourself from cumming all over my big cock," Harry said. "Over and over again."

Harry pushed her breasts together and buried his mouth against her tongue. Anna's wet pussy squeezed him and tried to milk him.

"Fuck her cunt harder!" Elsa yelled. "Make my sister scream. Batter her naughty little pussy, and make her scream."

"Such language is unbecoming off…oh yeah, right fucking there!" Anna yelled.

The most innocent of girls ended up turning the naughtiest when their lust overwhelmed them. Harry grabbed Anna and pushed her down inside her. The woman's glorious tightness came around him.

Anna's entire body shook with the pleasure. Her mind almost came down from a hell of an orgasm. Harry kept pumping inside her with a series of powerful and swift thrusts which brought her body to the edge.

All fun ended up grinding to the end. Anna hung onto Harry. His cum-loaded balls pushed against her.

"Is that all for me?" Anna asked, biting down on her lip.

"Yes, if you've been a good girl," Harry said.

"Yes, I've been a good girl," Anna said, grinding her pussy across Harry's cock and squeezing him. "Can't you feel how good I am?"

"Oh, you're good at being naughty," Harry said.

Anna rode out another orgasm on Harry's throbbing prick. Suddenly, something brushed inside her asshole.

"Elsa, that's….."

"Did her pussy clench against you?" Elsa asked.

Elsa pushed against Anna from behind, slammed into her tight ass. The hard nipples pushed against Anna's back and caused her to gasp.

"Yes, her pussy clutched me, hard," Harry said.

"Maybe not as tight as her ass is," Elsa said.

Anna closed her eyes. This was almost too much. A hard human cock in her cunny and a hard ice cock deep inside her butt, from her sister was too much for Anna to handle.

"I can melt in your mouth and your ass," Elsa said. "And you're going to cum again, aren't you?"

The ice shoved into Anna's ass. She couldn't feel anything other than the greatest pleasure from this. Harry's thrusting inside her added the body heat to both of them.

Anna's pussy twisted around Harry's hard cock. Harry thrust deep inside her.

"Am I going to melt first, or is Harry going to pop?" Elsa asked. "What do you think, sis?"

"Don't care?" Anna asked. "OOOOH, I feel so good."

Elsa and Harry sandwiched Anna between their two cocks. The ice melted in Anna's ass. Elsa still grinded against her sister and humped her ass.

This increased the friction of Anna against Harry's cock. Harry pushed his rod up into the air and the contents of his balls came closer to being injected into her.

Anna grabbed onto Harry's shoulder and screamed. The rush of pleasure came through her pussy and launched her hot juices down onto Harry's engorged manhood. She slid all the way down onto the base of his cock and coated him with her clear cum.

"My turn."

Anna thought it was about time. Harry's cock pushed deep inside her. She could feel his cock inside her.

An explosion came between the three of them when they came all at the same time. Harry shot the stored contents of his balls and fired inside Anna.

Elsa placed her fingers on Anna and collected some of the overflowing cum from her after Harry pumped her sister full of his seed.

"My favorite treat," Elsa said before popping the fingers into her mouth and suckling the cum dry.

Anna collapsed completely from the double-penetration from both of the parties.

Elsa smiled and wrapped her soft fingers around Harry's cock and started to stroke him.

"Maybe I can get some more from the source though."

Harry's cock stood up in attention for this. The ice princess leaned forward and kissed Harry straight on the head of his cock.


Chapter Text

Late Night Call(Septima Vector from Harry Potter)

Septima Vector walked down the hallways of Hogwarts in a half distracted gaze. She returned from the weekly staff meeting. As usual, the staff meeting ended about as productively as possible, which was not at all. Pretty much just a report of how all of the classes were going, whether or not there were any problems. Said problems were put into consideration and they would be delved into during future staff meetings.

The problems never had been delved into future staff meetings.

The twenty-seven year old Artimancy professor figured she didn't have the seniority of a McGongall, Flitwick, or even a Sprout. She figured her thoughts should be both heard and considered just as much as any teacher. All she had was consideration and the fact her complaints had been brushed off by Septima in a pretty bad state.

She stripped off the Hogwarts robes. Underneath she wore a blouse which buttoned up over the top of her considerable bust. The skirt came down to showcase her wide hips and modestly covered her lover half. Sheer stockings covered the long and dazzling legs. The robes of Hogwarts pretty much covered up what a gorgeous woman she was. While anyone could see her from the neck up because of her silky blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and soft elegant lips, it only showed a fraction of the story.

"Rough night."

She turned around and could see him standing in the office. He stood a few inches above her. His hair came down and stuck up in every direction. Septima wasn't bothered by this at all. The messiness of his hair added to an allure he held. The young woman took one look into the green eyes of the man ten years her junior and smiled.

'Those are the green eyes which make women moist in their panties.'

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, stood in the office in front of her. Septima knew he would be here tonight, and she felt a bit guilty about keeping him waiting for her.

"No, more like a boring night," Septima responded. "Hogwarts staff meetings are not exactly the most conductive way to spend three hours. Especially considering I don't think we have had much of anything done."

"You're in luck," Harry said. "I'm here to make your night a bit more interesting."

"Mmm, I'm looking forward to it," Septima said.

She pounced Harry like a lioness looking for her next meal. The teacher wrapped her arms around the student and pulled him into a hot and intense round of kissing. She seemed intent to shove her tongue deep inside Harry's mouth.

Harry grabbed her hips from the other side and pushed her back onto the desk. Fingers teased the side of Septima's stocking clad legs. She closed her eyes the moment Harry pulled away from him.

"You were pretty pent up," Harry said.

Septima responded with a shifty smile and grabbed Harry's shirt. She pulled it over his head to reveal his toned chest and abs. One look at it made Septima's thighs stick together.

"Why are you so hot?" Septima asked.

She spoke these words while tracing patterns on Harry's chest and abs. Harry responded by undoing the bottom two buttons on her blouse. The Arithmancy's fit and firm stomach exposed to Harry. Harry started to trace his fingers down and push his fingers closer down to the promised land.

"I ask the same about you," Harry said.

Harry's hand disappeared beneath Septima's skirt. His hand pushed the small bit of fabric to the side.

"Harry," Septima said. The brushing of Harry's fingers against the edge of her opening caused the professor to lift her hips up to meet the fingers of the teacher. "Inside me, I need them inside me."

"One minute," Harry said.

Harry pressed his lips behind Septima's ear and gave her a few tender sucks. A nibbling on the back of her ear prompted the Professor to gasp. Harry kept nibbling on the side of her neck.

Septima's hips shifted up and down. Harry hit all of his weak spots. The young man started to push his finger deep inside her which caused her to clench him a bit harder.

"How do you feel now?" Harry asked.

"Good, so good," Septima said.

Her body clenched Harry's finger the moment it slipped inside her. It turned a little bit and channeled sparks of energy through her.

"I bet I can make you feel even better than you do now."

Septima's silent question had been answered with a second Harry finger inside her. The woman's hips rose up and down with Harry pushing them into her.

Harry explored the inside of her pussy. The Arithmancy teacher started to grind her hips up and down, pumping her hips down against his powerful fingers.

This affair started two years ago. A series of tutoring sessions had grown steamy. Septima fell for the power of the young man and sought to educate him in other ways. He educated her in many ways before. The age thing wasn't as much of a problem in their society as it was in the Muggle one. It was frowned on and not something they made public, but there were no laws against each.

Now, Septima found herself at the mercy of the powerful fingers of the Boy-Who-Lived. A third finger slipped inside her dripping hot pussy.

"You're feeling good," Harry said. "I make you feel really good, don't I?"

Septima bit down on her lip and nodded in response.

"Yes, you make me feel good!" Septima yelled.

"And you're getting off on the fact you're feeling this pleasure because of a student," Harry said. "And you know someone can walk in at any time and you can get in so much trouble. And the entire fact is making you hot."

The danger factor did make this so much hotter. Septima's wet pussy clenched around Harry's fingers and started to soak them. Harry rammed deep inside her cunt and pulled them from him.

"Taste how horny you are," Harry said.

Septima obediently took Harry's fingers into her mouth. She was a good pet and sucked the juices off of him. The moment she sucked, Harry took his free hand and undid her blouse the rest of the way. Her red bra had been removed to cause her large D-Cup breasts to spill out for his consumption.

"You know what these breasts are good for, don't you?" Harry asked.

Harry gave Septima's breasts a few squeezes. She nodded in response and got down onto her knees. The woman unbuckled Harry's pants and pulled them down past his ankles. His boxer shorts had been pulled down.

Septima saw this marvelous cock so many times. No matter how many times she saw Harry's cock spring out to face her, it never failed to astound her how big and thick it was. She was wet at the thought of it being rammed into her cunt until she was fucked raw.

"Are you going to stare or are you going to give me pleasure?" Harry asked.

Septima took her large breasts and placed Harry's cock around them. The warmth of her breasts pressed against his cock and started to pump him up and down.

Harry enjoyed the mature breasts sliding up and down his thick rod. The teacher's breasts kept rubbing up and down on his manhood.

"Your tits feel so good," Harry said. "I can't wait to cum on them."

Septima couldn't wait for him to cum on them as well. She would settle for his cock giving her breasts a nice pounding. The sexy teacher rocked her breasts up and down on him.

"Oh, I want that too, Harry," Septima said. "I want your sticky spunk all over my face, my tits, and in my mouth. I want your warm cum all over my nice soft tits. Feel them, they're soft are they?"

"Yes, they are," Harry said.

Harry reached around and pushed Septima's tits against the rod. His rod pushed out on the other side of the cleavage.

The older witch smiled when Harry plunged his thick cock deeper inside her cleavage. It stuck out and Septima swirled her tongue around the edge of his cock head.

Harry enjoyed her talented tongue and large soft breasts pressing on other side of his cock. She slid her breasts all the way down his thick and throbbing cock.

Septima tipped back just in time to receive the first spurt of cum. Harry's cock spewed his cum all over her with a series of rapid fire shots.

The explosion of cum fired her in the face. The powerful man's cum stuck to her forehead, her cheeks, and into her mouth. Harry coated her breasts with his sticky seed. Harry rocked his thick cock as far between Septima's milking tits as he could manage.

The contents of his balls covered her. Septima pulled away and held out her hands to allow it to drop onto her hands.

Harry smiled and observed his teacher slowly licking her hands clean. She drank up his seed like it was her lifeblood. The eyes of Septima Vector clouded over. Hunger continued to dance through her eyes. The women sucked her fingers dry.

"How do you want me?" Septima asked.

"Wet and bent over the desk," Harry said her.

"One part's done and as for the other part…."

Septima turned around and showed her bare pussy towards Harry. Harry hung over her and pushed the tip of his head against her hot entrance.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out," Harry said.

Harry's exploring hands sent jolts of energy through Septima's body. The powerful young man inched closer towards her womanhood and pushed the edge of his thick head against her pussy.

Septima stretched around him. His thick and veiny cock shoved inside her deep. Septima could feel his manhood slide deep inside her depths and start stuffing her deeply.

"Mmm, always such a tight pussy," Harry said.

"Your big cock is perfect for it."

Harry speared into her. The heat around her center squeezed Harry. The nerve endings started to rise up with pleasure and Harry spiked himself deep inside her.

Every single spike into her loins caused Septima's hot walls to contract around him. She pushed herself into him, milking him hard. She longed for every single drop of cum buried inside her.

"Someone is going to cum."

Septima cooed in delight and gasped when Harry's mouth started to lavish the back of her neck. The love bites sparked new feelings of desire and lust.

It took her a moment to come down from her pleasure to realize Harry slowed down his spikes inside her. He pulled almost all the way out of her and pushed deep inside her. Septima stretched out onto him.

"Do you want to cum?" Harry asked.

"YES!" Septima yelled. "You're going to get full marks for this if you keep this up, Mr. Potter."

"I'm sure," Harry said.

He squeezed Septima's nipples and gave them a light twist. This twist drove her nuts. Harry switched tactics by squeezing Septima's generous globes in his hand. A light squeeze caused her to moan.

Harry switched tactics to a more firm squeeze against her tit. Septima's hips bucked back and started to milk Harry's incoming thrusts. Harry pushed inside her with another long and powerful thrust which buried inside her body.

"And now, you're going to explode," Harry said. "Time to take this up to the next level."

Septima learned what the next level was. Harry started at the back of her hips and dragged his hands all over her body when he shoved inside her. Harry's hands lingered on her breasts one minute, her hips the next, and then down her legs.

Harry slapped her ass. The response of Septima's pussy clenching him made Harry want to drive himself into her depths even more. The contents of his balls threatened to spill out into her.

The moment Harry stopped, Septima's pussy ached with need. She needed him even more.

"Harry, please."

Harry pulled all the way out of her and sank back onto Septima's chair. He tilted it back, cock extended up in the air.

"Turn around."

Septima did as Harry told her. His swollen cock stood into the air. The throbbing manhood dripped with her juices. The sight of her own juices coating Harry's thick prick got her hot and heavy.

"You know what to do now, don't you?"

Septima crawled onto the chair to join Harry. The sexy teacher straddled Harry's lap. He reached in front of her and grabbed her breasts.

"You're mine," Harry said.


Septima slid down Harry's pole and buried him balls deep inside her pussy. The Arithmancy Professor rose all the way up and slammed down onto her.

Harry enjoyed the sensation of Septima's pussy wrapping around him. The heat pumping from her made his cock feel so amazing. He swelled and the tightening of his muscles started to reach further inside her. His cock pushed deep further into her.

A pair of powerful hands cupped Septima's generous melons and encouraged her to slide all the way down on his tool. She squeezed his love muscle hard.

"Look at you, you're cumming again," Harry said. "You're addicted to my cock, aren't you?"

"For two years," Septima said with a length sigh.

She loved this pinnacle of manhood buried inside her. Not to mention the fact Harry's hands worshipped every inch of her body. Her breasts, her ass, legs, and flat stomach, his hands moved quicker than the eye. They all touched those places which drove Septima absolutely nuts.

The vixen drilled her pussy down onto Harry's cock. She panted and grew heavier with desire. The thick manhood buried deep inside her dripping hot pussy.

"I know you're addicted, and I know you can't get enough of me," Harry said, giving her ass a nice little pinch. "And you're going to cum all over my cock, aren't you?"

Septima couldn't deny her desire. She came all over his cock again.

"I want your cum inside me," Septima said.

"Good things come to those who wait.

Harry massaged her legs while thrusting up at her at the same time. The combination drove Septima further towards the edge. His big manhood buried into her stomach and stuffed her so hard.

Septima's wet walls contracted around him. The orgasm exploded through her body and coated him. This allowed Harry to push himself further around him.

The perfect goddess rode up and down Harry's pole working herself closer to another orgasm. Harry held onto her ass and pushed her down onto him.

"As promised."

Septima's pussy dampened in anticipation of what was to come. Harry didn't disappoint. The first burst of cum struck in the back of her womb. Septima clutched the side of his shoulder and pushed her pussy down onto his throbbing manhood.

Harry enjoyed the feel of her pussy contracting around him and milking every drop of his seed. He spilled the seed into her womb while enjoying her breasts and legs against his body.

The moment Harry finished, the two of them came down from the mutual pleasure from each other.

"So, same time tomorrow night?"


Chapter Text

Snowjob(Caitlin Snow(Earth Two)/Killer Frost from Flash).


The eyes of Caitlin Snow flashed forward. The girl's blonde hair stuck to her face as she peered out the containment cell. The blue eyes looked outside. The fit woman lifted her hand in an attempt to access her powers, only to find out she was restrained.

She wondered where she was and how she got here. And more importantly, how would she escaped?

"Show yourself!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"So, is telling you to cool down a bit too soon, or not?"

Caitlin's eyes flashed to the other side of the cell. She came face to face with a young man with starting green eyes. It caused her to step back a moment. The green eyes melted her heart the moment.

"You were left for dead," the young man said. "And I rescued you."

"Oh, and I suppose I should be grateful you did, putting me in this cell like an animal," Killer Frost said.

"Caitlin, I think you'll….."

"Don't call me that," Caitlin said. "I've grown to hate that name…."

"Oh, Caitlin, I know how much you have, because it represents the failure you feel you've had," the young man said. "You see, my doctorate is in psychiatry, and I've made it my business to know how the female mind works."

"Men have been trying to do that for years, and they've failed," Caitlin said.

"I'm no mere man, Doctor Snow," he said. "I know there's no way to make you normal. You've accepted who you are in some ways. And you didn't accept who you are in other ways."

"If he finds out I'm alive, he'll kill me," the woman said.

"No, I don't think he will, he has other concerns," he said.

"Just who are you?" Caitlin asked.

She found herself lost deep within his eyes and hated every last moment of it. This little encounter prompted her heart to beat heavily against her chest. The young man paused for a long second and smiled at her.

"I'm someone who scouts the multiverse for some of the most brilliant and beautiful women," he said. "The type of women who have lost their purpose, and lost everything, and really, you have lost everything, haven't you, Caitlin?"

"I told you that….."

"Killer Frost is a mask you where, because you're afraid what happens when you've faced your failures," he said. "Oh, and my name is Harry Potter."

Caitlin, Killer Frost, blinked for a long moment. The cell opened up and it allowed her unrestrained access.

"You must not be as smart as you think you are if you're going to let me go," Killer Frost said. "It's a shame I have to mangle your pretty face."

Killer Frost raised her hand and a swirl of Arctic energy flowed between her fingers. Harry reached out and blocked her hand before she could attack. He leaned forward and kissed her straight on the lips.

The ice themed villainess was surprised by the kiss. She could feel his body energy coursing through her. It resulted in a ripple effect through her body. Caitlin hung onto his face and stuck her tongue deep down his throat.

A moment later, the two of them broke away. Harry stood on his feet while Killer Frost still tasted the warmth of his mouth on her lips. She stared at him for a long moment, unable to figure out what happened.

"You kissed me, and you're not dead," she said. The scientist still buried deep down underneath the woman's homicidal mind was curious. "How did you do it?"

"It's a secret," Harry said. "Aren't you curious to see how far we can go? You need body heat to sustain yourself, don't you? You don't kill because you have to. You kill out of necessity."

"You don't know that," Killer Frost said for a moment.

Harry pushed her up against the wall and pinned her hands back. The brunette turned blonde struggled against his grip. He came closer towards her. A hint of his body heat hit Caitlin's body. He didn't edge too close towards her.

"I have figured you out," Harry said. "And it terrifies you doesn't it?"

This powerful man bent Killer Frost at his will.

"I can help you," Harry said. "And I think you'll get something out of this arrangement as well. You're not completely cold to the world, no matter what you're powers are like."

This time, she kissed him in response. The glorious heat coming off of her body made her feel a bit more normal, a bit clearer of the mind. Her hands started to trail over his body.

"Mmm, you're so hot," Killer Frost said. Her fingers started to stroke over his body. "Pun intended."

Harry smiled when she worked his shirt off. The woman's hands trailed down his chest and started to run down his body. She explored the area all over his body. His glorious toned abs molded underneath her hands.

"You know, there's something of more interest you might enjoy a bit further south."

Killer Frost gripped onto Harry's belt and undid it. The pants rolled down past his ankles. His underwear pulled off next.

"Oh, I think there's plenty of heat down there," Killer Frost said. Her cool hand wrapped around Harry's extended prick. "Wouldn't you say, handsome?"

"I agree," Harry said with a grunt.

The chilling villainess stuck out her tongue. She brought it down the full length. It traced a pattern down the vein of his cock. She came back up and swirled around the edge of his cock.

Harry enjoyed the feel of the brainy beauty's mouth. Despite the nature of her powers, her mouth was so warm and lovely. Her lips teased the edge of his cock.

Killer Frost shoved most of Harry's twelve inches down her throat. Her throat clenched around him and she gagged.

"If you want the heat, you're going to have to take tall of it."

The bad girl brought her mouth down onto Harry's cock and started to slurp it. Harry closed his eyes and enjoyed the woman giving him a full service blowjob. She teased every inch of him. Her hands cupped and squeezed his balls. The soft and cool feeling of her hands prompted Harry's cock to jump further into the back of her throat.

Killer Frost enjoyed the taste of his cock inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around him. The warm nectar started to ooze out of him. The beauty kept up the movement.

"Oh, bad girls are always so good," Harry said.

She released his cock and gave him a sexy, sultry glare, through her eyes.

"I know, we are," she said, squeezing his cock before kissing the tip of it. "And you're a very bad boy, trying to take advantage of us troubled girls like you are."

This time, Killer Frost deep-throated him with one solid suck. Harry saw stars with her intense cock-sucking. He held onto the back of the icy beauty's head.

She hummed and sucked on it. The manhood spiked the back of her throat. Killer Frost stared up at him with a hungry look in her eyes. Her hands rested on his stomach the more she came down on the back of his throat. Hunger went through her body.

The thick cock pushed deeper into her mouth. She sucked him deep and hard, cradling his balls.

"You're going to get all of the heat you need," Harry said. "I hope you're happy."

Killer Frost's eyes looked up towards Harry. Her mouth was full his huge cock. Several messy slurping sounds showed how much she was into this fun and games.

The sensations of what she did beneath his waist caused Harry to buck his hips towards. Harry grabbed the back of her head and rocked into her. She held onto his balls and fondled them. The cum would spurt out into her mouth one way or another.

The goddess on her knees before him kept sucking his cock. Harry couldn't hold back any longer. He would have to give Caitlin pretty much everything she wanted along with a little bit more. One more thrust brought it into her mouth.

The young man's cock spurted the seed into the waiting mouth of the icy vixen. Killer Frost blew him extremely hard, making sure not to waste a single drop of this seed.

Killer Frost brought her mouth down onto him and drained every last drop from his balls. The warm liquid spilled into the back of her throat.

"So, delicious, stud," Killer Frost said, hand still wrapped around his prick and rubbing it up and down. "I know someone like you has more though."

"Oh, believe me, I have more than you can handle."

The confidence burning through his voice caused the meta-human to get wet. The two of them backed off into Caitlin's former cell. A perfect good bed waited for them. It would be a shame to let it to go waste.

"Come here, I want you, so badly," Killer Frost said. She licked her lips and started to unbutton her shirt.

Caitlin's shirt had been pulled off to reveal her round, creamy breasts with her pale nipples. Her nipples stuck out for Harry's consumption. She undid the bottom half of her uniform and exposed her pussy. She looked like she was soaked. Caitlin ran her hands all over her sexy body and looked into Harry's eyes with a smoldering gaze. Her tongue trailed over her lips and hunger danced through her eyes.

"Come on, baby," Caitlin said, smiling with a wicked glint in her eye. "I know you want some of this, and I know you can take it."

She turned around and got on her hands and knees. The naughty girl showed everything. Harry reached around her and grabbed her breasts. His able hands explored her body. Caitlin's breath came through her body.

"Look, you're wet," Harry said, smiling. "And so hot."

"Well, you better keep me warm before it freezes up," Caitlin said.

Harry's throbbing cock pushed against her entrance. He pushed inside her and allowed her willing walls to clench him forward. His warm body pressed against hers.

"You need heat, don't you?" Harry asked.

"Oh, yes, baby, lots of heat," she said. "It helps keep me…stable."

The tight walls of the vixen clenched around Harry. Her strong lover pushed around her.

"Feel my breasts, and grab my ass!" Killer Frost encouraged him. "Fuck me so hard I'll be feeling it for the next week."

"Oh, I'll make you feel it," Harry said. "I don't even think your powers are going to numb it."

His throbbing balls pushed against her. Her walls clenched into him. Harry kept going, never slowing down. He thrust deep inside his icy lover to give her more body heat.

Killer Frost could feel Harry's finger brush down the wall of her back. The finger traveled all the way down her body and stopped short of her ass. Harry teased the edge of her hot opening and smiled.

"Do you want this inside you?" Harry asked, with a hard pump inside her. "Do you want me to finger your dirty ass, until you cum?"

"Yes, please," Killer Frost said.

Her body felt things she never thought were possible. Even before Caitlin became Killer Frost, she never felt this good. The emotions coursed through her body. Her loins continued to throb and encourage more of them.

Harry smiled and pushed his finger into the ass of his lover. He pumped it in her and pushed it out of her. The intense combination of lust spread between the two of them.

The walls of his lover pumped around him. Harry eased her closer to a spectacular orgasm. The handsome gentleman thrust inside her.

"You're going to cum, and it's going to be hard," Harry said. He reached around and cupped her breast. "Go ahead, baby, cum for me, cum for me hard."

Caitlin bit down on her lip and gasped in pleasure. The trickle of juices coming down her legs lubricated Harry's pole when it made its way deep inside her nether lips. He made her feel so good with these rapid fire thrusts. Each time he buried his prick into her, Caitlin's walls grew a bit tighter.

Harry released her into an orgasmic fit of pleasure. The villainess pumped her hips back against him.

"Caitlin, you're so amazing, look at you, you're cumming so much," Harry said.

Killer Frost tried to protest the usage of her name. All twelve inches of prime man meat shoved inside her and forcing her to cum made her rethink it. She held onto the walls causing them to freeze around her. The area around them were warm even though the rest of the room cooled off into a chilling degree.

"You're mine now, Caitlin," Harry said.


"You crave me, don't you?" Harry asked with a long and deep thrust into her. "Your body is mine to do with as I please. You can't handle it, can you? All you can do is just sit back and enjoy the pleasure I allow you."

Harry pushed deep inside the body of her. The villainess melted, figuratively speaking, underneath his rapid fire thrusts. Her eyes glazed over the more Harry pumped inside her.

"You want my seed, don't you?" Harry asked.

Harry empathized his words by groping Caitlin's swinging breasts. The experiment caused them to be enhanced. They were extremely firm and surprisingly soft in his hands.

For Caitlin Snow, in his hands, her superpowered tits were extremely sensitive. Every touch shot fire through her body and almost caused her to feel normal again. Before, she had been numb, and now Harry was hitting her with every suppressed enough at once.

"Yes, your seed is strong," Caitlin said. "Put it in my womb….shoot all of your baby making juices in my body."

The accident left her barren as the Arctic wasteland. Yet, given Harry was able to resurrect other aspects of herself, Caitlin briefly wondered if he was going to defy all science.

"Oh, you'll get my seed, and maybe it will reignite certain biological functions in you," Harry said. "Perhaps not….it's all about trial and error, isn't it, Doctor?"

She really got into the role she played. It slid into her and slid out of her.

'It should be a shame if he got frostbitten.'

"Don't worry, I won't," Harry said.

Caitlin wondered how he could have known what she was thinking. Another orgasm hit her body and mind hard, thus making it more than difficult to really think. Her eyes faded over with an intense amount of breathing.

"Just release it," Harry said. "And I'm sure you'll assist me in experimenting to see if we can get this working."

"Yes," Caitlin said. "Oh, yes, I will."

Harry's hands moved over towards her hips and gave some leverage. He pushed into her extremely hard with a super powerful thrust. His balls pushed against her backside, about ready to unload.

"Give me it all, we'll start now!" Caitlin yelled.

Her entire body felt more normal than it would have before. She had control, but this was a different level of control. Harry plowed her body with his huge cock.

"Here it comes," Harry said. "Are you ready to get it all?"

"Yes, I'm ready to get it all," Caitlin said. Her tight walls closed around his body. "Put all of your seed in me. Fuck my pussy raw when you drain your balls into my womb. Grab my breasts and squeeze them so fucking hard!"

"Oh, I'm going to fill up your body with all of my cum, and you're going to be addicted to it," Harry said.

A shove forward caused Caitlin to see stars. The body of the villainess shook with pleasure. Harry held onto her hips and rocked his thick rod into her body.

Harry pushed his cock into her body. His balls sized up and released their cum into Caitlin's waiting body. The young man fired a heavenly load inside her. Each burst of cum filled Caitlin all the way up.

Caitlin held on to enjoy him pumping every drop of his seed into her. She collapsed with a sigh and a shudder, the fulfillment of being filled up.

"So, are you ready to go?" Harry asked.

The nude woman pulled herself to her feet and smiled, cupping Harry's balls and squeezed them. She gave him a hungry kiss in response.

"If, I'm going to get more of this, you can take me anywhere you want," Caitlin said. She leaned towards him and pressed her still erect nipples against him. "And you can do anything you want to me."

Harry smiled and leaned towards the sultry woman.

"Dangerous words, dangerous, dangerous words."



Chapter Text

Watchful Eyes(Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter).

Harry Potter lived a rather interesting existence. Many people beloved him and just as many people hated him and everything he stood for. This caused him to receive his fair share of death threats and a couple of close attempts to his life. While Harry found himself as a survivor, those close to him would feel a lot better if he had some formidable security.

After some thought, Harry intended to hire someone he trusted, someone he knew for years to watch his ass and help maintain the security.

"Reporting for duty, sir."

A gorgeous woman with purple hair coming down past her shoulders and shining violet eyes which made her look exotic stepped in. She wore a white tank top which stretched down to her stomach. She had her navel pierced, and that wasn't the only part of her she had pierced. Hip hugging leather pants came down past her.

"Hello, Ms. Tonks," Harry said. "It's been too long."

"It has," she said with a smile. "All of the people you could have hired, and you hired me."

"Well, you can be pretty discreet when you want to be," Harry said. He pulled out a chair and invited her to sit down. "Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes, when I want to be," Nym said with a smile. He turned towards her. "And I was….interested in some of the perks this job offer had."

Nym smiled when she looked at Harry. He might have been a number of years younger than her, but he was far more mature than many men twice his age. The fact his dazzling green eyes and messy hair along with his handsome looks left women moist in their panties, if they had been wearing any that was.

"Yes, Nym, mind if I call you, Nym?" Harry asked.

"No, sir," she said with a smile.

"Excellent," Harry said. "So, I was wondering if there were any limitations to your powers?"

"The only limitation is my imagination, sir," Nym said. "Well, there is one thing. I can't change my body into an inorganic substance. So I can't change my fists to solid metal and pummel the person who looks at you cross-eyed."

Harry smiled when he looked at her. He thought about as much.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you can think outside of the box enough," Harry said.

"Oh, there is one thing," Nym said, almost forgetting. She could have kicked herself. "If I shrink myself in height…the excessive mass has to go somewhere and well….."

Nym stuck out her already sizeable chest out for emphasis. Harry smiled when he got a full view of her cleavage.

"Interesting," Harry said.

"Which is why I stay the same height or grow taller when I'm in disguise," Nym said. "Otherwise, it's hard to be discreet when the girls stand out."

Harry smiled he could see so.

"So, what about your natural form?" Harry asked.

"Seriously, you're going to go there?" Nym asked.

"Sorry, just curious if you had one," Harry said. "Sorry if it offended you."

Nym's smile softened for a moment. She placed her hand firmly down onto Harry's lap. She resisted any naughty impulse she had, even though she imagined copping a feel. And Harry punishing her by taking her over this desk and having his wicked way for her.

"It's fine, it's just…bad memories," Nym said. "See, there were a lot of boys when I went to Hogwarts, who thought they could get in my panties by wanting to see me in my natural form. It was shameless and kind of desperate to be honest. And really, what's the point in having these powers if I can't have a little bit of fun with them?"

Harry could have sworn Nym shrank a couple of inches and her shirt in response got taller. All of the excessive body mass went exactly where she said it would.

"There was a form I was born in," Nym said, leaning form. "According to my mother, I was shifting in the womb. It gave her a really bad case of indigestion from what I heard. I can just imagine how cranky she was. My poor old Dad."

Harry leaned closer towards her.

"If you don't mind me asking one more personal question," Harry said.

"Well, it depends on what it is, whether I'd mind it or not," Nym said. Her lips curled into a smile when she locked eye to eye with Harry.

"Did you take this job so you could get close enough so I would fuck you?"

Nym had almost jumped up because of his frank and brazen words. A flush appeared through her cheeks as Harry pulled her back down into the chair.

"A simple question, Nym," Harry said.

"I'm not sure if this is professional, Mr. Potter," Nym said, thoughts crossing her mind which were anything but professional.

"There's no need to be so formal, until we're actually having sex," Harry said. "You can call me sir or Mr. Potter then all you want. Until I actually have you bent over that table there, it's just Harry."

"Right, um, Harry," Nym said.

She appreciated the honesty of his intentions. It really got her hot and bothered, given she did in part take this job to get close to him.

"Good girl," Harry said. "And you didn't answer my question."

"Yes, I was hoping….well I was hoping to get a chance," Nym said.

Harry saw her nipples stick out from the other side of her tank top. He rose to his feet where he was above her and leaned down.

"You're not wearing a bra, are you?"

Nym shook her head, biting down on her lip.

"No, I don't….well, I don't care for underwear," Nym said. He leaned closer towards Nym and locked eye to eye with her. "It makes it harder to shift with underwear….given I ended up ripping it half of the time."

Harry smiled and had the lovely mental image of Nym destroying several pieces of underwear in an attempt to get her powers under control before foregoing it all.

"And I'm sure it's easier when you wear clothes which can magically adhere to your skin," Harry said. "Well, today is your lucky day, because we're here, alone in this office, and you want this. And I want this."

Harry pulled Nym up to her feet and pushed his lips onto hers with a passionate kiss. The woman responded in earnest. Harry's hands combed over her body and felt her body. Her breasts smashed against his body.

Nym could not believe this. This was the thing which normally lead to her waking up with sticky sheets and a sweaty face. He kissed her until her mind went numb and chills went down her spine. Nym's knees would have collapsed had Harry not cupped her firm ass in his hands.

"Oh do you want to drop to your knees?" Harry asked. "Good plan….I love the look of your mouth, because you can make it into anything you wish."

"Any requests?" Nym asked.

"Well, you might want to widen your throat cavity a little bit," Harry said. "I would hate to see you choke on your first day on the job….but first….."

Nym's beautiful face looked up when she eagerly worked Harry's pants off. She could see his boxer shorts pitch a tent.

'Better be careful, don't want to lose an eye,' Nym thought. 'Even if it got be a bitching magical eye on Moody's still….'

Harry's hardened staff stuck out. Nym leaned towards it, and the third eye almost stared down at her. It almost beckoned her to take some decisive action.

Her rosy lips wrapped around them. She made them extremely soft and wet when she wrapped them around Harry's head and sucked it.

"Yes, those lips were made for sucking cock!" Harry yelled. "Make your hair a little longer so I can have a better grip."

Nym did as her boss said. Harry grabbed onto her hair to use it as a handle and start pumping his prick into her waiting mouth. Her throat opened up to allow him inside and closed around him.

"I'm going to take your hot little throat, and show you what's going to happen to your pussy later," Harry said.

Nym's throat tightened up a little bit and milked his thrusts inside her. She looked up at Harry.

Harry wasn't going to lie. Looking down at Nym with her mouth full of his cock caused him to get hot. Harry pushed his prick deeper into the back of her throat and began to plow into her mouth.

"Keep it up, and you're get a little treat," Harry said.

Nym decided to extend her tongue and push it down Harry's cock, causing the entire length to be serviced. She traced a pattern on the veiny length with her slimy and wet tongue. She pushed all the way out and ran it all over.

"So amazing," Harry said.

He gripped the back of Nym's head and pumped his rod into the depths of her wet and willing throat. Nym sucked down onto his rock-hard pole the deeper it buried itself into her tight and willing throw. Harry hammered Nym's tight throat with a series of rapid fire thrusts.

"I'm getting close," Harry said. "I'm going to pop, and you're going to get all of my cum deep into your amazing throat!"

Nym re-doubled her efforts with a series of hard sucks. The manhood pushed into the back of her throat. Nym wanted his seed in the worst way possible. Her soft fingers caressed his balls.

Harry grunted with a long thrust forward. He pushed against the edge of Nym's mouth and rocked himself closer towards her mouth. Harry reached his edge.

The first volley of cum fired deep inside Nym's mouth. She tilted back and took all of the cum. Several long thrusts pushed into her.

Harry enjoyed the ride with every second from Nym. She sucked him completely dry, caressing his balls all the way to the edge of his pleasure.

"Mmm," Nym said.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" Harry asked. "Why don't you take off your clothes and we can have some fun?"

Nym slipped her shirt off to reveal the round and large, yet still perky, breasts she had. A nipple ring stuck out of it. Nym placed her hands on either side of her hips and started to shimmy from those tight leather pants. The woman's smooth body devoid of any tan lines had been revealed.

"Make yourself shorter," Harry said, smiling. "I want to see all of that access mass go to your breasts."

Nym shrunk down a little bit and her breasts swelled in response. Harry took her breasts in his hands and squeezed them. It caused her nipples to grow thicker and harder. Harry took one of the points into his mouth and sucked down onto it.

"Turn your hair blonde," Harry said. "With only a small strip of hair down on your pussy."

Nym did what she had been told.

"Long, or short?" Nym asked.

"Medium length and curly," Harry said.

Nym smiled once more and shifted her hair so it could turn curly. A sultry smile appeared on the face of the shape shifter the moment she looked back at Harry. She shifted more of her weight, widening her hips, while flattening her stomach. Her legs extended a little bit while keeping her DD-Cup breasts nice and full.

Harry ran his hands over Nym's flat stomach and started to feel it. She gasped the more Harry started to explore her body.

"Do you think you can make your ears pointed?" Harry asked.

Nym closed her eyes and made her ears look elven. She smiled and watched as Harry sat down onto the chair. The gorgeous shape-shifter made her way onto his lap.

"Looks like you're not so little friend is ready again," Nym said, straddling Harry's lap. "Why don't we give him some attention?"

Nym's large funbags pressed against Harry's face. Harry closed his eyes and enjoyed her pussy when it slowly teased the head of his cock. It threatened to invade her dripping womanhood. Harry leaned back onto the chair and waited for Nym's hips to lower over the tip of his cock head.

Seconds passed before Nym lowered herself onto Harry's extended cock. The witch breathed in heavily when she filled his body.

"Yes!" Nym moaned. "This feels so good."

Harry enjoyed the sensation of her tight cunt pushing around him. Even without her powers, Harry had the sense she was pretty tight because of the shape she kept herself in. She manipulated his penis and gave it a hell of a workout the more she pushed up and down onto him.

"Yes, it does," Harry said.

Harry said these words and cupped Nym's large breast. He had more than a mouth full of tit flesh and sucked on it. The sexy girl pushed her hips up and down on him in response.

Nym thought she had practically died and gone to heaven. Harry's mouth made this experience all this much more enjoyable. Her hot walls slid almost all the way down onto him. She held onto his hips and pumped almost all the way down onto him.

"You're going to cum, aren't you?" Harry asked.

Harry's hands traced patterns on Nym's soft legs. This only prompted her to rise all the way up and push down onto Harry's throbbing prick. The hot older woman rocked her hips down onto him in an attempt to ride out her own orgasm on his prick.

Nym enjoyed something powerful between her thighs. Harry's thick tool gave her the relief and the pleasure she wanted. His hands also cupped and caressed her breasts.

"Mmm, cumming, really hard."

Her muscles tightened around them. For a second, Nym thought she was going to crush his penis between her thighs. Harry kept pumping into her and manipulated her muscles.

"Oh, I love it when a man takes control," Nym said. "Fuck my slutty body, drill me hard….oh, take my ass."

"You have such a nice ass," Harry said.

Nym closed her eyes. Harry ran his hands over her ass and started to squeeze it. He did this at the same time as pushing his face between Nym's breasts and motorboarding her nice and hard.

The Metamorphmagus pushed her hips all the way down onto his rod. Her slick center drove all the way down onto him with a series of rapid fire pumps.

Harry enjoyed the feeling of Nym. He tilted her back and practically leaned her back against the desk. He rose up and pushed her back onto the table.

"Figured, you could use a break," Harry said. "Your thighs have to have become sore by now."

Harry pulled almost all of the way out of her. He smiled and motioned for Nym to turn around. Nym did exactly what Harry had told her. Her hands pressed against the desk and legs spread. Harry pushed his hands against either side of Nym's cheeks and gave her a squeeze.

"I hope you're looking forward to me bending you over this desk and fucking your brains out."

Nym's hair extended for Harry to get a handle.

"The sooner you drive this handsome cock into me the better," Nym said. "Feels so empty."

Harry brushed his thick prick against her entrance. The heat coming from between Nym's legs made Harry want to drive himself into her and stretch her completely out.

"You want it, you got it."

Harry positioned himself against Nym's entrance and pushed deep inside her. The shape-shifting Auror clutched the side of the desk the second Harry buried his full length inside her tight twat. His balls pushed up against her as Harry held onto her. He pushed in of her with one thrust and out of her with another thrust.

Nym clutched onto the desk when Harry fucked her over the edge of it. His hands moved up and grabbed her breasts. The talented young man channeled a small bit of energy through her melons. The resulting impact caused her loins to reach down.

Harry banged Nym's slutty body over the desk. The woman's sexual moans and encouragement made Harry push himself even deeper into her. He stretched her pussy out.

"You're doing such a good job," Harry said. "I'm sure you'll do a good job in making sure no one threatens me as well."

Harry held his hand on Nym's round breast and squeezed it. He took his hands down her body and pumped into her. The rougher he fucked her, the louder she became. His balls swelled up with more.

Constant orgasms racked through Nym's body. Harry only allowed her enough time to process one before processing the other. Her pussy tightened and breasts swelled the more Harry plowed into her.

His sexual dream bent over his desk made Harry want to plow her even more. All great men reached their limits.

"I'm going to drive my cock into you," Harry said. "I'm going to drive it into you so hard all of my seed is going to spill into you."

Nym could feel his cock inside her. The excitement of being swollen up with the seed of such a powerful man, and potentially impregnated had her all hot and bothered. The thick manhood pushed into her body.

Every clench of her pussy around his throbbing cock made Harry throb even more. He came close to burying his seed inside her tight snatch and draining his cum inside her body. One more thrust would bring her closer to the edge.

"Here it comes," Harry said, slapping her on the ass.

"Put your cum in me!" Nym yelled. "Bury your seed inside me!"

Harry pushed all the way inside her body. The contents of his balls shot inside her body. A few pumps brought the contents of his balls inside her body.

Nym almost fell back onto the desk. Harry caught her and pulled her back onto the desk before rolling her over.

"So, did I get the job?"

"Yes," Harry said. "Keep up to these standards, and you can keep it."


Chapter Text

Connection(Elena Gilbert from the Vampire Diaries).

Elena Gilbert shifted against the warm body which lay beneath her. She didn't really want to move from her position. The dark haired vampire knew out of necessity she would have to. A breath escaped from her body. She dressed in the most minimal amount of clothing possible for this situation. It was really a wonder she wore anything at all to be honest, although it did add an amount of allure and anticipation to the situation.

The dark haired beauty opened her eyes. The see through material covering her body threatened to give way. She wore a pair of panties underneath the silky see through top. The handsome green eyed man beneath her started to wake up.

"Hey," Elena said. "Harry?"

"Mmm," the voice of Harry Potter said.

"I'm hungry," Elena said with a smile. "And I don't mean for your blood this time."

When Harry Potter gave his blood willingly to you, good things happened. When someone took his blood from him without his consent, bad things happened. Extremely bad things, the likes of which made people shudder when thinking about it. It really depended on the gender of the person.

Harry reached up and grabbed onto Elena's hips before rolling her over onto the bed. He smiled with a predatory smile.

"I would have thought after last night you would have been sated," Harry said.

"You know me, I'm never satisfied," Elena said, reaching up and running her fingernail down his chest with a smile. "I might have taken a shower last night and….slipped into something a bit more comfortable."

"I thought something was missing last night," Harry said.

"Well, I was, and you could have joined me," Elena said, cupping his face and smiling. She leaned down towards her. "But, now I want you, master."

It had been a little running joke between the two of them for Elena to call him master. To be honest, it was fitting given Harry had mastered a lot of magical creatures of various sorts, and brought them into his harem.

Well, technically collective, Harry frowned upon the use of the H-word. Regardless, the beautiful brunette pushed her lips down onto Harry's and started to kiss down on them.

Harry smiled through the kiss. This was the ideal way to wake up. His hands moved over Elena's amazing body and started to stroke every inch of her skin. He could sense her arousal through him.

Elena slid her body down his, worshipping every inch of Harry's with her scantily clad body. Her breasts brushed against his manhood which almost stuck out from the other side of his boxers.

"I don't think we'll be needing this anymore," Elena said with a saucy smile and she squeezed his manhood through his shorts. "Do we?"

"I don't think so either," Harry groaned, feeling her able fingers going down between his legs. Harry continued to shift a slight amount.

His cock sprang out for them. Elena gave him a wicked smile and leaned down. The beauty pushed her lips down onto his manhood, inhaling it all into her mouth.

Harry looked at his lover with the seductive naughtiness dancing within her eyes. She cupped his balls and started to work all the way down onto him. She practically inhaled his cock with fever and hunger.

Elena sucked his manhood a few more times. She brought it into the back of her wet throat. A few more passes and Elena pulled herself off.

"Might as well," she said, shrugging off her nice dress.

Harry stared down her beautiful body. Her firm breasts with tanned nipples stuck out from him. Her flat stomach and curved hips went all the way down. She pulled her panties down to reveal a pink, dripping mound with only a scant bit of dark hair.

Elena smiled and turned around, showing Harry her ass.

"It's rude to not give you a chance to eat."

Harry grabbed Elena's hips and pushed it down onto his face. He teased the outside of her lips seconds before delving into the inside of them with his tongue.

Elena managed to keep herself mentally in charge. His thick cock stood up from her. Elena popped her lips and resumed sucking it.

The two lovers laid in the sixty nine position. Harry enjoyed the feel and the taste of his lover's pussy while she tried to suck on his cock and get the cream inside of it.

Elena closed her eyes and the warmth of his tongue buried inside her made things even more intense. She ground her hips up and down on Harry's face in an attempt to get him to go down further into her.

Harry rose to the occasion, wanting to make Elena to cum over his face. He gave her a tongue lashing, using the talents he had been born with.

Elena gasped when he hit all of her sweet spots. She brought his cock far into her throat in response. Her thighs clenched and released an immense amount of juices directly onto Harry's face.

The response of her doing this forced Harry to bring the point of his cock deeper into her throat. His hips bucked up and released their juices. She clenched onto him and sucked it all down, releasing every single inch of it inside her.

The taste of Harry's seed into her throat prompted Elena to smile. It caused her hips to grind more on his face and give him more of her pussy juices. The sensation of his tongue inside her and erupting cock buried deep into her throat forced her body to size up.

Lust burned through Elena's body, the moment she retracted herself from Harry. She wrapped her fist around Harry and pumped him up.

"Patience is not your virtue," Harry said.

"Not when there's something worth waiting for," Elena said, smiling. Her tongue trailed around her lip to get some of the excess cum off.

A jolt came through Harry's balls the second Elena perched herself onto him. She gave him a cute little smile, baring her fangs at him playfully. Her nails dug down into Harry's chest.

"On top, but you know you're not going to be in control for long," Harry said, his hands taking their place on Elena's body.

"Let me have my moment," Elena said.

Elena positioned herself up over the top of Harry's eager rod. It prepared to engulf her entire body. She craved it and needed it inside her more than life itself.

Harry experienced the feeling of Elena pushing herself down onto him. The tightness of the woman kept down around him.

"How do you stay so tight?" Harry asked.

"Are you complaining?" Elena asked.

Harry reached up to meet her breasts and squeezed a handful of them. She pushed her hips closer down onto him.

"No, heavens, no," Harry said. "Just a bit curious."

"It's a perk," Elena said, rotating her hips around the edge of Harry's manhood. Every single inch of him pushed deep inside her.

Harry decided to rotating his hands around Elena's body. He pressed his palms onto her breasts and gave them a light squeeze. He moved down and started to touch her body. The softness of her flesh made Harry want to pump his rod into her body even further.

Elena bit down on her own lip. The pleasure coursed through her loins the further she worked herself down onto Harry's throbbing rod. One inch at a time his manhood pushed inside her tight body. The woman's loins kept pushing up and down on him.

"Yes, your hot body is a perk," Harry said. "I agree, and it belongs to me."

"Yes, master, please master, harder."

Harry pushed himself up into her tight cavern. Elena's sweet pussy closed down onto him and tried to milk out a premature orgasm.

"You should know by now I'm anything, but premature," Harry said, hands roaming behind her. He placed them on her back and started to roll them down on her.

Elena's entire body shivered in response. He sent more jolts of pleasure all the way down her body. It was far more than she ever thought she could experience.

"No, you're not premature, you're amazing," Elena said.

"Feel your body tensing up?" Harry asked. "Feel the release coming to you."

Elena nodded. She knew Harry wouldn't grant it to her right away. Elena intended to work for it though. Every step of the way she would work for it. Hot walls brought down onto his manhood. Elena tried to channel the energy and bliss through her cunt muscles.

Harry traced patterns all over her body. He marveled how soft and firm her flesh was. What spots inflamed his lover's passion the most and how he could spark this particular level of passion within her. Elena rose all the way up on his manhood and pushed it deep inside her body.

Elena enjoyed the tempting touches he delivered to her. He knew what spots drove her to greater passion and knew how to deliver this particular level of passion through her.

The release had been allowed. Elena threw her head back with a primal shriek of pleasure and drove herself onto Harry's cock to ride out her orgasm. Each jolt coming through her body added to the pleasure and the fun. Elena kept bringing herself up and down on him.

Harry held her hips down onto him. She looked down at him with a passionate look in her eyes. Harry marveled at the stamina.

Elena didn't have to take too long to catch her breath. Her tight loins pushed all the way up on Harry and started to bounce up and down on him once again. She pushed all of Harry's hard cock.

"You want more," Harry said, smiling.

"Yes, I always want more," Elena said, rocking her hips down onto him. "I need you inside me, deeply inside me. I can't get enough of it."

Elena's eyes closed shut. Harry's hands once again hit the pleasure spots when he explored her body. He knew the right spots to drive her nuts and to cause her body.

Harry enjoyed exploring her body every single second she bounced up and down on his throbbing hard cock. Elena's slick walls were a treat the further they came down onto him. Harry touched her breasts and gave them a firm squeeze on the way down.

Another orgasm fired through the woman's body. She brought herself down and impaled herself onto his cock. Several other miniature orgasms exploded through her body every single second Harry teased her skin and caressed her lovely nipples.

"Mmm, so good," Elena said.

"I know, you're always so good," Harry said.

Elena bent down and gave Harry a playful bite on his neck. Her pussy exploded with a gushing feeling when Harry invigorated her through her body.

Harry marveled at her stamina. She kept pushing down onto him.

Elena smiled and slid off of him. She left his cock, dripping with her juices, standing up. Elena turned around on the bed and spread her legs. She showed Harry her dripping hot pussy and ass. It beckoned for him and was ready to receive the attention they both though it deserved.

"Figured you could use a change of positioning."

Harry mounted her from the backside and slid inside Elena. Elena's hot wet pussy closed around him. Harry's hands cupped her nice breasts and gave them a squeeze.

Elena's entire body shook from the sensation of him driving his cock into her. For some reason, it always was so much bigger drilling into her from behind. Then again, Harry always found his way to stretch out her body in new and extremely pleasurable ways.

"You crave it don't you?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I want your cock, give it to me, baby!" Elena yelled, clutching onto the sheets.

The sexy brunette bit down on her lip. Harry smiled when he ran down on her body. The heat pumping from her grew rather intense. He kept thrusting inside her.

"Time for you to be released again," Harry said, bringing his finger around. He caressed Elena's nipple and gave it a light twist.

The sexy girl's hot loins caressed Harry's cock in response. The orgasm started and spread through her body. It caused a sensation of pleasure all the way from the top of her head all the way down to the tips of her toes.

Elena gasped when Harry rubbed his thick tool up and down against the edge of her dripping slit.

"I bet you want it harder."

"Yes, master," Elena said. "Please, drive it into me harder."

Elena's mouth bit down onto the sheets. The sheets had been released from her mouth when Harry gently gripped the back of her hair.

"I want to hear you scream when my cock drives into your tight body," Harry said. "Do you understand?"

"Yes," Elena said, loins pushing down against Harry's cock when he drove it inside her body. His balls pushed against her, growing a bit swollen with arosual. "Do it, give it to me. Give me your entire large cock. Bury it inside my body!"

Harry buried himself balls first into her body. Elena's walls stretched around him when he rocked inside her. The warm and sweet heaven of the vampire's lovely snatch clutched around him.

Elena marveled at Harry's stamina. She could feel his cock swell inside her and bury inside her burning womb. Elena screamed out in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back. The lust boiled through her body.

The contents of Harry's balls started to swell the more he pushed into the body of this sweet and sexy girl. He knew he couldn't hold back too much longer.

"I'm going to cum," Harry said, catching her ear lobe with his mouth.

Elena closed her eyes and started to nod. Her legs spread to allow him to go deep inside her as possible. Each time he buried inside her, Elena's hips gave a little twitch.

Harry marveled at how wet she was. It allowed him to bury deep inside Elena's sweet snatch. He pumped inside her at a rapid fire amount.

Elena pushed back, making sure his cock put inside her.

"Put it inside my body," Elena said, her entire body twitching around him. "Give me all of your seed. Bury it inside my body, make me swell up."

She could sense the level of cum inside her.

"I've got a big load for you," Harry said. "It's a load which belongs in your sweet, slick, pussy. I'm going to bury everything in your womb."

Elena's entire body shifted. Her heat sought Harry's cock and sucked it inside her. One more orgasm cascaded through her body and closed around him.

The tight vaginal walls milked Harry. Harry held onto her hips and pumped himself into her. The young man drilled inside her hot cunt and emptied inside her.

"Oh, your cum feels really good being buried inside my body!" Elena yelled.

Harry smiled and continued to bury his cum inside her body. The young man finished riding Elena, pressing himself against her back and cupping her breasts while finishing his cock pumping inside her. His hands brushed all the way and pulled out of her.

Elena collapsed to the bed, a smile of contentment. She turned around and pulled herself up towards Harry. She draped herself over his waist and started to kiss his abs some more. Elena traveled all the way down his body and captured his cock inside her mouth.

"Ready for more?" Harry asked.

Elena squeezed his swollen prick and licked the excessive juices off of it. She smiled when tasting the combination of their juices before pushing his cock inside her mouth to give it a few more hard sucks. She pulled herself up and stood, legs spread over the top of Harry.

"This answer your question?"

Elena's hot walls pushed down Harry's extended prick and buried him completely inside her tight body. She closed her eyes tightly and smiled in pleasure and passion.

Harry enjoyed her bouncing up and down on him like there was no tomorrow. He always enjoyed a fit girl with a lot of stamina and the hunger in her eyes made Harry want to pump her pussy full of a second load of cum.

"You're so hot," Harry said.

"Mmm, I know," Elena said. "Hot for you, lover."

Elena wrapped her hot walls deep around Harry's throbbing manhood. They had a long weekend ahead of them, three day weekend in fact, and Harry had a good idea where they were expending it.

The tight sensations of his lover's cunt trapping and releasing his cock while Harry explored her body made him think this was going to be a really good weekend to say the least.

"Hope you didn't have any plans today," Elena said. "Because I'm really hungry."

"Oh, I think I'll adapt," Harry said.

Elena's walls pushed all the way down on him with a few more pumps and the two went to another round of sweaty love making which would happen again and again throughout the weekend.


Chapter Text

Daring(Kara Danvers from Supergirl).

Kara received a text message which intrigued her, especially given the person who had sent it her. The fact he wanted to meet her in the CatCo headquarters of all places made Kara all this more the curious. It was well after midnight here.

The Girl of Steel placed her hand on the edge of the door, only to find out it was unlocked. The young woman walked inside and could hear a light round of music coming from inside Cat's office. Whoever broke into Cat's office and started playing office really had quite the set on them. Kara blushed, knowing this particular person did have quite the set on him, in more ways than one.

Kara slipped the glasses on the bridge of her nose and frowned. The fact he wanted to meet her as Kara and not Supergirl made her extremely curious to be often.

"So, you wanted to meet me here?"

Kara came face to face with Harry Potter, who casually sat at Cat's desk.

"Yes, I have something for you," Harry said. "Coffee?"

Kara smiled and sat down at the desk in front of Harry. The handsome and enigmatic young man sat at the desk and fixed the cup of coffee for her.

"Thanks," Kara said. "Do you mind explaining why you wanted to meet me here in all places, in Miss Grant's office?"

"Cat has a nice office," Harry said.

"Don't you have a nice office as well?" Kara asked.

"Well, yes, but it's currently going under renovations," Harry said. "It's a long story…needless to say I've ruffled a few feathers…and some of those powers have access to a lot of fire power."

Kara smiled, it made sense to be perfectly honest.

"And, you know, the job is still on the table, if you want it," Harry said. "I think you really deserve better, Kara."

The most powerful woman in the world shouldn't have settled for fetching coffee for some woman who could not even bother to say her name properly. And Harry did respect Cat's work, as much as he enjoyed busting her figurative balls.

"You know, I'm thinking about it somedays," Kara said. "Especially with the awkwardness lately but….I'm not here to talk about my problems. You said you had some information for me. Unless you did call me into Cat's office at the middle of night to offer me a job."

"Well, it has good dental, that's not the point," Harry said. "I have something for you…..I believe it's one of those rogue Phantom Zoners are causing problems….and I think this looks like a job for Supergirl."

"I can't believe you said…really? "Kara asked. "You sounded like a cheesy fifties radio show."

"Maybe, but it's fitting for someone like you," Harry said. "The world's a lot better off since you put on this costume. You inspired hope, and you've given my bitter ass a reason to actual feel some hope for the world."

Kara smiled. The first time she met Harry, he seemed like a bit cool. She heard of ice princesses, but never an ice prince. The more she learned about Harry though, the more she knew understood why he had been put in such a dark place. He pulled himself up from the darkest hour.

"Why give it to me, why not the DEO?" Kara asked.

"There's a lot Supergirl can do which the DEO couldn't do," Harry said. "And it's my way of thanking you for making sure the transmitter didn't fall into the wrong hands. You showed me why I need better security."

"To be fair, you helped me out as well," Kara said. "And now, thanks you, the Kryptonite won't affect me anymore."

"So the shield works like a charm?" Harry asked. Kara raised her eyebrow. "Sorry, bad pun."

Kara laughed and placed a hand on top of Harry's. She leaned forward towards him.

"It works well," Kara said. "I ran into a chunk of Kryptonite as large as this desk last week and I didn't even feel it."

"Good, I'm happy to help," Harry said.

"I never had a chance to really thank you," Kara said.

Kara paused for a brief second. She had wanted to do something for a long time, ever since she knew Harry. Now was the time. She leaned in and stalled for a minute.

"You were about to do something, weren't you?" Harry asked.

"What, no, I wasn't….."

Harry captured Kara's lips into a kiss in response. She gasped when his tongue sought entrance into his mouth. Kara proceeded to do the only thing which made sense and kiss Harry back with intensity and passion. Their lips molded together like this was the most natural thing in the world.

Kara could not believe this was happening. She could not believe it at all. The proof was there. She kissed this extremely attractive man and he kissed her back.

Harry smiled and parted away from her. Kara slid back and gasped in response. Anticipation of what might happen next went through her body. A fire the likes of which she never felt before coursed all the way through her.

"Someone has been holding back their feelings," Harry said.

Kara smiled and leaned towards him, almost pushing him back into the chair. She straddled Harry's lap and started to kiss him madly. Her lips found his neck, face, and other parts of his body with the constant peppering of kisses. Kara grew mad with trying to cover his face and mark him with her lips, her mouth, and everything else.

Harry closed his eyes and experienced the joy of her warm and powerful lips continuing to pleasure him. The feelings of them pressing all over the side of his neck escalated him even more.

