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Jimin should be sleeping. He really should be sleeping but he can’t. It’s his birthday and you’re not supposed to be sleeping on your birthday. That’s just principle. It’s been a couple of hours since the members and him filmed the V app broadcast with his super adorable cake. He’s so grateful to ARMY and what they’ve done for him - they put his face on a bus oh my god - that his heart could just burst from the emotion.

Seriously, how does anyone expect him to sleep?

When they got back to the dorms, bellies full of cake, Hoseok had immediately tackled Jimin to the couch shouting “Birthday punches!” and proceed to deliver twenty well-aimed punches all over Jimin’s body. He tries to fight back but Jeongguk and Namjoon hold down his arms with wicked grins. After Hoseok lands the final punch on his thigh, he pulls away and the other two release his arms. Jimin slumps in relief for about two seconds before three sets of hands are on him, devilish fingers digging into his sensitive spots of skin.

“Birthday tickles!” Jeongguk howls in delight. Namjoon and Hoseok start cackling. Jimin is half screaming, half laughing, all dying.

“You assholes are supposed to be nice to me! It’s my birthday!” he shrieks indignantly over his crying laughter. He spots Yoongi and Seokjin from the corner of his eye. “Hyung, help me!” he begs.

Yoongi just shrugs offering him a sarcastic “have fun~” as he walks towards his room. Seokjin looks a little more concerned but all he says is “be gentle with him,” before he turns to follow Yoongi. Betrayed, Jimin twists his body to find his last hope. His light in the dark. His guardian angel. 

“Taetae!” he wails. Taehyung looks amused by the whole debacle, recording it all on his phone with a wide grin. Jimin’s almost afraid he’s going to leave him to die.

But his best friend walks over to them, gives them all a measured look, before announcing solemnly: “If you guys don’t stop, I’m gonna cook breakfast for everyone tomorrow.”

There’s a moment of silence before the three of them jerk back from Jimin, similar looks of horror and disgust on their faces.

“You shouldn’t even joke about that,” Namjoon says reproachfully, flicking Taehyung on the forehead.

“The last time you cooked we almost died,” Hoseok adds, looking mildly nauseous at the memory.

“Yeah hyung, we were going to stop soon anyways,” Jeongguk pouts.

Taehyung shrugs, rubbing at the mark on his forehead. “Be nice. It’s his birthday.”

Jimin, who’s still catching his breath from the attack just launched on him, pushes himself up and pulls Taehyung down to the couch with him, the younger letting out a startled yelp. “I love you,” he coos, pressing his cheek to Taehyung’s. “I love you the most.”

Taehyung laughs, the sound vibrating in his chest against Jimin’s. He wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist and holds him tighter. “I know.”

"Oh, gross,” Hoseok makes a face at their display of affection. Then he rushes towards the bathroom, calling dibs on the shower, Namjoon and Jeongguk hot on his heels.

“Birthday boy should get first dibs,” Jimin shouts after them to which Namjoon replies that he will be the last to shower. Taehyung shifts his body into a more comfortable position, sliding down to tuck his head under Jimin’s chin.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Jimin-ah, happy birthday to you,” Taehyung sings quietly. Jimin’s heart swells and he squeezes Taehyung tighter. He knows the members already sang to him earlier but it’s special when it’s just Taehyung.  

“Thank you,” he says thickly, trying hard not to think about the feelings behind those words, focusing on the warmth of Taehyung’s body, his heart thumping in time with his. They lie there for a moment, content, Taehyung’s fingers gently stroking Jimin’s bicep.

“Jiminie,” Taehyung’s fingers stop moving and Jimin almost whines from the loss. That had felt good. “You still love me even though I posted those predebut pics, right?”

Jimin blinks. “Of course Ta - wait what?!” he sits up, lunging for Taehyung, but the younger is quicker, laughing manically as he runs to their room. “You brat! I’m older than you!” Jimin scrambles to find his phone and opens the twitter app, dread settling in his stomach. He blinks at his screen before letting out an agonized howl:

"Kim Taehyung!”




That was almost two hours ago. It’s 2am and Jimin has just finished posting on fancafe. Honestly, even with his hyungs and Taehyung posting embarrassing pictures of him, he’s still excited. Birthdays are awesome. Everyone has to be nice to you and like he had typed earlier, he’s the main character of the whole day. He plans to take full advantage of it. Aside from the embarrassing haul of pictures earlier, he’s expecting nothing but smooth sailing for the rest of his day. They don’t even have much of a schedule planned out. Life couldn’t get better.

He lets out a small yawn before plugging in his phone. Sleep was probably a good idea. He didn’t really want to but he couldn’t spend his birthday sleeping the day away, now could he?“One more look,” he mutters to himself, opening the fancafe to look at the comments, to let the warmth of their well wishes fill him up.

Jimin blinks when he notices a new post. Taehyung? He looks up at the bunk where the younger should be sleeping. He listens carefully but can’t hear any his usual sleeping noises. He lets out an inward gleeful chuckle - he can read Taehyung’s sappy post and give him shit for it, right now.

He clicks on the post eagerly only to blanch at the image that pops up on his phone screen. Oh god. What was with Taehyung and posting ugly predebut pictures of him? He was sooo getting punished tomorrow morning. In fact, Jimin is tempted to climb up there now and sit on Taehyung’s face to teach him a lesson, but his curiosity keeps him reading.

Affection rushes through him warmly at the length of the post. Taehyung doesn’t usually write long things unless he’s in a… mood. Seriously, this guy. Jimin laughs quietly under his breath, imagining the expression on the younger’s face as he battled between being lazy and posting something nice for Jimin.

 This is troublesome, but who else is going to do it but me?

Honestly though. Who else took care of him like Taehyung did? All of the members took care of each other in their own ways, but Jimin and Taehyung had always been special. Being with Taehyung always warmed Jimin up, expanding from his heart all the way through the rest of his body. Kind of like how he was feeling right now.

He can’t stop smiling as he continues to read but freezes at the next line.

 His diet was really….when I see it I feel like crying.

Jimin swallows, lips trembling. Of course Taehyung would bring this up. Taehyung who always told him his current shape was fine. Taehyung who always insisted on putting his health first. Easy going Taehyung, who only ever got really angry with Jimin when he took his diet too far.

 “Shit,” he mumbles, eyes starting to water. It’s not like he doesn’t know how much Taehyung cares for him, he does, he’s aware of it every day. But having it in the open, Taehyung putting his heart on display for everyone to see, has Jimin’s throat tightening and heart pounding, for reasons he doesn’t want to think about.

He just - he loves Taehyung a lot. Maybe more than he should.

Fat tears roll down his cheeks as he finishes the post. He sniffs loudly before burying himself under the blanket. How embarrassing, being reduced to tears over a stupid fancafe post. Stupid Taehyung. Stupid, wonderful, Taehyung.

He’s wiping at his eyes before a sleepy “Jimin?” echoes through the room. He freezes, going completely still under the blanket. Shit. He didn’t think he’d been that loud. He feels sort of bad - Taehyung had just been talking about how they had to get to sleep soon. Maybe if he doesn’t move, Taehyung will think he’s asleep.

The bed creaks as Taehyung shuffles, covers rustling. “Jimin, come on, I can hear you sniffling.” Jimin pulls the blanket away from his face in outrage only to be met with Taehyung’s face, peering upside down from above him.

He rubs his nose before frowning at Taehyung. “I wasn’t sniffling,” he says sulkily.

Taehyung just yawns. “Are you okay?” Despite the sleepiness in his voice, Jimin can hear the genuine concern. Now he really feels guilty. He’s about to make an excuse, like about how much he misses his family, but looking at Taehyung, making out his messy hair and droopy eyes even in the darkness, Jimin is hit with such affection he suddenly can’t breathe.

“Come here,” he says softly, throat tight, reaching out towards the other boy. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate, disappearing for a moment, before scrambling down the ladder as quietly as he can. Jimin scoots over to the far side, his back against to wall to make room as Taehyung slips under the covers. The younger immediately pulls Jimin flush against him, stroking his hair gently. Jimin lets out a contented sigh as the comfort of Taehyung’s smell and arms surround him. 

