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Day and Night

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I felt myself changing. I was shrinking, my neck elongating. I opened my mouth to scream... But I had no mouth. My lips had stretched and hardened, and an odd sound was ripped from my throat.

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the lake beside me... But I didn't see me. I mean, I did see me but I wasn't me...

I was a swan.

I knew something bad was going to happen when the gap sensor went off and I was the only ranger not severely injured from our last battle. I was forced to rush off to battle alone, without backup. The nighlock looked odd, his skin was a mottled green and horns adorned his head, but otherwise he looked completely human. He grinned evilly at me and we began to duel.

He made the first move, swinging his weird staff/sword thing at my abdomen. I blocked, then aimed a strike at his head. He dodged, then quickly stabbed at my stomach, but while I blocked that, a horned tail I didn't realize he had. swung around his and my bodies an hit my back. I fell. Before I could rise once again, he pointed his staff at me and muttered something in a weird language.

That was when the transformation had begun.

Now I stood, small, white, and feathery, as that strange monster stood over me, laughing darkly.

"There are some rules to this existence," he told me. "you will remain a swan by night and girl by day until true love's kiss touches upon your lips. If you tell any living being about the curse, by any means of communication, you shall remain a swan for all eternity. If any person other than your true love kisses you, you shall remain a swan forever. In addition, your true love must be in love with you at the time of the kiss for the curse to be broken."

My heart sank with every word. What were the odds that I would meet my true love? How long would it take?

"I will give you some hope though." he told me. "I will tell you this much. Your true love is one of the samurai rangers. And just because you love him now doesn't make him your true love."

And with that he left.