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The Kids Aren't Alright

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Yoongi could pinpoint the exact moment that it had all began.


They gathered around the fire just like most Saturday nights. The night sky was clear and though the fog of the city blocked the stars from view, it was still a nice sight. He watched with heavy lidded eyes as a few sparks from the fire, settled in the middle of their makeshift circle, floated up into the sky. The air was chilly but the jean jacket he wore protected him from any amount of chill he might feel.

Hoseok and Seokjin were to his right, curled up on an old dirty arm chair. Hoseok had his legs thrown over Seokjin's lap as the elder focused on a few pictures in his hands. There was a grin on Hoseok's face, his eyes bright as he watched Jimin and Taehyung dance around the fire to a beat coming from Namjoon's phone. Hoseok looked tempted to join them but he was too comfortable to move.

Yoongi watched as Jimin grabbed Taehyung's hands and the two started rolling their hips, making Seokjin glance up and smile brightly at them. Namjoon just laughed out loud at the antics of the younger two and clapped his hands a few times, his smile wide and making his cheeks dimple. It was a handsome smile, one that Yoongi didn't get to see too often on the other's face as much as he'd like. The fire reflected in his eyes and though there was sadness there, his smile covered it up enough for no one to notice.

Namjoon was relaxing against an old crate, his legs spread out in front of him as he sipped on something in a clear bottle. Yoongi didn't need to smell it to know what it was. He said nothing though as he flicked his eyes back to the two dancing. The beat had shifted and they were busy trying to out do each other with some dance. Yoongi recognized the song as something from the radio, one of those popular girl group songs and of course Taehyung and Jimin knew the dances to it.

Jimin caught his eyes as he did a spin and gave Yoongi a wink. It was tempting, Yoongi thought. To join them in their antics but he currently had a head in his lap that he had no intentions of moving. He couldn't tell if Jungkook was awake or not, giving the angle but he assumed the boy was. It was more than a little surprising that the youngest had yet to join the dancing idiots, as he was usually prone to do. But again, Yoongi said nothing.

These were his friends. His rag tag group of friends that came together in dark times and somehow, still made it through. His friends that he wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Friends that meant everything to him. He'd never been close to anyone until they came to be. It started with Namjoon and then grew from there. Jimin was the last to join, but the boy fit well, nestled into a little spot they hadn't even known they had.

Yoongi raised his eyes to the sky once again as his fingers toyed with the lighter in his hand. He was tempted for another smoke but again, there was a warm head on his lap that he had no intention of disturbing. Jungkook never had a sense of personal space and luckily for him, Yoongi didn't care as much as he once had. After they boy had jumped on his back one too may times, he'd stopped caring enough to stop him. They were all affectionate in their own ways, after all.

His thumb flicked over the zippo lighter and the warmth that suddenly flared along his skin made him glance down. The flame was bright and tall. Nothing dangerous but it made something prickle along his skin. He stared at the flame before glancing at the fire in the center. They'd thrown it together in a barrel with some old newspaper and of course he'd been the one to start it. The light from it flickering over their faces made them look more sullen than normal but there were smiles that probably weren't shown anywhere else.

Yoongi knew what this meant to them. He knew this was one of those few times any of them were actually happy. Hell, it was one of the few times he was actually happy; Surrounded by his friends; sometimes he was sure there was nothing they couldn't handle. As long as they had each other, they'd be alright. But he wasn't that delusional. He knew they were so far from being alright. But if it was just for tonight, he would accept that they were. Temporary happiness was still happiness.

He glanced up suddenly when Taehyung jumped over the fire and nearly stumbled into Hoseok and Seokjin. The orange haired male just chuckled before he actually did collapse on the two and earned a bunch of grunting and shouting. Jungkook shifted at the commotion and twisted on the beaten down love-seat he and Yoongi were sharing. He rolled onto his back, his head resting between Yoongi's thighs as he stared up at the sky.

Yoongi glanced at him for only a second before he brought his eyes back to his lighter. The flame had died out so he flicked it once again, earning a large flame for his efforts. He was slightly captivated by it, watching as it danced and warmed his thumb. He could hear the others all around him but it was a faded sound, as if he had headphones on but he didn't. He was lost in his own little world for that moment, his thoughts flittering into nothingness.

Movement to his left caught his attention and he glanced down just as Jungkook rolled to his side once again. The male lifted up onto his elbow as he stared at the flame Yoongi had created. His brow furrowed slightly before he leaned forward and pursed his plump lips. In one small breath, he blew out the flame and something sharp cut through Yoongi's stomach like a knife.

Big golden brown eyes met his and it was that very moment that Yoongi would always blame. That single moment where they just stared at each other, Jungkook hovering over his lap and his thumb hovering over the lighter wheel. There was an innocence to Jungkook's beautiful face that none of the other boys had. He'd been through much less and yet he was still there. Jungkook didn't talk about his home life as much as the others but it was a quiet understanding that he hated it. But he was young, still in school, and had a future ahead of him. Like Jimin.

Jungkook's lips pursed for only a second and Yoongi's thumb flicked, turning the wheel and bringing the flame back to life. There was a challenge hidden deep in Yoongi's dark eyes and something about it made Jungkook's lips curl up ever so slightly in the corners. He leaned forward another inch and blew the flame out again, his lips pursing in a way that made Yoongi's heart throb in his chest. Those golden-brown eyes were on his again, a challenge in them that made Yoongi's lips twitch. He flicked the lighter again, not moving an inch away from the other and refusing to look away from his eyes.

Jungkook's brow furrowed as he twisted onto his stomach, placing one hand on Yoongi's thigh, spreading fire beneath his skin. He stayed still for a moment as they stared at each other, an unspoken dare between them. There was commotion around them, Taehyung being thrown to the ground by Hoseok but none of that mattered at the time. Just Jungkook's burning eyes and the way his nose crinkled ever so slightly as he smirked.

He moved so fast, Yoongi didn't have the chance to stop him. He snatched the lighter from his hand, a confidant smirk on his lips at the way Yoongi stared at him. He twirled the lighter around in his fingers for a moment before slipping it into the pocket of his jacket. Then he plopped down over Yoongi's lap, arms folded against his thighs and head resting on them so he could watch the burning fire.

Yoongi was tense, staring at the boy in his lap who acted as if nothing had just happened. He swallowed past the lump in his throat and allowed his shoulders to finally relax. Jungkook was warm in his lap and though he could have kicked the asshole off, he didn't. He just sat there, one hand resting on the arm of the love-seat while the other remained thrown over the back.

When he glanced up, he saw Namjoon watching him. He had a dark brow perked, concerned from the look of it but Yoongi just gave him a one shoulder shrug. That seemed to satisfy Namjoon as he turned back to his phone, trying to find a better song for them to listen to. Yoongi turned his attention back to the fire and though his fingers were itching for a cigarette, or even his lighter back, he made no move to do so.

His chest felt heavy and the warmth spreading from his thighs into the rest of his body was the biggest warning flag he could have ever received. And yet, he did nothing. He was good at that. Doing nothing. He was well known for it. His fingers twitched along the back of the love-seat, feeling the worn itchy fabric before he lowered his hand to rest against Jungkook's back. The boy didn't even flinch. His jacket felt softer beneath Yoongi's fingertips than the fabric of the love-seat. His fingers splayed over Jungkook's back and he left them there while he pressed his free hand against the side of his neck to rest there.

"Oooooh!" Jimin exclaimed when a quick beat started playing from Namjoon's phone and Yoongi recognized it as one of their favorite hip-hop songs.

Taehyung was immediately back on his feet and hopped along with Jimin to the beat as Hoseok, Seokjin and Namjoon watched with smiles on their faces. Yoongi perked a brow when Jimin glanced at him and flashed that chubby cheeked smile that made his eyes almost disappear. That was the only warning they really had and Yoongi snatched his hand out of the way just in time. Jimin landed on Jungkook with a laugh, making the younger shout out in discomfort. Jimin's ass dug perfectly into the small of Jungkook's back and he avoided the kick the younger tried to give him.

Taehyung had been busy trying to rap along with the lyrics before he decided to join in on the dog pile. Yoongi tried to slip out from under Jungkook before it happened but there were strong hands on his thighs holding him in place and he was doomed. Taehyung flung himself onto the love-seat, knocking Jimin into the back of it and Jungkook cried out in distress. He was trapped beneath both of them and Yoongi could feel the boy's mouth pressed hard into the fabric of his worn jeans. Yoongi wasn't in any form of discomfort but Jungkook was so when he gave Taehyung a hard shove, the orange haired male let out a squeal before his back connected with the ground once again.

"Shit." Taehyung cursed softly but didn't bother to get up from the ground.

Jimin laughed at him and Yoongi could feel Jungkook laughing as well. He was about to push Jimin off as well but the boy shifted to lay over Jungkook, front to Jungkook's back, legs sprawled all over the place. Jungkook protested when Jimin's chin nestled in his hair but he didn't bother to throw Jimin off like he could have.

Yoongi perked a brow when Jimin's bright eyes met him and he was greeted with that smile again. Jimin gave him a wink before he dug his fingers into Jungkook's thick black hair and started to ruffly it roughly. This time Jungkook did protest and used the leverage he had to throw Jimin off his back. Unfortunately, he didn't calculate properly and they both ended up flinging off the couch on top of Taehyung who screamed in alarm.

"The kids are being idiots again." Hoseok called with amusement in his tone, waving a hand in the air as if someone would come and pull them apart.

"Please don't squish Tae." Seokjin said softly, leaning forward to peer over Hoseok.

Jungkook rolled off of Jimin easily enough and hopped to his feet but the other two didn't bother to move. Jimin laid on top of Taehyung and shifted just enough so his head could rest beside the others and they watched the sky together. Jungkook gave a decent kick to their sides which made Namjoon bark out a laugh before he sat back down beside Yoongi.

"They're all idiots." Yoongi mumbled, tossing his arm over the back of the couch and coincidentally, behind Jungkook.

"You love us though!" Jimin pointed out, raising a hand in the air.

"Apparently." The smile that curled to Yoongi's lips showed part of his straight teeth and when Jungkook leaned into his side, he didn't fight it. He wrapped his arm around the male's shoulders, tugging him a little closer in a hug that made the younger grin.

It was harmless really. Or so Yoongi told himself.

The first time it happened, Yoongi could remember clearly. Jungkook initiated it and though that was no surprise, being the adult, Yoongi thought he should have known better.


The edge of the concrete platform was cold beneath his ass but he didn't seem to care in the least. His feet dangled off the side, boots clicking every so often while he glanced around the old train yard. It was brighter outside than one would think given it was close to midnight thanks to the lights of Seoul. He could hear the sounds of cars and machines in the distance but even more so, he could hear the laughter of his friends not too far away.

