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"I need a Love Potion #9 to be delivered to Mrs. Argent before school break," the meek boy requested as he held out the money.

Stiles paused in taking the order and looked at the boy in front of him with wide eyes. "The teacher?"

"Yeah, she's beautiful," the boy sighed blissed out.

"And scary and married. Is this a ploy to win Alison?" he asked. He needed to know to ensure her safety.

"No, I've heard what other people have said about her, but they are just intimidated. I know she'll never return my affection. I mean, look at her husband. I just want her to know that he isn't the only one to see how beautiful and intelligent she is," he insisted.

"All righty then. That will be $50. Half now and half after it has been delivered,” Stiles said as he held out his hand. He slipped the money and order form into his pocket as he walked away. Not even a minute later, his friend is slamming him into the lockers.

"What the fuck Stiles? You're going to put a love spell on my mate's mother?" he snarled.

"Get the hell off of me," he ground out while trying to throw off the werewolf.

"I will snap your neck if you even try to do that to anyone. I know Deaton said you had a spark, but that shit doesn't fly with me," he growled as he slammed his friend’s head into the locker behind him.

Without any warning, Stiles pulled out a small bottle and sprayed Scott in the face, once, with peppermint extract. He pulled out a flyer and threw it at his 'friend'.

"You should have all the facts before you go accusing me of doing anything. Derek asked me to help him name and sell his baked goods. Love Potion #9, is a set of 10 Strawberry petits fours, 10 passion fruit petits fours, and a delicious strawberry passion fruit torte. Yes, I will be delivering Greenberg's order to Victoria; as well as Chris' order. I won't be delivering for you, though. Congratulations, on being the first person on our blacklist," he didn't wait for Scott to say anything. He just pulled out his phone and put the orders in with Derek. Perhaps one day his friend would pull his head from Alison's ass, but he wouldn't place any bets on it.

He needed to discuss an all-chocolate version with Derek. His dad had shown an interest for Melissa.