"You're so handsome," Kara said. "I've dreamed about you."

"Oh, I'm sure you have, Ms. Danvers," Harry said.

He cupped Kara's bum through her skirt. She breathed in heavily with Harry leaning on in and kissing her a few more times across the face.

The part of Kara's mind which processed logic and reason as opposed to emotion started to kick in. Which was hard due to the face Harry's palms found residence on her lower back and he pushed his hands against her, teasing her rear.

"There's a few reasons why we shouldn't do what we're about to do," Kara said.

Harry leaned her back onto the desk, Cat Grant's desk, and smiled. He leaned down onto her and kissed Kara on the lips even more. He captured them. She sucked back on them hungrily.

"Oh, there might be a few reasons why we shouldn't do what we're about to do," Harry said. "And even more reasons why we should."

Harry's fast hands worked over the buttons of Kara's blouse and exposed her chest in a bra. His eyes locked into the visual buffet of her smooth and untainted skin. Her skirt came down and Harry could see Kara subconsciously lifting her hips towards him, as if begging for attention.

"You're Supergirl," Harry said, kissing the side of her neck. He bypassed her breasts and continued to kiss all the way down her body. "Key word being girl, even though you're pretty super."

Kara's hips lifted and allowed Harry to remove her skirt. She made sure Harry to see how soaked he made her panties.

"And to be more accurate, you're a woman," Harry said, kissing her stomach and lingering on her flat tummy. "And you have the desires. And you shouldn't hold back from them."

"I'm afraid….I could get excited and hurt someone," Kara said.

Harry's started to kiss down Kara's legs. He could feel her skin heat up when he worshiped every single inch of her body.

"Don't worry, Kara, you're not going to hurt me," Harry said. "Whether or not, I hurt you...well it depends on how much you can really take."

Kara wondered what he meant by this. Not too much time to think when a cool rush of air spread down between her legs. Kara closed her eyes and enjoyed Harry's lips traveling down.

He made her feel so good and he moved closer and closer to her. Harry kissed around the inside of her thighs. He moved from the left and then to the right. Harry didn't even hit the center point of Kara's womanhood. She breathed in heavily and out heavily.

"I bet you taste as good as you look."

Kara's cheeks reddened when Harry kissed closer to the center. She gasped when Harry bit her love button. A jolt of pleasure came through her body.

"I can feel….I can feel everything you're doing," Kara said.

"Of course, you can," Harry said. "Your body deserves the same pleasure as every other woman."

Harry leaned down between Kara's thighs and prepared to worship his personal hero. The honey dripping down Kara's legs ensnared Harry and intoxicated him to move closer. He pushed his nose against her and then took her lips into his mouth.

"Great Rao!" Kara breathed, pushing her hips forward.

Harry captured Kara's nether lips between his own and started to suckle at them. He teased and tasted the inside of her lips. Kara could not believe someone devoured her womanhood like she was the last meal on Earth.

The exotic taste coming from Kara made Harry want to taste even more of her. The taste rising between Kara's loins made Harry want even more of what she had to offer. Harry's tongue circled around Kara's walls and started to bring the juices from between her legs.

"I'm feeling really good," Kara said, bra sliding off. She responded by cupping her own firm breasts and breathing in and out.

The feeling of her sizing up made Kara's juices spurt into Harry's mouth. Harry wrapped his lips around hers and started to suck her. The taste of her caused Harry's pants to become restricted and make him throb. As good as she tasted, Harry could feel how warm she was.

Kara could feel it inside her. His tongue toured the inside of her womanhood. It made Kara's intense sensations rise through her body. No one treated her in this way before. She masturbated before and played with other girls, her adoptive sister being among them, but this lead her to an entirely different level. Harry sensed what she wanted and delivered it.

Harry could tell from Kara's body language and a few projected thoughts what she wanted. His tongue mimicked a vibrator when it coursed in and out of Kara in a rapid fire degree.

Kara closed her eyes. Her entire body sized up with a burst of pleasure coming through her loins. Every single time Harry buried his tongue inside her, she thought it was going to die.

He manipulated Kara's core and caused her to explode with a rapid fire series of orgasmic sensations bursting through her body. Kara's hips rose and fell repeatedly.

"Why don't you return the favor?"

Kara closed her eyes and sat up on the desk. Harry's crotch was now eye level to her where she was. She unbuckled his belt, feeling him.

The moment his trousers came down, Kara could see him poking out from underneath. She couldn't believe it.

"That can't be real," Kara said.

"Why don't you pull down my pants and find out?" Harry asked.

Kara took the invitation and pulled down his boxer shorts. She gasped in pleasure. Her legs clenched together and started to rub her thighs together.

All twelve inches of his cock stuck out in front of Kara. Kara wrapped her fist around his manhood and started to stroke it up and down.

"I'm sure your lips are going to feel good around it," Harry said. "Why don't you give it a try?"

Kara did as he had asked. Her lips moved forward and wrapped around Harry's lips. She suckled the head a few times and tested him, by twirling her tongue around. Kara tested out what she saw on video's she saw online.

Could she get it all into her mouth?

"Just relax, and let it go inside," Harry said.

Harry's hands pushed on the back of Kara's head and she leaned back. She took Harry's large and juicy cock deep between her lips and down into her throat. The feeling of Harry throbbing in her mouth caused Kara to close her eyes.

"Nice and slow at first, get used to it," Harry said.

Kara gained some momentum when sucked him. She expanded her throat to allow the large intruder to push into the back of it. She bobbed forward and brought her mouth all the way down onto his manhood.

Harry closed his eyes and enjoyed the vacuum tight seal of her mouth and throat. Kara's lips wrapped around his tool and she gave him a series of deep and passionate sucks.

"Mmm, mmm," Kara moaned.

She enjoyed the taste of this prime hunk of manhood into her mouth. It caused her entire body to heat up. Harry's balls pressing against her chin was a nice touch as well.

A wicked idea entered the back of Kara's mind. She reached between Harry's legs and started to play with his throbbing balls. Her hand squeezed him and fondled his swinging testicles.

"Keep this up, and I'm going to cum in your mouth," Harry said.

Kara's beautiful mouth worked around his body with a few more sucks. She wanted to taste him, to see what he had to offer. Kara gripped his swelling balls with a fair group.

"You're so good, your mouth is warm as I thought it would be," Harry said. "Your throat is tight, it feels so good. You deserve a reward for being such a good little girl. It's time for the heroine to get her reward."

Kara tasted his meaty spear a few more times. His hips started to buck forward. Kara could taste the first bursts of cum spilling from the head of his cock. Kara leaned back and wrapped her hot lips around him. A few more sucks brought Harry's throbbing cock into her mouth. His balls followed with a few more deep and powerful thrusts.

Excitement grew through Kara's body. She couldn't wait to taste all of her lovers spilling from his balls. Kara leaned her head back and inhaled his manhood as far as it could go into the back of her throat.

The first blast of cum connected with the back of her throat. She gasped the moment Harry deposited it into the back of her throat. The taste of it caused her nipples to grow hardened and the area between her legs to stick together.

Harry held onto Kara's face and rammed his cum deep into her mouth. She looked up at him with a smoldering gaze from the other side of her glasses and did not waste a drop of cum.

Kara almost fell back onto the desk, Cat's desk, and started to breath heavily. Harry pressed his hands on the side of her face and smiled.

"Ready for the main course," Harry said.

Kara could feel his flaccid cock rub against her flat belly. She breathed heavily when Harry made his way closer between her legs.

"Yes," Kara said.

"Is this your first time?" Harry asked.

Kara bit down on her lip anxiously for a moment. Harry's hands teased her opening and started to rub her. These powerful fingers pushed against the edge of her entrance.

"Yes, with a man," Kara said.

Harry smiled, this was oddly specific. He would have to get full details on this later. For now, Kara's walls parted for him. Her beautiful and pink pussy radiated so much heat Harry could not slide in.

"You're going to get the full experience now," Harry said. "I hope you're ready."

Kara held onto Harry's arm to encourage him she was ready. Harry planted some kisses on her body and started to go down. He wrapped his lips around her perky nipple and gave it a suck.

"Please, Harry," Kara breathed. Hunger danced through her eyes. "I need you inside me."

She dreamed about this for a long time. Kara really hoped she wouldn't be waking up in the middle of her apartment with sticky sheets and the need for a long shower.

"Oh, no, Kara, this is very real," Harry said. "Nothing is going to make you feel this good."

The area between Kara's thighs heated up. Harry positioned his prick perfectly on the other side of Kara's entrance. Her legs spread for him and there was only one thing she could feel right about now.

It went inside of her. Kara could not believe it. Harry pushed deep inside her all of the way. At first, her body protested at the thought of having something this large inside her.

"Just close your eyes, and let it all the way in," Harry said. "We're only halfway there."

Kara reached around and placed her hands on Harry. His ass was about as firm as it looked in those tight pants. This pleased Kara behind all belief. Harry rose almost all the way out of Kara's body and then pushed himself deep inside her.

The first thrust inside her caused Kara's hips to jolt up. Her legs made their way up to Harry.

Harry smiled, the feeling of her soft flesh wrapped around his waist encouraged him to soldier on through. Her pussy lips caressed him on the inside as well. Harry thought it would only be fair if he would place his hands on either side of Kara's legs and begin to caress them in response.

Kara's moans grew a fair bit deeper in response. Harry pushed his manhood deep inside her loins. The heated center pushed all the way up to meet Harry's incoming thrusts.

"So good," Kara said. "It feels so good!"

Kara's warmth enveloped Harry. His hands caressing her legs made her buzz with excitement. Kara knew a lot of people stared at her legs when she flew past. The fact this handsome man paid them attention and worshipped them.

"You're a goddess, Kara," Harry said. "You deserve to feel good. Do you want more?"

Kara smiled at the compliment and nodded. She raised her hands and encouraged Harry to pump inside her a little bit more.

"Let's test the structural integrity of this desk."

Harry rose his manhood all the way up and brought it down into Kara with a bit force. He had no doubt Cat Grant would have the best and most structural sound desk, well other than him of course. Or she would have the best pile of toothpicks after he got down with it.

Kara could not believe this. Trespassing, technically speaking, and getting nailed on her boss's desk. Kara knew if she had been caught, she might end up being fired, if she was lucky.

'So worth it.'

Harry plowed his thick manhood deep inside Kara's hot body. The walls stuck all the way around him and milked it. He could feel the pulsing coming from the hot loins sticking towards him. Kara's entire body was tensing up for an orgasm.

"You're cumming."

"I'm cumming!" Kara yelled.

"Yes, you are, your tight little pussy is cumming over my big cock."

Kara's entire body inflamed with desire. The pleasure centered to her loins. Harry pushed into her and rode her all the way to the first orgasm with a real living cock inside her. She had a few toys inside her, but this paled in comparison to what was happening to her now.

"Maybe you should pull out," Kara said as she remembered what happened to her first toy.

"Kara, I'm not going to break, trust me."

Kara would have to take Harry's word for it. Right now, he pushed deep inside her with a long and powerful thrust. The two of them met stroke for stroke with each other. Harry pushed himself inside her hard.

The first rush of orgasm spread through Kara's body when Harry penetrated her hard. Her entire body seized up around Harry's cock and clamped down onto them. Her thrill increased when Harry's pole pushed into her core despite the powerful force emitting from her loins.

"How did you….."

"I'd say magic, but it sounds cliché."

Kara was about ready to say it was because he was magical anyway. She breathed in and out heavily with Harry pushing his way deep inside her body. The thrusts turned into a long and hard bombardment of Kara's slick chamber and made her feel so good.

Harry enjoyed the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock and legs wrapped around his waist. The moment she came down from the first orgasm, Harry lead her down another path to another orgasm. He struck his manhood deep inside her walls.

The hot feeling of her loins stroking him encouraged Harry to speed us.

"Yes!" Kara yelled.

"I bet you wish this happened ages ago," Harry said.

Kara nodded vigorously and soaked in the full appreciation of him pumping the inside of her body. Her walls tightened around for another orgasm. It was so soon after the first one. The energy and natural stamina pumping through her body allowed her to reach a new peak.

The sensation of the latest orgasm squeezed Harry. She attempted to coax the seed from his balls. Harry held onto her and pushed into her depths with a vigorous and extremely fluid pump.

"You really want your reward, don't you?"

"You said I deserved a reward," Kara said. Her fingers trailed down Harry's back and clutched his firm ass tightly to encourage him to bury deep into her.

Harry pushed balls deep into Kara's sweet and savory pussy. A huge amount of rapid fire thrusting made Harry enjoy all she had to give him.

The end would be about to come. Not before Harry brought his heroine to the edge of her peak and made her feel everything she deserved. The rising energy from Kara's body circled Harry's cock along with her thick juices.

The third amazing orgasm in many minutes passed through Kara's body. She became a slave to the sexual energies surrounding the air. Kara pumped her hips up and pushed Harry's thick tool into her depths.

Multiple orgasms rattled Kara's body before Harry was ready. His balls swelled up and the end had been reached.

"One more time," Harry said.

The hot and sexy breath hitting Kara in the back of her ear prompted her hips to jerk up. A deep thrust pushed Harry hard and deep inside her.

"Yes," Kara agreed.

Their orgasms ended mutually with each other. Harry pounded her all the way to the edge and shot his cum inside her.

The warm fluids splashing into Kara's body made her body tingle with excitement. Harry had kept a heavy load from her. A never ending supply of cum fired into her and made Kara's walls slid up and push down onto the invading prick pushing into her depths.

Harry enjoyed the sweet and wet pussy closing around him. His sweet angel collapsed in sweat pile on her boss's desk.

Kara looked up at him, biting down on her lip when viewing him through adoring blue eyes.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted this," Kara said.

"I can start guessing," Harry said.

Both of them laughed before Kara grew suddenly serious.

"Why don't we clean up and finish this at my place?" Kara asked.

Harry responded with her request with a kiss. She wasn't sure if she could make it back home at the rate Harry was going. His hands were all over her body and her hands were all over his.

"Okay, one more for the road, then we really got to leave."

The End.

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Downpayment(Astoria Greengrass from Harry Potter):

Harry Potter sat behind the desk at his penthouse office. Given the nature of his work and the organization he headed, he had people coming through his door offering questions to solve numerous problems which had frustrated them. Many of these problems, Harry didn't have the slightest problem in solving. There were other problems though, which were a bit less cut and dry.

He did leave his door open to females in distress though. Harry allowed them into his office so they could consider their options.

A knock on the door could be heard. Harry looked up from his desk. "Enter."

The door opened and quite a vision of beauty entered the office alright. Harry smiled when a beautiful blonde entered the office. She dressed in a green blouse with the top couple of buttons undone. Her abundant curves were on full display. A leather skirt came down to her thighs and showed a hint of her creamy stocking clad legs. The high heel boots she wore made the woman's legs seem to stretch on for later.

"Hello, Miss Greengrass," Harry said. "Thank you for coming here today."

"Well, I went to all of the trouble in making an appointment," Astoria said. "Therefore, it would be rather rude if I didn't show up after you squeezed me into your schedule."

Harry waved his hand and a comfortable chair appeared in front of his desk. Astoria made herself at home on the chair. Her palms flatly pressed against the desk.

"So, why are you here?" Harry asked.

"I'm here for the same reason why many other witches pass through your office door," Astoria said. "I have a problem, and I hope we can make an arrangement for you to solve it."

Harry smiled and signaled for Astoria to continue. The younger of the two Greengrass sisters continued.

"And my older sister, Daphne, she recommended me to you after you solved her problem," Astoria said. "I'm sure as you know, I was forced into a marriage agreement with Draco Malfoy underneath the Magical Heritage act."

"Yes, it's an act which has brought me a fair amount of business," Harry said. "The Ministry has not bothered to figure out whether the partners are compatible. And given how the males in this generation….well the pickings tend to be slim these days."

Astoria thought Harry spoke far more kind about this situation than she would have in this case. Regardless, she lowered her head down and flashed him a smile.

"And my…assigned spouse, may have fallen into his old habits," Astoria said. "If he does get convicted of a crime, I'll go down with him. I'll be out on the street, without any purpose. I'll be a disgraced witch."

"Yes, this could be a problem," Harry said. "I'm sure you want the usual regarding Draco, do you?"

"Yes, I have a life insurance policy out on him," Astoria said. "It's only covered in the events of an accident or natural causes. And it's magically enforced so I can't directly kill you. So do you think you can…"

Harry held his hand out which prompted her to be silent. The witch smiled at him. The look in his eyes made her feel slightly at ease and confident this was going to work out well.

"With all due respect, Miss Greengrass, I'm the best in the world at what I do," Harry said. "And I'm a professional…..Theodore Nott was taken care of for your sister. Marcus Flint was another who suffered an unfortunate accident regarding a faulty Floo Network. I'm sure the same will happen to dear Draco."

"Yes, I'm certain you're the best," Astoria said. "And Daphne was pleased with your results, and also…she was quite pleased about how the payment process went as well after your work is done."

Harry responded with a smile and looked Astoria right into her eyes. The haunting blue eyes the young girl flashed towards him spurred certain thoughts in the back of Harry's head.

"So, Daphne told you about that, did she?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Astoria said. "And I'm willing to give you a downpayment. Consider it an incentive for the job well done."

"There's no need for it, Astoria," Harry said.

He knew now better than anyone else, a witch who was denied tended to be twice as aggressive in getting what they want. Harry pretended to play hard to get.

"Are you certain, sir?" Astoria asked. "I'm sure I can convince you accept my down-payment."

Astoria unbuttoned another couple of buttons on her blouse to reveal Harry a healthy amount of cleavage. The young girl stepped towards him with a grin on her face when she looked down at Harry.

Harry took a long look at Astoria's endowment and she displayed her cleavage for him. It was obvious by now the Greengrass sisters were extremely powerful given how stacked they were.

"I'll make you really happy, sir," Astoria said. "After all, we have to work together for this to go smoothly, don't we?"

Astoria pushed Harry back into his chair and straddle his lap. Harry closed his eyes and he realized something.

"You're not wearing any panties underneath your skirt, are you?" Harry asked. His hand slipped underneath Astoria's skirt and cupped her ass to get her attention.

"No, Mr. Potter, I'm not," Astoria said.

Harry's hands teased her a little bit. Astoria grew a little bit hot at the thought of what this powerful young man could do to her and for her.

Astoria took her moment and pushed her lips against Harry's with an intense kiss. Their eager mouth's molded together. Harry's tongue sought entrance and Astoria opened her mouth in anticipation. His tongue pushed into the back of her throat and made sweet love with her tonsils.

Harry enjoyed Astoria's sexy frame pressed against him. Malfoy most certainly got above his standards. Given the rumors about Malfoy, he doubted very much the little prick enjoyed this too much.

'Given what I heard, little prick is likely very accurate.'

"Oooh, is this for me?" Astoria asked.

Astoria took his package into her hand and squeezed him through it. Harry grunted the second Astoria squeezed him through his pants. He closed his eyes with Astoria starting to push her fingers deep underneath his pants. She unbuckled Harry's pants and fished him out of his pants.

The younger Greengrass sister looked down on Harry's hard cock. Her tongue trailed over her lips to see the perfect pinnacle of manhood.

"Daphne didn't exaggerate," Astoria said.

Astoria took his cock into her hand and dragged her tongue all the way over it. The younger sister tasted this cock. The scent coming from him inflamed her passions.

Harry enjoyed the passionate slurping and playing Astoria delivered to his manhood. She leaned down towards him and captured the head of his cock into her mouth. Astoria started to suckle on his head and brought it deep inside her mouth.

"You're so good!" Harry yelled.

Astoria swirled her tongue over the tip of his cock with a smoky look in her eyes. She leaned up, opened her mouth wide, and took Harry into her tight mouth.

Harry groaned and was in heaven the moment Astoria brought her hot mouth down onto his cock. The sensations she brought down to his crotch made Harry want to explode. And he would explode, deep inside her mouth, if Harry had his way.

"You really must want me to do a good job," Harry said. "Don't you?"

Astoria didn't say anything. She kept slurping all the way down Harry's mighty rod. She covered his staff with her spit. A few deep sucks had been delivered. Astoria dragged his cock out of her mouth and wrapped her hand around him. A few cock pumps followed before Astoria brought her mouth all the way down onto his tool with more sucks.

"You're going to make me cum."

Astoria smiled. The fact she would have the cum of this powerful wizard spewing in her mouth a couple of moments later made her all hot and horny. She could not wait to have this inside her, touching her in ways which could not be done.

The cum-swollen balls clutched in Astoria's hand. Harry closed his eyes and forced himself into her mouth. Astoria brought her lips around his hard cock.

"Oh, you're such a hot bitch," Harry said. "A filthy little ferret like Malfoy doesn't deserve the honor to look at you, much less get married to you."

Astoria continued to bring Harry's cock deep into her mouth. The hot and passionate sucks brought this pinnacle of manhood into the deep of her mouth.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth," Harry said. "I hope you're ready to swallow it all."

Astoria thought it would be rude not to swallow it. Her nails dug into the side of Harry's legs. His cock buried deep into her throat.

Harry held onto Astoria's head and pumped his load into her mouth. A few deep thrusts into her mouth launched the heavy load into her mouth.

Astoria could not believe the amount of cum spilling into her mouth. She needed to get some of this cum inside her pussy. It was extremely powerful and likely would give her a magically strong child."

Harry watched the younger Greengrass sister pull herself up to a standing position. Astoria turned around and allowed her skirt to hike up. She allowed Harry to see her pussy and her ass. Both of them looked really tantalizing to him.

"Please, Mr. Potter, I need you to fuck me, hard," Astoria said. "You said you would never turn down a witch in need. And I'm in need. In need to be fucked hard."

"Yes, you need to be fucked hard," Harry said.

He grabbed her blouse and ripped it off. Astoria's bra clad tits revealed themselves for the world and more importantly for Harry's consumption. He grabbed Astoria's bra and pulled them off.

Harry's strong hands grabbed onto Astoria's tits. He pressed his palm up against the juicy D-Cup melons and squeezed them. Astoria closed her eyes to experience a burst of magical energy coming through her breasts. Harry's hands rotated around Astoria's breasts.

"You can't get enough of me, can you?" Harry asked. "You're a repressed slut, who needs a real man to take her into line."

"Yes, I'm a naughty bitch," Astoria said. "Why don't you bend me over this desk and take me into line, Mr. Potter?"

Harry ran his hands down her body and enjoyed every single inch of her sinful skin. He grinded against her. Harry's cock hardened and pushed against her wiling lips.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't take any more," Harry said. "I wonder how tight your pussy is….I doubt you've even let him so much as kiss you."

"As if," Astoria said.

To be fair, Draco didn't ask, and she most certainly didn't offer. Her pussy opened up and dripped with molten moisture at the thought of being fucked by a real man.

This real man plunged his throbbing hard rod into Astoria's tight vice. Astoria closed up around him the second Harry plunged inside her body.

Harry enjoyed how tight she was around his cock. Her walls closed around him and hugged him. Astoria's pussy seemed inclined to squeeze him.

"You're fucking horny and tight," Harry said. "I'm going to drive my cock into you, and make you my slut."

Astoria hoped so. Harry hit all of the right buttons and pushed inside her. He pumped in and out of her body at a rapid fire rate. His balls pushed against her.

"Right here!" Astoria yelled. "Hit me right here….this is the perfect spot….drive your cock inside my pussy and split me in half!"

Harry held himself back and plowed into her. Her pussy squeezed him and released Harry in one fluid thrust. Harry pushed into her with another rapid fire pump.

"Yes," Harry said. "You will bend to me….your pussy belongs to me now."

"Oh, you can have it!" Astoria yelled. "If you keep fucking me like this, it belongs to you!"

Harry smiled and started to roam Astoria's body. He paid clear attention to all of those spots which drove her over the edge and a little bit beyond.

"Yes, your pussy belongs to me," Harry said. "And it's time for you to cum for the first time with a real cock inside you."

Astoria stretched on Harry's cock before she tended up. The juices flowed onto Harry's cock. He pumped her pussy in a rapid fire rate thanks to the slick path which had been created.

Harry enjoyed the sweet and savory warmness from Astoria. He pumped into her a few more times before pulling back and out of her.

Astoria's entire body complained about the loss of his cock. Harry flipped over the younger woman and spread her legs. He leaned down towards her and started to place his mouth on her neck.

"I'm going to need a charm to cover this up," Astoria said.

Harry smiled and kept kissing down her neck. He captured her neck with a long and powerful suck before kissing all the way down her neck and then taking her breasts in his mouth.

Astoria leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of his mouth working over her tit flesh. He bit down on her breasts and ran his hands all over her body. His fingers teased her dripping wet pussy.

"I want you to see what I'm doing to you along with feeling it," Harry said.

"And you're going to see the pleasure in my eyes when you drive your thick cock inside me," Astoria said. "Please, Mr. Potter, put your big cock inside my pussy. Wreck me! Wreck me!"

Harry decided to go for it. His cock hovered over Astoria's entrance before Harry slipped inside her. Her wet pussy lips caressed him the second Harry shifted inside. She rubbed him when he went inside her.

The sensation of Harry spearing his thick rod inside her caused Astoria's body to swell up with pleasure. Her mind had been bombarded with an orgasm. His hands all over her body resulted in numerous orgasms.

"This is a hell of a downpayment," Harry said.

Astoria's legs had been teased by Harry as well. He ran up and looked down at her.

The younger Grengrass sister bit down on her lip. She observed Harry's cock pushing in and out of Harry. A few more thrusts inside her caused her body to tighten and rise up.

Astoria's sweet snatch milked Harry's probing rod. He became close to burying his seed deep inside her. All he needed was a couple more thrusts and he would be all the way inside her.

"Take me," Astoria said. "Put your cum inside my body! Drain your balls inside my sweet, warm, pleasant, snatch!"

Astoria kept pumping her hips up for Harry. Harry enjoyed her engulfing him.

"Are you enjoying this?" Harry asked. "I bet your husband won't make you feel this good."

"No…he's not a really man, he's just…." Astoria said.

The words about Malfoy faded off into an ear piercing moan. Harry hit her sweet spots, all of them. He would not stop fucking her.

Orgasm followed by orgasm bombarded Astoria. Her walls clutched him. Harry knew the end would be here soon and he would have to bury his seed inside her.

"I hope you're ready," Harry said. He nibbled the side of her neck. "Here it comes."

"Don't….hold back!" Astoria begged him.

Her nails digging into his back gave Harry all of the fuel he needed. Harry hammered her pussy with a few more hard thrusts.

Harry's cock swelled with desire from her tight pussy. The wet walls closed around him and prepared to milk out her prize. Harry pushed into her and buried himself balls deep inside her.

Astoria tensed up when Harry buried his face down into her sweaty rack. The sex-starved witch wrapped her legs around Harry's body and held him close. Harry pumped his cum into her body.

"Sweet, Morgana, knock me up!" Astoria yelled.

Harry fired his cum inside Astoria's womb. She could feel her stomach swell up by the sheer amount of cum buried deep inside her body.

Astoria collapsed on the desk, a smile on her face.

"Well, I'll take the rest of it when I've finished the job," Harry said.

He gave Astoria's ass a squeeze which made her legs squeeze together and a miniature orgasm spread through her body. She received the message loud and clear.


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Womb Raider (Lara Croft from Tombraider).

Lara Croft stepped into the bright sunlight outside of the entrance of a bright temple. The explorer's brown hair tied up in a ponytail and a pair of sunglasses covered her eyes. Her gorgeous face shined in the sunlight. An elegant neck came down to a pair of toned arms. Her black tank top stretched over an ample pair of breasts. The shirt rode up with certain movements to expose a taut and toned midsection. Her wide hips came out and she squeezed into a pair of tight shorts. Her dazzling legs came down and her elegant feet had been exposed with a pair of sandals.

The explorer stood at the edge of the cave and tipped a drink of water into her lips. This did a remarkable job of helping wet her lips. Lara's tongue traveled over her lips when she pushed the door back.

Dust came up to meet her face. Lara didn't back off. Dust had been a part of her life. Some of the areas she went not been visited.

"Nobody has been here for an extremely long time," Lara said.

She paused and looked over her shoulder. The explorer could have sworn there was someone in the room. She didn't know how this could been given the fact no one entered the room with her and if anyone had been in this room, they would have long since have been dead.

Lara stopped at the edge of the room and continued to peer off to one side. Not a creature stirred in this room, not even a rodent of any type.

The shelves hanging from the edge of the room had been left in pristine order, even though the books located on the shelves had been in less than pristine order. A cracked jar positioned itself on the shelf.

Lara turned her attention towards a strange marking on the wall. A jagged lightning bolt symbol flashed on the wall in front of her. She frowned and touched the lightning bolt symbol.

"Bloody hell," Lara murmured.

The lightning bolt flashed on the wall and caused a spark of electricity to flow through her. No more than the normal static cling you would get from laundry. It still took Lara aback.

Lara reached forward and pressed her hand against the wall once again. The same energy didn't spark from the wall this time as it did the last time. The explorer placed her hand on the wall one more time.

Something grinded to life within the wall, and Lara stepped back. She half expected the wall to cave in or something along those lines.

It didn't happen. The wall started to slide apart and reveal a secret room. The wall gave away.

Something prompted Lara to enter the room. She made her way into the room.

The rest of the temple was dusty and filthy. Someone must have maintained this room. This was the only explanation Lara could have for this night and pristine room. She shifted forward, hips swaying the moment she entered the room. The tomb raider stepped in.

A lavish bed sat in the middle of the room. Lara pressed her hand on the bed and marveled how soft it was. She looked up skyward and spotted several chains hanging from the ceiling. Lara's cheeks grew a bit flushed. The presence of these particular chains most certainly caused certain implications to enter her mind.

A scent caught Lara's attention. A candle burned bright on the shelf. Lara stopped and paused. She looked at the statue which caught her eyes.

An extremely handsome young man stood in front of her. She could see his entire body and the fact he had been a pinnacle of manhood. Lara's eyes skimmed down his body and noticed he had been sculpted naked.

'And thank God for that.'

Lara could not believe she thought this. Her eyes focused on the young man in front of her. Lara's lips smacked together when she looked down the body. His muscles sculpted and Lara resisted the temptation to run her hands over them. She moved down his body to see his toned abs and then eyes went downward.

The stone cock in front of her drew Lara's eyes to it like a magnet. The explorer smacked her lips together a few times and looked it straight in the eye. The cock had been attached to a firm buttock and a muscular set of legs as well.

The scent coming from the candle inflamed Lara even more. She moved over to get a closer look at the statue, for science naturally. She noticed a little color in it. Some burning green eyes which moistened her panties.

Lara noticed the same lightning bolt mark on the man's forehead which she noticed on the wall outside of the temple.

'Touch it.'

Lara shook her head. The lightning bolt mark she needed to touch. Lara reached up her hand and touched it onto the man's forehead.

Another spark spread through her. The high level of energy made Lara's legs squeeze together and she breathed in heavily. Lara moved her hand together and cupped the flesh of the young man's face.

'Wait a minute?' Lara asked. 'Flesh, and not stone.'

Lara's hands nervously traveled down for a second. She ran down his formally stone chest. No less sculpted, but most certainly flesh right now. Lara's hands moved all over his body and traveled down his abs.

'He's getting more color.'

Lara's hands stopped and rested on his abs. She wondered what else to do. The explorer didn't dare move from her position. Something thick and hard pressed against her inner thigh. Much harder and thicker than the stone model at had been. The already well-endowed cock had extended by a few inches.

His eyes flashed to light and the young man smiled. He raised his hands up and placed them on Lara's face.

Lara tilted her head back and accepted a kiss. A bombardment of energy flowed through her body. Her nipples hardened against her shirt and more hormones flowed through her body.

Harry Potter started to stir back to life. He recalled how a bunch of angry wizards tracked him down and managed to put him underneath a curse. Revenge for the fact they couldn't cut it, and for Harry "stealing their women."

He didn't steal anything. Sexually frustrated women jumped into his bed. Harry realized he had been here for a very long time in this temple.

Lara slowly came back to her senses the longer this statue turned man kissed her. His hands explored her body. They made their way down her lower back and took a handful of ass.

"You're alive," Lara said, pulling away.

"What do you think?" he asked.

Lara noticed his massive rod pushing up against her leg. Statues couldn't….well they couldn't do this, even in her experience.

"I have to say, it's been a long time, and this was the perfect way to wake up," Harry said. "And I have to say, you woke all of me up."

She took a step back.

"Are you okay?" Lara asked. "How long have you been down here?"

"What year is it?"

"2016," Lara said.

Harry smiled. So nearly twenty years he had been trapped in this petrified form, and sealed off from any female attention.

"Twenty years," Harry said. "It seems like just yesterday I had been trapped down here….but at the same time, it's been too long."

Harry stepped over towards the bed. Lara's eyes plastered on his ass and sure enough, the back end was just as well as the front end.

"Are you going to join me?" Harry asked. "Sit down….you must have come a long way, haven't you?"

Lara answered with a brisk nod and sat down on the bed next to Harry. Her entire body burned up. It didn't help his cock was hanging out, begging to be sucked.

Harry took a look at the woman. Her beautiful face, nice juicy lips, large breasts, tight toned body, and legs inflamed Harry's instincts to mate.

"My name is Harry Potter," Harry said.

"Lara Croft," she said. "How did this happen…"

"Bunch of jealous bastards who couldn't measure up put me underneath a curse and tried to seal me away," Harry said. "I'm guessing they're all dead by now…."

Harry figured their wives, girlfriends, or whoever killed the "men" in their life when they realized their sexual hookup had been taken away. It had weighed heavily on Harry's heart they likely had also likely given up out of despair.

"What did you do?" Lara asked. "To piss them off."

"Only give out the gift of mind-blowing sex," Harry said.

Lara had been struck dumb by this. She returned her gaze to his cock.

"It's not an enchantment, merely what I was born with," Harry said. "Would you like to touch it and find out?"

Lara's instincts brought her hand down onto the thick cock of this well-hung stud. She wrapped her fist around him and started to pump him up and down.

"It feels real," Lara said.

"If you're going to suck it, then suck it," Harry said.

"I'm an explorer," Lara said. "I'm exploring it to see what you have to offer."

"You can just as easily explore it with your mouth."

The cock throbbed and grew another inch in Lara's hand. The tantalizing thought entered the mind of the explorer. Her lips popped together with a solid smack. She gave him a few more strokes before Lara bent down.

Harry looked into her bright eyes and seconds later, Lara's hot lips wrapped around the head of his cock. She took his throbbing tool into her mouth with a massive suck. She released his cock and drove down mouth first onto it. She engulfed him into the back of her throat.

The mysterious and powerful force compelled Lara to go down throat first onto this hard manhood. He grabbed her around the back of the head to make sure she didn't stray it.

"You're so hot," Harry said. "And so beautiful. Go had, explore….taste every single inch of my cock."

Lara worshipped the man she assumed was a god until he had told her differently. Given the power and will this gentleman exerted over her, Lara wasn't so sure. His hands placed on the back of her head. He didn't force his cock down her throat, even though he could have without any protests.

The heaven surrounding Harry's thick tool made him buck his hips upwards a couple inches. Lara's wet lips closed around him and gave him another couple of intense and sensual sucks. The hot and tight throat of the explorer came down.

"Good, very good," Harry said. "Keep sucking my cock, like my seed nourishes you in this harsh desert. You're going to get a reward if you kept it up. Go ahead, feel my balls."

Lara did exactly what Harry requested. She clenched his balls to weigh the heavy amount of seed. To think these balls fixed to shoot a heavy load down into her throat. Lara came all the way down onto him and almost released his cock. She shoved it deep into her throat and flexed her throat muscles.

Harry's balls throbbed. He would be ready to cum in her throat. The vixen beneath him gave him a sultry glare from her eyes. Harry knew the instant those bright eyes locked onto him, he had her. The taste of his cock ensnared her just like it had so many women.

"Getting close," Harry said.

The low growl hit Lara's ears and prompted her to redouble her efforts. She showed no sign of slowing down despite having sucked him hard for several minutes. She hummed a tune the moment his cock went into the back of her throat.

All good things came to an end. A cock sucking this good almost reached its end. Harry tilted his head back and shot his load deep into Lara's throat.

The first blast of warm cum shook Lara's entire body up. More blasts of cum fired into her throat and caused her to grow in excitement. Harry blasted several long and powerful spurts of seed down her throat until at least the point where her throat had been bombarded with his cum. She swallowed every single dose of cum like it was her own lifeblood.

Harry finished spilling his seed into Lara's waiting throat. She gulped up the cum and caressed his balls to ensure she caught all of the cum into her throat. Harry clenched onto the back of the tomb raider's head and made sure he fired every single last drop of his seed down her throat.

"Good mouth, good blowjob," Harry said.

Lara almost collapsed down onto the ground from Harry emptying his seed into her mouth. Harry grabbed Lara and pulled her up to a standing position.

Harry caught a nice glimpse of the woman. Her breasts strained against the tight top and nipples poked out so hard they could poke a person's eye out. Harry ran his hand down the woman's flat stomach and made his way between her legs.

"I wonder if your pussy is as sweet as you are," Harry said. "I bet it is."

Lara's shorts pulled down. The panties underneath her shorts stuck to her skin. The amount of cum firing down her throat made Lara hot to trot and now she wanted him inside her. The fingers rubbed her from the outside of her panties and prompted Lara to shift her hips up.

"Why don't we find out?"

Harry pealed back the final labor and exposed Lara Croft's dripping hot pussy. A small strip of dark hair covered her otherwise clean and smooth womanhood. The pubic hair stuck with her juices. Harry stroked down her body and massaged her soft outer folds. The moaning coming from her was rather intense.

Lara closed her eyes. His hands came up from her pussy and teased her breasts. Then they came all the way back down her body. He planted a series of kisses on the healthy womanly flesh covering her ribs and made his way down.

Harry smiled and planted a kiss down between the explorer's thighs. He loved the taste of pussy, especially one which dripped as wet as this one had.

'It's been too long.'

Harry teased both himself and Lara. She gasped one more time before Harry pushed him into her.

"Yes, give me a proper tongue lashing!" Lara yelled. "Drive your tongue into my dripping twat and make me cum all over your face."

Harry curved his tongue off to one side and decided to give Lara the tongue lashing she desired. His ran back and forth in the dripping hole between her legs.

Lara rocked her hips up and down. Harry's tongue buried inside her and became a harbinger to what was to come. His tongue showcased better skills than any vibrator. It buried deep between Lara's dripping thighs at a super intense speed. He rotated his tongue around her insides and pushed inside her with a few more amazing swipes.

Harry prepared to bring the lovely lady in for the kill. Her moans caused his cock to throb completely and he couldn't wait to drive it inside her tight body. He completed his tour and made sure he hit all of the spots necessary.

"YES!" Lara yelled. "YES!"

Lara never intended to get the best oral sex in her life the moments she entered this temper. This god explored her tome with a few deep swipes of her dripping hot pussy. She reached up and grabbed his hand to guide it between her folds.

Harry munched on the delicious pussy. He took it into his mouth and drove into her. Lara's hips jerked up. Harry drove his mouth down to devour the rest of her womanhood. The pussy juices flowed into his mouth and made his cock throb even more.


Harry smiled and he pulled himself up. He took in Lara's body. Her pussy gushed and had been prepped for intrusion.

"I think I'm going to see all of you now," Harry said. "Take off your shirt."

Lara didn't waste any time. She pulled off her tank top and allowed her breasts to flow freely. The tanned and sweaty orbs stuck out for Harry. Harry reached in and grabbed them which caused her to breath out heavily.

"Every single inch of this sexy body belongs to me," Harry said. "I'm going to fuck you long into the night, and you're going to scream over and over again, until you orgasm over my cock."

Harry's hands traveled down Lara's supple flesh. He ran his hands over her hips, up her tummy, and over to her breasts. Harry leaned forward and buried his face between Lara's rack for a few seconds. Her firm and soft breasts pressed against this face.

"Yes," Lara said. "Do, whatever you want to me…just fuck me…fuck me hard!"

Harry fingered Lara's pussy and then moved over to toy with her clit. He rolled Lara over onto the bed and explored the backside of her.

Lara shifted herself and a jolt of excitement spread over her body. Harry's cock crept up to her entrance and demanded intrusion. The strong and skilled hands kept running up Lara's body and teased pretty much every inch up her body. They lingered on her ass for a moment.


Harry parted Lara's thighs. The heat coming from her pussy made Harry eager to intrude her. All he needed to do was push his thick tool inside her wet and willing pussy. It would be his and he couldn't wait to be inside her.

"Finally," Harry said.

Lara concurred with his statement. He parted the walls and pushed deep inside her. Lara stretched and he edged into her inch by inch.

"Not nearly enough of me in you yet, is there?" Harry asked. "You want more, don't you?"

Lara enjoyed his tool inside her so much she barely registered how much he said. The moment it hit her.

"Exactly how much is….inside me?" Lara asked.

She both anticipated and feared the answer. Harry placed his hands on either side of Lara's rear and slowly worked his way inside her.

"Barley half."

This revelation caused Lara's pussy to twitch and bring another inch of his glorious prick inside her. She couldn't believe this.

Harry enjoyed how much her walls caressed him. A second passed when he pushed a little bit even more inside her. Her walls stretched around and squeezed him. Her toned body hugged his cock and made him grunt with the effort. He worked inside her tight pussy.

"More," Lara said.

"More?" Harry asked.

"YES MORE!" Lara yelled.

Any pretext of dignity had been lost from her. His hands found their way on her breasts. A perfect place for them to go in Lara's mind, these calloused palms pressing firmly against her breasts. Just as his cock penetrated her more fully than ever before.

Harry enjoyed the warmness of her flesh. He rode in against her and drove himself deep inside Lara's dripping hot cunt. The sensation of her squeezing him hard and releasing him made Harry close his eyes. He wanted more of a feeling of her wet center stretching around him.

"It's time for you to cum, now."

Lara's mind channeled this not as a suggestion, rather a statement of fact. His words had their own power on her pleasure centers. Some mysterious force channeled all over the energy through her and caused Lara's entire body to hyper stimulated.

Harry continued his stride with a series of hard thrusts. Her wet core milked him. The impulse of her body to mate reached a fever pitch.

"Yes," Harry said. "You can't help but cum all over my cock. You live for my cock, don't you, Lara?"

"Yes," Lara said. "Ram your big fucking prick into my pussy! Make it so wet it can bring life to a dying village! Pound me…ruin me for all other cocks!"

Harry rode out her orgasm all the way. The squishing feeling of her amazing cunt clenched around him. He held onto those breasts and also ran all the way up onto her body.

The moment Harry pulled out of Lara, her entire body protested the loss. She could not believe she had lost him.

Seconds later, Lara had been backed up against the wall. Her legs had been spread. Instinct hit through her body as she raised one of her legs up so it balanced on his hip. Harry responded by running his hand along her leg. She reached forward and could feel his still hard cock rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her stomach.

"Get ready," Harry said. "I'm going to wreck you further."

"Please do," Lara said.

Harry edged his way inside her pussy. Lara's dripping hot lips sucked him in. The explorers brilliant and toned legs wrapped their way around Harry's waist and held him in.

Lara arched back to allow Harry's cock to impale her. He brought the tip of it into her before he pulled back and slammed the entire length. Lara's pussy gobbled onto him and started to push in and out on her.

"Fucking suck my big tits!" Lara moaned in Harry's ear.

Harry's face buried deep into Lara's sweaty chest and started to suck on her. Her encouraging and sultry moans allowed Harry to keep pumping his rod into her. He wouldn't give up, or let up even if she requested it. And Harry knew in the back of his mind, she wouldn't even dare request it.

Lara ran her hands down the muscled back and grabbed his firm ass to encourage him further. His cock stuffed into her body and prepared to mark his territory for all to see. Lara's dripping womanhood pressed against his rod.

"Going to make me cum again," Lara said. "Mmm, I love how you feel inside me….I bet your cum would be so good inside my tight body."

Harry kept pumping into this sexy woman. Her entire body was made for getting pumped inside it.

"I bet your cum will be so fertile inside me," Lara said. "I bet it will fill me all up and cause me to swell, cause my tits to grow bigger, as you put your baby in my body. I can't wait for your divine seed to blow me up completely.

Harry wrapped his mouth around one of her tits and started to suck on it. Lara closed her eyes and started to enjoy the ride, in more ways than one.

"Go ahead, baby, knock me up! "Lara yelled. She nibbled and sucked on his earlobe when he did the same with her breasts. "Fill me with your cum….shoot your spunk inside my slutty pussy. I'm yours, I'll be your breeding whore."

Harry pushed himself into her with a series of hard and powerful strokes. Lara's wet pussy closed around his thick cock and squeezed him. He held onto her hips and kept rocking his way inside her with a series of rapid fire thrusts.

"Ooooh, yes!" Lara yelled at the top of her lungs. "Do it, put your seed inside me! Fill me up!"

The scent coming from the candles inflamed Lara. All inhibations had disappeared and all had been left were the most primal desires.

"No one can resist my power," Harry said. "And now, you're mine."

Lara's entire body agreed she was his. He pushed into her womb and prepared to seed her. The tomb raider's nails dug into the back of his leg.

"Nothing else will feel good other than me," Harry said. "You're such a hot slut, and you'd look good filled with my cum."

"Yes," Lara said. "Pump all of your nasty seed into my pussy. Knock me up, Harry! Impregnate me with your child!"

Their loins joined together. Harry pressed against her and Lara held onto him. She didn't want him to leave and he had no intention of leaving. His bloated balls prepared to give their gift, inside her this time.

The warm paradise and willing woman with a fertile womb ahead of him caused to tense up and he fired the first shot of cum in her.

"Yes, yes!" Lara yelled, holding onto him. "Give me all of your seed….ALL OF IT! KNOCK ME UP!"

He pushed enough cum inside her to knock an entire army of tomb raiders up several times over. Lara could feel the warm splash of cum shoot through her body. Lara's wet walls held onto him and kept allowing the cum to shoot inside her body.

Lara had been stuffed full of his cum. Harry rode out their orgasms all of the way. Her pussy clenched around him all of the way.

"Mmm, your pussy feels so good," Harry said.

Lara gave a contented sigh. Overall, she would say this trip would be a rousing success.

The End.

Chapter Text

Base Instinct (Jean Grey/Phoenix and Laura Kinney/X-23 from the X-Men)

Laura Kinney stretched out in the gym and looked towards the bag. She dressed in a tight sports bra and showed off her toned abs without an ounce of fat. Her shorts stretched over her tight and firm ass. Legs stretched all the way down. Thankfully, in her looks, she took after her mother, with long dark midnight black hair which shined into the darkness and bright blue eyes which showed intensity. There was almost a slightly haunted look in her eyes.

The clone daughter of Wolverine stretched out and started to hammer on the back. The repeated and rapid fire blows hit at a rapid fire degree. It took her a long second to realize the door opened up. She turned around.

"Good, you're standing back."

One of the most gorgeous women Laura ever laid eyes on turned up. Her red hair had been tied back into a ponytail. Her soft face came down with high cheek bones, brilliant green eyes, and soft lips. Her slender came curved down to a tight white tank top stretching over her D-Cup breasts and coming down to show her toned stomach. Her hips curved out in an alluring manner and the jean shorts she wore stopped below her knees.

"After what happened last time, I don't want to get in your way," Jean said. "Trust me, it could be hazardous to your health….mind if I join you."

"Go ahead," Laura said, without missing a beat.

Jean turned around and did some stretching exercise. Laura's eyes followed the progress of Jean and the way she stretched out. The soft body made Laura's animalistic lust become heartened.

"Oh, Harry, will be joining us in a minute," Jean said. "He just had to finish up some paperwork."

"I don't envy him," Laura said.

"Comes with the territory, and the responsibility Harry had," Jean said. "I'm sure he would like to work on the new maneuver he was trying to teach you."

Laura smiled, she knew for a fact pretty much how hands on Harry could get. A powerful man who could tame many women excited her to be perfectly honest.

"Maybe the two of us can roll around on the mat for a little bit?" Jean asked.

Laura's mind drifted off into an interesting place with what Jean said. Regardless, Laura decided to test her abilities against Jean.

Jean smiled, she figured this would be the best way to test her abilities out there. Her powers put her among one of the strongest mutants on Earth. In recent months, Jean stepped out on her sparring abilities though. She figured there will be instances where her powers would be locked or Jean fought someone more powerful than she was.

"If you want to," Laura said. "Go for it."

Jean smiled and circled around Laura. The two of them moved in for the sparring session. Jean had a few inches on Laura, due to being older. Laura, however, had advantages which height was not necessarily. The powerful telepath made her way in.

The two of them locked up and in an instant, Laura pushed Jean back. Laura tried to nail Jean with a punch. Jean dodged out of the way. Another attempted attack and Jean avoided the attack. She tried to grab Laura underneath her waist and push up.

Jean tried not to let the triumph soak in too much when she pushed Laura into her back in a double-leg. Laura grabbed Jean and flipped her over onto the ground. The two of them scrapped together on the ground.

Laura smiled. She managed to get an ample base on Jean and have her down on the padded pants. They pressed together on the mat. Laura blocked the thoughts she was having out of her mind.

Jean caught Laura's thoughts and this flustered her slightly. Laura leaned closer towards her.

"No fair, reading my mind," Laura said. "Did you find anything disturbing in there?"

Laura took a brief sniff of Jean and smiled. She could sense the arousal of the sexy telepath. The daughter of Wolverine licked her lips and pressed herself down onto her body.

"The two of you just can't start without me, can you?"

The door opened up and Harry stepped into the room. Jean looked up, still squirming underneath Laura. Laura only looked over her shoulder halfway while the other half kept her eyes on Jean.

"How long have you been there?" Laura asked.

"A little bit," Harry said. "It looks like I'm here just in time."

Harry made his way over towards the top of them. Laura looked towards Jean and smiled. She had her pinned down to the ground and pretty much at her mercy. One could see Jean shuddering with her nipples hardening underneath her top at her.

"Do it?" Jean asked. Her eyes closed and breath lifted her chest up and rose it down.

"In a minute," Laura said. "Patience, my dear, Phoenix, you're get pretty much everything you want and then some more."

Laura leaned down and kissed Jean on the lips the moment she was certain Harry's full and undivided attention was on them. Jean's lips tasted of the best things in the world and Laura couldn't wait to indulge in them.

Jean could not believe Laura had managed to put her in this position. A position she wanted to be in, granted, a position she needed to be in. Jean's heart started to beat heavier.

"And Harry, why don't you assist us with our work out?" Laura asked.

Harry's eyes followed the progress of Laura pulling Jean's shorts down to reveal her wet snatch. Juices started to trickle down her pussy and Laura smiled. She squeezed Jean's pussy.

The next thing Laura did was pull down her shorts next. Her pussy, tight as ever, beckoned towards Harry. A small strip of black hair covered it. She took care to keep it shaven every day, otherwise it could get out of control thanks to Logan's genetics. And no one wanted to get lost in a jungle when they went down on her, whether it was Harry or one of her roommates, or Jean in a minute.

Harry's lips found her upper ones with a passionate kiss. Laura moaned into his mouth and his tongue pushed deep into his throat in response. She leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of him mapping out a math in the back of her throat.

Jean could not have been denied either for long. Harry's hand started to travel down her body. He teased the flesh on her stomach and slowly went down her legs. Jean's clit pinched between Harry's fingers and prompted her to give a gasp in pleasure.

Harry smiled when he kissed Laura and teased Jean's outer folds. His finger started to push deep into her and then pulled almost all the way out of her. Both of the girls had needs and mandated a lot of sexual release. Harry was the only being powerful enough to give them this.

"Mmm, play with my pussy too, Harry," Laura said.

Harry switched over to kiss Jean. One of his hands squeezed her breast as well. He slipped his other hand over and played with Laura's dripping pussy.

Laura closed her eyes. The first of many orgasms started to flow through her body. Harry worked her up to a certain point and Laura thought she would come close to losing her mind. Harry's finger started to turn into her and manipulate her inner folds very slow at first. He pumped his finger inside Laura faster.

Harry leaned back and worked his fingers into both sets of pussy. His right hand pumped into Jean and his left hand pumped into Laura. Those fingers worked their magic.

"Oh, Harry, you spoil us," Jean said.

Jean's mind locked onto Laura's mental state and the lustful thoughts entering her mind. They were both about Jean and Harry. Both sets of thoughts inflamed Jean's passions and made her get ever so closer to the edge and ever so closer to cumming very hard.

"Yes, I know I spoil you," Harry said.

"Oooh, spoil me spoil away!" Jean yelled. "Spoil me hard!"

Harry's fingers worked their magic within Jean. She was the avatar of the Phoenix force and Harry manipulated her all of the way with several long and powerful pumps inside her. Jean's pussy oozed underneath her powerful pumps.

"Yes, spoil both of us hard!" Laura yelled.

Every single pump inside her brought Laura closer to a spectacular edge. Harry's rapid fire pumping made her want to explode. Her hips lifted up to meet his hand.

Harry smiled and was this close to having the juices of two of his favorite girls on his hands. The two of them clenched around his hands.

"Time for you to cum," Harry said.

Jean's entire body sized up. She experienced an orgasm which inflamed not only Laura, but also pretty much every girl. If she hadn't been distracted by her own pleasure, Jean would have heard every mutant at this school broadcast how they needed a sudden change of panties.

Laura's entire body tensed up and the orgasm filled her body. So good, her nipples grew extremely hard. Her top clung to her body and Laura lifted her hand. She ripped it off and allowed her large and supple breasts to bounce out into the wilderness.

Harry enjoyed their pussies pumping his fingers. Each time he inserted a finger into them, both of them grew more intense and more delirious. The moaning increased and Harry worked them over the edge. He dragged them a step or two further over the line.

He withdrew his fingers from both sets of needy pussies. Harry's fingers coated with both sets of heavenly juices. He smiled and pushed the Laura covered fingers in Jean's mouth and the Jean covered fingers in Laura's mouth.

Laura received a taste of the Phoenix force and smiled. She could not wait to get more juices directly from the source. This time, she would suck Harry's fingers dry. Her lips manipulated their way around Harry's digits and started to suckle every last drop of juices from them.

Jean enjoyed the same savory taste as well. She tilted back and sucked on Harry's fingers more.

"You girls are so naughty," Harry said. "I may have to spank you later."

Laura worked her tongue all the way around Harry's finger and pushed it into her mouth. She started to suckle on it with a hungry and efficient little move. Laura's breathing escalated with a couple more pumps.

"I bet you'd like to eat her sweet pussy," Harry said. "You've always wanted to eat it, haven't you?"

Laura released Harry's fingers from her mouth and responded with a sultry grin.

"Of course, I did," Laura said, trailing her tongue over her lips. "Who wouldn't want to bury their face between Jean's gorgeous thighs?"

"Like father, like daughter, seems like you have the same tastes," Harry said.

"Well, let's hope our tastes are exactly the same," Laura said. "Otherwise, this would…raise some unsettling questions."

Laura smiled and she closed her eyes to squeeze Harry's crotch for a moment. She looked at his thick rod when it lengthened in his pants. She slowly pulled down his pants and trousers. Laura savored the moment when she treated herself to the generous flesh rod buried underneath Harry's pants.

"I'm sure you received your taste of man from your mother and your taste of women from your father," Jean said.

"Yes, I'm certain you're correct," Laura said. She released Harry's cock after giving it a parting kiss and moved in for the attack.

Laura pressed her hands on either side of Jean's thighs and started to stroke the flesh between her thighs. The dark haired mutant started to lick Jean's pussy and her tongue started to twist around her nether regions.

Jean gasped at the swipes, the tongue pushing into her pussy. Laura's tongue kept attacking her dripping hot pussy. Jean held both hands onto the back of Laura's dark hair and kept her inside. Laura pushed herself deep into Jean's hungry twat. Her lips caught Jean around the lips and started to make out with her nether lips.

The sensual slurps caused Harry's cock to extend. Laura's thighs spread out and Harry could see her slit beckon to him. Harry only had one recourse to go through. Her pussy looked so inviting and so nice, so warm. Harry couldn't wait to penetrate Laura.

"Fuck her, it will feel so good when you fuck her," Jean said. "Just like when you fuck me."

"We might have to put your mouth to better use later," Harry said. "For now."

Harry's thick cock ran over Laura's hot lips. Laura's pussy lips almost engulfed Harry the moment he pushed inside her. He held onto her hips and with one fluid push filled her.

Laura's healing factor worked in all facets. Every time Harry penetrated her, he took her physical virginity one more time. Harry ran his hands up to meet her and hold onto her breasts. He pumped his way inside her.

"Damn it!" Jean yelled.

The chain reaction of Laura's tongue pushed into her pussy unraveled Jean enough as it is. The low and powerful moans Harry inspired caused Jean's pussy to gush even more. Laura worked her way into her with a few sweeps of the tongue.

Laura thought she would lose it. Harry's manhood filled her in and a different and amazing way pretty much every single time it penetrated into her depths. Harry's hands cupped her ass and he continued to work inside her.

Harry in the meantime worked Laura up to an orgasm. The sorcerer used his powers to sync both of the orgasms of the girl. Harry rocked deep inside her with a thrust.

"Time for you to cum."

Laura's body obeyed Harry. Her walls clenched around Harry the second he plowed inside her. Harry pulled almost all the way out of her and shoved himself inside her. Laura's walls closed and opened around him.

Jean's mind had been lost in the pleasure. Her hands rested on the back of Laura's head and made her devour her pussy. The warm energy washed over Jean and made her orgasm quite the bit more spectacular. Her hips bucked up high and far to send the liquids into Laura's mouth.

Laura tasted the juices coming from Jean's pussy. Her tongue started to swirl around them. She pulled up all of the way to allow Harry to hear her moans. The moment Laura pulled herself up, she pushed herself back in between Jean's thighs and ate her something fierce one more time.

"This is so hot," Harry said. "Suck her pussy dry….while I make your pussy wetter."

Harry's forceful hands grabbed her. Laura's body reacted to the Alpha male behind her. He pushed his cock into her with a series of repeated and powerful thrusts. The young man almost slid all the way out of her and spiked into her with a huge push.

"OHHH, MMMM, AWWW!" Jean yelled.

Laura pulled away from Jean's pussy for a brief second and attacked her breasts. The daughter of Wolverine pushed her mouth around Jean's nipple and started to suckle on it like a nursing babe.

"She can really suck a tit, can't she?" Harry asked.

"YES!" Jean yelled. "OH YES1"

Jean's pussy pushed up. Harry ran his fingers inside it and collected the juices from it. He pushed the right amount of stimulation onto Jean.

"Fuck me like an animal!" Laura yelled. "Show me you're the dominant male….show me how strong you are!"

Harry showed his strength and shoved his thick cock into Laura. Her pussy had been battered so much.

"I'm going to make you feel this, even with your healing factor!" Harry yelled. "How do you like me pounding you like this?"

"Oh, I like this!" Laura yelled. "I like this a lot!"

Harry's thick balls sized up. Laura's pussy heated up and Harry pounded her even harder. He wanted to bring her to the peak several more times.

Jean's eyes followed the thick rod inside her body. She caressed his balls a little bit with her telekinetic power.

The combined power of Jean's mind and Laura's pussy made Harry's balls throb. He wanted to bring Laura to one more orgasm before he launched his rod into her. The orgasms reached the dozens, but he wanted to hit her with the big one.

Laura dug her claws into the ground and damaged it. She did not really care to be honest. Her walls clenched around Harry's thick rod.