Yoongi loved his friends. They were the one thing that kept him mostly sane. But even so, sometimes he needed time away from them. Not long; just a moment to himself. Plus, his urge to smoke was always enough to drag him away from them. An unlit cigarette rest between his lips as he stared off into space, a cheap plastic lighter resting in his hand. He'd walked away for only minute for a smoke and yet there he was, just sitting there with his friends laughter in the background.

Though he liked to have a moment to himself, as he excused, really, he only walked away because the smoke made Jimin cough a bit. He could handle a moment to himself if it meant he didn't cause his friends issues. Not that Jimin ever complained. But Yoongi knew well enough that it bothered him. That was enough for him.

His face twisted, a slight scowl coming to his lips as he lifted the cheap lighter and flicked it. The flame danced in his vision for just a moment before he brought it closer, cupping his hand around the flame so the stick in his mouth could flare to life. He sucked in a good breath, smoke filling his lungs before he pulled the stick from his mouth and breathed out in a heavy sigh. He flicked the lighter once more before tossing it to the side.

He needed to get his zippo back from Jungkook; the little asshole. That was weeks ago. His brow furrowed as he thought about it and ignored the way his chest constricted. He brought the stick back to his lips and took another long drag, feeling the nerves in his fingertips settle finally. It wasn't the worst addiction in the world but it was still an addiction. His friends had worse problems, he knew. Like Hoseok's dependence on anti-depressants and Taehyung's drinking. The least he could do was indulge in his for a little bit, even if it was killing him slowly.

Footsteps behind him made him tense before he recognized the flow. One shuffle, one step, more shuffle. His shoulders relaxed as he leaned back on his hand, glancing over his shoulder to see Jungkook approaching. The boy had his hood up over his head, hiding most of his black hair aside from the fringe that fell over his black-outlined eyes. Taehyung must have gotten to him but Yoongi had to admit those round eyes looked good outlined like that. His hands were shoved into his pockets and though his teeth were tugging on his lower lip, he didn't appear that abnormal.

Yoongi's eyes followed him as he hopped over a fallen pole and rounded Yoongi. He settled down beside the elder easily enough, never taking his hands out of his leather jacket, that rested over a black zip-up hoodie. Jungkook didn't even look at him, just focused on the train car across from them covered in graffiti that they were both sure happened to be partly Taehyung's fault.

They sat in silence for a good five minutes while Yoongi took drags from his stick, blowing smoke up into the night air. There was something sunken about Jungkook's shoulders. Something Yoongi had noticed when the boy first arrived hours ago. His bright smile betrayed his body and if anyone noticed something they didn't mention it. It was always best that way. If someone wanted to talk about their shit, they'd talk about their shit. Otherwise, it was left alone so they could just enjoy their time together.

Tonight had been an usually difficult night. It had started with Jimin showing up with a bruise on his cheek and Taehyung threatening to kill someone. Jimin had insisted he was fine, that it was nothing to worry about, but they all knew better. Yoongi and Namjoon had shared a glance and when the bottle blond dragged Jimin to sit down with him, curled against his side, it was enough. Taehyung had joined them, settled on the love-seat and the warmth they shared was enough for Jimin to smile.

Perhaps it was because everyone was worried over Jimin that Jungkook hadn't said a word. Perhaps because the youngest was more worried about taking Jimin's mind off his shit by making him laugh that his own problems didn't bother him as much. But now, there Jungkook was, sitting beside him with defeated shoulders and Yoongi couldn't help but reach out.

He stuffed his still lit stick in his other hand before wrapping his arm around Jungkook's shoulders. It was a little difficult, given that the five year younger asshole was a decent deal taller than him but Jungkook leaned into him and they fit together better than he would have thought.

There were a few more beats of silence before Jungkook reached up and tugged his hood down. Yoongi glanced at him, following the curve of his face before glancing away. But then, his eyes were back because something stood out to him. His brow furrowed and he stuffed the stick in his mouth so he could reach forward and push those black bangs out of that pretty face.

He let out a heavy sigh at the scabbed cut he saw just above Jungkook's eyebrow. He ran his thumb over it softly, making the younger shiver before he pulled his hand away abruptly. He eyed Jungkook's face, taking note of the guilty look in his eyes before shifting his gaze to the train and took another inhale of his cancer stick.

"Let me guess." Yoongi spoke softly, his deep voice flowing between them and making Jungkook glance at him. "The other guy looks worse."

Jungkook crinkled his nose in a soft snort. "Of course."

He rolled his eyes, plucking the stick from his lips to crush it against the concrete at his side. He tossed the butt onto the tracks before rubbing his hand over the fabric of his worn jeans. "If I give you the "you're better than this" speech one more time, I'm going to choke myself."

Jungkook just shrugged. "I'll still listen, hyung,"

"No." Yoongi sighed, running a hand through his strawberry-red dyed hair. "You'll listen, but you won't hear."

"Can't hear if I don't believe the shit you're spitting."

"There's your damn problem right there." Again, Jungkook shrugged. "Want to talk about it?" He asked after a few beats of silence.

"Not really."

And that was it. Yoongi dropped it.

"We should get back to the others."

"Yeah. In a minute." Jungkook's eyes were focused on the sky and Yoongi's arm felt heavy over his shoulders but he made no move to brush it off. And Yoongi didn't remove it.

When Jungkook shifted, placing his hand innocently enough on Yoongi's thigh, the elder's throat went tight. He didn't dare meet the intense orbs watching him from the corner of Jungkook's eyes, nor did he even acknowledge what he already knew.

The second time, or maybe it was the fourth, Yoongi was completely at blame.


It was one of those rare nights were nothing seemed to go wrong. There were smiles on everyone's faces when they met up and the more time they spent together, the more they grew. From running along the train tracks, to getting something eat at the local fast food place, nothing could seem to damper the mood. It was one of those rare nights and Yoongi wouldn't trade it for the world. His cheeks hurt from how much he had been smiling and with his arms thrown over Namjoon's shoulders as the younger piggy backed him, he was certain nothing could ruin it.

But as always, something had to damper their fun.

They were halfway back from the restaurant when the sky opened up on them.

Taehyung let out a shout to the heaven's as he jumped on Hoseok's back. No one needed to say anything. Namjoon dropped Yoongi to his feet and they all took off in a different direction. No point in going back to the train-yard when it was raining its ass off. Good thing they had a place just for cases like that.

The highway overpass wasn't a place people frequented often, if at all. That made it the perfect place for them to set up their own little hide out. It protected them from the rain, and any other harsh weather that may befall them, and gave them a place to hide from the rest of the world. Just like their place by the train tracks was a little circle set up. Surrounding an old metal crate they used to make fires in, was an old ripped black leather couch, a few plastic chairs and another big arm chair.

The place was filthy but none of them cared.

Taehyung was the first to throw off his damp jacket while Yoongi moved to start the fire. Jimin wondered around the large dark area in search of kindle for him with his phone as a flashlight. Seokjin set about helping the brunet while Hoseok and Namjoon helped Yoongi arrange things in the metal crate. Once the fire was flaring, they all settled back, laughing about how the rain had caught them.

Hoseok and Taehyung settled in the arm chair while Jimin drug one of the plastic chairs over so he could beside them, tossing his damp coat over the back. The air was chilly so it wasn't long before Taehyung drug Jimin into the chair with the two of them, laying him over their laps so they could share the warmth. Namjoon settled on one end of the couch while Seokjin rested on the arm beside him, not minding the way Namjoon's arm wrapped around his waist to hold him in place.

Yoongi toyed with the fire for a while longer, slipping his damp jean jacket from his shoulder to rest over one of the spare chairs, leaving him in a black hoodie that hung from his frame. Jungkook joined Namjoon on the couch at the other end and curled up into himself, arms crossed over his chest and brow furrowed as he stared at the fire. He'd shown up with a bruise on his jaw but no one pointed it out. Jungkook's bruises were different from Jimin's and they all knew it. But the look Namjoon and Seokjin had given Yoongi had screamed at him to talk to the boy again.

Satisfied that the fire would be just fine, Yoongi pushed to his feet. Taehyung was going off about another one of his crazy stories that tended to be true rather than made up and he had everyone's rapt attention. Yoongi slipped around Namjoon and Seokjin so he could plop onto the couch between his oldest friend and the kid. Jungkook gave him a glance before sinking even farther into himself, paying Taehyung's story no mind.

Yoongi threw his arms over the back of the couch, one behind Namjoon and the other close to Jungkook. Namjoon gave him a nudge in the side that he returned with sticking his tongue out. The bleached blond rolled his eyes and shifted so he could toss his arm around Yoongi's shoulders, making him drop his arm between them. Namjoon tapped his shoulder once before resting his arm back on the couch.

With a deep breath, Yoongi grabbed onto Jungkook's shoulder and pulled the boy close. Surprised honey-brown snapped at him but Jungkook didn't fight it when Yoongi grabbed his bicep and pulled him into his side. Jungkook shifted sightly, digging his shoulder into Yoongi's side as he rest his head against the elder's shoulder. Yoongi's heart thumped slightly in his chest but he ignored it as he hugged the boy against him.

A smile curled to Jungkook's lips and his focus turned to Taehyung's crazy story. His mood seemed to lift immediately and when Yoongi glanced at Namjoon, the asshole was smiling at him knowingly. Even Seokjin was smiling at him so he pushed down the heat that threatened his cheeks and focused on the fire burning between them.

It was the twelfth or fourteenth time when Yoongi realized he never stood a fighting chance.


The rest stop bathroom was disgusting and Yoongi didn't even want to think about what that brown stain on the wall was. Or how it kind of look like a face. His lips twisted in a scowl as he turned away from the stain and turned the taps of the sink. The water that flowed was at least clear and though there was no soap in the dispenser he still felt better running his dirty hands over the warm water.

When the door swung open and he saw Jungkook in the reflection of the dirty mirror, his heart about froze in his chest. The boy had an interesting look on his face but he said nothing as the door swung closed behind him and he ducked away into one of the stalls. Yoongi's shoulders relaxed slightly now that those intense eyes weren't on him and his breath came out in a puff of white air. The mirror fogged lightly at his sigh and he twisted off the taps to stop the water. He flicked his hands a few times before rubbing them on his dirty jeans, probably completely ruining his effort to clean them.

He was making his way to the door when Jungkook's hand suddenly snapped out from the stall and grabbed him. His world spun for a second before his back connected with the shaky wall of the stall and intense honey-brown was all he could see. Jungkook's fists were tight in the fabric of his jacket, making his knuckles turn white as he stared the elder down, his teeth sunk into his bottom lip.

"No." Was all Yoongi could manage to say. It sounded a hell of a lot more certain than he felt and he was glad Jungkook couldn't feel his heart thumping through his chest.

