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The Very Hungry Jack

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It was so comfortable inside him that she didn't wake up until something plopped on her head. Groggily looking up, she gets a face full of mush. Wiping it off and trying to wake up, she realizes what he's doing.

"Jack!! Are you seriously eating right now?!"

Jack was, in fact, chewing on a slice of pizza.

"What? I got hungry, and as I recall," he swallows so he can talk clearer "you're hungry too. Right, kitten~?"

"I am NOT a baby bird. No way in hell am I eating your mush." She manages to not get the next mouthful on her head this time. Thinking, leaning back in his chair, he gets an idea. Taking a small bite of the pizza, he swallows it without chewing, landing in his stomach with only saliva.

"... Lovely...." she sighs and picks it up "So I'm guessing, since you're eating, I won't be fed unless I eat... This."

"Aw, see? I knew you weren't just a pretty face that wound up in programming." Jack smiles and pours himself a glass of soda. Oh this was going to be fun.

Grateful he couldn't see her blush, she begins to munch on it. It wasn't as gross as she thought it would be, but considering she was covered head to toe in his stomach mucus, this wasn't that gross. Speaking of which, it looked like anything not covered in said fluid was being digested. Even though Jack promised her safety, panicked swelled up inside.

"H-Hey! I'm not going to get burned in here because you're eating, right...?"

Jack frowns downwards, finger tapping his desk irritably.

"Didn't I promise that you'd be safe? You're safe. Got it?"

She gulps, suddenly remembering how small she was, and just exactly the kind of power Jack had over her. "Y-Yes, Sir."

"Good," he purrs, lifting the cup to his mouth, "I'm glad we're on the same page. Bottoms up~"

Confused for a moment at the last part, soda comes pouring in like a pump. Sitting down wasn't an option at this point with the drink up to her waist. It was bubbling all around her with carbonation, more than a few bubbles popping against her sensitive areas. The taunt walls were slowly being stretched by the building gas until it left as Jack let out a rather nasty belch.

Everything was now a gross stew of soda and pizza mush, but he just kept on eating. And eating. And eating until she was crammed in tight with his food, pressed against his belly. Finally content, Jack realizes where she is, happy to find it's against his abdominal muscles. Pushing against her with his hand, he frowns a bit.

"Man, I was kinda hoping you'd leave an outline or something sexy like that..." with one last sip of drink, he walks over and lies on his couch.

The sudden shift in position allowed her to be on top of the pizza mush, finally having some stretching space. Her adjustments make Jack moan, earning a hard poke in her back.

"Yo, none of that. I don't like jerking off after I just ate."

"Well this is uncomfortable, you fatass. So deal with it while I make room." With that, she begins to push against the food, forcing it to enter his intestine. He pants heavily, fumbling with his hands to make her stop, belly gurgling loudly in protest. Finally, she wasn't crampacked with food and could lie down again with a content sigh.

Jack, on the other hand, didn't like the fact she somehow gained the upper hand in this situation. In retaliation, he flips over and lies on his stomach.

"If you want to fight dirty, then let's fight dirty."

Her entire body was completely pressed against his walls, hot and slick all over. With every breath, the folds rubbed against her body, which she found herself straddling rather tightly. From the bubbles earlier and now this intense, full body experience, she found herself grinding and rubbing against the wall before reaching down and using her hands.

Feeling her squirming makes Jack pant heavier, putting a hand to better feel her moments. His heart was pounding, which just fueled her pleasure even moreso.

"Y-Yeah that's what I thought... Don't like being squashed, huh?" Her jerking motions speeding up caused some alarm, making him flip back over. That just allows him to hear her moans now, loud and clear. It put him over the edge and Jack pulls his hard-on out, using his other hand to push against her as hard as he could stand. The feeling of being entrapped and of entrapping someone had them both hot and heavy, rubbing and stroking together while moaning the other's name until they both came hard for the second time that day.

Carefully spitting her back up, Jack dries and wraps her with a towel, placing the once again exhausted woman on his belly. He finds himself stroking her figure like a small pet, reminding him of his kitten from a long time ago. Nudging her, she murmurs a sleepy hmm.

"Hey." He says softly, so as not to hurt her ears, although they told him that wouldn't happen "On a scale of 1-Me, how much did you like that?"

She lifts her head up and blinks at him in surprise. He was asking her... how much she enjoyed it? She didn't take him to be the caring type, but was grateful for the chance.

"I give it a 3. I... liked the bubbles and being stuffed in there but... It was pretty gross. To--To be honest...."

He frowns again, continuing to pet her. She gulps, worried that she answered wrong. Leaning his head back, he looks up at the ceiling before shrugging

"Fair enough. I won't eat with you in there again if you don't like it. But the bubbly part..." he looks at her with a smirk "That I can do better on. But after a nap and we get you some new clothes."

He rests his head again, closing his eyes. Oh. He wasn't mad. He actually... Wanted to improve the experience for them both. Placing her hands over her burning cheeks, she listens to his heart and breathing turn deep. His hand was so warm on top of her, it was like the perfect blanket. Eyes heavy, she soon drifts to sleep again, this time, feeling better about her future.