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Ironically, it was Genevieve who insisted that they buy a domestic slave. Jared fought her on it for months but she refused to budge an inch on it. She was the one who looked after the house, who did the cooking and cleaning without complaint for plenty of years. But the kids were older know and at school all day and she wanted to go back to work; she was tried of being alone all day and but Jared tried to offer getting a housekeeper she shot it down.

“We don’t have that kind of money right now,” she explained with patience, the two of them huddled in the kitchen while the kids were entertained by the tv in the living room. “If we buy a domestic we can get a loan from the bank to pay for it, once I’m working again it won’t be an issue,” Genevieve outlined her plan, had been telling Jared about it for weeks now, her tone getting more and more sharper each time he tried to avoid giving an answer. When they first started talking about it he’d been able to say no outright but his beta worked him, made him feel guilty and grudgingly see that she should be free to do as she pleased rather then staying in a empty house all day.

“Jared, please. My cousin has a young male he wants to sell, from a proper slaving house. He’ll give us a fair price and it won’t be like we’re supporting a slave mill,” which was one of Jared’s main argument against getting one, the idea of giving money to the people who kept Omega’s like livestock, treated them like animals and got paid to do it.   

“I’ve never asked you for anything, not for myself alone, but this…” she trailed off with a little shrug letting him see a brief glimpse of something vulnerable on her normally calm features.

“Fine,” he breathed out with his shoulders sagging in the knowledge he was kind of whipped. 


He was tiny.

The first thing he noticed about the omega when Jared came home one day a few weeks later, was that he was the tiniest thing he’d ever seen. The kid was supposed to be sixteen according to Genevieve but he looked more like twelve. Before his wife noticed he was home, the omega did. He gave a darting glance to Jared without meeting his eyes and then down to the floor with a flush and nervous shuffle.

“You’re home on time for once!” Genevieve teased when she saw him and Jared met her amused gaze with a smirk. “Every now and then…” he shot back and entered the kitchen, watching the boy ever so subtly shift behind his wife.

“So who’s this?” The alpha pressed, not liking at all when anyone was nervous around him, more so someone so submissive and clearly not a threat in any way, shape, or form.

“This is Jensen,” Genevieve replied, voice soothing as she took the boy by the shoulders and led him around so he was in front of her and before Jared. He didn’t even make it to Jared’s chest so the alpha took a knee and bent his head a touch to catch the omega’s eyes. They went a soft hazel and wide, his cute freckles stood out as his skin turned even redder and the boy tried to duck his head lower, eyes down submissively. Around his neck was a simple leather collar, a symbol of his status as a slave, as their slave.

“Hello Jensen,” Jared said with a soft tone and when the boy dared to glance at him he gave him a warm smile and offered out a hand, palm up. After a nervous pause, Jensen reached out and placed his hand in Jared’s hold. Lifting the delicate little thing Jared bent his head and gave Jensen a few light sniffs, familiarizing himself with the boy’s scent. It was sweet, soft and meek without the slightest hint of aggression to it and Jared felt a surge of protectiveness for anyone so gentle. Flipping their hands so Jared’s knuckles covered Jensen’s palm he offered his hand out and watched the omega lean forward a touch to return the scenting. Biting his lip, he gave Jared another timid look before he tipped his head back a bit, presenting his throat. It caught Jared off guard, he wasn’t used to being around omegas and the act of utter submission threw him and enforced his need to protect the boy. It was old alpha instinct and Jared had heard about it before but never experienced it first hand; Jensen was instantly pack, family.     

“Say hello Jensen,” his wife instructed and Jared blinked, startled that something so strong could be set up in the span of seconds.

“…hello master,” came a soft greeting and Jared blinked, a frown tugging at his mouth as the boy peered back at him, nervous but no longer afraid.


Jared and Genevieve had the first of many fights over Jensen that night. Jared utterly refused to be called master but Genevieve argued it was normal.

In the end he stormed down to his basement study to do work until his temper eased down but ended up on his couch watching tv moodily. He wasn’t sure how long Jensen hovered outside the room’s open door until he took notice but Jared suspected it was awhile.

“Hey. Come in here,” he beckoned with a kind smile and the omega obeyed. Genevieve had renovated the old storage room beside Jared’s study into a bedroom for the boy so Jared wondered if he was just restless or if he’d intentionally sought Jared out.

“You and mistress are mad at me?” Jensen asked straight away, looking down like he’d failed the world and Jared jumped to assure him otherwise.

“No, we’re not mad at you- it didn’t have anything to do with you, just with, I don’t like being called master,” he fumbled to explain and the omega hung off each word, seemed to consider it careful as he stood before Jared. Jensen never looked at him too long, only met his gaze for a few seconds but it was normal with omegas, meeting someone’s gaze was a statement of equality and sometimes a challenge.     

“Why not?” he finally inquired, seeming unsure if he should even ask and Jared felt that pull to look after Jensen tugging again. Shifting over, he patted the couch until Jensen perched on the edge.

“I’m not too keen on owning a slave,” he began and winced at how hurt the boy looked. “Not that I’m regretting buying you, I’m sure you’re gonna be awesome,” Jared quickly backtracked until Jensen looked more confused then upset.

“It’s just that I don’t like the idea of slavery, I don’t think it’s right for one person to own another. Everyone should be free,” the boy frowned throughout the explanation and by the end looked baffled.

“Who would look after omegas then?” The question caught Jared off guard completely. It was a known fact that omegas were submissive and non aggressive by biology, they just didn’t have any hostility in them.

“They’d look after themselves I suppose,”

“But they can’t,” Jensen looked more and more perplexed as he chewed his lower lip and Jared could see it in his eyes as he tried to work out what Jared was saying.  “Omegas don’t lead, we don’t know how or want to, if no one took us in, took care of us, what would we do?”

“There could be alphas and betas to help them, to guide them and find them work, homes for them to live if that’s what they wanted,” he tried to explain and the boy blinked up Jared and asked with total honesty, “Isn’t that what slavery is?”

“…I… I dunno,” Jared croaked back, totally thrown for a loop under Jensen’s open gaze. He could tell the omega anything he wanted and he knew the boy would believe it. It made Jared feel powerful and again protective over someone so innocent. Jared knew some slave houses were properly run, not every place was a dank colorless hole like he often pictured. But he didn’t know how to explain that in the face that Jensen was from a good one. It made him unsure of his opinion, if a house was well run Jensen made it seem like it was a happy place.  

“I was raised in a house with other omegas and we all learned the same skills. Some were better then others at one skill and weaker in others. I was good at lots of the domestic skills so it was decided that what I would do. I was happy because that meant I could do well for my future master or mistress,” while he spoke softly, Jensen looked down at his hands folded on his lap and kicked his legs a bit, it reminded Jared of his youngest son.

“I remember once a stranger broke in and wanted us to run away, he said it was sick and wrong, what they did to us and that we should be free,” Jensen paused and did that little lip biting thing again while he tried to choose his words, a tension coming into his petite form.

“And?” Jared pressed gently, reaching out and placing his hand over the boy’s folded ones encouragingly a little surprised with how much weight he was putting in the teenagers words.

“I was confused. Because no was hurting me, no one ever did anything mean, it was my home and I didn’t want to go anywhere,” he explained, voice going a little sad and Jared gave his hands a warm squeeze.

“While I grew up I was told I would receive a master or mistress one day. That a family would want me to join them and be helpful, my skills would make their lives better and that would please them,” Jensen ducked his head and hesitated again before looking up at the alpha in front of him. “You and mistress argued about me calling you by those titles?” he inquired and Jared winced because if Jensen down in the basement had overheard their argument then clearly they had been much louder then Jared had thought.

“Yeah, we did,”

“I was taught that a master or a mistress is a guardian, my protector and provider. Someone who looks after their omega and their omega works hard to be helpful to them in return, it’s a,” Jensen trailed off, looking for the right words again and Jared had to smile because the kid looked too cutely determined to make him understand. “a… give and a take, both ways, omegas want to have masters and mistress’, they want to be able to call them by those names because those are good names, a omega is proud to have a master or mistress…I…I’m proud to have a master,” he explained and looked up at Jared, wide-eyed and hopeful that he had managed to make Jared understand what the boy was trying to say.

Jared never protested being called master ever again, if only because of those timid words and that sincere look.


“So you got an omega?” Chad asked a few days later at work, his brow raised and Jared rolled his eyes, leaning back in his office chair and checking the time before looking to his coworker. Chad leaned against the door of Jared’s office and waited for an answer so he nodded.

“Male or female?” The other alpha pressed and Jared pushed up from his chair, getting ready to leave for lunch with his friend as they normally did.

“Male,” he answered distractedly, more focused on making sure the work on his computer was properly saved.

“You fuck him yet?” Chad teased; voice lewd and Jared froze as a livid anger coursed through him unexpectedly.

“For fuck sakes, he’s like thirteen,” he snarled and Chad blinked but quickly raised his hands in a placating gesture at once. “Whoa, easy tiger, I didn’t know he was a kid, no offense meant.”

“Whatever, just don’t be like that, he reminds me of my freaking son, man,” Jared grumbled but the rage in him subsided when the other alpha backed off.

