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Time bomb

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Aaron currently age 17 was walking to school, listening to some indie band, he totally blamed his mum for it though, she'd had the bands new album on repeat and it got stuck in his head.

He sat down on the bus when he felt a burning sensation, he pulled up his sleeve to see a bunch of black inked letters and numbers : rae41214, what ?

Robert however, a mere age 22 was walking round the office at L&E W agriculture, he'd just got a promotion from tea maker and typer, to photo copier and typer, it didn't sound like much, but he knew he had to work his way up as Lawrence seemed like an ass to work for. It was just as he was waiting for the new papers to be printed he felt a searing burn on his wrist, he too seeing rae41214,but what did it mean ? Rob being the nosy person he was , decided to go to a friend who loves projects like this, his friend (was also his colleague and flat mate as well) had been muttering just the other day about a new surge of inked combinations, but he wasn't listening To understand what the heck he was on about, he thought it was rubbish, but then again he couldn't deny what had just happend

He left after work and met with him as usual

"Connor I have something important to tell you"

He laughed "your secretly a bisexual nerd ?, yes I had figured that out 2 years ago rob"

Robert rolled his eyes "no you idiot, look !" He said as he yanked his sleeve up

Connor gasped "YOU GOT CHOSEN" and started getting over excited like some teen girl, which when rob thought about did describe his friend and on off casual lover a bit too well

"So what does it mean !" Rob almost shouted

Connors wide eyes just stayed there, looking up at him before he scurried off to the bar

"Err sir my friend is gonna need three double scotches, a can of Coke and a cheese burger"

Rob knew that combo too well , it was Connors signature 'shits about to happen here's some comfort food to help the shock' combo

Connor bought the food and drink over and rob downed one of the Scotches straight away in preparation

"So" rob asked worriedly

"It's the details of your soulmate" Connor said bluntly