“What’s wrong?” he whispers.

Jimin’s cheeks burn, realizing how embarrassing the situation is yet again. ‘Oh hi Taehyung, I just read your sappy birthday post about me and I started crying’. Real smooth, Park Jimin. Way to be the elder here.

“I um,” his voice cracks, much to his mortification, “I read your… fancafe post…” he buries his face in Taehyung’s chest, making himself as small as possible. Taehyung’s hand freezes for a moment in his ministrations and Jimin wants to die.

There’s silence for a moment before Taehyung exhales softly, running his large palms down Jimin’s back, making him shiver. “Oh, Jimin,” Taehyung says his name so tenderly, Jimin’s tearing up all over again. 

“Stupid Taehyung,” he cries softly, soaking the other’s shirt with snot and tears. “Stupid, stupid.”

“I know, I know.” 

“I can’t believe you made me cry on my birthday. Stupid, stupid.”

“I know, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Jiminie.” 

“Tomorrow you have to do whatever I want,” Jimin mumbles tiredly after he’s sure he’s run out of tears. Taehyung has been petting him this whole time, hands running through his hair, down his back, around his waist. Jimin leans into every touch, drinking up with warmth of Taehyung’s palms. 

Taehyung hums agreeably, pressing a light kiss to Jimin’s temple. Jimin’s eyes flutter close. “Go to sleep.” The younger’s voice is husky, breath fanning against Jimin’s cheeks. They’ve been in this position countless times before, cuddling each other to sleep, but Jimin’s heart is hot and heavy in his chest, drowsily aware of Taehyung’s lips brushing against the bridge of his nose. 

“I’m serious,” he whispers before slipping into slumber. “You have to do whatever I want. No ifs or buts about it.”

Taehyung presses closer.

“Anything for you.” 

Jimin’s already asleep.




Jimin wakes up to Hoseok’s hooting of: “Happy birthday!” before the older launches himself on top of his bed. Taehyung lets out a pained groan, taking the brunt of the attack, and Hoseok blinks as he pulls back the covers. “Awww how cute!” he squeals at the sight of them, scrambling to find his phone for blackmail purposes. Jimin blinks blearily, flipping on his phone to look at the time.  

“Noooooo,” he mumbles, burying his face back into the pillows. Taehyung make a similar noise, digging his nose into Jimin’s hair, one arm heavy around Jimin’s waist. 

“Come on you lovebirds, if you sleep anymore you won’t have time to shower,” Hoseok states casually over the click of his camera as he takes snaps of them. “Plus Seokjin will kill you if you miss breakfast.” 

Taehyung doesn’t get up until Hoseok tugs at his ears. “I’m up, I’m up,” he mumbles as he sits up. Jimin cracks open one eye as Taehyung stretches, shirt lifting to expose golden skin. His throat is suddenly very dry.

“Get up, birthday boy,” Taehyung roughly off him. Jimin whimpers as the cold air hits him.

“Tae, noooo. You shower first then come get me,” he begs.

“You heard Hobi hyung, we’re going to miss breakfast,” Taehyung tries to reason, pulling lightly at Jimin’s arm. “One of us can take a dump while the other showers.” 

“First of all, gross.” Jimin makes a face. “Second of all, you’re supposed to do whatever I say today.” 

Jimin watches, perplexed, as Taehyung flushes a little. “You remember that?” 

“...Of course. You promised!” Jimin accuses.

Taehyung laughs, scratching the back of his head. “Okay, yeah, I did promise and I always keep my promises... but Seokjin’s anger trumps all promises. It’s against the rules.”

Jimin gapes at him. “What rules?!”

“The rules I’m making up right now,” Taehyung replies cheekily.

Jimin sputters. “That’s not fair! You can’t make up the rules!”

“Either way, we aren’t facing Jin-hyung’s wrath. Ask me anything else that doesn’t involve you sleeping in.”

Jimin puffs his cheeks out in a pouting gesture. Taehyung stares back, unimpressed. Hedeflates with a sigh. He sits up, stretching his arms out towards Taehyung. “Carry me to the bathroom,” he commands.

Taehyung raises an eyebrow seemingly asking him ‘are you serious?’ They stare at each other for a moment before Taehyung shrugs, scooping Jimin into his arms and hoisting with a grunt. Jimin wraps his arms and legs around Taehyung’s neck and waist as the younger’s hands settle at his hips. Jimin tries not to gulp. He clings tightly to Taehyung as they begin the trek to the bathroom - Yoongi gives them both a judgmental look and Jimin sticks his tongue out in response. Aside from that, it’s surprisingly quiet and Jimin is tense, waiting for the comment about his weight to come up.

It never does.

Taehyung plops Jimin on the toilet before walking to turn on the shower, waiting for the water to get hot. Jimin stares at Taehyung’s back, anxiety rising in him.

“Wasn’t I heavy?” he finally asks, struggling to get the words out.

Taehyung turns to him, frowning. “What?”

Jimin takes a deep breath. He doesn’t want to hear his answer but he also desperately does. He needs confirmation: is he fine the way he is or does he need to work more? Unbidden, Taehyung’s words from last night come to him. His diet made Taehyung want to cry. But Taehyung was also proud of him.

He didn’t want him to stop being proud.

“Wasn’t I heavy,” he repeats, quieter. The steam in the bathroom is rising. They’re wasting hot water but Jimin can’t think about anything but the look on Taehyung’s face. Jimin knows a lot of Taehyung’s looks. He has them memorized, down to the wrinkles in between his eyebrows, the pursing of his lips.

Jimin doesn’t know this expression.

He’s about to apologize for being weird but Taehyung snorts, shaking his head. “Park Jimin,” he states, starting to step out of his sweatpants. “You ask the stupidest questions. And just for that, I’m showering first.”

“Excuse me?!” Jimin shouts, standing up. Taehyung always uses all the hot water. “Birthday boy commands you to let him shower first!”

“Then come in, your majesty.” Taehyung tugs his shirt off, flicks it at Jimin’s face, and steps into the shower, letting out an exaggerated, satisfied sigh. Jimin pulls the shirt off his face, blushing wildly. He’s not sure he can handle the emotional whiplash of the mood changing so quickly. He hesitates for a second. This isn’t the first time they’ve showered together, sometimes Jeongguk has to join them when they’re running on a tight schedule. There’s nothing odd about this scene. Nothing at all.

Calm down, he scolds himself before taking a deep breath, stripping bare, pulling the curtain, and stepping inside. Taehyung grins at him, tanned body glistening, wet curls sticking to his forehead. Jimin absolutely does not stare at his collarbones, fixating on the mole on his nose.

“So glad his majesty could join us!” Taehyung booms throatily, grabbing Jimin’s arm and pulling him under the spray. Jimin instantly relaxes under the hot water.

“His majesty requests his hair be shampooed,” Jimin murmurs lazily.

“Your wish is my command.” Taehyung makes the mistake of bowing deeply to Jimin, hand knocking over the bottles of shampoo and body wash on the shower counter. Jimin tries his best to contain his laughter as a flustered Taehyung gathers them back into order.

Taehyung starts humming Lovelyz’s new song under his breath as he lathers Jimin’s hair, fingernails scratching on his scalp lightly. Jimin closes his eyes in pleasure, head tilting back into Taehyung’s touch. He lets out a soft moan when the other boy’s fingers start to rub small, soothing circles on his temples.

“Is it to your liking, your majesty?” Taehyung teases. Jimin lets out an “mmmmmm” in response, completely relaxed by Taehyung’s magic fingers and the hot water.

“Your fingers are magic,” he mumbles dazedly. He feels Taehyung’s chest rumble with laughter.

“I’m a magician. A jester. A magic jester in your royal court,” Taehyung proclaims, caught up in his story, mindlessly tugging a lock of hair particularly hard. Jimin gasps, eyes flying open, as a spike of pleasure hits him out of nowhere. “Jimin? Are you okay?”

“Fine,” Jimin replies shrilly, pushing away from Taehyung to rinse the suds off. “Some shampoo got in my eye.”