Jungkook's innocent little face twisted into something Yoongi never wanted to see. That anger was there. The anger that always seemed to flare to life under his lightly tanned skin, crackling enough to make his fingertips tingle. It had never been directed at him, per say, but it sure was a sight to see.

"Why." It wasn't even a question. Just a demand spat out through full lips.

"You know why." Yoongi grunted, not bothering to push Jungkook off of him. There wasn't much point really. He wasn't exactly keen on making this worse than it already was.

Jungkook's face twisted once more before that anger completely evaporated. Slowly, his fists uncurled from Yoongi's jacket and his hands fell limply to his sides. His eyes fell to the floor and as Yoongi stood up straight and brushed out the crumples in his clothes, Jungkook refused to look at him.

His chest tightened painfully and when he lifted a hand to ruffled Jungkook's hair, the younger flinched and it was enough to make Yoongi's throat clench up tightly. His hand hovered in the air for only a second before he snapped it away and got the hell out of that bathroom. Their friends were waiting for them by Seokjin's truck and as Yoongi approached, he could see Jimin watching him. Of course he fucking knew. Why wouldn't he?

Yoongi tugged open the back door of the truck with more force than necessary and climbed into it. He slammed the door shut behind him and settled into the set, crossing his arms over his chest and trying to disappear into his jacket. Seokjin watched him from the driver's seat with a concerned frown but one glare from Yoongi made the words in his throat freeze up.

The door to Yoongi's left opened before Hoseok crawled in with a grin on his face that froze at the look on Yoongi's face. He glanced at Seokjin as he settled in his seat but received only a shrug. Next was Namjoon, climbing into front seat and Yoongi didn't have to look over his shoulder to know that the sinking of the truck was from Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook climbing back into the bed. Everything was tense for a split second as the boys in the back settled down before Namjoon turned around, peering at Yoongi from the front seat.

"What the hell did you do?" Namjoon asked, his words harsh but his tone anything but. He was concerned, as they all were from the look of it. His dark eyes glanced from Yoongi to something behind him, probably Jungkook, before landing on the redhead once again.

"Nothing." Yoongi mumbled. "Absolutely fucking nothing." He rubbed at his cheek as he tugged the collar of his hoodie over his lips so they wouldn't see them tremble.

Namjoon, Seokjin and Hoseok all glanced at each other concerned before Namjoon settled back into his seat. Yoongi focused his attention out the window, his head resting against it as Seokjin started up the truck and they were off again.

When Namjoon dropped down into the couch beside him, Yoongi didn't even spare him a glance. His eyes were too focused on the fire, though he couldn't help but glance at the four idiots on the other side of it. Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok and Jungkook were busying themselves with attempting to make a bottle rocket. It had been a school project and Taehyung found it so cool that they decided to make their own after Jimin told him about it.

Namjoon didn't say anything at first as he settled beside Yoongi, who was sunk so low into the couch that his head was pressed into the cushy back and his chin was against his collar bone. One hand was tucked against his stomach while the other was dangling over the arm, a cheap blue plastic lighter twirling between his pale fingers. Namjoon settled to copy his position, hands folded over his stomach as he rolled his head to the side, neither minding when his forehead knocked against Yoongi's temple.

"It's okay to be happy you know." Namjoon's voice was soft. Soft enough that the others probably couldn't hear it over the thumping hip-hop song coming from Namjoon's phone; that was still resting on the arm of the chair Seokjin was sitting in.

Yoongi tensed, his eyes narrowing as he cut his eyes to his friend. "What."

A slight smirk curled to his lips as his eyes glanced to the side, probably to the four idiots. "I know you have this strange illusion that you don't deserve happiness, or that you're not capable of it. But it's a possible thing to achieve."

Yoongi's eyes narrowed more and he shifted to face his friend who was watching him with that cocky look on his face. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Yoongi followed Namjoon's eyes as they shifted to Jungkook. And he knew it was specifically Jungkook cause the boy was the only one standing at the moment. He had his hands shoved into the pockets of his hoodie, black hood up over his messy hair and a frown on his lips. The fire flickered off his face, giving his eyes a golden glow to them as he crinkled his nose at something Jimin said. There was no denying that the boy was attractive. It was a fact; everyone knew it. He had a lightness to him that a lot of the others were lacking. A softness to his features that would probably disappear as he grew older but it suited him for the time being.

Yoongi hadn't realized he was staring until those stunning eyes glanced up and met his. They both froze and something in Jungkook's expression twisted before he tore his gaze away and dropped down to squat beside Jimin, hiding his face in his hood. Something cold curled in Yoongi's chest and his thumb flicked over the lighter, bringing fire to life as his eyes dropped to it.

"I know." Namjoon continued, shifting only slightly to rest his chin on Yoongi's shoulder, refusing to take his burning eyes off that pale face. "He's young. He's this and he's that. I'm sure you've come up with a million excuses to tell yourself why you can't. Who do you think I am, hyung? I know you. Better than you think."

Yoongi wanted to punch that smirk off his face but he currently didn't have the energy to. Four twelve hour shifts in a row had rid him of any motivation to actually move. "Is there some point to your useless rambling?"

"You look at him and think, 'I can't. He deserves better. He can do better. He's young. He doesn't know what he wants'. But you are so wrong."

Yoongi chewed on the inside of his cheek before parting his lips to speak lowly. "He is young."

"Don't you think that if he was just clinging to his hyung, that if that's all this was, he'd be after Jin?"

Yoongi paused at the knowing tone in Namjoon's voice. So he had a point. So what? That didn't change how Yoongi felt about the whole situation. "Call him that to his face."

Namjoon grimaced. "I like my balls you know." Yoongi snorted softly. "Don't change the subject. I'm serious."

He sighed heavily and dipped just a little lower in the couch, his back almost straight with how low he had sunk. "I don't know what you want."

"I don't want anything." He said with a shrug, adjusting to follow Yoongi until his chin could rest on his shoulder again. Their sides were pressed together and though Namjoon wasn't usually one for physical contact, unlike the younger ones of the group, he'd use it when he needed to. The warmth coming from the blond was a constant reminder that he was there and not to be ignored. "It's you who wants."

Pale cheeks flushed lightly at his words and his thumb fell off the lighter, making the flame disappear. "We all want."

"Yeah well unlike you some of us can't get what we want." Yoongi crinkled his nose. "Listen," Namjoon started with a sigh, "I know I can't convince you of anything. You're gonna do what you're going to do. But at some point, that scowl he keeps giving you is going to catch up with the others and it's going to drive you nuts. If you're going to turn him down, at least tell him why."


"Yeah, If." A faint smirk curled to his lips as he glanced to the side. "Otherwise he's going to get the wrong idea."

Yoongi rolled his eyes and pushed a hand against Namjoon's grinning face, pushing him away. "I wouldn't put my dick anywhere near you."

"Do I want to know why you two are talking about vulgar things?" Seokjin asked, his eyes on them and earning a few glances from the others.

"Aw come on, Yoonz, you know you want this." Namjoon teased lightly, poking at Yoongi's stomach a few times.

The elder crinkled his nose at the nickname and flicked a hand out to knock against Namjoon's shoulder. "I'm going to beat you." But his words held no venom and there was a faint smile tugging at his lips.

"Shit, man, I'm not into that kinda kinky shit." Namjoon said loud enough for the others to hear and Yoongi had all eyes on him. Oh, he really was going to kick Namjoon. The blond got to his feet with a smirk on his lips before joining Seokjin in their arm chair.

"Yoongi-hyung's into kinky stuff?" Jimin asked innocently enough, his brown eyes big and wide as he watched Yoongi over his shoulder.

"The fuck, Namjoon." Yoongi grumbled as he sat up straighter and started flicking the lighter on and off.

"Being tied up isn't all that bad." Taehyung spoke as if he was talking about the weather, his eyes focused on the bottle he was trying to cut into with his pocket knife. All eyes turned to him and he didn't seem to notice for a few seconds. When he looked up, he just flashed that boxy grin of his before turning back to what he was doing.

"Shit." Hoseok hissed through his teeth, glancing at Taehyung like he'd never seen him before in his life.

"You're all gross." Jimin said with a crinkled nose, eyes focused on Taehyung.

"Don't shit it till you try it." Was all Taehyung said with a shrug. "Yoongi-hyung gets it."

"I never fucking... I hate you all." Yoongi sounded exhausted as he ran a hand through his hair, not feeling the effort to argue them.

"Sure you do." Namjoon said with a knowing grin.

Yoongi settled back into himself, rolling his eyes at his friends as they went back to what they were doing. He focused on the lighter in his hands before he felt someone staring at him. He glanced up just in time to see Jungkook quickly avoid his gaze and the flush on those cheeks was enough to make Yoongi's stomach drop into his ass. Well shit.

He'd lost count by the time he had finally broke.


His apartment was a mess but what else was new. It was a small piece of crap anyway and though typically, he tried to keep some sense of organization, he just didn't care anymore. Work was tearing him down, his inspiration had floated off into space somewhere and didn't seem to have any intention of coming back, his dad had called only to bitch him out and he was about 85% sure that rumbling sound was his refrigerator about to go up in smoke.

He just didn't care anymore.

He laid sprawled out on his old worn couch, head against one arm while his legs were tossed over the other. There was a lighter in his hands, resting against his chest. He twirled it around in thought, his eyes unable to look away. He was supposed to be sleeping. Yeah, what a joke. He had work at seven am and like hell was looking forward to that. He'd never been a morning person as it was but sleep escaped him as much lately as his inspiration.

It was way past midnight, he was sure. The flickering of the TV to his left was only white noise as he flicked the lighter on and off. He tucked one arm behind his head, his eyes glistening as he watched the flame flare to life and then disappear over and over again. It was another cheap plastic lighter and he was certain he was never getting his zippo back from Jungkook. Not that it mattered. The younger hardly looked at him anymore and that was best. At least it hadn't fucked up the group's dynamic.

Everyone knew something was wrong but no one had said a word since Namjoon. Except Taehyung. It had been innocent, Yoongi was sure. The orange haired boy wasn't always the first to realize things or judge atmospheres properly. So when he noticed Yoongi and Jungkook sitting at complete opposite sides of their semi-circle, for the fifth or sixth time, he spoke up about it.

The air was so thick it could have been cut with a knife.

Thank fuck for Kim Seokjin though. He steered the subject as far away from them as possible effortlessly and Taehyung followed along without missing a beat. Though he still glanced at Yoongi and Jungkook confused often, he had yet to bring it up again. Yoongi was sure either Jimin or Hoseok had said something to him about it already. His friends weren't stupid. They were idiots, sure, but they weren't stupid. They'd known something was going on probably long before Yoongi did and he hated the looks they gave him. Pity, sympathy, concern. He was the last one they needed to be concerned about.

