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Not Less Than Everything

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Dear Readers,

After struggling with this fic for many months, I am, unfortunately, throwing in the towel. I hate to do this, and I’m really quite sorry, but this fic will never be completed. This was my first WIP and I was quite ambitious with it. I swore I wasn't going to be one of those people who can’t finish, but the truth is, I’ve lost interest in this fic, and because of that I can’t see a resolution.

But, In Dreams is what this fic would have been if I had written it better. It has many of the same themes, and I hope you give it a read, even though I’ve disappointed you with this one.

I’m never endeavouring on a WIP again. All my works, ficlets and long stories will be completed before posting from now on, so I can actually promise that this will not happen again.


If you have,
thanks for sticking with me this long.
I’m still writing