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The Very Hungry Jack

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She was happy with her job on Helios, doing nothing to put her in danger and just doing her job. It was nice, enjoyable even. She was never worried about being vented out through and airlock or being blackmailed. That is, until there was an ECHO in her inbox she never expected. It simply read “Come to my office for a performance report”. And it was real, everyone knew the true user of the account hjack69. Maybe, just maybe, this was her promotion for being such a diligent worker. Ecstatic at the thought, she primed and cleaned herself to the utmost of presentability and went to the CEO’s office, full of hope.

There was nothing really special about her arrival at his door. Just a clank and whirl as the doors open, showing the long walk to his desk. And there he was, sitting, eating pretzels. It was like a dream it was so perfect, her long, confident strides bringing her closer to her idol. Oh, how her heart fluttered at the approving smile tugging on his lips. This was the moment she never thought would actually happen, and here it was, happening.

He popped one last pretzel in his mouth before turning the chair to face her fully, elbows propping up to form a triangular shape under his chin. Seizing the moment to take charge, she straightens up and addresses her boss.

“You asked for me, Sir?”

There was that approving smile again as Jack leaned back in his seat.

“Yeah, I did. Seems like you’ve been a quiet, hard worker huh?” She nods and gives him a “Yes, sir.”

“No rivals, enemies, kills, or anything cool. Just… work.”

Her courage cracks, heart sinking as Jack leans forward, staring her down as his words cut her down.

“No friends, you came to Helios when you had no family, and all you do is work, go home, and masturbate to some kinky as hell stuff.”

Hot, red heat was her first reaction, denial her second.

“I used a different ip, cleared my browser and everything…!”

He just laughs, putting his elbow on the armrest to support his chin and wicked grin.

“That’s cute kiddo. I did start off in the same job as you, ya know. But I’m not here to kink shame you or anything, nah. Nothing like that.” Jack’s tone had turned heavy, cold eyes watching her sweat.

“You’re into some interesting things, kiddo. I didn’t mind going through your history, personally. Turns out I’m into some interesting things too now.”

His eyes were half-lidded, calm, and in control as she fretted silently before him. She knew what he was talking about. It was her darkest secret, and frankly she hated herself after every lustful session of watching or reading vore. A small kernel of hope he wanted to thank her, maybe even discuss it with her, kept her from breaking down completely in shame. Of course, he couldn’t actually eat her so that idea was dismissed. As wonderful as same size vore was, it was completely improbable. For humans at least. No, what she was terrified about was the idea of him finding the largest possible creature and feeding her to it. Hardcore vore wasn’t really her thing, but knowing Jack, that just might float his boat.

After what felt like an eternity for her, and a few seconds for Jack, he presses a button on his armrest and a hatch overhead opens. The sound made her spin around, stomach twisted hard as she waited to see what awful creature was about to descend upon her any moment now. Instead, a ray gun of sorts on a mechanical arm entered the room.

Confusion, realization, and cold, numbing fear earned Jack a choked sob from the female. He had waited several months for the gun to be ready, growing hungrier every day. It was gnawing at him, now that the time was so close. But like any good foodie, he wanted to savor it. Enjoy the kill, to say.

He leaned closer to her, across the desk, just enough to purr in her ear.

“You’ve lead a completely boring life, so I want to change that for you kitten. No one likes a boring drone. And how better than to indulge in your greatest desire~?” And before she can respond, or even work up the sense to run, the sharp click of a button signals the machine to start. Backing up, head shaking, she bumps into the desk, only to be grasped firmly by his large hands. Just as she begins to struggle, a bright light flashes through the room, and all Jack holds is air. Looking down, it doesn’t take long to spot the stunned and tiny person, swaying where they stand.

The look on Jack’s face was one of a man who just shot down a large game in one, clean shot. And that’s preciously what he had just done.