“Sorry,” his coworker repeated and Jared huffed, annoyed with himself more then Chad for getting so riled. It wasn’t even an unusual assessment; it was considered normal for an alpha to use an omega in their household for sexual fulfillment.

When Genevieve had argued about getting a domestic she had maintained that if Jared wanted one for sex it was fine with her. But Jared wasn’t like that, polygamy was normal for some alphas and multiple betas could happily live together under one alpha, raising their children in a group family. Jared’s elder brother had three wives himself but Jared had always preferred a single spouse. It just felt right to focus all his affection on one mate over trying to maintain a group; it would feel more like work he figured. Still Genevieve had pointed out that if Jared wanted a sexual omega she would find him one; it was just another norm of owning an omega she had explained, completely nonchalant about the idea of Jared having sex with someone else. It had been a problem off an on for them, that Jared was more sexually…needy then Genevieve ever was. Jared wasn’t sure how he felt about his beta being so ok with him and a different partner, but he did know that he would never see Jensen in an erotic light.


“Hello Jensen,” Jared greeted with a smile and the boy returned it with his own warmly. After nearly a month now Jensen was coming out of his shell, learning not to be so timid around them and Jared was proud of the boy working hard to get passed his shyness.

“Smells good,” he grinned and peered into a pot bubbling on the stove inquisitively.

“Meat sauce,” Jensen said as the alpha dipped a finger and tested it, making a please sound that had the omega preening. “I made spaghetti and there’s garlic bread too, it should be ready soon,” he explained and Jared glanced at the table, it was already set and he raised a brow to Jensen in question.

“Jeremy set the table,” the omega readily offered up and Jared gave a satisfied nod. One major issue the household was still dealing with was not dropping everything on Jensen. The boy just couldn’t say no to them and Jared and Genevieve both agreed that it wasn’t a reason for the kids to stop doing anything around the house.

“Is Gen home?” he questioned and Jensen nodded, gesturing to upstairs. Jared found his wife in their bedroom, stretched out on the bed watching tv idly. Crawling in with her, he dropped a kiss on her bare shoulder and settled beside her.

“Look at us,” she murmured, “laying around and taking a little break before dinner,” she teased and Jared smiled into her hair, thinking of the teenager in his kitchen happily making their meal.               

“You can say I was right at any point you know,” she added and Jared scoffed into her hair, pressing a light kiss to her cheek before he rolled off the bed to take a quick shower.

All three of Jared’s children, two teenagers and one ten year old sat down to dinner without complaint and the alpha tried not to marvel at it. He’d mentioned it off hand at some point a week or so ago and Jensen had somehow managed to arrange this. When he questioned the boy Jensen had simply said he had just asked them. It made Jared wonder if he wasn’t the only one who thought the omega was utterly adorable.  

Jeremy and Melissa were both betas so Jared didn’t worry much about them giving him trouble beyond the usual teenage rebellion but little Jason, his youngest, was an alpha and Jared worried about the day the boy would challenge his place. Jared had been eighteen himself when he could not longer stand being under another alpha but the timing had been right and he’d gone off to college without any fuss. His elder brother had been an alpha too though and at fourteen he had left without warning one day, cautioning Jared that he couldn’t predict at all when Jason would defy. It made the alpha want more time like this, with the entire family together so he could look back on it later in his life and remember his family as a whole. While Jared had never made any serious inclination of any of this, Jensen had nonetheless somehow seen the truth in the joking comment he had made.    

While they ate Jared glanced at the boy and wondered how he could properly reward the omega for giving Jared this. Just as he glanced at the boy he watched him lick a stray gob of sauce, his pink tongue swiping before he used his thumb to smear the sauce off his lower lip and then lap it up. The gesture was in no way sexual but something about it still took Jared’s focus for a split second, like when a female in a low-cut shirt leaned forward and he got a brief glimpse of cleavage. Just a momentary thing reminding him he was a hot-blooded alpha male. Even though he was certain the passing thought was meaningless Jared couldn’t help but think of it later that night while Genevieve was spread out under him, her long silky smooth legs around his hips as he plunged into her soaked pussy. Just as he climaxed he clenched his teeth and experienced an unwilling flash back to the drag of Jensen’s thumb on his lower lip, to the pink of the omega’s tongue sliding over skin running through his head as Jared came inside his beta.

It bothered him but in the wake of the next morning he found himself looking to see if he was suddenly attracted to Jensen and found his feelings the same as before. Jensen was cute, more adorable then sexual to Jared so he put his worries to rest and didn’t think on it again, blamed Chad for putting the thoughts there in the first place.

It was a couple of weeks later when his own ignorance slapped him in the face.


“Have you seen my white dress shirt, the one with the pin stripes?” Jared inquired as he went through the closet, checking the usual places again for the missing garment.

“Didn’t you just wear that?” Genevieve asked, her voice half asleep as she lay in bed already under the covers. It was late after all, Jared thought as he glancing at the clock and then frowned at the clothing-stealing vortex of his closet. He might have to ask Jensen to organize the chaos for him.    

“Yeah, I wore it last night,” he replied and his wife snorted from under the covers.

“Jensen is good but he’s not all powerful Jay, he probably hasn’t got to it yet. It’s sitting in the unwashed pile in the laundry room I assure you.” She told him and he frowned at the lump of his wife under their blankets. It probably was but now he needed to know for certain, he was an alpha on a mission and until he found what he looking for he’d be restless. Flipping the bedroom light off so Genevieve could sleep, Jared went downstairs to check for the stupid shirt. But it wasn’t in the laundry room and he puzzled for a while over it’s disappearance, trying to convince himself he could wait until morning until he just accepted he really couldn’t and went to wake Jensen to ask him about it. Jared knew it was an annoying habit for others but when he was set on something he needed to see it through or it would bother him until he did. 

The basement was dark but Jared knew it well enough that he didn’t bother to flip any lights on, the light from the main floor cast enough anyway. Jared lifted his knuckles to knock on Jensen’s closed door but froze when he heard a soft noise. Frowning he leaned in to the door and listened carefully until he heard the soft whimpering again, it sounded like Jensen was crying and that threw the overprotective side of Jared into overdrive immediately. Thinking that maybe the omega was secretly miserably in his home he opened the door and expected to be presented with the boy curled up crying. What he actually got felt more akin to a punch in the stomach, totally unexpected and shocking even as he felt his cock go hard.

Jensen was indeed curled up on his bed, but he wasn’t crying into his pillow, at least not from sorrow. The omega was masturbating, completely naked and rolling his hips, muffling his little delicious moans. The scent washed over Jared and he felt his knees actually buckle and he grabbed at the doorframe. It was the sweetest, most decadently wicked thing he’d ever inhaled. More potent then a beta in heat, it was a tantalizing plea for Jared to cross the room and claim what was his, to take what his omega would eagerly give.     

Holy fuck.

Jensen had his eyes shut and was on his side facing Jared so the alpha had a good view. Jared could see him just barely in the faint light and it took him a second to realize that something was off. Jensen’s arm was moving oddly, not in the right motion for the boy to be jacking off. Once again Jared sucked in a stunned breath and felt his dick throb as he realized Jensen wasn’t jerking off, he was fingering himself. The boy pressed his face into his pillow, rubbed his cheek to the fabric and Jared had another revelation as he realized Jensen was lying on the shirt he was looking for. Dazed, the alpha just stood there like an idiot and watched Jensen scent the shirt, press his face to it while he fingered himself urgently and choke back whimpering moans. With a full body shiver, Jensen came, his eyes snapping open and suddenly staring right at Jared, shock and fear rolling through them even as his cock twitched and spilled over his stomach.

Jensen lay there, panting for air as he stared at Jared completely stunned and the alpha sympathized with the feeling. Jared stood stock still as if any movement would break the moment and Jensen just watched him, not making a sound but his eyes welled up and tears trickled. The omega took uneven breaths as he cried, his sobs the only sound in the room.

“I’m sorry,” Jensen finally whispered, breaking the moment and Jared shifted a touch, blinking as he stared on, unable to look away as the boy got up from the bed and carefully stood, shaking like a leaf in the wind. “I’m so sorry, please- don’t be mad, please, don’t hate me…I won’t…I won’t ever do it again… please don’t get rid of me,” he pleaded to Jared, voice hiccupping while his tears fell. Jensen held the shirt in front of him like a shield and took a timid step closer to Jared.    

“I’ll go wash it right now, I promise it’ll be ok, I won’t do it anymore, please,” the anxiety in the omega’s voice kept jumping higher the longer Jared stayed quiet and the alpha finally broke out of his stupor.

“Are you done with it?” he asked, voice calm as could be and he felt strangely serene, not the least bit embarrassed. Jensen looked up at him, thrown by the composed tone and Jared could see him hesitating to reply.

“Jensen,” Jared said and the boy straightened a touch, even as he trembled where he stood. “There are few things you do that bother me, but lying is one of them,” he warned and the omega nodded his head, reaching to wipe at the tears still falling.

“I usually keep it for the night… sleep with it,” he admitted and Jared felt something strange run through him at the admission, the lust he understood well enough but the well of tenderness was a little unexpected but not necessarily surprising. Jensen’s words also gave away that this wasn’t the first time it had occurred and Jared wasn’t sure what to do with that just then. But he did know how he reacted would set the course of his relationship with his omega, probably for life. 