Taehyung apologizes profusely but Jimin brushes it aside, scrubbing Taehyung’s hair quickly - “What an honor for a mere jester to be touched by the hands of the king!” he mock sobs dramatically - and reaching for the loufa to wash up his body. He startles when Taehyung grabs it out of his hands.

“Tae! We’re seriously running late. Hyung is gonna kill us,” Jimin protests, trying to take it back. Taehyung shakes his head, expression solemn.

“Let me do it,” he insists until Jimin gives it with a sigh. Taehyung squirts Jimin’s favorite scented body wash - sandalwood with a touch of citrus - into the loofah and lathers it up. He smiles at Jimin gently. “Do you trust me?”

Jimin’s reply is instant: “Of course.”

Taehyung nods thoughtfully. Jimin watches water drip from his bangs to his collarbones. He suddenly feels hot, even though the water started to go cold a while ago. Taehyung lifts up the soapy loofah and drags it gently across Jimin’s arm. Something about it is oddly intimate, more so than anything else that’s happened so far. He starts a slow path across Jimin’s body, scrubbing lightly at his neck, smiling at Jimin’s ticklish giggles.

“You’re not, you know,” he comments offhandedly as he turns Jimin around to wash his back.

Jimin blinks in confusion. “What?”

“You’re not heavy. If anything, I’m the one lacking in the muscles department.” Taehyung stops for a second, bringing his other hand up to place flat against his sudsy stomach. Jimin inhales sharply.

“Why do you think this way about yourself?” Taehyung doesn’t sound disappointed or angry - he just sounds sad. Jimin immediately feels guilty and tries to pull away but Taehyung drops the loofah to grip his shoulder. He pokes at the muscle by Jimin’s abdomen. “I don’t see any fat here,” he moves to his hips, “here,” he squeezes an arm, “or here.” His fingers continue to prod gently all over Jimin’s body, murmuring “here” repeatedly. His gentle touch and words are Jimin’s body temperature rise.

“I do miss the fat here,” he says morosely as he pokes Jimin’s cheeks. “Your chubby cheeks were so cute.”

Jimin shakes him off. “Chubby isn’t cute.”

Taehyung squishes his face, pushing his cheeks together. “You don’t get it. You’re cute. No matter what.”

Jimin doesn’t know how to respond to that. He doesn’t know how to tell Taehyung how much his words mean to him. How good it makes him feel. He struggles for a moment in an attempt to find something to say before settling on a quiet, “Thank you.” It comes off muffled because of his squished cheeks and Taehyung grins at him, the mood broken.

“You’re welcome!” He hums as he starts to scrub himself and Jimin watches him with a dumb smile, feeling bewildered and overheated but really, really good.

Seokjin is glaring at them by the time they rush to the table, wearing matching sheepish grins. “Sorry!” Taehyung adopts his best ‘cute dongsaeng’ voice. “The birthday boy wanted to take his time.”

Hoseok waggles his eyebrows suggestively at them and Jimin frowns in response, feeling a little defensive. He wants to elaborate on Taehyung’s words, that they didn’t do anything wrong, but Seokjin is ushering them to sit. The table filled with Jimin’s favorite breakfast foods including the traditional seaweed soup.

“Thank you hyung,” he says, genuinely touched. Seokjin smiles serenely in response.

“We couldn’t eat until you came out, did you know that,” Yoongi mutters grumpily, filling his plate with rice. Jimin smiles guiltily at the other members.

“I’m sorry~”

“You’re forgiven, because you’re the birthday boy,” Namjoon replies muffled by cheeks full of food. The rest of them start to dig in, food slightly cold from waiting for Taehyung and Jimin.

Jimin is loading his plate, absentmindedly thinking about the shower. He can always get Taehyung’s attention whenever he wants but it’s been especially satisfying since last night. Taehyung’s affectionate care, his attention to small details, makes Jimin feel good. Better than anyone has made him feel. He’s taking a sip of his seawood soup when he realizes that all he wants is for Taehyung to give him his whole-hearted, undivided, devoted attention. And maybe it’s wrong, considering how he feels about Taehyung but it’s his birthday. He can make an exception today.

Besides, Taehyung promised to do whatever he wanted.

“Taehyung,” he says slowly.

“Yes my liege?” Taehyung asks between large bites of vegetables. Jimin tilts his head to the side, appraising him for a moment.

“Feed me.”

The whole table goes quiet. Even the clatter of chopsticks against plates has stopped. Seokjin looks baffled and Namjoon’s eyes are wide. Yoongi and Jeongguk are wearing similar looks of annoyed confusion and Hoseok just looks eager, phone ready in his hand.

Taehyung’s expression is totally blank. Then, he breaks into his usual boxy grin, offering his chopsticks to Jimin. Jimin leans closer and lets the younger guide the food into his open mouth. Taehyung scoots his chair closer so that their knees are pressing together. He takes Jimin’s bowl of seaweed and begins to spoon feed it to him

“In-fucking-credible,” Yoongi mutters. Hoseok mumbles in agreement, looking too sickened to even take pictures.

Jeongguk is absolutely disgusted as he pushes his plate away. “Hyung, I’m not hungry anymore.”

Seokjin’s glare at the pair is enough to make the rest of the members shrink into their seats. The two don’t even flinch at the glare, caught in their own little world, completely absorbed in each other.

They watch in a mix of fascination and horror as Taehyung leans in to wipe a bit of soup from the corner of Jimin’s mouth with his thumb. Jimin giggles. Jeongguk gags.



The rest of the day continues in a similar fashion. Taehyung carries piggybacks Jimin to the van and lets the elder perch on his lap instead of the seat. They only separate when Hobeom hyung insists that it’s a safety hazard and Namjoon promises that Jimin can sit up front. During the drive, Jimin requests for Taehyung to sing a multitude of girl group songs. By the time they arrive at their filming location, Taehyung is belting an impressive version of Girl’s Day’s ‘Expectation’, opera style.

“I hate you so much,” Jeongguk whines to Jimin as they step out of the van. “If this is your idea of a joke, it’s not funny.”

“It’s a little funny,” Jimin cajoles, gesturing for Taehyung to come over. Taehyung gallops over in a weird imitation of a horse. Jimin laughs in delight. Jeongguk sighs deeply. “My steed has arrived!” Jimin jumps on Taehyung’s back. The taller one secures him, holding onto his legs tightly, before they skip away, whooping loudly.

Jeongguk shakes his head. “You guys are such nerds!” he yells loudly after them.

The filming is sort of in disarray. The production crew, so used to sweet, agreeable Jimin, is surprised when he won’t do anything until Taehyung is part of it. “He’s my servant today,” he had tried explaining but Seokjin had slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Please don’t say that in public,” Seokjin scolds.

Jimin pouts. “He’s the one that started it by calling me your majesty!”

“Hey are you complaining?” Taehyung shouts from his chair where he’s being prepped for hair and makeup.

“Of course not,” Jimin shoots back. He watches Taehyung thoughtfully before turning to Seokjin.

“Do you think Tae could do my makeup?”

Seokjin just stares blankly at him. “I really want to smack you,” he says finally. “But it’s your birthday. Also, no.”

Jimin pouts as he walks over to an amused looking Taehyung. “It’s my birthday. I should be doing whatever I want,” he whines, perching on Taehyung’s thigh.

“You’re right, my liege,” Taehyung agrees, petting Jimin’s hand in faux comfort. There’s a teasing glint in Taehyung’s eye. “I didn’t realize how bratty you could be when you wanted things your way. You’re really like royalty, Jiminie.”

Jimin’s face falls. Did their game go too far? Did he cross some sort of unknown line? He makes to get off Taehyung and apologize but Taehyung squeezes his hand. “Hey! I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It’s nice,” the younger stumbles over his words a little. “Like, you deserve whatever you want all the time but you usually don’t ask for it. So it’s nice to see you doing this today at least."

Heat floods Jimin’s cheeks and he looks down, oddly bashful. “This is just because you made me cry on my birthday. It’s your punishment,” he mumbles quietly.

“Suuuuure,” Taehyung drawls out. He hums for a little bit before there’s a starry look in his eyes. “You know what would be cool? Filming a music video with birds! We could like, get them to do a synchronized dance number. In the air!”