'Go ahead, cum, I know you want to,' Jean thought.

Laura's entire body swam with lust. Her body had been bombarded with some many orgasms it left her a bit winded. She just needed to catch her breath.

Harry's heavy balls pushed against Laura. He wanted to give her the biggest load ever. Laura's walls parted all the way so his cock could touch her womb.

The woman's animal instincts craved the most potent amount of seed for her body. Harry pulled almost all the way out of her and slammed back into. Laura sensed his orgasm and did everything in her power to bring the seed inside her body.

"Yes," Laura said. "Inside me, you better do it inside me. I need every drop of seed you have in my balls."

Harry cupped her breasts and rammed into her from behind. Three ended up being the magic number for this time. The third long thrust expelled Harry's seed into Laura. Her pussy muscles tightened and an orgasm rode out against Harry's long and powerful rod.

Laura experienced the joy of Harry's cum filling her body completely up to the brim. Harry pushed himself against her. His balls released their seed into her wet and willing body. Harry held onto her.

The moment Harry released himself from Laura's pussy, Jean crawled over for her knees. Jean wrapped her hand around his cock and pushed her mouth around him.

"Mmm," Jean said.

"Oh, Jean," Harry groaned.

Jean swirled her tongue around the length of Harry's member. It pushed into the back of her throat. Jean closed her eyes and sucked Harry hard and often. She made sure his cock was fully extended.

She lifted herself into the air and Harry hovered next to her. Harry's thick tool extended out and Jean lowered herself down onto him.

"Yes, this is the ultimate ride," Jean said.

"You're not kidding!"

Jean's wet hot pussy slid all the way down to Harry's pole. She engulfed it inside her. Harry enjoyed the feeling of her pressing against him. The power and the fact he could control her urges like anyone else put Harry into the driver's see.

Harry pushed his thick rod into her. Every single time Harry pushed inside her, Jean's passions spiked.

"Harder, good, this feels really good," Jean said. "Oooh, this feels really good, you don't know how good this feels for me."

"I have an idea," Harry said. "Let's see how much I can make you scream."

Jean hung on and enjoyed the ride. She tilted back and Harry worshiped her breasts. The Alpha Male's talented mouth lavished every inch of Jean's generous tit flesh. Harry pushed himself between her breasts and ran his hands all over Jean's body.

"Yes, give me more," Jean said. "I feel good….I'M CUMMING!"

Harry pumped his cock all the way into Jean's sweet and hot pussy. She closed her eyes and brought all the way down into her. Every time her cunt lips started to stir around him, Harry felt really amazing.

Jean allowed Harry's hands to explore every single last inch of her body. Harry cupped her breasts and gave them an ample squeeze. Her hot walls tensed around him.

"You're going to cum again, and again," Harry said. "And I'm sure everyone girl is going to not like the fact you ruined their panties."

"Good, don't care," Jean said.

Harry's head fell into Jean's breasts and started to suckle up on them. Jean enjoyed the sensation of Harry's face buried into her breasts. She reached up and pushed his head deeper into her glorious tits. Jean breathed in and out with a few heavy pants. The more Harry pushed his face between her breasts, the more hungry and hot Jean had gotten.

Speaking of hungry and hot, Laura rolled over. Her pussy ached.

'Oh, you want to be let in on the fun, don't you?'

Jean used a telekinetic bolt to drill into Laura. She could feel the pleasure coming from the mutant every single moment.

"Oh, it's really hot when you mind fuck someone."

Harry came up from her warm and large breasts just enough before suckling on them. Jean pressed her hands onto the back of Harry's head.

"Yes, I know it is," Jean said. "Oh, how do you like that, how do you like that, Laura? Do you like me fucking your slutty cunt with my mind?"

Laura's breathing heightened and she started to moan heavily. Jean pushed the bolt down into her pussy and made her hips rock up and down with a series of pushes.

"Yes, I'm sure you like all of this, don't you?" Jean asked. "Go ahead, scream for me. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you? I bet you want me to fuck you hard and make you drool, don't you?"

"Yes!" Laura yelled.

Jean smiled and pushed a jolt of energy between Laura's dripping hot pussy. She took her pussy all the way down on Harry's cunt all the way.

"I'm going to cum again," Jean said. "Mmm, suck my breasts, Harry, suck on them hard."

"I'm going to suck on your big tits, and make you scream," Harry said. "And I know how much you like me playing with your ass when I fuck you."

Jean nodded in response. Harry's hands cupped her ass when he continued to bite and squeeze her breasts. Pulses of pleasure fired through Jean's body. Jean almost lost her mind from a spectacular orgasm.

"Oh, it's so hot," Laura said.

Laura's words took a more literal meaning the moment Jean enveloped both Harry and herself in fire. The two pumped back and forth against each other. Multiple orgasms hit Laura despite the fact she was the most obvious target.

Harry enjoyed the pleasure of Jean's hot pussy closing him around him. His balls ached and he almost needed to push their contents into her body.

The two rocked back and forth. Jean's pussy closed around Harry. The molten hot heat hugged his hot rod. Harry pushed inside her.

"Go ahead, Harry, cum in me," Jean said.

"Oh, I'm going to cum inside you, I'm going to make your pussy flood so much," Harry said. He shoved his thick cock into her with a few more thrusts.

Jean smiled and grinned. She looked over towards Laura's whose hips kept bucking up and down. Her juices flowed between her legs and hit the ground.

"Oh, I'm sure you are," Jean said. Her legs wrapped around Harry's torso and she encouraged him to pump into her.

Harry held back a little bit. He couldn't hold back from Jean's sweet and powerful pussy. The tension released in him and the two of them had an orgasm.

The combined force of Jean and Harry cumming rocked Laura's body. Her pussy squished together in a heavy way. Her hips twitched together and the breathing continued to the point where she had been let down on her orgasm.

The big bang created on the release brought Jean down to the ground. Jean smiled. Several drops of cum dripped from her pussy when she hit the floor.

"Laura, are you there?" Jean asked.

"Fuck me, again," Laura said.

"Well, we wouldn't to disappoint her, would we?" Harry asked.

He was ready to insert himself to Laura again.

The End.

Chapter Text

Birthday Surprise(Amanda and Emily Potter(OC Twin Sisters of Harry Potter).

Amanda Potter paced around to the point where her sister glared at her back. This glare occurred for several minutes until Emily lifted up the pillow sitting on one of their beds and lopped it at the back of her sister's head.

"Emmy, why did you do that?" Amanda asked.

"You know why," Emily said. "You've been pacing around for about ten minutes. It's starting to drive me mad. Harry said he would get here when he gets here, and not a second before. So why don't you just settle down and wait for him to get here? We both know it will be more than worth the wait."

Amanda's arms crossed underneath her chest and she stuck out her lip in a furious pouting expression. She did know her sister was right.

Both Potter twins dressed in their school uniforms, having just returned home a couple of hours ago. They wore tight white blouses which barely contained their ample chests, a plaid skirt which came down to their knees. Stocking clad legs stretched on for miles. Emily was taller than her sister and her legs stretched on a bit longer. Amanda's bust curved out about a cup size more and her ass was a bit firmer.

Amanda stretched back and her shirt rolled up to reveal her midriff. Toned, cream flesh had been revealed. She could see her sister's heated gaze worked upon her. Amanda stared back at her twin sister.

"I know, the clock is not going to change when we keep looking at it," Amanda said. "But, I swear, Mum's charmed the clocks in this house to make them go slower, whenever we look at it."

Emily cast her sister a devious little smirk. Knowing her mother like she did, Emily Potter would not have been surprised if this was the case. She could see her sister about ready to get up and pace about the room again.

Footsteps approached from the other end of the hallway. Amanda smiled and realized what this meant. He was hear and a couple of minutes early. She unbuttoned the first few buttons of her blouse to reveal her cleavage further and hiked up her skirt a little bit.

Emily responded by shaking her head. She smiled though. She hoped Harry liked her new stockings.

"Hi, Harry, I'm glad you're here," Amanda said.

Harry Potter only had a few seconds to register the door opening and Amanda threw herself at him. He did register the fact his sexy younger sister wasn't wearing a bra underneath her top. Harry smiled and grabbed her ass to get her attention.

"It's nice to see, you two, Mandy, you as well, Emmy," Harry said. "Happy seventeenth birthday to both of you today."

"Yes," Emily said with a smile. She puckered her lips and looked at Harry. "I'm sure you have a birthday present for the both of us."

"Hopefully something nice and hard," Amanda said.

Emily could have smacked herself. Her sister had absolutely no sense of being subtle whatsoever.

"I have something for both of you, something the two of you need today," Harry said. "Why don't the two of you get on your hands and knees on your bed and we can get started?"

The authority Harry projected from his voice ensured the twins complied with his thoughts. Amanda made her way to the bed and her skirt rode up to reveal the thong she wore. Emily's lacy panties also fit nice and firm around her tight teenage ass.

"Let me hike those skirts up a bit further so I can see what I'm doing."

The sound of Harry's belt being removed prompted a twitch between Amanda's legs. She wanted him between her legs and hard.

"Time for your birthday spankings."

Amanda breathed out heavily and Harry smacked her on the thong clad ass. The forceful hand resounded through the room and made her pussy twitch.

"Count them out, or it doesn't count," Harry said. He slapped her ass again.

"One, Two," Amanda panted. "Three…oh god….four….five….Jesus Harry!"

"Jesus Harry is not a number," Harry said. "Maybe I should…start again."

Her thong pulled down further and revealed her juicy ass. Harry spanked her hard and Amanda moaned out the numbers one at a time. His cock throbbed with each moan and each time his sister's ass twitched. He looked at her tight asshole, the one hole which he saved for this occasion.

"Oh, spank her slutty ass!" Emily yelled.

"Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen!" Amanda yelled. She could not believe how hard her nipples got from being spanked.

"You made a mess, you naughty girl," Harry said. He turned to Emily. "Your turn."

"Please, sir," Emily said.

The little girl voice and the lip biting made the space in Harry's pants become pretty restricted. Harry raised his hand and smacked Emily's ass a couple of times.

Amanda thought she was done for the night. Harry's belt levitated in the air and whipped Amanda's ass.

"Oh, Harry, no…..OOOH YES!" Amanda yelled. Her pussy clenched together and caused more juices to spill onto the bed.

"Fourteen, mmm….Fifteen, ohh…Sixteen….one more Daddy!" Emily yelled out. "SEVENTEEN!

Harry's hand's power hit Emily in the ass and caused her walls to start leaking an immense amount of cum out on the bed. Harry smiled having left his sister's in a state of arousal. He knew what was going to come next.

"Time to get the other part of your birthday present," Harry said. "And you're going to want it nice and lubricated for when I stick it in your ass."

There were lubrication spells. Harry preferred to do this the fun way though. Amanda slid off of the bed and tugged Harry's trousers down all of the way. Her brother's cock almost took her eye out.

"Careful, Mandy ,you're shoot your eye out," Emily sang.

"Very funny, now come and take your share," Amanda said. The bustier of the two Potter twin's took her tongue all the way down to the base of Harry's cock and licked him all over.

Emily joined her sister on the floor. The two twins ignored the soreness in their asses. Amanda and Emily lavished Harry's cock. Both of them licked him up and down like his cock was an oversized popsicle.

Amanda popped Harry's cock between her lips and shoved him deep into her throat.

"Just like your mother," Harry said.

Amanda took this as a compliment. She shoved all of Harry's cock in the back of her throat and did not gag once. His thick cock speared into her throat. Amanda's throat muscles relaxed around him and squeezed his cock. She tried to push him into her mouth.

"Let your sister have a turn," Harry said.

Amanda gave Harry's throbbing manhood a few more sucks. She pulled away from him and left his cock dripping with her salvia.

"Think you can do a better job," Amanda said.

Emily raised her eyebrow and smirked. She grabbed Harry's cock and gave it a lingering kiss on the head. She swirled her tongue around Harry's swollen head while teasing the veins on his cock with her soft fingers.

Harry enjoyed his sister's teasing. Emily opened her mouth wide and took all twelve inches into her mouth. Her warm and hot sucks created lewd sounds. Harry's cock stretched to meet the heat in the back of her throat.

Amanda could see her sister had Harry's full attention.

"So, who does the better job?" Amanda asked.

"Needs, more experimentation," Harry said.

Amanda pulled off her shirt the rest of the way and fondled her breasts for Harry to watch. The firm D-Cup tits stood tall and proud.

"I bet your cock would enjoy being between these," Amanda said. "And just think, they're only for you, big brother. No one else can make us happy like you can."

Amanda pushed her breast up into her mouth and gave it a nice suck. She made sure Harry's eyes were locked onto her.

Emily gave Harry's cock a few more long sucks. Her jaw started to hurt a little bit from the exertion she had. The temptation of cum shot down her throat made Harry push his rod deep into her mouth. She hungered for it.

"Ah, are you getting tired?" Amanda asked. "I want my birthday surprise."

Emily pulled out of the way with frustration. Amanda made her way next to Harry's body and wrapped her large breasts around Harry's cock.

"Damn, these feel so good, Mandy," Harry said.

"Of course, Harry, they do," Amanda said. "And your cum is going to be all over them."

The warmth of Amanda's tits caressed Harry's cock. His vixen of a younger sister took his cock between her breasts and pushed them almost all the way up. She clenched and released cock with a few steady and swift pumps.

Emily watched Harry's cock push in and out of Amanda's breasts. Her breasts weren't small by any means, a healthy and high C-Cup set. However, Amanda's were a set above the rest.

"Double the trouble?" Amanda asked.

Emily smiled and unbuttoned her top. She had an extra bit of clothing to take off. The lacy green bra matched her eyes. Emily reached behind her back and unclipped the bra. Her firm breasts bounced out to play.

"Get down on your knees, and help your sister pleasure me," Harry said.

Emily already sank down onto the carpet before Harry had gotten the declaration out. Amanda shifted a little bit and the two of them pressed their tits together with Harry's meat trapped in the middle. The two rocked their actions in harmony with each other.

"Yes, you're going to get all of the cum you've ever wanted!" Harry groaned. "All of my cum, your tits, your face, everything is going to be covered by it."

Amanda smiled. She certainly hoped so. Wizard's cum was healthy for witch's skin and even more so when it was a powerful wizard like Harry.

"It's our birthday," Amanda said. "Give us a shower, Harry. Splash your cum all over our bodies..

Harry's balls tensed up and fired up into the air. The cum spurted on the tits of both Amanda and Emily. Some of it splashed into their faces and all over their shoulders. Harry's balls kept expelling a never ending stream of cum onto both of his sisters.

Amanda and Emily both squealed in excitement when the contents from their brother's balls fired onto them. Harry showered both of them in a never ending supply of cum and covered their sexy young bodies with the contents of it.

"Oh, what a mess," Amanda said. "Let me clean you up, Emily."

Emily would not protest this for a moment. Amanda leaned towards her and pressed her lips onto her twins. The two of them engaged into a heated round of kissing. Amanda's tongue grazed over Emily's face and started to suck the contents of her brother's balls from her sister's face.

The sensual sucks and breasts pressing together caused Harry's cock to throb one more time. He stepped back and sat himself on the bed. His cock extended high and proud in the air and waited for intrusion.

Emily returned the favor. She licked all the way down her sister's neck and sucked on it. A firm grip found its way onto Amanda's waist. Emily backed her forward and buried her face into Amanda's tits.

"Oh, nice and warm there, isn't it?" Amanda asked.

Emily pressed her face against Amanda's breasts and started to play with her ass. She slipped one of her lubricated digits inside Amanda's ass.

"Oh, Emmy, you know what I like," Amanda moaned. Her sister continued to lavish attention towards her breasts.

Emily peaked out from the other side of Amanda's breasts with a grin. She backed her twin over and Harry's cock was there.

"She's all yours, Harry," Emily said.

Harry grabbed Amanda's hips and worked her over. His cock pushed against the entrance of her virgin ass. He thrust forward and took Amanda's anal virginity in one fell swoop.

"Morgana's hairy cunt!" Amanda yelled.

"Actually, she's well shaved," Harry said.

"Less talking, more sodomy," Amanda said.

Harry agreed to his sister's request. He positioned his throbbing hard cock at her entrance and shoved himself all the way into her ass. Amanda's tight rear squeezed against Harry's prick and the heat surrounding him showed an interesting intensity.

"Right there, in my ass, like this!" Amanda yelled. "Yes, right there."

Emily smiled. Her sister apparently was quite the vocal one. Emily shut up her sister with a kiss on the lips. Amanda returned the kiss and the two twins battled for dominance. Amanda's hard nipples pushed against Emily's and the two of them rubbed together.

Harry pumped further into Amanda's hot ass. His fingers made their way towards his younger sister's slit and started to rub circles around it. Harry made sure his fingers slipped inside and caused Amanda to squirm.

"Damn, fuck, so good," Amanda said the moment Emily released her lips and started to travel down south.

Emily planted kisses down her sister's perfect body. She descended down and latched onto Amanda's pussy lips. Emily dug her nails into Amanda's thighs and started to make out with her sister's heated nether region while Harry plowed her ass.

Amanda descended into heaven every single second Emily pounded her tongue between her legs. The combination of her brother fucking her ass and sister munching on her cunt caused her pleasure. Harry reached up and squeezed her.

"I'm going to shoot all of my cum ass," Harry said. "And I bet you're going to get off on Emily eating my seed from your ass."

Amanda could not deny this fact. Her ass tightened around Harry. The powerful cock plowed into her with a few more rapid fire thrusts. Another orgasm rode through Amanda's body.

"Oh, I won't be able to sit for another week," Amanda said. "Pound me though….pound my tight little ass."

Harry caressed those supple curves and continued to rock into her. Her ass pushed further down onto Harry's prick and Harry knew his balls would not be able to hold back his cum even more.

Amanda looked down at her sister's beautiful face buried between her thighs. It was quite the feeling to be honest. Amanda shakily placed her hands down onto Emily's face. She rose her chest into Harry's pawing and prying hands. A burst of pleasure continued to fire through her entire body.

"Good, I'm glad I'm going to make you cum over and over again," Harry said. "So do it, cum on your sister's face."

Amanda's body jerked her hips up and sent the juices down into Emily's face. Emily's pretty face had been coated with her cum.

Harry thrust all the way up. He savored Amanda's ass. Her hips grinded back onto him. The heat pumped all the way down on his cock. The anal ring squeezed around Harry's thick rod and pumped all of him inside her.

The first hot splash of cum hit Amanda's bowls. Amanda worked herself all the way down onto Harry's rod. She closed around him and released his thick cock with a couple of fluid pumps. More pumps fired into her body.

The moment Harry finished unloading his balls into her, Amanda rose up from his cock. The bedside desk slid over so Amanda could bend over it and allow Emily easy access.

Emily and Harry made out with passion. Harry tasted Amanda's juices on Emily's lips and face. The savored combination made Harry's cock rise to the occasion.

With a wicked grin on her face, Emily positioned herself so her face was pointed towards Amanda's ass. She watched Harry's cum draining from Amanda's ass. Emily buried her face between Amanda's ass and started to lick her cum out.

Amanda clutched onto the desk until her knuckles turned white. Emily hit all of the sweet pressure points in Amanda and made her pussy drip with desire. The hunger spreading through her body grew a tad bit more intense the more Emily poked her tongue into her ass.

Emily finished sucking the cum from her sister and turned around with a dirty smile on her face to match the dirty actions.

"Oh, fuck your little sister's virgin ass," Emily said. She wiggled her ass and smacked it.

Harry's cock twitched and Emily positioned herself all the way on top of Harry. Her ass cheeks spread and allowed him inside.

The sinful warmth of his sister's ass caused Harry to groan the second Emily lowered herself all the way down onto Harry. His throbbing manhood enjoyed being engulfed.

"Mmm, I love your ass," Harry said.

"Is it better than my sist…AH!"

Emily's question had been cut off. Amanda buried herself between her sisters thighs and started to eat her out. This caused her to drive herself all the way down on Harry's cock, lubricated from the fun and games earlier.

Harry steadied his sister's hips and allowed her to drive her ass all the way down onto him. His throbbing manhood pushed all way inside her ass. She squeezed him a tight manner possible.

"Yes, oh yes, Mandy, keep licking my pussy!" Emily said. She grabbed onto her sister's head. "Harry, harder, faster…my ass can take more than hers could."

Emily forced Amanda's hand into place before she could protest and say anything. The juices fired out into Amanda's mouth and Amanda took them all into her mouth.

Harry could feel his balls about ready to burst. Emily's ass really gave him a work out. He gave her body a work out as well by caressing her firm breasts and rolled his fingers down her flat stomach. Harry traveled down and rubbed her clit up and down to increase the burst of pleasure deep inside her.

Emily thought she had just died and gone to heaven. Everything Harry did to her made her body feel inflamed with pleasure.

"Mmm, oooh..,..mmm," Emily breathed.

"Going to get another birthday surprise," Harry said. "Are you ready?"

"Mmm, hmmm."

Emily's pussy shot up with a spasm and soaked Amanda's face with her cum. Amanda rolled up and licked the cum from her face.

"She's really getting off on this," Amanda said. She brushed the juices onto her fingers and sucked them. Her fingers on her free hand rubbed down.

Harry's hands kept pressing on Emily's breasts and clenched them. The delightful little moans coming from her allowed Harry's cock to pump even further into this sinful pleasure of her ass.

"Getting close," Harry said.

Emily encouraged him to go. Amanda returned to suck on her right nipple and shoot more pleasure through her body. Her sister's mouth nursed on her breast.

Harry's cum swollen balls helped part his sister's back entrance. He was about ready to fill her up from behind. His balls throbbed when he recalled how he took his sisters anal virginities, both of them. Harry pumped into her and pounded into her with more hard and powerful thrusts.

"Yes," Emily said. "Please, Harry, shoot your seed in my ass."

"Of course, but I want you feel you cum one more time," Harry said.

Emily's body had been enslaved to Harry's will. His thick rod pushed into her ass and pumped all the way inside her. The tightness of her body squeezed Harry's thick rod when he ventured further into her.

Harry soaked in the sexual energy coming from his younger sister. He could not hold back on his pleasure no matter what he wanted to do. His balls tightened up and fired their gift into Emily.

The first burst of cum hit Emily hard in her ass. She started to spasm and enjoy the cum fired into her ass. The pleasure spots Harry hit in her ass made her rise up and down with increasing pleasure.

"Yes, ooh, yes," Amanda yelled. "Damn, Emily, you're really cumming."

Her entire body rose up and down for a moment more until it finally relaxed. All was calm and Harry pulled it out.

"We better clean up our mess," Amanda said.

She popped her mouth around Harry's cock and started to suck him off without any shame. It was obvious they were not done and neither was Harry.

Emily finally stopped cumming several seconds later. Arousal crawled up her body the moment she saw her twin sucking off her older brother.

The End.

Chapter Text

Throwing Down the Gauntlet (Faith Lehane from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Faith dropped down to one knee and took in a breath. Her beautiful face had been plastered with sweat and she started to breath in a heavy manner. And the two of them had not gotten to the really fun part yet. She looked up at the young man who stood in front of her.

"Very good," Harry said.

"Oh, are we done yet?" she asked.

"You can't be tired already, can you?" Harry asked. "I know your stamina is impeccable….especially when you have the proper amount of motivation, Ms. Lehane."

A shudder went down Faith's spine despite her defiant look directed towards Harry. He taught her a lot about enhancing her abilities, but their relationship veered a lot deeper than that. The Slayer smiled when she looked towards him.

"Believe me, I can go all night long," Faith said. "But, why go through all of these drills I've mastered a hundred times before when we can do something a bit more interesting and a bit more stimulating?"

She pressed herself next to Harry. Harry smiled when he looked down at her. She really did have some fun in pushing his buttons. The only thing was Harry had just as much fun in pushing hers. The white tank top strained against her breasts and the outline of them showed her lack of bra. The tight yoga pants molded towards her bottom half like a second skin.

"Do you think you can keep up?" Harry asked. He cupped her ass from behind and squeezed it. "Last time, I reduced you to nothing, but a drooling, dripping wreck."

Faith smiled. She recalled how she couldn't walk straight for an entire week. It had been so worth it though. Nothing beat what he had his pants. The dark haired vixen placed her hand on his chest and started to trail all the way down.

"You caught me off guard last time," Faith said. "You couldn't dominate me like that again."

Harry smiled a predatory smile. He grabbed Faith around her waist and pushed her against the wall. He caught her with a powerful kiss. He pushed and grinded up and down against her body. Faith's nipples poked out harder from underneath her top the more Harry started to play with her, and make her his.

Faith closed her eyes. The kiss pooled the juices between her thighs. She tried to push up against him. He held her back against the wall and pried her mouth open. The tongue worked its way into Faith's mouth and pinned her tongue back. The two of them continued the heavy and intense kiss with each other. Harry's tongue worked into her with precision.

The next thing Faith knew, Harry had his hands on her shirt and yanked it up over the top of her head. Her supple breasts, smooth flesh, and toned stomach all had been revealed for Harry. Harry returned back to the kiss and ran his hands down her bare body. His nails dug in slightly.

Faith returned the favor and reached up to grab his face. The Slayer dug her nails into the side of Harry's face and forced the kiss to deepen. Her legs kicked up and wrapped around his body the moment.

Harry pulled himself away from her and kissed her on the side of the neck.

"Oh, fuck you," Faith said. He hit one of the pleasure points and caused her to shudder.

"One moment, love," Harry said.

Faith closed her eyes and enjoyed Harry trailing kisses down her collarbone and then his mouth teasing her breasts. His lips tugged on her nipples and caused her to be pleasured.

Harry scooped up Faith with the authority she expected from him and marched her over to the bed on the side of the training room.

'Given how many of our sessions end this way, of course there's a bed nearby,' Faith thought with a hazed smile.

Harry threw Faith onto the bed and crawled on top of her. Faith smiled when Harry's shirt had been pulled off and she got view of his drooling inducing physique.

"Fuck the foreplay, I need you in me now," Faith said.

"Ah, I'm afraid I'm going have to have some fun first," Harry said. He leaned down and wrapped his mouth around her ear to suckle it.

Faith tensed up. Harry suckled the brunette slayer's ear lobe and started to make his way down with another series of kisses down the side of her neck. Harry's mouth tensed around her and drew his mouth against her neck. He left his mark against her neck one more time.

Harry slipped Faith's pants down. Her soaked black panties had been revealed. Harry smiled and continued an exploration down Faith's hot and horny body. His lips pressed against her belly button for an extended time and made his way closer down between her thighs.

"Damn it, stop teasing me," Faith said. "Please, Harry, I'm serious, I think I'm going to burn up if….."

"You need to learn control," Harry said. "I think I've had to reinforce these lessons with you many times. It's time for a reminder."

Her panties had been pulled back. Faith's dripping pussy lips stuck out and demanded all sorts of attention from Harry. Harry smiled when he leaned over the top of them and pressed his lips onto them with a long and lingering kiss. He could taste how horny she was and his cock throbbed because of it.

Faith closed her eyes. Harry's mouth nibbled on her hot nether region. Her entire body tensed up. The heat pumped into her body and centered around her smoldering core. Harry's tongue brushed against the inside. She knew his tongue inside her would be pure magic.

The wait dragged on until Harry pushed his tongue inside. The talented tongue slithered almost all the way up and all the way down.

"Mmm," Faith said. Her entire body had been wrecked with an attempt of an orgasm.

Harry tasted the sinful juices coming from his student. The savory taste of them made him smile and cock throb. Harry knew in teasing Faith, he teased himself a little bit as well.

'So worth it in the end to hear her scream.'

Faith's hips lifted up off of the bed and tried to bite down her lip. She would not allow him the satisfaction of hearing her scream, not if she could help it.

Harry smiled and started to work his tongue into her. Parseltongue worked at a higher frequency than any vibrator and would break anyone including Faith.

Faith tried to ignore the shoots of pleasure coming from her loins. Harry pushed his tongue into her and continued to vibrate deep into her depths.

"Mmm, ooh….YES, HARRY EAT MY PUSSY, MAKE ME SCREAM!" Faith yelled. "Munch my hot little cunt and make me cum all over your face, you gorgeous fucking stud!"

Faith's entire body thrashed up and down at the swipes of Harry's tongue. He hit all of the right buttons and got her motor running. Her pussy soaked wet and was ready for penetration.

Harry smiled and rose up from her thighs. His face dripped with her juices. He crawled on top of Faith and draped his body on top of hers. Her breathing continued to heighten the moment Harry pressed himself on top of her body.

"You do realize this is highly inappropriate, don't you?" Harry asked. "This relationship between the two of us?"

Harry pressed himself on top of her body even stronger. Faith's entire body heightened with pleasure. Every single nerve ending possible looked about ready to crack. Her nipples pushed against Harry's muscular chest. His pants were off and the head of his cock scraped against her entrance.

"Yes, you using your authority to take advantage of me," Faith said. "And you know what, I can't help myself. You with your green eyes, muscular body, tight ass, and twelve inch cock, the moment you whipped it out, I didn't have a chance with you. You were going to plow me until I came all over your cock."

"Yes, you walked in for your first lesson with me, with a tight skirt, and a top with her nipples sticking out," Harry said. "And you didn't think I noticed."

"Oh, I knew you would notice," Faith said. "Just like you knew I would notice when you brushed up against me with your big cock when you trained until I begged for you to push it in me."

Harry smiled and pressed down. The heat spilling from her body made his cock throb. He wanted to push it inside her.

"You're going to beg for this cock, or you're not going to get it," Harry said. "You're going to have to convince me you need it, or you aren't going to get anything?"

Faith leaned up and guided Harry's face to between her breasts. Her breath hit the back of Harry's ear when she spoke.

"Is this tight pussy not enough convincing for you, big boy?" Faith asked. "I don't know how much more convincing you need other than a nice tight pussy which you can ram until I cum all over your thick and juicy cock."

Harry smiled and rubbed his manhood down her stomach. She felt supple.

"I keep myself in good shape, knowing I have to stay tight, for this cock," Faith said. "Do it, put your big cock into me. Please, sir, I need your cock. Such a beautiful thing needs a home where it can keep warm on these long, winter nights."

Faith started to nibble on his ear and kiss on the side of his neck. Her fingernails placed on his back and started to trace patterns around it.

Harry smiled and pushed his cock against her entrance. Her pussy lips rubbed against him and the heat almost sucked him inside. His cock throbbed and the primal need to bury himself inside Faith's pussy heightened with each passing moment.

"Take your big cock and ravish me," Faith said.

Harry pushed his throbbing cock into her tight sheath. Her pussy greeted him with its warm caress when he pushed inside her.

Faith closed her eyes and moaned "about time!" Harry's cock speared into her body. His toned and sexy body was amazing when pressed against hers. She continued to moan in his ear the more Harry worked himself down onto her.

"You know I couldn't resist this pussy for long," Harry said. "It's perfect, it feels really good around my cock. I can't hold back from it much longer. It's so amazing, so good, I have to fuck it all night long."

"Yes, baby, I know you do," Faith said.

"You're going to wish you hadn't been so cocky earlier," Harry said.

Faith grinned at him. Not much time for her to really response given how far Harry plunged into her body. The thrust into her caused her to shake up and bring his cock deeper inside her.

Harry hammered away at her tight pussy. The walls hugged him as tight as ever.

"You're going to cum now, and you're going to like it when I make you cum over and over again until you beg me for mine," Harry said. "And I may give you my cum, if you earn it."

"I will earn it, you can't hold back forever," Faith said.

"Hmm, we'll see," Harry said. "Cum."

The word spoke with such force and authority Faith did not really know what happened. Her hips started to jerk up and down to push his rod deep inside her.

Faith lifted up her legs in an attempt to hold Harry in for longer so she could squeeze him. Harry's intense pussy pounding caused her to struggle to keep her head above the water and Harry pummeled away at her.

"Mmm, more, I can take more," Faith said.

"Yes, I know," Harry said. "I've been going easy on you."

Harry's hands grabbed Faith's hips and shifted behind her to squeeze her ass. The Slayer's legs scissored him and Harry used the leverage to pound her pussy without mercy.

"Yes, mmm, yes, pound my pussy, pound it hard!" Faith yelled. "Drill me, you call that a…"

She was about ready to protest the lack of hard and fast pounding. Harry held onto Faith's hips and pounded her even harder. Her body tensed up around his cock and when he pushed all the way inside her.

Faith's orgasm rose in her body. He slowed down just enough to make it back off and then started to pound her harder than ever before. The desire she felt after the denied orgasm made her squeeze him even harder. Her hands rested on Harry's lower back and made sure to encourage him inside.

Harry grunted when he pushed himself down. He nipped at the top of her breasts with each thrust. Faith's heat encouraged him to pull him in. He could see the lust burning through her eyes.

"You'll cum when the time is right," Harry said. "And the time is right…now."

This word hit the back of Faith's ear. Her wet walls squeezed his cock and tried to get him to cum alongside with her. Harry did not back off. He rode out one orgasm in his partner and lead her down the direction to the other.

"Did you really think it would be this easy?" Harry asked. He held onto her hips and pushed into her. "I'm going to tell you what's going to happen. And you're not going to stop it. I'm going to fuck you long and hard into the night."

Harry pushed into her. Faith's entire body tensed around him.

"And you're going to scream in my ear for more," Harry said. "You're going to beg me to take you in every way possible."

For her next orgasm, Harry lifted Faith's legs and spread them. He took advantage of her flexibility. He grabbed onto her and pounded her pussy. Her tight body constricted around them.

"Never stop, don't you fucking slow down!" Faith yelled. "I want your cock to rip me in half! I want you to pound me all night long"

Harry positioned her where Faith could see his cock spear into her. The juices trickled from her pussy and allowed him a quicker and easier path to the center of her body.

"No, don't worry, I won't slow down," Harry said.

Faith thanked all of her lucky stars, including the ones she saw, for this intense orgasm. Harry lifted his hips up and plowed into her body. He pounded her harder than ever and made her wetter than ever.

Harry worked through another orgasm on her apart. Faith coated his huge cock with the molten hot juices pumping from her. Her cunt hugged him on the way down. He could feel her body mold against his, intention to bring his cum into her body.

The moment Harry pulled out, Faith glared up at him. He smiled and leaned back onto the bed.

"If you think you can handle riding it, then go for it," Harry said.

Faith gave him a predatory smile when she crawled across the bed. Dark hair flipped over her face and formed a seductive curtain.

"Oh you better believe I'm going to ride you," Faith said. She reached in and squeezed his cock. "I'm going to ride you so hard your balls are going to be drained. And I'm going to ride you even more."

Faith popped her mouth around his cock to taste her juices on them. The full though of how much she came reached through Faith's body. She pushed almost all the way down on his tool and took him into the back of her hot throat.

"Delicious," Faith said. She licked her lip with a smile.

Faith positioned herself onto Harry's lap and dragged her pussy against him. She could feel the tip of his head against her entrance.

"Lot bigger when you're on top of things, aren't you?"

"I can handle it," Faith said.

Determination spread through her. She bit down on her lip and took the plunge. His cock filled her body most of the way. Faith stretched her legs back and pushed almost all the way up. She pushed down onto his cock with one more huge and fluid pump.

Harry enjoyed the sensation of her sweet pussy wrapped around his throbbing pole. Faith rose up and sank down from him.

"You're so hot bouncing up and down on my cock like this," Harry said.

Faith smiled. She rode his cock up and down. Faith tried to control all of her strength through her pussy muscles to squeeze her a good dose of cum.

"Your balls feel like they've been storing a lot of cum for me," Faith said. "Good, I'm going to get a nice big load."

"I'm sure it's going to feel good when your pussy squeezes me pump for pump," Harry said. He clenched her breasts. "While you cum over and over again."

Harry held his hands on her chest and squeezed these breasts. Faith's body tensed up around him when she rode him up and down.

Faith smiled when she did her lower body work out while Harry worked her upper body. Each time he hit her insides, a cluster of nerve endings had been shot on fire. The dark-haired Slayer pumped her walls around Harry's throbbing prick.

Harry smiled. This tight pussy made his cock throbbed. He leaned in and bit on her neck. She moaned when he marked her neck.

"Making the world know who you belong to," Harry said.

"Oh, you bad boy, getting so territorial," Faith said.

She plunged all the way down on Harry's cock and enveloped his throbbing manhood deep on his thick and swollen pole.

"It's your fault for being such a hot piece of ass," Harry said. "And I'm going to mark that too eventually."

Harry's fingers groped Faith's rear. She breathed heavy. Harry rolled his hands over every inch of her body. Every single lovely inch of her flesh burned underneath Harry's hands.

Faith pushed herself up and down Harry's cock. His erection pulsed all the way inside her. Faith's slick center enveloped Harry with another pump inside her. She held onto him. Orgasm after orgasm racked over Faith's body and she could feel her end as well.

"Go ahead, I know you want to cum," Faith said. "Oh, cum in me, give me that big load of cum…..shoot it in my pussy….feel this tight pussy. You want to cum in it don't you baby? You want to befoul my body with your magical seed, don't you?"

Faith grinded her pussy up and down on them.

"Yes, I'm sure you want my cum just as much as I want to cum," Harry said. "And I've got a big load saved up for you. I'm going to give you so much cum, you'll be stuffed full."

Faith flashed a sultry smile.

"Time to drain those big balls into my tight pussy," Faith said. "I'm going to feel this one, for a long time, aren't I?"

Harry held onto her hips and held her close. She pushed all the way down onto him. Faith held the position so Harry remained balls deep and crammed into her pussy. His balls throbbed with the remnants of his load.

Faith rubbed herself up and down Harry's aching shaft. She smiled at the sensation of what was to come. Harry's hands found their firm grip upon her hips and forced her all the way down onto him.

"After you."

She tried to hold back the orgasm only to find it had rocked through her body before Faith could even protest. Harry grabbed onto her back and pushed her all the way down.

Harry's turn followed soon after. The first burst of cum shot into Faith's pussy. The woman's walls splattered nice and hot with the cum. Every single spurt which followed caused her to drive her hot walls all the way down on Harry's hard cock.

"Yes, give me it, give me all of your seed!" Faith yelled. "Give it all to me, shoot your cum inside me…give it all to me!"

Faith's walls tensed around him with a few more clenches. She milked all of the cum from his balls and made them drain inside her body.

Harry lifted his hips and concluded firing his seed inside her body. Several dozen pumps later, he spilled the gift into her. The two of them came down with a series of pleasurable shudders from their combined orgasm.

Faith turned around and spread her legs. The glops of cum spilled between her legs. Faith arched her ass in the air.

The sight of Faith on her hands and knees got Harry's motor running one more time. He positioned himself at Faith's entrance with a re-hardened cock.

The intrusion caught Faith off guard. Harry grabbed her waist and hammered into her from behind her.

"Remember our most important lesson," Harry said. "Be on guard for anything."

Harry's cock resurrected itself from the depths and drilled her with passion. Faith held onto the bed and was not going to tap out. She was determined to take this thick rod even harder inside her.


Chapter Text

Maid to Fuck(Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter).


Harry Potter swung open the doors leading to his dining room in his mansion and found himself greeted to one of the most magnificent sights he could think about. Fleur Delacour's thong clad ass stuck up in the air when she kneel down on the floor and scrubbed it. His eyes traveled down the back of her legs, up to the back of them. She wore a pair of high heel shoes which dangled on the ground from her lacy white stockings.

Fleur dressed in a sexy French Maid's outfit. The skirt shortened several inches past what considered to be decent. It showed her panties, or what passed for panties in this situation. Harry watched her turn. Her breasts fell out of the top and showed the lack of bra underneath. He caught sight of Fleur's gorgeous face covered in sweat with her blonde hair on her face. The collar she wore around her neck added to the fun.

"Hello, Master," Fleur said with a smile. "I'm doing some house cleaning this morning."

She turned around and Harry watched her ass sway. Fleur continued to crawl around on her hands and knees and taunt Harry with this gorgeous and tantalizing ass. It swayed back and forth for Harry.

"You're doing an excellent job," Harry said. He approached her from behind. "Keep it up, and you're going to get a reward for your work."

Fleur smiled and closed her eyes the second Harry placed his hands on her sweet ass. She shivered the second Harry started to play with her ass through her robes.

"Keep it up," Harry said.

Fleur kept scrubbing underneath the table. Harry responded by kneading her ass and grinding up against it. She made the floor all nice and clean.

"Good, turn around, my pet."

Fleur turned around with a smile. Her red lips parted into an impish smile. Already, Harry unbuckled his pants and sent them down past his ankles. His underwear came down and cock sprung out. All twelve thick and throbbing inches shoved out.

Harry looked at her gorgeous face, magnificent cleavage with tits spilling out from the slightest of moments, and skirt riding up to show her panties. Harry wanted her in the worst way.

"It's time for your reward," Harry said. He grabbed onto Fleur's mouth and shoved his cock past her lips and into her mouth.

Fleur opened her throat wide and swallowed her lover's engorged prick. Harry held onto the side of her face and delivered a few slow and sure pumps into her. Fleur's wet mouth closed around him and opened with each thrust. She sucked him hard.

Harry enjoyed the feeling of Fleur's beautiful lips wrapped around his tool. Her tongue worked around the edge of his cock and brought it all the way down. The moistness of this tongue pleasured his cock.

"Good, good, take my cock like a good little French whore," Harry said. "You like feeling my cock down your throat, don't you?"

Fleur nodded in response. She inhaled this throbbing cock the longer it passed through her lips. Harry held onto the side of her face and rammed his thick tool into her throat. Every single time he hit the back of her throat, Fleur thought she would lose her mind.

"Yes, go ahead, take my cock," Harry said. "You're so hot down on your knees like this. Taking my entire cock down your throat."

Fleur submitted to her master's desires. She shook in pleasure. His cock left her mouth. Fleur looked at the size it and licked it all the way around before Harry shoved himself into the back of her throat.

Harry gripped the back of Fleur's head and throat-fucked her. Fleur rested her hand on his balls and encouraged him to do more. The sensation of her hot and able hand touching his balls made Harry just drill her with more vigor.

"Good, you're going to make me cum, aren't you?" Harry asked. "I've saved up a nice big load for you…but there's more where that came from."

Fleur re-doubled her efforts and took Harry far into the back of her throat. His engorged balls clenched in her hand. Fleur breathed in and out.

Harry grunted and pushed forward. He thrust his cock into Fleur's mouth and sent the contents of his balls into her mouth. He fired a huge load into her throat.

Fleur sucked him to a conclusion. She took great care not to waste a single drop of his cum.

"Good girl, you didn't make a bigger mess," Harry said. "At least not yet, but you will….get to your feet."

Fleur jumped to her feet. The moment she jumped up, the top half of her uniform released her DD Cup tits for Harry. They stood firm and perky for Harry. He reached forward and squeezed them. Fleur closed her eyes.

"I know your tits are so sensitive, but you enjoy them being squeezed, don't you?" Harry asked.

Harry's palms pressed onto Fleur's breasts and gave her another squeeze. Juices pooled between her legs and soaked her panties through. Harry pushed her against the table and straddled the top of her. He squeezed her breasts.

"These are mine," Harry said. "They exist for my pleasure, don't they, my little pet?"

"Yes, Master, please," Fleur said.

"And you deserve another reward," Harry said. "And doesn't my nice large cock deserve a nice warm home?"

Fleur nodded vigorously. Harry climbed on top of her and positioned his cock in the valley of her cleavage. He slipped his throbbing cock in between her breasts and pushed them all the way out. She breathed in pleasure the moment Harry passed through them.

Harry grabbed onto Fleur's breasts. He watched his large cock disappear in between them. He kept pounding away at her with a couple of long thrusts.

"Looks like I'm going to make another big mess for you to clean up, aren't I?"

Fleur's hands found Harry's hips and she encouraged him to keep pounding those tits. The soft breasts squeezed him when Harry's cock slipped in and slipped out. He rocked his way in between Fleur's juicy tits.

"Yes, good, it feels good," Harry said. "You're going to make me spill my seed all over your big, juicy, tits, aren't you?"

Fleur could not hold back. She let Harry kept pounding her tits while her pussy oozed more than enough cum to flood the entire dessert. Harry rested his hands on her breasts and continued to pump in her.

"Taste my cock again," Harry said. Fleur obeyed and licked his cock when it pushed out between her breasts.

Harry clutched Fleur's breasts and kept pumping his thick prick in the middle of them. His cock snuck out of them and touched her lips every time.

"Prepare yourself, because I'm going to cum," Harry said. "All of your face, all over your tits, and all over your sexy body. Your body is so fucking sexy, I can't hold back."

"Don't hold back!" Fleur begged. "Give me a big mess to clean up. Blow your load all over my tits, all over my face, and in my mouth, blow your entire load into my mouth, please!"

Harry gave a grunt and pumped his way between those soft orbs. Fleur's breasts caressed him the more Harry rode her chest. The sweetness of those breasts caressed the thickness of her cock.

Fleur's body jolted in surprise at the first blast of cum hitting her. The cum splattered her chest and her face as well. The girl caught the cum on her tongue and sucked it down with a wicked smile on her face. More cum continued to fire all over her face.

"I like being covered in your cum!" Fleur yelled.

Harry emptied the contents of his balls down onto Fleur's body. Fleur used her breasts to milk every single drop out of Harry's testicles onto her body. He covered her face, breasts, and the cum started to roll down her stomach.

He finished to pump between her breasts and finished off. Harry pulled away from her and looked at her.

"Clean yourself up."

Fleur shuddered. So forceful, she had to obey. The Veela's body swelled up with sexual energy. Her hands skimmed over her body and caught the cum from her hands. Fleur pushed her fingers inside her mouth and started to suck them. The amount of cum coated to her fingers made Fleur even more hungry. She pushed those fingers into her mouth and sucked them dry.

"Good girl," Harry said. "Bend over the table."

Fleur obeyed her master and anticipated what came next. She flipped over onto the table. Harry flipped up Fleur's skirt and revealed her thong. Two fingers shoved in the thong and pulled it down to reveal Fleur's smooth, dripping womanhood.

Harry grinned when pressing his finger against Fleur. A Veela's clit had more of a chance of stimulation. A few rubs would get her to cream all over the table. Harry put the right amount of pressure against. He enjoyed making her squirm and cream all over the table.

"I bet you'd like my cock inside you," Harry said. "I bet you'd like it buried inside you when you cum over it. Your body racking with pleasure when you cum again and again. Begging for my seed buried inside your body. Stuffed full of so much of it until you can't handle it."

"Yes, give me more cum I can handle, please," Fleur said. "My pussy was made for your cock."

"I know," Harry said. He touched his fingers against the inside of her pussy and worked them inside. "Good things come to those who wait though."

Harry slipped one digit inside her. His finger teased the inside of Fleur's wet walls. They remained tight even against his finger. Harry knew how to manipulate them for the best fit and the best ride around his cock. His finger situated and shifted back a tiny bit and pushed into her one more time. Another thrust and it burned Fleur up with a long pump.

"Good girl, you want this finger inside you," Harry said. "I bet my pet would like a second finger."

Fleur bit down on her lip in the most alluring manner possible and nodded. Harry slipped another finger inside her. The two combined digits tortured the Veela and brought her to the edge of madness.

Harry added a third finger. The wetness and the tightness of these walls prompted Harry's cock to start throbbing. He worked his fingers between her with a couple of long and powerful thrusts.

"I bet you can't hold it back," Harry said. "I know you're going to cum for me, aren't you?"

Fleur responded with a nod. The pleasure started to bubble up her body. No matter how much she restrained herself, Fleur's body enslaved itself to the powerful man pushing inside her. He eased her body to the orgasm before letting it go.

Harry soaked in the sensation of Fleur's pussy closing around his cock and clenching his fingers. The heat increased with a force which caused Harry's fingers a pleasurable heat. He kept pumping his way into her core.

The moment Fleur's orgasm concluded, Harry pulled his fingers out. Fleur saturated them with her nectar. Harry knew one thing to do. He slipped those dripping digits into his mouth and tilted his head back to suck on them.

The taste of Fleur's honey made Harry's cock grow even harder. He needed to put in the source.

"Good, this pussy is nice and ready," Harry said. He reached around and grabbed Fleur's breasts to get her attention. He ran his hands down her body and moved around to rest his hands on her ass. "You're all nice and ready to get fucked."

Harry's throbbing head lingered at the edge of Fleur's entrance. The intense heat of her pussy beckoned Harry inside. His balls ached with the need for release. Only one step left to take. He positioned himself closer and took the plunge.

Fleur dug her nails into the table and clawed the hell out of it. Her pussy filled up with a prime male organ. Lust spread through her body and only increased with his hands toying with every inch of her soft body.

"Yes, you're feeling so good, aren't you? "Harry asked. "You like this, you like me driving me cock into your tight body. You love your entire body racking in pleasure. You like my strong hands making your body mine, don't you?"

Harry empathized this point by rolling said strong hands over inch of Fleur's hot body. He kept working those hands all over her and caused her to moan in pleasure every time he drove himself into her.

"Yes, yes."

Harry held onto Fleur's juicy nipples and pinched them as hard as possible. Her moist center tensed around his cock. The warm and hot juices trickled onto him and made his path to her core be even more fluid and responsive.

Fleur bit down on her lip and positioned towards the mirror. The Veela wanted to her master to see the look on her face.

"Pull my hair and drive your cock into me, please!" Fleur yelled. "Pound my pussy into jelly….pound it!"

Harry grabbed onto the back of Fleur's head and continued to pump all the way inside her. Her wet and moist cunt squeezed him the further Harry buried himself. He held onto her silky blonde hair with these long and powerful thrusts. Each time he buried inside her, a jolt spread through her body.

Fleur enjoyed being dominated by this powerful man. Energy spread all through her body. His hands coaxed more pleasure every time they skimmed all over her body. Harry cupped the underside of her breasts and worked a deeper path inside her.

"Mmm, yes, oooh, mmm, yes," Fleur said. "Harder, please, make me your bitch. Fuck my cunt until it comes all over your throbbing, hard….cock!"

Fleur's breathing increased with every single hard thrust Harry delivered to her wet and juicy center. His cock slid almost all the way out of her and then spiked back inside her. The hard thrust continued with Harry.

"Cum for me, Fleur," Harry said. "Cum for me hard."

Fleur obeyed her master's will and Harry continued to thrust into her. His balls struck up against the side of her thighs. The molten hot pleasure gave Harry a steady path inside her.

"Mmm, so hard, so, good," Fleur said. "Take me harder, further….harder!"

Fleur's breathing continued with Harry punishing her pussy with constant thrusts inside her. His swollen balls pushed up against her with each thrust. Harry rose almost all the way back and plowed Fleur into the table. His hands found their way onto her hips and gave him extra leverage.

"One more time," Harry said.

Fleur's entire body tensed up. The moist center grew even wetter in anticipation of accepting the gift of her master's sticky seed. The French goddess clawed the table and gifted her partner to the pleasure of some bilingual cursing.

Harry only had the slightest idea what Fleur said. A fair amount of it seemed rather hot and made his balls throb. He continued to pump into Fleur from behind with a couple of long and powerful thrusts. He held onto her hips and reared back.

"Are you ready to get it, my love?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Fleur said.

Harry held back for as long as he could. He stored a big load in his balls to give this French goddess. He pushed into her and watched Fleur's beautiful face screw up in a pleasurable way.

His hands roamed down Fleur's back and touched her soft skin all the way down. Harry gave one last tour of her body before giving her the gift of her cum.

Every single touch caused Fleur's orgasm to return in full force. Some small ones, and some big ones, and Harry guided her to the big one.

"Here we go, together," Harry said.

Fleur's core heated up to it's highest. The wetness caressed Harry's cock and pulled it into her. Her womb braced itself for intrusion. Harry held onto her hips and pumped all the way back into her.

The first pump brought his thick cum into Fleur's wet pussy. Another few pumps later and Harry spilled the contents of his cum into Fleur's body.

Fleur gave a low purr the moment Harry injected his cum inside her. He injected a sticky load into her body and filled her womb up. The cum stuck to the inside of her when Harry pushed in and then pulled all the way out of her.

The moment Harry pulled out and sank onto the nearest chair, Fleur crawled off of the table and slunk down to the floor. She wrapped a hand around Harry's cock.

"Let me clean up this mess," Fleur said.

Fleur swallowed Harry's cock. She took all twelve inches into his mouth with the precision of a goddess. The warmth surrounded Harry's thick manhood when she sucked him all the way up to full mast. Her fingers tickled the inside of his balls.

The moment his cock was nice and wet with her spit, Fleur turned around and stuck her ass out. Harry spanked it to prompt juices to spill down Fleur's thighs and lubricate her center.

Harry watched her hot asshole inch closer towards his cock. He smiled and waited for Fleur to reach him. Her asshole pushed over his cock head and she slid down onto him without a second thought.

"Mmm, yes," Fleur said. "Right there's the spot!"

Fleur's ass surrounded Harry's cock. Her lovely cheeks squeezed him when going all the way down onto him. Harry held onto her hips and started to raise them to pound her ass.

"Take it, pound my ass!" Fleur yelled. "Feel my thick ass, and fuck it hard….ram your cock into me….oooh, yes, you're going to make me cum."

Harry jammed one set of fingers into Fleur's cunt and rubbed her breasts with the other. The combined stimulation made the Veela buck up and down on his cock with all of the precision of a wild animal. Harry continued to play with every hot inch of Fleur's skin.

"Yes, it's my ass," Harry said. "And you're going to earn another load in your ass."

His mouth nibbled Fleur's neck. The soft skin molded underneath his mouth. Harry turned over and rubbed his hands over Fleur's breasts. He gained traction and made her nipples stand out underneath his fingers. Harry pressed on in and pressed her buttons as well.

Fleur sank into this combination of sensations along with her ass pushing all the way down on Harry's thick manhood. Her hips rose up and bucked down. The Veela's face glazed over when unmistakable pleasure flowed through her body.

Harry worked over her ass. He could pound it all day long, but even he had his limits. Fleur rose and lowered herself. The warmth of her rear came down onto Harry's balls and coaxed the cum out from underneath them.

Fleur reared back her head and screamed. Harry bit down on her neck and hit those sensitive spots even greater. Her ass clenched down on his cock along with her pussy around his fingers. A white light flashed in front of Fleur's mind as her entire body heated up on Harry's lab.

The warmth around them caused Harry's manhood to tense up. Cum churned up in his balls and he had no choice other than to bring it into Fleur's ass.

The two reached the state of passion with their orgams together. Harry pumped his load into Fleur's ass with a series of long and potent thrusts. He grunted and continued to work her over the edge and beyond with this powerful orgasm.

Fleur shuddered in pleasure.

"Magnificent," Fleur said. "Even though I think I've made another mess I need to clean up."

Harry kissed her on the side of face and allowed Fleur to slink onto the floor, cum dripping from both between her legs and from her asshole. This hardened Harry in a moment.

The Veela sex drive could be intense, but it fed into Harry's own unique magic.


Chapter Text

Blood Lust Therapy(Sara Lance and Thea Queen from Arrow.)

Sara Lance crouched down and closed her eyes. A couple of deep breaths came through her body. The fit blonde dressed in a black sports bra which only just covered what needed to be covered. Her toned abs came down to a pair of tight shorts which fit around her ass and also showed up her dazzling legs. It had been a few months since she had been brought back from death, again.

'Jean Grey has nothing on me,' Sara thought.

She had undergone an interesting form of therapy to keep the blood rage at a minimum. It actually worked well in clearing her mind. When thoughts of rage filled with other, more enticing thoughts, Sara did not really have any complaints regarding how it happened.

A pair of strong hands had Sara. She slowly turned around and saw the brilliant green eyes of her a-hem, therapist. The dark hair, the green eyes, and the Adonis looking features made Sara smile. Harry Potter had his hands on her waist and he planted a kiss on the back of her neck.

"Hey," Sara said with a smile. "I'm really glad to see you because….well, you can never be too careful."

Harry's hands rested about an inch underneath her breasts. They did not slide up and cup her. Sara whimpered at the touch of Harry. She wanted him and wanted a lot more than him.

"Oh, have the urges returned?" Harry asked. He smiled and pressed against her.

"Not the bad kind of urges, the good kind of urges," Sara said. She enjoyed Harry's strong and warm hands being rested on her bare skin. "Of course, if we keep the good kind of urges at bay, then the bad kind of urges go away."

"Win-win, then?" Harry asked.

Sara turned around to face him proper. The blonde stepped forward and kissed him. He returned the kiss and cupped her face. The two of them indulged each other in a long kiss. Harry reached in and cupped her ass to pull her in.

Harry enjoyed the curves of Sara's ass and rolled them down to her. He let go of her and Sara gave him a wicked smile.

"Yes, win-win," Sara said. "The exercises have helped to be…centered to myself. It took a while….when you get pulled back from the brink of Death, it takes a long time to get your footing."

"Yes," Harry said. "I know the feeling."

"I'm sure there's another feeling you like," Sara said. "And I like it too….are you going to….."

Harry responded with another kiss directed at Sara. She melted underneath the grip of him. Harry backed her up against the wall. Sara's legs wrapped around Harry's waist the second he passed her against the padded wall. Harry's hands stroked all the way down the back of her legs.

"The two of you are not going to start without me, are you?"

The door swung open when they were indulged in each other. A short-haired brunette girl stepped in. Mischief danced through her eyes. She slipped a jacket off to reveal a black tank top which rode to show a toned midsection. Tight leather pants stretched over the legs of the brunette.

"Of course, we won't," Harry said. "Come in Thea, make yourself at home."

Thea Queen stepped over and decided to walk over to make herself at home. Sara stepped out of the way, and watched with a smile. Thea dove into Harry's arms and kissed the hell out of him. Harry worked his hands down her body and kissed her.

The kiss brought Thea back and caused her to pant in response.

"Good, I wouldn't want to intrude on anything it's just….it's been a couple of days, and we don't want to run any risks of something bad happening, do we?" Thea asked. She approached Harry with a slick little smile on her face and leaned closer towards him.

Thea gave Harry another kiss in response. Harry returned it and more passionate fire connected between their lips. Harry wrapped his arms around her.

"No, we don't," Sara said. "And you know what they say, the more the merrier."

"Good, I'm glad you're not too bothered by this," Thea said.

Sara stepped forward and made Thea back against the wall. Her hands pressed on the wall and boxed Thea in. Sara smiled.

Why did Thea feel like the prey of a predator who was going to eat her up, and in a good way at that?

"Given how well you eat out my pussy while Harry fucks you, I don't think I have any right to complain," Sara said. She walked closer to Thea and looked into her eyes. "At all."

Sara pressed her lips onto Thea's with a stunning kiss. The blonde used her tongue to invade Thea's tonsils and essentially molest them. The brunette hung onto Sara's waist and moved on to touch her ass. She cupped it in her hands.

"Always going for my ass," Sara said. "Both of you."

Thea laughed and Sara nibbled on the side of her neck. The laugh had turned into a shudder. Sara's finger ran down Thea's arm and caused her to shudder.

"It's so squeezable though," Thea said. She pinched Sara's ass to empathize.

Sara countered with a pinch of her own and caused Thea to shudder in response. The brunette slumped against the wall. A predatory smile crossed over her face.

"And now, I'm hungry," Sara said.

"Help yourself," Harry said.

"Mmm, I think I will," Sara said. She took Harry's shirt and tugged it off. Her hands ran down his muscular chest and started to rub around him.

Sara dropped to her knees and undid his pants with her teeth. She pulled his boxers off as well and stroked the area between Harry's thighs. She started to kiss him over and over, until she reached his balls. Sara kissed between his legs and brought up. Her eager lips found their way towards him.