“The next time you want to do this,” he began tone composed and authoritative, like when he explained house rules Jensen didn’t know yet. “I want you to come and ask me first,” Jensen blinked up at him, completely thrown and struggling to find the right way to react. The look was adorable on him and Jared smiled, reaching out to ruffle his hair lightly.

“I’m not mad Jensen, but I don’t want you to hide things from me, promise me you’ll try not to do that?” the alpha requested with a kind tone and the boy was immediately nodding his head eagerly. Jared leaned down and pressed a light, praising kiss to his omega’s brow. “Good boy, now go to sleep then and I’ll see you in the morning?”

Jensen nodded his head quickly again and Jared watched him hurry back to his bed and slide under the covers obediently, ignoring the mess on his stomach and still clutching Jared’s shirt.

“Good night, Jensen.”

“Good night, master.”

Jared didn’t think about what had just happened, he just went upstairs and fucked Genevieve harder then he had in years.


On the following weekend, Jared took Jensen grocery shopping. Genevieve and him switched off on taking him depending on who was working. During the weekday Jensen would walk the three blocks for smaller purchases but for the big weekly buy on the weekend they always drove him. Once they were done at the store and the groceries were packed in the SUV, Jared stopped Jensen before the boy could get into the vehicle.

“I’ve been wanting to give you something,” he started in the face of the teenager’s curious look. Jared handed Jensen a few twenties and the teenager took them but looked confused about it, tilting his head adorably up at Jared, just like a freaking puppy. 

“It means a lot to me that you’ve somehow roped everyone into sitting down for dinner, Most days Mel and Jeremy refuse to be in the same room much less at the same table, I appreciate it Jensen.” He explained and Jensen flushed happily under the praise.

“I want to reward you but I don’t know what to get you. So I want you to take this and get yourself something, anything you want. A new book to read, or music to listen to, anything you’d like,” Jensen looked at the money unsurely and then back to Jared before giving a little nod.    

“Alright, I have business to do across the street so you go in the mall and well meet back here. I’ll be a while so don’t rush yourself?” Jensen gave a second nod but Jared doubted he wouldn’t hurry anyway. He watched the teenager walk off and disappeared into the mall before he crossed the street and went into the last shop at the end of the strip.

When Jared ducked into the sex store he was greeted by a sweet smiling omega. When she politely asked if she could help him, like it was a normal store and not a shop with dildos out on display, he wasn’t sure if he was reassured or disturbed. Assuring her he would be fine, he wondered over with a red face to examine the section dedicated to omegas. There were a variety of things on display, everything from clothing and collars to butt plugs and chastity devices. Jared resisted the urge to sigh and realized he was in over his head and he really should have Googled this first.

“You look totally out of your element, new owner?” a woman asked and Jared turned to see a poised alpha approaching him.

“Uh yeah. I, we, just got him a little over two months ago and I recently caught him masturbating,” Jared trailed off with a shrug and knew his face was red as he turned back to all of the toys before him.

“I just want to…make sure he’s… well, looked after?” The statement ended more like an awkward question and the alpha female looked amused by his flustered state.

“Are you the only alpha of age in your household?” she asked and Jared paused, a little caught off guard by the seemingly out of place question but he nodded his head.

“Alright, is your omega young, in his teens?”

Another nod.

“Typically a omega’s sexuality is triggered by the alpha of their home taking a sexual interest in them.” Jared opened his mouth to protest but she held her hand up to stop him. “It might not be something you even realize, it could be subconscious or a passing dirty thought, it’s all in the pheromones,” Jared immediately remembered the incident with the meat sauce and flushed guiltily. “An omega’s body is very in tune with the scents of their alpha, it’s how they sense your emotional state before you even acknowledge them or how they know your favorites without you saying so.” Her tone was polite and not confrontational in anyway but it also carried obvious knowledge and expertise, the mark of an excellent business alpha.    

“If your interested in knowing more about that kind of thing,” she reached and selected a little leather book from the shelf, offering it to Jared and he took it. It was untitled and looked like a common day planner or notebook, discrete.  Flipping open the cover Jared was greeted with a title page and bold font. ‘Understand Omega Biology: A guide to the sexuality of the omega breed’.

“It’s a good read and it’s just smart to know how your omega will react and more importantly why,” Jared nodded his head, closing the book and keeping it before his eyes scanned the rows of toys and the female caught it right away.

“I’ll let you finish browsing and see you at the till,” she said before leaving him to pick between various sized dildos and butt plugs. After fumbling for longer then he would have liked he picked a toy for Jensen. Jared was a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t help but drift over to the dvd selection and take a few starring beta males. Particularly one with a young petite boy that had wide eyes and freckled skin; blushing prettily as he sat in the lap of an alpha much bigger then him.  

“They’re a handful at times but they’re worth the trouble,” the woman told him in parting after she rang him through, the omega from earlier at her side and brushing prettily from the comment.


Jensen was waiting for him when he came back, leaning against the locked SUV and he looked up when Jared used the remote to open the doors.

“Did you find something for yourself?” The alpha inquired and Jensen gave a happy smile and nod, a bag with clothing in his arms.

“What did you get?” Jared asked as they got in the vehicle and Jensen hugged his bag a little.

“I got a sweater, a soft fluffy one,” the omega admitted and Jared blinked at he started the vehicle and pulled out of the parking spot. The fabric looked heavy, heavier then Jensen should have needed in the spring months. 

“Are you cold sometimes?” Jared asked, voice carefully light. If Jensen though he was being a bother he would clam up.

“Sometimes at night,” the teenager replied with an edge to his tone, like he was still catching on that he maybe shouldn’t admit it. Jared thought about it and felt stupid as he realized Jensen was in the basement of a house with central air; that the vents in his basement office were plugged up years ago because it was freezing down there. Once they got home Jared shoved a towel up into the vent in Jensen’s room and Genevieve bought Jensen a thick duvet blanket the next day. Jensen smiled happily for rest of the week; more pleased by their gestures of concern for him then anything that could have been bought.  


It took Jensen a week before he came to Jared’s office before bed, gently knocking and coming in when Jared called him to. Admittedly the alpha had taken to doing work every night before bed. It was a good habit though; it gave him the jump in the morning, already familiar with the paper work of the day and finished up on his previous work.

When Jensen came in Jared kept his head bent, doing up the last bit of work quickly while the teenager timidly approached his desk.

“Uh, I came ‘cause you asked me to…” Jensen hedged, voice barely a whisper and Jared paused to look up at him. The boy had Jared’s shirt from today in his hands, Jared having already changed into pajama bottoms and a worn t-shirt.

“Ask me what?” he pressed and watched the omega fidget, face flushed beautifully as he worked at his lower lip.

“If…if I could use your shirt,” each word was forced and Jared took a pleasure that was a little mean, Jensen being so embarrassed.

“What do you want to use it for?” The alpha pressed on, eyes on his work as he hurriedly wrote down the last sentence.  

“…t-to…t-touch myself,” Jensen finally managed, his soft voice tiny and the tips of his ears scarlet. Jared finished his work and leaned back in his chair, closing the folder and pushing it off to the side.

“I’m proud of you,” he told Jensen right away and tipped his head down so the boy would look at him, a meek smile offered for Jared’s warm one. “You did as asked and I’m pleased by that, will you come here for me?” he requested, pointed to the spot right beside his chair on the other side of the desk. Jensen looked startled, and Jared watched as he obeyed looking like he’d been caught which made the alpha inquisitive; he already knew Jensen was using his shirt to masturbate so why did he look so guilty?  

“Jensen?” Jared asked tone slightly reprimanding and the boy flinched under it. “Is there something you’d like to tell me?” The alpha inquired trying to keep his tone firm but without any censor to scare the omega.

“I-I…I didn’t just buy a sweater when you sent me to get something for myself,” Jensen admitted quickly and Jared’s brows shot up, his curiosity burning now.

“What did you get? You’re not in trouble baby, I’m just nosy,” he soothed when Jensen looked ready to cry. The endearment slipped out but Jensen didn’t look upset by it, if anything it calmed him even more. Jensen opened his mouth and closed it a few times before he finally put his delicate hands on the drawstring of his pajamas. With Jared’s shirt folded over one arm, the boy blushed bright red but pulled his shirt up and undid the taunt drawstring. Once it was undone he meekly pulled them down a tiny bit to give Jared a quick peek before he swiftly covered again.   

“I…I...they just….I just like how they feel,” the omega whispered as he stood there in front of Jared who felt a little shocked and uncomfortable in his own pajama pants with his sudden erection straining. Without asking, he reached and hooked a finger in the teenager’s pants and yanked them away so he could get a good long look. They were white, bikini cut and Jensen’s cock, which was half hard, was bulging obscenely, stretching the shiny silky material.

“You like how they feel huh?” He managed to ask stupidly while his fingers itched to run over the omega’s dick, his gaze locked on it, watching the boy fully harden within the silky panties. Jared had never really felt any inclination towards the same sex before but sitting there he stared at the omega’s cock and was ridiculously turned on.