“Birds aren’t that smart, Taehyung,” Jimin replies, not missing a beat.

The other boy looks offended. “How dare you! Don’t you know cormorants can count to seven? They work for Chinese fisherman! They’re honest employees!”

“Wow. Seven. I really underestimated their genius.”

“Silence, buffoon.”

“Don’t refer to your king that way, bird brain, that’s considered treason. You want to be up on the cutting block?” Jimin makes a slicing motion across his throat with his index finger.

“I’ll take bird brain as a compliment, thanks.”

“It’s really, really not.”

They sit there comfortably for a while, both of them scrolling through Jimin’s KakaoTalk to laugh at some of his more ridiculous birthday wishes. His cousin sent him a picture of a cartoon puppy with a bubble butt, donning a red thong. “It’s you! It’s you! The royal undergarments!” Taehyung had shrieked. The look on Seokjin’s face alone made Jimin laugh so hard, tears came to his eyes. He’s slipped fully into Taehyung’s lap, the younger boy’s arm wrapped around his waist. Sometime between the laughter, one of them had interlocked their fingers together. Taehyung has nice hands. Jimin likes the way they dwarf his, how warm they are.

Taehyung nuzzles his nose into his hair. “Birthday selca?” he asks, already opening the camera on his phone. Jimin lets out a hum, angling himself as Taehyung raises the camera to take the picture.

“Get my good side,” Jimin comments, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

“All of your sides are good,” Taehyung replies before sticking his tongue out at the camera. Jimin flushes before following suit and making a face.They take a dozen or so goofy selcas before he’s satisfied. He opens his gallery, scrolling through the pictures. “Hey, these aren’t bad. Half of them are blurry, though.” Jimin isn’t surprised. Blurry selcas are a solid part of Taehyung’s aesthetic. He pauses on one where Jimin’s eyes are crinkled into happy slits and Taehyung’s looking at him with such a fond expression, Jimin’s heart drops.

“I like this one,” Taehyung says casually. Jimin breathes in, trying to get back control of his erratic heartbeat. “Should we upload it?”

“No,” Jimin says without thinking. He doesn’t want anyone else to see Taehyung like this. He wants this all for himself, wants Taehyung, who gives himself so readily to the world, all to himself. “I look constipated.”

Taehyung’s brow furrows as he looks at the picture again. “You should’ve taken a dump this morning,” he chides. Jimin shrugs, trying very hard not to think about this morning and Taehyung’s fingers on his wet skin.

“Carry me to the bathroom?”

“What, do you want me to wipe your ass too, your majesty?”

Jimin pushes hard at Taehyung’s chest, tilting the chair back, causing them both to topple on to the ground. Jimin recovers first, straddling Taehyung’s hips. “I’m going to sit on your face,” he threatens. Taehyung’s eyebrows rise high, challenging him.

He was going to do it, honestly, but Namjoon tugs him off before he can, muttering something about ‘scarring underage interns for life.’ Taehyung bows at him mockingly. Jimin flips him off in response.




When their schedules finish for the day, Jimin decides that he wants to practice. Seokjin looks like he wants to argue against him, but the others agree readily, wanting a few hours to themselves. At Seokjin’s glare, Namjoon hastily assures Jimin he doesn’t have to. “Why don’t you play video games with the maknaes instead?” 

Jimin doesn’t really want to play video games. He already can see how it’s going to go - he’ll make Taehyung lose on purpose which will be hilarious for the first few games but get old quickly, Jeongguk will get annoyed at them not taking it seriously and noogie both of them, maybe. Besides, he practices every day and he’s not going to stop, not even for his birthday.

Taehyung frowns at this logic. “You can afford to take a break you know. One day without practice isn’t going to kill you,” he comments as he follows Jimin to the dance studio. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok are all working on lyrics together while Jeongguk has Seokjin filming him as he covers another song. Naturally, Taehyung tags along with him.

“You don’t have to come, Tae. You should go take a nap,” Jimin tells him, frowning.

You should take a nap!” Taehyung snaps back. “We barely slept last night.”

Jimin shrugs, dropping his bag to the floor, going over to the stereo to start up the music. He unzips his jacket, leaving him in a black tank and basketball shorts. “I get to do whatever I want today, remember?”

Taehyung grumbles incoherently to himself before settling on the floor. “Whatever his royal pain in the ass desires. But nothing more than two hours. Okay?”

Jimin can’t help but grin at the sulky pout on Taehyung’s face. “Okay.”

The other boy settles against the wall, putting his earphones in, eyes focusing on his phone screen, presumably to catch up on some anime. Jimin looks at Taehyung fondly as he sits down to begin his warm-up stretches. Ten minutes later, he’s completely absorbed in the zone, dancing through their new choreography. Every now and then he’ll look at the mirror to see Taehyung staring intensely at him. The heat of Taehyung’s gaze settles in his veins, blood pumping with adrenaline and something else he doesn’t dare identify as he continues to dance, fueled by the heat bubbling in his gut.

At some point, he finally collapses on the floor, panting and sweaty, muscles burning in exertion. He closes his eyes as he tries to catch his breath. He honestly didn’t mean to dance as hard as he did. It just….happened. Jimin lies there for a while, gathering his bearings, when something cold and wet pressed on his face. He sits up, startled, looking up at a smiling Taehyung, water bottle in his hand. His usual boxy grin has replaced the unusual intensity from before. Jimin isn’t sure if he’s relieved or disappointed

“Here you are, muscle pig.” Jimin takes the bottle from Taehyung gratefully, chugging it halfway empty almost immediately.

“I’m not a pig,” he retorts. Taehyung plops down next to him and pokes at his calves.

“With muscles like that you are. Royal swine,” Taehyung coos.

Jimin rolls his eyes at him, lifting his leg in Taehyung’s face. “Shut up and make yourself useful. Massage,” he demands.

“Cormorants get paid better than me,” Taehyung mutters to himself as he places his hands on Jimin’s leg. He makes a face. “You’re all sweaty!”

“Yeah, people tend to sweat when they do physical activity. I know you’re not familiar with it but it’s quite common.”

“You’re so funny. Look at me laughing. Ha ha ha.” Taehyung jeering tone doesn’t match the gentle way he squeezes Jimin’s calves. He winces when Taehyung applies more pressure, rubbing the soreness out.

“You really are a muscle pig,” Taehyung murmurs lowly. The combination of his voice and warm hands steadily kneading at Jimin’s tender muscles sends shivers up his spine. After a minute or so, Taehyung’s touch doesn’t hurt anymore and one particular squeeze has Jimin letting out a pleased hum. “Good?” Taehyung asks, hands squeezing up and down Jimin’s leg.

Jimin nods. “It feels - oh,” his breath hitches. Taehyung’s fingers are moving in rhythmic circles and god, Jimin was right before, his hands really are magic. “- good, it feels good.”

“Good,” is all Taehyung says before focusing all of his attention on massaging. Jimin is still lying on his back, one leg outstretched and on Taehyung’s lap, and he props himself up on his arms to watch the other boy.

Taehyung is completely focused, bangs falling over his eyes, tongue stuck out in concentration. He looks cute like this, the realization crashing into Jimin, making his heart thud. Objectively, he knows how attractive Taehyung can be, how adorable he can be. This is something he’s always known, lurking in the back of his mind whenever they hang out - but this is different; this is his brain breaking through his carefully assembled mental blocks and very loudly yelling at him Kim Taehyung is hot and you are a thirsty motherfucker while another voice Jimin thinks is his conscience is yelling back shut up shut up shut up stop staring oh my god stop staring -

Then, Taehyung looks up, catching Jimin’s gaze. The voices inside his head immediately shut up. The younger boy’s eyes narrow as he squeezes particularly hard. Jimin can’t help the small moan that bubbles out of him.

“Good?” he asks again, voice going down an octave, rubbing slow circles on Jimin’s knee. His touch sends small electric shocks through Jimin’s skin. He nods frantically. Taehyung smiles, a small, dark quirk of his lips, before squeezing his knee firmly.