"Well, since you're later for training, I get a piece of Harry first," Sara said. She held Harry's cock between her fingers and give him a long and sensational lick "Don't worry, I'll let you lick the bowl."

Sara swallowed his entire cock in one fell swoop. Thea watched Harry's cock go into Sara's mouth and disappear completely between her lips. Sara rolled back and came all the way down to her, showing her skill one more time.

"Damn, oh, that's still so hot," Thea said. "Yes, suck is cock hard."

Those leather pants already got even tighter. Thea decided to slip them off and sit there with nothing on beneath the waist other than a pair of thong panties.

Sara slurped Harry's cock and introduced the most pleasurable sensations. The devoted and hungry look in Sara's eyes set Harry's loins on fire. She took him into the back of her throat hot and hard, with her hands dug into Harry's hips.

"Yes, Sara, your mouth feels so fucking good," Harry said.

Sara bobbed her mouth up and down on Harry's cock. The sight of Sara's pretty face buried between his legs and sucking his hard cock made Harry's loins simmer. He grabbed onto the back of her head and encouraged her to go down even more.

The skilled ninja showed her skills were a worth a lot more than to kill people. She touched Harry's balls and squeezed them to feel how much cum was in them. Cum Sara intended to have down her throat and gag on before it was all said them done. Another long slurp and Sara wrapped her tongue around him and licked his entire cock when sucking on it.

"Damn, she's really fucking good," Harry said. "She has the perfect mouth for cock sucking."

"Yes, her mouth is good," Thea said. "Does her hot little mouth feel as good around your cock as my pussy does? Or her pussy…..her pussy feels really good."

Harry thought of Sara's tight cunt and almost came in her mouth. She went down on him with a look in her eyes which seemed more potent than any dirty talking in the world. This girl radiated sex and Harry wanted to stuff his cock down her throat until she gagged.

Sara played with her clit at Harry plowing his cock into the back of her throat. An orgasm rose up her body at the thought of Harry spilling his seed into her throat.

"Yes, it feels really good," Harry said. "Damn it, Sara, if you keep it up, I'm going to lose it in your mouth if you're not careful."

Sara sped up the cock sucking. Her wet and hot mouth inhaled Harry's cock. Her hands hit all of the pleasure points of his balls just like she learned a long time ago. The cum started to bubble within his thick balls.

"I think she wants you to lose it," Thea said. She shoved her fingers into her pussy and diddled herself at what Sara did.

"Damn, Sara, here it comes, I'm going to….God," Harry said.

Harry pushed into her mouth and fired an immense load of cum into Sara's throat. Sara tilted her head back to accept it. Her lips remained sealed around his thick prick and milked every drop out of his cock. Sara's fingers coaxed even more.

Sara accepted every last drop of cum from her god. She worshipped every inch of his cock until it went temporarily flaccid. Not for long though, because Sara was ready for it to be hard and ready to ride. She knew the exactly way to get it back to life too.

"Mmm, delicious," Sara said. "Want a taste Thea?"

Thea rose to her feet and Sara grabbed Thea around the face. The two girls exchanged a very sloppy French kiss with each other. Their hands combed each other's body. Sara shared Harry's gift with Thea like good friends did.

Sara's fingers clutched the side of Thea's shirt and pulled it over her body. Her perky breasts came out in a lacy black bra. Thea returned the favor and stripped Sara's sports bra off. Her healthy breasts and hardened nipples came down.

Thea's bra had been lost next and the two girls continued to kiss, touching nipple to nipple and soon soaked panty crotch to soak panty crotch.

"The two of you are asking for it," Harry said. "You're asking for it big time."

Harry pulled down both sets of panties and shoved a finger in Sara's cunt and a finger in Thea's cunt. He worked over both of their wet snatches. Their tight hips grinded forward with Harry's actions.

Sara panted in pleasure. Every single time Harry's digit penetrated her, it made her hot. It made her wet, perfect for his large cock to slip into her tight pussy later. Sara could have lost it all over Harry's protruding finger.

"Mmm, I think we are asking for it," Sara said. "I think we're asking to be fucked hard. And I think Thea needs a reminder about how good my mouth could go."

Harry released both of the girls, saving the really big one for later. Sara took down Thea by the legs and pinned her down to the mat. The two girls pushed down on the ground. Sara landed on top of Thea and straddled her hips. Sara grinded her pussy down on Thea's.

"Oh, you bitch, that's not fair, you know my weak spots!" Thea whined.

"Oh, you mean here?" Sara asked. She kissed the spot behind Thea's ear. "Oh how about here?"

Sara took Thea's right nipple into her mouth and started to suck on it even more. She kissed all the way down Thea's body. She loved the feeling of Thea's toned flesh and the little sounds Thea made.

"Oh, I can eat you all up, baby," Sara said. She stroked Thea's outer folds. And I'm sure you're going to enjoy my mouth all over your pussy."

Sara reduced Thea into a whimpering wreck and kissed her on her clit before giving it a suck. She came closer to penetration and hung back. Legs spread and Sara looked over her shoulder.

"There you have it Harry," Sara said. "I want your big cock into this nice hot pussy….ram me, abuse my pussy and make me scream in pleasure."

Harry rested his hands on either side of Sara's hips. Her dripping hot lips beckoned for his cock. Harry knew what to do now. He pushed his cock inside it.

"Oh, you're really asking for it now," Harry said. "I'm going to fuck you and make you cum until you pass out."

Sara hoped so, she really did. Harry held onto her hips and speared inside her. Sara's cunt stretched out to accept his cock before relaxing around him in a tight, wet, and hot grip.

Harry pumped himself into her slow at first. Sara flexed her pussy muscles around Harry and communicated without words. Harry ran his hands up and touched all of Sara's curves.

Sara's face disappeared between Thea's thighs and showed her oral skills. The tongue scraped and them drove deeper. She buried herself into Thea's pussy and felt it.

"Mmm, yes, oh God, oh, Sara….oh….YES!" Thea yelled.

Sara nibbled on Thea's sweat little pussy and brought more slick juices into her mouth.

"And here I thought your sister was the screamer," Harry said as he rested his hands on Sara's hips and pumped into her from behind.

Sara could not come up with a witty response on the account of having her pussy stuffed so full of Harry's cock she thought she would explode. His thick cock buried inside Sara's wet pussy and worked her up to another orgasm.

"Oh, yes, she's is….it runs in the family!" Thea yelled.

Sara's pussy eating brought Thea up to another orgasm. She could only turned a little bit to watch Harry's thick cock spear inside of her.

"Cum for me again," Harry said. "Go ahead and cum for me. You can't get enough of me stuffing my thick cock into your perfect pussy."

Sara responded with another vocal scream before going down on Thea and devouring her pussy. This caused a whimper of pleasure to come from Thea as well.

"I bet you're nice and wet too, Thea," Harry said. "Don't worry, I'll get to you next."

Thea could hardly wait to be honest. Sara's tongue tortured her to the edge of another orgasm. She had way too much experience with eating pussy and manipulated Thea in so many ways. Her body racked in a consant state of arousal and orgasm.

Harry slapped Sara's ass when he pushed into her. He ran his hands all over Sara's body. Each sweaty, toned, curve molded into Harry's hands. His balls throbbed at how tight her body ended up. Harry pumped deep inside Sara a few more times.

"One more time," Harry said. "And then you're going to get your reward. I hope you're ready."

Sara's wet cunt gave Harry a squeeze. Harry could tell from the tightness and warmth from her pussy what she wanted. He slid all the way inside her and worked into Sara with rapid thrusts.

"DAMN IT, SARA!" Thea yelled.

Thea's body thrashed with what Sara did to her. She hummed something from her throat and the vibrations struck Thea hard. And here Thea thought she was at the mercy of Harry's magical tongue.

Sara's body tensed up with another orgasm. The blonde beauty channeled every bit of energy through her tight cunt in an attempt to coax Harry's seed from his balls. He pushed into her.

"After you," Harry said.

Sara tensed up around him. A jolt of energy spread through her body and seconds later, her orgasm followed. Harry's followed after hers.

Every nerve ending in Harry's body exploded with pleasure. He buried himself into Sara's tight body and the seed into her womb. The beauty's cunt clamped down around him and squeezed him into submission. He shot an immense load into her pussy.

Sara sighed, at the feeling of contentment. Her lust had been satisfied by a big load and multiple orgasms for now.

Thea pulled herself up the second Harry pulled his cock out of Sara. She eyed it and grabbed Harry's cock in her hand.

"I need your fucking cock!" Thea yelled.

Harry swept Thea down onto the mats and pinned her onto the ground. The brunette's wet pussy lips spread eagerly for penetration. Harry crouched over the top of her and hovered his prick over Thea's entrance. It hardened as quickly as it expelled its load into Sara thanks to the magic of magic.

"I beg your pardon?"

Harry's hot breath hit Thea's ear and she came in response. His third eye stared down her pussy, and it did not slide inside her right away.

"I need your fucking cock….please," Thea said with lust burning through her eyes.

Harry ran his cock all the way down the front of Thea's body. Her toned abs brushed against his cock when Harry made his way closer towards her center. He reached down and grabbed Thea's firm breasts giving them a squeeze.

Thea's hips jumped up from Harry playing with her breasts. Her pussy almost sucked in Harry's cock.

"Put your cock inside my dirty little pussy," Thea said. "Fuck me like your little slut. Make me your bitch, Harry."

"Oh, I think I've already made you that, Ms. Queen."

Harry took the plunge into Thea's tight pussy. Thea clenched down onto Harry's thick manhood the moment he penetrated her. Harry pushed deep inside Thea with a series of rapid fire thrusts.

Every single ripple of his cock buried inside her pussy made Thea scream. Harry's fingers raked down her and grabbed her ass. She returned fire by groping his when the two of them kissed and fucked each other.

"Mmm," Sara said.

She rolled over and started to play with her pussy at Harry driving his cock into Thea's pussy. The rich girl succumbed to the thickest, juiciest cock any of them ever played with.

"Oh, you want to play with yourself….well, I'll give you something really to scream about," Thea said.

Thea gave Sara's pussy a rough fingering. Sara's wet pussy clamped down onto her finger. Thea could feel the warmth and the remains of Harry's cum oozing out of her.

"Yes, oh, damn, Thea….oh fuck!" Sara yelled. "Harry, she's doing so good, drive your cock into her. Make her cum all over your cock."

Harry manipulated Thea's body as if it was a well-played instrument. He buried all twelve inches of himself inside of her with a long thrust. He pushed almost all the way out of her and slammed back into her with more thrusts.

"Yes, I'm cumming…all over your big fat cock!" Thea yelled.

"Harder, you're going to cum harder when I'm doing with you," Harry said. "Keep fingering Sara, make her cum all over your fingers."

Thea obeyed Harry's words, not having a question about it. She kept working her fingers into Thea. Harry matched her motions so it was worth Thea's while to pump into Sara past.

"Oh, you rich cunt, you're nothing, but a slut!" Sara yelled. "A dirty slut who is nothing, but having her brains fucked out."

"You didn't mind eating my dirty slutty pussy earlier!" Thea yelled.

Harry pumped into her pussy. Her tight walls closed around Harry. He grunted and almost pulled all the way out of Thea. He slid into her and slammed down hip to hip onto Thea. The woman's wet walls closed up around Harry and released him again.

"One more time," Harry said.

Thea's hips bucked up to allow Harry to drive all of his cock inside her. Harry pumped down into her and allowed her pussy walls to close up around him. Harry pushed into Thea's wet pussy with a couple of long thrusts into her.

"Cum for me again," Harry said. "Cum for me, and you're going to get your gift."

Thea's pussy moistened in anticipation. Harry rode her to another orgasm. She never stopped fingering Sara despite the overwhelming feelings of lust burning through her bodies. Her body craved having Harry's seed being buried inside her.

"Yes, mmm, yes," Thea said. "Cum for me…cum inside me. You know you want to, you know you can't resist this tight, juicy, pussy."

"You've tempted me with your tight pussy, and you're going to make me cum inside you," Harry said. "Well, you better be careful what you wish for….when you get a nice big load in your nice…tight….pussy."

Harry pumped his load inside Thea with a couple of long thrusts. The contents of his balls exploded into Thea.

Thea's hips twitched up and took Harry's warm cum inside her. Every single drop of the delicious seed spilled into her body and filled her up all the way.

"Oh, yes, yes, right there, right there, it's so good!" Thea yelled. She hung onto Harry's arm when Harry pumped into her.

Thea's pussy filled up with cum. The moment Harry slid out of her, cum started to spill out of her, until Sara found her way between Thea's legs and started to lick the dripping seed from her.

"I really hate to see perfectly good cum go to waste," Sara said. "Even if I'm sure Harry has a couple more big loads to spare us."

To Be Continued.

Chapter Text

Day of Leisure(Bayonetta from Bayonetta).


The statuesque dark haired stunner stretched her arms into the air. The body suit stretched around every inch of her body and left very little to the imagination. Her large breasts pressed against suit and threatened to spill it. It split right near her stomach showing her toned belly. Her legs stretched on for what seemed like miles.

"Well, that was fun," she said.

The dark haired young man stepped inside. His green eyes shined with mischief when he approached the beautiful woman. They had just returned from a day of kicking demon ass. Just a simple, normal, day without many problems.

"Yes," Harry said with a smile. "And you know we can have some more fun, don't you?"

The woman, Bayonetta, smiled. She stepped closer towards her lover and wrapped a set of arms around him. Their bodies pressed together. Her bodysuit was as soft as her hair, mostly because it was made from her hair. She enjoyed the questing of Harry's hands over her body before he reached behind her and cupped her ass.

"Yes, I have a pretty good idea," Bayonetta said. "And those pants…while they look good on you, they get in the way of my view as well."

The witch ripped off Harry's pants. Lust burned through the woman's eyes. Her fingers skimmed down towards Harry's waist and started to touch him on the way down. More lust burned through her eyes when she came down further towards Harry. Her lips found the side of Harry's neck and she planted a series of light kisses on the side of it.

"Oh, I see you're nice and hard for me," Bayonetta said. "Good, you know I can't wait for something I want…and you know how we can work some real magic."

"Talk is cheap," Harry said.

"Well, you know I'm anything, but cheap."

Bayonetta's kisses lingered further down and touched the edge of his cock. She pushed the throbbing manhood between her lips and pushed it into her mouth. Harry groaned the second her hot mouth surrounded his throbbing prick.

"Yes, it feels so good….really good!" Harry groaned.

Bayonetta worked her lips around him with a few more sucks. She did not want him to explode just yet. No matter how good he tasted, no matter how much she wanted to drink from his balls, she had much more fun. She relaxed her grip around his cock and sucked him really hard.

Harry closed his eyes enjoyed and placed the hands on his lover's head. The young man pushed deeper into her mouth with a couple of sick and deep pumps into her. Harry's thick balls slammed into her chin.

"You're such a good cock sucker," Harry groaned.

"Mmm," Bayonetta said. She sucked him a few more times and caressed his manhood. The dark haired beauty's soft hand caressed him slightly and made every moment out to be pleasure. "I could be too good, and waste the gift you give me before it's time."

Bayonetta turned around and turned away from Harry. A bed waited for both lovers through the next door. She got on her hands and knees and spread her thighs. She knew Harry would receive the hint especially when the bodysuit retracted.

Her smooth pussy revealed for Harry. Harry leaned in and kissed her nether lips. His tongue brushed against the inside of her.

"Yes, I hope we could have a nice leisurely afternoon!" Bayonetta yelled. "There's the spot…right there….make me cum all over your tongue."

Harry dove into her. The energy surrounding her pussy tasted pretty forbidden and Harry delved deeper to get some of those slick juices onto his tongue. He swirled around her insides and licked until bringing her to a peak.

Her pussy juices trickled down between her thighs. Harry pulled away and Bayonetta smiled. She smacked her lips and leaned forward. She touched lips with Harry in a playful moment. Their lips molded together in a passionate kiss.

Bayonetta stroked Harry's cock a little bit more. Harry responded by running it on her body. His hands felt her marvelous legs, but his cock had a slightly different destination. He crept up and put his manhood in between those round, perfect breasts.

"Are we having fun?" Harry asked.

Bayonetta enjoyed the feeling of Harry's cock thrust between her breasts while he squeezed them together. The witch responded with a nod. The power swam through her body and hit the loins hard. She gave a lustful and throaty moan at the sensation of Harry's cock buried between her breasts.

Harry pumped his rod in between the breasts of the dark haired beauty. Her lips kissed his cock the moment they reached them. The fact she wore a pair of glasses made her look even more sexy.

"Guess, you're going to get a big load all of your tits now," Harry said. "Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came…from."

Harry pumped his rod between Bayonetta's breasts. He pumped his rod deep in the valley and the added pump resulted in cum spilling from Harry's balls. The white cum splattered against her tits, face, and all over her glasses. Harry rode the orgasm all the way out, nestled between her tits.

"Yes, right there, right all over my face!" Bayonetta yelled. "Cum all over my pretty face….cover it in your nasty spunk!"

Harry rammed his rod deep between Bayonetta's cleavage and rode out her breasts all the way to the end. The warmth of her breasts squeezed him all the way to the end.

"Mmm, delicious," Bayonetta said. She slid the glasses off and put them on the other side of her face. Her tongue licked the thick seed off of her glasses.

Her right hand found Harry's cock and stroked him. The organ twitched in Bayonetta's hand and it was only a matter of time before it hardened enough to slip inside her. Harry crawled down her body and held onto her. Her smooth pussy pressed against his cock.

"Fuck me," Bayonetta said, running her foot against Harry's ass to encourage me. "Fuck me until I'm nothing other than a pile of drool."

Her hormones always rose after a battle. Harry's thick cock pushed in between her lips and slammed inside her body. Bayonetta's back arched back, nails dug into Harry's shoulder and she screamed. Sparks of sexual energy shot all the way through her loins and filled her from head to toe with sparks of pleasure.

Harry thrust into her tight pussy. The wet walls closed around Harry's probing prick. The tightness made him groan. Harry re-doubled his thrusts into her. The nails of his lover dug into his back when Harry pumped inside her.

"A hell of a way to unwind after a day of battle," Harry groaned.

Bayonetta's moan showed him she agreed. Harry filled her up with a large thrust. He pressed against her body and rubbed up against her. The warmth of her mature body against him caused Harry to continue to thrust into her body. His thick balls pushed against her.

The raven-haired beauty wrapped her fingers around Harry's shoulder and moaned in his ear to give further encouragement. She wanted Harry to give her pretty much everything he had. His thick cock penetrated her inside with a long and deep thrust.

"Harder, please," Bayonetta said. "Harder, faster, please, oh, Harry, I'm cumming so hard….so hard!"

Her slick walls caressed him and then tightened around him. The warmth of them hugged Harry's cock and made him feel really good. Every one of his nerve endings along his body had been caressed along with his cock. He grabbed Bayonetta around the shoulders and fucked her harder all the same.

Bayonetta held onto Harry's shoulder and moaned. His face buried between her breasts, now clean of all cum. Harry's hands massaged every inch of her hot body. He squeezed her breasts.

"You're making me cum again, oh you stud, make me cum harder!" Bayonetta said. Her nails pushed into the back of Harry's neck.

"I'm making you lose your mind, aren't I?" Harry asked.

"Worse ways to do it."

Bayonetta thrust her hips up and tightened the grip those long lovely legs held around Harry's waist. This allowed him to pump down into her. Harry's cock touched places which had been through the wildest wet dreams. She held onto his back and encouraged him to push deeper into Harry.

Harry held onto Bayonetta and drilled away at her pussy. She clenched his invading rod and inhaled and exhaled.

"Look, you're going to cum again," Harry said. He slowed down the pounding of her to a torturous crawl.

"No, please don't stop," she begged him.

Harry responded with a smile and stroked every inch of her flesh. The flesh had been inflamed by Harry's fingers which stroked every inch of her.

"Yes, I won't stop, but you can't help it when I touch you," Harry said. "You can't help and get wet…so it makes it a lot easier for me to take you and hard."

Harry enhanced the last word by slamming himself into Bayonetta. Her arms and legs wrapped as tightly around his body as this dripping hot pussy wrapped around his cock. Harry enjoyed the sensations of her pumping all the way around his prick. The young man kept working at her with deep and strong thrusts.

Bayonetta's wet pussy stretched around this pounding cock. Her hips rose and lowered the more Harry pushed into her. She held onto him and moaned with a lustful groan. The back of her throat encouraged Harry to bring himself into her with deeper and more powerful thrusts. She hung onto Harry and squeezed his arm.

"More, do more," she begged him.

"Don't worry, you'll get more," Harry said. "You're going to get more cock than you've ever handled in your life, I wouldn't worry."

Bayonetta hoped as much. She had cum all over his cock several times.

"You really can get wet when you're dominated," Harry said.

"It's your…fault….Alpha factor," Bayonetta said.

His cock speared into her pussy with a squishing sound. Harry's thick tool pushed into her insides and stretched out every lovely inch of this perfect pussy. Harry rose almost all the way out and plunged back into her.

Harry sped up the thrusting inside his hot lover. She clenched around his tool and brought Harry deeper into her depths. The wonderful feeling of his thick cock buried inside her made Bayonetta tense up around him.

"Are you going to cum again?"

Bayonetta's wet walls told the store. He pumped deep into her. Harry built up his load through a sense of concentration and experience. He wanted it to be a big one. Caressing her legs caused Harry's balls to ache with another sense.

"How long can you hold out though?" Bayonetta asked.

Harry grinned when he looked down at her. Hands dragged over the hot body of his lover. Her pussy pumped more over his cock when he pumped into her in response.

"Maybe a few more rounds," Harry said. "You're about to cum again….I can taste it."

Harry licked behind Bayonetta's ear. She tensed up around him and juices dribbled onto his cock. He slammed into her core. The head of his cock kissed the womb of his lover who wrapped around him.

The latest orgasm had been reduced. Harry pulled all the way out of her. Bayonetta could not believe the loss and her pussy complained about it.

"Why?" Bayonetta asked.

"Nothing personal," Harry said. "I just want to explore this from a different angle."

Bayonetta turned onto her hands and knees to face away from Harry. Her juicy ass stuck up into the air to face Harry. Harry gave it a couple of slaps and left his mark on it. Harry rolled his finger against her dripping slit.

"I figured you'd be dripping," Harry said. He waved his hand and a mirror hovered in mid-air. "I want to see how you look when I ram my cock into your cunt."

Bayonetta positioned face first in front of the mirror. This throbbing hunk of manhood brushed against the woman's entrance and Harry held onto her hips.

"Oh, you feel even bigger from back there!" Bayonetta yelled.

The dark-haired temptress clutched on the side of the bed to experience these huge and powerful thrusts buried deep inside her body. A moan escaped from her lips when Harry rested those strong hands down upon her hips and rocked into her. One deep thrust caused Bayonetta to moan in pleasure. Those thick balls pushed against Bayonetta.

Harry rode out the gorgeous woman beneath him to an orgasm. One look inside the mirror encouraged Harry to deepen and speed up those hard thrusts.

"So, hot, so very hot."

Everything got hotter. Harry wrapped a hand around Bayonetta's breast and gave a light little squeeze. The juicy nipple pushed against the skilled man's digit. Hands roamed all over Bayonetta's body which prompted those pussy walls to wrap around him.

"Yes, you get me so hot," Bayonetta said. "I'm cumming again."

She came one more time around Harry's cock. The lubrication led to a quicker path and thrust to the center. Balls slapped against the woman.

Harry built up an immense load with these deep and swift thrusts. The young man reached around and cupped Bayonetta's swinging breasts. A squeeze caused delightful moans spreading through the vixen. Harry sped up with another long and powerful thrust. Balls slapped against Bayonetta the second Harry worked into her again. A long thrust buried the thick cock inside her body.

Orgasms built up with both of the lovers. Harry cupped every inch of the delightful toned body laid out on the bed. Harry plunged into the depths of the tight pussy.

"Your pussy is so tight," Harry said. "I can't wait to cum inside it. I can't wait to fill up every inch of it with my seed."

"Don't wait then, do it!" Bayonetta cried.

An eruption of heat spread through Bayonetta's thighs and she spread said thighs to allow Harry to fill her to the hilt. Every thrust brought her closer to a passionate edge. The woman's heart raced a little bit the instant Harry rocked back against Bayonetta's dripping hot opening.

"Here it comes," Harry said. "I hope you're ready."

Bayonetta's walls tensed up around Harry. The vixen redefined the term ready. Those wet walls clenched around Harry and prepared to bring the young man to the edge of an orgasm.

"Yes, ready, born read," Bayonetta said. "Give me all of it, because there's more to come."

Harry smiled when the feeling spiked up through the balls of this horny lover. Bayonetta's pussy squeezed him hard. Those awesome vaginal muscles put the pressure on Harry's cock. One more thrust pushed Harry over the edge and a sticky climax into Bayonetta.

Bayonetta's entire body shook in pleasure. She opened up to accept the load of cum deposited inside. The long thrust buried the sticky seed inside.

Harry slid from Bayonetta with a content smile. He leaned back and Bayonetta found a position pressed against his chest. The woman's fingers stroked Harry until they prepared for the next round.

Which judging by the look in her eyes, would be rather soon.


The End.

Chapter Text

Power of Love(Aphrodite from Greek Mythology.)


Harry Potter smiled when looking outside of an imperial palace over one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The light sky shined brightly on this night. The flowers looked perfect, the garden looked wonderful. All of the sights, the sounds, the smells of this place tickled the senses. Olympus filled with wonders and Harry could not wait to indulge in all of those grand wonders over the next couple of seconds.

A figure approached him. A pair of hands placed on Harry's waist. Harry turned his head around with a smile and indulged in one of the best looking wonders imaginable. The beautiful woman in front of him boasted of the perfect features which many women would kill for. Blonde hair which looked flawless and full volume framed a seductive looking face with vibrant violet eyes. A sexy face followed by an elegant neck. Her toga came down to expose a small amount of cleavage with round, full, and large breasts. The abundant amount of curves could be shown without an ounce of fat on her body. A sexy ass and a nice pair of long legs enhanced the view.

"So, are you enjoying the view?"

"Now more than ever," Harry said.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, smiled and cupped her hands in Harry's face. The two of them exchanged a brief kiss.

Harry spent a fair amount of time trying to see how much he could tap into the power of love. Albus Dumbledore, who had too many middle names and titles for his own good, claimed the power of love would be the method to take down Voldemort.

In Dumbledore's wildest dreams, Harry doubted very much the Headmaster would have thought Harry would have channeled the power of love in this way. Namely, by becoming the high priest of the Goddess of Love with all of the perks and benefits, including a significant enhancement of power and the ability to charm girls out of their panties.

The kiss caused bright lights to shine in Harry's head. The two of them backed forward.

"You defeated Voldemort and reduced his followers to next to nothing," Aphrodite said. "Wouldn't you say it's a cause for celebration, my love?

Aphrodite's soft fingers worked Harry's top open. She smiled the second the muscular and well-toned abs and chest revealed itself to her line of sight.

"You can't have enough of me, can you?" Harry asked.

"No," Aphrodite said with a smile. "Could you blame me?"

Harry could not blame her at all. Aphrodite guided Harry back to the light bed and removed those cumbersome pants of his. A nice large cock stuck out in the air. The goddess of love wrapped her hands around it and gave a nice kiss.

The feeling of Aphrodite's lips planted on his prick caused fire to spread through Harry's loins. He lifted those hips up to meet Aphrodite's lovely lips against the swelling point of his cock. She continued to plant kisses all over the head and took a little bit of his head into her mouth.

"So…good," Harry said.

Aphrodite sucked on this thick tool. The manhood struck the back of the goddess's throat. Harry placed a pair of hands down on the back of Aphrodite's head to allow the vision of beauty to continue her ways.

"Want to taste you now," Harry said.

Aphrodite smiled. She taught him how to use several techniques to bring a woman to her feet.

"Just enjoy the show, love," Aphrodite said.

The goddess's hips swayed a little bit. Harry followed the motions of her dance, cock throbbing all of the way. The silky material of the toga slipped down to reveal Aphrodite's large breasts. They stood perky and high and bounced to push against Harry's face. Aphrodite grinded up and down on Harry's crotch.

More hot skin revealed with Aphrodite showing a toned stomach. Harry could drool at the lovely sight presented in front of him. Wet pussy lips brushed against Harry's extended prick. A small strip of blonde hair added to the beauty and those legs came down.

Aphrodite smiled and leaned back on the bed. The legs of the goddess spread wide and pussy had been exposed for Harry's consumption. Those juices rolled down and Aphrodite touched her fingers to them. The goddess slipped the moist digits between a divine and juicy set of lips and sucked the cum down.

Harry paid tribute to another set of lips. A couple of kisses peppered Aphrodite's divine navel before going down between the goddess's legs. Harry's face disappeared between Aphrodite's thighs and tongue slipped inside the hot sheath.

"Mmm, you know how to please a woman."

Harry's tongue turned around in a corkscrew motion and lapped up the inner juices. A deeper push caused Aphrodite's hips to rock up. Harry went back and forth in a swiping motion.

The talented tongue pushed back and forth. Aphrodite breathed in to allow Harry's tongue to work some sinful magic on her hot slit. Harry rose to the occasion and drove a skilled tongue inside the horny goddess. The tongue rattled back and forth with a fast flurry.

"Right…right there, keep it up, right now!" Aphrodite yelled.

The divine woman ensured her lover's face did not stray. Those juices lapped up with Harry swirling the tongue back and forth and all around. An orgasm spread through Aphrodite's hot body with hips bucking up.

"Make me cum!" Aphrodite said. "I want to taste my cum all over your handsome face!"

Harry drove deeper tongue first into Aphrodite. Sparks flew through their bodies. The goddess of love ensured Harry lapped up every last bit of those juices. The divine juices spilled further into Harry's mouth with each swipe inside.

Aphrodite's entire body shook up and came all over Harry's face. Harry lapped up what spilled out of Aphrodite to incite several more orgasms.

The goddess of love collapsed back on the bed. Harry climbed on top of her in an instant and kissed the daylights out of the goddess.

Harry enjoyed the feeling of Aphrodite's perfect body underneath him. A right hand gripped Harry's cock and guided it to its home.

Aphrodite held onto Harry and moaned the second Harry filled inside her. Harry rose up and pushed down into her. He pumped down into Aphrodite's dripping cunt in a rapid fire succession. The moment the momentum had been established, Aphrodite kicked back and enjoyed a hell of a ride.

The warm and wet paradise wrapped around Harry's cock sheathed and unsheathed him with a couple of huge pumps. Harry kicked up his momentum.

"Harder love, I'm ready," Aphrodite said. "I'm nice and wet for you."

The juices pumping out of Aphrodite's pussy allowed Harry to push deeper inside it. Their hips pressed down with an intense coupling between the two of them.

"Are you ready to cum?" Harry asked. "I bet you'll cum faster if I start playing with these juicy tits, won't you?"

"Nice and big, just like how you like them," Aphrodite said. "I bet you want to suck on them as well."

Harry pushed between Aphrodite's ample chest and sucked the ample sacks of flesh on them. The goddess pushed Harry's head into them.

"I'm going to cum with your big fat cock buried in my pussy, and your handsome face buried in my nice big tits!" Aphrodite yelled. "Here it comes….I hope you're ready….I know I'm ready!"

Aphrodite clenched down on Harry and squeezed hard. Harry rode out this orgasm and lead her all the way to another one. The goddess of love pressed on Harry's ass to encourage more deeper thrusting yet.

Harry got the message loud and clear.

"Oh, did you think it would be that easy to get my seed?" Harry asked.

"I would have…questioned my teaching, if it was."

Harry focused on bringing Aphrodite to another orgasm. Several deep breaths allowed him to increase a pace where this goddess screamed in pleasure.

Aphrodite saw stars the moment the orgasm flooded her body. Harry continued to hang on and push deeper into the woman. The sensation of all twelve inches stretching Aphrodite's body and flooding her belly increased the desire she had for him.

Orgasm after orgasm struck Aphrodite's body. The goddess of love thrashed about the bed and flexed those beautiful muscles around Harry's invading prick. The load inside him built up to a fever pitch.

"Give it to me, lover," Aphrodite said. A few light nibbles lined Harry's neck. "You know you want to give it to me. You know you want to give me all of your cum. That thick load inside your balls, it would go perfect inside my pussy."

Harry sped up with Aphrodite's walls stretching and then wrapping around him. The silky smooth walls caressed every inch of Harry's cock. The seed would be manipulated out of it one way or another. Harry pumped harder with those balls getting closer to expelling the load.

"You've finally got what you wanted," Harry said. "All of my seed, buried inside you. It's what you want, isn't it?"

Aphrodite responded with the sexiest moan in the world in Harry's ear. This brought Harry over the edge and beyond. Muscles tightened and expelled the seeds.

The goddess of love smiled in wicked triumph. The cum churned up from his balls and filled the insides of Aphrodite's body. The divine woman's body twitched and relaxed around him to milk the rest of the seed out until Harry rolled to a stop, spilling all of his cum inside Aphrodite's body.

The sensation of release hit Harry. His cock shuddered to a stop. Aphrodite smiled the second Harry pulled out and scooped some of the dripping cum from between her thighs.

"The best taste," Aphrodite said.

Aphrodite made Harry's cum taste like the thing which delighted his partner the most of all. The love goddess took advantage of this by sampling her lover's cum on a daily basis.

"Did you really think I would be satisfied with just one load inside me?" Aphrodite asked.

Harry rolled over onto the bed and Aphrodite mounted the top of Harry. The thick rod pushed against the waiting walls of the goddess.

"There's plenty more where that came from," Aphrodite said.

Aphrodite's soft breasts pressed down onto Harry's chest when she nipped her priest's neck a couple of times. Pussy grinded against cock back and forth until cock hardened enough.

"Why don't you ride me?" Harry asked.

"Good idea," Aphrodite said.

Pussy slipped over Harry's aching cock. The warmth of Aphrodite's perfect cunt spread around Harry's cock and the goddess of love bounced up and down.

Harry enjoyed the show of the perfect woman bouncing up and down on his rod. The sight caused Harry to swell further inside Aphrodite. Those curves covered in sweat made him ache even more inside the goddess. This body meant to be worshipped and Harry raised those hands up to touch pretty much every single delightful curve.

Aphrodite pushed up and down. Harry's hands resting on every fraction of her body caused the love goddess to tingle with excitement. The heat spreading through her loins increased Aphrodite's movements. She rose up and pushed down onto Harry and rode him for everything she had.

"Good, good, it's what I want," Aphrodite said. "Give it to me….squeeze my breasts."

Harry's hands rested on Aphrodite's breasts and gave them a firm squeeze. Her loins closed around Harry's prick the second he pushed up into her.

"Faster, ride me faster."

Aphrodite rose up and drove her love box down on the sorcerer's staff. The meat buried into Aphrodite's body and brushed against her divine womb. One day, Aphrodite may open it up to have his divine children. Their daughters would be beautiful.

'Maybe today,' Aphrodite thought.

Harry's hands reached around to squeeze Aphrodite's ass. The tension in her pussy accelerated and squeezed down on Harry's massive rod. It almost slid out from the immense lubrication for Aphrodite steadied herself.

Aphrodite balanced on Harry's thick cock. She pushed all the way down on Harry's throbbing cock with a few long pumps down into her pussy.

"Cum for me," Harry said.

Harry's hands moved over and gripped Aphrodite's juicy tits with a nice little squeeze. She closed her eyes and brought the hot point of her pussy lips down onto Harry's throbbing cock.

The sensation of Aphrodite's pussy working down onto Harry's pole prompted him to push up into her. He bucked up into her pussy. The friction became glorious and Aphrodite leaned down to kiss Harry on the lips.

The moment the love goddess retracted from him, Harry grabbed clenched her breasts. A nice sensation spread through the juicy orbs in Harry's hands.

"So soft, so lovely," Harry said.

Aphrodite rocked back with a series of sensational moans. Harry kept working those breasts with every single touch. She could feel the juices flowing and the lubrication continued.

"You make me cum so hard, look I'm cumming again."

Tight vaginal muscles squeezed Harry's prick hard. His balls throbbed the second Aphrodite clutched and released him. The cum did not spill out into her, although it came close. He took in deep breath with another soft squeeze which caused pleasure to spread through his body.

Aphrodite clenched and released all twelve inches of Harry's cock. The blonde bucked up and down on Harry. Her entire body shuddered with an orgasm and Harry's able hands all over her divine body made things go even more intense.

"Look out how wet you are," Harry said.

"Better for you to slide into me."

Aphrodite pumped all twelve inches of Harry's cock inside her tight body. The slick walls pumped deep into her walls with a solid pump. The busty babe's walls clenched around him and released him.

Harry grew so close to releasing his seed into Aphrodite's tight body. The sexy body bounced up and down onto Harry's hips. All twelve inches shoved into her.

"I can feel it," Aphrodite said. "Oh, you're close….but you can reload quickly, stud, so just let it go."

Aphrodite's cunt muscles squeezed around Harry and tried to work him into submission. He lifted up to explore every inch of her frame.

Harry groaned from the sizzling sensations of Aphrodite's body. Every inch of her hot flesh burned up Harry's body. The hot cum churned up through Harry's balls and bubbled to the surface.

Aphrodite admired Harry for his stamina. It made her hot and make her want to cum again. Which the goddess of love did, pumping those juices down Harry's probing pole. She slammed down hard cunt first onto Harry one more time.

"Cum for me, I know you want to," Aphrodite said. "Give me your gift…..and I'll give you even more."

Aphrodite's slick juices coating Harry's cock prompted his hips to jerk up. The tightening of Harry's balls signaled the beginning of an orgasm. The soft body pressing against him, licking him, kissing him, fucking him, made Harry push a bit over the edge.

The love goddess smiled when Harry's cock buried deep into her and shot a load into the goddess of love. Her tight cavern squeezed Harry and took a full load of cum into her womb. Aphrodite grinded down onto him.

The hot heaven Harry experienced resulted in an excessive amount of cum spilling into Aphrodite. Her body made Harry to twitch and inject the load. Each pump milked Harry's balls in a never ending stream of endless ejaculation.

"Mmm…keep going…keep cumming," Aphrodite said. She gave Harry full access to her breasts.

Harry's volume of cum sparked another set of spectacular orgasm in the body of the love goddess. The endless stream of cum continued to shoot into Aphrodite.

Many pumps and many orgasms from the love goddess later, both sighed with a content sigh. Aphrodite rolled over, pussy overstuffed with Harry's load. The love goddess smiled.

"Good," Aphrodite said. "The rituals have spiked your levels and the ability to produce even more."

Aphrodite's soft hand found Harry's cock and balls with a nice squeeze. Harry groaned. Her hand had been replaced by those round tits. Aphrodite pumped Harry a few times and his cock strengthened to full length in no time.

"You just want it all," Harry said.

"Yes," Aphrodite said turning around on her hands and knees and wiggling her ass. "Don't you want to fuck me even more, Harry?"

Harry shoved into Aphrodite without too much prompting. The thrusts bucked forward into Aphrodite and worked her another huge set of orgasms.

Aphrodite smiled. If Harry had limits, they had not found them yet. She was willing to dedicate time to test them though….for science, naturally.


The End.

Chapter Text

Paying Up(Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl from Justice League Unlimited).

Shayera stepped into the bar. The crowd around her looked to be the rough and tumble type who looked for a fight at the drop of a hat. They were her type of people. The redhead beauty walked inside would not look out of place in a biker rally. A leather jacket stretched over her body, with her wings clipped back. It took a lot of effort to conceal them in public. Thankfully though these days they lived in a word of technological achievement and wonder. The white shirt she wore stretched up so one could view her toned midriff as needed. Leather pants looked painted on to the winged warrior.

The woman craned her neck and saw a young man off to the side of the bar. The same young man she had been meeting up for during the last couple of months. The man's green eyes dazzled Shayera a mile away and he had the type of easy going smile which even tempered the warrior spirit of this particular woman. Shayera closed the distance between the two of them.

"Right on schedule," the young man said with a smile.

"Just like I've been every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the past month, "Shayera said. "How are you tonight, Harry?"

"About as good as I normally am every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday," Harry said with a smile. "How about you?"

"The same," Shayera said. "So the usual?"

"Yes, the usual," Harry said. "How about we make this more interesting than money this time?"

Shayera readied herself for a nice game of pool for their usual monetary bet. The redhead turned towards Harry and smiled. The warrior spirit within Shayera excited her and made the Thangarian curious enough to ask him.

"What do you mean more interesting?" Shayera asked.

The smile on her face told Harry she was game for anything. Harry leaned closer towards her. The two of them locked eyes with each other.

"The loser does whatever the winner wants?" Harry asked.

"Anything?" Shayera asked.

"Yes, anything," Harry said. "If you want me to pay your bar tab, then by all means, I'll do so."

Shayera looked towards this handsome young man and tried to figure out the game. No one was this confident unless they had some kind of trick up their sleeve. Not that he was wearing sleeves, as Shayera caught a brief glimpse of the man's sleeveless shirt and smiled.

"Color me intrigued," Shayera said. "And those are dangerous words you know….give I've been known to rack up quite a bar tab on a slow night."

Harry smiled in response. The two intense warriors took a couple of seconds to engage in their own thoughts with each other. Harry pushed forward with one more statement.

"So, are you in, or are you out?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I'm in," Shayera said.

The gauntlet tossed down and the two of them prepared to go so. Shayera invited Harry to go first and she mentally thanked herself he did not say lady's first. Given the number of fights Shayera got into at this very bar, it had been established already how she was anything other than a lady. The winged warrior lined up the shot and made it. The sound of pool balls clicking together echoed.

"Not too bad," Harry said. "Now it's my turn."

Harry's shot was decent, although not spectacular. Shayera watched him move in those tight pants which threw her off of the game. The redhead vixen paused a couple seconds to collect those thoughts. Harry stepped back and allowed Shayera to take the next shot.

"You better step up your game if you're going to win," Shayera said.

She bent over the table to get a better shot. The thoughts of those tight leather pants which left absolutely nothing to the imagination flooded Shayera's mind and the balls cracked on the edge of the table. The woman stepped back and breathed heavily.

"Sure you aren't getting a bit sloppy?" Harry teased her.

"No, I'm not sloppy," Shayera said. "Why don't you try it?"

Shayera would be the last person to admit something distracted her. Every time they had been meeting here and the last couple of times, Shayera had some very pleasant dreams. Normally bashing some skulls with her mace caused the sexual frustration to fade away. This time though, Shayera thought these frustrations would be hit back at the different way.

Harry lulled Shayera into a false sense of security and now he managed to spank her, in the figurative sense. Maybe literal later.

'Damn it, focus,' Shayera thought.

"I think you're about ready to lose," Harry said. "Or maybe not….after all, if I get what I want, then maybe you can finally get what you want…what you've been depriving yourself for months."

Shayera missed and lost one more time. The redhead woman turned around for a second and Harry wrapped his arm around her waist. For a moment, Shayera tried to make excuses about why this would have happened.

"Instinct can rule over logic any time," Harry said. The warrior's body reacted to Harry's body brushing down her toned abs. "Trust me, I know."

Shayera's mind clouded over in a numbing amount of lust. Harry's fingers brushed over the dripping slit and closed in closer towards the dripping arousal. Harry's hand buried deep between Shayera's thighs and two fingers worked against her.

"Is it true your species are as passionate lovers as they are fierce fighters?" Harry asked.

Harry's two fingers inserted into Shayera and a third finger slipped inside a fraction of a second later. All three fingers pumped into Shayera's pussy.

"Yes, yes, oh god yes!" Shayera yelled. "Great….mmm…YES!"

Harry brought Shayera to an orgasm without getting her out of those tight leather pants. His fingers jammed in tight which added even more to the erotic appeal. He removed said fingers from Shayera's oozing cunt and smiled.

"You need to be fucked," Harry said.

Shayera's pants pealed from her body and panties had been removed next. Harry bent Shayera over the pool table. A curtain fluttered over, both preventing anyone from seeing what was going on. At the same time, the curtain made it like anyone could pop in and take a look at them at this time. The thought of which caused fluids to spill between Shayera's legs. These fluids collected on Harry's fingers as he stroked Shayera's dripping cunt.

"Harry!" Shayera yelled. "Harry!"

Harry smiled and ripped off her shirt, revealing Shayera's round, full, breasts. A squeeze told Harry how firm they want.

"How would you like to be fucked?" Harry asked.

"Hard," Shayera said.

Harry smiled. This really worked out well. He freed his throbbing cock and lined it up against Shayera. Harry rested his hands on Shayera's bare lower back with balance. His meat missile sought the dripping hot heat with a long thrust into her.

"Mmm, yes!" Shayera yelled. "Hit me with everything you have, right there….inside me!"

The heat pumping around this tight pussy made Harry rock back into Shayera. Her walls closed around Harry and milked him when going inside her. Harry cupped Shayera's ass and gave it a firm squeeze before pumping inside her deep and fast.

"You're getting everything you could have ever dreamed of, don't you?" Harry asked. "You're going to cum, cum all over my hard cock. Cum like you always do in your dreams, Shayera."

Shayera's muscles tightened and released all over Harry's cock. He did not slow down which Shayera expressed her gratitude. She wrecked the table when Harry took up speed.

Harry indulged himself in the thrusts of the woman. Shayera's moans grew harder.

"Give me the good hard fucking I've always needed!" Shayera yelled. "Wreck my tight pussy….make me cum again!"

Harry shot his hands all over Shayera's body. Each time Harry's hands cupped Shayera's hot body, another blast of juices coated his cock. This allowed Harry a full access of this tight and hot body. Balls started to push back against Shayera's dripping hot thighs.

Another stiff plow caused jolts of energy to fire through Shayera's body. These thick balls dribbled against her. Shayera guessed how much cum they filled with and how much he could push into her. The thought made Shayera's pussy twitch and clench around him.

"Good things come to those who wait," Harry said. "But, first I think you need to cum again."

Harry guided Shayera to the most potent orgasm yet. This only increased Harry thrusting. The sorcerer's own climax raged nearer. Harry worked his hands underneath Shayera's breasts and clenched them. A tweak of her nipples resulted in Shayera's liquids pooling deep down.

"Go ahead, cum," Shayera said. "I need your cum….I want your cum…..PLEASE CUM!"

Harry could not say no. His balls clenched and started to fire into Shayera's body. The seed splashed into the waiting womb of the warrior woman.

Each hot splash of cum coated Shayera's inside ,with the warrior clenching Harry and releasing him. Each hard thrust penetrated Shayera's body with Harry finishing inside her.

The moment Harry pulled from Shayera, she turned around and showed Harry her dripping pussy. The warrior reached around and kissed Harry with a full tongue kiss. The jacket slid off and Shayera's wings unclipped.

"I hope you're not done paying up," Shayera said, stroking Harry's cock with her hands.

"Do I look done?" Harry asked.

Harry's cock re-grew despite injecting a heavy load into Shayera's body a second ago. The redhead woman looked towards the window and Harry smiled.

"Lead the way."

Shayera grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him out the window. The two naked lovers sailed into the sky and moved high. Shayera pulled Harry close by. The two balanced high above the air as Shayera prepared to join the mile high club without use of an airplane.

The juicy box slid down onto Harry's pull when in mid air. Soft wings and toned legs wrapped around Harry's body. Breasts pushed deep into Harry's face. Harry grabbed one of Shayera's breasts and gave it a light squeeze. The moan entered Harry's ear.

The two generated a breeze with some not so gentle rocking in the air. Those who did not know would think there was a hell of a wind storm brewing tonight.

Shayera ached back in mid-air. Harry slid almost all the way out and then plunged all the way back in. he repeated this action a number of times. Shayera dug her nails into Harry's shoulder.

Harry pushed deep down into Shayera. Those balls pushed against Shayera with a long thrust into her. The redhead's breathing escalated.

"Now, this is an orgasm," Harry said. "I can really feel it, you've dreamed about this, haven't you?"

Shayera nodded in response. Harry clenched two hands full of juicy ass and pumped Shayera down onto him. Their organs slid together and connected with each other. Harry pushed deeper into Shayera each step of the way.

"Harry, you're…."

Harry could tell how much she wanted this by how hard Shayera clenched when he entered. A long and fast thrust rocked the woman in mid-air. Shayera held onto the back of Harry's head and enjoyed the point of this thick cock buried deep between her legs.

Shayera never thought this would end. Her muscles clenched together with Harry and the two of them descended to the earth. She moistened at the thought of being slammed into the ground with a deep thrust.

Harry pulled back a second later and attacked Shayera's breasts. The hawk warrior's fingers dug into the back of Harry's head. Harry buried himself into her with another thrust.

"Soon," Harry said. "Just enjoy the ride."

Shayera clenched hard around Harry. She milked every thrust and they rose even higher than before Harry started this descent. Harry's fingers massaged every inch of her frame. More passionate moans hit the back of Harry's ear with some thrusts deep into Shayera's cunt.

They descended once again and again, Shayera's body tensed up. Her wings retracted and then a moment later, Harry pulled Shayera back up.

"You're….way too much," Shayera said. Her nails dug into Harry's shoulder with a deep breath.

Harry smiled and pumped into Shayera a little bit more. They swayed back and forth in the middle of the air, above the sky. Harry rose all the way up out of her and pushed deep into her.

Shayera thought she would lose it one more time. The fact she soared high above the sky and got fucked hard gave these feelings of liberation. She hung onto Harry's shoulder.

Harry smiled, experiencing the peak spreading through Shayera's loins. He pushed inside her pussy ,sliding in and out with a series of rapid fire thrusts into her body. Shayera returned fire to match Harry's strokes and bring him hot into her body.

"We're getting close."

Shayera's nails dug into the side of Harry's neck and she squirmed underneath him. Harry descended them both to the ground, towards a field a little bit away from them. This time, the two of them struck the field with Harry planting Shayera into the ground and planting his cock inside her deep and wet insides.


Shayera's wet vice clenched around Harry. She held onto the back of Harry's neck and brought his groin against hers. The two of them rocked back and forth against each other.

The feeling of those wings, those legs, wrapped around Harry's body made him want to push into Shayera even further. The redhead winged warrior's hips bucked up and took all of Harry's long cock.

"Are you done yet?" Shayera yelled.

"What's the rush?"

Harry leaned down and nibbled the side of his lover's neck. The gorgeous redhead continued to sway her hips back and forth underneath Harry's pushing thrusts. The young man fired a series of rapid thrusts into Shayera. She hung onto Harry, pushing those nails into his back and moaned deep and hard into Harry's ear. Harry rocked down and in hard against Shayera with one more plunge.

Shayera did not think there was any rush. The pleasure coursing through her loins made Shayera's walls clench around the probing prick. Those throbbing balls pushed against him.

"No….I want it, though," Shayera said. "I want your big load."

The two of them ascended off of the ground. The air spreading between the two of them resulted in Harry's rapid fire pummeling into her. Shayera had been brought to another orgasm which resulted in her sultry moans in Harry's ear.

Harry pushed deep into Shayera and buried his thick cock inside her tight sheath. The wet walls clenched around Harry and then released him with a few more hot pumps. He knew the end reached with each trust. Harry rocked down into Shayera with a thrust. Those thick balls swelled up.

"Good things come inside those who want it bad," Harry said.

Shayera tensed up around Harry. Stars exploded in the back of the warrior's eyes when the peak hit again. Harry pushed into her with a long and powerful thrust. Two more thrusts brought Shayera to the edge and then Harry followed with an edge of his own.

The thick cum churned all the way up the base of Harry's cock and fired inside her. Shayera hung on when the lovers exchanged their body fluids.

Harry grunted when burying this cum inside her. The seed sprayed into Shayera and coated her walls. The two of them descended to the ground and landed on the edge of a balcony on the outside of the city.

The moment Harry pulled himself from Shayera, she slumped against the wall. A sweaty flood splashed from the redhead's face and resulted in her breathing in response.

"So, we both got what we wanted, didn't we?" Harry asked.

"Who says we're done?" Shayera asked. "Let's go for something more conventional when I catch my breath."

Harry thought this was a change from her usual tactics.

"The only problem is someone is going to find my clothes in the bar and….." Shayera said. She stepped a moment later and saw her crumpled clothes piled a chair the moment the two entered her apartment.

"You were saying?"

Shayera responded with a heated kiss and pushed Harry back onto the bed. The redhead impaled down cunt first onto Harry and rode him into the bed. Months of pent up lust spread through both lovers.

The End.

Chapter Text

Team Spirit(Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, and Katie Bell from Harry Potter.)


Harry's interest piqued from a message which he had been sent by his new Gryffindor Team Captain, Angelina Johnson. He raised his hand and knocked on the door three times. Harry waited for the door to open.

Angelina opened the door with a smile on her face.

"Hello Harry," Angelina said with a smile on her face. "I'm so glad you can join us today."

"Well, with such an invitation, how could I say no?" Harry asked.

Angelina responded with a dry chuckle and escorted Harry into the room. Harry got a good look at her body and he never hated Hogwarts robes even more. She wore a white tank top with the material on it expanding and showing the outlands of her round breasts. The tank top rode up to show a healthy amount of dark flesh and the short shorts she wore stretched over to show her long and toned legs.

"No, I think you'll be very glad to come here," Angelina said with a smile, looking over Harry. "Katie, Alicia, our guest is here."

Alicia stepped into the room and she dressed in a robe, not a Hogwarts robe, but a bathrobe. Harry viewed the front of the robe where it flipped open to reveal Alicia's large breasts and toned body. The bottom of it flipped open to reveal a hint of her firm thighs.

Katie stepped in, her blonde hair tied back into a ponytail which allowed Harry to see her gorgeous face and moved done towards an elegant neck. She dressed in a blouse which looked about a size or two too small. It robe up to show Katie's flat stomach, and her hips curved in the most elegant way. Harry caught sight of all of their bodies.

"Well, Harry, we're all glad to see you can make it," Katie said.

"So, what's the deal?" Harry asked. "What did you girls want?"

"Well," Alicia said, twirling a long of dark hair. "We want you."

Harry had dreams which started like this, and he almost had to pinch himself. Katie smiled and walked over towards Harry, wrapping her arms around his waist to pull her in closer. She pinched him on the ass which caused him to jump.

"What?" Katie asked. "You wanted to pinch yourself to see if you were dreaming, and I did it for you."

"Maybe you should do it one more time to make sure he realizes this is for real," Alicia said.

Katie smiled and pinched Harry one more time. Harry reached around behind her and responded by grabbing a handful of her ass which caused her to gasp and moan.

"Turnabout is fairplay, Ms. Bell," Harry said in a breathy tone of voice.

"So it is," Katie said, licking her lips with hunger dancing in her eyes. "Anyway, we made a pact a long time ago, and that is, if we found a man worthy enough for any of us, we'd share him."

"The moment we saw you, we knew you could be the one," Angelina said with a smile on her face. She leaned out and took Katie's place next to her. "Plus, you've been having a very rough year."

"Which is understandable, given the fact the Ministry dressed a toad in pink, and decided to make her a teacher," Alicia said.

Harry's lips curled into a smile in response. Angelina was stripping Harry of his robes and revealing his undershirt and his pants. She ran her hands down his body.

"It's my duty as captain to make sure you're….getting all the stress relief you need," Angelina said. "And a powerful wizard like yourself needs a lot of stress relief. It's just standard biology and standard common sense as well."

Harry enjoyed the feeling of Angelina's hands all over her body. Alicia slipped herself behind Harry and wrapped her arms around Harry. The sensation of Alicia's soft and large breasts pressed against his body made him feel really good.

"Yes, I'm sure," Harry said.

He reached up and grabbed Angelina's face, cupping it. He could feel the softness of her flesh and he leaned in to give her a powerful kiss.

Angelina enjoyed the sensation of his lips pressed upon hers, taking her. His tongue worked deep inside her mouth and mapped on the insides.

Alicia worked her hands up Harry's body and started to unbutton the shirt buttons. Her fingers dragged up his toned body, feeling the toned part of it.

Katie stepped forward and leaned to meet Alicia with a kiss over Harry's shoulder. The third of the Gryffindor chasers stroked Harry's abs and worked her way down his body.

"I think we're going to enjoy this," Katie said, slipping her hand down Harry's trousers and finding his erect cock.

Angelina shifted off to the side and kissed the side of Harry's neck and Alicia found her way to Harry's other side. Both of the Chasers lathered Harry's face, neck, and chest with kisses, while Katie made her way kissing Harry's toned abs.

Harry's hands found Angelina and Alicia's bodies, feeling them up. The older girls appreciated the sensations the sorcerer gave to them. Harry worked his right hand down the front of Alicia's panties and found her pussy.

"Yes, Harry, please!" Alicia breathed.

Harry's fingers pushed deep inside Alicia's pussy. He stroked his index finger inside her body and started to manipulate her core.

"You're so hot, and wet as well," Harry said. "You've dreamed about this for a long time."

"Yes, we've dreamed about riding your broom for a very long time," Angelina said. "My pussy wants some attention as well, give me the same you are Alicia."

Harry smiled and pulled down Angelina's shorts and revealed she wore no panties. Her pussy lips dripped hot and Harry ran his fingers against the edge of it.

"Mmm, this is a big broom!" Katie yelled.

Katie pulled out Harry's cock completely, making sure it was erect. The feisty blonde swirled her tongue around Harry's manhood, pumping it around her. Katie leaned forward and pushed her juicy lips around the head of his cock.

"Damn, Katie," Harry said. "You have the perfect lips for sucking cock."

Katie grinned, and she pushed this cock into her mouth. The goddess pushed his entire cock down into her throat, giving Harry a few hard sucks. She pushed out of him and licked him, suckling on the head, before deep throating him one more time. She did it a few more times in succession.

Harry pumped into the juicy pussies of Angelina and Alicia. He leaned over to one side when Alicia pulled open her robe and revealed her breasts to him. Her round orbs stuck out with erect nipples. Harry buried his face between her tits and started to suckle on them.

"SUCK MY FUCKING TITS!" Alicia yelled, looping her fingers around Harry's messy hair.

Katie suckled on Harry's cock and brought herself all the way down. Her nose hit Harry's pelvic bone. Katie flexed her throat muscles around Harry's throbbing cock before pulling all the way back and drove herself down throat first. A sensual moan came from her throat.

"Damn, I want some of that," Angelina said.

Katie spent a few more minutes sucking Harry's cock and pulled away from it. Angelina took her place down onto Harry's knee.

Harry moaned hotly into Alicia's breasts when Angelina's hot mouth wrapped around his tool. Her entire mouth enveloped him all the way around. Her hands groped his thick balls and stroked them while bobbing up and down on her.

"Oh, I feel left out," Alicia said, breathing. "But not too much."

Harry stroked her pussy, sucked her tits, and she could not wait to have him inside her. Alicia's entire body shivered with Harry playing with her all the way.

Angelina drew her sucks out long and hard. A pleasurable moan came through her body. She could feel Katie's fingers down between her thighs.

"You've always had a juicy pussy, Angie," Katie said, stroking Angelina's pussy lips. "And it's so wet, knowing Harry's nice and big cock is going through it.

Harry rested a hand on the back her head and pumped into her. His balls grew heavier with their cum. He held back though, knowing Alicia wanted a turn in sucking on his cock.

"Mmm, it's my turn," Alicia said, giving Angelina a not so subtle nudge to get out of the way.

Alicia dropped down to her knees before Harry and removed her robe to reveal her naked body for Harry. She had the perfect hourglass figure, all of the girls were well toned and fit as well. Hogwarts robes did all of them a great disserve, as magical charms downplayed their natural talents.