He hissed between his clenched teeth as he flicked the lighter once more and let the flame burn for a little while. He stared at it with narrowed eyes before he brought his free hand over it. The flame licked at the skin of his palm, leaving it warm but not enough to burn. His brow furrowed as he took his thumb off the wheel and let the flame disappear. He wanted his zippo back. That flame was typically large and blue around the edges. Hot enough to burn.

He nearly threw the lighter across the room when the abrupt heavy knocking came to his door. He sat up suddenly, eyes going wide as he glanced around for a clock. The red numbers on his microwave read 1:16 and he pondered who the fuck would be at his door that late at night. Something struck him hard and he quickly scrambled to his feet, tossing the lighter onto the littered coffee table.

"Joon, I swear to fuck if you're drunk again," He mumbled as he made his way to the door, stepping over discarded shit before flicking the multiple locks over his door, "I'm going to kick your ass into February." He threatened, his fingers wrapping around the knob to tug the old door open rather hard.

What greeted him on the other side was far from Namjoon and his heart jumped into his throat.

"Hey." Jungkook shifted awkwardly, his face hidden mostly by his hair and the hood over his head. His eyes were focused on his beaten converses and with the way his shoulders slumped, Yoongi immediately knew something was wrong. And then he saw that flash of red on Jungkook's lips and he didn't hesitate to grab the boy by the jacket and drag him into the apartment.

"One of these days you're going to get your pathetic ass killed." Yoongi grumbled, his voice tense as he pushed Jungkook toward the couch. The boy stumbled before plopping onto the couch while Yoongi went about locking up his door again.

"You should see the other two." Jungkook's voice was slightly cocky but there was something deeper underneath it that Yoongi read all too well.

Yoongi gave him a glare before left for the bathroom. He snatched up the well stocked first aid kit he kept under his sink just for occasions like this. Usually it was Namjoon or Taehyung knocking on his door late at night with a beaten up face, and even once or twice Jimin, but Jungkook was new. The boy was sunk into the couch when he returned, his eyes still focused on the ground.

"I know you don't want to hear it but I'm going to say it anyway." Yoongi started as he sat down beside him and put the kit in his lap. He reached forward to pull Jungkook's hood down and the boy filched, making them both freeze. "I fucking swear." He growled before he grabbed the hood and pulled it down.

Jet black hair went flying and Yoongi let out a growled curse. There was a nice bruise forming around Jungkook's left eye, his lip was split, and he was covered in cuts and scraps. His knuckles were a little bloody and bruised as well so at least Yoongi knew he had fought back.

"It wasn't my fault this time." Jungkook argued lifelessly.

"Sure." Yoongi huffed and opened the kit to start digging through it. "See, here's the thing, Jungkook," he flinched at his own name, "I know you. I know all of you. I know when you're lying, I know when you're upset, when you're full of shit and when you need someone." His voice was soft but with a edge of hardness to it as he got up, stuffing the kit into the couch so he could get a bowl of water from the kitchen. "So like I said, I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm saying it anyway before Seokjin decides he's had enough of my shit and starts breaking down on me."

He returned with a cloth and a bowl of water before sitting down beside Jungkook again. The younger still refused to raise his eyes but that didn't matter to him. He dipped the cloth in the warm water and carefully started to clean the blood away from Jungkook's face.

"You're eighteen." He started, eyes narrowing at the way the boy flinched again. "Yeah your parents are nuts. Yeah your mom should pay more attention to you than her fucked up sense of social status. Yeah your dads an asshole who expects way too fucking much out of his children, but you've got a fucking future." His teeth clenched together as he pulled out some antiseptic to clean his cuts and his busted lip. "We won't let you drop out of school, you know. We won't let you become like us. God, for fucks sake, Jungkook, you don't want to become like us; trust me."

Jungkook sat there in silence, his eyes focused on the ground while Yoongi went about fixing up his face. The busted lip would heal on its own, as would the black eye, but he bandaged up the few cuts that needed them before moving to the boy's hands. Jungkook jumped when Yoongi reached for them and finally, their eyes met.

He looked like a startled animal and it made Yoongi's chest clench painfully. Then those eyes were quickly gone and Jungkook let him take his hands. He gnawed on the inside of his cheek as he went about cleaning his dirty knuckles carefully with the damp cloth.

"Stay in school. Go to college. Get a good job. Keep the future you have. Don't turn into us. I fucking refuse to let you and Jimin make the same mistakes as the rest of us. At least Seokjin is alright. Look up to him for fuck's sake. But not too much. Asshole's not that alright."

Jungkook suddenly hissed in pain and Yoongi glanced up in alarm to see him digging his teeth hard into his lower lip. He glanced down at his hands, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Then, he wrapped one hand around each of his and Jungkook still refused to look at him. But his eyes bore into Jungkook's face and when he squeezed the boy's left hand, the flash of pain that came over his face was enough.

"What did you do." Yoongi dropped the hand that was fine and brought his left hand closer only to make Jungkook squirm in more pain. "I swear, if you broke it-"

"I don't know." He hissed suddenly, his eyes burning when they met Yoongi's. "My whole fucking left side hurts."

"How the hell-"

"That's what happens when a car fucking clips you."

Yoongi froze at his words and when he realized he was staring at Jungkook, the boy's cheeks were flushed darkly. He blinked a few times before dropping his hand carefully and moved to his feet. "Strip."


"Strip. Show me."

"I'm not- I'm fine."

"Like hell you are."

"There's nothing you can do anyway!" Jungkook snapped.

"Fucking brat." Yoongi hissed, rolling his eyes as he glanced away.

They remained in a tense silence for another few minutes before Yoongi caved. He let out a heavy sigh, running his hand through his hair before dropping beside Jungkook. "What if you broke something?"

"I don't feel broken." He mumbled, throwing his right arm over his chest as he tucked his chin into the collar of his pullover.

"How did this happen?"

"Assholes fucking nudged me." He mumbled, his speech slightly slurred because of his split lip. "I didn't start it this time, I fucking swear, hyung." Those eyes were one him once again and this time, they were pleading. Whatever anger Jungkook had was melting away, replaced with something Yoongi couldn't read. "I fought back but I couldn't take on two of them. And the car, I didn't mean to." His voice tightened as his eyes closed and he rubbed his unhurt hand over his face.

"You sure about that?" Yoongi asked carefully, settling back into the couch beside Jungkook until their shoulder's pressed together, watching him from the corner of his eyes.

"Yeah. I'm sure."

Yoongi made a noise of agreement. "Be careful from now on."


They sat in silence for awhile longer before Yoongi moved to clean up. He stuffed everything away in the kit before getting to his feet to return it to the bathroom. He stopped in the kitchen on his way back to the living room and grabbed a bottle of water. He tossed it carefully into Jungkook's lap before sitting beside him once again, letting their shoulders lean together.

Jungkook struggled to open the bottle with one hand so Yoongi offered his help, twisting off the top before handing it back to him. He couldn't pressed the bottle to his split lip so he just poured water into his waiting mouth. He swished it around for a minute before swallowing and took more gulps until he couldn't taste blood on his tongue anymore.

"So is that why?" Jungkook's voice was soft, a bit timid, as he stared at the bottle in his hand.


"Because I have a future."


"No, okay, I'm tired of this shit." He sat up slightly, his brow furrowing as he set Yoongi with a glare that held little heat behind it. "I'm tired of feeling like I'm the only one in this. Like I'm losing my fucking mind because I know the way you look at me when you think I'm not paying attention yet you keep pretending. Give me one good reason, that's all I want. And don't give me this, 'you already know' shit because guess what? I don't fucking know."

Even though his typically pretty face was fucked up, covered in scratches and bruises, his eyes slightly swollen, he was still so beautiful, so Yoongi thought. But Jungkook was a lot more than just attractive. He was an intensity like the sun, burning and blazing his path through life without any intentions of stopping until he burned out; if he would ever burn out. He was brash, loud, obnoxious when he wanted to be but he had a kind heart.

"Is this why you showed up at my place in the middle of the night?"

"No, but while I'm here, why the hell not." He huffed slightly, his cheeks puffing out as he relaxed back into the couch. "I didn't know where else to go."

Those softly mumbled words made Yoongi's chest clench in a familiar way. He let out a heavy sigh, running a hand through his messy hair before letting his head drop over the back of the couch.

"I'm not good for you."

"Whose the fucking judge of that?"

"You've got a dirty mouth." Yoongi mumbled aloud, a smirk toying at his lips because he knew exactly whose fault that was. "Also five years younger than me."

Jungkook snorted faintly. "I said give me a good reason."

"That is a good reason."

"It's really not."

The fight seemed to drain out of them at the same time. Yoongi relaxed against Jungkook's shoulder and the hand that fell on his thigh was no surprise. It was comfortable, like it used to be; like it hadn't been for a long time.

"Your parents wouldn't approve."

"You think I give a shit?"

"You should." Yoongi shrugged one shoulder before he shifted to slip his arm around those shoulders and tuck the boy close to his side. He fit well there.

"I could be an A student with the most beautiful girlfriend in school and on all the sports teams and it still wouldn't be enough for him." He sounded defeated as he tilted his head into Yoongi's shoulder, his eyes scanning over the curve of pale skin covering his jaw.

"Point taken."

"So... Is it good then?" His fingers twitched against Yoongi's thigh, fingers catching in the rough fabric of his jeans.

"I still think it's a bad idea."

"You still didn't give me a good reason."

Yoongi sighed heavily. "I told you kid, I'm not good for you. You're better than-"

"Don't." He groaned, turning to press his face into the side of Yoongi's neck and thoroughly making the elder's heart freeze. "I can make my own choices."

"Doesn't mean you're good at it."

Jungkook huffed out a laugh, sending warm breath over pale skin that prickled. "I know what I'm doing."

Considering he was the adult, Yoongi should have known better. Hell, he did know better. He should have pushed Jungkook's hand away from wondering up his stomach. He should have told him he could do better; that he was better. He should have kicked him out and refused to see him until he calmed down on this shit.

Yet, Yoongi did none of these things.

"Don't regret it." He mumbled, his fingers grabbing gently onto the boy's chin and lifting his face so their eyes could meet. There was a faint flush over those cheeks and cute nose but there was determination in honey-brown that refused to be ignored.

"Doubt I ever will." Jungkook whispered, his voice barely a sound as he glanced down to Yoongi's lips and slipped his tongue out to wet his own.

Jungkook pressed forward first, just as Yoongi always knew he would. When their lips pressed together there wasn't any special explosion but there was a curl of warmth that settled in his stomach. Jungkook flinched at the pressure on his split lip but it didn't stop him from kissing the redhead again. Yoongi doubted anything would stop Jungkook from kissing him again.