“Tae,” he whispers. The other boy just hums in response, one hand leaving Jimin’s knee to trail up the other leg. He pushes the one in his lap off, moving it next to the other so that Jimin is sitting in right of him, legs spread and bent slightly at the knee, shorts riding halfway up his thigh. Taehyung slides his hands up to rest on both of Jimin’s knees.

“Is this okay?” The other boy’s voice cracks a little. If Jimin were capable of coherent thought, he might have put more consideration into what he was about to say. But the warmth of Taehyung’s hands felt too good and he wanted them to be touching him everywhere.

“Yes,” he gasps when Taehyung squeezes again. “Yes just - “

Jimin bites down on his lip as his hands start to go down his calves again, kneading more enthusiastically than before. The burning of his muscles can’t compare to the burn in his gut as he watches Taehyung’s tanned hands glide up and down his skin. Jimin gulps when they come to rest on knees once more, Taehyung’s palms almost covering them entirely.

“Higher,” the word slips out without his permission. Taehyung stills for a moment, nails digging crescents into Jimin’s skin.

“What?” Taehyung’s expression has turned unreadable again and Jimin knows he heard him the first time, and he’ll be damned if he has to repeat himself. He grabs one of Taehyung’s hands and slides it up a few centimeters above his knee. Taehyung bites his lip before his mimics the motion with his other hand.

Jimin could cry from the relief when Taehyung finally, finally, presses his fingers into the flesh of his thighs. He exhales shakily, sliding closer so that Taehyung is in between his legs, for easier access. His hands are clammy with sweat as Taehyung starts a slow rhythm, touch gentle and light, the tops of his palms skimming against the edges of Jimin’s shorts. It feels good - insanely good - but frustration builds up quickly because Taehyung’s being careful, too careful, focusing only on the area between his knee and where his shorts end mid-thigh. Jimin wants more - he wants those hands squeezing harder, moving higher.

He pushes his thighs upwards a bit, trying to silently communicate his thoughts to the other boy. He repeats the motion again before Taehyung looks up, eyes dark and intense. Jimin’s stomach flutters. He looks hungry. “Taehyung,” he says, throat dry. “Taehyung come on.”

Taehyung has stopped massaging, opting for rubbing teasingly slow circles on Jimin’s skin instead. Jimin lets out a frustrated groan, reaching over for Taehyung’s hands again but this time he won’t budge.

“Jimin-ah,” and wow, Jimin has not had the pleasure of ever hearing Taehyung’s voice like this, but now that he has, he’s not sure if he can go back to being without it. “If you want something, you only need to ask.”

Blood rushes to Jimin’s cheeks. He swallows hard, wiping the sweat off his hands on his shorts. “Tae,” it feels like he’s begging but he could honestly care less at this point. “More. Please.”

What happens next comes so fast Jimin gets the wind knocked out of him: Taehyung’s soft grip tightens immediately as he pulls Jimin in closer, bending his legs halfway back. Jimin’s thighs tremble from the strain as Taehyung inches past his shorts to grip at the heated skin there. He pants as Taehyung moves his hands up and down his skin, alternating between squeezing hard and rubbing his palms in large, sensuous circles.

Small gasps fill the studio as Jimin reaches up to grab at Taehyung’s shoulders, closing his eyes, pleasure flooding through his body. Massages have always felt good but this is different; this is Taehyung setting his entire body on fire with his fingers, this is Taehyung spreading an unfamiliar painful pleasure through his skin and Jimin wants to feel it all over, wants Taehyung to wrap him up in it and make him burst.

“Tae,” his voice is shaky with desire though he’s not sure what he’s asking for, just the thought of more more more running through his mind.

“Jimin,” Taehyung replies, voice husky and breathy. “Jimin you are so, so - “ he trails off with a quiet groan of his own, pressing closer as his hands trail up to caress the skin by his briefs.

Yes, Jimin thinks to himself as his fingers dance, teasing, along the hem of his underwear. He wants Taehyung to get on with it, to push past the cloth and touch more skin, touch him everywhere and -

“JIMINIE!” Hoseok’s voice rings out, loud as always, as the door slams open. Taehyung leaps back from him, expression settling into cool, calm, indifference. Jimin sits there, stunned, cheeks flushed, still panting heavily.

Hoseok pokes his head inside, frowning when he catches sight of a red-faced, heaving Jimin. “Jimin what the hell? You better not have practiced too hard. Taehyung!” Hoseok turns his attention to the other boy. “You were supposed to look after him.”

“I did,” Taehyung replies smoothly. Jimin chokes a little at his implication, pulling his knees up and burying his face in them. Hoseok looks at him in concern.

“Is he okay?”

“I think he just overheated.” Jimin has no idea how Taehyung can sound so unaffected but it’s increasing his embarrassment tenfold. He can’t believe what just happened. He can’t believe what he just let happen.

Oh my god.

Hoseok and Taehyung continue talking but he can’t hear them over the pounding of blood in his ears. He just let Taehyung touch - and he liked it – and the sounds he made! Broken thoughts of this nature continue to swirl through his head until he’s dizzy.

He is so painfully embarrassed but also so painfully turned on that he’s at a loss. He should just stay for the rest of today. Or possibly the rest of his life. Birthday cancelled. All birthdays for the rest of forever cancelled.

His internal rant is broken by the sound of Taehyung’s voice, “Jimin? Hobi hyung is gone.” A moment passes before Jimin manages to summon the courage to look up. Taehyung is standing in front of him, looking concerned, a little sheepish, and something else Jimin can’t put his finger on. “Are you okay?”

Jimin nods quickly. “I’m fine,” he squeaks out. Wow. Very convincing Park Jimin. Taehyung is frowning now, crouching down to look at him. Jimin wants to look away but he can’t.

“Jimin…” He does not like that tone of voice. “Maybe we should ta - “

No. Nope. Nope nope nope. Mission abort, mission abort - talking about this is the last thing Jimin wants to do.

“His majesty demands snacks!” Jimin yells, effectively cutting off whatever Taehyung was going to say. He blinks at Jimin.


“You heard me.” He makes a shoo-ing motion with his hands. “I want snacks! The works. And banana milk too, if they have any.

Taehyung looks at him for a moment, biting his lip thoughtfully. For a terrible second Jimin is afraid that he’s going to call his bluff and make them talk about Feelings and Shit right here, and right now. He is not ready for that. He’s still processing that what happened actually happened and wasn’t a figment of his tired and horny imagination. Relief runs through him when Taehyung ends up offering him a boxy smile - he pretends not to notice that it’s smaller than usual - and bows his head, “Whatever his majesty requires!”

He leaves the studio first, to get a head start and that he’ll meet Jimin back in the dorm later. Jimin waves at him, cheeks aching from how hard he’s smiling. He waits a few minutes after Taehyung’s left, staring at his reflection with a blank expression, the weight of what happened a few minutes ago crashing into him.

He buries his face in his knees again, letting out a long, silent scream.




By the time he’s made it back to the dorms, the only thing on his mind is taking a very cold shower to wash away the entire incident from earlier. He unlocks the door, heaving out a deep sigh as he waddles in.

“Jimin?” Seokjin’s voice makes him nearly scream in fright. He does jump back a bit, startled. Seokjin looks at him with some concern. “Are you okay?”

I really wish people would stop asking me that, Jimin thinks before nodding tiredly at his hyung. “I’m just tired,” he says, hoping that’s more than enough for an explanation.

Seokjin frowns. “I knew it wasn’t a good idea for you to practice,” he scolds lightly. Jimin shrugs as he walks to the fridge to get another water bottle. The older follows him, continuing to nag. “You really need to learn how to take some breaks. It’s not good for your body and the least you could’ve done was relax on your birthday.”

He pauses for a breath as Jimin opens the fridge door, sticking his head in to revel in the cold air. “Don’t do that,” Seokjin admonishes immediately and he sighs, grabbing a water bottle and closing the door, turning to face his hyung. “And another thing - wait where’s Taehyung? I thought he was with you?”

Jimin hates the way he instantly flushes at the mention of Taehyung. He hopes the other boy doesn’t notice. “Um. He went to the convenience store. To get snacks. Yeah.”

“Oh.” Seokjin narrows his eyes at him, crossing his arms. “You didn’t go with him?”