“In the house I lived at, some of the other omegas used to tease me cause I’m so girly looking. I didn’t mind it much cause they weren’t being mean, just silly,” Jensen confessed, explaining even while the head of his cock pushed out from under the low-cut top of the underwear.

“Sometimes to have fun we would change clothing with the females and males, and when the teachers would see us everyone would laugh. I..I always liked it because girls underwear…feels nice, I…I’m sorry, is it wrong?” When Jensen timidly asked the question Jared tore his gaze from the boy’s erection to his face. Jensen’s attention was locked on Jared’s own crotch, where his cock stood hard. The teenager was asking now rather then assuming that it was bad like when Jared caught him masturbating, the alpha wondered idly what that signified.

“No baby, this isn’t wrong at all, we all have different things we really like without knowing why,” he finally answered the omega and gave a tug on Jensen’s pajama’s pulling the boy in and spreading his own legs so the teenager could stand in between them, inches from Jared.

Jared let go of Jensen’s pants and took his small hands, pressing a soft kiss to each one before placing them on his shoulders, his discarded shirt sliding to the floor, forgotten. Easing an arm around Jensen’s slim middle, he pulled him in until they were flush and the teenager obediently slid his arms around Jared’s broad shoulders. Sitting back in the chair, Jared curled his other hand around the back of Jensen’s thigh and brought it up until the boy got into the chair with him, straddled his hips and slid into his lap. It was amazing how tiny he felt, so delicate and little, all Jared’s to do as he pleased. The omega would be helpless and still, he could see it in Jensen’s open gaze, the teenager trusted him utterly.

“Do you like something?” Jensen asked, voice still soft but with an edge to it now, his sweet scent heavy in the room and Jared’s own body reeking of his arousal, it felt crude along side Jensen’s soft alluring scent.

“Piercings,” Jared answered without a thought about it, “I like body piercing, sexual ones, tongue, nipples, and down here,” his fingers lightly skimmed over Jensen’s waist and the teenager ducked his head, so prettily meek.

“I have one on my cock and I’ve always wanted Gen to get one but she’s always refused,” he babbled pointlessly, the hand on Jensen’s middle slowly sliding down and under the omega’s pajamas, the panties soft and smooth against his fingers.

“Oh,” Jensen whispered, his thick lashes low as he gazed down and did that thing where he bit his lower lip, which in the situation was ridiculously sexy. “I would get some if you wanted, I don’t mind,” he told Jared honestly, eyes wide and hopeful and Jared felt his cock twitch at the idea.

“Maybe,” he managed to reply and dragged Jensen forward by the curve of his ass, pulling Jensen the last few inches so their groins were pressed up to one another. The omega gave a little shudder and let out a single tiny whimper. Jared smelt the heavy scent and he pulled Jensen pants open, sure enough, the teenager had come. White smears along his skin and staining the panties. Jared felt his cock starting to throb just looking at it, imagining Jensen with a barbell through his dick.

“Good boy, my pretty boy,” Jared cooed when Jensen looked unsure about climaxing. The omega flushed with a relieved smile and Jared leaned back in the chair, just watching him. Jared rubbed his fingers along the edge of the soiled panties, a gob of semen smearing on his thumb but he couldn’t care less. Jared had heard before that an alpha would be attracted to an omega, gender regardless and he knew it was an utter fact, but he’d never wanted a male before but Jensen and yet here he was, eager to know the male body before him. The little omega watched him get the come on his hand and very gently curved his hand around Jared’s wrist. The teenager tugged once and Jared let him lift his hand up to his mouth. Jensen parted his lush lips and his pink tongue darted out to lap at the semen, kitten like licks that made a groan slip from Jared’s mouth.

“Fuck, so pretty, such a sweet little omega boy,” he muttered, curling his arm around Jensen to steady him as he sat forward and twisted the chair, whirling it to face the desk and easily lifting Jensen’s weight to put him on the edge of the desk. The teenager assisted unquestioningly when Jared tugged at the pajama pants, easily stripping them off but leaving the panties.

“Your shirt too,” Jared told him as he went into the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out the small bottle of sexual lubricant. Jensen fumbled to obey and jumped when Jared leaned forward and licked his bare stomach, dropping his mouth to swipe at the stray drops of Jensen’s come before he mouthed along Jensen’s soft cock. The boy keened, fingers going into Jared’s hair as he doubled over and sucked in a whimper.


It shouldn’t have turned him on but the title only made Jared hotter for it as he took hold of Jensen’s ankles on his lap and spread them wide. Once his thighs parted enough to give Jared access, he went to town; licking over the silk and sucking the tip peeking out into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it and making Jensen gasp a second weak ‘master’. There was nothing repulsive about sucking another male’s dick and Jared took his time, abandoned the head to lick and gently nip along the length, going lower and lower. Tipping Jensen’s hips, the teenager leaned back and braced his hands on the desktop behind him so he could arch the way Jared wanted. Rubbing his tongue over the crevasse of Jensen’s ass, Jared pushed his tongue against the little pucker through the boy’s panties and Jensen started, trembling but his cock was already starting to fill out again. Jared eased back a bit, nuzzling one of Jensen’s thin little thighs while he grabbed the lubricant and squeezed some on his fingers.

 “Give me your hand,” he instructed and Jensen did so at once. Pressing a soft kiss to his fingers, Jared guided them to hook through the crotch of the panties and pull the material aside so his little hole was exposed. “Hold that for me,” he requested and pressed the tip of lube-smeared finger to the tiny entrance. Jensen was breathing erratically but he held his panties to the side while Jared eased a finger into him, slipping passed the ring of muscle and into the tight body. God, he was so bloody tight and Jared wanted it, wanted Jensen stretched out, stretched wide by his cock.

Jared’s free hand fumbled and he glanced down momentarily before he found the slim toy.

“I got you something baby, a little treat that’s just for you,” Jared breathed, enraptured as he slid his finger free and pressed the tip of the toy to the quivering hole. Jensen whimpered and Jared could see him clench up nervously.

“Shhh, its ok baby, it’s just a little one, see?” He moved his head back a bit more so Jensen could see the black butt plug; the toy was a starter size and indeed very small. 

“Can you take it for me?” The alpha gently pushed and Jensen turned his wide gaze from the sex toy to Jared’s face, apprehensively nodding and Jared gave him a pleased smile.

“Just relax for me, just like you let my finger in,” Jared talked Jensen through it as he slid the toy in, pressed it all the way in before sliding it back a bit, slowly fucking the teenager with it. After a few strokes Jensen carefully lifted to meet the motion, gingerly rocking into the toy as his breathing went erratic again. 

“You like it huh? Most boys touch their dicks when they masturbate, but you, you were fingering yourself,” Jensen gave him a soft moan, fingers still keeping his panties to the side. “Lay back,” Jared commanded, the throb in his pants too strong to be ignored any longer.

Jensen fumbled but did so as Jared stood up from the chair to loom over Jensen who was flat on his back, legs spread out wide on the desk. Jared led the omega’s other hand to the toy and made him grip it, stroke it in an out of himself.

“Good boy,” he whispered, lifting Jensen legs so they rested lightly around his own hips. Jared shoved his own pants down and took a hold of his cock. Jensen gave a throaty gasp, his gaze locked on the alpha’s dick. When his fingers let go of the toy Jared gave a soft scold and pressed his fingers back.

“Keep doing it, I want you do fuck yourself with it,” Jared ordered him with an edge to his voice, a near pant to it. The omega trembled but did as he was told with a rush, his own breathing little gasping moans while his hips lifted, swayed into each thrust of the toy. Jared kept enough room between them so he could watch while he jerked off, rubbing the head of his cock along the soft skin of Jensen thigh and making the boy arch his back with a sudden cry of ‘master’.

Jared just watched him, breathed in the delicious scent of an omega and just watched Jensen whimper and rock back on the toy, push it into himself with one hand and hold his panties to the side with his other. The petite boy was trembling all over, squirming and gasping with such a sweet voice, making Jared growl in his throat, jerk off hard and fast as he took in the stunning show Jensen was giving him. Jared watched him finally lose it, spurts of white from under the elastic of the panties while Jensen writhed on the desk, whimpering ‘master’ over and over as he arched up on Jared’s desk, his, his home, his omega, his pretty little boy.

“Gonna fuck you one day,” he promised, leaning over Jensen with one hand on the desk to hold himself up, the other jerking his cock furiously. His thumb pressed at his cock piercing, rolled the barbell through his dick to create that one of a kind sensation he was obsessed with.  

“Gonna stretch you out and fuck you so hard, put you in a pretty little dress, make you sit on my lap and ride me until I fill you up, no condom, no barriers just your little body taking it, dripping with it-” Jared’s voice cut with a hiss and he grunted as he came hard and long, painted his omega with his come, marked and claimed him with white spurts on his chest and stomach, over his panties. Jared was sweating already, drops rolling off his nose and dripping onto Jensen’s bare chest as the boy laid out under him, eyes wide as he stared up at Jared with something like wonder. 

With his last few spurts, Jared rubbed against Jensen’s panties, felt the soft silk against the metal barbell through his cock. His omega timidly pressed up, rolled his hips and Jared groaned his approval, working the last drops out onto the stained material. 