Taehyung bounced from foot to foot, that boxy grin on his lips as he grabbed Hoseok's hands and made the male move with him to the beat. Seokjin and Namjoon laughed at them from their spot on the arm chair, the younger holding up his phone so the music could be heard better. Jimin bounced up from his seat at the other end of the love-seat and joined them, swirling his hips when the beat called for it. They laughed at one another, singing the worlds along with the girl group as they moved their bodies.

Jungkook pulled himself away from Yoongi's side and bounced up to Jimin at just the right moment. They were so in sync when they moved, they could have been idols. Their hips swayed to the beat, arms moving in the right motions as they grinned at each other. Taehyung ended up on Hoseok's back as they watched Jimin and Jungkook dance to the pop song. Where either of them had found the time to learn the exact dance moves to the girl groups song, Yoongi would never know.

Not to mention, they both had nice voices as they song along, bodies moving together perfectly. There was a moment where they bumped hips and Taehyung let out a bark of laughter before Hoseok threw him off so he could join the two younger ones. He fell into sync with them perfectly and earned applause from everyone watching, including Yoongi.

When the song came to an end and the four of them posed, Namjoon busted up in laughter and Seokjin had to hid his grin behind his hand. Jimin jumped on Jungkook to hug him to his side tightly before he younger slipped away to return to Yoongi's side. Jimin was preoccupied with Taehyung as they fondled with Namjoon's phone to find another song, so he didn't seem to notice too much.

Jungkook slipped down onto the couch easily enough and when Yoongi's arm went around his shoulders it was the most natural thing. The now blond haired male was giving him one of those gummy smiles that made his face light up and Jungkook couldn't help but wiggle into his side. Yoongi looked good with light hair. He was glad Namjoon had convinced him to do it. Change wasn't always bad. When Yoongi turned his head and pressed a kiss to Jungkook's temple, no one seemed to notice though the younger's ears flushed red.

It wasn't like they didn't know. They knew as soon as the two of them had shown up two weeks ago; Coming separately but still migrating toward one another. After spending a good deal of time apart and then suddenly together, it was pretty damn easy for everyone to figure out what was going on. Yoongi still received worried looks from Seokjin occasionally because the asshole knew him too well but Namjoon, and everyone else, was supportive and that was enough for them.

"You have a nice voice." Yoongi mumbled against jet black hair, his eyes focused on the fire only a few feet away.

Jungkook's hand slipped into his pocket, fingers fumbling with the zippo lighter Yoongi knew was there. "Shut up."

"His hips don't lie either!" Taehyung suddenly exclaimed, flashing the two that boxy smile while giving them a V sign.

"I'm well aware of that."

The words were out of Yoongi's mouth long before he could think about it and the way that Jungkook groaned and stuffed his face in that smooth pale neck made him smirk. Welp. That was out there now.

Taehyung's mouth dropped, his eyes widening as he scanned over the two of them curled up on the love-seat. Hoseok patted the now light brunet's shoulder in sympathy while Jimin giggled behind his hand. Yoongi could feel Seokjin and Namjoon's stares burning into the side of his head but he refused to glance at them.

"Mine are better." Jimin announced as he handed Namjoon his phone back just as a beat started to flow from it.

"Jimin's got slick hips!" Taehyung said with a laugh as he hopped up beside the dark brunet so they could stand together.

"Bullshit." Jungkook mumbled, eyes scanning over the other two as they started to sway to the beat of the song.

"Prove 'em wrong." Yoongi offered, a smirk playing on his lips as he tapped Jungkook's shoulder.

Well, he didn't need to be told twice. He slinked his way out of Yoongi's hold and shifted around the fire to join Jimin and Taehyung in a line. The song was some male idols groups song but the beat was heavy and rather nice. Not something Yoongi would usually listen to but his eyes were caught on the way his friends moved. So Jimin did have hips that couldn't lie. They moved together in sync, hips twisting and feet moving to all the right steps.

There was a moment where the beat dropped and the three of them rolled their bodies in perfect sync and Yoongi suddenly couldn't breathe. Namjoon burst out laughing again while Seokjin cheered them on, clapping his hands above his head. The three boys started laughing at their own antics but didn't stop the choreography they obviously knew. Hands slipping over their hips, pelvis thrusting and Yoongi's throat went dry.

Well then.

"You're going to make Yoongi-hyung implode!" Hoseok called out with a bubble of laughter.

Energy coursed through Yoongi's body and the glance Jungkook sent him made the pit of his stomach bubble to life. He hopped to his feet effortlessly and came around the fire to join Jungkook's side. They all paused before he flashed them a grin and started to move his hips and feet to the beat, in perfect sync with the choreography.

"Ahhh!" Everyone called out, faces lighting up in laughter as the three youngest joined Yoongi, moving their bodies to the music and making the others laugh so hard there were tears in their eyes.

Yoongi had a way about him when he moved. He didn't flow as well as Jimin or Jungkook but he still kept in time with them and it was Taehyung who came over to his side, tossing an arm around his shoulders as they danced. Hoseok gave up whatever was holding him back and he joined the four of them, dancing along to the beat. It seemed Seokjin had enough of sitting around and joined them as well, though he didn't know the moves so he just danced along with Namjoon who really had no rhythm at all.

By the time the song ended, Jungkook was leaning on Yoongi for support from laughing so hard and Taehyung had collapsed to the ground in his own pile of laughter. Yoongi's arms found their way around Jungkook's waist as he watched his friends settle from their laughter. Jimin collapsed onto the love-seat, giggling to himself with that bright chubby cheeked smile. Seokjin and Namjoon returned to their arm chair, legs thrown over each other as the bleached blond went for his phone once again. Hoseok plopped on the ground beside Taehyung, holding his legs to his chest as he tried to catch his breath.

A hip-hop song started playing just as Jungkook grabbed his hand and led him back to the love-seat. He pushed Jimin out of the way so they could sit down and neither was all that surprised when Jimin flopped across their laps. The eldest rolled his eyes at the chubby cheeked grin he received, his arm tucked around Jungkook's shoulder so he could dig a hand into his thick hair. With his head in Yoongi's lap, Jimin reached up to pat their cheeks before squishing their faces together. He nearly ended up on the ground with the way Jungkook kicked his feet but he didn't and he laughed at the two of them, letting his hands drop into his lap.

It was another one of those rare good nights that Yoongi would take over almost everything. These were the nights they needed more than anything. Nights that gave them laughter and happiness just by being together. Nights that they all needed desperately even if they would never admit it. They needed one another more than anyone else probably knew.

When the call came, Yoongi was working the night shift. He felt the glare of his boss' gaze on the back of his head but he didn't hesitate to answer it. There was a moment where the world froze before he dropped the box he had been about to place on a shelf. He didn't have time to cry, he didn't have time to even tell his boss what was going on, or grab his coat. He left that store behind as quickly as his feet could carry him, ignoring the shouts of his name as he ripped off the apron he wore and dialed his phone with shaking hands.

"Yoongi? It's almost midnight what-"

"Jungkook was hit by a car."

Seokjin sucked in a tight breath. "Where?"


"I'll call the others." Yoongi opened his mouth but nothing came out. Seokjin coughed on the other end of the line. "Yoongi? Is he... Is he alright?"

"I... I don't know." And that's when the tears came.

Yoongi hated hospitals. He hated how white and pure they were when they only usually brought devastation. It was all an illusion. The waiting room he had been stuffed in had at least some color to it. Soft blues and ugly carpet. The chair he stumbled into was soft but that was all he could tell. His mind was rushing through what he had been told only fifteen minutes before.

When he arrived at the ER, out of breath, cheeks flushed and eyes red the kind nurse had sat him down and asked him what was wrong. He tried to explain who he was, why he was there but all he managed to say was Jungkook's name. She understood without question and left to find someone who could tell him what was going on.

He had been Jungkook's ICE. How? When had that happened? How had that happened? They'd barely been dating three months. Why the hell did the boy do that? What about his parents? Oh god were his parents coming? Were they there? Had they been called? So many questions rushed through his mind as he waited for the nurse to return.

Finally, she came back with another nurse who had Jungkook's file. She'd asked him if he was family and he knew something was wrong then. He'd lied to her. Told her he was and since his name was the boy's ICE, she believed it.

He'd been struck by a car. The details were thin, since there weren't many witnesses but it looked like he had stepped in front of it purposely. Yoongi refused to believe that. She told him he was in surgery, broke leg, twisted arm, maybe a few broken ribs and possible internal injuries that they weren't sure of. She promised him they would do everything they could before he was ushered into the waiting room.

It was past midnight. What the hell was Jungkook doing outside? The boy had promised Yoongi he would stay home late at night and actually work on his school work. That he would try, for their sake. Because keeping what they had a secret was most important until Jungkook was out of school and in college. He had to graduate to get away from his parents and be with Yoongi. That was something they had agreed on. So what the hell was he doing?

Long pale fingers dug into his faded pink hair, catching on the strands and tugging as he leaned elbows on his knees, squeezing his eyes shut. He sat like that perhaps another ten minutes before the door to the waiting room flew open.

"Fucking hell, Yoongi!" It seemed Jimin felt it appropriate to drop all honorifics given the situation and when Yoongi felt someone drop down in front of him, he didn't have to open his eyes to know it was Jimin.

"What the hell is going on?" Namjoon's voice was rough but obviously concerned.

Yoongi glanced up through his bangs, loosening the grip he had on his hair and met warm brown. Jimin's hair was wet to the point of have drops of water slide down his neck. His expression was panicked as he grabbed onto Yoongi's knees. It looked like the shirt he was wearing was wet too but Yoongi couldn't be sure. Was it raining?

Namjoon didn't look wet. He was a dry as a bone as he collapsed into the chair beside Yoongi. There was a lollipop stick in the side of his mouth and his hair was a mess, probably from running his hands through it.

"The others?" Yoongi asked, his voice hoarse and sore.

"On their way I assume."

"Seokjin-hyung said I was the last he called." Jimin spoke softly, tilting his head as he squeezed Yoongi's knees. "What's going on? He said Kookie was hurt."

"Who did it?!" Taehyung's voice was loud as he burst into the room, a rage on his face like no one had ever seen before. His cheeks were red and his eye-liner smeared. Hoseok was right behind him, a little out of breath as they entered the room. "I'll kill them."

"What happened?" Hoseok asked, worrying his lip as he glanced around the room at them.

"No one did anything." Yoongi said with a sigh.

"So he didn't get his ass kicked into oblivion?" Taehyung asked as he dropped down beside Jimin, looking up at Yoongi like he held all the answers.

"Not that I know of."

"Oh good," Seokjin sounded out of breath as he entered the room, shutting the waiting room door behind him, "You're all here."

"Of course we're here, Kookie's in the hospital, what the fuck is going on?" Taehyung answered for all of them, all eyes turning back to Yoongi.

He tensed and his head fell into his hands once more. "I don't know. I'm his ICE for some fucking reason. The nurse told me he was hit by a car. Purposely walked in front of it. He's in surgery. That's all I know."