“...No?” There’s something off about Seokjin’s tone of voice that makes Jimin think this is going to be more than his usual scolding. Which is really unfortunate a lecture is the last thing he wants to deal with right now. “I wanted to shower because I’m sweaty. Plus, he’s supposed to do whatever I want today, remember?” He laughs a little but it comes out hollow.

Seokjin really looks concerned now. “Are you sure you’re alright?” He brushes the bangs away from Jimin’s forehead, a gesture so familiar and affectionate, that Jimin almost wants to give in, tell him everything, and ask Seokjin how to make these feelings go away. “Did something happen?” he repeats and Jimin laughs again, a little hysterical, because yes because yes something did happen. He doesn’t even know how he would go about explaining that something. ‘Yeah Taehyung started massaging my legs and I pretty much got a boner from it. Funny right?’

“I’m fine,” he says hoarsely, forcing on a grin to make it more believable. “Nothing happened. I’m just peachy.”

The elder pulls away reluctantly, giving Jimin a look that screams ‘I don’t buy your bullshit.’ “Jimin,” he says slowly. “You can talk to me about anything you know? Hyung won’t judge.” Panic starts to settle in at his words because Seokjin must know something. He doesn’t know how, but he must. He feels trapped in between the fridge and Seokjin’s knowing gaze. It’s too much – he tears his eyes away from Seokjin’s to look at the ground.

“I just want to go shower before Tae gets back,” he mumbles quietly. He hears the elder sigh, can practically feel his disappointed gaze. Jimin makes to push past him and Seokjin steps aside, with another sigh.

“Jimin-ah,” he says once more, voice kind. Jimin can’t bear look at him. “Just remember. Taehyung is your best friend. Not your boyfriend.”

The words feel like a punch to the gut. They hurt more than expected and Jimin is glad that his back is facing Seokjin so his hyung can’t see the way his eyes start to water. “I know,” he whispers before rushing to the bathroom, slamming the door shut, sliding down against the wall. He is trembling, blinking rapidly to keep the tears from coming out.

“Fuck,” he whispers quietly, hands curling into fists, nails digging sharply into his palms. He flashes back to earlier, Taehyung with his hooded, dark eyes as he dug crescents into Jimin’s knees, fingers so hot but so good against his skin. He bites down on his lip, slamming his head back on the door.


Today was supposed to be harmless; Jimin indulging a little in his feelings while having fun with Taehyung at the same time. But now, his little game has backfired on him and he’s more confused about his feelings than ever.  He pulls himself off the ground, rubbing the tears out of his eyes. He can deal with this. He can be cool. And maybe, if he’s really lucky, he’ll drown in the shower and not have to deal with it at all. That would be ideal.

Twenty minutes later, he comes out of the shower – still alive thanks very much - feeling exhausted. Seokjin passes him by on the way to his room and he ruffles his hair, smiling apologetically. Jimin manages a tiny smile back. Conceal, don’t feel, he thinks to himself, trying to channel Queen Elsa as best as he can. There’s no one in the living room except for Jeongguk who’s sprawled on the floor, playing COD single player.

“Wanna play Jimin?” the maknae offers him the other controller. Jimin takes it with a sweet smile before chucking it right back in the younger’s face.

“I’m still your hyung you goddamn brat,” he snaps over Jeongguk’s outraged cry. Jeongguk just sticks his tongue at him and kicks at him playfully in response. When he finally sits on the couch to play, he’s dismayed to see that Jeongguk isn’t planning on going easy on him.

“Did you want special treatment for your birthday hyung?” Jeongguk teases as a grenade kills Jimin’s player yet again. Jimin pouts at the other boy.

“Oh shut up.” They’re about to set up the next game when the front door opens, Taehyung’s voice ringing out a cheerful “I’m back~!” Jimin stiffens as Taehyung plops next to him on the couch, hands filled with plastic bags that are nearly bursting open with the number of snacks in them. Jeongguk eyes them hungrily.

“Is there any green tea pepero in there?” he asks excitedly, reaching over to grab at one of the bags. Taehyung kicks the offending hand away.

“This humble jester apologizes but the snacks are for his majesty only and in such may only be distributed by his majesty,” he tells the youngest solemnly. Jeongguk makes a face.

“Are you guys going to be weird again? I’m leaving,” he announces in disgust not before leaping to grab at the bags, running away with the biggest one as Taehyung screeches “You thief! Off with his head!”

Taehyung then turns his attention to Jimin, nudging him with his shoulder. “His majesty is awfully quiet. Your loyal servant has returned from his perilous journey with snacks, as was requested!”

Jimin vaguely wonders that if he prays hard enough some divine force will swoop down and stop his cardiovascular system from going haywire around the other boy. Sadly, there are no such things as miracles and Jimin’s treacherous body works against him, heart thumping, cheeks flushing when Taehyung speaks. “Ah, yes,” he croaks out when he finally finds his voice. “Excellent work.”

The younger beams at Jimin, satisfied with his praise, as he digs through the bags. “Here’s your banana milk! I was thinking of getting some too, but strawberry was on sale so that’s what I got.” Jimin takes the milk from Taehyung wordlessly, watching as he tears open a packet of fruit flavored lollipops. He offers one to Jimin who shakes his head before shrugging, unwrapping a cherry one and popping it in his mouth.

Jimin hates that he can’t look away.

“So,” Taehyung throws an arm around Jimin’s shoulder. “What’s next your majesty?”

Jimin shrugs, looking down at his banana milk. Now’s a good time as any to stop playing around. “It’s okay, Tae. We had our fun, we don’t have to keep this up anymore.” Forget dealing with it. Ignoring his feelings for Taehyung has been working out for the past year. Besides, he doesn’t want to deal with them. He can’t deal with them. He just can’t.

His fingers tap against the carton, trying to focus on drumming them to ‘Danger’ in his head instead of the anxiety pooling in his gut as he waits for Taehyung’s response.

The younger is quiet for a moment. Then his hand squeezes his shoulder. “Jimin.” Jimin bites his lip, humming weakly in response, keeping his gaze down. Taehyung’s grip tightens. “Hey, Park Jimin, look at me.” Jimin starts to push his arm off him but gasps in surprise when the other grabs his chin, forcing him to look up. Taehyung’s eyes are full of confusion and worry with a tinge of hurt that makes Jimin feel sick.

“We should talk about this.”

Jimin jerks away from him instantly. “There’s nothing to talk about. I’m just tired of playing this game.” He winces a little at how insincere he sounds and drops his head again. Taehyung makes a frustrated noise.

“If you’re angry about before, just tell me. If… If I did anything you didn’t want - “

“No!” Jimin is so horrified at the guilt in Taehyung’s voice that he instantly denied what he was saying without a thought. He flushes when the implications of his refusal hit him. Taehyung’s face sags with relief before frowning again.

“Wait - so if that’s not it then what’s wrong?”

Jimin shakes his head furiously, standing up from the couch. Too much blood is rushing to his head and he feels dizzy. He can’t deal with this right now. “Tae, it’s nothing, please drop it,” he pleads. The younger doesn’t relent, getting up quickly to face Jimin, grabbing his wrist to prevent him from going anywhere.

“I can’t drop it, Jimin! You’re acting weird ever since - “

“Don’t say it!” Jimin shrieks loudly. Taehyung’s expression darkens.

“So you just want to forget it?” he tugs Jimin forward, looking down at him heatedly. “Well, I can’t. Jimin, you’re my best friend, we should be able to talk about it.”

Seokjin’s words from earlier echo through Jimin’s mind. Best friend, not boyfriend. That’s just the problem isn’t it? He wants both; wants the easy familiarity of their everyday antics, posting silly videos and messing around with the hyungs. But he also wants what they did in the dance studio, coming undone under Taehyung’s hands. He desperately wishes it didn’t happen to begin with – imagination can’t compare to how good Taehyung actually feels. He can’t deal with this. Taehyung is so close and he’s still got that goddamn lollipop in his mouth and Jimin’s a second away from having an aneurysm.