Jared felt like he’d run a freaking marathon and he slouched back, falling into his chair as he struggled to catch his breath. It had been a long, long time since he’d come so hard. Not that he didn’t enjoy sex with his beta wife, but that was something else entirely, something raw and uninhibited.

Jensen sat up a touch and the toy in his shifted, slipping out since it was only halfway in. Without a thought, Jared reached over and eased it back in all the way, watching the shiny black toy disappear into his omega and feeling it as the thickest part sank in.

“Want you to keep it in for me, wear it all night and get your body used to being open,” he explained to Jensen and the teenager nodded without any reluctance.

“Are you really going to?” The omega asked timidly, still shy even after all of that.

“Gonna what?”

“…fuck me?” The word sounded depraved on such an innocent tongue and Jared felt a wicked thrill run through him.

“There are few things I’m sure of in this world,” Jared told the boy, reaching out to curl a hand around his thigh and let his gaze drop to take in the mess he’d left all over the omega’s chest, his come dripping slowly down smooth freckled skin. “But I know absolutely that I’m going to fuck you someday baby boy.”


“You’re having sex with him?” Genevieve’s incredulous tone made Jared look up from the sink, spitting toothpaste before he looked over at his wife. Genevieve had stopped in the middle of dressing for the day, one hand on her hip in a displeased posture as she stared over at him.

“Alphas like omegas, you said it would be fine if I did,” he shot back equally incredulous as his beta flushed and shrugged.

“I did… but I didn’t think, I mean, Jensen?” She frowned and turned to put a shirt on while Jared rinsed his mouth. Bent down at the sink, he allowed himself to frown at her tone and straightened up.

“So? What’s wrong with Jensen?” While he didn’t mean it to, he knew as he said it he sounded defensive. 

“Nothing, I just, he’s male.”

“Before he’s male, he’s omega,” Jared replied curtly and Genevieve frowned but didn’t reply.

“Is there a problem? Do you want me to not have sex with him?” The alpha asked dubiously, already knowing even as he offered it, that he wouldn’t resist such a temptation.

“No, don’t… no. If you wanna do him it’s fine, I’m just surprised is all,” his beta replied and when Jared looked over at her she gave a reassuring smile.

But then when they sat down for breakfast she gave Jensen a bit of a frown. The boy did reek of Jared, but she still treated him kindly, eventually letting whatever aspect of it that bothered he go as she smiled and praised his cooking. The kids were all curious, Melissa and Jeremy scenting and knowing right way what it meant while Jason just looked confused. Thankfully none of them questioned it and breakfast went smoothly.


Four or five times a week Jensen came to Jared before bed. Each time he fucked the teenager with the toy or his fingers and then jerked off over him. Some nights he had Jensen wrap his fingers around Jared’s cock while he pumped the toy into the omega, other nights they would sixty-nine and Jensen tentatively learned how to give Jared head while the alpha licked out his little hole until he came, his cock untouched. Each of these nights, Jared sent Jensen to bed in a pair of panties and a plug seat up inside his ass.

About a month and half after Jared starting playing with Jensen, Genevieve and the kids went to stay with her parent’s two cities over for the weekend. Jared and Jensen were actually supposed to go with them; they had planned on it being a family trip until work had requested Jared do overtime. And by request, he meant they told him he was doing it. It was rare of them and it meant the company really needed it so Jared agreed.  At first he insisted Jensen go with them, the omega was excited to meet more family, but it was Genevieve who insisted he stay behind.

It was a strange push pull where Jared could see she obviously didn’t mean it but all the same his beta kept insisting over and over. Eventually he lost his patience with her, Jared hated games, and he finally accepted the offer for the omega to stay with him, ignoring her pissy attitude afterwards. Over and over he tried to corner his beta and have them sit down and talk about whatever was bothering her, but she flat out refused to name it specifically. Jared would have thought jealousy if Jensen wasn’t an omega and Genevieve far more secure then that.   

Jensen of course was completely confused and hurt when Genevieve treated him a little coldly and announced he was staying home for the weekend. The way she spoke she made it sound almost like a punishment.

“We’ll have the entire weekend to hang out, let the house get messy and sleep in all day,” Jared had teased in retaliation, giving Jensen a wink and making him smile. When his beta frowned at him for it Jared gave her a pointed look in return and before she left he took her aside and made sure she understood that any irritation she had for Jared was not to be filtered down onto their omega.

“I know,” Genevieve admitted with a sigh, “I felt bad as soon as I said it, I’m just stressed lately, a trip to my parents place will do me good.”

Jared hoped so and gave her a warm kiss and soft good-bye before doing the same with his kids and watching them pack into the SUV and leave for the weekend before he went to work for the day.


When Jared got home he was dead on his feet. The firm he worked at was currently going crazy. Everyone was putting in extra hours and really pushing their limits this week it seemed. Jared had spent the entire day running around, get things done and just generally excessively busy. So when he laid back on the couch for a bit while Jensen prepared dinner it wasn’t a shocker that he fell asleep. When Jared woke in the middle of the night, he came around gradually. First realizing he wasn’t in his bed but then comprehending that he did have his pillow and blanket. The reason why was curled up on the love seat beside the couch he was sacked out on, fast asleep. It was kind of sad how many times Jared looked over at the teenager and immediately thought he was adorable, it really was. But still he managed to be swept in once again, by the boy curled up with the throw, his hands snuggled under his chin in that classic sleeping pose. Freaking adorable.  

With a stretch, Jared got up and carefully laid his blanket over the thin throw on the omega before he went looking for something to munch on. The dinner table was set for one and in front of the microwave were two Tupperware containers each with a post-it note telling him how long to heat each one and further informing him of the salad in the fridge. Jensen took cooking very serious he thought with a little chuckle but obliged the instructions. Midway through his meal Jensen stumbled in, the throw still on his shoulders as he yawned sleep away, still bleary eyed.

“Did you heat it up first?” Was his worried greeting and Jared swallowed a laugh but gave Jensen an appeasing nod. He raised a hand and gestured for the teenager to come over to him. Jared intended to kick out a chair for him but in a spontaneous decision he tugged Jensen to sit in his lap instead. The omega was still half asleep because the first thing he did was yawn and snuggle under Jared’s chin, not embarrassed in the slightest like he usually was when they first touched.  

“Did you eat yourself?” Jared asked, his voice dropping low because the moment felt quiet. Jensen gave a little shake of his head and Jared offered him a bite on his fork. It took Jensen a second to open an eye and see it before he cooperatively opened his mouth. Jared alternated with each bite, one for him, one for his omega; Jensen barely awake the entire time.

“How do you ever get up in the morning?” The alpha teased him and Jensen made a little nonsense noise. “I set my alarm an hour early and it keeps going off every ten minutes,” he admitted easily and Jared had to grin. Jensen took another forkful obediently and the alpha watched him lick at his lips to get at the crumbs. Once his tongue slipped back in his mouth Jared bent his head and kissed him.

It was different from their usual because it was slow and unhurried. Normally they traded frantic touches, rushed and passionate. This was completely distinctive from those and something new.

Jared pulled back slowly, his lower lip clinging to Jensen before pulling free. Jensen opened his eyes half lidded and followed Jared, arching up so their mouths touched again, molasses slow and deeply intimate. Jared’s tongue pressed first, looking for entry and Jensen gave it up. The alpha could taste the tang of the sauce from their shared meal and he tipped his head so he could open their mouths wider and let the kiss turn lewd.

“I-I should…I should clean up,” Jensen managed to whisper once they parted but Jared licked his lips and looked at the teenager, could see how excited he was and smell that scent promising whimpering moans and a tongue along his cock.

“It’ll still be here tomorrow,” he assured him and pushed his chair back, easily scooping up Jensen’s light weight and taking his omega upstairs. Jared had already taken Jensen’s toys to the bedroom last night and after a refreshing nap, he was ready to spent the night making Jensen moan. When the sun started peeking Jared finally let Jensen rest, the teenager covered in sweat and semen.

Jared knew they’d have to change the sticky sheets before Genevieve got home. But for now he just gathered the smaller male to his chest and pulled him in close. Jensen went obediently, snuggled in under Jared’s chin and was sleeping within minutes.

Jared laid awake longer, idly stroking his hand along Jensen’s back and wondering how he could be so enthralled with the omega even though they technically hadn’t even had sex yet.


They of course ended up sleeping into the afternoon and when they did get up Jared sat Jensen on the counter edge in the kitchen and showed him how to make the Padalecki omelet, which was basically every breakfast food mixed in with a few shots of Tabasco sauce.

“That looks really gross,” Jensen admitted like he hated to tell Jared it and the alpha grinned at him. “Gen hate’s em, so do the kids,” he admitted and got a good chunk on the fork before he offered it to Jensen. The omega frowned at it, but leaned forward and tried it. He gave a few coughs seconds later and Jared offered him the glass of milk he had on standby.

“I’m sorry, but I agree with them,” the teen gasped and Jared let out a long laugh, scooping his omelet onto a plate before making Jensen some plain scrambled eggs and bacon.