"I bet you'd like to fuck these, wouldn't you?" Alicia asked, cupping her breasts.

Harry responded by grabbing her breasts and slipping his cock between the giant breasts. He pumped inside them.

"Damn, I love your breasts!" Harry said. "They feel so good!"

"Your cock feels so good between them," Alicia said, leaning down and licking the head of it. "Good, fuck them, fuck my bit titties!"

Katie decided to pass the time by diving between Angelina's thighs and started to eat her pussy out.

"Yes, oh, Katie, I love your tongue!" Angelina yelled. "Put it inside me, lick my pussy out!"

Harry fucked Alicia's breasts even harder because of erotic action. Katie slurped Angelina's pussy loud and sensually which prompted Harry to fuck those large breasts even faster. His balls started to load up and get ready.

"I'm almost there," Harry said.

"Give me your cum, put it all over my face, and my titties," Alicia said, grinding her breasts up and down on Harry's tool.

His balls sized up with Harry pumped them up between them. The huge tracts of land squeezed him and Harry launched one more thrust up in the air.

The shower of cum splattered all over Alicia's face and breasts. She moaned when jerking his cock up and down between her breasts. The dark haired Chaser started to rock her breasts all the way down on his cock.

"Mmm, you taste so good," Alicia said, catching Harry's cum on her tongue like falling snowflakes.

She pulled away from Harry and Katie found herself behind Alicia. The blonde spun the brunette around and stuck her tongue down Alicia's throat. She caught some of the cum.

"Mmmm!" Alicia breathed.

Angelina stood up and grabbed Alicia's large breast. She squeezed it and licked the seed off of Alicia's tit. Alicia responded by moving her hand up, and squeezing Angelina's ass before moving around and cupping Angelina's chocolate orbs. She gave it another squeeze.

Katie pulled away from Alicia and noticed Harry laying back on the bed. Was it there a moment ago? Katie couldn't tell, but she was not complaining. Especially since any attempt to bring logic into her mind was distracted by Harry's large cock.

Harry reached in and pulled Katie into him. Katie's body pressed against his and Harry's hands grabbed every inch of her body.

"I want a piece of this," Katie said. "You don't want to know how much I want to beat them to being the first to ride your mighty broom."

"Talk is cheap," Harry said.

Katie smiled and shoved her breasts into Harry's face. Harry attacked them with vigor and then rolled her over onto the bed. Harry lavished her body with kisses.

Every inch of Katie's hot body tempted Harry. She was toned and athletic, and by the looks of things, quite flexible. Her leg bent off to the side and she spread wide.

"My pussy is hungry," Katie said, lifting her hips up and touching the juicy lips to Harry's cock.

"Well, it would be a shame if we left it neglected," Harry said. "You're so hot, Katie, all three of you, I've always wanted to fuck you."

"Never thought it would be at once, did you?" Katie asked, biting down on her lip. "Go ahead, big boy, I can take your cock."

Harry smiled at her and rammed his cock into her sheath. Her pussy stretched and tightened around Harry.

Katie gasped when Harry filled her. She moaned which caused Alicia and Angelina to look up from their entanglement.

"Finally, I beat both of you bitches!" Katie cheered. "How do you like that?"

Angelina shook her head. Katie's moans filled the air when Harry spiked his cock inside her. He rode Katie into the bed.

"You might have gotten there first, but you won't be standing last," Angelina said.

Katie wrapped her legs around Harry along with her arms, grabbing his ass. Harry lifted up and drove down into her pussy. Katie's snug pussy wrapped around him and milked his thrusts with each push of his cock.

"Mmm, yeah, I love this, I love this big cock!" Katie yelled. "Make me cum all over your big cock, big boy!"

Harry smiled and cupped Katie's breasts. She breathed heavily when Harry played with her nipples. Harry continued to toy with every single bit of her hot flesh, making Katie moan the longer Harry drove his thick cock into her waiting and willing pussy.

"Stuff me so full of your big fucking cock!" Katie yelled. She flexed her muscles around him.

"You can't get enough of me!" Harry yelled. "You enjoy me pounding your pussy into a fine jelly, don't you?"

"Yes, baby, I do, fuck me, fuck me harder!"

Angelina and Alicia finger-fucked each other to Harry riding Katie into the bed. The bitch deserved to be stuffed with a large cock. His balls slapped against Katie's thighs, with Katie wrapping her hand around Harry's bicep.

"I'm going to give you a big load," Harry said. "But not before you cum for me."

Katie's inner walls twitched around Harry and milked his thick and throbbing cock. Harry pushed into her depths riding her to one of the most spectacular orgasms possible. Her hips twitched around Harry, pushing all the way up against him.

"Yes, I'm cumming so hard!" Katie yelled, hanging onto Harry's shoulder. Harry plowed her body with a series of rapid thrusts into her. "Cum with me Harry, cum with me so hard."

Harry grunted when he pushed into Katie's wet pussy. She clamped down onto Harry, tensing around him. He pushed into her and his balls gave way.

Katie screamed, scratching up Harry's back. The healing properties of his body worked well with Katie scratching up Harry's back when he pounded her. She had been reduced to something moaning and primal. Harry pushed into her, emptying his heavy balls into her body.

Each burst of cum inflamed Katie's pussy. Katie held onto him and pushed him inside her. He emptied his thick balls into her pussy.

The moment Harry finished emptying his load inside Katie, he turned his head to the side. He turned around in time to see Angelina and Alicia finishing a game of rock paper scissors.

Angelina jumped in Katie's pussy, causing him to gasp. Alicia jumped on top of Harry, pressing her D-Cup breasts against his chest. Harry smiled when Alicia pushed her dripping slit against him.

"I hope there's more in the tank," Alicia said. "Although I'm sure these balls can fill up pretty fast."

Alicia brushed her fingertips against the bottom of Harry's balls and guided his throbbing cock inside her pussy. She brought her hot hips down onto his throbbing cock and ensured he entered her completely and fully. Alicia moaned when coming all the way down on the point of Harry's cock, driving him into her depths.

"Yes," Alicia said, biting down on her lips. "This is such a perfect fucking fit."

"I'm glad you approve," Harry said.

"Oh, yes, I do stud, I really do," Alicia said. She bent down with a smile. "I'm wet and ready to ride."

Alicia brought her hot hips down onto him and rode him like she would any broomstick. Alicia bounced up and down on Harry's prick, driving it into her. She could feel his cock going deep inside her. His powerful cock pulsed and touched her womb. This action trickled juices down onto Harry's cock.

Harry enjoyed her powerful pussy muscles flex against them. She had such wonderful thighs as well, from riding all of those broomsticks. She bounced up and down onto Harry.

"The best thing I've ever rode," Alicia said, running her hands down on Harry's chest and then leaning down. She grinded herself down onto his cock and pushed her hard nipples down on Harry's muscular chest. "Trust me."

"I do," Harry groaned.

Harry cupped Alicia's breasts and gave them a few firm squeezes. She brought her love box down onto his throbbing tool and rode him all the way.

Angelina lapped up the juices tricking down from Katie's thighs. She sucked Harry's gift out of her teammate. The taste between the two of them made her hungry for more. Angelina reached between her legs and toyed with her clit while she kept eating Katie out.

"Angie, Angie, Jesus Christ!"

Katie's hips jumped and splashed more of her juices on Angelina's face. Angelina continued to eat her out.

Alicia bounced her hot body up and down on Harry's cock. His hands squeezed and manipulated the flesh of her breasts. Harry's hands sent magical flares throughout her body, when she kept bouncing and rising all the way up higher.

Harry gasped when her wet box wrapped around him. Alicia panted when coming hard against him.

"You're so fucking hot," Harry said. "Go ahead, cum for me, keep cumming….keep cumming until you barely can breath."

Alicia's pussy contorted around him. Harry's hands swirled over her body at the speed of light. The flash of Harry's hands playing with her flesh, cupping it, made Alicia all hot and bothered. She came all the way down on his tool and drove it inside her.

Harry enjoyed the feeling of this tight pussy. His balls filled back up.

"Looks like you're going to get the big load you wanted, Alicia," Harry said. He twisted her nipples and leaned up to bite down on them. "You get off on that, don't you?"

"Mmm, yes I do," Alicia said. "Please, give me your cum, Harry."

Alicia bounced up and down on Harry's hips. She took her pussy around Harry's cock and milked him in tune with him. Their hips joined together with an orgasm.

Harry pushed the contents of his balls deep into Alicia's smoldering and dripping depths. He injected her with a steady and never ending stream of cum, splashing into her body. Harry launched the content of his balls inside her.

Alicia bounced higher and higher, milking Harry's balls all the way. The contents of the cum filled her.

She pulled Harry's cock out of her, almost collapsing. Alicia leaned down and gave Harry a parting kiss on the head of his cock, causing it to twitch.

"Oooh, Harry," Angelina said, swaying her ass to the side. "You know you want this."

Harry did know what he wanted. Angelina's wet pussy spread towards her. Harry walked over and pressed himself against Angelina.

"Hope those two bitches didn't drain you too much," Angelina said.

"You'll find it won't be so easy to drain me," Harry said. He teased Angelina's curves, running his hands all over her beautiful chocolate body.

Angelina gasped when Harry's hands ran all over her body. He tweaked her nipples, ran his fingers over her toned stomach, and went behind Angelina's body, before cupping her ass. He pulled back and slapped Angelina's ass.

"Harry, stop teasing me," Angelina said. "Put your cock inside me."

"It will mean a lot more when I do, if you want it badly," Harry said. "I want you dripping for it."

Angelina tried to protest dripped hard for him already. Harry's fingers quested between Angelina's thighs and started to rub in circles around it. She gasped the moment Harry started to penetrate her. He pulled away from her a moment later.

"Oh, I'm dripping, baby," Angelina said. "Put your cock inside me and ride me all night long."

Harry put his swollen head in between Angelina's dark thighs and shifted against her. His cock pushed between Angelina's hot thighs and penetrated her.

Angelina gasped the moment Harry's throbbing cock entered her. It slid in between her body. Harry rose all the way up where only the head of his cock was out of her. He plowed even further into her before.

"You really are dripping," Harry said. "So easy to slide inside you….so easy to fuck your pussy."

Angelina closed her eyes and became enraptured with his thrusting cock. He drove himself into her, riding Angelina' from behind.

Harry shifted himself over to the side. Katie sat down on Alicia's face, and leaned down to eat her pussy. Both of the girls slurped each other out.

"That's so fucking hot, isn't it," Angelina said. "Fuck me, take your big fuck stick and drive it into my nasty pussy. Make me cum so fucking hard, baby!"

Harry bucked his hips hard and fast in between Angelina's thighs. He rode her wet pussy and did so hard. A couple of thrusts buried into her body. His throbbing balls filled up with their cum and threatened to expel all of his seed into Angelina's tight and willing body.

"I'm getting closer," Harry said. He pumped faster into her. "I'm getting so close, I'm almost there. You're not slowing down, are you?"

"Not at all," Angelina said.

Harry slapped her ass and pounded her pussy even harder. His hips turned into a blur when driving himself further and further into her. Her tight and toned body squeezed him and intended to bring yet another load out of her.

Angelina gripped onto the bedsheets, biting down on her lips. She could not believe what was happening. It excited her just a little bit. Harry burying his cock into her so deep and so hard from behind. Her pussy flared up, squeezing around Harry and pumping his thick rod deep inside her.

She came first and then repeatedly. The rapid fire and constant thrusts inside Angelina's tight cunt made her moan. Harry pushed himself into her depths, allowing his balls to fill up when he filled her with his hard and throbbing cock.

"Here it comes," Harry said.

Harry caught Angelina's swinging breasts in his hand. More moans came from her when Harry pushed into her. Her skin covered with sweat with a series of long thrusts. Harry rode into her with constant plunges and thrusts. His balls sized up with a swell of cum. Harry pushed forward almost all of the way.

Angelina's body racked with orgasm after orgasm. Harry filled and emptied her. The wet pussy licking over to the side made her tense up.

His hands explored every inch of Angelina's hot body. The pussy of the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain twitched when it had been filled and emptied by her Star Seeker.

"I'm going to have the biggest load for my Captain," Harry said, squeezing her ass when thrusting into her from behind.

"As it should be," Angelina said. "Give me your seed, plant it in my nice, tight, pussy."

Harry plowed the athletic girl from behind, riding her almost all the way into the bed. He held onto Angelina's hips and shoved his cock into her. His balls sized up and sent a steady shower of cum into Angelina's body.

He planted those thick spurts of seed into Angelina's body, filling her up and emptying his thick balls into her body. Harry plowed her body, with Angelina squeezing his throbbing cock.

Angelina's body experienced the rush of release and the rush of Harry putting his juicy cum inside her warm and tight cunt.

Harry pulled himself out of Angelina and allowed her to collapse on the bed. His cock left her body and Angelina responded with a soft smile, the wonderful sensation of release having hit her body fast and hard.

Katie and Alicia pulled themselves away from each other and they moved over, starting to lick Harry's abs and cock when he reached over and finger fucked them furiously.

"It's a long weekend," Katie said with a grin.

That it was. That it was.



Chapter Text

Skipping Breakfast(Morrigan Aensland and Lilith from Darkstalkers)

Harry Potter rolled his head off to one side on the bed and began to hit something soft and large. A pair of elegant hands skimmed through the side of his head, moving down his hair. A second pair of hands moved down Harry's body waking him further from his slumber.

The wet sensation around his nether regions woke him up even more. A pair of hot lips wrapped around his cock and sucked him off hard. Harry's hips rose up when his eyes opened up. He saw a curtain of purple hair attached to a very elegant mouth. His head also had been propped up on a nice and round set of breasts.

"Hello, Harry," a sultry Scottish voice purred. "Sorry, we couldn't wait, we wanted to give you your wakeup call. And we've decided to skip breakfast this morning, and go straight to dessert."

Harry smiled and allowed the beautiful woman to get into his line of sight. Her face radiated beauty so much it almost hurt. She had soft looking lips and gorgeous eyes, along with an elegant neck. Her body curved in the most alluring manner. Her large breasts sat atop her chest, perky and high, defying gravity in a way which almost screamed magic. Her toned stomach did not have an ounce of fat on it and her hips curved out in a shapely way, with a pair of long legs attached to elegant feet. A curtain of green hair stuck down one side of her seductive face.

Morrigan Aesland was a succubus with an insatiable sexual appetite. Her fingers stroked Harry's chest, and it can only be fulfilled by one man. She looked down and smiled.

The younger Succubus wrapped around Harry's cock had no intention of letting go. For all intents and purposes, Lilith was Morrigan's sister. Purple hair framed around the area of her face, which was beautiful. Right now her pouty lips were busy at work sucking Harry's cock nice and hard. Her soft hands stroked his balls. She had the same beautiful face. Lilith had slightly smaller breasts, but they were still a handful, along with a flat tummy, and curvy hips, with a sexy ass just like her sister. Her long legs stretched on forever.

"While my sister's having her breakfast, I think you should have yours," Morrigan said.

Harry smiled.

"I wouldn't complain," Harry said. "I always want to eat your sweet pussy."

Morrigan smiled and Harry grabbed onto her hips when she mounted his face. The moment his tongue hit her sweet inner walls, electricity spilled between Morrigan's thighs. She rose all the way up onto Harry's face and brought herself down, to allow Harry to lap up her juices.

Harry smiled when he inhaled her sweet set. He licked her, using his talented tongue to bring the Succubus above him to moans. The wonderful sensations before the area of his cock.

Lilith went down on Harry's cock, inhaling it with hunger. She smiled when his balls filled full of cum for her. She craved the sticky seed more than life itself. The younger succubus bobbed her head up and down yes.

"Yes, this is a ride!" Morrigan yelled at the top of her longs. She enjoyed how Harry's tongue mapped out a place all around her pussy. "Go ahead, honey, get a nice taste of his cock, because I'm taking a ride soon enough."

Harry enjoyed the fact Lilith re-doubled her efforts by going down on Harry. She continued to suck his cock nice and hard. The smacks of lips around his tool made Harry bring his thick prick deeper into Lilith's inviting mouth. She hungered for him and Harry satisfied this hunger, doing pretty much everything he could for her.

Lilith cradled Harry's balls in her hand and enjoyed the sensation of them slapping up against her chin. She impaled Harry's thick cock all the way down her throat.

Morrigan gasped when Harry's tongue stretched and worked further into her depths. Her entire body heated up and soaked Harry's face with her wonderful juices. She bounced up and down on his face. Harry's fingers knew where to be, just like his tongue knew precisely where to be.

Harry enjoyed the sweet and tender sensations of Morrigan's beautiful pussy when it kept pumping juices into the depths of his mouth. He hungered for them and she delivered them right to him. His balls swelled up as well from Lilith's talented cock-sucking.

Lilith enjoyed the first blasts of cock inside her mouth.

"Shoot all your cum into my sister's mouth!" Morrigan encouraged. She bucked her hips down wildly upon Harry's face. "Fucking choke her out with your oversized prick, you sexy beast!"

Every work caused Morrigan's hips to twitch and she brought her love juices down onto Harry's face, coating them all over it.

Morrigan pulled off of Harry's face to view her handiwork. Her love juices coated all over Harry's face, saturating it. Lilith pulled herself up.

"Nothing like a well-balanced breakfast," Lilith said. She leaned in and kissed Morrigan on the lips.

"Damn," Harry said.

The sultry Succubi sisters exchanged kisses with each other. They traded Harry's seed between their lips like it was a hot comedy.

The moment they were done, their breasts pressed against either side of Harry. Their fingers stroked his flesh and they started to lick his flesh.

"We really hate to leave a mess," Morrigan said.

"Yes, all of this sweet cum on your face, it must be a bother," Lilith said. "No matter how good it's for your complexion."

"I'm going to fuck both of you," Harry said.

"At the same time?" Morrigan asked. She smiled and moved her hand down to squeeze Harry's prick. It pleased her how erect it had become. "I'd like to see this."

Harry smiled and a flash of light appeared behind him. A magical spell created a hard light magical duplicate of Harry. Hard being the word as it pressed against Lilith's entrance. Her dripping pussy accepted his hard cock.

"Thanks for the charge," Harry said, running his hands all over Lilith's sultry body.

"Anytime, love," she said with a smile. "Are you going to fuck me with that hard cock?"

She knew the hard-light holograms were like the real thing and connected to Harry's nervous system. The processing power of his mind was amazing because Harry could control many of them at once, if he chose to. His thick aching cock moved towards Lilith's pussy and pushed inside.

"I guess it leaves me to play with the prime model," Morrigan said with a playful straddle of his hips.

"Yes, it does," Harry said, going behind her to cup Morrigan's sultry ass. "I can feel you, I know what you want."

"Oh, you do, don't you?" Morrigan asked.

Her hot pussy lips dragged across Harry's aching cock. She wanted to take him inside her in all of the worst ways. Morrigan rose halfway up off of the bed and began to position herself, ready for some nice and long penetration. Harry's cock positioned closer towards her entrance.

"Yes, I do," Harry said. "Show me what you have."

Morrigan flexed her wet pussy muscles and brought the point of them down into Harry. Her tight, hot, box stretched around Harry's tool. The wetness of her pussy clenched around Harry's throbbing tool when she slid all the way down onto them.

"Yes, a perfect fit as usual," Morrigan said. "You're so big love."

"You're so hot, so tight, and a tight, hot piece of Succubus ass only has one place," Harry said. He reached up to grab her breasts and squeeze them.

Morrigan smiled when Harry played with her breasts, channeling his magic through them. She could feed off of his sexual energy, and he would never even feel a case of the chills. Needless to say, this quality was the thing wet dreams were made of for a Succubus.

Harry squeezed Morrigan's breasts. The four hundred plus year old succubus had no hint of sag, owing to her nature as a sexual being. Each touch of her breast inspired Morrigan to rise her hips and lowering them on Harry's aching cock.

Lillith gasped when Harry brought his throbbing cock inside her. He penetrated her tight walls and caused her core to stretch. His hands stroked her young and supple body.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Harry asked Lillith. He rose all the way back out and speared himself into Lillith's tight cunt. "You like my cock giving your tight cunny a nice, hard, pounding. It's what it deserves."

"Mmm, hmm, yes," Lilith said, a smile crossing over her face. "You know how to touch me, in all of the right ways. And you know how to make me feel really good when you fuck my nice tight pussy. So fuck me, fuck me harder!"

Harry grabbed Lillith's supple orbs and gave them a nice squeeze. He rocked himself hips first into her tight sheath, being milked by her all of the way. Harry pushed deeper into her, riding her pussy hard and fast into the bed.

Morrigan's eyes glazed over and she leaned down to drive her hips down onto the prime copy. Her tight walls clenched around Harry. The succubus bent down and pressed her nipples down onto Harry's hard chest and rubbed her breasts down on them.

"Go ahead, my love, feed off of them," Morrigan said. "They're yours to suck on, for however long you want."

Morrigan's walls manipulated Harry's intruding member. Her breasts pressed against Harry's face. Harry buried his face between her nice round breasts.

Harry enjoyed the taste of them. The sinful feel of Morrigan's erect nipple in his mouth made Harry hunger for more. His cock throbbed into her insides.

A series of small orgasms racked Morrigan's body. She rewarded Harry's actions by milking his cock into her body harder and faster. Her wet walls grinded up and down on Harry's aching prick, bringing him into the depths of her womanhood.

"Good spot," Morrigan said, bringing herself down onto Harry's prick. "Go into me further, deeper….fuck my pussy!"

Morrigan's eyes moved over and could see the duplicate ramming his rod into Lillith. A squelching sound happened when Harry drove his cock inside her.

"And again," Harry said, squeezing the purple haired girl's nipple between his fingers.

Lilith's walls clenched around him and she received another orgasm. The sticky sensations racked her body.

Morrigan rose all the way up and clenched Harry's cock. She hovered in the air, before bringing herself down onto his hips. She repeated this motion a few more times.

"Damn, you really want my seed," Harry said.

"Not yet, baby," Morrigan said, nibbling on his neck, marking him. He returned the fire, doing the same to her. "I want those balls to fill up nice and full, then I want your seed."

She drew a pattern on Harry's chest with her fingers. Morrigan smiled when she brought herself all the way down on the young man.

"I want to see how far I can push this," Morrigan said. "Don't worry, I don't think I can take you all the way."

Harry's own reserves were infinite. She rode him all the way, until Harry grabbed her hips to stop her from riding him.

Morrigan rolled over onto the bed and Harry mounted her hips before he speared his large cock down onto the bed. He pinned Morrigan down onto the bed, hammering her pussy for everything.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Morrigan yelled, digging her nails into Harry's shoulder.

Her entire body sang when it soaked up the sexual energy. Harry's magic pulled some back into him. This combination of energies between both of them made for a very sticky and intense encounter. Harry brought himself into her depths.

"Mmm!" Lilith said. She dipped down to kiss her sister on the lips to add to the hotness factor here tonight.

Harry gripped Lilith's hips to spear into her. His cock pushed into her depths, with balls filling completely up to the hilt. Her body racked in a constant state of orgasm and Harry needed to keep up the train.

Morrigan pumped Harry's throbbing cock inside her body, squeezing every single inch of his throbbing tool with her tight and wet pussy muscles. She breathed hungrily with each thrust of penetration.

"Cum for me," Harry said.

He tweaked Morrigan's breasts and she moaned in tune with her milking of Harry's thrusts. Harry brought his throbbing cock deep inside her.

Lilith fed off of her sister's own sexual energy. Her own sexual energy accelerated in response. Harry rammed into her, drilling into her from behind.

"Yes," Morrigan said. Harry's loins pushed down onto hers. "Harder, harder, make me cum again."

She grabbed onto Harry's back to push him inside her. Harry pushed all the way into her, and started to stretch out her pussy with a few long and hard thrusts. His balls pushed deep inside her body, rocking inside the body of the succubus.

Harry rode Morrigan into a repeated orgasm. Her legs tightened around Harry, working him into her smoldering depths. She started to breath in response, clenching around Harry's hard cock with a few tight squeezes.

"We're getting close," Harry said. "Are you ready for my cum?"

Morrigan's hot and sweaty body pressed around Harry. Harry rode her into the bed, working her orgasm to another orgasm.

"Please," Morrigan said.

Lillith's body melded around Harry's cock. She kissed her sister one more time and molded her breasts with a few squeezes. Her pussy jerked around Harry's cock with the penetrating getting deeper and deeper.

The duplicate could feel himself reaching the end and it would be a spectacular one when he rode Lilith all the way into a smoldering and hot orgasm. He punished her pussy with long and potent thrusts, slapping his balls against her thighs.

"Here it comes," Harry said. "I hope you're ready for it."

Lilith moaned happily. Her pussy muscles wrapped around Harry and she could tell all three, technically, four of them would explode at the same time.

First, Morrigan and Lilith's pussies clenched around their partner's protruding prick. The duplicate of Harry rocked into Lilith and his balls swelled even heavier with cum.

One more pump into Lilith's wet pussy resulted in Harry driving himself into her body. His balls sized up and sent the fluids into her body. Harry splashed into Lilith's body with a few splatters into her tight body.

Lilith collapsed on the bed when the duplicated faded into the distance. A sensual sigh faded from her body.

Now Harry and Morrigan were alone, she drew her full allure towards him. Harry's head disappeared between Morrigan's breasts and suckled on them when pumping inside her. Morrigan's wet pussy clenched him and wanted the full load.

Morrigan's body hungered for the powerful sorcerer's cum when it pushed deeper into her. Harry rose almost all the way out of her and repeatedly slammed into her.

Harry's fingers ran down Morrigan's legs, feeling her soft flesh. Another orgasm racked through her body from the long and powerful thrusts. Harry kept riding into her, bringing his thick cock into her. He rose all the way up and rode her pussy all the way down.

"Mmm, yes," Morrigan said, grabbing onto his biceps. "Harder, please."

His balls bloated with their cum. Morrigan knew Harry would inject her full of fluids. Her body craved more sexual energy. She ran her hands over Harry's well-toned body.

"Closer," Harry said. "One more time."

Morrigan's pussy tightened around Harry's probing rod. She intended to milk every single drop of cum out of his balls and into her body. Harry rose all the way up and brought his thick cock inside Morrigan's perfect pussy.

Harry rode out Morrigan's orgasm all of the way before he brought himself into hers. His balls expanded and exploded into her.


Morrigan gave a hungry moan, pulling Harry into her. His cock pumped their dripping juices into her body. Morrigan's wet walls stretched. The velvety heaven clamped back around Harry's cock.

Harry drained the contents of his balls while feasting off the breasts of the Succubus. She grinded her pussy back against him, channeling a little bit back into him.

"I've only begun to play," Morrigan said, placing her hands on his ass.

Harry's cock grew and pushed into her body one more time, to continue the pumping.

"Feel free to join us at any moment, sweetie," Morrigan said, licking Lilith behind her ear from her position.

Lilith gained the energy to return, with her sister's fingers penetrating her giving the added incentive to push on.

The End.

Chapter Text

Rewarding Hard Work(Lily Evans-Potter from Harry Potter and Rose Evans, OC third Evans sister).


Harry knew he would do well. He knew he would do better than well. He just didn't know he would do this well to be honest. The grades had been in his hand, and a smile had been brought onto his face. The sixteen year old wizard could not help, but keep the smirk off of his face when looking over the grades flashing in front of him.

He turned his attention towards Lily, his mother. Lily made her way to breakfast, dressed in a bathrobe. The robe flipped up to allow Harry a view of his mother's creamy thighs, which made him smile. Harry and his mother had a pretty close relationship, where they were comfortable with each other and their sexuality with each other. Lily guided her son through the intense rigors of magical puberty, for lack of a better term.

"They've arrived, Mum," Harry said.

Lily smiled, as excited as her son was to see the fruits of their hard work. She removed Harry from Hogwarts after two months, following a fiasco regarding a troll. She was less than pleased Dumbledore openly talked about a corridor which would any students would meet a most painful and unfortunate death should they travel down it.

Why not put a sign on it which said "Idiots: Please Enter."

Lily decided to school Harry herself. Harry took more rigorous exams then most of the students at Hogwarts, receiving his OWLs at fourteen, and now his NEWTs at sixteen, being able to sit exams in subjects which were not taught at Hogwarts, not since they had been removed. The NEWT exams were available upon request, one of them being magical law.

"Well, let's see them, Harry," Lily said, leaning forward to gave her son a glimpse of her generous cleavage.

Harry shook his head, after taking a peak at his mother's large breasts. He slid the paper out on the table. Lily responded with a whistle.

"Twenty-One Outstanding NEWTs," Lily said. "Very well done Harry, I knew you could do it."

"All to the most brilliant witch in the world," Harry said.

Lily smiled at the term of endearment, she moved from her seat and decided to take a seat in her son's lap.

"Harry, you've done so well, better than anyone else in history," Lily said. She leaned closer towards him and gave him a painful nibble behind his ear. "I think you deserve a reward for all of your hard work, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes, Mum," Harry said, wrapping his arm around his mother. "I think after all of that hard work, I deserve a reward. And you do as well…"

Lily leaned in for a kiss for Harry. Her son returned a kiss. Their lips molded together as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Harry wrapped his hands around Lily's rear and gave it a nice squeeze to encourage the kiss.

The kiss lasted several minutes, Lily accepting the intrusion of Harry's tongue into her mouth when he mapped out the inside of her mouth. She undid the sash on her robe and stepped back a couple of moments later.

The robes dropped to the ground to reveal Lily's beautiful body. The sexy MILF had a body which put a lot of women half of her age to shame. Beautiful, creamy skin without a flaw, with a face so beautiful it made Harry throb. Those pouty lips were perfect for many wonderful things. Her neck looked elegant and her arms had a sensual amount of muscle on it, along with the rest of her toned body. A pair of large breasts stood on Lily's chest, DD cup, an example of her prowess as a witch. Toned abs which tempted Harry to run his hands over it. Womanly, and wild hips with a shapely ass, and long legs which stretched down for miles.

Lily sat down on the table and ran one of her perfect feet around the length of Harry's bulge. He felt so trapped in his pants.

"I think he wants to come out to play," Lily said, popping her lips together with a smile. "Why don't we let him join us?"

Lily bent down and grabbed Harry's pants, tugging them down. His boxers came down and revealed twelve inches of thick and juicy cock. Lily wrapped her hand around Harry's cock.

"Does it feel good, Harry?" Lily asked. "Does it feel good when Mummy strokes your big, throbbing cock like this?"

"Shit, Mum, yes," Harry said. "It feels really fucking good."

"Mmm, I know it does," Lily said. "I want you put your big cock in my hot mouth and suck on it, hard."

Lily's lips kissed Harry on the cock and inch by inch, she slipped down onto him. She popped her hot lips around Harry's thick tool and brought her throat down onto him.

"Mum, I love your throat," Harry groaned, putting his hands on the back of Lily's head.

Lily resembled a naughty angel, taking Harry's throbbing manhood deep into the back of her throat. She sucked on her son's cock, hard and fast. A series of loud and passionate slurps could be heard when Lily bobbed down onto her son's baby-making rod.

The door opened up, and Lily's younger sister, Harry's aunt, Rose, stepped into the room. She dressed in a lacy green bra which had an intricate design on the cups. A pair of lacy green thong panties had been revealed, which were getting wet when she watched her older sister bob her head up and down on her son's rod.

Not a strange sight in this house, and Rose watched Lily's mouth work up and down on her son's rod. She brought her fingers down her sexy and sultry body, looking like she could be her sister's twin, except she was a couple of inches shorter.

"Hello, Aunt Rose," Harry groaned, grabbing his mother's head with one hand and fucking her throat. "I got my NEWT results."

"Oh, how did you do?" Rose asked, as if she couldn't tell by her older sister inhaling Harry's cock.

"Twenty One NEWTs," Harry groaned. "All Outstanding."

Given how the most NEWTs someone could get at Hogwarts, and that was by busting their ass, was twelve, Harry naturally set himself above.

"That's great," Rose said. Harry lifted a finger and beckoned for Rose to walk forward.

"Why don't I say good morning to you, auntie?" Harry grunted, when Lily gave a particularly vocal slurp of her son's throbbing cock.

Rose walked towards Harry and the two kissed passionately. Harry's free hand roamed all over Rose's body when the sparks of electricity fired through her body.

Her loins heated up with increased pleasure. Harry slid her panties down past her thighs and exposed Rose's dripping hot slit for the world to see. He smiled, still kissing her, and feeling how wet she was. Harry slipped one of his fingers inside her. Much to his pleasure, Rose clenched his finger like she did not want to slip it away.

Lily was only barely conscious of the fact her baby sister joined the proceedings. All she cared about was sucking her son's big cock and getting as much of his cream down her throat. One hand grabbed Harry's firm ass and pushed his cock further into her mouth. The other hand cradled Harry's ball sac.

Everyone's mouths had been pretty occupied. Lily bobbed herself down further on Harry's cock. She weighed his balls, feeling them filling up and swelling.

Harry indulged himself in his aunt's sweet and sticky pussy, twirling his finger deep inside her pussy. Meanwhile Lily used her full mouth to stimulate Harry's groin. His balls loaded up with a lot of cum.

Rose watched with a hazy vision, Lily's mouth going down her nephew's large cock. She envied her older sister and not for the last time either.

"Here it comes," Harry groaned, pulling himself away from Rose. "You're going to get your reward for being such a good tutor!"

Lily's thighs clenched, juices trickling down her smooth pussy lips. She could not wait to drive her dripping hungry cunt onto Harry's massive rod. Now though, she would settle for sucking his balls dry of his cum.

Harry shifted himself forward and brought the first bursts of cum into Lily's waiting throat. She took every last drop of cock with pure divine pleasure. He launched a rush of seed into Lily's waiting mouth and coated the back of her throat.

Rose's knees almost wobbled from the force of Harry's own finger fuck. Harry pulled his fingers away from her and used his hand to hold his aunt up, squeezing her ass.

The moment Lily pulled away, she licked her lips and looked towards her sister. Her eyes traveled to Rose's dripping pussy with lust.

"Come on, Rose, give your big sister a good morning kiss," Lily purred.

Lily wrapped her arm around Rose, unclipping her bra to allow Rose's large breasts to bounce free. The two Evans sisters kissed.

Their relationship had not been the same, ever since Rose accidentally knocked up Lily with their twin daughters through some well intentioned charm work. Actually, there had been a fair bit of sexual tension between the two of them.

Lily slipped Rose some of the creamy goodness she had in her mouth. Both Evans sisters continued their steamy make out session, hard nipples rubbing together, fingers toying with each other's holes.

Harry's cock throbbed and he pulled his mother way, before pushing her onto the table.

"Harry, fuck your mother," Lily said, with a playful smile.

Harry ran his cock over Lily's dripping entrance. His throbbing cock pushed against Lily's hungry lower lips, which teased gobbling him up. Harry aimed his cock closer towards her dripping insides.

Lily rested her hands on his lower back to encourage him, to entice him, and that's what she did. Harry's cock slammed into Lily, and mother and son moaned when their loins joined together in passionate and taboo love.

Rose moved over to join, only to find herself in a chair, and bound to the chair. A ball gag had been placed in her mouth.

Lily responded with a grin. Her grin turned into a sultry smile when Harry grabbed Lily's nipples and squeezed them. She clenched him hard.

"Rose, you're going to enjoy the show, and maybe if you sit there and watch like a good little girl, you might…right there Harry!" Lily moaned, when her magically potent son licked and bit on her right nipple. "If you…well if you be a good little witch, you'll get a nice big wand in your pussy."

Rose shifted and all she could do was watch Harry's thick cock piece Lily's pussy.

"Mum, you're so fucking hot," Harry said. "I can fuck your hot body all day."

"Oh, and I'd let you," Lily said. "My handsome son…fuck your Mummy's tight pussy, make her cum all over your throbbing rod….ooh, you know how I like it when you play with my legs and pin me down and make you your slut."

Harry grabbed two hand's full of Lily's hair and pushed his hard and toned body down onto her hot body. All of Lily's curves pressed into Harry's body and enticed him to drill his throbbing rod deeper inside Lily's depths.

"More, more, fuck me, fuck your mother, you motherfucker!" Lily yelled.

"Yes, that's what I am," Harry said. "And I'm bloody proud of it."

Harry's rod slammed into Lily's pussy. Her orgasm was at hand .She clawed Harry's back, moaning in his ear, spurring him on.

"Yes, baby, Mummy's going to cum all over your big cock….you're such a good son," Lily said, running her hands all over Harry's back.

Rose's pussy ached and she couldn't even properly rub herself against the chair to get some relief. All she could watch was her nephew thrusting Harry's cock.

Her hips gave a jolt, an invisible finger pushed into her. It was fleeting, teasing, and then it stopped.

"Mmm, bite on my tits, suck on them, they're all for you Harry," Lily said. "No one has ever made me feel this good."

Harry smiled when making his mother feel good. His throbbing cock pushed into her depths and the clenching of her pussy encouraged Harry to go deeper into her.

Lily pushed her hips all the way up to ensure she got all of Harry's cock inside her. Her body stretched out for him.

"You never know," Lily said, suckling on Harry's earlobe. "Today might be the day where I forgot the contraceptive charm."

Lily's sultry hint gave Harry an incentive to further pound his mother's pussy. She ran her fingers up his bicep as well and caused him to pump deeper inside. His mother's legs wrapped around Harry's hips, making sure to keep him close by.

Rose watched Harry's throbbing cock penetrate her older sister's pussy. Every so often, the invisible finger caressed her loins and caused Rose to twitch her hips up and down. She breathed, moaning in a more heavy way than possible.

"Mum, you're cumming so hard," Harry said. "It feels so good to feel you cum all over my cock."

"Yes, baby, it does," Lily said, nibbling on her son's earlobe, while taking extra care to torment her sister. "Put your cum inside my pussy…..fill me up…..drain your balls into my tight pussy."

Lily's walls clutched Harry's throbbing cock, pushing him all the way into her. The two of them rocked together, matching each other stroke for stroke. Lily hung onto Harry, moaning into his ear.

The moment Lily's cunt clamped down onto Harry's intruding manhood, he could not hold back his desires much longer. His balls filled up and pushed deeper into Lily. He pumped into Lily's depths, penetrating her deep and fast. He rocked his balls against Lily's thighs, smacking them against her.

"Yes, baby, fuck me, fuck your mother harder!" Lily said.

"Mum, I'm going to cum," Harry said.

"Cum for me, honey!" Lily said. "Cum in your mothers pussy. Shoot all of your seed into your mother's nice and fertile womb…fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Lily dragged her nails down Harry's back to encourage a more rapid fire stream of thrusting. Their hips pushed together when Harry rode Lily into the table. She hung onto him, moaning hard. One more hard thrust would bring Harry to the edge.

His balls twitched and fired their load inside Lily. She tightened around him and milked Harry's throbbing cock. Harry spilled his thick and potent seed into his mother's canel.

Lily moaned, enjoying the feeling of Harry's cum splattering on her insides. He painted her walls white. Lily grinded up against Harry and took him into her. She emptied his balls into her.

Seconds later, Harry collapsed on his mother's chest. The large, pillowy, breasts pressed against Harry's face. He sucked on those juicy nipples while Lily played with his hair.

"Wonderful, darling," Lily breathed in Harry's ear, causing his cock to twitch inside her. "But, I think your poor auntie wants to play. We've been torturing her for so long. It's starting to drive her mad."

Rose realized Lily transfigured the chair into a bed and she had now been restrained to the bed, spread eagle. She watched when Harry's large cock, dripping of his mother's juices, pulled out her. Despite injecting his mother with a heavy load of cum, Rose realized her nephew's cock was so hard.

"Do you want my cock inside you, auntie?" Harry asked.

Rose gave a muffled moan, the ball gag still in her mouth. Her entire body exploded with sexual energy, trickling down between her legs. Those thighs spread, waiting to be fed with Harry's cock. Harry approached Rose's enter, pushing his hard cock against her entrance.

"Do you want to be fucked?" Harry asked her, pushing his hips against her. "Do you want to be a fucked hard and fast?"

Rose's thighs spread, threatening to take Harry's cock inside her.

"This might help," Lily said, waving her finger.

The ball gag had been removed from Rose's mouth. Rose gasped at the sensation of Harry's cock against her dripping entrance.

"Yes, Harry, fuck me," Rose said, lifting her hips up. "Fuck me like you fucked your mother. I need your cream in my pussy."

Rose tried to lift her hips to encourage Harry. Harry held them down, causing Rose to wine in frustration. Harry rose up and spiked his cock into her.

Harry soaked in the pleasure of Rose's tight sheath wrapped around his throbbing cock. He rose almost the wall out of her and pushed into her with a rapid fire thrust. Rose's wet pussy walls clenched around him when Harry rode her.

"Yes, Harry, ride your auntie's pussy!" Rose said, moaning. "Ride her….ride her all night long baby! Fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Harry smiled when leaning down and he played with Rose's breasts. She moaned and took her nephew's cock inside her. Harry kept pounding away at Rose's pussy.

Lily smiled, and lifted one of her thighs, before balancing on Rose's face. A large strand of cum broke from her pussy and landed on Rose's lips which the younger Evans sister lapped up with hunger.

"You like taking my son's cock like a common whore," Lily said. "Why don't you clean his cum from my pussy while you're at it?"

Rose took her older sister's pussy and started to lick it. She could feel the combination of delightful juices trickling down and Rose could hungrily take them into her mouth like no one's business.

"She's always been such a good pussy eater!" Lily cried, working her hips all the way down on Rose's tongue. "Yeah, right there, more lick my pussy out, you little slut!"

"Damn, Mum," Harry said.

"Harry, keep fucking her," Lily encouraged him. "I bet Rose would like to be knocked up with a taboo child of her own."

Harry rode his aunt's pussy faster. Given the rate she clenched his cock, preventing it from sliding out of her body, Harry guessed she wanted this more than anyone else. Harry held onto Rose's thighs and started to bring his throbbing hard cock into her.

"Yes, oh, she's so tight," Harry said.

"But, I bet her tight pussy feels so good on your big, manly cock," Lily said. She drooled when watching her son's cock hammer her baby sister's pussy.

"Mum, it feels so fucking good," Harry said. "Feels even good when she cums over it."

Rose's womanly juices coated Harry's prick when he buried himself further into her. His balls throbbed when bouncing all about Rose. Her thighs ached when Harry rode her all the way to a climatic and very delicious end.

"Yes, I'm sure she feels really good," Lily said. "Keep licking me, Rose!"

Rose, not wanting to disappoint her older sister, lapped up the combination of pussy juices. Lily made Rose eat her face.

Harry reached the edge after riding Rose through several orgasms. Her pussy flooded the makeshift bed Lily created. He stole a look towards his mother, who arched back, her breasts coated in sweat.

Like a good son, Harry grabbed her breasts which begged for attention. Lily shoved her chest into Harry's hands and gave a sultry and hot moan in response.

"Fuck me, you're hands feel so fucking good," Lily said. "Squeeze my breasts….suck on them too….."

Her handsome son's face buried between Lily's breasts while he fucked her baby sister. Rose still moaned in Lily's pussy.

"Yes, cum for me, auntie," Harry said. "And if you cum really good, I'll give you a big load of your own for being so hot."

Harry's cock buried deep into Rose's depths. Her pussy walls closed, the biological need to be seeded by such a powerful wizard coming to light. Her sister's never ending flood of pussy juices caused Rose's body to be hyper-stimulated.

Lily leaned back with a hot moan, feeling her sister's hot tongue work her over. She would have her fun, and then a little bit more. There was nothing which could deny her the pleasure which will be coming through soon.

"Fuck, so good, Rose," Lily said.

"Here it comes," Harry said.

Rose's womb practically opened up for intrusion. Harry pumped into her hard and the feeling of his balls against her thighs told Rose all she needed to know. The cum would pour into her hot and fast and at an amazing volume.

Harry plowed into her, giving a satisfied grunt. His balls emptied into his aunt's body. The first fertile dose of cum hit her waiting and willing womb. Rose's hips jerked up and she pumped Harry.

"Your pussy feels so good," Harry said. "Does my cock feel as good when I'm knocking you up, Rose?"

Rose's pussy clenched Harry to ensure not a drop of baby batter had been wasted. She jerked his cock and drained it into her pussy.

The moments their orgasms came through, Harry laid back on the bed, with two sexy redheads pressed on either side of him. Lily stroked her fingers down Harry's abs, while Rose nibbled on his shoulder.

"Mmm, I think he has more," Rose said, her hand cupping Harry's balls and squeezing them.

"A job well done deserves multiple rewards," Lily said, leaning over to wrap her warm lips around her son's cock.

"Jesus, Mum," Harry said.

Lily swirled her tongue around Harry's head, grinning. She was far from done, and she did not have her fill just yet.



Chapter Text

Joining the Club(Daphne Greengrass from Harry Potter and Emma Frost from X-Men).

Daphne Greengrass stepped past a doorway into a room surrounded by candles. The blonde witch turned her head a couple of inches to one side and then turned around to the other side. Her heart started to beat when continuing her trip forward.

She dressed in a silky white blouse which had been buttoned up over her large breasts. The front of the blouse flipped up with every step, showing her flat and toned stomach. The black skirt stretched over her wide hips and her long legs stretched down for miles. Daphne balanced herself on the heels, walking a couple of inches forward. She chewed down on her lip.

"It's good to see you here in the flesh at last, Ms. Greengrass."

Daphne's gaze followed the beautiful blonde who stepped forward. She dressed in a white corset light top which contained her large breasts. The bottom of the corset curved to show her stomach with a healthy amount of womanly flesh. She dressed in a white thong which Daphne noticed the hints of her delicious pussy lips. Thigh high white stockings covered her luscious legs. The fingerless white gloves added to the fun.

"Very good, indeed," the figure said.

"Thank you, Ms. Frost," Daphne said.

"Now you're a part of the Hellfire Club, you may refer to me as the White Queen."

Daphne shuddered when she caught a glimpse of the riding crop in the hand of Emma Frost. Her heart started to race when looking at the gorgeous Ms. Frost. Her heart skipped a couple more beats when moving forward.

"Don't be afraid," Emma said. "You've been brought into our society under the highest of recommendations. Our Black King has watched you and has seen your potential from afar. You've done a lot, out of very little, and I'm pleased by what you've accomplished."

"Thank you," Daphne said.

The Greengrasses always managed to adapt to pretty much every situation they encountered. Many of these situations put them in a bad place.

"Will I see him?" Daphne asked.

"In one minute," Emma said. She crooked her finger and motioned for Daphne to come to her. "Join me in a glass of wine."

Daphne took a tentative step forward. Normally, she would not accept a drink, but if she had to play the game, she would. Daphne approached the taller blonde. The corset really empathized Emma's breasts and drew Daphne's tender gaze towards her.

Emma smiled, noticing the lingering gazes the younger girl continued to give her. She tried to keep herself rather calm.

"Here you are," Emma said. "A toast to greater times ahead, and greater associations."

Daphne took the wine to her lips and indulged herself in it. She would have been lying if she thought it was nothing other than wonderful. She could see Emma's gaze lock onto her and Daphne responded with a light little shudder, before shaking her head to clear it.

"Yes, I can drink to that," Daphne said, biting down on her lip to leave an imprint in them. "The Hellfire Club has been stepping up its game as of late."

"Well, when our new leader took control, we've had underwent a few rennovations of the club," Emma said. She leaned closer towards Daphne, their lips coming a few inches apart, before she pulled back as a tease. "Some of the old guard did not want to let go of their positions of power. He convinced them though, it would be best to move aside, or they would be moved aside."

Daphne crossed her legs with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"Some people are stubborn to a fault," Daphne said. "The people who need to be out of power are often the last to get out of power, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes, darling, I'll concede this point," Emma said. She tipped the glass of wine closer to her lips and smiled. "But, true power can be difficult to let go of."

Emma's hand rested on Daphne's warm thigh and gave it a subtle little squeeze. The fingers of the White Queen inched up Daphne's leg, feeling the silken material of her panties.

"There can only be one king in this club, and I think you'll find him more than able to fulfill all of your needs," Emma said. "All of your desires."

Daphne knew what she desired. The former Slytherin tried to maintain some degree of dignity and not lift her hips to meet Emma's intruding fingers. It was extremely hard. Emma did not slip inside her. Rather, she danced her finger tips on the entrance of the Slytherin, almost slipping in, but not quite.

'Bloody hell, this is torment,' Daphne thought.

Emma smiled. She was primed and wet. Given the choices she had back home, Emma could hardly blame her for not seeking out some companionship. She kept dancing her fingers across the edge of Daphne's panties.

"In the Hellfire Club, your carnal desires can be fulfilled," Emma said. "And every single woman in this club, they've lined up to meet their king."

Emma's gaze flickered in the direction of the door. She trailed her tongue over her lips when the door swung open to reveal a tall, dark and handsome young man. His messy black hair, enchanting green eyes, and sculpted physique haunted the wet dreams of all women.

Daphne's mouth opened up and she came face to face with the young god. Harry Potter approached her, in the flesh. It had been five years since she saw Harry, he disappeared after the death of Lord Voldemort. The Ministry scrambled to find him for up to a year later, but something backed them off and new problems had been brought to them.

"Hello, Daphne, it's good to see you again," Harry said.

"So, this is what you've been up to since you've left?" Daphne asked.

"I've defeated your Dark Lord, it's up to you whether or not you sink or swim from there," Harry said. "But, judging by what I've heard, a lot of you have sunk."

Daphne responded with a sigh. Damn if this wasn't true. They had sunk, big time. Really big time, to be perfectly honest, but that was beside the point.

"You're a survivor," Harry said. "You and your sister, and a few others….you'll always be able to adapt to change."

Harry motioned for Daphne to walk over towards him. Daphne stepped towards Harry, her legs had been compelled by the amazing and mysterious force of Harry Potter.

He wrapped an arm around Daphne and pulled her in close to him. Daphne's warm body pressed against Harry's and one hand wrapped around her rear, giving it a nice squeeze. She gasped at the touch.

"You never had a man, at least one like me," Harry said .

"No, I've just had a bunch of little boys trying to chase after me," Daphne said. "I put them in their place."

Harry smiled, he figured about as much. A woman such as Daphne Greengrass deserved, demanded, the very best, and Harry was going to give her better than the best. He leaned closer towards her and pressed his lips down onto hers with a passionate kiss.

The kiss set Daphne's loins ablaze with passion. She returned the kiss, working her fingers down the back of Harry's arm. She pushed Harry into her, grinding her hips against his.

The next thing Daphne knew, Harry guided her through a set of doors, through a rather lavish bedroom. The skilled young man did not break the kiss, even more one second. He backed Daphne back and dropped her onto the bed.

Emma joined them a second later. Harry spread Daphne's legs for a moment and turned his thumb on the growing wet spot on her panties.

"You want me badly, don't you?" Harry asked. "Are you going to show how badly you want me?"

Daphne reached forward and started to unbuckle Harry's pants. She pulled them down below his ankles and then pulled his pants all the way down to reveal his cock for her consumption. Daphne's lips moistened at the thought of having this large piece of meat lodged down your throat.

"Are you going to stare, or are you going to touch?" Harry asked.

Daphne shook her head and started to stroke Harry's cock. It amazed her how much he grew and swelled up at her touch. The former Slytherin leaned forward and planted a kiss on Harry's swollen head. It twitched and touched her lips.

Harry enjoyed the sensation of Daphne's wet and talented tongue swirling around his cock. She licked him from the head all the way to the base. The moment Daphne finished up tasting every single inch of Harry's throbbing cock, she moved herself into position. Her hot lips wrapped around Harry's swollen head and she drove all the way down onto him.

Daphne choked for a moment, ramming his throbbing cock down her throat. She felt a pair of firm and soft hands easy on the back of her head.

"Ease yourself into it, darling," Emma said. "It's not a sprint, it's a marathon, and you're going to be in it for the long haul."

Daphne regained her composure and started to bob herself up and down on Harry's cock. His cock speared into the back of her throat. She sucked on him and hard.

"You're so beautiful with my cock in my mouth," Harry said.

"Yes, she's a vision," Emma said.

Emma moved down to fondle Harry's balls. She licked his balls, worshipping her king's bloated testicles like a good queen. She ran her finger down the vein, tickling Harry's balls with everything she had.

Harry looked down at the two beautiful blonde vixens, suckling and pleasuring every inch of his cock. They were delightful. He could tell Emma was feeding Daphne not so subtle suggestions, although Daphne was picking up on things rather fast.

Daphne smacked her lips around Harry's cock. He tasted so good, so good she could not help herself to be honest.

A new sensation visited Daphne. Her hot thighs parted and something throbbing and hard poked between her thighs. Her thighs spread out for intrusion.

"Just making sure you're nice and open for the second part of your initiation," Emma said.

She shoved the huge dildo into Daphne's pussy and pumped her hard. She smiled at the effort it took to work this throbbing cock inside Daphne.

"Just think, what you're sucking is going to be much more pleasurable than what I put into you," Emma said. Her free hand fondled Daphne's round breast.

Daphne's juices trickled nice and freely at the thought of having Harry's manhood shoved into her cunt. The Greengrass heiress bobbed up and down on Harry's prick, taking the huge hunk of manhood into her throat.

Harry held onto Daphne's face.

"You've dreamed about me shoving my fucking cock down your throat for some long," Harry said. "You might have been cold at school, but you're just another whore who wanted nothing but my cock being shoved into every single hole."

Harry pounded Daphne's tight throat and she moaned with delight. The few little tastes of cum came out and Daphne re-doubled her efforts, going all the way down on Harry like it was her job, her calling in life to suck his cock dry.

Emma smiled and gave her lover's balls a squeeze. She enjoyed feeling how heavy they were with cum and this cum would pour down the throat of your newest recruit.

"I'm about ready to cum."

Emma squeezing his balls helped accelerate the process. Daphne working his cock with her throat and tongue made it even more intense.

The hot burst of cum shot down Daphne's throat. She took all of the cream into her mouth and down her throat. Harry held onto her face and pumped his huge load into her throat.

Harry felt Daphne's warm throat to be a perfect vessel for his release. He rocked her face, his heavy balls draining into her mouth. The moans hitting his cock from the back of throat caused more cum to fire down her throat.

Emma smiled, working the dildo into Daphne's pussy at a quicker pace yet. She stretched the womanhood of the woman.

Daphne pulled back, and no sooner did she have a chance to catch her breath, Emma's lips found hers with another passionate kiss.

The White Queen shoved her tongue down the throat of the younger girl. Daphne responded with the kiss eagerly and through Emma's encouragement, her hands started to explore. Daphne and Emma grinded their hot bodies together with a sizzling series of kisses.

Daphne almost forgot about the dildo Emma shoved deep inside her cunt. Emma would not allow her to forget such an intrusion, working it deep inside her. Daphne's thighs clenched at the intrusion.

'Now, you can cum,' Emma thought.

Emma reached behind her and stroked Harry's cock lovingly, not wanting her king to feel neglected. She put most of her attention on putting their new recruit's hot body in a state of constant and never ending orgasm.

Daphne almost collapsed down onto the ground. Emma positioned her towards the bed, her legs spread and willing.

The dildo extracted from Daphne and Emma looked at the amount of juices which had been collected from it. She started to lick the juices off of them, before taking the dildo and shoving it deep into her throat, sucking it clean.

Harry gave Emma one of those looks as if to say "I'll get to you later". He turned his attention to Daphne and pounced on top of her.

"Harry!" Daphne moaned.

Her blouse pulled open to reveal her large breasts incased in a lacy green bra. Harry made quick work of his bra to inspect her breasts.

"Well, you're certainly up to Hellfire Club standards," Harry said. He gave her breasts a nice squeeze, which caused Daphne to gasp in response.

Harry smiled and played with her breasts, while teasing her body with his cock. Every single moan coming from Daphne proved to be music to his ears. He could smell her pussy and smell how much she wanted him. The arousal caused spots to appear on the bedsheet.

"Tell me what you want, my dear," Harry said. "Use your words."

"I want you to fuck me," Daphne said. "I want you to drive your big cock into my tight pussy, and I want you to fuck me until I can barely breath. And then I want you to keep fucking me. I want you to fuck me so hard I cum all over your big cock.

Harry squeezed Daphne's breasts and played with her nipples. The moans coming from the back of the girl's throat rewarded Harry. He shifted halfway down and positioned his throbbing prick closer towards Daphne's waiting entrance.

"Please, Harry," Daphne begged him. "I need you inside me. I need you fucking me. I need you more than I've needed anything else in my life."

Her loins burned with passion. Harry leaned down and kissed down her stomach. She gave a shiver when Harry kissed her navel and went between her legs to attack her womanhood with his tongue.

Harry's tongue vibrated inside Daphne, causing her to give a fit. The gift of Parseltongue had been well and alive, despite mistaken rumors it disappeared after Harry defeated Voldemort. And to that extent, Daphne had been satisfied.

Emma stripped off all of her clothes, positioned herself in the chair, and mentally locked herself into Daphne's nervous system. Her legs spread and the dildo pushed against her dripping lips.

Harry ate Daphne through several spectacular orgasms. Her entire body twitched and her pussy flooded with juices.

"Please, Harry, I can't stand it any more."

Daphne looked up. Her thighs spread out even more to accommodate Harry when he put his big prick at the edge of her entrance. Daphne breathed in, feeling the slow and subtle moments of penetration when Harry inserted himself inside her.

"Yes!" Daphne yelled.

"Damn, you're really tight baby," Harry said.

"Told you," Emma said, feeling Harry's cock sliding into Daphne. It did not beat the real thing, but it would do in a horny pinch.

Harry rested his hips on top of Daphne's, holding his cock inside her, savoring the moment. Then he pulled almost all the way out of her and plunged back into her. Their loins met together in a fiery dance of passion.

Daphne thought she had died and gone to heaven. Actually, if this was heaven, she was glad she lived a life good enough to get her to this point. Harry's fingers danced on her flesh, and brought her to several miniature orgasms which preluded the big one.

"Now, you belong to me," Harry said, smiling. "Your pussy, your tits, your ass, they all are property of your Black King."

"Yes, sir, they are," Daphne said.

Harry ran his fingers down her stocking clad legs and caused Daphne to respond to a shiver. He had her underneath his thumb, or to be more accurate.

"Yes, love, harder, fuck her young cunt hunger," Emma said. She stroked her clit while pounding her own pussy with the dildo, matching Harry's motions. "Treat her like your whore!"

"You mean treat her like you."

Harry leaned down and grabbed Daphne by the hair, pulling on it. The pureblood heiress enjoyed being treated like this, as long as hard and pleasurable fucking was to follow. And Harry gave her what she wanted.

Daphne's hips pushed up, squeezing Harry's manhood. The pleasure coursing through her loins lubricated Harry's tool and brought it into her. She could feel his manhood when he pushed all the way inside her.

"Time for you to cum," Harry said.

Daphne had no choice in the matter. Her body submitted to the will of her new master. The wet pussy clamped all the way down onto his probing prick.

Harry speared deep into Daphne. Her wet and tight pussy hugged his pulsing manhood the further Harry buried himself into her. He held onto Daphne's hips, working him into it.

Emma's pussy clenched in tune with Daphne's. She imagined the large dildo in her hand as Harry's cock which kept piercing and spreading her walls out with each thrust into her.

The moment her orgasm came down, Daphne breathed. Harry was not done though, far from it. He pounded into Daphne's pussy and led her to another orgasm.