It was like the air was sucked out of the room.

"P-Purposely?" Jimin stuttered, eyes wide and stared at Yoongi like he'd just woken from the dead.

"No fucking way." Taehyung's voice was hardly even a whisper.

"He wouldn't." Hoseok declared, moving to sit on Yoongi's other side. "Right?"

"Yeah." Yoongi nodded, rubbing his hand over his face a few times. "I fucking told him to be careful."

"It was an accident." Seokjin spoke softly, moving to tug a chair over to them. "I'm sure."

"He... He said his dad was getting worse." Jimin spoke as if he was telling a secret and with the way Yoongi snapped his head up, it seemed that he was. "Not-Not as bad as mine, but, maybe getting there. He shoved him last week."


Jimin chewed on his lower lip as he glanced to the grip he had on Yoongi's knee. "You know how Kookie gets when he's pissed off. Maybe they fought, and he ran off. I don't... He wouldn't... not on purpose but... That might be why he was out."

"Stress can make you do crazy things." Seokjin mumbled softly, rubbing a hand against his cheek.

They all seemed to agree on that as silence fell over them.

Another ten or so minutes passed before a nurse came into the room, the same one from before. She didn't have to call out Jungkook's name because as soon as she entered Yoongi was on his feet. She approached them with a tender smile, hugging a folder to her chest. She eyed them all sympathetically before her eyes landed on Yoongi.

"I just wanted to tell you, he'll be in surgery for a while. They have to reconstruct his femur, and a few other things. You probably don't want the details. But it's going to be awhile. There's blankets at the nurses station if you'd like, and coffee and snack machines down that hallway." She pointed in the right direction. "You're all welcome to stay as long as you'd like."

"Thank you." Seokjin answered for Yoongi, moving to his feet to give her a warm smile.

"Just one more thing." She opened the folder and flipped through it. "I know that you were his ICE, but we wondering about his parents?"

"Yeah, No." Yoongi grunted in response.

She didn't seem to need an explanation. She nodded at them, bowed, bid them good night and left.

"I'll go get the blankets." Seokjin offered just as Hoseok got to his feet.

"I'll get us all something to drink." Hoseok's hand linger on Yoongi's shoulder for a moment before the two left the waiting room.

Yoongi sat back down abruptly and Jimin's hands were back on his knees. The brunet had settled on his knees, arms folded over Yoongi's knees as Taehyung leaned against his side. Their presence was actually comforting as his mind spiraled into all the worst places.

"Why are you wet?" Taehyung asked, his voice soft as he glanced up at Jimin, his head in the brunet's lap.

Jimin perked a brow. "I was in the bath when Seokjin-hyung called."

"Yeah but your clothes are damp."

Namjoon lifted his head at that, glancing at Jimin who flushed darkly and tugged his hoodie around his body more. "Also a bath close to midnight on a school night?"

"I..." Jimin's hands started to shake and it was Yoongi who reached forward and gathered them. They were resting in his lap anyway. Jimin glanced at him with wide eyes before Taehyung reached up to put his hand over theirs.

"Don't." Was all Yoongi said but the plea in his voice was heard loud and clear.

"Y-Yeah." Jimin mumbled, his cheeks bunching up as he knocked his forehead against Yoongi's knee. With the way his shoulders were shaking, it was obvious he was crying. Yoongi just held his hands while Taehyung grabbed onto Jimin's face and whispered softly to him, telling him he loved him and that he was amazing.

"I was about to light up when Seokjin-hyung called me." Namjoon mumbled softly, his body slack in the chair as his head rested back against the wall.

Yoongi glanced at him in surprise. "You haven't in almost two years."

"Yeah." He answered with a shrug, a strange smile curling to his face as he stared at the ceiling.

"Idiot." Yoongi nudge his arm with his own. "Don't be like me."

"Harder than you think."

He rolled his eyes. "Not really."

"I was on my way home." Taehyung spoke up as Jimin hiccuped softly.

"Which one?" Namjoon asked, happy to have the subject off him.

"My real one."

The three of them tensed and Jimin lifted his head slightly, giving Yoongi a better view of Taehyung's crunched up face. "Why?" Jimin asked in a broken voice.

"Not sure why. Just was."

"You shouldn't go back there." Yoongi mumbled, settling back in his chair.

"Probably not." Taehyung agreed.

"I've got a couch if you ever need it." Yoongi offered, glancing at Jimin who sunk in his shoulders slightly.

"Same." Namjoon agreed.

"Your couch sucks, hyung." Taehyung said with a snort and though no one knew which one he was talking about it still lightened the mood just slightly.

"Are you two just going to chill on the floor all night?" Hoseok asked as he entered the room, arms full of bottled water.

"Probably." Taehyung answered with a wave of his hand.

Hoseok paused when he caught sight of Jimin's red eyes that he quickly hid in Yoongi's knee. "What did I miss?" He asked as he passed out bottles of water then said down beside Yoongi.

"Just telling where we were when Seokjin-hyung called." Namjoon answered, twisting off the top to his bottle and downing a good portion of it.

Hoseok nodded in understanding and relaxed into his seat. "I was supposed to be taking my medication but." He shrugged. "Probably don't need it anyway."

"You don't need that shit." Taehyung agreed, tossing a thumbs up in the air.

"We're all kinds of fucked up." Yoongi said with a sigh, pressing the bottom of the cold water bottle to his forehead, hoping to sooth the hint of a headache he had.

"Yeah, but we're alive."

The air thickened at Taehyung's words and Seokjin paused when he walked into that. He made sure to shut the waiting room door behind him before he approached his friends and dropped blankets on them. They had a long night ahead of them.

Yoongi wasn't sure if that light snoring was coming from Jimin or Namjoon though he was tempted to think it was both of them. Namjoon had decided to use his shoulder as a pillow and apparently his lap was a really comfortable place since Jimin had his head in it, curled up as the three of them sat on one of those long couches in the waiting room. Seokjin was across from them, his feet tucked under him and to the side as he read from one of the many magazines in the room. Hoseok was slumped in a chair beside him while Taehyung was using his shoulder as a pillow. Yoongi wasn't sure if either of them were a sleep but they hadn't moved in a while.

Blinking hazily at the clock on the wall, Yoongi wasn't surprised to see sunlight starting to flicker in from the windows. He'd been sitting there for almost three hours and his limbs were starting to ache. It took a few moments of debate before he moved. He was careful as he adjusted Namjoon's head so the man was using the back of the couch as a pillow. Then, he lifted Jimin as carefully as he could and slipped out from under him. Jimin made a noise of distress, tucking his arms under his head to bury in and seemed to calm down after Yoongi ran his fingers through his hair a few times and pulled the blanket up over his shoulders.

Seokjin was watching him as he stretched and he gave the elder a nod. He told him quietly that he needed a walk and though Seokjin told him not to go far, he made no move to stop him.

The emergency waiting room was empty so early in the morning as Yoongi made his way into it, stretching his arms above his head. A few nurses looked his way, offering him soft smiles that he didn't have the energy to return. His fingers twitched and the craving for a cigarette was ultimately strong. It would sooth him just enough that he could think straight. But he didn't have any on him. He'd rushed to the hospital without thought and he realized about an hour into sitting in that room that he left his smokes in the break room at work.

He was on edge. His skin felt like it was crawling and if he thought to deeply into the reality that was around him, he was sure he'd claw the skin off his arms, that he kept rubbing at. But the white walls and scent in the air was his reality.

The morning air was crisp as he stepped through the automatic doors and he shivered slightly, debating for a second if he should go back and borrow Jimin's hoodie but he decided against it. He strolled around the side of the hospital before finding a spot around the corner that he could lean against. His head dropped into his hands, rubbing at his tired face.

He hadn't cried since he got off the phone with Seokjin. He hadn't found the time. He didn't want to cry because crying was like accepting that he was losing Jungkook. There was no certainty that he was losing the boy. He was hurt, yes, and it wasn't good, but as far as Yoongi knew, he was still alive. He had to focus on that. He couldn't let himself focus on the what if's.

Jungkook was a part of them. They were seven and they were never meant to be anything more or less. Always seven. They belonged that way. Yoongi knew he never said it, but they were his family. They were family. They needed each other too much to lose each other now. His mind kindly reminded him about Jimin abruptly.

The idiot.

What the fuck was he thinking?

Pale fingers dug into faded pink strands of hair, catching and tugging ever so slightly as he slumped against the wall.

They were worse off than he'd ever thought.

Why the fuck would Taehyung ever think it was a good idea to return home? After close to two years? Why did Hoseok feel like he needed those pills when they just made him worse? Why was Jungkook out so late at night? Why did Namjoon feel the urge to smoke again? To light up at work? He worked at a fucking gas station.

And Jimin.

His teeth clenched.

They were all so fucked.

Yoongi wasn't sure how long he stood out there, using the wall for support as he took deep breaths to calm the stinging in his eyes and the burning in his chest. It was so tight he found it hard to breathe but he pressed forth. He had more important things to worry about right now that didn't include himself. He just needed a moment to calm down, that was all. Though it took more than a few moments before he felt strong enough to walk back into the hospital.

There was a little girl sitting in the waiting room this time, a doll in her hands. She sat still like a good little girl, still in her pajamas as her feet kicked. Yoongi noticed the man standing at the nurse's desk who was probably her father. Whatever was wrong, he silently hoped it would get better for them. He drug his hand through his hair as he walked through the room, heading back to where his friends were waiting.

"Ah! Min-si!"

Yoongi froze at the call of his name, his itchy eyes blinking a few times as he looked over his shoulder to see the same nurse from before making her way toward him. He glanced at the badge handing from the pocket near her heart and saw her name was Kim Sungmin. He memorized that name as he turned to face her, hands shoved into his pockets.

"I'm glad I caught you." Her smile was bright as she clutched a folder to her chest, her eyes sparkling. How anyone could look so cheerful so early in the morning, after being up all night, he would never know. "Would you mind walking with me for a moment?"

He perked a brow at her but nodded his head, turning to follow as she moved back toward the way she came. Standing near the nurses station with a file in his hand was a tall older man, a frown settled into his features. He glanced up when they approached and that frown disappeared, replaced with something much warmer.

"Seonsaeng-nim." Sungmin said with a smile as they paused in front of the man Yoongi assumed was a doctor. "This is Min-si, Jeon-si's relative."

"Ah." The man stood up straight as Yoongi bowed respectfully. "He's a lucky thing, you know." The man's smile made his eyes crinkle at the sides. "For getting hit by a speeding car, he's a fighter."

"Is he..." Yoongi swallowed hard. "He's okay?"

"In recovery." The doctor explained, crossing his arms over his chest. "He's beaten pretty badly but nothing life threatening."