Jared had intended to take Jensen shopping for purely unselfish reasons. At sixteen he was still growing and his pants were getting a little short in the leg so Jared took him to buy some new ones. They shopped around, getting a few longer then needed in case of future growth spurts and Jared was completely focused on pants and looking after his omega. Jensen however got all red while they where in a department store and Jared blinked at him. After starting sexual play he’d become very sensitive to Jensen’s scent and could tell he was turned on. When he raised a brow at Jensen, the omega shot a guilty look over to the girl’s section across from them, specifically a table full of panties on display.     

It pretty much degraded from there. Jared led them to the girl’s section and picked out a few cute pairs of panties with soft material. When a lady watched him like the pervert he was, he got embarrassed and totally played it off like Jensen was girl. The boy was androgynous enough that it worked. But that landed them wandering around in the girl’s clothing and Jared couldn’t resist. He picked out a few sundresses for Jensen and made the boy try them on. Red faced the omega obeyed his alpha and Jared felt like a total pervert when Jensen came out of the dressing room and he got hard in the middle of a department store. Mortification managed to help Jared will it away but he bought one of the dresses, a light tan thing with gauzy material and a ruffled bust top. Jensen looked completely and utter like a girl in it and something about the way he flushed in it just made everything alpha in Jared purr. They stopped in the women’s section and Jared grabbed some racy panties, lacy and silky things that made the cashier frown when she saw them alongside the sundress and more modest underwear but Jared was willing to take the looks to be able to see Jensen in them later on.

If he was a better person, Jared might have taken Jensen home right after that. But the perversion in him was feeling free today so they ended up in the mall rest room; Jensen’s face flushed and his body trembling as Jared put him in the sundress and a pair of lacy panties.

“Look at that pretty girl,” Jared whispered in his omega’s ear and Jensen looked up at the mirror his face flushed so perfectly as his lashes threatened to spill tears.

“No one can see a boy, just a pretty sweet girl,” the alpha soothed him and took his hand and led him from the bathroom. No one saw them leaving the men’s washroom and together they walked the length of the mall, the alpha letting Jensen cling to his arm, looking around like everyone knew he was a boy in girl’s clothing. The leather slave collar around Jensen’s neck had always seemed slim but now it looked bulky. Jared wanted to buy him something more feminine, something with a pale color and decorative gems. But the collars had to be changed out by licensed Collar Handlers. The leather had no buckle and was custom made to go around a slave’s neck and never come off, there were thin steel bands inside the butter soft leather; A GPS as well. There was also a microchip for tracking inside Jensen’s actual body, somewhere near his spine to discourage slaves from trying to dig them out.    

“Does it bother you?” Jared couldn’t help but ask, his fingers ghosting along the dip of Jensen’s spine lightly and the omega just looked puzzled.

“The chip inside me will let the police locate me if anyone ever took me away, it would be what lets them find me and bring me home,” he replied, unable to see it negatively and Jared realized that if it wasn’t in an omega to want to runaway, they would probably see it as a safeguard more then an imprisonment. It was still weird to him, to have opinions he’d held all his life slowly change so radically.

He slipped his arms over Jensen’s slender bared shoulders and they left the mall. Dropping off their bags at the car, Jared noticed the bright clear sky and stunning weather. In a spur of the moment decision he reached out and took Jensen’s hand in his own. Together the walked across the street to the large park that Jared used to jog in every morning.

“Why’d you stop?” Jensen asked while they walked leisurely, the omega’s arm tucked in the crook of Jared’s elbow snuggly. While the crimson tint to Jensen’s face didn’t fade, his nerves calmed as they walked. The park was busy but not over crowded and Jared enjoyed being out under the warm sun for once, it had been too long he thought idly as the wear from the hard workweek melted away.  

“Jogging? I used to with Harley every day but after he died…” Jared shrugged and the teenager didn’t press it. From old family photos he already knew about Harley and Sadie, Jared’s old dogs that had both passed away.

“It’s good to get out,” Jensen offered, watching people laying out on towels, sun tanning and chatting while others ran around playing games. “Sometimes I walk to the store even if it’s something that can wait until the weekend, I just like walking when it’s nice out,” he admitted and Jared smiled down at him. Jensen was focused on soothing over the old memories of his pets and the boy finally lost the tense edge he had been carrying since walking out from the bathroom. Jensen honestly did look gorgeous in the sundress; it highlighted his feminine features with a simplicity that Jared thought reflected the boy himself.

“It is good to get out,” the alpha echoed to keep the conversation going along and they mostly talked about mundane things, but it was good. A lighthearted time that Jared hadn’t realized he’d stopped having regularly.

By the time they got home Jared had lost interest in getting some more work done and instead helped Jensen in the kitchen.

“You’re going to burn that,” Jensen protested, reaching out and wrapping his fingers over Jared’s grip on the sauce pan and lifting it higher from the heat of the stovetop. The omega was surprisingly opinionated in the kitchen and Jared was kind of totally smitten by his pout when he worried Jared was messing up the meal.  

“Why do you question my cooking skills?” He teased the teenager and Jensen gave a little huff but glanced up at him. “You did make that omelet this morning,” he replied his tone uncertain as to weather it was proper to tease his alpha. Jared responding by laughing his head off and finally giving up the sauce pan for Jensen to finish cooking to his liking.

Jensen was still wearing the sundress. He’d tried to change out of it when they got home but Jared had stopped him. Within the safety of their home the omega was more or less fine with wearing it, mostly mindful not to stain it. After his initial hard on at seeing the boy in drag, Jared had actually kept a fairly clean mind while they walked in the park.

But now he leaned against the island and watched the way the material of the skirt bottom swished around Jensen’s pale thighs, just above his knees. The teenager didn’t have any hair on his legs; omegas were usually pretty smooth skinned. Jared had read the book he’d bought from the sex shop and learned a whole lot more about Jensen.

Omegas in general were kind of awesome. Their sense of smell was keen, better then an alphas was even and they used it for pretty much everything. The shop attendant had mentioned something akin to the idea but Jared was surprised how deep it went. It was a sign of dominance to meet eyes and Jensen usually kept his gaze dropped, rarely met anyone’s stare so they used scent to read people. An alpha used scent for a lot of similar things, knowing one breed from the other, distinguishing genders, fertility, pregnancy, puberty, some alpha’s boasted being able to tell all these things the second some walked into a room. Omega’s could tell it when they walked into the house. They had a wider range and were much more sensitive, if Jared liked or disliked something his scent gave a very subtle shift that while he as a alpha and the betas of his home didn’t pick up, Jensen did. He could do it with all of them, the boy could literally tell their mood just by a whiff of the air, could see if they liked something or if it displeased them without ever having to even look at them. Jared wondered just how aware Jensen was of Genevieve and her budding issues towards him.

Tilting his head he looked Jensen over from his short cute hair to his bare feet on the tile. The omega was harmless and Jared just couldn’t see anything about him being a threat. Maybe Genevieve was genuinely just jealous of the attention Jared was giving him? But she was the one to say he was always horny, his beta was the one who called him kinky with a fetish for body piercing. Shouldn’t Jensen’s presence relieve her? Someone for Jared to focus the wilder side of his sexuality on? Jared had been the one against an omega in his home, but now it felt natural, he could finally see how an alpha could care for his beta and his omega, the two were similar, but still uniquely different. Genevieve was his beta and Jensen was their omega. Their pretty little omega in his soft sundress, humming softly while he cooked contently.

“Stop it please,” Jensen requested and Jared blink out of his daze, realizing he was staring at Jensen’s rump and his cock was filling out.

“I’m trying to cook,” the omega added, his face red while his scent answered Jared’s own arousal.

“Dinner can wait,” Jared replied with a purr, smiling as he slid up behind Jensen and rested his hands on either side of the omega’s hips. “I’m not really hungry anyway,” he said while his hands began to edge the dress higher up, revealing Jensen’s thighs.

“I’ve started cooking though, I should,” the teenager paused when Jared bent down and buried his nose in his neck, taking a deep whiff of the omega’s beautiful scent.

“I…should finish this, it’ll be ruined other wise,” he finished, but his voice was all soft and pliant now.

“We’ll order in,” the alpha replied as he reached out and turned off the stovetop before taking Jensen hips again and guiding the teenager back. Jared turned them so Jensen was the one with the island counter right behind him and then lifted his weight easily so the omega was perched on the edge. A soft flush was on his face, different from his embarrassed tone that he wore most of the day.

“You look so pretty,” Jared told him without preamble, smiling down at the dress, his hands trailing down Jensen thighs, along the soft material of the skirt.

“Do you like it? Like how this feels along your skin, all over you?” He questioned, dragging the material from the teenagers skin and lightly rubbing it back and forth, concentration on the inside of his thighs and smelling Jensen’s desire jump.

“Is it weird?” The omega asked and Jared shrugged, not concentrating beyond Jensen’s smooth skin being revealed as he eased the skirt up. “Some people will think so. Genevieve always curled her nose about me liking piercing so much, other people react poorly too when they find out I have a piece of metal through my cock.”

“I don’t mind, I like it,” Jensen breathed, voice getting husky as he laid back on the counter and let Jared do as he pleased to him, just like always. “I want some too, just ‘cause I know you’d like it, wherever you want me to get one, I will,” the omega promised and Jared’s cock twitched in the confines of his jeans.   

