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RWBY Skits

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‘Ruby walks into the room’

Ruby - Weiss…..what are you doing

Weiss - ‘looks up from book’ Well I WAS reading you dolt

Ruby - No,no,no I phrased that wrong. What are you WEARING ‘points to dress’

Weiss - ‘looks down’ A dress ?


Weiss - ‘concerned’ Ruby , I don’t get what the big deal is

Ruby - ‘yells into the other room’ YAAAAAANG

‘Yang walks into the room’

Yang - Yeah Ruby, what is …..’notices Weiss’ ‘doubletakes’ Woah Weiss, what are you wearing ?!?!

Weiss - ‘sighs’ Not you too…….

Yang - Listen Weiss, ‘sits down next to Weiss’ We have a system going here….

Weiss - A system ? ‘raises eyebrow skeptically’

Yang - Yes ,a system. We all have a specific color scheme we follow. Ruby wears red, I always wear at least a little bit of yellow or brown, and Blake sticks to the dark colors.

Weiss- ‘crosses arms’ Well I never AGREED to that ‘turns head away’ hmmph

Yang - Weiss…..

Weiss - …….’ getting angry’

Yang - We’re Team RWBY, not Team RGBY

Ruby - I don’t even LIKE Rugby Weiss !’ stomps foot on ground’

Weiss - FINE ‘gets up’ I’ll change ‘flips sofa’ You’re all IDIOTS ‘storms out of room'

Yang - ‘ yells after her’ I’m glad we had this talk !