“It’s because you’re my best friend that we can’t talk about it!” he yells back, trying to pull his wrist out of Taehyung’s death grip. The other boy’s holding on to him so tight, Jimin wouldn’t be surprised if there were bruises on his skin tomorrow. It’s unbearable, the desperate way Taehyung is looking at him, the way he’s clinging to him. “Please,” he tries his best to keep his voice steady. “You don’t understand.”

“Then make me,” Taehyung is begging now and something unravels in Jimin because he’s always, always been so damn weak for Kim Taehyung. “Jimin-ah, please.”

Maybe it’s the tone of Taehyung’s voice that makes Jimin reach the tipping point, maybe it’s the fact that he couldn’t keep anything from the other boy even if he tried, and maybe he just cracks. Who knows. Whatever the reason, all of the emotion and tension from today start bubbling up and overflowing and suddenly there are tears on his face. Taehyung drops his hand in shock. “Jimin?”

“I want you to touch me!” Jimin blurts out thoughtlessly. A second later, he blanches, face going horribly red as he realizes exactly what he just said. Taehyung gapes at him, lollipop dropping from his mouth to the floor. They just stare at each other, Jimin watching in morbid fascination as the other boy’s cheeks start to darken as well. He really should say something else as a follow up but he’s too busy trying to figure out if there’s a way he can make himself pass out on the spot like right now.

There’s a sudden crash and a muffled shriek from behind them. Mortified, Taehyung and Jimin whip around to see the rest of the members congregated in the kitchen, all wearing different expressions of sheepishness, horror, and delight.

“Oh my god,” Taehyung whispers. Jimin lets out a noise not unlike that of a dying animal. Hoseok looks positively gleeful. Yoongi looks like he wants to die. Jimin is in the same boat as him.

“Good fucking bye,” Yoongi doesn’t even give them a second glance, stomping out of the apartment. Hoseok follows, winking at them, pointing his index fingers together repeatedly with a lewd expression. Seokjin has his hands clamped over a shocked Jeongguk’s ears, looking half flustered, half concerned. Namjoon gives them both a wary look.

“We were all going to go to dinner but,” he trails off, looking back at Seokjin for help. The older just flaps his hands wildly in a ‘go on’ gesture. Namjoon sighs heavily but walks over to the both of them, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. They don’t react, completely frozen. “You guys should talk about….things,” he says awkwardly. Seokjin lets out an agonized groan. “Just…,” Namjoon looks absolutely pained at his next words, “there’s protection in my bedside drawer, okay? Help yourself to it.”

Taehyung chokes. Jimin buries his face in his hands, groaning loudly. “Kim Namjoon!” Seokjin shrieks indignantly. “We’re leaving!”

Namjoon raises his hands in a ‘hey, I was trying to help’ gesture. He keeps his eyes on them as he walks towards the door. Seokjin looks at them both worriedly, opens his mouth to say something, then seems to think better of it, simply offering them an encouraging smile.

Jeongguk pulls the Seokjin’s hands off his ears, pinning them both with the most withering glare he can muster.

“For the love of all that is holy and sacred please please please don’t fuck on the couc - “

“See you in a few hours!” Namjoon lets out a loud nervous chuckle as he slams the door shut, Seokjin’s scolding Jeongguk loudly in the background. After a minute, their voices fade away and the two of them are alone together.

A thick, heavy silence settles over them immediately. Jimin wipes at the dried tears on his face, trying to compose himself. Taehyung’s gaze is on the ceiling, hands in his pockets in an awkward attempt to look casual.

Taehyung is the first to crack. “So,” he starts tentatively, “you wanna pick up where you left off?”

Jimin blushes furiously. He honestly doesn’t think it’s healthy how much he’s been blushing. “Or we could just pretend this never happened and go back to being normal?” he asks hopefully. He’s still not looking at Taehyung but he can practically feel his disapproving frown.

“I’m sorry to inform you that the citizens of the kingdom have voted against that proposal.”

“This isn’t a democracy. I’m the king.”

“There was a five minute revolution in your absence. The oligarchy is dead.”

Jimin can’t help it when his lips twitch into a tiny smile. “You traitor,” he says softly finally looking up to face the other boy. “I’ll have you know your family will be cursed for generations to come.”

Taehyung shrugs, eyes twinkling. “I can deal with that.” He moves to sit back on the couch, patting the spot next to him for Jimin to sit. As if sensing Jimin’s hesitance, his lower lip juts out in a pout. “Please?”

He’s known Taehyung long enough so logically his pouts shouldn’t hold any power over Jimin anymore but they both know that they still totally do. Letting out a heavy sigh, he slumps onto the couch, making sure to leave a bit of distance in between them. Just to be safe.

Taehyung apparently doesn’t get the memo, slides up next to Jimin so that their thighs are touching, leans into his space and asks casually, “ want me to touch you?”

“Jesus Christ Taehyung!” Jimin yelps, pushing his back further into the couch, trying to escape the younger’s attentive stare. “You can’t - you can’t just say things like that!”

“I don’t see why not,” Taehyung tilts his head like a confused puppy and Jimin wants to groan.

“You just don’t,” Jimin argues weakly. “This is sensitive stuff, you have to talk before you ask about….touching.” He really shouldn’t talk considering it was his dumb ass that told Taehyung he wanted him to touch him but that’s beside the point.

“We are talking,” Taehyung points out.  “Way more than we did before.”

Jimin covers his face as he recalls just exactly how little talking there had been in the dance studio. To be truthful, there had been absolutely no talking. Just him whimpering for more as Taehyung rubbed his hands all over his thighs. He’s blushing so hard he’s pretty sure he’s passed red and now is some shade of purple.

Taehyung reaches out to pull his hands away from his face. Jimin lets him, pouting slightly. Then, he cups Jimin’s cheek gently, almost reverently. His heart skips a beat. “This is okay right? I can touch you like this?”

“Tae,” Jimin whines feeling his traitorous body relax at the light touch. He can’t tell if he’s being cheeky or not - they’ve always been pretty handsy with each other. It takes every ounce of will in his body to keep from saying ‘of course it is, please touch me more.’ “Let’s just, let’s just stop and think for a second - " 

“No,” Taehyung cuts in. “No thinking. Too much thinking is bad for Park Jimins. Scientifically proven. They always clam up and leave out all the important stuff.” Jimin stammers in protest but Taehyung continues. “You don’t need to think Jimin. Just tell me what you want.”

He’s almost shocked by how quickly desire hits him at the other boy’s words. It swells in his chest and spreads through the rest of his body, ready to burst out of him. He licks his lips slowly and doesn’t miss the way the other boy’s gaze locks in on the movement. Jimin wants so much he doesn’t even know where to begin. ‘Please touch me more,’ might be an okay place to start.

“Can you just – “ his voice breaks a little and Taehyung strokes his jaw soothingly, a silent reassurance of ‘I’m here, I’ve got you.’ Like he always has. He shifts his body closer, pressing his thigh against the others insistently. “Please,” is all he manages to whimper. 

Luckily for him, the two of them have always been able to understand what the other is saying without too many words, and he lets out another whimper, filled with relief, when Taehyung places his other hand on his thigh and gives it a slight squeeze.

It’s not nearly enough to have feel Taehyung through the extra layer of his sweats, not when he already knows how good his hands feel on his bare skin. But for now, it’s enough, Taehyung moving up his thigh steadily, his other hand sliding across Jimin’s jaw to tangle in his hair. Jimin tilts his head into the touch, breath coming out in heavy pants, raising his eyes to meet Taehyung’s. His are dark again and completely focused on Jimin. He reaches the space where his thighs meet his hips and he presses down just as he tugs experimentally at Jimin’s hair. Jimin lets out a choked moan and Taehyung’s breath hitches.

“Do you like that?” He pulls at Jimin’s hair again making him moan louder. “I thought so. You liked it in the shower.” Taehyung sounds incredibly pleased, his hand slipping past Jimin’s waistband to rub at his hipbone. Jimin can feel the blood rushing downwards, a sure sign of his arousal, and he can honestly say there’s nothing he rather have than Taehyung’s hands caressing the rest of his naked skin. But a thought pricks at the back of his mind and he can’t shake it off.