“You would too, huh baby? Get a piece of metal through your pretty little cock for me? Maybe your tongue? I’ve always loved tongue piercings, makes it so good to be sucked off when there’s a little something extra rubbing along my dick,” Jared muttered, voice low and rough while he laid over Jensen, barely touching the boy as he rested his weight on his elbows and gently nuzzled the omega’s neck. Without prompting Jensen offered his throat, gave Jared his complete submission and the alpha’s hips rolled of their own design, just that turned on by Jensen’s willing gesture.

This was a key difference he supposed while he licked at the pale skin with lazy laps. A beta would offer their throat when forced to but other wise they held themselves equal to their alpha. Omegas didn’t even think about it, it was just the way of it for them to submit, to give their beta and alpha their throat. A beta saw it has control, an alpha took it as adoration. Jared pressed his palm to Jensen’s hip and nudged him down on the counter so the curve of his ass was right at the edge. The omega’s legs slid up and around Jared’s waist as he pressed his erection to the soft fullness of Jensen’s ass, rutting with a relaxed motion.

Licking a strip from his collarbone to his chin, Jared eased back a touch and watched Jensen. The omega looked back at him calmly, aroused and eager but waiting on Jared, waiting for him to lead and that made the dominant in him adore sex with his omega so much.  Tipping Jensen’s chin down with his thumb, Jared pressed a soft kiss to the teenager’s mouth. Jensen trembled under him but his scent held no fear, his little hands pressing to Jared’s chest and then circling around to hug him while the alpha licked at the boy’s plush mouth.

“M-master,” Jensen whispered when Jared eased back a touch, his breath fanning Jared’s cheek and his lips ever so lightly touching Jared’s as he spoke.

Jensen laid back against the counter top, complacent to whatever Jared wanted and the alpha suddenly wished his beta was there as well, he’d tried to encourage Genevieve to join them sexually but she’d flat out refused. Jared wondered if her opinion wouldn’t drastically change if she saw Jensen like he was then.   

Without warning he flipped up the skirt of Jensen dress and bent his knees so he could move down and run his tongue over the lacy panties covering the omega’s erection. The teenager made sweet little sounds, twisting and arching up as Jared tilted his head and mouthed at the length of his cock. Even this close, the omega’s scent was soft and sweet, nothing like the powerful scent of a beta or alpha. Jared liked it, nuzzled the boy’s thigh, loving to rub his own scent on him, knowing full well that he could overpower Jensen’s scent with his own easily, mark him so there was no doubt who Jensen belonged to.  

Pressing the omega’s thighs good and wide, Jared took the time to venture down further and got a delicious surprise.

“When did you put this in?” He questioned as he pressed a single digit to the butt plug, pressing it up deeper into the teenager’s body.

“Right when we got back,” Jensen admitted, his soft voice all lusty and Jared loved it when the teenager talked with that desperate edge. Hooking two fingers on either side of the flat end of the toy he very gently tugged it back, bit by bit until the thickest part finally came free in a rush. Putting the toy aside, Jared focused on the pink little hole, his two fingers sinking in without any resistance. Jared held Jensen’s underwear to the side and carefully fingered him, looking for any tension in Jensen’s body to indicate he was uncomfortable. The singly most frustrating problem Jared had with his omega was that Jensen never spoke up for himself, if something hurt he tried to bare it rather then letting Jared know. It forced the alpha to learn Jensen’s silent gives and the teenager had a tendency to tense up before he could force himself to relax and pretend like he was fine.   But the omega took his fingers with nothing more then a soft sigh and little roll of his hips.

“Good boy, my pretty boy in his little dress,” Jared breathed as he eased his fingers out and lifted Jensen’s thigh up, slid it over his shoulder and the other one he pressed out wide so he had the room to lean forward and lick at the little pucker. He’d done this through Jensen’s panties plenty of times but never bare.

“Such a pretty body, every part, even here,” he said his voice a low rumble as he gave Jensen’s hole another lick. The omega’s little breathy whimpers encouraged the alpha and he pressed his tongue, pushed until the stretched ring gave way and let him in.   

“Ah, ah…master,” Jensen gasped, his breathing going hard as his back arched. Jared flicked his tongue, slipped it in and out and his omega made a choked sound. Jensen arched up off the counter high and froze. Jared knew what it meant and slid his palm over Jensen cock, rubbing the lacy panties against him as the omega came.  

Once Jensen was slack against the counter, Jared stood up and shoved his jeans open. He didn’t have in him to wait and he palmed his own cock. Pulling himself free from his briefs he jerked off fast and hard. Not trying to hold back he grunted out and squeezed Jensen’s thigh tightly. The omega was still on the high of his climax and his eyes looked up to Jared. It wasn’t often Jensen would ever lock their gazes for more then a few seconds but the teenager watched him silently. The fact that he would do so during sex always did it for Jared and he let out a rough broken groan while his cock throbbed. Jared looked down, pressed the tip up against Jensen and gave a little shove, let the head of his cock sink in and he couldn’t hold off, he came as the ball of his piercing pressed into the sweet hole. Jared barely kept from thrusting all the way in but he didn’t want their first time to be at the end of a climax so he managed to stay like that, the head of his cock buried as it pulsed and filled Jensen.

The omega gave a little shiver but didn’t try to shove down on his alpha’s cock, just let him do as he wanted. Jared finally let out a long exhale as the pleasure dropped to a manageable level and he grabbed up air with a hurried edge as he rested his weight on his hands and leaned over Jensen. When he looked at the teenager, those hazel eyes darted away submissively but remained glassy and languid. The alpha dropped his gaze to where his own cock was going soft, the edge of Jensen’s panties pressing to one side and Jared let himself fall away. He watched the slow seep of white and felt that primal claim run through him. He wore a condom for Genevieve, she was on birth control but didn’t want any slip-ups, three kids were enough and Jared agreed. So it had been a long time since he could watch his come trickle from someone and he found right then that he missed the thrill it gave him.

“…can you,” Jensen started hesitantly and Jared glance back up to see him flushed with embarrassment. “Can I what?” He pushed and the omega bit his lower lip before asking if Jared would put the plug back in, if he would keep his come inside Jensen. Jared didn’t reply, just got the toy and pushed in, back into his omega, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to wait much longer to finally fuck Jensen properly.       


Jason’s eleventh birthday was everything Jared expected it to be.  A strange sort of hellish place with screaming and little bodies running full tilt everywhere. Unknown scents in the air as alphas and betas he barely knew wandered around his home as they pleased.

It really sucked.

The second the first alpha had arrived, a female with her two kids, Jared realized there was going to be a huge problem. Jensen answered the door and the alpha took one look at the pretty boy offering the shy greeting and Jared saw the gleam come into her eyes. A cute little omega to play with the look screamed and Jared had to fight the urge to slam the door on her face. It wasn’t too often he found himself needing to be dominant over other alphas but in this the urge was brutal, Jensen was his. To Jared’s utter relief, Genevieve felt the same way, she softly frowned as other betas praised and pestered him to get the teenager blushing. In the fifteen minutes it took Jared and his beta to grasp that they hated the focus on Jensen, the omega himself was utterly horrified with strangers paying him such attention. He hid in the kitchen or tried to stay right beside Jared or Genevieve, pressed up close and not liking when someone leaned into his personal space to coo at him.

Jared managed to close of the kitchen and usher everyone outside into the back yard. Both him and Genevieve herded people away while Jensen hid, only appearing briefly to poured more drinks and offered cupcakes and other sweets he’d made. When everyone crowed in close to watch Jason blow out his candles on the cake, the omega turned pale halfway through and pushed someone out of the way to press into Genevieve side, trembling. Jared has never seen Jensen actively initiate physical contact with a rude notion so he knew something was up right away. His beta rubbed his shoulder soothingly but make Jensen stay out there while Jared cut and served the cake. As soon as it was done he slid over to them and told Jensen to go into the house, which the boy nearly ran to.

“What was that about?”

“Someone pinched his butt,” Genevieve said with a mix if amusement and irritation, her eyes scanning the guests for the likely culprit. Jared frowned but supposed it wasn’t the end of the world. While everyone ate cake he made his way into the house and changed his opinion right away. Jensen was rubbing away tears as he stood at the kitchen sink and tried to recollect himself. Jared slide the patio door closed to mute the screaming children and chatter before he crossed the room and slid a arm around Jensen’s shaking shoulders. The boy sagged against him gratefully and Jared pressed a soft kiss to the top of his head,

“Too much, huh?” he asked simply and Jensen nodded his head. Jared could see why, there were suddenly far too many people in their home, making messes and wanting something to drink or eat, it was stressful for Jared who just had to stand around never mind for Jensen who took it on himself to look after everyone there. Jared had read that some omega’s reacted badly to having a large number of people over at once and clearly Jensen was one of them.

“You gonna be ok? Wanna go downstairs and take a nap or read for a bit? Me and Gen can handle the rest,” he offered but Jensen shook his head right away.

“I’m ok, just a little scared I guess, it’s just a lot of people, looking at me…I don’t want them too, I just like you doing that,” It took Jared a spit second to get what Jensen was saying. With his ability to scent, Jensen was probably well aware of everyone there that was sexually inclined towards him.          