Harry prepared to bring pleasure beyond anything Daphne ever imagined into her. His cock buried its way into her walls, feeling them pump around her. The never ending stream of orgasms increased by the fact Harry continued to bury his thick rod into the center of the delicious looking woman who laid beneath him.

"Mmm, yes!" Daphne moaned.

"You want my cock," Harry said. "You can't help and keep cumming all over my gigantic cock. You can't help, and keep from exploding all over it. You can't help yourself. You want it, you want it deep and hard inside you, don't you?"

"Mmm hmm!" Daphne moaned, clamping her hand down onto Harry's shoulder. She received one of the biggest orgasms ever.

Harry's balls swelled with their seed and started to tighten. He spent the next couple of minutes indulging himself in Daphne's sweet and dripping pussy. His hips pushed down, rocking inside Daphne's body. Her hot hips pushed up to meet Harry with each push inside her.

"You're going to explode," Harry said. "You can't stop yourself. You can't help yourself."

Daphne's wet walls kept clamping down on Harry's rod. She milked him, wanting nothing more than Harry's seed blasted inside her. Harry sped up, reaching the end. He rode out Daphne, orgasm after orgasm.

Harry grunted when he gave a couple more powerful pushes into Daphne. His bloated balls found their way down upon Daphne's thighs. They slapped against her hard, beginning to fill up with their cream.

He pushed into Daphne with a couple more pushes inside her. Harry rode her pussy all the way to the edge of an orgasm, and then his balls contracted before firing into her.

Daphne held onto Harry all the way, moaning in his ear. His balls contracted and started to fire a potent amount of seed. Daphne felt a warm rush fill her body, when this powerful young man expanded and shot his heavy load into her. She hung onto Harry's shoulder, scratching him up, and moaning deep into his ear.

Harry stuffed Daphne completely full of his seed. His balls drained into Daphne's wet and willing womanhood. Her pussy finally released him.

"Excellent, fucking excellent, filling her pussy up."

Harry turned his attention to Emma Frost, the lovely White Queen having spread her thighs on the chair. Her pussy dripped with juices and she smiled, beckoning towards Harry in an inviting way.

"Harry, it's time for you to fill me up," Emma said. She started to rub her pussy lips for him.

Harry tilted back the chair with Emma on it, spreading her legs. Her wet pussy looked about ready to suck in his throbbing cock. Harry positioned himself and pushed into her.

Emma held onto Harry, breathing heavily. Harry's thick cock pierced her tight, pussy.

"I bet you're getting off on me fucking you like a common whore," Harry said. "How did you like how I broke in the new recruit?"

"Very good, love," Emma said. Her pussy clenched Harry's throbbing hard cock pushing into her. "But, I can assure you it doesn't pale to the feeling of a real, life, cock pounding my pussy."

Emma loved cock so much, Harry's cock anyway. He pushed into her, spreading her walls apart. Harry really stretched her out. Her hot pussy tightened around him.

Harry stopped her orgasm from happening. He smiled and ran his fingers up Emma's sultry body. Her eyes glazed over and a pouty moan followed. Harry smiled and kissed her on her lips, forcefully pressing his onto hers, showing her who ruled this dance.

"You're cum, when I'm ready to have you cum," Harry said. "Tell me what you are."

"I'm your little cock sleeve," Emma said, trying to tighten her pussy walls around Harry's cock. "My cunt is built for your enjoyment, and built to be fucked hard."

Daphne's pussy started to buzz. Her hand lifted up and she summoned up the strength to rub her pussy lips back and forth. The circular motions caused a blissful feeling to explode through her loins, which continued to escalate with each stroke and each swipe.

"Yes, you are," Harry said. "You like when I slap my balls against you. You like how they fill up against your thigh."

Harry rode Emma into the chair and leaned forward. He devoured her ample chest. Emma reached down, placing her hands on the back of Harry's head and encouraged him to continue the fucking of her pussy.

"Yes, fuck your little rich slut!" Emma yelled. "Fuck her harder…..pound my pussy! Show me what a big strong man you are and make me cum all over it over, and over again. Until you shoot a big nice load in my whore pussy, while you play with my big slutty tits!"

Harry pushed deeper inside of the White Queen. His hands caressed Emma's sinful body and he thrust deeper into her. His balls kept slapping against Emma when he rode her, pushing himself almost all the way into her and sliding out of her. He slammed back into her.

"Harry, fuck me like a two dollar whore!" Emma shrieked in his ear.

Daphne diddled herself. It was almost like her pussy felt how hard Emma's was being founded. It turned her on. It was like she was a voyeur with a very interactive and sexy experience. Her pussy stretched out by some kind of invisible force.

Emma bucked her hips like a wild woman and pushed them around Harry's intruding tool. She sensed even Harry reached his limit.

Harry battered Emma's pussy with a series of rapid fire thrusts. He ran his hands all over the White Queen's sexy body. He kept working her, pounding her pussy harder.

Emma enjoyed Harry banging her almost into a drooling mess. She wanted something from him, something nice and sticky to be poured into her pussy. She hung onto Harry's arm and moaned with a sensual whisper.

"Harry, it's time."

Harry smiled, and squeezed Emma's breasts. He would be the one to tell her it's time and not just a second before.

"Oh, ladies…."

"I'm not a lady, I'm a slut, your slut," Emma said, massaging Harry's bicep with a sexual smile. Her hips grinded against him to encourage Harry to push on through. "But, I'd happily lead the way."

Emma's legs tightened around Harry's hips and held him in close to her. Her cunt muscles squeezed the intruding manhood.

Emma's orgasm opened the door for Harry to push his hard and throbbing cock inside her, emptying his balls in her sweet and savory snatch. Harry came hard and fast inside Emma, her eager cunt milking up every drop he had.

Daphne collapsed in a moan. She drooled from two different months.

Harry pulled out of Emma, leaving her slumping back on the chair. He turned back to Daphne on the bed, legs spread, cross eyed, and drooling. Her pussy dripped like a broken faucet.

"Emma, did you forget to disconnect yourself from Miss Greengrass?"

Emma managed to pull herself away from the sexually bliss she felt to look at Daphne and the state, the dripping, drooling state, she found herself in. In her haste to get fucked, Emma neglected to do something.

"Whoops," Emma said, in a sheepish voice. "Don't worry, she's still breathing."

Harry shook his head and sighed.

'Good thing I know how to revive someone.'

Harry's hard cock gave Daphne's nervous system the jolt it needed for her to return to the land of the consciousness.


Chapter Text

Keeping Wet(Aspen Matthews from Fathom).


Aspen Matthews looked at the view of the ocean from the beach house she shared with her lover and smiled. The dark haired female was a pinnacle of beauty with her tanned and healthy skin. Her white tank top spread over a pair of perfectly formed breasts which caught the eyes. It stopped a few inches from her waistline to show off her well-toned abs, and then she wore a pair of short shorts which barely qualified as such. They did a wonderful job of showing off her ass and legs. She moved around the area, in bare feet which could be felt underneath the sand.

The world had been as beautiful as she wanted it to, but Aspen had one of the wonders of the world coming towards her. The tall, dark, and handsome young man, known as Harry Potter, with his dark hair sticking up in a messy manner and his bright green eyes shining. He walked around without a shirt, wearing nothing, but a pair of swimming trunks. Aspen smiled when she looked over his physique, tall, toned, and tanned. Not an ounce of fat on this young man's body, he kept up with plenty of cardio.

"Good morning, love," Harry said. "Are you enjoying the view."

"Especially now," Aspen said.

Aspen walked towards Harry, with a smile and wrapped her arms around him. Her large breasts pressed against Harry's muscular chest and she leaned in for a kiss. Harry returned the kiss. The two young lovers spent a fair bit of time.

"So, I'm going to be leaving in a couple of hours for a long trip," Aspen said, her fingers trailing down Harry's abs and she smiled. "But, I don't think it would be right, if I didn't have a chance to say goodbye."

"I agree," Harry said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling Aspen's hips into his. "It would be very bad form if you left without saying goodbye."

She smiled when Harry's lips pressed up against hers with another kiss. Her hands explored his body without shame and he returned the favor on her. Every time Harry's hands brushed against her hips, legs, back, and every thing else, Aspen twitched forward.

"Nothing relaxes me more than getting nice and wet," Aspen said, giving him a few playful kisses behind his ear. Wouldn't you agree?"

She extended her hand forward and caused water to appear in the air. Aspen splashed her white shirt. It had a transparent appeal, showing the outlines of her breasts.

"Maybe I should have taken this shirt off before I got it all wet," Aspen said, with a mocking little pout. "Maybe, you could help me get out of it."

"It would be an honor."

Harry pealed her wet shirt off of her, revealing her large, tanned, breasts. They were a pinnacle of womanhood. The nipples stuck out firm and erect, begging to be suck. One of them looked particularly inviting.

A large tent formed into Harry's pants at his lover's untamed, perfect breasts, having been revealed. Aspen ran her fingers down her body and stopped short of her shorts.

"Not wearing any panties," Aspen said. "You know how they always get ruined anyway."

Harry smiled in response and Aspen locked her eyes on the massive bulge in Harry's pants.

"You must be so uncomfortable," Aspen said. "Why don't I make it better?"

She pealed down Harry's pants and his throbbing manhood stuck out for her. He looked all swollen and angry. Aspen decided to sooth the savage beast.

"Aspen," Harry groan.

Aspen took Harry's manhood into her wet and hot mouth and started to give him a magnificent blowjob. It was her regret she did not have a chance to wake him up like this morning. She actually intended to go back in and do so, but Harry had woken up before she had a chance to return to the house.

Harry looped his fingers against Aspen's locks. Her beautiful face looked particularly erotic when she speared Harry's massive tool down her throat. The woman's hand cupped and clenched Harry's balls, playing with them all the way.

Aspen's wet lips started to smack and slurp all over Harry's tool. She hungered for him in all of the worst ways and the blowjob grew even more intense the further Aspen went down onto Harry. She brought his cock into the depths of his mouth.

Several long minutes later, Aspen dove in further, wanting her prize.

"I'm going to cum," Harry groaned.

Aspen re-doubled the efforts of her blowjob, going all the way down onto Harry. She sucked and slurped his hard manhood, rubbling his balls.

Harry tensed up and fired his load down the throat of the beautiful woman on her knees before him. And she sucked down all of his cum, hungrily slurping it up.

The moment Harry finished draining his balls into Aspen's mouth, she pulled herself up, grinding on Harry all the way up she did. She pulled her shorts down, revealing her wet pussy to Harry.

"Look at what you did," Aspen said, looking a hand on Harry's ass and giving him a firm squeeze. "Look at how wet you made my pussy."

Aspen spread apart her pussy lips, showing them to Harry. She leaned in closer towards to him and rubbed her pussy lips against him.

"Good, you're nice and hard for me."

Harry reached on to her and gave her breasts a firm squeeze. The woman's moans grew more intense when Harry kept squeezing her breasts.

"Yes, time for us to play!" Aspen cried. "I love playing before I go to work."

The marine biologist's hips rose up to meet Harry's throbbing manhood. He pushed his hips towards her, touching her hips.

Aspen manipulated the water vapor in the air to give Harry something to lean her back. His cock tapped at her entrance and Aspen's breathing increased.

"Do it, baby," Aspen said. "Fuck me so hard…..I want you to get me wetter than the entire ocean."

Harry smiled, brushing the tip of his swollen head against Aspen's womanly lips. Her hips rose up to try and coax his throbbing manhood inside her.

"You don't want much, do you?" Harry asked.

Aspen turned to putty underneath his touch. Harry's hands rested firmly on her hips, teasing her and tormenting the beautiful young woman. Her hips tried to raise up, but Harry was not ready to take the plunge.

He plastered kisses all over her body. Aspen's body started to thrash and moan in pleasure. Harry's cock was almost in her, but not quite.

"No, I don't want much," Aspen said. "Well, I guess you're a lot, a whole lot."

The thought of Harry's throbbing cock pushing into her had pushed all of Aspen's buttons and got her motor running like one wouldn't believe. Harry edged closer towards her, and almost took the plunge into her body.

"Right here, baby," Aspen said, spreading her legs. "I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard. Fuck my brains out."

Harry's manhood pushed further inside Aspen. Her wet walls spread in response and allowed Harry to slip inside her. Her pussy practically saturated his cock and allowed Harry to slide into the depths of her core with no problem.

The powerful sorcerer manipulated the young woman. To the naked eye, Harry fucked her on air, and it would be an enticing enough thought, so much so, Harry did not spend too much time picking nits about the science of the matter.

"Harder, harder, right here, harder!" Aspen moaned in his ear. She grabbed onto the side of Harry's neck to encourage him to take the plunge inside. Her wet walls tightened around Harry, dragging his thick cock into her depths.

Harry continued to ride her, hard and fast, making sure she became wetter than anything ever. Aspen's walls clenched around Harry, milking his throbbing thrusts into her depths. Harry pounded her pussy with everything he had.

"Damn it, you're so tight, and so hot," Harry said. "And your breasts are so beautiful, I'm going to have to keep playing with them."

Harry's strong hands palmed Aspen's breasts, which caused her to moan in delight. Her wet walls clamped down onto him, milking his throbbing cock all the way inside her. Harry rose almost all the way up and pushed further down into her.

"Yes, harder, fuck me harder!" Aspen said. "Play with my tits, bite them, lover, do whatever you want to with them."

Things were getting rather well. Harry aimed his cock and pushed into Aspen. Several long and deep thrusts brought her to more passionate moans and thrusts. Harry pushed into her pussy, hammering it with every single movement he could manage.

Aspen wrapped her arms and legs around Harry, ensuring his cock never strayed any further from her dripping center. Harry hammered her pussy even harder.

The first big orgasm of this session hit Aspen. Her hips rose almost all the way up. Harry plunged his throbbing manhood into her, riding out the orgasm all the way.

"More, I'm not done yet," Aspen said. "Oooh, yeah, baby….."

Harry reached behind her and grabbed one of Aspen's juicy ass cheeks and gave it a squeeze. He paid special attention about how his lover enjoyed having her ass toyed with. Harry rose almost the way out of her and thrust deep into her.

Aspen encouraged her lover's behavior even more because it made her feel so good. Harry plunged into her. Every plunge was eagerly accepted by Aspen. Her powers kept her canal nice and moistened for the thick rod to keep spearing inside her.

"You're cumming harder," Harry said. "I notice every time I flick your nipple, you ooze."

Case in point, Harry's tongue brushed against Aspen's nipple. Not even a scant second later, her hips jerked up to meet Harry's intrusion in response. Harry pushed back against her, riding her harder into the air.

"I'm making you feel so good…"

Harry nibbled on her breasts, causing Aspen to gasp in pleasure. He made her feel so good, so good, really good, better than she could feel. His cock hit places inside of her which brought more pleasure. It kept her guessing in the different ways.

"Really good!" Aspen moaned. Her hands rested on Harry's back and encouraged him to pump inside her. "Please, cum for me, I need your seed inside my body."

"Soon," Harry grunted.

Harry rode out another one of Aspen's orgasms. His cock soaked wet with pussy juices, perfect for the main event as far as he concerned. His hard thrusts continued to drill his cock hungry lover on the beach.

The tidal waves slapped against the rocks angrily, when Aspen lost all control of her senses. The only thing mattering to her was Harry's thick and throbbing cock piercing herself. Her love box had been penetrated and she could feel his balls filling up.

"One more time," Harry said. "Then you'll get what's cumming to you."

Aspen tightened her grip on Harry, both with arms and legs. Harry's muscular body pushed up against her sensual, and womanly curves. He gripped onto her hips and pounded her. Aspen tightened around him, more spurred on than ever by the promising of a load of cum buried deep inside her womanly depths.

"Mmm, yes, fuck yes!" Aspen moaned in Harry's ear.

Harry continued to drive himself deep into Aspen's center. He rode out her orgasm and his balls started to twitch for one more of his own.

"Harder, baby, give me your seed," Aspen purred. "Put your cum inside my pussy, fill me up….give me your nice, heavy, load."

"I'm going to give you more than your fair share," Harry growled.

The sexual energy coming off of him made Aspen wet. He gripped her hips and rode her with a series of rapid fire thrusts until the end approached.

The first volley of cum splashing into Aspen caused her walls to clench down onto Harry. Her walls pumped the cum out of him and into her body.

The life bringing fluids splashed into Aspen's body. She moaned when her body started to get filled up with Harry's hot and sticky seed.

Harry enjoyed the way her walls clenched and released him. A seemingly endless supply of cum filled Aspen up all the way and caused her to arch herself back with moans. The cum splattered into her with Harry nearly draining his balls inside her body.

Aspen gasped at the sweet sensation of her partner's release inside her. Harry's balls emptied into her body.

"Don't worry, we're not done yet, "Harry said, with a smile and he kissed the back of her ear. "I hope you're ready for the main event."

Aspen's pussy dripped with hot fluids, realizing what was going to come next. He pulled her closer towards her.

"Do it," Aspen said. She could feel Harry's fingers teasing her already wet pussy. She rose up her hips with a few pushes. "I want you inside my ass."

Her cheeks spread apart to allow the tip of Harry's throbbing cock against the edge of her back entrance. Harry's hands rolled all over her body and spread her cheeks further. His cock pushed through her and slammed into her.

Harry groaned when Aspen's tight anus wrapped around Harry's throbbing manhood. He rolled his hips back into her and drove inside, into the depths of her ass.

The tightness of her ass clenched and released Harry. He worked himself inside her, burying his hard cock into her tight ass. Harry rolled the point of his fingers over her body.

"You feel so good," Harry said. "I like how your ass feels around me."

"I like you fucking me in my ass!" Aspen said.

Harry explored her anal passage all the way with his balls loading up. He managed to make her cum in pleasure. His fingers started to stroke her slit and felt her orgasm's to splash from her loins, lubricating Harry's probing fingers.

"I'm cumming!" Aspen yelled.

Harry drilled her tight ass hard while pumping her pussy in tune with the thrusting. The combination of both of holes being drilled made the loins trickle with cum. Harry started to roll his hands all the way down her trim stomach as well, coating it with her cum.

Aspen panted when Harry's thick tool rammed into her body. Harry pushed deeper into Aspen's body, with her anal muscles working Harry's cock all the way into her.

Their hips molded together with Harry ramming into her ass. He could feel Aspen's tight ass clamp up and down around him. Hands caressed every inch of her hot and sultry body. His hands cupped her breasts and gave them a squeeze.

"Look you're soaked," Harry said. "And soon it's going to be my turn."

Harry pushed his fingers into the water bending woman's pussy. She channeled a lot of moisture through her loins and kept pushing further into Harry's fingers. The fingers had been saturated for her dripping juices.

Aspen enjoyed his fingers inside her. Her pussy clenched his fingers when they kept probing all the way into her.

The balls slapped against Aspen's ass and kept loading up with pleasure. He rode her ass harder and harder.

"Here it comes."

Aspen's wet walls clenched his finger and pumped it inside her. Her back entrance had been pushed forward with his throbbing hard cock. Harry kept riding into her with deeper thrusts yet before.

His balls swelled and released a flood of cum into ass one spurt at a time.

Aspen's ass milked Harry's cum into her. Her pussy oozed with delight when Harry plowed deeper inside her. The contents from his swollen testicles emptied out on her.

The two of them descended down onto the beach. Aspen's breasts pressed against Harry's chest when she straddled the top of him. He reached around and cupped the woman's ass. The two of them enjoyed their moment with each other.

Water rose out of the air and Aspen cleaned herself off. Now she straddled Harry, large breasts dripping with water. The cool water sensually rolled down her body.

"Guess I'm going to be late."



Chapter Text

Twice Boned(Susan and Amelia Bones from Harry Potter)


Susan Bones returned from a rigorous set of exams to get her certification in magical law. The only exams which were more strict happened to be the exams where people sat to be a healer and then the exams where people sat to become an Auror. Still they were up there and Susan could not help, but be pleased at the performance. She blanked only once, which was far less than she did on her average Hogwarts examinations.

She could not wait and tell her aunt the good news. Susan dropped her cloak on the chair.

"Aunt Amelia, I'm home!" Susan yelled. No answer just yet, but perhaps Amelia was upstairs in her study and one of her offices.

The busty former Hufflepuff smiled. She knew how Aunt Amelia could get into her work and did not want to be distracted at any time. Susan bounded up the stairs and certainly enough, the study door had been half ajar.

Susan stepped to and opened the door. Out of all of the things she expected to see, the very thing she came across floored her. The only reason Susan didn't scream was because of the fact the breath had been knocked out of her body.

Amelia Bones kneeled on the ground in front of a young man. The large cock of this young man pushed out of her aunt's mature mouth and Amelia made a series of loud sucking sounds.

Susan watched when her aunt went down on the biggest, thickest, phallus the eighteen year old witch had ever seen in her life. She viewed her aunt's juicy lips go up and down and give this young man a full service job.

The surprises continued when Susan saw who the large cock was attached to. She saw from her vantage point Harry Potter.

Her aunt dropped to her knees in front of the most powerful young wizard in their country to service him. Her aunt, the Minister of Magic, sucked Harry Potter's big throbbing cock.

Susan's knees wobbled together. By some coincidence, a chair appeared underneath her. Susan Bones flopped into the chair, light headed and driven beyond breathless.

"Good, girl, Amy, show me who your master is," Harry said.

Amelia's juicy lips sucked the throbbing phallus of the young man. Harry's fingers entangled through her red hair.

Harry grunted when Amelia continued to suck him off. The talent witch's hands groped and caressed Harry's balls and tried to coax the load out of it.

Amelia weighed Harry's balls in her hand and appreciated the huge load which would to come. The witch's knickers soaked.

"To think what the press would say if they saw you acting like a common whore, sucking off a man young enough to be your son," Harry said. "But, you look so fucking good sucking me off."

Amelia smiled. She gave the most powerful wizard in Europe a full service blowjob he would never forget. Her tongue swirled around the head and the shaft. She cradled Harry's balls and played with them. She tasted the first hints of sweet and savory sweet on her tongue and wanted more.

Harry groaned when feeling the warmth and tightness of Amelia's mouth. She cradled his balls in her hands.

A grunt followed and the contents of Harry's balls splashed down her throat. Amelia sucked his seed all the way down when several thick and potent spurts fired its way down her throat. She fed off of his semen, sucking his balls completely and one hundred percent dry.

The moment Amelia finished, Harry pulled her up. She had been pushed back against the desk and Harry pulled up her skirt all of the way.

"You're soaked."

Harry played with her pussy through her panties. Amelia breathed when the skilled enchanter's strong hands caressed her thighs and lips. Her hips rose up and down to meet his caresses.

The redhead vixen's melons spilled out of her top. Harry caressed them. They were perky and supple as they were when she was at Hogwarts. The only change were they were bigger.

"Play with them," Amelia said. "Squeeze them! Fucking twist my nipples."

"Of course, Minister," Harry said with a smile.

Susan could not believe her aunt. Her knickers soaked completely through. She reached in to pull her knickers away from her dripping pussy. The eighteen year old witch pushed her fingers into her dripping gash and stroked her insides to the moans from her aunt.

Harry played with the generous melons of this goddess. He squeezed them and she gasped.

"Inside me," Amelia said.

"You want my hard, young cock in your dripping mature pussy."

Harry's hands teased every inch of the mature body of the Ministry of Magic. He kept winding her up with these moves. His hands and mere touch resulted in her pussy creaming itself.

One throbbing hard cock positioned against Amelia's tight entrance. Harry pushed his head inside and entered her. Several inches of hard cock filled the Minister.

Harry groaned and enjoyed how the older woman's delightful pussy locked onto his massive cock. He rose almost all the way up and then slammed back down. Their hips met in a dance of unmistakable passion. Harry pulled almost all the way out of Amelia and then sank back down into her one more time.

Amelia's loins had been set aflame by these swift and amazing thrusts. His body pressed against hers. His muscular chest touched her large breasts. His hands caressed Amelia's firm and tight stomach and caused jolts of pleasure through her body.

"More?" Harry asked.

Amelia almost came undone from Harry's tongue circling around her ear. She held onto him, wrapping her legs around him.

"Yes, more," Amelia said. "Harder, more!"

Harry gave her what she wanted with a switch and hard fucking into her pussy. He could feel Amelia's wet walls tighten and rub on him. Each tug brought Harry closer to the edge of his release.

"You'll get more, you'll get everything you've ever dreamed of," Harry said. "I'm going to pound your pussy until you scream you want me to cum inside you."

Amelia's hands rose up and dug her nails into Harry's back. She encouraged the young stud to continue to give her pussy a stiff pounding.

"Cum, cum hard for me."

The older witch obeyed her master's words. The young stud above her rose almost all the way up out of her and pushed back into her. Those throbbing and full balls filled up for her and soon the contents will be in her pussy.

Amelia's pussy tensed all over Harrys invading rod.

"You want to be pounded harder, don't you?" Harry asked. Amelia looked up at him with a smoldering gaze of lust and responded with a nod. Harry chuckled. "Who am I to deny the lady what she wants?"

Amelia screamed out in pure lust. Harry's muscular body pushed down onto her breasts when he pushed up and pounded into her. She accepted her god's tool inside her to give her pussy a real good going over. She heated up and another orgasm had been released.

Speaking of orgasms, Susan diddled herself for one. The fact her stern and strong aunt had been dominated got her hotter than anything else. She envisioned herself bent over the desk with Harry taking his thick cock inside her body. He would drive her to orgasm after orgasm like Amelia was.

Harry nibbled Amelia's generous breasts. Amelia clamped her hands down onto the back of Harry's head and arched herself. His cock filled her and emptied her with a series of rapid fire thrusts.

"Cum for me," Harry said. "Cum hard for me all over my cock. Because you can't help yourself from cumming, can you?"

Amelia's entire body filled with the rush of pleasure. Harry's cock touched her womb and her body heated up in excitement. His fingers brushed against her legs and sent shivers down her spine.

"Do you want me to cum inside you?" Harry asked.

"Yes!" she moaned in his ear while his face buried between her breasts. "Give me your cum, put your viral seed inside my nice fertile womb. Knock me up."

"What a scandal, the Minister knocked up by Harry Potter," Harry said. He sped up his thrusting inside her.

"I don't fucking care!" Amelia yelled. "Put all of your cum inside me. Knock me up with your child! I bet she'd be powerful!"

Harry had no doubt about it. His balls swelled and he reached the edge of himself. Amelia's pussy tensed around him and sensed the load which was to come. Harry sped up the process. Amelia's hot and sweaty body coaxed him further to the edge.

Amelia's entire body prepared itself for the load of fertile cum which was to cum. He pushed into her. His cock made her stomach bulge and soon her stomach would bulge for other reasons.

Harry's cock muscles tensed up and he fired a load of cum inside her body. He shot spurt after spurt of savory seed inside Amelia.

"You can feel yourself being knocked up, can't you?"

Susan's hips gave a jolt. She found herself jealous of her aunt for a moment. She pulled out one of her breasts from her unbuttoned top and rubbed it with her right hand. Her left hand circled around her clit and she moaned.

"Fuck me!" Susan yelled before she could help herself.

She gulped when something pulled her inside of the study. Harry pulled out of her aunt. Cum drained from Amelia's pussy and her belly looked pretty swollen from the cum.

"Since you asked so nicely," Harry said. "How are you doing, Sue, long time no see?"

Susan realized Harry stood before her naked and very erect. His throbbing prick pointed towards her and he walked towards her. His cock slipped underneath her skirt and touched her womanhood.

"I'm pretty good," Susan said.

Harry smiled and placed a hand on the small of Susan's back. His hand touching her bare flesh caused a jolt to go through her body and loins like pure fire.

"Are you now?" Harry asked. "I'm glad you're feeling good….are you really feeling good though?"

Susan whimpered when Harry's hand caressed her ass underneath her skirt. His cock touched her lips.

"When's the last time you've gotten laid?" Harry asked. He gave her ass another casual squeeze. "It must have been a long time."

"Too long," Susan said. She tried to rub her thighs together to block out the pleasure from her mind. The only problem was the pleasure hit her hard and fast.

"It has been a long time," Harry said. He pressed his lips onto hers with a sensual kiss.

Susan moaned into Harry's mouth. His fingers teased her body and she could feel a draft. The rest of her clothes faded from her body and ended up on a chair.

Harry smiled and looked at Susan. Her red hair came down onto her freckled face. Her D-Cup breasts stood up with erect nipples, nice a proud for Harry to suck. Her stomach was toned and her hips curved at a lovely manner. Red hair covered her crotch. Susan's legs were long and beautiful as well. People neglected to see just how lovely her legs were, with their attention being drawn north. And her ass wasn't half bad either.


"Yes, Harry," Susan said.

"Go and lick your aunt's pussy for me."

Susan walked over without a sound thought. Amelia's legs already spread for her niece and Susan bent down. Her warm tongue started to swirl over Amelia's dripping hot cunt.

"Yes, darling, lick your auntie!" Amelia yelled. "Make me cum ,and you'll be rewarded!"

Susan took her tongue into Amelia's pussy and tasted the combination of juices. She could not believe it. Did her future cousin get conceived today? Susan would find out in a matter of months no doubt. Now, she contented herself in licking her out.

"You've always been a good girl," Amelia said. "My pussy tastes good. You want to eat it out, don't you? Make your aunt cum like a good girl."

Susan was a very good girl and she would show Aunt Amelia how really good she could be. The juices started to trickle on Susan's face spraying it.

Harry turned Susan around and smiled when he saw her beautiful face soaked with Amelia's cum.

"Naughty girl," Harry said. He put an erect nipple between two fingers on his right hand. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?"

Susan's nipple twisted and she closed her eyes. The moan followed a second later. Harry smiled and motioned for Susan to bend over the desk.

"You wanted me to bend you over the desk and fuck you," Harry said. "This is what you want, isn't it?"

Susan wondered how he could have known. She nodded and spread her legs when bending over the desk. Her juicy ass jiggled and Harry smacked it hard. She moaned when Harry spanked her a couple more times in succession.

"Sorry," Harry said. "But, I couldn't resist."

Susan was certain Harry could not resist nor did she blame him for not trying to. She experienced the sensation of Harry's throbbing cock at the edge of her womanhood.

"Inside me!" Susan begged him. "Please, I need you inside me."

Harry teased the busty Hufflepuff for a few more seconds and made sure to position her face towards her aunt.

"Your aunt is going to see what a slut you are. How do you like that, Sue?"

Susan's pussy clenched up. She got off on this. Harry dominating her body, his hands touching every single inch of her body. He claimed her as his.

Harry plunged into Susan's dripping hot cunt. Her wet pussy clenched him and showed how much she wanted his cock. Harry gave her all she ever wanted.

Amelia shifted herself to watch her niece fucked over the desk by Harry. Her pussy burned with desire when Harry pushed himself into Susan in a loop of never ending fucking. Every now and then he slapped Susan on the ass.

Harry smiled. The tension around his cock in the form of Susan's dripping hot pussy made Harry anticipate what was going to come next. He could hardly wait to push himself over the edge. He rocked into Susan with a long and hard thrust.


The word hit the pleasure centers of Susan's brain and her body reacted appropriately. Her wet walls clamped all the way down on the thick pole invading her.

Harry enjoyed the warm feeling. Susan's pussy squeezed him and the warm heaven loaded his balls up.

"Finger yourself," Harry said.

Amelia's fingers pushed inside her and she fingered her hot pussy. It was sore from the hard fucking. Damn it though, she was so horny she could not believe it.

"Watch your aunt, does that turn you on?" Harry asked. "Does it, pet?"

"Yes, it makes me so hot!"

Susan could not deny her aunt was a hot piece of ass, even at her age. Her pussy, her tits, her legs, her ass, all of those features made Susan drool. The fact Amelia diddled herself made Susan's pussy inflame and squeeze around Harry's cock.

"Good, you're hot, and you're ready," Harry said. "You're ready to join your aunt. Your body is mine, and don't you forget it?"

"Are you going to knock me up, Harry?" Susan asked.

"Mmm, wouldn't you like to know."

Susan felt conflicted. She wondered if she wanted it. On the other hand, her body betrayed her thoughts and logic. Her womb opened up and prepared to accept the thick load. Those balls carried a big load and the cock pounded her.

"Cum in me!" Susan yelled. "Knock me up then, if that's what you want to do."

"That's what you want as well," Harry said.

Harry's thick balls prepped for launch inside Susan's warm canal. He pushed himself to the edge and rocked inside her. Several hard and fast thrusts brought him closer to a pleasurable end.

"Almost there," Harry said. "After you."

Susan closed around him. Her orgasm hit hard and milked Harry's cock. Susan summoned all of her power to drain his thick balls inside her wet and willing cunt. She could feel him when he rode out the orgasm into her.

"So close," Harry said. "Get ready, because here it comes."

Harry cupped one large breast and squeezed it just as hard as ever before. His prick sank inside Susan and kept riding her all the way to the edge.

Susan's body heated up with another orgasmic burst of energy. Harry pushed into her and emptied his thick cock inside her. The contents of his balls spilled into Susan. He kept pushing into her and drained himself down to the very last drop.

Harry emptied his load inside of Susan. Her body filled up and she received a swollen belly full of seed.

He stepped back to review his hand work. Susan rested her head on Amelia's breasts. Harry looked at both of them, dripping with cum which had filled their stomachs.

"Oh, and I did well the exam."

"Good girl," Amelia said. Her hand rested on Susan's swollen belly and went down. "I think we should reward you a little bit more. Wouldn't you say so, love?"

"I agree."

Susan gasped when her aunt's fingers intruded her sore pussy and started to rub it. Amelia fingered Susan's pussy until she had been prepped for another ride from Harry.


The End.

Chapter Text

Quiet in the Library. (Belle from Beauty and the Beast).


Harry Potter reclined back in a chair. The French country side relaxed Harry a fair amount for numerous reasons. One of those reasons ended up being the sights and the sounds. The country air made Harry smile and relaxed him beyond all belief.

Speaking of sights, the lovely librarian made her way. Harry could tell she had a love for literature the moment she entered the library. She flashed a smile towards her. Her brown hair pinned back to show her beautiful place. She wore a nice button up blouse which shifted open to show the smallest, most tantalizing hints of cleavage. The pencil skirt shifted to show her stocking clad legs. She placed a pen in her mouth in an absent minded manner.

Harry caught her eye and she sauntered over, a hand on her hip with a smile crossing over her face.

"Hello," she said. "You're back here."

"I'm sure you're disappointed to see me here," she said.

"No, not at all, Lord Potter," she said. "You've left an impression of some of ladies in this city."

"I have," Harry said. "Is this your coffee break?"

"Yes," she said. "You don't mind, do you?"

Harry's lips curled in a smile.

"Not at all, Belle."

The young woman sat down on the desk right across from Harry. Her heel slipped off. She had been on her feet all day, so it was time for her to have a nice and relaxing moment. She reached over and took a long drink of her coffee.

"Glad to see you've come back," Belle said. "And I apologize for what happened the other day. You shouldn't have been harassed here. Security has doubled over, and it won't happen again."

"I'm glad," Harry said.

A foot brushed against Harry's inner thigh. He spent a moment looking at Belle who raised an eyebrow. The hint of a bemused smile spread over Belle's face.

"I would hate to see you scared off," Belle said. "And I wouldn't be the only one. There's a lot of girls in town who wouldn't mind you sticking around after your business is done."

"Are you among them?"

Belle shifted in her chair and the soft foot shifted up Harry's inner thigh. He spent a moment looking at the woman across the table.

"Yes, I am," Belle said. "Sorry, if I….."

"Don't worry, you aren't," Harry said. His hand rested on her ankle and smiled. "And I thought you were more of the subtle type."

Belle opened the clasp of Harry's pants and removed them. She looked over towards him with a mostly innocent look on her face. A bit of a mischievous grin flashed over her face. Belle's stocking clad soles.

"You're pretty naughty, aren't you?" Harry asked.

"You should keep your voice down in the library," Belle said. She teased him with another slow stroke of his hard cock with her foot.

Belle rubbed her foot up and down Harry's thick cock. She had spent all summer trying to sum up the courage to jump Harry. If he denied her this, then she would slump back into the back of the library, ashamed and defeated.

"Do you like this Harry?" Belle asked.

"You're very good, but it would be better if you use both of your feet."

Belle doubled up on the action, literally. She rubbed her soles up and down Harry's cock. She gave him an amazing footjob. The feeling of his throbbing cock against her soft feet made her feel good.

Harry grunted, placing his hand on her ankle to encourage her to rub him up and down. Her toes stroked the length of his cock for a few seconds before her soles pressed against either side of his foot.

"I've read books, where the innocent girl does something naughty," Belle said. "I always liked those books….it was exciting…"

"I'm sure it left you with some sticky sheets," Harry said.

"Oh, my sheets aren't going to be what's sticky this time," Belle said. Her tongue continued to roll over her lower lip and she grinned. Her feet kept up the intense rubbing of Harry's manhood. "It feels so big….I wonder how it would feel in my mouth."

"Finish me off, and find out."

Belle continued the foot job, speeding it up. Her heels brushed up against the thick balls and she rubbed him up and down with her feet. She took a long drink from her coffee, acting like she wasn't doing anything. Not there was anyone in the library to see her right now.

"So close," Harry whispered.

Belle pumped him with her toes and caused his muscles to strain. His manhood shot up and splashed the underside of the table with a series of rocket powered cum blasts. Her toes had been coated in the seed.

She reached underneath the table and grabbed a string of the cum. It wrapped around her finger and she slipped her fingers deep inside her mouth. She suckled the cum from her fingers and moaned with a hungry glint in her eyes.

"Delicious," Belle said. "I want more."

She reached underneath the table and squeezed Harry's balls.

"Do these have more cum for me?" Belle asked.

Belle disappeared underneath the table. The beauty moved underneath the table and placed her hands on Harry's thighs. She started to stroke him, exploring every inch of his cock first with her hands and then with her tongue.

Harry reached underneath the table and placed his hand on Belle's hair. Her mouth wrapped around Harry's thick cock and took him into her. The brunette goddess sucked on him from underneath the table.

The blowjob started slow and increased with passion when she worked him over underneath the table. She gave Harry a few warm sucks and removed his cock from her mouth. She licked Harry and shoved it into her mouth. She repeated this process several times.

"Good girl," Harry said. "You're doing really good. It feels so good."

Harry pumped himself into Belle's hot throat. Her cock hungry actions proved it was always the innocent ones who were the feistiest in bed.

Bella repeated her ritual several more times. She licked, sucked, and jammed Harry's thick juicy prick down her throat. The taste of it got her so horny. She played with his balls a little bit as well which she sensed his approval of.

"Keep going," Harry said. "I'm going to blow."

Belle wondered what a huge load of cum would taste like in her mouth. She practiced the techniques she once did on a banana. It proved to do the trick. She licked his manhood and cradled his balls. He pumped into the side of her mouth.

Her mouth enticed him to the edge of the orgasm. Harry's muscles tightened and he knew he did not have too much time left before the explosion occurred. He closed his eyes, placing his hands on the top of her head.

"Here it comes."

Belle sucked him even harder. The first blast of cum fired into her mouth. Dozens more followed and filled her mouth with nothing but the white stuff.

She sucked his cock and milked his balls all the way to a pleasurable end. Belle did not waste a single drop of him.

The moment she took a good enough look at him, she gasped. His cock throbbed for her still. It had been coated in her spit.

"You're still hard?" Belle asked. She weighed his balls in her hands. "There's still more."

"Yes, there's still more," Harry said. "I guess you didn't get it all. There's still a good load in there."

She sat down on Harry's cock. Her wet pussy grinded against him through her panties and Harry reached around to steady her waist. No one could quite see what they were doing from their vantage point, unless they were peering over the shelves of books.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"There's only one thing I can do," Belle said. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear hotly. "We're going to have to fuck.

Her panties slid down and revealed her bare pussy. The lips slid over Harry's cock. Belle closed her eyes and eased herself down onto him. She opened her mouth for a moan. Harry stopped it from getting out by clapping a hand over her mouth.

"No talking in the library," Harry said. "Remember."

Belle could not forget. She suckled on his fingers when working her hips up and down onto him. Every time Belle lowered down onto him, her pussy felt up.

Harry worked her back against the table to gain moment so he could thrust upwards. Her tight pussy clamped down onto him and released him. Belle's tight inner muscles wrapped around him when she squeezed him over and over again.

"It feels so good," Belle moaned in his ear. "We better be careful….."

Harry pumped up into her. He drove himself into her body fast and hard. Belle bit back some moans. The pleasurable look on her face when she struggled not to scream out looked extremely sexy and Harry could not wait to fuck her even more.

"It's time for you to cum for me," Harry said. "Are you going to do it? Do you want to cum for me?"

Belle bit down into his shoulder and nodded. Her body reacted to his thrusts and reacted to the pleasure which had been pushed into her. She could not hold back any longer. The pleasure threatened to assault every inch of her being.

"Go ahead, don't hold back."

She didn't. The vibration of the moan hit her shoulder. Belle pumped up and down on him, riding his cock all the way to the orgasm.

Belle bounced up and down having the ride of her life. Harry's cock hit her in places which made her feel extremely amazing. Harry wrapped a hand around her ass and squeezed it in response.

"One more time."

Now Harry took control and started to work his cock into Belle's tight pussy. She gasped at how much he made her feel good.

"Never stop, please, never stop," she begged him.

"I'll only stop when you're ready," Harry said. "You want it harder, don't you?"

"YES!" Belle yelled, forgetting she was in the library for a moment.

Harry smiled and shoved Belle's panties in her mouth to gag her. She tightened around the intruding rod inside her body. His pumping increased in intensity and continued to work into her. His balls slapped against her thighs when Harry drove himself into her further and further.

"Again, you're cumming," Harry said. "Do you like it when I bite on your breasts?"

Belle nodded. Her top had been worked open and her bra opened to reveal her perky breasts. Harry gave a series of love bites to it.

"Time for you to cum again," Harry said. "And again, you must have been dreaming about my cock all summer."

Belle enjoyed the feeling of Harry's strong hands all over her body. She could not deny his statement about her dreaming about this all summer. Her stocking clad legs squeezed Harry and encouraged him to continue his thrusting inside her.

Harry got the message loud and clear. He stuffed her tight pussy with a few hard thrusts. His balls grew heavier and harder with the load they build up. He leaned down and pressed his chest against hers with a hungry smile.

"I wonder how many times I can make you cum, before I give you what you want. You want this big load, don't you?"

Belle tensed around him. She gave a muffled moan through the gag Harry shoved into her mouth. Her own sticky panties muffled the moans in her mouth.

"I take it as a yes….well we still got time. Lunch isn't over….and you're going to get plenty of dessert now."

Harry pumped himself into her. He continued the ritual of entering and exciting Belle's hot pussy. She squeezed and released him as well.

Belle's body heated up with the promise of a spectacular orgasm. Harry's hands really worked their magic, not to mention his manhood pumping almost into her smoldering hot depths.

"Here it comes," Harry said. "Are you ready?"

What kind of question was that? Belle braced herself for one of the biggest loads possible. She spread herself far and wide to show Harry how ready she was.

Her pussy squeezed him hard. Harry could tell how much Belle wanted this big sticky load. His balls grew heavier and he took extra care to push them against the brainy brunette's thighs.

Belle took extra notice to his heavy balls pushing against her thighs. Her pussy moistened at the thought of him buried deep inside of her. Those thrusts grew in extra prominence and she could not believe how close she was to getting the pleasure she deserved.

"After you, my dear lady."

Belle tightened up around him. Harry pushed his fingers down her stocking clad legs and made sure to play with them. She grew wild with lust when Harry massaged her legs when he hammered her hard.

Harry pulled all the way up out of her and slammed into her. He rode out her orgasm before a bubbling feeling appeared in his balls. He grew closer towards the edge. He could feel it. His orgasm tickled through his balls when he thrust deep inside of Belle's body.

"Here it comes," Harry said. "I hope you're ready for it."

Belle was ready for it alright. She clamped down on him and encouraged Harry to push himself deep inside of her.

Harry unloaded his load into Belle's body. The beauty experienced a warmth spread between her loins the second Harry injected her with his heavy balls.

Belle lifted her hips up and down to pump him dry of his load. Dozens of thrusts followed when Harry pulled out of her.

She slid back onto the chair across from Harry. Her thighs really did feel like they had been founded and very nicely as well. Belle turned towards Harry and looked back at him with a soft smile on her face. She casually pulled her panties off and threw them at Harry.

"Keep them," she said with a smile. "Lunch break is the same time for me tomorrow, will you be here?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Harry said. "What about your panties….."

"Oh, when you're around, I keep a couple of fresh pairs at hand," she said with a wink. She gave him a parting squeeze. "See you tomorrow."

"I wouldn't miss it."



Chapter Text

Marooned(Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect.)


Many alien worlds had beauty which could be barely comprehended by most beings throughout the universe. Some of them, even when they were mostly devoid of all life, had these eerie beauty qualities stronger than ever before. Even if this particular world was not a planet anyone wanted to visit when they were marooned in the middle of the universe, with a damaged ship.

A one and a million fluke of the ship's engine brought them down on the planet. The green-eyed young man exited the ship. He looked around and could see there was no one around for miles. His traveling companion exited the ship. She wore a skin tight black and white bodysuit which fit around her nice curves. Her silky black hair, bright eyes, and beautiful face with juicy lips added to the appeal.

"Harry, can we salvage the engine?"

Harry finished performing the scans of the engine. Her turned towards his traveling companion with a frown in response.

"Sorry, we can't," Harry said after a moment's pause. "We're stuck here, until the rest of the crew tracks us down. It shouldn't be too long now."

The dark haired woman turned towards him for a moment. She knew when Harry figured it was a lost cause, something was a lost cause. There were far worst worlds to be marooned in she supposed.

"So, should we do a look around, Miranda?"

Miranda Lawson responded with a smile and nodded in response. She lead the way towards the planet.

"This isn't cataloged, in anything," Miranda said. "Can you believe we stumbled upon some new world, not known about the rest of the universe?"

"Well, I'm not sure if there's much to this planet," Harry said. "There's no signs of life. Not even primitive forms of life."

Miranda came to the same conclusion. She noticed no structures for dwelling, not even a cave or a hut, nothing primitive at all. At least not at first, as they moved around to a dusty valley, and around some rocks before they reached a grassier section of the planet.

"We spoke too soon," Miranda said.

"I guess we did," Harry said. He crossed towards the planet with a smile. "It's a new form of plant life….I've never seen anything like this in my life."

Miranda looked at the plants, and frowned. The plants did not look hostile, and believe her, she encountered some hostile alien plants who were more vision. Appearances could in fact be very deceiving.

"Miranda, stand back," Harry warned her.

Miranda took a step back and watched one of the pods swell up. They backed up a couple more feet to avoid the pods which combusted. A cloud of orange gas filled the air before it disappeared.

"Please tell me you didn't breath in any of it," Miranda said.

"No, I didn't did….."

Miranda coughed for a couple of seconds. She staggered back a couple of inches and acted rather light headed. She fell against Harry.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked. "Miranda, talk to me…"

"I'm just a little light headed," Miranda said.

"I better get you back to the ship to make sure."

Miranda almost slumped over and landed on Harry's shoulder. Harry scooped up the woman in his arms and spirited her over to the chest. Miranda wrapped an arm around Harry and pressed her breast against his cheek.

"Harry, there's really no need to worry, I'm fine," Miranda said. "I'm feeling really great."

The slurred sound of her voice showed she was not quite alright. Harry hoped the worst which happened is Miranda got drunk off of some kind of alien pollen.

"Just sit down and I'll be with you in a minute," Harry said. He put Miranda on the operation table. "If you're fine….it will pass in a couple of minutes. If you've been poisoned, there's trouble."

"Well, if I've been poisoned, then you can help me sweat it out," Miranda said. She gave him a sultry smile and pressed her thighs together for a second before she leaned back on the table and spread them apart. "Why give me some boring scan, when you can give me a full physical?"

Her professional demeanor faded quicker than Harry could realize. He performed the scans on Miranda and frowned.

'She's completely fine except…..'

A pair of arms wrapped around Harry's waist and a pair of breasts pressed against his back. The soft and fleshy orbs pressed against his back made it very hard for Harry to concentrate. Speaking of hard to concentrate, Miranda's fingers skimmed down.

"You're working too hard, Harry," Miranda said. "Way too hard."

Miranda's hand wrapped around Harry's aching tool and pumped him up and down. She squeezed him and released him.

"Miranda," Harry groaned.

"Relax, we can have some fun while we wait for the others to arrive," Miranda said. She pumped him several more times.

Harry decided to go with it. The pheromones from the alien plant made both of them extremely horny and willing to go with this. Miranda tightened her fist around Harry's thick cock and continued to stroke him.

She had Harry's pants completely down over his ankles and the beautiful woman continued to play with his cock. Her hands cupped his balls and squeezed them. The amount of cum building up in these balls pleased Miranda and she continued to stroke him.

"Do you want me to suck your cock, baby?" Miranda asked.

Miranda moved from behind Harry and dropped down to her knees. Harry's large cock shifted to in front of her face. Miranda stuck her tongue out and dragged it underneath the underside of Harry's cock, licking him up and down.

"Yes, suck it!" Harry groaned.

Miranda swirled her tongue around Harry's cock several times. She tasted every single inch of the manhood. She gave Harry a long kiss on his cock head which made it twitch inside her mouth. Miranda's warm and wet lips wrapped around Harry's thick tool and took it into the back of her hot throat.

Harry groaned when his cock pushed all the way down Miranda's throat. His balls hit the beautiful woman's chin when she went all the way down on him.

"Suck my cock, suck my cock baby!" Harry groaned. "Harder, suck it hard!"

Miranda enjoyed the taste of the stud's cock. She pushed it into her mouth and pulled it out. A long licking followed with Miranda swirling her hand all the way around his cock three times, before pushing his throbbing cock in between her lips.

Harry's throbbing prick encased on Miranda's hot mouth. He grabbed Miranda's head and pushed into her.

"I can't wait to cum in your mouth," Harry said. "Do you want it? Do you want to taste my cum?"

Miranda massaged Harry's balls in response. He pushed deeper into her throat with a couple of hard thrusts. Her throat squeezed him.

"Here it comes"

Harry pushed deeper into the hot woman's throat and spilled his load into her. Miranda tilted her head back to swallow and sucked down the buckets full of cum which came from Harry's balls.

"Mmm, I always knew you would have a big load."

Miranda squeezed his balls when she rose to her feet. She undid the front her suit and made sure Harry kept his eyes on her body when every single inch of it had been revealed.

Harry watched with Miranda's slender neck being revealed. Her bra clad supple breasts had been revealed next. Harry's eyes followed the mouth watering sight of her smooth stomach. Miranda smiled, halfway through her stripping and placed Harry's hands on her breasts.

He squeezed Miranda's breasts. She moaned and ground up against his crotch. Harry responded by placing his hands on the bottom half of her suit and revealed the rest of her. It pushed over her shapely and curvy hips and her long legs. Her perfect feet had been revealed.

"Aren't you glad we're playing?" Miranda asked. Her eyes shined in a violent hue of unmistakable lust.

Harry started to move his hands down her body, her toned tummy molded underneath his hands. He kept moving down and pulled Miranda's panties down. Her smooth and dripping sex revealed itself to Harry. Harry kept massaging her folds and she pushed her hips into him.

Miranda enjoyed the sensation of Harry's fingers rolling over her pussy lips. The juices dripped down and collected on Harry's thighs.

"Put your nice hard cock inside my pussy," Miranda said. She wrapped her arm around Harry. "You know, I'm still your superior, technically, so that was an order."

Harry smiled and backed her up against the operating table. He leaned against her body and rubbed his cock all the way over her body. Each time caused Miranda's pussy to jolt up. He unveiled her breasts and squeezed her tits. Harry twisted Miranda's nipples and squeezed them.

"You want my cock, don't you?" Harry asked. "You think you can just demand it, can you?"

Harry squeezed Miranda's ass and she gave a moan of delight. He squeezed her ass a couple more times before putting his cockhead against Miranda's dripping wet pussy. He could tell she wanted this.

"You're not going to make me beg, are you?" Miranda asked. "I just want your big cock inside my tight pussy. Is that too much of a crime? Is that really too much for me to ask?"

Harry smiled, and pushed the throbbing head of his cock against Miranda's wet pussy. She almost sucked his cock inside of her. He could tell with a few mere touches how much she wanted this badly and Harry would not deny her what she wanted. His throbbing hard cock touched against her entrance and he edged closer inside her.

"No, it's not," Harry said. "And since you asked so nicely, I'm going to fuck your brains out right here and now."

Miranda's smooth leg found it's way around Harry's thigh. He responded by running his finger down it and he could tell Miranda enjoyed it.

The dark haired woman looked up and smiled when Harry's throbbing cock approached her moist womanhood. Her wet walls opened up for Harry's intrusion. He held onto her hips and sunk all the way down on her, filling her up.

"There's the spot, right here!"

Harry rested his hands on Miranda's hips and rose almost all the way up of her. He ensured his cock head only just barely touched her nether lips. Miranda rose her hips up to try and coax Harry's manhood inside her.

"All the way in."

Harry buried himself balls deep inside Miranda's pussy. The warmth made it a very enticing proposition for him to stay. He held onto her hips for the leverage needed to extract himself from her and enter her body with a couple of swift and powerful thrusts.

Miranda arched her hips back a slight amount. She wanted nothing more than Harry to push into her, penetrate her, stretch her out in anyway. He started slow and picked up speed. Her insides craved Harry's massive cock.

"Harder!" Miranda yelled. She pinched Harry's bicep and encouraged him to go deeper inside her. He pulled almost all the way out of her and pushed into her.

Harry allowed himself to be enraptured with the tight and moist nature of her pussy. His balls brushed up against her thighs when Harry pushed into her.

Miranda placed her hands on Harry's back and encouraged his swift and hard thrusting into her.

"I think we're sweating out the toxins," Miranda said. "But your cock is making me hornier than ever."

"If you have an itch, we should scratch it," Harry said.

Harry plowed her pussy. Her hips squeezed and released him. Her tight muscles flexed around Harry's probing organ. His balls started to fill up with their gift and Miranda could not wait to have it all inside of her. Her hands rested on his back.

"I'm cumming!" Miranda yelled. "I've never came this hard."

Her entire body acted like one giant pleasure point. Harry drove his face down on her breasts and started to suckle her nipples. Miranda's tight pussy released and milked him.

She realized the fire could only be stopped by one element. Her pussy needed to be filled by a huge, heaping helping of Harry's seed. Her walls tensed up around him and focused on milking his cock for everything it was worth.

"Hope you don't mind," Miranda said, rolling him over. "I'm ready to go for a ride."

She ran her thumb down his vein and caused his cock to throb even harder. Miranda leaned down and planted some hot kisses on his cock all the way. The beautiful woman clenched Harry's cock in her hand and pumped him several more times.

Harry groaned, feeling the pleasure of his hard cock standing at attention, ready for the wet and warm attention of Miranda's pussy. The black haired woman looked extremely lovely when dripping with sweat. Her nipples stuck out to be sucked on.

Miranda mounted herself on top of Harry's cock and pushed him almost all the way inside of her. He was so much bigger on the top. Her pussy grinded to moisten the tip and slip enough of him inside of her to make her feel really good.

"It feels so good!" Miranda yelled. "Are you ready for a really excellent ride?"

Harry could not deny the wetness of her pussy rubbing up and down on him. Her legs squeezed his waist when she bent all the way down. He grabbed two hands full of her breasts and squeezed them. Miranda leaned down and grinded her moist cunt lips all over Harry's throbbing cock.

Miranda worshipped her lover's body with every inch of hers. He gave her just as much as return. His hands touched her breasts, moved down to caress her belly, and to her hips, and legs and to grab her ass.

Harry groaned when Miranda's tight pussy caressed him. His balls loaded bigger with a heavier load. Miranda had the time of her life bouncing up and down on his cock. Her face was full of so much lust, Harry's balls throbbed.

"Yes, you're so fucking hot!" Miranda yelled. "Go ahead Harry, pound my tight little pussy, pound it hard! Shoot your cum inside it, that's what you want, isn't it?"

Harry's balls ached, it was what he wanted more than anything else in life. He slid almost all the way up into Miranda. Her wet walls caressed him.

"Go ahead, cum for me," Miranda said. She bounced up and came down onto his cock. "I can't wait!"

She bit down on her lip which almost made Harry come undone. He grabbed her hips and forced her down onto him. Miranda's walls clamped over Harry and pushed against his rod. He arched up and pushed into her depths.

"There's the spot, right there!" Miranda begged him ,biting down on her lip.

Harry took full advantage of her encouragement. He pushed himself into her and pounded her from beneath. He wanted to prove to her despite being on top, it did not mean she was in control. Not in the slightest, not if Harry could help it anyway.

Miranda worked her wet walls up and down on Harry's throbbing hard manhood. She was close to working him into what she saw to be a spectacular orgasm. Her loins ached and she required a nice steady dose of cum splattered inside her.

"Please, you're not going to hold out on me, are you?" Miranda asked. She squeezed him and pushed all the way down onto his aching rod.

Harry's balls finally gave way to temptation and Miranda's pussy. He grabbed her ass and injected her with a huge load. The contents of his balls pumped inside of her.

Miranda's wet walls closed around him when she took Harry's most savory fluids inside her pussy. She rode him almost all the way up and came down onto him. She pumped herself full of his seed.

Harry thought she had it out of her system. His cock still grew half hard as he watched her slide back. The load drained from her pussy when Miranda perched herself back. She leaned back and moved her finger down past her clit.

Miranda slipped one finger deep into her ass and smiled at him.

"Harry, there's one more hole we haven't explored," Miranda said. "You're not about to back off on it now, are you?"

Miranda fingered her hole and Harry positioned his cock towards it.

"I'll give you something better than your finger up there."

Harry's lubricated cock penetrated Miranda's tightest and most private hole. Her asshole clenched Harry when he entered inside of her.

Miranda closed her eyes when Harry took her anal virginity something fierce. She could feel his thick balls loading up when he penetrated her snuggest hole yet.

"I've save it for the best," Miranda said. She worked her ass against him when Harry plunged into her.

Harry ran his hands down her body and caressed her ample tits before moving down towards her stomach.

"Harry quit teasing me," Miranda begged him. "Put them inside of me."

Harry's fingers gave some solid sparks when they caressed Miranda's womanhood. She rose her hips up to have them inserted into her. Her wet walls opened up for Harry.

The duel combination of penetration caused Miranda's mind to be blown. Harry's fingers were about as good as the average cock, and his cock was far better than anything else. It kept penetrating her ass with a rapid fire.

"I've always wanted to pound your tight ass," Harry said. "Do you enjoy it, baby? Do you enjoy my hard cock in your ass?

"Yes!" Miranda yelled. "HARDER!"

She bit down on her lip before throwing all caution to the wind. Harry's cock penetrated her ass and caused a feeling of intense pleasure to explode through her body. These feelings pretty much defied all belief and brought Miranda to the point where she could not describe how she felt other than really good.

Harry's balls started to load open. He held back as much as he could even though this ass tempted him to just unleash every drop of cum he had into it.

"Harry, don't you dare hold back!" Miranda yelled. "Cum in my fucking ass…..make me your anal slut! I'm your bitch! Pound me in the back door!"

Harry thrusted further and pummeled Miranda's tight ass. The beautiful woman started to moan and Harry felt her orgasm tense up around her fingers. It was more potent than ever before.

"Here it cums."

"Put all your sticky cum in my ass."