The wave of relief that crashed over Yoongi made his knees weak and he stumbled slightly until his shoulder pressed into the wall. The doctor's eyebrows went up in alarm while Sungmin reached out to him, a warm hand on his shoulder to make sure he didn't actually fall to the ground. If not for the wall, he probably would have. He brought a shaking hand up over his eyes, rubbing at the tears that threatened to fall.

"You can see him." Sungmin spoke softly, a warm smile on her lips as she peered at Yoongi, her hand a soothing presence on his arm. "But I need you to sign a few things first."

"Yeah." Yoongi nodded, pushing off the wall to stand on shaking legs.

They both bowed to the doctor before she led him over the nurses station with a careful hand on his elbow. She put the file in her hands down so she could flip it open and dig through it, finding what she needed. She laid out a few papers for him, pointing at where he needed to sign and after giving him a pen, he did as was asked.

He paused, however, when he noticed one of the forms as billing information. His eyes narrowed at the name Kim Seokjin. That wonderful rich bastard. When did he do that? Yoongi brushed it away, storing it in the back of his mind to profusely thank the asshole later. His signature looked like scratch but it was enough for Sungmin, who watched him with a bright smile.

She gathered the papers together once he was done and stuffed them back away in the folder before turning to him with that same smile. "You can see him now."

Yoongi glanced back toward the hallway where his friends were patiently waiting. "I should..."

"How about just a few moments?" She smiled knowingly at him and his throat went tight. "I'll send them in a little bit. He should wake from the anesthesia soon, hopefully, so perhaps just a few minutes alone."

He swallowed hard at the look on her face. He didn't even want to consider how the hell he had given them away without even saying a word but he didn't have time to worry about it. Part of him wanted to go get his friends so they could support him but the other part did just want a few minutes alone.

"Okay." He agreed, breathlessly.

Sungmin hopped on her feet once before turning around to lead Yoongi down a hallway in the opposite direction of his friends. They took an elevator to the third floor before she lead him down a few more hallways. He tried to memorize where she was taking him but his mind was foggy. By the time they stopped in front of a closed door with the numbers 3-214 on a plaque he had no idea how they had gotten there.

"Good luck." Sungmin gave him a warm smile as she bowed her head before leaving back down the hallway.

Yoongi stood there for a minute, just staring at the door as if it didn't exist. Jungkook was on the other side. He was on the other side of that door and he was alive. His heart throbbed in his throat, making it hard to breathe but he pushed open the door anyway and slipped inside, his eyes closed in fear of what would greet him.

The room was warm and when he opened his eyes, he saw that the curtains were closed and there was a soft light on above the bed Jungkook was on.


Yoongi just stood there, his heart slowly crawling up his throat.

Aside from the few scratches on his face, Jungkook looked fine. He looked peaceful laying asleep like that, propped up slightly by the arched hospital bed. He was wearing one of those hospital gowns but he was covered from the waist down with a white blanket. That's when Yoongi saw how bad it was. His left arm was nothing but an ugly bruise and his wrist and hand were wrapped up in a white bandage. His other arm wasn't bruised but there were plenty of small cuts and his entire forearm was bandaged. An IV was in the back of his hand, along with a pulse monitor over his index finger.

The blanket covered his lower half, but Yoongi could see that one leg was a hell of a lot bigger than the other. A cast possibly but it looked even bigger than that.

His eyes flicked back to the boy's face. His chest rose with each easy breath and there was a hint of color to his cheeks that reminded Yoongi that Jeon Jungkook was, in fact, alive.

He crossed the space between them in quick strides and just stood beside the bed for a moment, staring down at the other.

He was beaten and a little broken but he was alive.

Yoongi collapsed into the chair beside the bed, hanging his head in his hands at the crushing relief that came over him. The tears that sprung to his eyes were allowed to stay there for the time being as he tried to catch his breath.

Satisfied that he'd calmed down enough, Yoongi glanced up with blurred vision. Carefully, he reached forward and placed his hand over Jungkook's that was resting palm up. His fingertips ran over the bandage covering his palm before sliding their fingers together. They fit so well; slim long pale fingers between shorter, thicker, lightly tanned ones.

He was overcome with warmth as he leaned forward and let his forehead rest against the edge of the bed, his hair brushing against Jungkook's arm. His hand was warm against his own, a constant reminder that this boy was alive. His boy was alive.

Using the heel of his free hand, Yoongi rubbed the tears away from his eyes and when the fingers around his own squeezed his eyes snapped up to see warm honey-brown watching him through half-lidded eyes.

"Jungkook." The name was a breathless whisper that made the corner of the boy's lips turn upwards ever so slightly.

"H-Hey." His voice was strained and a little husky. "What's... up?"

Yoongi couldn't help the grin that came to his lips as he moved to his feet and slipped his free hand over Jungkook's cheek. The boy closed his eyes at the touch, making a soft noise in his throat as Yoongi leaned close enough to press a soft kiss to his forehead.

"You get hit by a car and have the nerve to ask me whats up." He mumbled, his cheeks warm as he pulled away, sitting back down.

"A car?" Jungkook's eyes widened and he swallowed a few times before he glanced around the room. It seemed to take him a moment to realize where he was and what was going on. He winced after a second and glanced at Yoongi.

"Does it hurt?"

"No. I feel. I feel okay, I think."

"Do you remember anything?"

Jungkook closed his eyes for a moment, crinkling his nose in that cute way Yoongi found he loved. "I remember... screaming. My dad, yeah. We were fighting." His eyes opened in realization, anger evident in his expression as he stared at the ceiling. "Called me all this shit. I snapped. Yelled back. I think I..." The color drained from his face and he lifted his free hand to rub over his face. "I told him about you."

Yoongi's previously warm heart dropped to his feet. "You what?"

Jungkook grit his teeth. "He was calling me worthless. That I'd never make something of myself with the attitude I had, or some shit like that. I told him what he thought didn't matter. Fuck, it's mostly a blur." He rubbed at his eyes with his fist and squeezed Yoongi's hand tighter. "But I know I told him about you. Something like, 'oh well since I'm worthless guess you should know I'm gay too'."


"Yeah, I know." He laughed dryly as his hand dropped back to the bed. "I've never seen him so furious before."

"Did he...?"

"No." He shook his head slowly. "I got the fuck out of there. I don't remember anything after that. The hell happened to me?" Those eyes were back on Yoongi and he tensed up.

"You walked in front of a car."

Jungkook winced, a flash of headlights in his memory and he brought up Yoongi's hand to cradle against his chest. "Fuck. And you told me to be careful too."

A smile tugged on Yoongi's lips as they stared at each other and when that grin spread across Jungkook's lips, they couldn't help but laugh softly at one another. It wasn't a time to be laughing really, but Jungkook was alive and Yoongi allowed himself to at least be happy about that.

"You fucked yourself up big time, Jeon Jungkook."

"Yeah, big surprise there." The boy gave a shrug, that charming smirk still on his lips. "Sorry to worry you." His expression shifted into one of slight regret and Yoongi shook his head.

"You're alive. That's what matters."


"And whenever you get out of here, you're going home with me."

The smile that broke across Jungkook's face made Yoongi's heart flutter back into his chest. "For real?"

"Like I'm going to let you go back to that place. You outed us anyway." He sighed, leaning back in his chair. "This kind of shit has to stop."

"Yeah." Jungkook agreed. "But like, moving in with you? Seriously?"

"What? You don't want to?"

A bright flush crossed Jungkook's cheeks and he quickly shook his head, his eyes wide and full of life. "I didn't say that. I mean, fuck, yes I've been waiting for this."

"You have to stay in school."

"I will."

"And actually do well."

"I will."

"It's settled then."



"Kiss me."

The whispered demand made Yoongi's eyes widen slightly. Jungkook's cheeks were flushed but there was determination on his face that demanded to not be ignored. Yoongi glanced back at the closed door before moving to his feet so he could lean over the other. Their eyes met as his hand slid up over a warm cheek and brushed their noses together. Jungkook was the one to close the distance, leaning up just enough to press his full warm lips to Yoongi's chapped ones.

Why Yoongi would ever want anything other than this; He didn't know. He never would; that he was certain of.

When he pulled back, licking at his lower lip, Jungkook's face was bright, his smile as charming as ever. "You love me." He purred faintly.

Yoongi's heart stuttered in his chest as he plopped back into his chair. "You're drunk on pain medication."

"Yeah, probably." Jungkook snorted a laugh. "But you love me."

His shoulders relaxed as he gave Jungkook's hand a squeeze. "You love me." He shot back.


He said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, not like it had just turned Yoongi's mind to mud and his stomach a blender.

But he didn't have time to think about it because the door to the room swung open and they both glanced over to see their friends.

"Kookie!" Taehyung lit up, his eyes wide and smile huge as he bounced across the room to them, throwing himself over the boy, earning a grunt in the process.

"Careful." Yoongi warned softly.

"Holy shit, holy shit." Jimin shuffled across the floor quickly and came to stand beside Yoongi, his brown eyes wide.

"Hello to you assholes too." Jungkook grunted, patting Taehyung's back before nudging the boy off him.

"You look well." Seokjin said as he came to stand at the end of the bed. They shared a soft smile before Namjoon tossed his arm over Yoongi's shoulders, standing at his other side to grin down at the boy.

"Tough thing, aren't you?"

Hoseok sneaked up to Taehyung's side and gave Jungkook a warm smile.

"You're all really here?" He sounded breathless as he glanced around at his friends, eyes wide.

"Been here all night." Hoseok answered. "Yoongi-hyung called Seokjin-Hyung as soon as he heard and then Seokjin-hyung called all of us."

"You think we'd let you waste away in a hospital alone?" Namjoon said with a grin, squeezing Yoongi's shoulder.

"I'm so relived you're alright." Seokjin said with a sigh, relaxing back against the wall.

"Shit man, you all should go home if you've been here all night. I'm not going anywhere." He motioned to his leg.

Taehyung picked up the edge of the blanket to peek underneath and when his eyes went wide, Yoongi got worried. "Kookie's a robot." He mumbled as he tossed the blanket to the side so everyone could see his left leg.

Yoongi wasn't sure what to call the thing covering Jungkook's leg other than a boot. It was a light grey color, with multiple straps and buckles, along with knobs and the slim amount of skin that could be seen was a purple color. It covered his entire leg and foot, disappearing up into his hospital gown from the look of it.

"Where's the doctor? Has he told you what's going on?" Seokjin asked, turning to Yoongi.

"Not yet. I saw him earlier but he just told me he'll be fine. He didn't give me details yet."

"I'll go get a nurse." Seokjin said with a nod before slipping out the door.

"Shit." Jimin mumbled as he reached forward the grab onto Jungkook's hand that was still linked with Yoongi's. "I'm... so glad you're okay."