“Now I wanna lock you in your room and kick them all out,” Jared frowned and Jensen gave a soft chuckle. The boy was still leaning up against him when Genevieve came in with the first round of used plates. Jared expected her to come over and help comfort their omega but she gave the tiniest of frowns and just like that Jensen straightened up and leaned from Jared. 

The omega for certain did indeed know his beta wasn’t happy with their physical relationship after all.

“You stay in here,” Jared reached and messed Jensen hair lightly, getting a shy smile from the boy before going out after Genevieve to help her collect used plates. 

“What was that?” He asked her, voice carefully neutral as his wife shrugged and Jared finally comprehend it. Genevieve really was jealous, she was worried for Jensen earlier but seeing Jared comfort him had erased her sympathy. 

“I need to talk to you later,” he whispered lowly before walking into the crowd and making nice with the strangers eyeing up his omega.

Genevieve avoided the talk for four days before Jared finally stopped trying to corner her. He knew things where rapidly getting worse and worse between them, it seemed to him like all she ever did was frown these days, but his wife refused to acknowledge or talk about it and he didn’t know what to do. There marriage had its ups and down and the idea of getting divorced had been threatened by both of them before. But that had been years ago and things had settled between them. Maybe a little too much because Jared knew he could give more effort in getting his beta to talk, but he just didn’t have it in him when she was being so damn stubborn herself. That of course just made him feel guilty for not giving it his all and let her slip off every time she avoided talking.

Jared finally just avoided trying to bring up anything sensitive and instead mentioned his plans to reward Jensen for doing so well at Jason’s hellish birthday party. The beta took the idea well surprisingly and Jared figured she was trying on her end as well. He thought they could just give him some money again and let him decided what to do with it.

“We want you to get yourself something,” Jared explained patiently with a warm smile for the boy as he looked down at the money in his hand, it was significantly more then what Jared had given him the last time.

“Like what?” he asked tentatively and Genevieve rolled her eyes. “Just let me buy him something or he’ll never spend the money,” she offered without censor but Jared shook his head in negative.

“We want you to decide this for yourself, I don’t want you to just buy something you need either like last time when you got yourself a sweater,” the alpha forbid and Jensen just looked more perplexed and Genevieve more doubtful.

“Don’t buy anything for any of the kids either, or for me or Gen. Understood?” Jensen still seemed unsure but he nodded his head finally, looking determined to please and Jared wasn’t sure how that would bode, he wondered if it would have been better to let Genevieve buy the omega something after all.

 When he got home the next evening to find her angrily cooking dinner and Jensen nowhere to be found he figured it probably would have.  

“What happened?” he asked straight away and Genevieve flushed furiously as she cut vegetables with menace.   

“He got his tongue pierced,” she declared, staring at the food and not Jared as the solid thump of the knife on the cutting board filled the silence. Jared blinked and opened his mouth to say something but his words failed and a hard slice of lust cut into him.

“He did what?”

“He got his fucking tongue pierced!” Genevieve shouted back, dropping the knife and pacing the kitchen, visibly seething.

“Did you put him up to it?” she accused and immediately backtracked when Jared gave her a warning look, Genevieve was his wife but she was also his beta, she had no grounds for such an accusation. “God, he did this to please you, you get that right? He wants to suck you off,”

Jared didn’t deny that and he slumped in the kitchen chair, trying to keep his aroused scent to himself.

“I figured he’d get new cooking pots or something, we’d all laugh and it’d be great. But no he got his tongue pierced and don’t you dare act like you don’t like the idea, I remember you going on about that beta you dated in college with her tongue piercing that blew you mind every time! Piercing is your…your thing!”

“Gen,” Jared spoke in a carefully calm, centering voice and the beta finally paused in her pacing. “Why are you so angry?” he asked bluntly and watched her fumble to answer.

“You said yourself that you wouldn’t be opposed to me having sex with our omega, but now your freaking out, acting like Jensen is out to steal me away or something,” Jared carefully elaborated and watched his wife as she deflated and slumped against the counter her cheeks red with humiliation.

“I don’t know, I just didn’t actually expect it to happen alright? Why would he do this? It feels like he did it to spite me,” she confessed, walking over and taking a seat across from him with a weary sigh.

“You know better then that, Jensen adores you. I imagine this was him trying to please me and not having a clue how it would bother you, where is he anyway?” Jared asked looking around and feeling something in him pause when Genevieve looked guilty.

“I sent him to his room for the night, told him to stay down there until tomorrow,” she confessed and Jared felt his mouth pull in a frown.

“You can’t punish him like that and you know it. We told him he could get whatever he wanted. You can’t encourage him to make his own choices and them punish him when they’re not what you wanted.”

“I know, go talk to him, I don’t want to deal with this anymore,” she grumbled and went back to her cooking. Jared wanted to press her for more now that she was finally talking but he knew it would end up in a fight and he wanted to go sooth his omega, knew Jensen was in his room beating himself up. Jared went downstairs speculating if Genevieve had meant more then just the situation on hand when she said she didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Did it make him a shitty husband that he didn’t much feel like doing so either?


Jensen was sitting on his floor cross-legged with a pillow hugged to his chest and red puffy eyes. The little omega didn’t look up when Jared entered and closed the door quietly, pausing to observe the boy before he slumped down beside him.

“So I hear you got something new?” he asked, voice light and the lack of censor made Jensen give him a shy look through his bangs before a tentative nod.

“Can I see?” With the ever present red hue to his face the omega opened his mouth and spat out a ice cube into his hand before his tongue slid out, a black shiny ball right in the center.

“Gen was pretty upset, she didn’t quiet expect it, huh?” Jared said bluntly and Jensen looked ashamed as he nodded his head in agreement. “I spoke with her and she’s calmed down now. Gen knows she over reacted and that it was wrong to punish you,” he explained softly to the boy, unable to resist the urge to put his arm on the top of the bed they had their backs too so he could sling it loosely over Jensen’s slender shoulders.

“We said you could get anything and we meant it, you’re not in trouble here,” he reassured Jensen and smiled down at him until the omega timidly returned it, his heart in his eyes.

“Now did you get aftercare instructions?” Jensen nodded and Jared asked to see them. It was pretty standard stuff, cleaning twice a day, plenty of mouthwash, and ice chips to help with the swelling. After dinner Genevieve actually made a run to the convince store to get more ice chips for him in a peace offering and the boy couldn’t stop smiling at her all night.    

Jared managed to impress himself by never once mentioning the piercing outside of whether or not it was healing well. He never asked Jensen to show it to him again and during the times when he sat the omega on his lap and he fucked him with toys he didn’t try to kiss him at all. A quick check on the internet and a call to a piercing parlor gave Jared the info he needed and it was important to let Jensen heal up first. Just shy a month since he got it, Jared took Jensen in and had the plastic temporary piercing replaced with a shorted metal barbell. Now that it was healed up, a smaller piercing was more comfortable and less clumsy. Jensen had a second one already but Jared wanted to get him something of better quality and a few other styles, he knew he was doing it for himself but it didn’t really care much. Plus Jensen looked beyond happy and well aware why Jared was so interested in the piercing. When Jared took a card from the piercing pallor and shoved it in his wallet Jensen watched but didn’t say a word.


“Can I see it?” Jeremy asked with a little too much interest and Jensen gave a nod before he opened his mouth to show the small metal ball sitting on his tongue. They stood at the island in the kitchen, Jensen putting the finishing touches on dinner while Jeremy peered at his tongue, Melissa was setting out the plates and she came over to look at it too.

“Cool,” the male beta breathed while his sister looked more nauseous then impressed. “That had to have hurt so much,” she muttered and the omega shrugged.

“They put a numbing solution on your tongue first,” he offered but she still looked pale at the idea of a needle through her tongue.

“Don’t even think about it,” Jared warned both his children and Jeremy gave a frown.

“Jensen got one,” he protested and Jared rolled his eyes at the age old ‘but he/she did it’ complaint.

“Jensen is sixteen and a omega, he doesn’t have to worry about his reputation,” Jared shot back and his son huffed but let it go when Jared gave him a firm look.

There was an air of anticipation between the alpha and his omega over dinner, if his kids caught it they completely ignored it but Genevieve kept giving Jared soft little frowns throughout the evening. All she ever did was frown at him it seemed like.  

“Working late tonight?” she almost accused when Jared went to head down to his study and he paused.

“You said you were fine with this,” he replied and his wife sighed but nodded her head in agreement. “I did, I’m just not used to it yet,” she offered and gave him a tight smile that he saw through. He hesitated but Genevieve was quick to turn away from him, her demeanor saying it would turn into a fight. The alpha was aware that his beta was slipping away through their combined disinterest in ever communicating. But Jared was just so damn sick of fighting, Genevieve never wanted to either; always quick to leave the room when tempers flared or sensitive subjects came up. And maybe Jared really wasn’t all that interested either when he had Jensen waiting for him, never trying to argue or challenge Jared. He’d heard of alphas before who kept omegas mates instead of betas and he could see why as he went to where he knew Jensen would welcome him lovingly.