Her tight ass proved to be way too much for Harry. He spent a sufficient amount of time exploring every nook and cranny of her body before he had lost all sense of himself.

Harry's balls tightened and shot the motherload of cum inside Miranda's ass. She clenched him and rubbed his balls with her fingers to encourage the load being put where she thought it belonged. Harry pulled almost all the way out of her and pushed back in.

He unloaded inside of Miranda and never once broke his moment. He would ride her ass all the way home. Harry's balls drained inside her tight ass.

"The pollen finally wore off," Miranda said. "So, that happened."

Miranda looked over her body which now dripped in slip and sexual fluids.

Harry wrapped an arm around her. Miranda did not pull away.

"Did you regret it?"

"The pollen only enhanced what was already there," Miranda said. "What do you think?"

She wrapped her hand around Harry's cock and started to stroke him.

"No one came to look for us," Miranda said. "Not much to do on this alien world."

"Guess, we only really have one way to pass the time."

Miranda didn't respond on the account of having her mouth open and full of Harry's cock.



Chapter Text

Captive Snake(Pansy Parkinson from Harry Potter).


Pansy Parkinson tip toed around the darkened corridors, thinking if she slipped up one time, she would get caught. She was both afraid of being caught and excited of the prospect of being caught. It lead to some kind of duel thought in her mid.

The seventeen year old witch turned around the corner. Her dark brown hair had been done up to allow her one hundred percent visibility against any enemy. Her face softened over the years and looked as elegant as her pureblood breeding would state. While she did not have the bust Daphne did, or the ass and legs Tracey did, she was still confident her looks could turn heads.

Only it turned all of the right kind of heads. Pansy scoffed when she realized her budding looks had caught all of the wrong kind of attention. The little boys who lacked any kind of staying power, but would brag to anyone who would listen how they bagged another witch.

Pansy sighed and made her way into the partially lighted corridor. Her heart raced with several more beats per minute than recommended. No one just yet, and the prospect of running into someone had caused her to quicken the pace. Her adrenaline had been hit.

A hand gripped her by the shoulder which caused Pansy to gasp.

"Well, what do we have here?"

Pansy turned around. She grouped the people she could have run into in two separate categories. There were people who she could run into which would blackmail her for what she was doing. And then there were people who would just simply turn her in.

She came face to face with a fellow student in her year, Harry Potter. Pansy scoffed at her own initial thoughts. Harry Potter was more than a fellow student in her year at Hogwarts. He was only the most famous seventeen year old wizard in Europe.

Harry Potter happened to the object of obsession for every heterosexual witch over the age of eleven and many witches who weren't normally heterosexual, but would make an exception for the likes of Harry Potter.

He looked at Pansy with a raised eyebrow.

"Pansy Parkinson, the Queen Bitch of the Slytherin Senior Class," Harry said.

"Hello, Potter," Pansy said. "What are you doing out here?"

"I could ask the same thing of you," Harry said. "Especially since this is a long way from the snake den."

Harry caught Pansy red headed. He could have turned her in and left her at the mercy of the teachers. Given, Harry Potter did not fancy dealing with authority himself, due to how many times it let him down, she figured he was not going to do so.

"You better be careful, these hallways can be dangerous," Harry said.

"You'd know all about how dangerous these hallways are," Pansy said. "Seen any three headed dogs lately?"

"Not as of late," Harry said. He stepped closer towards Pansy and he could sense the heartbeat of the attractive brunette. "I've seen a couple of snakes though who would be in a lot of trouble if they had just come out of the Restricted Section of the library after hours."

Pansy frowned.

"Those who live in glass houses shouldn't perform hexes," Pansy said.

"Quite right," Harry said. "Slytherin's reputation has gone down the tubes though. The most vocal members of your house putting their support behind a homicidal half blood doesn't really do you any favors."

Pansy could see his eyes on her. She swallowed and wondered what happened next. It would suck if she had been expelled two months before she finished Hogwarts. Especially, considering how hard she studied to get top marks in her NEWT classes. She wouldn't get top of the year, or even top in her year for Slytherin. Daphne had it all locked up on both accounts.

"Potter, I'll do anything if you don't tell anyone what I've been up to," Pansy said. She leaned forward and pressed a hand on his chest. "Anything?"

Her statement intrigued Harry. He raised an eyebrow.


Pansy realized what she said and winced. She just made a magically binding contract to a very powerful wizard. Harry could make her his personal bitch and all she could was sit there and like it.

'There are far worse fates.'

"You did say anything?" Harry asked. "Didn't you, Parkinson?"

She did not like the look in his eyes, as if he knew what she did and she knew he knew what she did. Pansy tilted her head for an instant and responded with a reluctant nod. Harry gripped her hand and smiled.

"Follow me."

Pansy's legs moved in an obedient manner when she followed Harry. The two of them slipped down a corridor Pansy didn't even know was there.

"Hogwarts has a lot of secrets," Harry said. He looked over at Pansy. "If you know how to explore her, you can find out many of them yourself."

Pansy agreed and she followed Harry into a secret room, which no one apparently new of other than him. She was really glad Harry wasn't the type to kill innocent women to get his jollies, because he had the perfect place to hide the body.

Was he? Could the golden boy act be a façade?

'Being a Slytherin has made you properly paranoid, Parkinson,' a mocking voice said.

"Get on your knees."

Harry spoke with such a command, Pansy did as she was told. She dropped down onto her knees in front of him and reached over, to unbuckle his trousers.

"I didn't even have to tell you what to do?" Harry asked. "Are you really that big of a slut you just assume it?"

Pansy stopped and frowned. She wondered if she made the wrong kind of assumption. She already had Harry's pants down and she noticed his cock, which was pretty large despite not being fully erect.

"Since you seem so eager, it would be a shame to let this mouth go to waste," Harry said. "And you've dreamed about a chance. Every time you've been acting like a bitch, you've been lusting after my cock, haven't you?"

Pansy tried to deny it. The state of her pretty much betrayed her lust to Harry, to the point where she could not argue. She eyed his throbbing cock with a hungry look dancing through her eyes.

She licked the head of his cock and decided to go a bit more. She gave him a full licking from the head all the way to the base. She wrapped a hand around him and pumped him to make sure he was nice and hard to go into her mouth.

The warmth of Pansy's mouth surrounded Harry's throbbing cock. He gritted his teeth the second her throat surrounded his aching rod. Pansy went almost all the way down onto his manhood and took him deep inside her throat. She moaned in content and started to bob her mouth up and down on him.

"Suck my cock, my little snake!" Harry yelled. "Suck it like it's your job. Suck it like my cum is the only thing you have left to live for."

Pansy deep throated Harry, as much as she could of him anyway. Her hand grabbed Harry's balls and squeezed them. She stroked his bloated testicles and became wet at the thought of him spilling the contents of his balls down her throat.

Harry noticed the lust in Pansy's eyes and decided to give her what she wanted. He grabbed her face and forced his cock into her mouth.

Pansy moaned in delight and Harry used her mouth as his own personal fuckhole. Pansy responded with some deep sucks.

"You like being used a slut, don't you?" Harry asked. "You like me using your mouth? I bet you're going to get off on choking on my cum, aren't you?"

Pansy reached up to grab his swollen balls and squeezed them. She wanted his seed poured down her throat.

Harry hung onto her hair and pumped his cock into her mouth. Pansy hummed and accepted his thick and throbbing tool to go in and out of her mouth. He pushed into her throat.

"Your tight throat feels so good," Harry said. "I'm going to choke you on my cum. But, you'd get off on that, wouldn't you, you little Slytherin slut?"

Pansy's thighs rubbed together at the humiliation from Harry. Harry choked the snake with his snake and his balls fired their load into Pansy's waiting throat. She sucked it all up with hunger dancing from her eyes. Harry grabbed onto her head and spilled his waiting load into her throat.

She sucked up the contents of his balls with hunger. The lust would not leave her body. Now it grew the more cum she tasted.

Harry pulled his cock away from her lips. Pansy licked some of the dribbling cum off of her lips and showed Harry the cum before she swallowed it. Harry motioned for her to stand to her feet.

"Remove your skirt and panties," Harry said. He watched Pansy did as she was told. Harry cupped her pussy in his hand.

Pansy gasped when Harry manipulated her folds with his fingers. Her inner folds had been rubbed and Harry worked his finger into her better than most men could work a cock. She tried to grind on him to get an orgasm.

Harry pulled away from her with a smile. His fingers coated with her trickling juices. He pointed them towards her mouth.

"Suck them."

Pansy took Harry's fingers into her mouth and sucked them hard. She tasted herself and it only inflamed her pussy even more.

Harry withdrew his fingers from her mouth and Pansy looked up at him. She unbuttoned the rest of her top and revealed her perky breasts to him, where they would remain for some time thanks to the magic of magic.

"You're a Parseltongue," Pansy said.

"Very good, Parkinson, five points for Slytherin," Harry said. He swatted her on the ass. "I bet you'd want me to eat your pussy, wouldn't you?"

"Lick my dirty pussy out," Pansy said. She rode her own fingers, until Harry pulled them away.

"Only I'm allowed to make you cum from now how," Harry said. "You'll have pleasure only from me, and I control when you orgasm and how many times. Is that clear?"

"Yes, master," Pansy said.

A flash of light enveloped her body. Her nipples stood up and Harry reached over. He pinched one of her hardened nubs and sent a jolt of energy flashing through her body.

Harry moved down towards the promise land and started to lick Pansy's pussy. He wound her up for what he assumed would be an amazing conclusion. His tongue rotated around her insides and brought some juices out of her.

Pansy enjoyed the tongue, even though she wished he would make with more of the Parsel. He still was good though.

In an instant, without warning, Harry's tongue began to vibrate. It hissed in Pansy's pussy and caused her orgasm to rise into her body.

"Not yet."

Harry pulled away from her and pulled her away from the edge. Pansy whined and Harry responded by running his fingernail across her body. His finger brushed against her lips which was on the edge.

He repeated his actions several times. Harry enjoyed the control he had over Pansy. He brought the bitch closer towards an orgasm each time, only to yank it away from her.

Pansy could not believe the power Harry held over her. Each orgasm, she thought this would be the one, and she learned something new. How close her body could size up until the release, only for it to stuck.

Harry's tongue struck her nerve endings after almost an hour of constant tease and denial. Pansy's body shuddered with the pure force of multiple backed up orgasms. Her hips vibrated to coat Harry's face with her sticky juices.

He pulled away with her and smiled. Pansy's swollen lips pointed up towards Harry and they spread, begging for intrusion and attention. Harry pressed his fingers against her dripping entrance and caused her to gasp the more he played with her center.

"You want to be fucked, don't you?" Harry asked. "And hard?"

Pansy wondered what kind of stupid question this was. She was about to say as much. She remembered though she came face to face with someone who could make it a very dry day for her if he decided to. Harry hovered over her and his cock positioned over her entrance.

"Don't you?" Harry asked. "Tell me how much you want to be fucked?"

"Often," she said. "And hard."

Harry slammed his cock into Pansy. Despite her pussy being so wet it could bring life to a desert which had been around with a year without rain, she could feel the intrusion from Harry. His thick cock speared into her wet pussy and rose almost all of the way out of her. He plunged in and out of her with an immense force.

"Good, I'm glad you want my large cock. You live for nothing, but my huge cock, don't you? I can feel your pussy lips drooling for me. I can feel you wrapped around me. It feels so fucking good to be fucked cross-eyed, doesn't it?"

Pansy dug her nails into the side of Harry's shoulder and nodded. Harry penetrated her with a few hard thrusts which worked into her body. Her wet walls closed around him.

The orgasm almost reached her. Harry pulled away from her, denying it. Pansy almost moaned in response. Harry placed a hand on her mouth.

"No whining," Harry said. "I'm the one who controls your pleasure. Do you understand me?"

Pansy could not deny Harry a second longer. She nodded and knew she would get an orgasm, eventually. It would only be on his terms and her entire body submitted to him.

Harry punished Pansy's entire body for her sins, relishing the opportunity as he did so. His balls filled up with the contents which would be brought into her body. He could feel himself growing even harder the further he pushed himself into her body.

"Yes, I'm glad you understand me," Harry said. He nibbled the side of her ear. "You understand who is in control, don't you? And you know it's not you, don't you?"

Pansy answered with a deep moan to both of these questions. Harry brought her to another orgasm, almost the edge and he almost pulled out of her.

Harry waited for Pansy's body to settle and slammed into her again. He worked her to the edge of another orgasm and pulled out again. Harry repeated this process so many times.

Pansy had been reduced to nothing but a whimpering, mewling wreck. Would he allow her orgasm next time? She did not know and the fact terrified her.

Harry's balls grew heavy and his cock throbbed because of how much he worked Pansy over. Her tightness closed around him. Harry rose higher out of her and pushed into her, to the point where his balls throbbed.

"Almost there," Harry said. "So close."

Again, Harry denied her the pleasure. Pansy's body could feel the backed up orgasms which had been denied. She realized Harry would do something in a matter of moments which will really blow her mind.

"Bloody hell," she moaned in his ear. "Fuck me senseless."

"I never thought you had much sense," Harry said. "But, I'll knock whatever it is out of you."

Harry's balls swelled and he knew his orgasm would be at hand soon enough. He decided to slowly crack the dam inside of Pansy's being and release the flood gates.

Pansy hung onto Harry and screamed so loud she was pretty sure they could hear her at the other end of the castle. So many backed up orgasms hit her body at once, the force of many rolled all into one.

Harry rode Pansy's dripping wet cunt to a completion and started to fire his load into her when her orgasm reached the midway point.

Pansy's entire body sized up when Harry's huge load entered her body. It filled her up so much. Pansy was glad she was on a potion.

'What if it isn't enough with his magical powers?' she thought to herself, with both fear at being knocked up and excitement of being knocked up filling her body.

Pansy's thoughts had been knocked out of her with a hard and fast fucking. Those balls sent their heavy load into her body and filled her up so much her pussy leaked before Harry pulled her up.

"I expect you here every night at ten, so we can reinforce your punishment."

Pansy nodded in response. She had brought this upon herself.

'Far worse fates.'


The End.

Chapter Text

In the Tower(Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain from Batman)


Harry Potter stretched up and down when he stood in the middle of a gym set up in the middle of a clock tower in the midst of Gotham City. He stationed himself at the Clocktower, doing a favor for a friend who was out of town and would be out of town for the next couple of weeks, visiting friends and just taking a vacation away from Gotham City.

She did pick the right week to take a vacation away from the insanity of Gotham City. Everything had gone rather quiet and Harry spent some time, keeping his ear to the information network. He decided to get up for a quick stretch and a quick workout to get the blood flowing. The pitter patter of the rain was the only sound which came up anywhere nearby the Clocktower. No police sirens, gunfire, screams of blood curdling terror because of the latest Arkham reject who had terrorized the city, everything sounded quiet and content.

Appearances deceived even the best of people though. Harry sensed something coming around. He closed his eyes and acted as if no one could disturb his workout. Harry continued to work through the martial arts drills which put his body and mind at such a heightened and constant state of alertness. He waited for the right movement.

Harry spun around and grabbed the figure around the arm. She backed off a few inches and smiled before she sent a roundhouse kick at Harry's chest. Harry arched down to duck it. His attacker kept throwing fire in the form of a series of martial arts kicks. Harry dodged all of them and avoided the kicks.

The dark haired woman who attacked him kept calm and fired a palm strike. Harry blocked it and flipped her down onto the ground. She landed down and did a nip up to land on her feet.

The eighteen year old Eurasian assassin kept up with multiple kicks which almost knocked her enemy back. Harry grabbed one of her arms and lightly flipped her to the ground. She flipped out of the arm hold and landed to a standing position. The warrior did a rather impressive looking battle stance. She tried to nail Harry on the back swing. Harry blocked her hand and grabbed it in a nice and efficient manner.

"Looks like I have you now," Harry said. He pushed her up against the wall.

Cassandra Cain smiled and reached up to grab her lover's face. Her eyes looked towards her. "We differ."

The dark haired assassin leaned in and kissed Harry on the lips. Her warm and moist lips met Harry's, and he responded by deepening the kiss. His arm wrapped around the waist of the young assassin and ensured she did not stray away from him.

The two had broken apart from each other. Cassandra tried to take Harry down. Harry flipped her over onto the mats.

"I'm ready for anything," Harry said. He stepped back to allow Cassandra to get her stance. "Don't worry, you came closer than you did the last time."

Cassandra smiled even though she remained heightened with a battle stance which showed she was ready to fight. Harry waved her over towards the couch where the two of them sat down.

"How was patrol tonight?" Harry asked.

The assassin looked towards him and decided to tell him the truth. "Uneventful."

Cassandra Cain did not mean uneventful in the sense when something in Gotham City was uneventful. She did not even run into a pickpocket, or a carjacker on patrol. The only people she saw was a group of teenagers wearing the latest fashions and really that was not a crime she could bust them for.

She already stripped out of her costume and wore a tight black tank top which showed an abundant amount of cleavage and a tight black skirt with her athletic toned legs coming down. She neglected to wear shoes for a simple reason. Cassandra showed how skilled she was with her feet by undoing Harry's pants with her toes.

"Cass?" Harry asked.

Cassandra responded with a grin. She spent a couple of minutes rubbing Harry's crotch through his pants with her elegant foot. She made sure to hit all of the points she knew were meant for pleasure. All the while, undoing Harry's pants with her feet and a second later, she removed Harry's throbbing hard cock from his pants.

Harry groaned at the sensation of Cassandra rubbing her soft feet up and down his cock. His cock had been trapped between both feet and she jerked him off with her soles, and then she did the same thing with her toes.

Cassandra could feel the pressure building in the man's testicles. All she needed to do was to hit the right point and Harry would explode for her. She could hardly wait for it to happen.

"Hungry," Cassandra said, licking her lips.

Harry knew exactly what Cassandra meant by these words and he enjoyed the feeling of her feet rubbing his throbbing hard cock up and down. He groaned when her feet pressed up and down against his groin and kept pumping him.

"Don't worry, you'll get your fill….."

Harry's balls tightened and exploded to bring the cum up into the air. They splattered Cassandra's sexy feet and legs, leaving her legs soaked in Harry's white and sticky fluids.

Cassandra withdrew her feet from around Harry's cock and smiled. She lifted one foot up and made sure Harry's eyes locked on Cassandra licking her toes clean.

She was about to make her next move when a third party arrived. Cassandra's eyes turned off to one side and saw Stephanie Brown make her way into the main chambers of the clocktower. The beautiful blue eyed blonde stepped forward, hair dripping wet from the showers. She almost stepped back in shock when she realized Cass was here


Cassandra crossed the room and grabbed Stephanie around the waist. She pulled her beautiful blonde teammate closer towards her and Stephanie gasped when Cassandra pushed her up against the wall.

"You're naughty, Steph," Cassandra said with a smile. "You hoped to jump Harry, just like I did."

Harry smiled, he figured this would escalate, but he did not know this would escalate about as quickly as it did. He watched Cassandra who cornered Stephanie like a hungry lioness hunting her prey.

Cassandra grabbed the towel and without a further pause snapped it from Stephanie's body. The garment fell to the ground and revealed Stephanie's perky teenage breasts, shaven pussy, long legs, sexy ass, and toned body. Also her beat red face, as being unveiled in such a manner.

"We've both seen you naked before," Cassandra said.

"I know, I know!" Stephanie yelled, almost squealing in frustration. "But, it hasn't been, like this….not like this at all."

Stephanie had been caught so off guard. She got easily flustered when she was out of control.

Cassandra smiled and leaned closer towards Stephanie. She swallowed and grabbed Stephanie by the hand. Her team mate had been lead over to the couch where she came full force to Harry's cock which had been put out in the open.

"Hello, Steph," Harry said. He rose up to a standing position and wrapped his arm around Stephanie's slender waist pull the teenager near him. "How nice to see you?"

Harry's eyes raked over her body and Stephanie tried to close her legs together to avoid being aroused too much. He leaned over and kissed her. Stephanie froze up in response and then returned the kiss when her brain had a chance to register. She moaned and ground her naked crotch against his. Stephanie's mind ran wild of Harry fucking her against the control console, until she came over and over.

"Please," Stephanie said before she could help herself. She looked Harry in the eyes.

"Please, what?"

"Fuck me," Stephanie said.

Harry smiled and leaned in for another hungry kiss. He could feel her body squirm against him when he lead Stephanie back onto the couch. Her legs spread for him and Harry crouched down above her. His throbbing cock touched the edge of her entrance and he almost slipped inside.

Stephanie's cunt started to drip with their delicious juices. She wanted him to slide into her easily. Harry rose all the way up, putting the tip of the cock inside her. Harry held onto Stephanie's hips and rose almost all the way out before he plowed inside her dripping hot pussy. Her wet walls closed around Harry and started to squeeze his cock the more he spiked inside of her.

"Yes," Stephanie said.

Harry enjoyed the warm and snug sensations of her sweet pussy. He rose all the way up and plunged into her. She gave a lovely move and wrapped a leg around him. Harry felt up her soft flesh and continued to work her over.

"About ready to cum?" Harry asked. "All ready?"

His tone sounded a bit teasing, but Stephanie couldn't help it. Her pussy gushed with the thought of what Harry would do to her. He rose almost all the way out of her and pushed his hard cock inside her dripping insides. Stephanie's wet pussy clamped down onto him and sent her juices out.

Cassandra responded with a knowing smile. She knew Stephanie wanted this and just seeing the look of pleasure on her friend's face made Cassandra rip off her skirt. She pulled down her panties to reveal her dripping hot pussy.

Stephanie could not believe Cassandra's dripping hot pussy lowered over her mouth.


Steph had no choice to get breath. She dragged her tongue around Cass's pussy and caused her to moan. She gained a fair bit more confidence and started to lick Cass's inner lips. She tried to drink up the dripping juices from Cass's pussy.

Cass enjoyed the sensation of Steph's tongue. It wasn't the first time the feisty blonde at her pussy. Each time brought new sensations of pleasure in Cass's body.

"Damn," Harry said. "She must be eating you good…and she must like it, I can feel how hot her pussy is."

Stephanie's pussy moistened the tip of Harry's rod. He pushed deep inside her and rode Stephanie to another orgasm. Her wet walls tightened around Harry the further he pushed himself into her. His balls sized up when he rode her tight, teenage pussy.

The crime fighter could feel Harry's cock spearing deeper into her. She could not help, but imagine what would happen when he emptied the contents of her balls.

Cass's pussy could not be neglected. Steph licked her pussy out, twirling her tongue around it. She hungered for the juices which spilled down into her mouth.

"There you go, there's the spot, right here!" Cass yelled. "Cumming!"

She could get a little bit more vocal on the edge of an orgasm. Harry noticed this the more he rode her tight pussy. Steph's wet walls contracted around him the further he got inside her. His balls tightened and he knew the end was here.

Cass rubbed her pussy lips off of Stephanie's face and slid back to admire her handiwork. The blonde's face had been soaked with the arousal.

"She did a good job, ride her!" Cass encouraged Harry.

"Do you want my cum, Steph?" Harry asked.

Harry groped one of her firm breasts and leaned down to suckle on the nipple. He nibbled on it and he heard the moans of pleasure. Stephanie worked her hips up and down towards Harry's cock. She kept pumping herself and encouraging him. She wanted it so badly she could taste it.

"Please, Harry," Steph moaned. She grabbed him and pushed Harry deeper into her dripping hot depths. "I need you, so bad, I need your cum!"

"Hold on, you'll have it," Harry said.

He rode Stephanie's pussy and the cum loaded up his balls. The tight teenage pussy closed around Harry and milked his hard rod the further he pushed inside of her.

"Yes!" Stephanie moaned in her ear. "Cum for me, Harry!"

Harry held onto her hips and hammered her hot cunt with everything he had. His balls started to load up with a heavy amount of cum. He watched how her stomach bulged from the thick phallus which fired into her.

Stephanie could not believe how deep she was. He buried himself inside of her womb. She wrapped her arms around him and scissored his waist.

"I hope your body is ready for the big load," Harry said.

Steph's sultry moans indicated she was ready for the biggest load she could hold. Harry held onto her hips and kept riding her with passion and a flurry of thrusts.

"I'm going to put my cum in your barely legal womb," Harry said. "Would you like that, Steph?"

Steph imagined herself being knocked up by Harry and her pussy moistened to lead Harry into her deeper. His cock hammered her with more rapid fire thrusts than she could imagine.

"YES!" Steph screamed.

Harry held onto her and unleashed his load into her. The contents of his balls spilled into Stephanie's body. The warm and wet squeezing of her pussy showed how much she wanted what he had to give her.

Stephanie thought she would die from the sheer volume of orgasms which racked through her body. Never mind the sheer amount of cum which spilled inside her womb, both of the volumes were insane, when Harry extracted himself from her. He left Stephanie falls back onto the bed.

Harry turned his attention to Cassandra or rather she turned her attention to him. She leaned down and captured his cock in her mouth. She licked the dribbling juices off of his cock.

Cass thought his cock contained a delightful combination of juices. She pulled her mouth off of it and leaned down towards Steph. Harry noticed right away Cass clutched an object in her hand.

Steph's eyes widened and she looked about ready to protest. Cass leaned down and planted her lips on Steph. The two of them kissed each other and looked a bit heated in doing so.

Cass turned around and saw Harry's throbbing cock standing up. He wrapped his arms around Cass and pulled her onto his lap.

"I'm wet," she told him.

Harry smiled when he wrapped his arms around Cass and she rose up. She took her pussy down and slammed onto Harry's cock. The precision could feel really good when she rose up and worked her thighs down onto him.

Cassandra knew this was where her pussy belonged, wrapped around the mighty tool of this mighty warrior. She leaned back so Harry could have full access to her breasts and she was not disappointed with Harry diving between her breasts, licking and kissing her. He brought one of her nipples into his mouth and suckled on it.

A moan passed through Cassandra's mouth the second Harry took her nipple into his mouth. She felt extremely good and could not wait for Harry's mouth to bring her more pleasure.

Stephanie shifted on the expanded couch and she came over to Cass's skilled hand. Cass clutched a dildo in her hand and rammed it into Stephanie. Her entire pussy had been filled.

The moans of both of the girls filled the air. It encouraged Harry to pump himself up further inside Cass's pussy. He ran his hands over her toned body and could feel the scars. He lightly ran his finger across her scars.

Cass smiled when Harry touched her and made her feel loved. Harry leaned up from her breasts and started to bite her.

'Not fair to neglect Steph.'

Cass worked her fingers over and pinched Steph's clit. Her hips started to buck with the dildo still rammed inside of her.

"Damn you!" Stephanie yelled.

"You're welcome," Cassandra said in between orgasms.

She focused on Harry marking his territory and leaving love bites on every inch of her body. His hands cupped her ass and made her bring her hips all the way down on Harry's throbbing tool. The next orgasm spread through her body.

Harry enjoyed Cassandra riding his cock up and down. She always knew to hit the pleasure points, and knew when to stop to make sure Harry did not burst before she was ready for him. Combined with his own self control.

"You like this, don't you?" Harry asked.

Harry pushed one his fingers in Cass's tight rear. She reacted to him with a sultry moan which hit the back of his ear. Her hips wiggled down onto him.

Cass could not believe how much she gushed at Harry finger-fucking her ass.

"Oh, she likes her ass being fucked, does she?" Steph asked. She held the dildo against Cass's rear entrance. "Let's see how much she likes this?"

Harry retracted his finger from Cassandra's anal passage so Steph could slip the dildo inside. He took one look the face of Cassandra.

"Yes!" Cassandra yelled.

"Do you like it?" Steph asked. "Do you like being fucked in your tight little assassin ass?"

"YES!" Cassandra yelled.

Stephanie smiled and pumped the fake phallus into the backside of Cassandra. She made sure it penetrated her nice and deep with a couple of hard pumps.

"I like seeing you getting fucked in there." Stephanie said. She pressed her soft breasts against Cassandra's back. "Is she cumming all over your big cock?"

She directed this question at Harry. Cassandra's wet walls clamped down onto Harry's throbbing hard tool when she rose almost all the way up and brought herself all the way down onto him.

"Yes she is!" Harry groaned.

The juices tricked down Harry's throbbing hard cock. Cass wiggled her hips all the way down onto his tool and brought him deep into her body.

Steph smiled and fucked Cass with a few pushes of the dildo. The moans of the normally stoic girl caused Steph's pussy to drip with juices. She wanted to be fucked in the worst way.

Harry slid one of his fingers between her thighs and fingered her forcefully. Stephanie Brown bucked her hips forward and panted in pleasure when Harry drilled inside her.

He pulled his fingers from her pussy and fed the juices to Cassandra. She suckled on Harry's fingers when riding his cock all the way to the edge of an orgasm. Her tight walls closed around him.

"Mmm, yes," Cassandra moaned in Harry's ear. "Are you cumming soon?"

"In a minute."

Cassandra rode up and down on Harry's cock. His balls started to ache underneath her tight body. Her firm legs squeezed Harry's hips and ensured he would not stray too far from her.

His balls tensed up and splattered his seed into her insides. The immense load from his balls coated Cassandra Cain's insides and filled her up.

Cassandra worked Harry's cock up and down and ensured she could get every last drop of her see. The two of them came together for the long haul.

She slid off of Harry a moment later, and Stephanie removed the dildo from Cass's ass only to shove it between her dripping thighs.

"Finally, I have you at a disadvantage!" she cheered.

Cass looked up with a smoky expression in her dark eyes, and a smirk spread over her face. "Cherish the moment."

Steph wasn't going to argue with her, she was going to cherish this moment. She could feel her legs spread and realized who controlled both of them.

Harry once again finger fucked Steph to another orgasm before sliding his re-hardened cock inside her. Her warmth spread against his hard cock and he pumped into her from behind.

Stephanie moaned until Cassandra stifled the moan before forcing her pussy into her mouth.

"You were saying?" Cass asked.

The rain continued to pour down, but the streets weren't the only thing getting wet.



Chapter Text

Handling His Broomstick (Penelope Clearwater from Harry Potter).


Penelope Clearwater thought not much had been changed about Hogwarts. A lot of it had been destroyed after the final battle with Lord Voldemort which resulted in the deaths of many. Five years passed since then, and nine years had passed since Penny left Hogwarts. The brunette witch smiled when she recalled why she was here.

Professor Flitwick decided he was winding down his career as a teacher. After almost half a century of distinguished service in Hogwarts, Flitwick decided enough was enough and it was time for him to stepping back. He hired an assistant to teach the first four years of class, while Flitwick handled the last three. In time, the assistant would be groomed to teach these classes.

Penelope was glad she had been chosen out of all of the qualified candidates. It was the day before the latest schoolyear. She made her way down the hallway towards the Staff Room for the pre-school meeting. The Ravenclaw entered the staff room and came face to face with someone who she had not seen in years.

"Well, well, Harry Potter," Penelope said.

She had not seen the young man since his third year, and he had been kind of cute then. Granted, every witch dreamed of getting a few moments with Harry Potter, even when he was younger. It was kind of creepy when she thought back on it in hindsight.

"Assistant Professor Clearwater," Harry said. "Filius told me he needed to hire someone to take care of the younger classes….it's been a really long time….you look nice."

Penny smiled when she looked at him. She wore the conservative Hogwarts robes. Even then though, one could see her ample bust if they looked close enough, along with her shapely hips. Her curly brown hair formed a nice curtain around her soft face, with gorgeous looking blue eyes.

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself," Penelope said. She smiled when walking towards him. "So, you're teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"Yes," Harry said. "Only until the Headmistress finds someone who can take over from me."

"From what I hear, you're the best man for the job," Penelope said.

"Well, I'm the only man for the job, given people still think there's a curse after five years," Harry said. He responded with a sigh. "The curse….well I'm pretty sure it got broken."

Harry took a moment to invite her to sit down on the couch. The fireplace had not been lit. The windows in the staff room had been cracked open.

"When he was killed?" Penelope asked.

"Yes," Harry said. "It's funny, when Dumbledore was Headmaster, he could always find someone…anyone, even if was someone like Lockhart."

Penelope pulled a face when remembering that particular ponce. She could not believe half of the girls in her year had a crush in her. Ravenclaws, they were supposed to be smart, they were not supposed to be blinded by the looks. Anyone with half of a brain figured out Lockhart's books didn't add up when you made a timeline.

The fact he got his information through memory charms raised a lot of unsettling questions.

"The one year he didn't, we got saddled with Umbridge," Harry said. "The less said about her, the better."

Penelope didn't have the pleasure of going to school when Umbridge was there. She heard plenty of horror stories about her, and the fact she was dead pretty much did the Wizarding World a great service.

"I've heard things about her," Penelope said. "So, there's no….hearing about it with you…you were there…I don't know how you came out with your sanity intact, if half of the stories were true."

"It wasn't easy," Harry said. "I'm curious to see why you came back here….after all that's happened."

Penelope shook her head. A fair bit did happen to her. One of the biggest things which happened to her was during her second year when she had been petrified by the Basilisk. Her parents had only barely acknowledged the fact something was wrong with their daughter, and in fact, they did not appreciate the fact Penny went to a school "created by devil worshippers". She had a roof and food and clothing until she was seventeen.

Then she had to be on the run thanks to the Muggleborn Registration Act after Voldemort took over. She just finally put her life back together.

"Yes," Penelope said. "I've come back….because….well….nowhere else for me to be."

"Your family weren't the type to like what you were, were they?" Harry asked.

Penelope received a sympathetic smile from Harry and he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer onto him on the couch. Their warmth had been shared.

"So, when's the staff meeting supposed to start?" Penelope asked.

"In about two hours," Harry said. "Did you want to be a bit early to get a good impression, or did you mistake the time?"

"A little bit of both, actually," Penelope said, with a shrug.

Penelope decided to push herself closer towards Harry. She could not believe how handsome he grew up. Those green eyes enchanted her and bewitched her.

"Are you upset you're stuck here with me until the rest of the staff arrive?" Harry asked.

"No," Penelope said. "It's nice to be with an old friend…and actually, I've been meaning to say something to you….it's about nine years overdue."

Penelope smiled when she looked towards Harry and moved closer towards him. Perhaps she had been caught up in the moment, but her entire life had been all about making careful, logical decisions.

"Thank you for taking out the Basilisk," Penelope said. "I was….well I was lucky not to die…everyone was lucky not to die."

Penelope leaned closer towards Harry and her lips met Harry's with a kiss. The witch could feel a burst of energy going through her body at the satisfying of beginning to settle a longstanding debt.

'And interest must have built up.'

Harry smiled, and pulled her onto her lap. He had been on this couch with a few other female staff members over his time at Hogwarts. Septima and Aurora had regular meetings in here with him.

His tongue curled underneath Penelope's and the most mind blowing kiss ever. His hand moved down the back of her leg and started to result in more pleasure coursing throughout her very being.

Penelope could not deny it. Harry Potter could really kiss and his kiss caused her mind to go absolutely numb behind belief. Her mind had been blown by one simple action.

Harry delved his tongue in between her lips and pulled away from her. The former Ravenclaw leaned back onto the couch, her mind completely blown from the kiss. Her eyes moved forward in a rapid fire blinking motion.

"Are you still with me?" Harry asked.

"Wow," Penelope said. "I had no idea…"

"My tongue is good for a lot of things," Harry said. He smiled when looking at her. "Maybe I should give you a little demonstration. Would you like that?"

Penelope responded with a brief nod. She had become a little bit hot underneath the collar and something told her it wasn't because of the weather either. She started to tug the material of her robes off of her to reveal her white blouse which had a couple of buttons undone to reveal her ample bust. The front of her blouse flipped a bit to show she had a toned stomach. Her skirt almost rode up on its own accord.

Harry drank in the hint of her stocking clad thighs. Penny looked like she was on wobbling legs. She leaned in and grabbed Harry. Her hand grasped his crotch and she looked at him with a hungry smile.

"Remember, during your third year when I wanted to hold your broomstick?" Penelope asked.

Her fingers brushed against Harry's crotch. She started to work her hand over him and caused his bulge to start to harden a slight amount in his pants.

"Well, guess what, I want to do that again," Penelope said. She swirled her tongue. "And I don't mean your Firebolt either."

"Yes, I gathered."

Penelope already unbuckled Harry's pants and pulled them down over his ankles. His boxer shorts with a throbbing hard cock on the other side had been shown. The tent Harry pitched looked magnificent and Penny could not wait to run her hands over it. She pulled his boxer shorts back and revealed his throbbing hard cock.

"Not bad," Penelope said. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and started to pump in. "Nice and solid…and you have plenty of quality wood."

A naughty expression appeared in the eyes of the older witch when she leaned down and pumped Harry's cock a couple more times. She leaned down and kissed Harry on the head of his cock. Her tongue flickered around the head of his cock and pulled away from him.

"Keep it up," Harry said. "Why don't you put it in your mouth? It's good for you."

Penelope read a powerful wizard's cum was healthy and gave a witch a nice little boost. She thought there was no one more powerful and desirable than Harry. She placed her hands on Harry's legs and moved her mouth closer towards his cock. She took him into her mouth with one hard and potent suck.

Harry groaned when Penny's lip wrapped around his hard tool. He grabbed onto the back of her head and pushed his cock into her throat. Penny gave in a solid suck.

Penny took Harry into the back of his throat. She never experienced something which made her feel so naughty. The fact anyone could walk in and see her servicing Harry made her even more daring.

"Go ahead, suck me harder," Harry said. He touched his hands on the back of her head. "Suck it hard. Keep sucking me, be a good girl and suck me off…suck me off you naughty witch."

The curly haired witch bobbed her head up and down on Harry's tool. She worked her hands between in between his legs and stroked his balls. She tried to get his seed inside of her mouth.

"Mmm," Penny moaned when she sucked him even harder. Her throat worked further down onto his tool.

"There it goes, right now," Harry said. He held onto the back of her head. "Keep sucking me, that's it."

Penny kept sucking him alright. She could feel his balls and feel the big load which was about to go down her throat. She made sure his cock was sealed tight inside.

Harry leaned in and pushed himself hip first into Penny's face. He fucked her mouth and released the cum down her throat. She leaned back and took every single last drop of his seed.

She pulled back after completion and licked her lips. Harry motioned for her to sit down and she did as she was asked. She sat down on the couch and spread her legs for Harry. Her panties pulled down.

Harry brushed his fingers against her dripping hot mound. He could not wait to be inside her. First though, he wanted to taste her before going into her.

"Harry," Penny gasped.

Harry kneeled down between her legs and started to lap up her womanhood. Penny's thighs pushed almost all the way up and Harry licked her dripping hot box. He twirled his tongue into her molten gash with a series of swift licks.

Penny thought he was not exaggerating with the pleasure his tongue brought. He went inside her and started to shift back and forth. Her insides opened up so he could lick her even more.

Harry took the tangy juices from her pussy. He made sure to send a jolt from his tongue into her. More juices had been lapped up. She tasted of honey and Harry could not get enough of the nectar dribbling down between her legs. He wanted to lick her dry as he could manage.

"Harry," Penny panted. She held onto the back of his head and encouraged him.

The sight of his handsome face buried between her thighs and lapping her up made Penny squirm more than she thought she would.


Harry's vibrating tongue hit the pleasure point inside of the former Ravenclaw. She bucked her hips up and enjoyed Harry's tongue inside her.

'Now I know why Parseltongues are considered evil by the average wizard,' Penny thought to herself. Her nipples grew harder at the thought of being impaled by the tool.

Her canal moistened enough for him to slip in with ease. Harry swirled his tongue around her one more time and extended a little bit. He shifted back and forth.

Penny collapsed on the couch and Harry rose up to his feet. He reached up and unbuttoned the rest of her top. He exposed her sky blue bra with a transparent window on the cups. Her nipples poked out through the other side and demanded attention. Harry crouched over her hips.

"So, you wanted to hold my broomstick, didn't you?" Harry asked. "Didn't you, you naughty witch?"

"Yes," Penelope said with a smile.

"Do you want to go for a ride on it?"

Penelope rose up to her feet and could see Harry sitting on the couch. His cock stood at attention for her and Penelope's lips dripped with the thought of sliding them down Harry's hard and throbbing pole.

"Yes," she said with a smile.

Penelope straddled Harry's lap and he unclipped her bra. Her large breasts spilled out and Harry grabbed the firm orbs before squeezing them. She grinded up against him.

"Go ahead, and ride it," Harry said. He slapped her on her firm ass which prompted a squeal from her.

Penelope lined up her dripping cunt over Harry's massive prick. She could not wait to have him all the way inside her. She was sure he would fill her up so good, she could barely even think about it. She aimed herself towards his hard tool and pushed all the way down onto his rod.

"Yes!" Penelope moaned. Harry pushed into her and filled her completely up. "OHHH YES!"

Penny rose almost all the way up onto Harry's throbbing hard rod and then sank down. Her dripping box pushed up and down on Harry's veiny tool.

"Go for the ride of your life," Harry said. He squeezed her breasts and flicked his tongue against her nipples, really getting her hot and wild. "I bet no one has ever touched you like this before, have they?"

Penny shook her head and bounced up and down on Harry's throbbing manhood. It filled her pussy far and deep, to the point where she had been stuffed forward. Harry grabbed her hips and decided to thrust up to meet more of her. She never had her pussy filled so far and wide.

Harry smiled and could sense the pleasure going through the mind and body of the witch. He ran his fingers down her spine and she whimpered in pleasure.

"Cum for me," Harry said. He nibbled on her earlobe.

Penny could not deny her lover any more. She took her hot box all the way down on Harry's throbbing tool and pushed her lips against him.

"Yes, mmm, yes….oooh God!" Penny yelled. Her wet vice clamped and released Harry's meat pole.

She came hard and Harry only thrust into her even harder. His hands found every single inch of her body and tempted her. Penny reared herself back and dropped down herself cunt first down onto Harry's large pole. She rose almost all the way up and dropped down onto him again. She bounced high and fast, their thighs slapping together in a fevered motion of love making.

Harry sucked on her nipples and really got her going. He always enjoyed making older witches cream themselves over and over again. The fact her juices coated his pole showed how horny she is.

"Are you ready for the big one?" Harry asked. He licked behind her ear which caused Penny to lose it even more.

Penny nodded when her gushing cunt squeezed and released Harry's iron prick. She wanted the creamy treat.

"Ride my broomstick harder, my sexy vixen," Harry said. "I'm sure you've dreamed about this for years….now all of your dreams are going to come true."

Penny would be lying if she did not. She rode his throbbing cock into her body.

"I need your cum," Penny said. She squeezed him with as much strength as she could summon. "I need it more than life itself."

"Good things come to those who wait," Harry said. "Be patient…and all of your dreams will come true."

Penny was not sure if she wanted to be patient for very long. Regardless, she kept riding Harry and pushing her dripping wet walls against his massive prick. He grabbed her hips.

Several orgasms passed through the Ravenclaw. She moaned in Harry's ear and kept egging him on. Harry wasn't about to deny such a lovely witch her pleasure. He buried himself into her wet vice in a constant series of thrusts. Each of them went deeper and buried himself into her even further.

"Yes, cum for me, honey."

Penny's thighs closed around him and released him. She could not even function more than just riding for him.

"Please, Harry," Penny said.

Harry's balls throbbed and ached to release their contents into Penny. He lead her through one more amazing orgasm before he decided to fire.

The cum entering Penny's womb caused her to nearly lose her mind. The sticky seed coated her walls. The Ravenclaw worked herself down onto Harry's hard pole with everything she had to give him and then some more.

Harry enjoyed the sensation of the lovely older woman milking him. Her breasts bounced up and down in his face and Harry gave them a few more sucks when she finished her broom ride.

Penny pulled herself away from him and turned on the couch, showing Harry her pussy which still dripped with their combined juices.

"I guess I'm going to have to come to staff meetings earlier," Penny said. "Because, I get to have a far more interesting staff meeting."

Harry smiled and saw there was still time to sink his re-hardened cock inside Penny's willing pussy from behind.

"After the meeting, feel free to come up to my private quarters for tea," Harry said as he pounded away at her sweat pussy.

After their staff meeting, and broom ride, Penny would be up for a spot of tea.



Chapter Text

Releasing Tension(Sara Pezinni from Witchblade).

Harry Potter smiled when the attractive scantily clad brunette stepped closer towards him. A look of pure primal lust entered her eyes and Harry could not argue with giving her what she wanted and what she wanted was right in front of her. She stepped closer towards Harry, a swift smile crossing over her face.

"Finally," Sara Pezzinni muttered. She was a New York Homicide detective by day, and she had been bestowed one of the most awesome weapons in the world, the Witchblade.

It wasn't easy keeping all of the supernatural power in check. She did try her best though and she had something, or rather someone who could help her keep it in check.

"You don't waste any time, don't you?" Harry asked.

"No, I don't," Sara said. She could feel his strong arms wrap around him. The two of them met in the middle for a passionate kiss. They were in the back room of a club. They had went out for some dinner and dancing, a night on the town, a night away from all of the insanity.

Sara, however, had something else other than dinner and dancing on her mind. Her hands skimmed over Harry's firm and toned body. She liked what she saw and she knew what she wanted. She unraveled his shirt and revealed his muscular chest.

"You're impatient," Harry said.

"No, just horny," Sara said. Her hips grinded against his to get some traction and to tease her a little bit. "There's a different, as I'm sure you can tell."

"Oh, there is?" Harry asked. He turned her around and backed her against the wall. His hands cupped her firm rear from behind and squeezed it. "Enlighten me."

Sara pushed her hips forward into Harry. He pulled her bottoms down and found her dripping hot pussy. A small strip of brown hair stuck out against her tanned skin. Harry pushed his fingers between her pussy lips and she grinded against him.

"Did I enlighten you enough?" Sara asked. She purred in his ear. "Do you think I need to give you a little bit….extra enlightenment to how horny I am and how I want your cock inside me in the worst way?"

Sara did not wait for the answer. She seized the moment or rather she seized Harry's pants, yanking them down over his ankles. She exposed his throbbing cock for the entire world to see.

"It's larger than I remembered," Sara said. She cupped his balls in her hands and felt them. The amount of cum which would slowly build for her made her excited. "And you weren't small to begin with."

Her perfect juicy lips kissed Harry's throbbing head. Harry rested one of his hands on the back of her head. He wasn't about to stand in the way of a horny woman with a dark magical artifact which allowed her to tap the supernatural and what she wanted. And what she wanted was his cock.

Sara's wet and willing tongue serviced every last inch of Harry's throbbing manhood. She licked him from the tip of the head all the way down to the base of his cock. Sara swirled her tongue all the way down him and made him nice and wet. What she had in mind, it was going to have to be nice and wet.

Her perfect, round, tanned breasts stuck out towards Harry. Her juicy orbs prepared to make a sandwich with Harry's aching and oversized prick.

"Finally," Sara said. "I'm going to give you the tit fuck you deserved forever."

"Don't let me stop you," Harry said.

Sara's large breasts closed in around Harry's throbbing hard tool. He groaned the moment his cock filled up the valley in between her breasts.

"Yes, there you go," Harry said. "I love your breasts."

"I know you do," Sara said. She squeezed her breasts in and pushed his cock in between the valley of them. "And I know how much you love fucking my big juicy tits. You make me feel really good….it feels really fucking good to have your throbbing cock buried between my breasts."

Harry groaned and worked his manhood further between her breasts. The tanned orbs squeezed him and released him. Sara occasional serviced the head of his cock with a light little lick.

"I'm going to make your big cock cum all over my nice, juicy, titties," Sara said. "How would like that? I bet you would like that a lot, wouldn't you?"

"Yes," Harry groaned. "I would like that….a whole lot."

"Mmm, I sure you would," Sara said. She pumped her breasts down onto Harry's prick and milked him with everything she had. "I'm going to enjoy milking your balls down to the very last drop. I'm going to enjoy when you give me all of your seed. I want it all over my big, juicy, breasts!"

His cock made several more passes between her breasts. Sara's tits squeezed him. The sight of himself buried between such lovely sheaths of flesh caused Harry to groan.

"Cum for me, lover," Sara said. She tongued his cock with hunger dancing in her eyes. "Go ahead, and cum for me….I want your seed….I want every last fucking drop from your balls!"

"Here it comes," Harry groaned.

Sara jerked his large cock with her breasts. He saw her beautiful face and her large tits. Harry could not hold himself back any more. He needed to cum and he would do so hard, and fast. The contents of his balls shot up and nailed Sara in the face. Every last drop of his cum shot into her face.

The heavy amount of cum saturated Sara's face and breasts. She drained his throbbing balls with her gorgeous tits. A few more thrusts into her and Sara soaked in the shower of cum. Her heart beat even quicker with each single drop of cum spilling all over her body.

"Delicious," Sara said. She licked her breasts and made sure Harry kept his eyes on her. She sucked her own nipples.

Harry could see her pussy poking out and ready to have attention. He pushed her up against the wall, his cock throbbing, and pushed between her thighs.

"Oh, I feel something naughty," Sara said. She grinded her pussy against him in a circle motion. "You want to put your cock into me, don't you, Harry?"

"Yes," Harry said. He pushed his hard cock into her.

Sara's legs spread for Harry. Her dripping hot pussy invited him to slam into her hard. So he did, and he rocked into her body, pushing her against the wall.

"Fuck me hard, stud!" Sara yelled. She had been pushed against the wall with a brushing voice. The gorgeous tanned skin detective experienced a jolt of pleasure.

Her leg tightened around his hip, and the look in the face of the homicide detective turned supernatural heroine showed Harry what she wanted.

Harry held onto her hips and speared himself into her with an amazing force. She clenched around him and tightened her pussy around his throbbing manhood. His meat stick speared in between her molten walls with an amazing force. The contents of his balls built up with every single thrust.

Sara's entire body shook from the impact of one large, throbbing cock pushing between her high thighs. She clamped down onto him and milked him for everything he was worth. Her hunger increased when Harry plowed into her tight vice.

"Keep it up," Sara moaned. She nibbled on Harry's ear in response. "Fuck me, fuck my brains out….FUCK ME HARD!"

Harry decided to give her pretty much what she wanted. Some long and powerful thrusts buried Harry's massive rod into her dripping pussy. She clenched around him as hard as possible and drew him inside her.

He varied the speed of the thrusts into her, to make sure she had been keep guessing every time he buried himself into her. The thrusts grew a bit faster the further Harry delved into her dripping cunt.

"Mmm, yes," Sara breathed in his ear. "Pound me harder, stud!"

Harry did not have to do anything else other than slam himself into Sara's willing pussy. Her cunt closed down onto Harry's rod and tried to milk every single last drop out of his aching prick. All Harry did was hang onto her and plunge himself about as far into her depths as he could manage.

"Your pussy is getting the work it needs," Harry said.

Sara clenched him harder. Her moans increased when Harry explored her fit body while burying his cock into her depths. Her legs tightened around Harry's hips and continued to encourage him inside of her.

A spectacular orgasm rattled through her body. Harry's hands continued to bring pleasure to all of her spots, and the cock piercing her insides doubled the pleasure beyond anything Sara ever imagined in her life.

Sara squealed in passion when Harry cupped her ass.

"Soon," Harry said.

Sara's pussy clenched in anticipation of Harry burying his cock inside another part of her body, and her pussy walls clenched around him in anticipation.

"My pussy is burning for you, it needs your seed," Sara said. She licked him behind the ear and started to suckle on his earlobe. "Are you going to give me what I want, Harry?"

Harry indulged himself in her tight pussy and fucked her against the wall as hard as possible. The way her hips thrust out and encouraged him to bury his cock into her showed Harry how much Sara wanted this. Her lust increased when Harry kept pounding away at her tight pussy, never once letting up on the action.

Sara thought she would explode from the lust. His hands all over her legs while he fucked her caused her to grow needier for his cum.

A constant state of orgasm wrapped Sara's pussy around Harry's cock. Her warm and wet vice was snug around him and Harry kept fucking her for everything he had to give her. And judging by the way his balls filled up, he had a fair lot to give her. He held onto her hips and plunged himself into her.

"Mmm, give it to me, baby," Sara moaned in his ear. "Give me your seed….put it in me….I need it….more than life itself…..I need it bad!"

"Be careful what you wish for," Harry said.

His heavy bloated balls slapped against her thighs. Their sweaty bodies melded together in a passionate dance and Harry pushed himself against her, feeling her breasts press against her body. The energies swapping between the two of them caused sparks to fly in the air and the lights in the room to begin flickering on and off.

The holder of the Witchblade gave in to her passions, and experienced one of the greatest, mind blowing orgasms of her entire life. Her walls tightened on Harry's rod and pushed him inside of her.

"Mmm, yes," Sara breathed in his ear.

Harry plunged into her and decided to cum with her this time. His balls clenched and released their bounty into Sara's dripping hot pussy. He plunged into her and shoved almost all the way out of her. Harry's continuously thrusting into her released the full contents of his balls into her.

Sara milked Harry's gift into her body. His balls tightened and released an excessive amount of cum into her body. Her body started to glow with primal energy. She placed her hands on Harry's rear end and pushed him inside her, so he could empty the full contents of himself into her. Those thrusts grew long and powerful, emptying every single last drop of Harry's cum into her body.

Harry pulled out of her and smiled, surveying his handiwork. Sara smiled at him as well and lifter her leg. Her soft, elegant toes rubbed up and down the length of his cock, bringing him back to life.

"We're not done yet, stud," Sara said. "Why don't you take a seat?"

A soft chair appeared next to Harry and he took a seat. A seat appeared underneath Sara and she continued her footjob, stroking Harry's hard cock with her elegant toes. He groaned when he grew in volume for her.

"Finally, I've been waiting for this for a long time," Sara said. "And I know you have as well."

Sara turned around and stuck her ass out for Harry. Her hole looked tight and her cheeks were ample, and firm. Her entire body looked toned and her ass especially so.

The exotic woman stepped over towards Harry and started to grind her ass down onto Harry's tool. She teased both herself and him with her ass rubbing up and down the length of Harry's tool.

Harry groaned when his tool started to stand up a little bit. She reached her hand behind her back and put Harry's cock in a reverse hold before stroking him up and down. Another groan passed through Harry with Sara stroking him hard.

Turnabout was fair play, with Harry grabbing one of Sara's firm breasts and squeezing it. She smiled and started to move closer towards him.

The tip of his cock brushed against Sara's puckered hole. Harry smiled when he drank in the curves of this lovely women and placed his hands on her hips.

"Ms. Pezzini, it's time to get the pleasure you've always wanted," Harry said.

Sara grinded her rear up and down Harry's cock. His hands moved from her breasts and touched her hips. He made sure her asshole had been opened and most importantly prepped for what was to come.

"I'm ready for you," Sara said. She gave Harry a sultry smile and wiggled her bum close to his face, intending on making him want her even more.

Sara positioned her ass right next to Harry's cock and took his hands. He was about ready to release the tension both of them had built up one final time, and this time, he was going to release it in Sara's ass. Her tight hole pushed closer towards his rod, and he smiled when looking at her.

The dark haired temptress lowered herself down onto Harry's throbbing hard prick and filled her ass. Every single last inch of his cock filled her up and stretched her ass.

"Damn, girl, your ass is so fucking tight!" Harry groaned.

Sara wiggled herself up and down. She watched with lust, driving her ass onto Harry's cock. His meat stick buried itself balls deep into her.

"Feel free to go anywhere," Sara said. "I don't mind….it's pretty hot actually, you having your way with me."

"Oh, you mean like this?"

Harry squeezed one of her round tits and he could see the look of lust spreading over Sara's face. Her tight ass clenched around him and milked him for everything he was worth. Harry returned the favor for such pleasure, rubbing down her body. He found her clit and touched it.

Sexual electricity spread through Sara's body the second Harry touched her clit. He toyed with her, causing hunger to spread through her body.

"Do it again!" Sara yelled.

Harry pinched her clit and she moaned. Her ass continued to work Harry's cock while his fingers started to massage her clit, bringing an increasing amount of passion through her body.

"You haven't even begun to scream yet," Harry said. He slid a few fingers into Sara's dripping pussy and pumped his way into her.

Sara thought she died and went to some place she pretty sure she wasn't going in the afterlife. Heaven actually didn't begin to describe what Harry brought her to.

Harry smiled when he drank in her pleasure. Her ass milked his rod and her pussy milked his fingers. The combination was really excellent to be honest. He buried his throbbing cock into her ass as far and deep as well.

"Keep fucking me," Sara said. "I'm your little anal slut….I can't have enough…of your throbbing cock in her ass."

By trying to dominate Harry, she had become very submissive. Harry's fingers continued to bring her pleasure along with his cock. The constant bombardment of orgasms resulted in her entire body becoming inflamed with more passions, delight beyond all measure.

Harry kept hammering her ass. He never wanted to break the moment. Her tanned ass ramming down onto his throbbing cock made the contents build it.

Several jolts of power launched through Sara's clit. She leaned back with a moan when Harry massaged her breasts with one hand and her clit with another . Her body melded against his, her ass squeezing his cock.

Harry's aching balls pushed against Sara's needy tight hole and he knew pretty much from his feeling he could not hold out much longer. And he would not hold out much longer, not if he could help it. He kept working himself inside Sara's tight ass and speared deeper into her.

"Further," Sara moaned. Harry's fingers pinched her nipples. "Mmm, take me, take me in the ass….it's no less than I….mmm…it's everything I deserve."

Harry fucked her ass harder. Their bodies dripped with sexual fluids the further Harry rammed himself into her. He knew for a fact he was reaching the pleasurable end and he could not resist her much longer.

"Soon," Harry muttered. He nibbled the side of her neck and caused a jolt to spread over her body.

"Yes, baby, soon," Sara agreed. "Cum in my ass….put your load into my ass…..I want to feel your cum draining from all of my holes…"

Harry's thick balls ached at her words. He decided to explore her lovely frame one more time. The tension bubbled to the surface and threatened to spill down to the very last drop into her tight rear.

"Fuck me you stud, fuck me raw!" Sara encouraged him. She worked her ass down onto his tool. "Pound my ass and drain your balls into it…that's it….right there!"

Harry pumped his rod into her tight ass far and wide. He could not resist. Her ass was going to push around his rod and milk him down to the last drop.

Sara grinned when pushing her tight ass down onto Harry's aching tool. She intended to drain him to the very last drop, not carrying who knew it. His balls pushing against her ass made things feel rather good.

"Fuck, it feels so fucking good!" Harry groaned. "I'm going to cum in your ass, I hope you're ready for it."

"Yes, baby, I'm ready," Sara said. "Shoot your cum into my tight ass….fill it with your cum…..I need it badly!"

Harry pushed himself into her and let his balls size up before spilling their contents into her. Sara wrapped her ass around him and bounced up and down onto him.

The gorgeous vixen glowed when she rode Harry's cock, sending the cum spurting into her ass. She made sure his cock drained into her asshole.

The two of them basked in the relief. Sara rested her hand on Harry's shoulder, when he casually played with one of her breasts. She smiled and the two locked eyes onto each other.

Sara pulled herself away from Harry and slid down between his legs. She decided to clean off his cock with her mouth.

"You never get enough, do you?"

One look said more than any word.


Harry could live with that. She finished cleaning him off and started to suck him. She took him deep into her throat, with all of the skill he expected from her.


Chapter Text

Darkness Calls(Selene from Underworld).


The vampire made her way into the shadows and took a long look around to see what was going on around her. Selene's dark hair shined in the moonlight with her beautiful face shining out, even though her lips curled into a scowl. The black bodysuit clung to every curve she boasted on like a second skin. She moved with grace and precision towards the general direction of her target. He was close, she could feel it.