There were tears in those brown eyes so Yoongi slipped his arm over Jimin's back, rubbing it soothingly as he squeezed their hands.

"Takes more than a car to kill me." Jungkook flashed him a cocky smile that made Jimin hiccup a laugh.

"Oh." A feminine voice caught their attention and they turned to see a new nurse standing there. "There's a lot of you." She gave them all a warm smile as she entered, Seokjin following behind her. "Are you feeling alright?" She directed her question to Jungkook as Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin moved out of the way so she could stand at his side and check him over.

"Yeah, feeling pretty good."

"We were wondering about his condition." Seokjin spoke up, leaning against the wall. Jimin stuck by Yoongi as the male stood to the side, arms crossed over his chest.

"Oh, right." She reached around and plucked his chart from end of the bed, bringing it close so she could read it. "This doesn't explain much but," she lowered it and gave them all a smile, "He had the majority of his left leg reconstructed. The bumper of the car slammed into it at just the right angle to shatter it. He has multiple bruises and contusions but they are minor and should heal rather quickly. He has a bit of a concussion but nothing major to worry over. We'd like to keep him for a few days, for observation and he'll have to come back periodically for check ups on his leg but that's the only major injury."

"How long?" Jungkook asked, glancing at his leg. "Before I can, you know, walk. Can I walk?"

"No. You're looking at at least six months of recovery before you can even think about walking. Then another few months of physical therapy."

"So... a year?"

She smiled sadly at him. "Possibly longer than that."


"The doctor should come and speak with you soon, with more detail, but that is the basics." She nodded as she returned his chart.

"Thank you so much." Hoseok gave her a bright smile that she returned.

"If you need anything else, please just press the nurse button." She motioned to the blue button beside the bed before bowing her head and shuffling out of the room.

"Guess I'm stuck for awhile." Jungkook said with a shrug.

"We'll visit." Namjoon told him with a thumbs up.

"You better."

"We should get home, get some sleep." Seokjin said as he pushed off the wall. "I know Hoseok has class today, as does Jimin, and I do as well."

"Yeah, go home. I'm not going anywhere." Jungkook nodded with a smile. "Sleep, eat, do your shit, then come back."

Jungkook received hugs from Seokjin and Namjoon before they bid their farewells and left for the day. The promised to return around dinner time. Hoseok informed Taehyung that he would be coming home with him before he gave Jungkook a hug goodbye. Taehyung was a little too stunned to say anything about it so he just gave Jungkook a tight hug before leaving with the elder, promising to return around dinner time as well.

"Um." Jimin smiled softly, glancing between Jungkook and Yoongi. "Guess I'll go too. School and all."

"No, see. Here's what you are going to do." Yoongi spoke up, his voice a tense tone that made both boys stare at him with wide eyes. "You're going to go home, get your shit, and come back here. You'll start fresh at school tomorrow." He plopped down in the chair beside Jungkook's bed.


"Am I missing something?" Jungkook's eyes brows disappeared into his bangs as he glanced between them.

"Yeah, we'll talk about it later." Yoongi shifted his eyes to Jimin. "You're not going back there to stay. If this shit has taught me anything, it's that I need to act a hell of a lot faster. So, get your shit, you're going home with me."

"H-Hyung." Tears pooled in Jimin's eyes as he glanced between Jungkook and Yoongi, the youngest looking absolutely and utterly confused.

Yoongi let out a sigh as he got to his feet and grabbed Jimin, pulling him into a hug that startled the brunet. "I've had enough of my friends getting hurt. Not again. Never again. You're worth something to us. We're family, after all."

Jimin buried his head in Yoongi's shoulders, his fingers coming up to clutch into the fabric of his shirt. "I don't... want to be a burden."

"You never could be." Yoongi huffed, ruffling Jimin's hair as he pulled away. "You're gonna stay with me. If Jungkook's good with that." He glanced at his boyfriend who perked up at his name.

"Fuck yeah."

"Hell, I'll go with you and get your shit if you want." Yoongi offered.

"N-No. He's at work by now. It'll be fine."

"Okay. We'll be waiting here then." Yoongi gave his hair another ruffle.

Jimin nodded, his cheeks bunching up as he smiled. "I'll... I'll be right back."

"Bring your stereo." Jungkook added with a smirk. "That thing's awesome."

Jimin laughed, brushing tears from his eyes as he nodded. He slipped out the door with a smile on his face and Yoongi felt about ten times better.

When he collapsed into the chair, Jungkook just perked a brow at him. "Long story." He explained.

"Well, in case you didn't know," the younger crossed his arms over his chest, "I'm not going anywhere."

The smile that curled to Yoongi's lips made Jungkook flush. "Yeah, you're not."

Taking in two kids probably wasn't the smartest thing Yoongi had ever done in his entire life, but it had been the right thing to do. He'd managed to lose his job after running out that night but that was fine. He had an offer that had been waiting on him for months to accept and with a little push from Jungkook, he agreed. It paid well, even if it wasn't his idea of the greatest job in the world, and it allowed him to take care of the two idiots he decided to take in.

It took some effort and a decent amount of help from Seokjin, but they managed to get Jimin and Jungkook into a new school, closer to their apartment. Previously, they went to different schools but now, going to the same one was a big help. Jungkook couldn't actually attend school. It would be a hell of a challenge to get that boy up and down the four flights of stairs to and from Yoongi's apartment everyday; and of course there was no elevator.

Luckily, there was a teacher dedicated to teaching him through an online course and thanks to Jimin's father's negligence, the two were in the same grade even if they were a year apart. It helped to be in the same grade. They worked on their homework together and any projects they had and it made Yoongi smile to know they were getting their shit together; preparing for a brighter future.

He always happened to look forward to coming home to them every night. He no longer worked late nights or weird hours. Just a typical 9-5 job and it was worth coming home to those two.

It wasn't easy; as nothing in life ever really was. They fought occasionally, when tempers flared and stress became too much. Jimin and Jungkook fought a lot more than Yoongi ever expected but they seemed to have their own way of making up without much trouble. They were stressed out teenagers so Yoongi never really blamed them.

And then there was the rare instance when Yoongi got into a disagreement with either of them. When he fought with Jimin, as rare as it was, it was always over how he didn't want to burden them. He didn't want to get in the way. It frustrated Yoongi to no end sometimes that the boy couldn't accept that he was part of them. Yoongi knew it had everything to do with how his father had made him feel; the things the man had drilled into him since he was probably old enough to even know what he was being told. But it still frustrated Yoongi sometimes.

Those arguments were usually soothed with tight hugs because no matter what, Yoongi was so determined to make Jimin feel like he belonged. Even if they fought, almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth he was grabbing the boy into a tight hug, mumbling soft words to him about what he meant to them. Jungkook usually joined in and then they called everyone over just to relieve some stress.

Fighting between Jungkook and Yoongi wasn't as rare as fighting with Jimin but didn't happen as often as the two boys fought with each other. Usually, when Jungkook and Yoongi fought, it had a lot to do with Jungkook's frustration about not being able to leave the apartment. He was an eighteen year old bundle of energy that he couldn't release and when he wasn't taking it out on Jimin, he took it out on Yoongi.

Those fights were a little harder to sooth over immediately. Usually they needed a little time apart but by the time they slipped into bed together at night, everything melted away under soft kisses and warm touches and mumbled apologies.

When Yoongi entered his apartment, he could hear soft music playing and Jungkook's warm voice floating in the air as he sang along. He noticed the boy on the couch, his boot covered leg propped up on the coffee table. The bright smile that greeted him made his entire body warm and he kicked off his shoes, tossing his bag over by their coats hanging by the door.

"Welcome home!" Jungkook tossed his arms in the air, grinning at the blond who crossed the room to greet him.

"Hey." Yoongi bent down to capture his lips in an effortless kiss before standing up straight to glance around for Jimin. He noticed the boy messing around in the kitchen so he left Jungkook to greet him. "Jimin."

The brunet jumped slightly before glancing over his shoulder. The smile that split across his face was something Yoongi had never seen before recently. He'd always thought Jimin was bright, full of life, and a happy person. But he'd never known until recently that the smile he saw then, was fake. But this smile, the one that made his cheeks bunch up, turn his eyes into crescents till they disappeared, was a real smile.

"Welcome home."

"What are you doing?" He leaned against the doorway, eyeing the various foods spread out on the counter.


"I see that. Why?"

Jimin shrugged as he turned back to chopping up some vegetable. "We finished our project early and you always make dinner for us, and I'm not that bad of a cook, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Is... Is that okay?" He glanced over his shoulder again, a wide eyed look on his face.

Yoongi laughed softly and crossed the space between them to ruffle Jimin's hair. "Yeah that's fine. Just don't burn the place down. Or hurt yourself."

Jimin grinned at him. "Okay!"

"Need help?"

"Nah, go sit with you boyfriend. He's been complaining all day."

"I heard that!" Jungkook called from the living room, sounding a little tiffed.

Jimin stuck his tongue out. "Seriously, it's like you two don't spend everyday together." He said a little louder.

"You're lucky I can't get up, Park Jimin, or I'd kick your ass!"

Yoongi snorted at the two of them, rolling his eyes as he ruffled Jimin's hair once more before turning to go back into the living room. Jungkook was sulking in the couch, his arms crossed over his chest and his face flushed slightly, eyes focused on the TV that wasn't even on. Yoongi rounded the couch and sat down beside him, slinking down enough to press their shoulders together.

"Miss me, huh?"

"Shut up."

Yoongi leaned closer, pressing his nose into Jungkook's cheek. "I missed you too."

His nose crinkled in that adorable way that made him look like a bunny. "Don't toy with me."

Yoongi laughed softly, letting his hand rest over Jungkook's stomach and thoroughly making the boy flush to the tips of his ears. "Wouldn't dream of it."

"Liar." Jungkook's lips flashed a smirk before he grabbed Yoongi's face and pushed their lips together.

Jimin made a noise from the kitchen that sounded like disgust though it was followed by a laugh. Yoongi just let Jungkook kiss him as much as he wanted because he wanted it just as much. It had been a tough thing to admit how he felt about the boy but now that he had, there wasn't a point in fighting him anymore. After all, he knew he was pretty damn lucky to have him.

Hell, he was lucky to have all of his friends. They were lucky to have one another. Nothing was perfect. Jimin still had self-confidence issues. Namjoon was working on his drinking problem, as was Taehyung with Hoseok's help. Hoseok was slowly working his way off those stupid pills and if it wasn't for Taehyung, Yoongi was sure the asshole would have overdosed by then. Seokjin had finally managed to pull himself away from his family and focus on what he wanted for his life. And Jungkook, well the boy couldn't walk and he still had some anger that needed to be worked out. But they were all alive.

They were a family. They had each other. They weren't perfect but Yoongi was pretty sure that they were going to be alright.