And yes, the ageless beauty could almost taste it, or rather taste him.

"I know you're here," she said. The woman looked up. "You've been out there for the past three nights, and I'm curious as to why."

"The hunt is on, that's why."

Selene frowned when looking at the gentleman from the shadows. She could only see the slightest hint of him out there, and her frown grew deeper, more prominent. She had been hunted a couple of times before, but many more times, she had become the hunter.

"If you think I'm easy prey, then I'm afraid you're mistaken," Selene said. "But, come out and face me."

The figure chuckled and slipped from the shadows. Needless to say, Selene had been caught off guard by the presence of this particular gentleman. He cast quite the presence on her. His long dark hair was slightly unruly, and his green eyes which shined out, eerily, but at the same time so sexy. His body was hot enough to melt butter off of and she took a long look at him.

Familiarity struck her.

"I've met you before," Selene said.

He moved with a surprising speed and ended up behind her. She turned around, poised to strike. He caught her arm.

"I'm glad you remember me," he said, smiling. "Our meeting was brief, but never the less, it was pretty eventful, wouldn't you say?"

Selene's mind flash back to the young man and their meeting. To say it was eventful would be a pretty blasé understatement. Her body tingled from the thought of the meeting, and also the fact his hand rested on her waist, while holding her other hand. Something she did not manage to correct, or even care about doing so.

"I recall," Selene said. "You're out in the darkness….are you afraid of getting bitten?"

Her fangs bared for him for a second.

"I know exactly how to handle someone like you," he said. "I'm sure you recall, even if it's been several centuries since we've had the pleasure of sharing a bed."

Selene responded with a smile when she looked him straight in the eye. Her hands found their way around the ageless man's waist when looking at him.

"I recall every moment, Harry Potter," she said. "But, you should know I was younger, less in tune to both who I was and who I could be, and I've grown in strength over that time, and…"

Harry moved his hand up her waist and placed it on her shoulder to get Selene's attention. The dark haired vixen looked at him with a smile on her face, enjoying this despite being at a bit of a disadvantage.

"Do you really think I was just sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs?" Harry asked. He locked eyes with Selene and a long moment passed before she shook her head in negative. "I thought so…..I've been growing in strength, ready to make my move, and ready to take what I want."

Harry's arms wrapped around her waist and made Selene look at him.

"And I've decided to visit an old friend," Harry said. "And I can see how you've wrapped yourself up in your crusade, of revenge. Revenge can be satisfying for maybe a day, but it's barren."

"Why do I think you speak from experience?"

Harry leaned closer towards her. The gap had been closed between the two of them. They were so close, so close they could kiss. Or Selene could bite his nose off, whatever they preferred. He was not going to make the first move, rather the ball was in her court.

"I've lived many lives," Harry said. "Some of them rather unremarkable, and a few of them tainted by the prospect of revenge. The only thing which can bring me pleasure is a lovely woman wrapped around my waist, and I'm sure you can agree….in that small part of you who remembers how to feel, sex is the ultimate reward."

Harry's hands did not dip lower than her waist, even though the temptation was there. Selene's shapely bum beckoned to him, almost begging for him to have his fun. Temptation would hit Harry in the worst possible way, and he thought, he longed to play, even though he decided in the end not to go there.

"Fuck it!"

Selene almost pushed Harry back into the wall, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her tongue demanded entrance into his mouth and Harry was more than happy to oblige her. Their kiss increased in passion. Selene's nails dug into the back of Harry's neck when her body grinded up against his.

Harry thought this would go in one way and one way only, and he was happy for it to go there. Her kiss gave him the encouragement to explore and Harry did. His hands rubbed against every curve in that skin tight outfit. He cupped her ass.

Selene's nipples hardened from the other side and she tried to gain a little bit of friction when rubbing herself against Harry. She needed him, in the worst way possible.

A flash of light brought them into a rather familiar looking bedroom. Selene did not break the kiss. The vampire guided Harry down to the bed and started to reveal him of his body. Damn, it was as toned as she remembered it from some time ago. Her hands explored his body and then planted a series of kisses down his body.

Harry's cock sprung out of his pants and Selene wrapped her hand around him. All twelve inches stood proudly and Selene could not wait to have it inside her in every way possible. She leaned down and licked the head. She teased Harry, swirling her tongue around the head.

"Nice to see you haven't lost your touch," Harry groaned.

Selene reached up and slowly unzipped herself. Her breasts, still perky after all of these years, revealed themselves to Harry, contained in a lacy black bra. The cups grew transparent and showed her nipples, and juicy areola to Harry. Selene ran her hands down her body, smiling as her lover ogled every bit of her. Her taut stomach was well defined, down to her wide hips and ass, which had been encased in a small lacy black thong. She placed her finger against the front of the thong and snapped it against her, making sure Harry's eyes had been locked onto her at all times.


Her legs were nothing to sneeze at either. Long, gorgeous, toned legs which stretched down for miles, with thighs which would soon be around Harry's face.

"I believe you know what I want."

Selene spread her legs for Harry, and Harry pulled down her thong. Her trimmed, dripping pussy stuck right in front of Harry's face. Harry leaned in and started to kiss her slit. He swirled his tongue around it, and made Selene moan in pleasure, working his tongue inside her dripping hot gash.

The vampire decided it would be unfair for her to get all of the pressure. She added to the other half of the sixty nine position by taking Harry's throbbing hard cock into her mouth.

Harry buried himself between the thighs of the lovely Selene. He reached his tongue into her depths and licked her. He could already tell by how wet she was getting, she dreamed of this for a long time.

'Time to make all of your dreams come true.'

Selene rewarded Harry's servicing of her pussy by taking his cock further into the back of her throat. She opened up her throat to accommodate the manhood. Her hands reached between his legs and grabbed his swollen balls. She squeezed them and appreciated the volume of cum building up in them.

Harry flicked his tongue inside her and decided to kick up the pace. He reached over and found her clit. Harry touched it and sent a jolt of energy through it.

Selene's hips bucked into Harry's face and she drove the immortal man's cock further into her throat. Her throat clenched around Harry and started to work him deeper into her mouth.

'Fuck,' Selene thought to herself. 'It's almost torture with his tongue…and his fingers are just as good.'

Selene unleashed her juices onto Harry's face after he found her sweet spot. She gushed all over his face, and Harry lapped up every sweet, savory drop of her juices.

'Good, good, I feel good, but now it's your turn,' Selene said. She pushed her hips all the way down onto Harry's face and saturated his face while sucking his cock.

Harry grunted when he bucked up into the back of Selene's throat. His balls threatened to burst. Selene's silky fingers wrapped around them, squeezing Harry's balls and massaging them, with an immense heat causing Harry to groan in pleasure. He could barely hold back from launching his full load down into her throat.

Selene would not let him hold back, not in the slightest. His balls bucked and shot their load. Selene's throat opened up to drink up the cum which Harry put into her mouth. She did not waste a single drop of the creamy goodness from flowing freely.

Harry's eyes rolled back when he continued to unload his creamy goodness into the woman's waiting mouth. His balls tensed up when working into Selene's mouth. She drained every single last drop of cum from his balls with her sucking, knowing there would be more later.

Selene gave a grin in response. She licked her lips from the cream and pulled her pussy away from Harry's face. She rubbed it all over Harry's body, before she turned around. She straddled Harry's hips and leaned down. She undid her bra and allowed her perfect breasts to fly into his face.

"Time for us to have more fun."

She leaned down and started to use her body as a vessel to worship Harry's. Her hot frame rubbed up and down Harry, working him over with over. Her breasts pressed against his muscular chest when their flesh met. She rubbed herself against him with hunger dancing in her eyes.

Selene leaned closer towards Harry, her fangs bared. They scrapped against his neck, giving him a playful bite. His magically powerful blood was an addiction, and not one she minded holding to be honest.

"You couldn't resist?" Harry asked.

"You're very hard to resist," Selene said. "Centuries has not dulled that….hopefully we don't spend centuries apart before our next encounter."

Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and made sure her eyes locked onto him.

"Maybe before we plan our next minute, we should finish this one first."

"Yes," Selene agreed. Her hips grinded against his. "Maybe we should."

Harry's cock throbbed and Selene reached between her lover's thighs to hold it into place. The cock stood rigid and ready to be mounted. Selene's lips smacked together with a hunger which could not be beat.

"Finally," Selene said. She shifted her hot lips against the edge of his cock and slowly lowered herself down onto him. "It's been way too long."

Harry penetrated her body. Selene worked herself all the way down on his pull until her hips touched his. All twelve inches of his cock buried into her.

"Tight, so fucking tight," Harry groaned. Selene wrapped around his cock when she looked down at him with a sultry and predatory smile made his balls throb. He reached around and caressed her body. "Just the way I like you."

"Just for you, darling."

Selene grinded all over Harry's aching pole. She remembered this cock and how much it stretched her out. And how many times it could refill. She never quite tested its capabilities, how far it could go before it deflated. Selene would be lying if she wasn't the least bit curious.

Harry looked up at the gorgeous creature bouncing up and down on him. Her face shined in the light. Her silky hair drew his attention towards her and her body was so elegant, so perfect, with beautiful womanly curves on display. Harry reached up and decided to pay special attention to some of those curves.

Selene smiled when looking down at her lover. She took Harry into her depths with a few pumps.

"Ride me," Harry said to her.

"You crave my pussy wrapped around your cock, don't you?" Selene asked. Her voice was low and hungry. She leaned down and nibbled on his neck. "You…..crave it…don't you?"

"About as much as you crave my cock."

Selene spread her legs and buried Harry inside of her. His throbbing balls almost hit the side of her entrance. Selene didn't want to back off for any reason. She wanted to ride Harry until she could not ride him anymore. If it meant burying his cock inside her until all sense had been lost, then so be it. She would gladly do so.

"Mmm, I'm glad you crave me," Selene said. She worked all the way down onto Harry. "And I'm going to drain you…down to the very last drop."

Selene's pussy grabbed onto Harry's cock. He allowed her to get a moment of dominance, to set her up to be dominated even harder later on.

"We'll see," Harry said. "Isn't it time for you to cum."

One word worked Selene's mind. Harry played her rather nicely. Her pussy twitched and tensed, releasing her juices. Harry pumped up into her and brought his throbbing cock into her pussy.

Selene rode him into an amazing state of bliss. Her entire body tensed up and she squeezed his cock before sliding all the way down onto his pole. She wanted him bad.

Harry smiled when he could feel Selene's body releasing her tangy juices onto his cock. She rode him with reckless abandon, bouncing up and slamming down onto his thick prick. She was so wet, her pussy almost slid off from around his cock. Harry grabbed her hips to make sure her ride reached a conclusion.

"So, are we having fun?"

Harry touched Selene's nipple which caused a spark of fire to spread through her body. Selene's eyes closed when feeling the ultimate rush of pleasure.

"Yes," she said in a breathy tone.

Harry responded by accelerating the pace of his thrusting. Selene matched his motions and the two of them exchanged a passionate round of love making.

Selene thought the orgasms never would stop coming. They hit her body with a passionate force. She rocked her hips down onto him and rode them out. His balls filled with more seed the more she rode him.

Harry reached up and cupped her breasts. She reared her head back with a moan when Harry started to play on her nipples.

"You're not the only one who can bite."

Harry wrapped his mouth around her nipple and caused her to nearly lose it. He bit down on it. The venom coursing through Harry's body could be transferred by salvia, ether killing the person in question, or bringing them to unmistakable pleasure. Selene experienced pleasures and her pussy juices even more of her clear juices down Harry's pole.

Selene slid off of Harry a few times and she could not keep herself sitting straight. Harry took pity on her and slid out of her. He motioned for Selene to get on her hands and knees.

Harry's toned body pressed against Selene's back. He caressed her breasts and the moans showed Harry how much she liked it. His cock, still dripping from the juices which Selene's pussy spilled, rubbed up against her entrance. Selene spread her thighs far, accommodating Harry.

"Please!" she begged him.

"Please what?"

Harry stroked her flesh and resulted in moans of despair and pleasure coming from the sultry immortal vixen. Harry tapped his cock against the edge of her entrance.

"Fuck me!"

Harry aimed his cock at her entrance and slammed into her. Selene's pussy hugged him, pleased to have his cock back inside her.

'It feels so empty without his cock."

Harry held onto Selene's hips and spiked himself into her. The strokes were a bit slower, more teasing, at least at first. They grew in frequency and intensity the more often he buried his cock into her wet sheath.

Selene dug her fingernails into the bed, appreciating what he gave her and wanting even more. His balls slapped against her and she could feel how much cum they held for her.

"HARDER!" she yelled.

"Impatient," Harry said. He teased her with more caresses and did the opposite of harder, he slowed down his thrusts. He stopped before an orgasm hit her body.

The vampire panted when Harry pulled out of her. He nibbled her neck some more and another jolt of that venom spread through Selene's body.

Harry had her right where he wanted her and where he wanted her was underneath him, getting her brains fucked out. He sped up his thrusts. Every single time he drove his hard cock into her womanly depths. Selene screamed. She begged for more, begged to get all of Harry's cock buried deep inside of her.

"You're about ready to break, aren't you?" Harry asked. "You can't handle it, you're going to cum for me again….."

Harry slapped her rear which really got Selene's motor running. His forceful, but loving presence, set a fire in her body which had not been lit for quite some time, since the last time they shared a bed. Selene's body tensed up around him and another orgasm worked over the tool penetrating her. She thought she would lose it and lose it hard. Harry's thrusting increased in frequency.

Every single trick in the book had been used by Harry to hold himself back, hold himself back until he was done with Selene. Oh, she would feel the pleasure alright, but it would be on his terms.

"And again," Harry said, running a finger down Selene's spine, and causing her body to gush for him.

Selene's body tightened around Harry's throbbing cock the more he pounded into her from behind. He experienced the snug tightness of her pussy and knew from the pleasure of it wrapped around him, she was near again.

The sexy vampire dug her nails into the bed when Harry rode into her from behind. Every time his cum loaded balls slapped her from behind, Selene's eyes faded over. She could not get enough of him or his cock.

"My turn."

Selene milked his incoming thrusts. The heaviness of his balls slapped against her. He buried into her deep and fast. His cock stretched her out inside, and made Selene's entire existence one never ending amount of pleasure. Her heart sped up with Harry's cock aimed into her dripping hot cunt.

"Fuck me, harder!" Selene yelled. "Cum inside me, I need it inside me!"

Her stomach bulged and she experienced Harry's cock buried inside her, buried deep inside of her womb. Selene could not hold on for much longer. Another orgasm rocked her body from head to toe.

Harry rode out the orgasm, knowing his was pretty close. He enjoyed her warmth, pounding her from behind. A grope of her breasts resulted in a sultry moan coming from Selene's throat.

"Cum inside me," Selene said. "PAINT MY WALLS WHITE WITH YOUR CUM!"

The mutual orgasm the two of them shared were more intense than anything they had ever experienced up until this point. Harry's balls fired their immense load into Selene's pussy.

Selene spread her legs and Harry spilled inside of her. His balls kept spilling spurt after spurt of seed into Selene. Selene milked him down to the very least drop.

Harry pulled out of her and Selene rolled over on the bed. She smiled, spreading her legs and showing Harry the cum draining from her legs. She grinned when looking up at him and pulled Harry on top of her. The two of them kissed with passion.

"We better keep this up," Selene said. "I have hundreds of years of sexual aggression to work out."

"Well," Harry said. He touched her hips and positioned his re-hardened cock at her. "We best not keep you waiting."

Selene smiled and tightened her silky legs around Harry. He massaged her legs and held onto her hips before he speared into her.

"The gift which keeps on giving, and giving, and giving!" Selene moaned.

Harry pushed into her and the two would be at it for some time. The Incubus had a heavy amount of stamina, and Selene appreciated how they had all of the time in the world, being immortal.



Chapter Text

Sharing the Wealth(Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter, Vega Lestrange( OC Daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange), and Lucretia Malfoy(OC daughter of Narcissa Malfoy).

Lucretia Malfoy broke out into a smile when she waited for him to arrive. She turned around to check herself out in the mirror. Her elegant face with high cheek bones, pouty lips, and blue eyes shined out. A silky black bathrobe wrapped around every inch of her figure and flipped up to show her stocking clad thighs.

"For the record, you look the same you did about five minutes before, and five minutes before that….and fifteen minutes before that."

Lucretia turned her attention to go eye to eye with her cousin, Vega Lestrange. The dark haired girl was about a head shorter than Lucretia and approached her. The fishnet body stocking clung around her body, showing her skimpy black bra and thong combination underneath. It was a wonder why Vega wore anything.

"You have to be perfect when our lord arrives," Lucretia said. "He demands our very best, and he gives it to us….we have to give it to him."

"The two of you, honestly."

Their cousin arrived, Nymphadora "don't call me Nymphadora" Tonks arrived. She wore a pouty expression along with a black tank top and a pair of jean shorts which showed her ass and legs. An immense amount of cleavage spilled underneath her tank top which she drew more attention to with her arms folded underneath her chest. She decided to go with green hair, both on top of her head and elsewhere, which really went nicely with the exotic violet eyes.

"Aw, Nymmy, you look good enough to eat," Vega said. Nym raised an eyebrow when looking at her cousin. "But, don't worry, we're not going to be the ones who are going to eat you…rather that will be the honor…your honor I'm sure though…of our new Lord Black."

Lucretia smiled. She had already had a taste of him previously, and could not wait to sample the entire package. Her thighs moistened at the thought of him.

'A good thing I didn't wear panties, otherwise they would be soaked,' Lucretia thought to herself.

"You better stick around, you don't want to miss any of this," Vega said. She spoke apparently to the mirror.

"Vega, who are you talking too?" Lucretia asked. It wasn't the first time she feared for her cousin's sanity. Given who her mother was though, that wasn't really that much of a stretch.

"You'll see," Vega said in a sing-song voice. She clapped her hands over to her hips. "It's a surprise….you don't want me to spoil the surprise do you?"

Lucretia wondered if she really wanted to know. She locked eyes with Nym, and Nym shook her head.

'Best not to think about it.'

The door swung open and Harry Potter walked inside. All three of the Black cousins looked towards him, with smiles on their faces. They approached him, with Vega dropping to her knees right before him, showing no shame whatsoever.

"My Lord, it's an honor to serve you," Vega said.

"Yes, it's quite nice to see you again," Nym said, trying to show a little bit more dignity.

"Hello, Nymphadora," Harry said. He stepped a bit closer towards her and smiled. "It's nice to see you as well."

Harry wrapped his arms around the older witch and drew her into him for a sizzling kiss. Nym's eyes snapped over when Harry pushed his tongue deeper into the back of her throat. She could not believe how far or how fast he pushed his tongue into the back of her throat.

All she could do right now was to return the favor, placing her hands onto the back of Harry's head. They deepened the kiss, with Harry's hands moving down to cup Nym's ass. He pushed his crotch towards her and their hips grinded together, allowing a slight amount of friction to rise between them.

"Nymmy, share the wealth!" Vega whined.

Lucretia shook her head. She wondered if she was the only one in this generation of Blacks to have any amount of subtly. Her cousins most certainly were not subtle, and her obnoxious younger brother wasn't subtle in the slightest.

"And Vega, it's nice to see you as well," Harry said.

Vega smiled and finally took her spot next to her master. Harry grabbed her face and gave her a passionate kiss. Vega's entire body twitched underneath him. After Nym and Lucretia talked him up, she could not wait to get a piece of the new Lord Black.

Her father might have died, but Harry was her Daddy now. And if she was a bad girl, he would no doubt discipline her. The thought of this caused her mind to almost melt.

'Damn,' she thought to herself when the kiss had been broken.

"My dear, Lucretia, hello," Harry said.

Lucretia smiled, she had pretty much corrupted Harry from the beginning, something she took great pride for. She was the Head Girl in Harry's first year at Hogwarts, and after chasing off her brother and his two boyfriends, Crabbe and Goyle, she decided to give Harry a warm and wet welcome to Hogwarts.

"Hello, love," Lucretia said.

"How is your mother?" Harry asked.

"She's well, as you know, given how you ravished her just last night," Lucretia said with a sultry smile.

Lucretia decided to outdo both of her cousins by kissing Harry full on the lips and shoving her tongue down his throat, while slowly unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his pants.

"She looks like she's going to worship him right now," Nym said.

"You mean just like she did," Vega said. "She's the one who corrupted a poor eleven year old boy…..and she has the gall to get on me for not being proper."

Lucretia had Harry almost out of his pants, but she backed off. She turned towards her cousin with a narrowed eye and Vega almost shivered because of Lucretia's look.

"He was very mature for his age," Lucretia said without missing a beat.

"Right, of course," Vega said. She smiled at her cousin. "So, am I going to actually see the greatest work of art?"

"It's only fair she goes first given she hasn't gone at all," Lucretia said with a sigh.

Nym was ramped up and about ready to ride Harry. She was about ready to whine, until Lucretia slapped her on the ass.

"Actually, I have a solution," Harry said. He pulled out a necklace with a rune stone on it. The stone had a weird runic symbol on it, which none of the girls recognized. "My mother made this years ago for purposes like this….to help tame multiple girls at once."

Harry muttered "three" underneath his breath when touching the symbol. He divided into three identical copies. The only different between the two were a solid glow which surrounded the two duplicates.

"So, your mother invented something where you could have sex with multiple women?" Vega asked. "I approve….but I call Prime!"

Lucretia and Nym looked at each other and just decided to let it go. Vega positioned herself on her knees in front of Harry, a smile over her face.

The work had been done for the most part by Lucretia. All Vega had to do was pull Harry's pants down and finish the job she started. She squeezed his package and her heart raced. Harry's boxers followed next and his huge throbbing cock sprang out and hit her in the face.

"You are a big boy," Vega said. "Guess what they say about magical power is true….for the women, it goes to their chest, and for men it goes to their…mmmm."

Vega wrapped her lips around the head of Harry's cock and gave it a couple of sucks. She pulled back and swirled her tongue around Harry. Vega's violet eyes burned with passion when she kept licking him from the head, all the way down to the base of his cock.

"Fuck, that feels so good," Harry groaned.

Nym closed her eyes and caused her breasts to grow so large they ripped out of her shirt. Between her large breasts, green hair, and soft looking face, she looked like a treat indeed. Nym dropped down to her knees and took the cock of her master between her tits.

Harry felt the combination of Nym's tits and Vega's mouth wrapped around his cock. Most wizards would not have been able to handle the pleasure of one, never mind two of them. Lily warned him about not making more than a handful of duplicates, otherwise he would have been driven into a coma.

Vega pushed her mouth all the way down onto Harry's cock. She took him into her throat and gave a rather loud and passionate suck. Her mouth worked him over, fondling Harry's balls when she sucked him and hard.

"Damn, girl, are you trying to drain me?"

One look through Vega's passionate eyes showed Harry this was what she intended.

Lucretia grabbed her copy of Harry and ran his hands over his body. She flipped him onto the bed and mounted the top of him. Her robe flipped open, exposing her creamy tits when she mounted Harry.

Harry only had one thing to do and that was to grab Lucretia's round breasts and squeeze them. She reared her head back with a moan. Lucretia's wet pussy grinded against Harry's throbbing cock.

"You don't waste any time, do you?"

Lucretia smiled and positioned Harry's cock at her pussy. She positioned herself all the way on top of him. The tip of his cock teased her pussy and she spiked down on him.

Harry enjoyed the warmth of Lucretia's dripping wet pussy sliding all the way down onto his cock. He grabbed her hips and encouraged her to work herself up and down. Her breasts bounced before him and Harry had no choice, but to squeeze them. They were both so tempting and so wonderful.

The Malfoy heiress started to rock her hips up and down on Harry's cock. She buried his throbbing manhood deep inside of her body. Every time he filled her, Lucretia's pussy clenched.

Nym continued the tit fuck, but she wanted something so much more. She turned around and showed Harry her ass which her shorts stretched around. Harry responded with a slap on her ass and pulled those shorts down to reveal her dripping hot pussy. Her pussy looked pretty tight, but it always remained pretty tight. A small strip of green pubic hair came down between her thighs and Harry appreciated her commitment to making the carpet match the drapes.

"I'm going to fuck you until you can't see straight," Harry said, grabbing onto her tits and squeezing them. They still were outrageously huge thanks to her powers.

"Do it," Nym said. "Fuck me, just like you're going to fuck my baby cousin later."

Said baby cousin occupied herself with the prime copy. She slobbered and sucked on Harry's knob. She went to town on his manhood, enjoying the taste of him. Vega squeezed his balls and was about ready to enjoy the drink coming from an extremely powerful man.

"Damn, I'm going to blow in your mouth," Harry said.

Vega kept working her hands and mouth around Harry. She needed every single drop of the seed. Her hard and hot sucks rewarded her with a small taste, but now she wanted more, she wanted even more.

Harry grunted and fired the warm, hot, seed from his balls. He shot those sticky, juicy contents all the way down Vega's throat. Vega tilted her head back, sucking on him, while squeezing and milking his balls. She made his cock feel warmth and pleasure when he fired down her throat.

"You take a cock down your throat better than your mother did the first time," Harry told her.

Vega approved of doing something better than her mother. She rammed throat first down onto him. Every last drop of seed had been spilled down her throat.

Lucretia continued to ride on Harry's cock. She impaled her hot cunt all the way down on his massive tool. Her heart started to beat in pleasure.

Seconds later, she watched when Vega approached her. Vega smiled, sticking out her tongue to show the load which she grabbed from Harry. This amazing sight of her cousin having her mouth stuffed full of their load's cum only encouraged Lucretia to ride Harry's cock even harder.

Vega climbed up on top of the copy of Harry which Lucretia was riding and leaned forward. She pressed her breasts against Lucretia, rubbing her pussy against Harry's face, while getting eaten out.

"Don't worry, cousin, I'll share the wealth."

She opened Lucretia's mouth and shoved her tongue into the blonde heiress's mouth. Each push of cum prompted Lucretia to drive herself down cunt first onto Harry's prick, hungrily trying to milk the cum out of his testicles.


Nym's screaming increased with Harry resting his hands on her hips. He slammed his cock into her in a repeated fashion. Her tight pussy wrapped around him.

He watched, in amusement, as her hair turned multiple colors. Harry fucked her so hard, her powers were going a bit out of control. Nym's hair shifted from green to purple to pink to blue, and all the way around. To her credit, she managed to still make the carpet match the drapes all the way through.

He pulled out of her and turned her over onto the bed. Harry rubbed his cock against Nym's hot entrance. Nym tried to push her hips all the way up to meet his throbbing hard cock. It pushed into her and brought sexual passion through every last inch of her body. Harry held onto her and kept pounding way at her wet, sopping hot pussy.

Harry decided to allow himself another play, and bury his face between Nym's large pillows. He sucked on her nipples and her screams increased.

"Time for you to cum, Nymphadora."

Normally she disapproved of the name, but it was so sexy coming from Harry. So her walls clenched around him and milked his cock while her juices covered his cock.

Vega had been turned around and shackled, facing the wall. Her legs had been spread. The entire steamy realization hit her. She had been bound and at the mercy of her master and her master's large cock.

"Time to really break you in," Harry said.

Vega's pussy dripped the moment Harry dragged his throbbing hard cock against her entrance. Her loins moistened with excitement the further Harry attempted to push inside her. His cock was about at her gates and Vega could not wait for him to push inside of her.

"Do it, now, master."

Harry pushed his throbbing hard cock inside of her. Her tight pussy snugly fit around him.

"Your pussy feels so good," Harry said. He pressed against her body and grabbed one of her perky tits. "And just think, it's going to be mine to fuck forever, and as many times as I want to…how do you like that?"

The state of Vega answered the question for Harry better than anything else. He plunged himself into her. Her warmth spread around him.

"Who does your pussy belong to?" Harry asked. He spiked into her.

"Harry…..Potter!" Vega moaned.

"Who can fuck you better than any wizard in the world?" Harry asked.

"Harry….GOD DAMN IT….POTTER!" Vega yelled. Her cunt clenched around him and kept milking his thrusting tool. He held oto her hips.

Harry explored her body. Every single curve molded underneath his skin, and her soft body was wonderful to be explored underneath his.

"Who will fuck your brains out, and make you drool?" Harry asked.

"Harry Potter!" she moaned.

"Who is going to make you cum?"

The word proved to be a trigger within Vega. Her hips thrusted out and squeezed around Harry. Harry held onto her and kept plowing himself into her body. He hit all of the points.

"HARRY FUCKING POTTER!" Vega yelled. "You are my fucking master….now master my pussy…master it….fuck me….fuck me so fucking hard!"

Vega panted when being pushed hard against the wall. Harry's massive prick spiked into her body and spread pleasure all over her loins. Screams followed Harry fucking her into an orgasm.

The copy of Harry glowed with pure white light when he plowed into Nym on the bed. Her tight pussy continued to wrap around him. The snug tightness caused Harry's entire body to fill up. He knew the end was here, at least for this particular copy.

"Oh, God….."

"Glad to see you've agreed with those terms," Harry said. He cupped Nym's ass and grabbed them. "Are you ready for your big score?"

Nym's wet pussy tightened around him. Her body was ready, he could feel it. Was she really ready for the end? His cum bloated balls continued to slap against her thighs. He pushed into her, slamming into her from behind. Harry rode himself into her tight pussy, and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed them, and molded them into his hands, making them his and his alone.

"You're going to cum so hard," Harry said. He smiled when squeezing her nipple between his fingers. "I hope you're ready….because I'm not going to show your pussy any mercy."

Nym made a silent plea for him to bring it. Harry brought his huge cock inside of her dripping, wet, cunt. He stretched her with a series of hard thrusts into her body.

Harry's body illuminated with a bright light and he slammed into Nym's body one more time. His balls tensed up and he knew it would come.

Nym's pussy closed around Harry's rod and the first blasts of cum coated her insides. He emptied the contents of his balls deep inside her body.

He kept cumming, filling her pussy up with so much cum it drained from Nym's cunt. He kept pushing into her, and Nym could not believe how much he filled her with. Every time her pussy had been overstuffed, an orgasm rocked her body.

A blinding bright light surrounded Nym's body. Harry's duplicate exploded into a shower of cum. Nym was surprised when her body had been soaked by cum from head to toe. She was sure had she looked in the mirror, she might not have been able to recognize herself. She rolled over and scraped some of the explosion of cum off from her chest. She slid those fingers into her mouth and sucked her fingers dry, humming when she licked those digits clean.

"Damn!" Lucretia moaned. She rode her stud hard and fast. "I need myself some of that…

"Don't worry, you'll get what cumming to you soon."

Harry grabbed Lucretia's tight ass and made sure she slid all the way down onto his cock. Her wet walls caressed his manhood when working all the way down on him. Harry continued to pump his way into her from above. Not once did he stop fucking her pussy, knowing how much it drove her completely wild.

Speaking of getting driven wall, the prime copy of Harry brought Vega to another mind shattering orgasm. She craved every single touch he could give her.

"Such a loyal servant."

"Yes, I belong to you," Vega said. "Fuck my tight little pussy….fuck it until it cums all over your big, juicy….prick!"

She flexed her walls around him and started to breath in increasing intensity. Harry spiked his way inside her and made sure she was close to coming undone.

"Just think of how many times I made you cum," Harry said. He caressed Vega's body which resulted in the witch shuddering. "And just think of how much cum is building up in my balls, to put inside your tight little body."

Lucretia thought about it alright. She bucked her hips down onto the duplicate of Harry on the bed. His hands remained on her juicy, round, breasts. He squeezed them and caressed them.

"Are you getting close, honey?" Lucretia asked. She rode the duplicate to Harry, wanting to get to the creamy center sooner rather than later. "I want you…..I want you to cum all over me….I want to me dripping in so much of your fucking cum, I look like a used cum!"

She pushed herself down onto Harry's cock. His hands touched her and brought Lucretia to pleasurable heights. Speaking of heights, she rose all the way up and came down onto his prick. Her tightening cunt against his cock made it hard.

"After you."

Lucretia gushed all over him. She held her hands on his muscular chest and continued to ride her stallion all the way to the edge. Her thighs smacked against him.

"Oh, I love how your nice, big, cock fills me up!" Lucretia yelled. She caressed her body, showing every shimmering curve to Harry. "Defile my pureblood body with your sticky seed!"

The daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy brought her love box all the way down on Harry's throbbing tool. She could feel him, the orgasm was almost here!

Harry plowed into Vega against the wall. He could feel the tightness of two pussies. He focused on the one he was experiencing in real time, even though Lucretia was making it borderline difficult for him to focus on it.

"Pound me!" Vega whined.

Harry obliged her by pounding way at her pussy. He worked the contents of his balls to a fever pitch. He made sure the heavy balls slapped against Vega's thighs, knowing it would drive her completely and utterly insane with passion.

Vega's walls tightened around Harry. She wanted every single last drop of cum from those balls and would not stop at anything to get them. Her heart raced the more Harry aimed his cock into her.

"Soon, good things come to those who wait."

Lucretia slammed herself down on Harry's cock. She rode herself all the way to an orgasmic pleasure. Her hips pushed all the way down onto Harry and squeezed him.

"Yes, I'm going to cum," Harry groaned. He squeezed Lucretia's ass and pushed up into her. "Are you ready for your shower?"

Lucretia tightened around him. She was ready. The first blast of cum fired up inside of her pussy and coated the inside of her walls. Harry's throbbing balls connected with Lucretia's waiting womanhood.

She watched the glow of his body increase. The same thing happened to Nym, and now it was going to increase.

"Time to burst," Lucretia said. She pushed her body down onto his and gave him some added incentive. She grinded against his pumping cock to add to the incentive and also make him fill up her body with even more cum.

Another duplicate was about ready to give way. The duplicate exploded and launched cum into the air. It covered Lucretia's body. It rolled down her face, down her breasts, down her firm stomach, and she sat in a pool of it where Harry once was. Some of the cum dribbled into her hands before she licked herself clean.

"Mmm," she moaned, licking her fingers completely clean without another thought or problem.

Lucretia stole a look at Nym, and Nym extended her tongue so she could lick herself clean. She smiled and walked over towards her cousin. Lucretia dropped down onto Nym, straddling her hips and leaning down towards her with a smile locked onto her face. Their pussies locked into a scissor motion and started to rub against each other.

Vega would have slumped down had the chains not held her up. Harry repeated his action of ramming into her. Her body rode in a never ending state of intense orgasm. The shakes coming through her body made Vega even more excited for what was about to happen.

"Mmm," Vega moaned.

'You're finally going to get your reward," Harry said. He could tell how excited she was by now hard she clenched him. "I'm going to fill you full of my cum….so much cum you will be dripping for weeks."

"Good, I'm glad," Vega said.

Harry thrust into her wet and hot pussy. He pushed her against the wall. His hands firmly grabbed her hips to show Vega who she submitted to. Not she needed much of a reminder.

Even Harry's stamina had his limitations, and after he drove Vega into orgasms well into the double digits, he knew his time was at an end. He rode her pussy through one last orgasm, before blowing his load inside her.

Vega's body flashed and it had been super charged by a wave of magic. She bound to Harry. The spilling of seed in her body cemented Harry as her lord and master, and the man who mastered her pussy. He rode her for several more moments, filling her pussy with a never ending shower of cum.

She sighed in content, wondering if someone else had learned a lesson today.

Draco Malfoy's eyes remained open, mostly because his cousin kept them pried open with coat hanger wire and secured his head from attempting to look away. After he complained about being denied the Lord Black status, Vega promised to show Draco why he would not be able maintain the responsibilities of being Lord Black and how Harry Potter was better at him in any way.

Malfoy would never admit she was right, even under penalty of torture. But was right.

Draco faired a bit better than his father. Lucius seemed to have lapsed in a drooling state and may have succumbed to a stroke in seeing his daughter covered in Potter's cum like a Knockturn Alley streetwalker.

Narcissa, meanwhile, watched the show, still recovering from her meeting with Harry last night. She tipped back her drink, and looked at her husband and son with a smile.

Meanwhile, Bellatrix laughed like a hyena on laughing gas at the horrified look on the face of her nephew, and the state of her brother-in-law. Her new master certainly knew how to break a woman and she took great joy in watching him break her smug shit of a daughter.

She got that from Sirius, she was sure.


Chapter Text

Power Pet(Karen Starr/Power Girl from DC Comics).

Kara Zor-L of Earth Two known in her civilian life as Karen Starr, also known as Power Girl, struggled to pull herself out of the chains. She wore her normal costume, the white one piece suit with the famous window to allow her luscious breasts to remain on display. She had been forced forward so her tight ass stuck up in the air. Her long and muscular legs stretched down for miles. She looked up and realized she had nowhere to go. Her powers were useless against these chains.

"Hello, Power Girl."

Karen looked up and saw her captor standing above her. She tried to break free from the chains, but the chain refused to break.

"You…what do you want?" she asked.

"I think that's obvious," he said. "You fly around in that costume, showing your tits, it riding up your tight ass. I can see your pussy from certain angles. Is it just me, or have you made your costume tighter?"

Karen struggled to break free. She knew sooner or later, she could get free.

"You've been trying to get my attention for some time," he said. "You have it now, don't you?"

The man walked forward and cupped Karen's cheek. She looked at him with anger, with a small bit of lust flowing through her eyes as well.

'Great, Rao, he's handsome,' Karen thought to herself. She struggled in her attempts to buts free from the chains. 'And well hung if the rumors are true….it's a shame…he's quite evil.'

"Far be it to not give a woman what she wants," he said. "But, I think you need a little help….therefore, the collar on your neck will help….make up your mind."

She shook her head, wondering what he strapped onto her.

"It helps regulate impulse control and also increase the hormonal sensors in your brain," he said. "Or to put it in laymen's terms, it will make you so desperately horny you'll jump the first cock you see."


"You've wanted to fuck me, didn't you?" he asked.

Karen hung her head down and admitted in her shame, yes she did want to fuck him. She was curious to see if the rumors about his cock were true.

"Well, let me help you out, Power Girl," he said. A button had been pressed and the fact her nipples stuck out from underneath her suit show him his little collar worked. He reached over and pushed another button which freed her from the chains. "Now, I'm going to ask you one question, who do you want?"

"I want you, Harry Potter."

Harry grinned when looked down at the beautiful girl in all of her glory and it was pretty glorious. Her breasts almost hung out from her suit and she wanted some badly.

"Now, would you have wanted me with the collar?" Harry asked. "Or would you have wanted me even if I didn't mess with your brain?"

"Oh, I've always wanted to fuck you," Karen said. "I dreamed about your big, evil, cock being shoved down my throat while you made me your personal cum dumpster."

"And to clarify, that's not the collar talking, is it?" Harry asked. He looked Karen straight in the eyes and she responded by a shake of her head. "Good girl, come to me."

Harry beckoned towards Karen and Karen extended her knees, dropping down to worship her God. Harry motioned for her to get up to her feet.

"No, we're going to take this my way, one step at a time," Harry said. "Give me a kiss first."

Karen grabbed Harry's face and shoved her tongue down his throat. Their tongues battled with domination as Karen almost put Harry against the walls with an aggressive kiss. Harry enjoyed her attempts to clean his tonsils out, and he responded in kind by squeezing her ass. Their hips bumped up against each other.

The busty Kryptonian survivor wanted this, she wanted his tongue, and she got it, down her throat. The two of them exchanged an extremely passionate kiss. They might have been on opposite sides of the hero/villain divide, but it didn't matter. Karen was sick of doing what was right, she wanted to do what she wanted.

"Okay," Harry told her. He pulled out a chair. "I want you to give me a sexy dance in that costume."

Karen started to sway her hips to some imaginary music. Harry watched her motions. Her breasts somehow managed to stay shoved in her costume and did not fall out. Harry commended her for such an effort and hoped she would continue. Her hips rocked from one side to the other. Karen started to bounce up and down, looking Harry straight in the eye.

She turned herself around and stuck her ass into Harry's line of sight. Harry spanked her tight ass and Karen looked over her shoulder, giving him a sultry smile. Harry spanked her ass a couple more times and Karen wiggled her rear. She turned around and straddled his waist, grinding on his crotch.

"I feel something," Karen said. "Do you want me to suck your cock now, Master?"

"Keep going," Harry grunted. He reached behind Karen and squeezed her rear.

Karen pulled herself away from him and decided she was going to give her master a bit more incentive. She slowly pulled off her gloves and showed her slender hands. She unclipped her cape.

"The only people who wear capes our whores and heroes," Karen said. "I guess I can be both."

She turned around and removed her cape to show Harry a full and uninhibited view of her tight ass. Her cheeks threatened to spill out on the other side of her costume and Harry could not get enough.

Karen placed one of her feet on top of his crotch and slowly unzipped her boot. She revealed her perfect foot. Her arches made her foot stood out elegantly. She had such sexy toes which she wiggled and grinded over Harry's crotch. Harry reached over and could feel her soft soles. He rubbed her foot.

"Master," Karen breathed.

"You like having your feet played with, don't you?" Harry asked. "I wonder if the other one is just as lovely."

"Why don't we wind out?"

Karen unzipped her other boot and placed it on Harry's crotch. She smiled when looking at him. She hovered in the air and rubbed her feet against his lap, seeing his large cock.

"I want to make you cream in your pants with my feet," Karen said. She was pleased to get a little bit of control, even though she fully expected her master to take full control. "May I do that, sir?"

Harry ran his hands up her muscular legs and smiled.

"Maybe later, but you have a dance to finish."

Karen nodded and yanked herself away from Harry. She took the strap of her outfit and pulled it down. She started to reveal her breasts on the other side of her outfit. She made sure Harry's eyes locked onto her at all times.

Why would Harry's eyes be anywhere else other than her large breasts? They were truly one of the wonders of the world? Those large, round, fleshly globes had been revealed. She would have had her bra made to hold such wonderful sacks of flesh. Her nipples stood out large.

"I bet you'd like to fuck them, wouldn't you?" Karen asked. "Because, any man who is breathing would like to fuck these puppies."

Karen wanted someone to shove their large cock between her breasts and fuck her until her face and tits were covered in so much cum it was obscene. She knew it had to be her master.

"Those are amazing," Harry said. "But, the rest of you aren't anything to sneeze at."

Karen revealed her toned abs for Harry, and a bit further down. Her hips looked wide and perfect. She had the perfect body for hard and rough fucking, even though there were very few people who could last a long time. Her pussy had a strip of blonde hair down it. Her lips opened and were set. Her legs were already on full display.

"Get me out of these pants," Harry growled.

"Yes, that does look painful."

Karen unclipped his pants and pulled them down. She yanked down his boxer shorts to reveal his huge cock. He looked so thick and vainly.

"There's some oil on the table," Harry said.

Karen smiled and grabbed the bottle. She poured the warm oil over Harry's cock which caused his manhood to get even more large. She placed some on her hand.

"Your buddy looks angry, I don't think he's getting enough attention," Karen said. She wrapped her hand around him.

"Take care of it, my Power Pet."

Karen jerked her master off. His cock grew in her hand, so much so she needed to use two hands. She wrapped one hand around the base and another around the time head. She jerked and twisted him.

"Going to need more than your hands to break me, Kara."

She smiled and leaned forward to give Harry's head a lip. She took the throbbing head between her lips and made sure her bright blue eyes had been locked onto his green eyes. Karen grabbed onto Harry's thighs for leverage and drove her throat down onto Harry's throbbing hard cock.

Harry groaned the second Karen pushed her mouth all the way down onto his tool. His phallus rammed into the depths of her throat and Karen wouldn't back off, not even for a second. She bobbed up and down, taking his cock into the back of her throat with several long and potent sucks.

"Go ahead, and suck my cock, suck it harder."

Karen blew Harry with passion. She took his long cock all the way down her throat. The Kryptonian survivor longed for his heavy balls to launch all of the cum.

Harry watched Power Girl's mouth drive all the way down onto his throbbing cock. The Superheroine had such a warm and talented throat. He decided to help her out.

Karen could not believe how much she had been debased and Harry thrust his throbbing cock into her mouth. All twelve inches of goodness shoved down Karen's throat. Karen wrapped her fingers around his balls and fondled them.

"Good, baby, take your mouth, and put my cock down your tight throat," Harry groaned. "Just a little bit more….I'm going to make you suck down my seed…you're going to take every last drop down your whore throat."

Karen bobbed her mouth further down Harry's throbbing manhood. She wanted to taste his cock and have it all drained down her throat. Her hand cupped Harry's balls and gave them a nice little squeeze. She fondled them a bit more when driving her mouth all the way down upon him.

"Good, just a little bit more," Harry groaned. "Take your lovely mouth around my cock…..I want to shoot my seed down your throat….I'll give you so much cum you're going to be choking on it…that's what you want, isn't it?"

Karen kept sucking him down. She wanted every last drop of seed inside her mouth and would get it, no questions asked.

"You better not waste a drop."

Karen did not intend to. She intended to please her master and drain him down to the very last drop. She looked up at him with a wanton look in her eyes, and mouth rammed full of twelve inches of huge cock. She sucked Harry hard and swiftly as she could, humming when she sucked his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Here it comes," Harry grunted. "I hope you're ready to get your reward."

Karen's throat opened for Harry. She wanted his seed and in every single way possible. Harry held her face and fucked her throat as forcefully as he could.

The contents of his balls emptied into Karen's throat. To the credit of the super heroine turned sex pet, she did not waste a single solitary drop. She drank his balls down to the very last drop.

Karen pulled up and showed him the large glop of cum on her tongue and swallowed it.

Harry watched Power Girl savor his seed like it was the last meal on Earth. Her eyes glazed over and a wicked smile crossed over the face of the sultry heroine. She placed a hand on Harry's thigh and made sure his attention had bene locked fully and completely on her.

"Are you ready?" Power Girl asked. She stepped closer towards him and picked the oil off of the table. "You want to go where no man has ever gone before?"

She squeezed the bottle out and oiled up her large breasts. Power Girl's nipples stood proud and Harry could not keep his eyes off of her oily, large, natural breasts. Karen dropped down to her knees, about ready to take his cock between her breasts.

"I'm going to fuck your big tits, and I'm going to paint them with my cum," Harry said. "When I'm done, everyone will know you're my whore, and you belong to me."

"Yes, master," Karen said. She slid Harry's cock between her tits. "It sounds exciting… big slutty tits were made for a gigantic fuck stick like yours."

Harry found himself in a place where many men would give their right nut for. His cock had been nestled firmly between Power Girl's oily breasts. She rubbed up and down on him, making sure his cock grew and hardened with each push.

"Fuck, it feels so good to have your throbbing meat," Karen said. "I wonder how it's going to feel when you shove it in my twat, and fuck my brains out."

"Why don't you find out?" Harry groaned. "Your tits are so good… warm…..I enjoy them wrapped around my big cock, and how well you fuck it."

"I know you do, baby," Karen said. She slid further down onto him. "I know you'd like to cum all over them, won't you?"

Harry grabbed his lover's breasts and speared his cock between them. Her breasts crushed around his cock. This warm, womanly flesh had been meant for him all this time.

"Mmm, I needed a real man to control me, to fuck my slutty tits!" Karen yelled. "Just think about how full they can get of milk, when you fill me up, and I have your babies….how you can suck them dry….when you fuck me some more. Would you like that, Master? Do you want to use my body to be your breeding whore?"

Karen wrapped her breasts around Harry's tool and jerked his prick up and down. She licked his head when it popped out.

"I'm going to use your body and fill it up with so much of my seed, you will be feeling it for weeks," Harry said. "But, it's time to make my mark on your gigantic tits."

"Paint them, put your signature on them!"

The magnificent breasts of Power Girl brought Harry's balls to their second explosion. So much cum loaded into those balls, and even more would be to come.

Harry slid his cock between her tits and fired. The first splash of cum hit her in the face and painted her tits. Harry brought his throbbing manhood further and faster between her breasts. He continued to ride out the spectacular orgasm.

Karen's entire body twitched when he unloaded on her tits. He splashed a heavy load. The moment she pulled away the cum dribbled from her. Karen caught the cum on her fingers and slid them into her mouth, suckling on them.

"You're a slut, you can't get enough of your own cum," Harry said.

"Yes, I'm a slut, your slut, your Kryptonian cum dumpster," Karen said. She cupped Harry's cock and jerked it, making sure it stood up. She took her other hand and shoved one of her nipples into her mouth. She suckled on her breast and licked the juices off of it. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes," Harry said. "I want you riding me, so I can see your big firm breasts bouncing in my face."

"Yes, Master, I figured as much," Karen said.

Power Girl hovered with her legs spreading in the air. Her pussy dripped and sent juices onto Harry's throbbing cock. She smiled.

Harry had enough of waiting. His cock extended up with a stiff pole. Harry grabbed Karen and pulled her down, pushing her cunt first down onto his cock. Her pussy scorched with heat when he drove the busty blonde down onto his aching tool.

"MMM, FUCK YES!" Karen moaned. She brought her pussy down onto his throbbing hard tool. "You know what I want, and you know what I need…..I need your big throbbing dick stuck inside my pussy!"

Karen hovered halfway up into the air where she positioned herself over Harry's wonderful, throbbing prick. She rammed herself all the way down onto him again, making sure his cock filled her completely up to the brim.

"Yes, oh yes, oh more!" Karen moaned.

Harry held onto her hips and made sure her legs wrapped around him. Her hot slit grinding up against his tool was amazing.

"You're going to cum when I say you're going to cum, do you understand?"

"Yes, just fuck my pussy, and fuck it hard!"

Harry dug his nails into her lower back to encourage Karen to continue to ride him. She still dripped with Harry's fluids and rode his cock will well practiced ease. She rose almost all the way up and drove her dripping cunt down onto Harry's massive rod. She pulled almost all the way up again and drove herself all the way down onto him again.

"Stay with me," Harry informed her.

"Yes, I will," Karen murmured. She held onto the back of Harry's neck and continued to drive herself further down onto his stiff tool. She wanted to have the ride of her life and would not stop at anything to get it. "I'm going to enjoy every single moment of this….every last moment of your cock inside me….burying into my cunt."

Karen wrapped her slippery walls around Harry and drove all the way down onto his rod. His cock speared inside her and made her entire body size up with more pleasure than she could ever.

"Now, you may cum."

Karen's body reacted to Harry. Her tight pussy clenched around his veiny rod and sent her juices down onto them. Harry made sure she rode out her entire orgasm.

"Mmm, you make me feel so good, Master."

Harry played with Karen's tits and gave her a not so subtle reminder who her amazing flesh orbs belonged to. Karen brought her tight center down onto his cock.

"Yes, I know I make you feel good," Harry said. "No one makes you feel good like I do, do they?"

Karen nodded and she received another orgasm for her troubles. Her wet core squeezed around her Master's tool and longed to have his cum inside of her. The thought of him shooting his potent seed inside of her and giving her pleasure caused more pleasure than one could even describe.

Harry encouraged her to come up and drive herself further down onto his manhood. He grabbed her tight ass and pinched it with a nice little squeeze.

"So, close," Harry groaned. "Cum one more time, and you'll get your prize."

Karen spread her legs and buried Harry's cock all the way inside her smoldering hot depths. She cupped her breasts and bounced even further down upon Harry's tool. She gave him a sultry little grin, encouraging his behavior. He grabbed her ass and pinched it.

"Please!" Karen yelled.

Harry's balls tensed up and fired into her. Karen bounced down onto his prick and milked him. More cum fired into her willing body. Harry held her hips and held her down to allow her walls to keep lovingly caressing Harry until he climaxed inside of her body.

Karen tightened her grip around him. She did not want his cock to leave her insides. She wanted his cock shooting into her womb and coating her insides with every last drip.


Harry finished draining his balls in Karen and pulled out of her. She slid down between Harry's legs and stroked his manhood, ready for more. She looked up at him with burning lust in her eyes.

"Such a good, pet," Harry said.

"I live to serve my master," Karen said. She squeezed his cock and balls and licked the excess juices dribbling down from his head. She popped his cock into her mouth and downed him with a sultry hum.

"And I just wonder how compliant you would have been had I actually activated your collar."


Girls from Chapter 51 through 55 Revealed:

Chapter Text

Up and Alert(Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour from Harry Potter).


Harry Potter sank into the blissful state of being where a person was not quite awake, but not exactly asleep other. The fact a certain part of him was very awake caused the rest of his body to register what was happening beneath his waist.

A warm and wet mouth wrapped around Harry's nether regions. He could feel juicy lips planted around his cock, with a third body buried underneath the sheets. Harry lifted the sheets back and smiled when he revealed the culprit of his current state.

Gabrielle Delacour lingered underneath the covers. Her warm lips wrapped around Harry's throbbing hard head. The French Vixen wrapped her lips around her. She brushed her tongue against Harry's slit and continued to suck against her swollen head. She resembled an angel in the position where she was, hands grasped on Harry's thighs. She bobbed a little bit more down and took a little bit more of Harry's cock into her mouth.

Harry groaned at the feeling and the joy of how he was being woken up. He ran his hands through Gabrielle's silky blonde hair to encourage her activities. She didn't waste any time working him over a little bit.

"Morning, love," Gabrielle said with a smile. She ran her fingers down Harry's toned abs with a smile. "I think I better wake my sister up as well….it would be a shame if Fleur slept through all of this."

Harry smiled a roguish little grin.

"Yes, a real shame."

Gabrielle positioned herself right between her sister's thighs as she laid next to Harry on the bed. She frowned. Fleur always had been a bit of a heavy sleeper. She pulled the sheets back to reveal Fleur's nude body. The younger Veela drank in every single inch of her sister's body. Her perfect large breasts which Gabrielle longed to squeeze, with flawless skin as far as the eye can see. Her flat stomach and perfect navel drew Gabrielle's eyes down her sister's figure. Her pussy dripped with the hints of arousal and Gabrielle could see her sister was having very pleasant dreams.

The younger Veela's eyes looked towards her sister's beautiful face. Her silky blonde hair dropped down onto Fleur's face and formed an amazing curtain. Gabrielle trailed the point of her tongue over her upper lip and gave a grin before moving down to take in Fleur's eye watering feet, elegant feet, with perfect toes Gabrielle longed to suck and lick.

The eighteen year old Veela put herself between the legs of her older sister. She started a series of kisses down Fleur's body, starting on her lips. Gabrielle moved down, catching Fleur on the neck and then her collarbone.

Harry watched the cock-hardening sight while balance on his elbow. He didn't want to intervene on something so beautiful, so perfectly like a younger sister sharing her devotion for the older one. Therefore, he was content to be a spectator at least for the moment.

Gabrielle dove into Fleur's breasts and started to suckle on them for a moment. Fleur managed not to stir, at least not yet. Her sister slept like a rock.

'Oh, just wait.'

"Gabi!" Fleur moaned.

Gabrielle thought her sister had caught her in the act for a second, but she realized Fleur was in the midst of a very pleasant dream.

"So, you have naughty dreams about your baby sister?" Gabrielle asked. "Naughty girl….maybe she should be spanked."

Harry smiled at her, and Gabrielle kissed down Fleur's body. She gave the older Veela's body the worship she thought it deserved. Gabrielle planted a multitude of kisses when continuing to head further down her body.

The second Gabrielle reached Fleur's beautiful navel, she tongued it and made her way down. She stopped at the forbidden zone.

Harry observed Gabrielle's legs spreading. She presented a dripping hot pussy for him. The teenager's thick ass stuck in the air, waiting to be played with. Harry reached over and grabbed Gabrielle's ass, squeezing it and giving it a soft swat.

Gabrielle smiled when Harry played with her ass and dangled his finger closer towards her pussy. The Veela trailed her tongue against the edge of Fleur's outer lips while bringing her legs as far apart as they could go to encourage Harry's penetration.

Harry smiled and ran his hand all over Gabrielle's body. He tempted her round breasts. They were a size smaller than her sister's, but still ground and lovely, perfect to slip his cock between and tit fuck her until she screamed for more.

One finger slipped between Gabrielle's thighs. This particular act of sex encouraged her to go forward. She barely bit out her moan and focused on the promised land currently located between Fleur's legs. She bent down and kissed Fleur on the legs.

Fleur opened her eyes and saw her sister between her legs, sucking on her nether regions. The older Veela put a firm hand on the back of Gabrielle's head.

"If you're going to do it, you should finish the job you started," Fleur said. "Have, I taught you nothing?"

Gabrielle remembered the lessons from both Fleur and her mother just as well. The younger Veela slipped her tongue into the pussy of the older one. The taste of honey and lemon entered her mouth when sucking her sister's pussy.

"Now, that's hot!" Harry groaned. Gabrielle's snug little cunt flexed around Harry's finger when he pushed it in and her.

"Yes, it is!" Fleur breathed. She reached up and fondled one of her large breasts and squeezed it. The Veela showed her talents by pushing one of her tits into her mouth and sucking on it.

Harry managed to bend over, making sure to brush his hard cock against Gabrielle's thigh to stir her up. He grabbed Fleur's round breast, the one which she wasn't playing with and gave it a couple of squeezes.

Gabrielle lapped up Fleur's juices. Her tongue formed circular motions around Fleur's dripping slit. Gabirelle dragged it back and forth over it while Harry fingered her behind her.

"I think she deserves another finger," Harry said. He worked his finger inside the tight passage and kept working her deeper. "Wouldn't you say so?"

"YES!" Fleur yelled. Harry's magical fingers worked their magic on her nipples.

Harry almost chuckled at her passion. He slid a second finger into Gabrielle, experiencing the purely magical tightness. His two fingers worked in and out of Gabrielle's tightness, working them deeper inside her gushing cunt.

"I'm going to make you cum," Harry said. "And then you're going to submit to my cock while you lick your sister's dirty cunt clean. You might find a treat from last night in there."

Gabrielle's inner muscles tensed around Harry. He forcefully fingered her. All three fingers manipulated the insides of the sexy French witch. He worked deeper inside her.

"Fuck her, fuck her hard!" Fleur yelled. "Just think about how fucking hard you can ram your cock inside her tight pussy, stretching her out, and filling her womb with your cum. Fuck her harder….make her scream!"

Harry turned his fingers deeper inside of her. His fingers rammed further inside of Gabrielle and stretched her out.

"Mmm, so good," Harry said underneath his breath. He nibbled Gabrielle on the neck for a brief moment and detached his hand from Fleur's breasts. He pulled his cum soaked fingers out of Gabrielle's sticky twat. "I think she's nice and ready."

Harry raised his fingers and lowered them upon Fleur's juicy lips. She took the digits inside of her mouth and started to suckle on them. Fleur hummed while wrapping her lips around Harry's fingers and tasted her little sister's lovely juices off of him.

"Primed and ready to fuck," Fleur said. She gripped the back of her sister's head to make sure she was held in close.

Harry touched the tip of his cock head against the edge of Gabrielle's pussy. She was sopping wet and it was very ease to slide inside of her. The warmth of her pussy surrounded Harry's cock on all sides when pushing deeper inside of her.

"Mmm!" Gabrielle moaned.

"Keep focused, Gabi," Fleur ordered her sister.

Gabrielle twirled her tongue around the inside of her big sister's twat. She continued to lick her older sister to the edge with a few more swipes.

"So hot," Harry groaned.

Gabrielle's inner muscles tensed around him. Harry teased her with a few slow strokes and brought his hands in a never ending tour of her supple female flesh. Harry reached underneath Gabrielle's breast and gave it a nice little squeeze. He squeezed the round breast.

The young Veela's center tightened around Harry when he accelerated his thrusts inside of her. Those balls slapped against her thighs and showed her the pleasure of which was brought into her. Her entire body tensed up and the warmth spread through her thighs.