“Wait,” he murmurs breathlessly before the other’s hand dips lower. Taehyung pauses, entire body going tense, fingers gripping his locks as he stares down at Jimin intensely.

“If you ask me to stop, I might cry. Honest to god,” he grits out. Jimin would laugh but he’s too nervous about what he’s going to ask next. His teeth dig into his bottom lip and Taehyung lets out a pained groan. “Jimin, what is it?”

“It’s just,” he ducks his head bashfully, peeking at Taehyung through his lashes. “Um. Can I kiss you?”

There’s a second of pause before Taehyung is pulling away. Jimin is filled with dread, heart clenching painfully at the clear rejection. He’s regretting every single decision he’s made, mind working in overdrive to think of a way to take it back, anything, because god, he doesn’t want Taehyung to go not when he had him this close -

His train of thought is broken by a soft brush against his lips. Wait. What? He blinks dumbly at a sheepish Taehyung. “Did you just - “

“Ask and you will receive,” is all Taehyung says, leaning in again to press his mouth against Jimin, firmly this time. It’s still sweet and soft and Jimin just about melts at the tender way Taehyung kisses him, like he’s something precious. When Taehyung pulls away, Jimin is blinking back tears from how full his heart feels. Taehyung panics.

“Oh my god, what did I do now?” he frets, cupping Jimin’s cheeks with concern. He lets out a watery laugh, shaking his head.

“I’m just so happy,” he says even as a couple of tears make way down his cheeks. Taehyung wipes them away, clicking his tongue.

“I’ve made you cry so many times on your birthday. I’m sorry,” he whispers sincerely. Jimin just shakes his head before leaning in to kiss Taehyung again. The other boy lets out a happy hum, kissing back eagerly, thumbs brushing gently against the apples of his cheeks. Kissing Taehyung is like how everything is with Taehyung - effortless, easy, and electrifying. There’s a little voice in his head wondering why they didn’t do this sooner, because how could they not with how perfectly Taehyung’s mouth fits against him, how good their bodies feel pressed together. It’s absolutely everything and Jimin wants to drown in it forever.

Taehyung pulls away and Jimin lets out a loud whine at the loss in contact, chasing the other boy with his mouth. Taehyung laughs as Jimin kisses him urgently, indulging for a moment, tongue swiping his bottom lip before he’s pulling away again. “Wait,” and Jimin suddenly understands what Taehyung must’ve felt when he stopped them earlier.  Well. He can just ignore him right?  He presses a kiss to Taehyung’s jaw, grinning against his skin when he feels the other inhale sharply. “Jimin, seriously stop,”

“What,” he whines petulantly. He could be a little more mature about this but kissing is kind of awesome and Taehyung just went and stopped and if he didn’t want to kiss the other boy so badly he would strangle him. The other boy doesn’t answer him, just tugs him into his arms, burying his face into the crook of Jimin’s neck with a sigh. “Taehyung?”

When he finally speaks, his voice is slightly muffled but Jimin can hear how vulnerable he sounds. “I know I said I would do anything you want. And I will because what you want is what I want.” He shifts, looking up at Jimin through his bangs cautiously. “But I don’t know if what I want is what you want.”

It takes Jimin a bit to process his words - exactly how many times did he say ‘want’ in one breath - but when he does his heart starts to ache with how strongly he feels for Taehyung. Stupid, wonderful Taehyung.

“I love you and adore you,” he replies instantly, quoting Taehyung’s fancafe post. He’s a little embarrassed by how cheesy that was, especially when the other boy pulls away to look at him in disbelief. He clears his throat. “I, um. I really want to kiss you right now. But I also want to do other things like sleep in the same bed every night and holding your hand - oh! Not all the time though because I’m pretty sure that would get us in a lot of trouble with the company so like in the car or - “

Jimin doesn’t get the chance to finish his thought because Taehyung has pushed him down, kissing him so fervently his mind is wiped of everything he was about to say. He lets out a small cry when Taehyung bites down on his lip, smoothing it over with his tongue, licking back into his mouth. This is not sweet and gentle like their kisses from a few minutes ago. This is hungry and desperate, relighting the fire of desire in Jimin’s gut.

He moans against Taehyung’s mouth, feeling the younger’s body shiver. Taehyung is half straddling him, half leaning above him, hands placed next to Jimin’s head to keep him steady. In Jimin’s humble opinion, he’s not nearly close enough. So when Taehyung pulls away to gulp for air, Jimin grabs at his shoulders and pulls him down until their chests are pressed together. Taehyung lets out a deep groan at the contact, the sound making Jimin tremble in excitement. His nails dig into his shoulders as Taehyung peppers small hot kisses down his neck, stopping to bite lightly at his collarbone.

“No - ah, no hickies Tae,” Jimin pants heavily between each word and Taehyung makes an unhappy noise, pulling away to capture his lips once more. Jimin doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of kissing Taehyung, body arching slightly to get even closer. Arousal has been drumming through his veins ever since they started kissing but Taehyung shifts his hips slightly and Jimin is suddenly very aware of the hardness digging into his thigh. He gasps against Taehyung’s mouth, his cock jerking in excited interest. “Taehyung,” he cries out, bucking his hips upwards.

Taehyung responds by rolling his hips down into his, his clothed cock making contact with Jimin’s. Jimin cries out again in pleasure, clinging tightly to his shoulders. Taehyung swallows down the rest of his cries by kissing him messily, tongue swirling against his, hands dropping down to grip at his hips as they rock against each other.

“Jimin,” Taehyung gasps when they break their kiss, leaning his forehead against Jimin’s. He stills their movements, much to Jimin’s displeasure, pressing down on his hips to prevent him from moving. He lets out a pathetic whine. “I want this, I want you. In every way. Do you - “

“Yes,” Jimin replies desperately, trying to roll his hips against the other’s again. “I want this so much Taehyung, please!”

He lets out a yelp when Taehyung suddenly scrambles off, picking him up off the couch. He clings to him as he walks out towards their room. “Taehyung what - “

“I’m being a good hyung,” he replies, kicking open the door, strolling to Jimin’s bed and tossing him on it. Jimin lands with a bounce, watching a smirk grow on Taehyung’s face as he climbs back on top of him, straddling his hips. He bends down to kiss Jimin languidly before whispering against his lips, “Jeonggukie doesn't want us to fuck on the couch so we’re not fucking on the couch.”

Jimin can only whimper.

Taehyung starts to leave slow kisses all over Jimin’s face, his eyelids, his nose, and his cheeks. He lets out a soft sigh at the sweetness of his kisses, curling his fists in the younger’s shirt. Taehyung’s hands are back on his hips, pushing down the fabric of sweats to stroke at his hipbones. Jimin can feel the other boy’s cock, hot and heavy where it is pressed against his thigh. He’s aware of his own erection, tenting in his sweats, desperate for more friction.

“Taehyung,” he breathes when the other begins to kiss his neck. It feels good, really good, but it’s not enough. Not nearly enough. Taehyung props himself up so he’s staring at Jimin. His lips are slicked with spit, cheeks flushed prettily, pupils completely blown with lust. Jimin lets out a small whine. He looks so good. It isn’t fair.

“What is it?” Taehyung’s voice is husky and anticipating. Jimin is abruptly self-conscious of how much he likes how the other sounds, how needy he suddenly feels, and he averts his gaze, cheeks reddening.

“Hey no, don’t do that,” the younger chides, grabbing Jimin’s chin and turning his head so he’s facing him again. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay. Just tell me what you want. It’s okay, Jimin. I want to give you everything,” at this, Taehyung rolls his hips down hard rubbing his cock against Jimin’s, “that you want. Everything.”

Jimin is trembling again, head thrown back in pleasure as Taehyung continues to grind down on him deliciously. His body feels so hot but he needs more. “Touch me,” he begs. “Please - “

Taehyung hums, slipping his hands under Jimin’s shirt to stroke up and down his sides. He moans in frustration because yes that feels good but no that’s not what he wants. “Taehyung.” The other boy ignores him, running his hands up his abdomen and to his chest, tracing random patterns across his skin with his fingers. His thumbs brush against Jimin’s nipples causing him to gasp loudly. There’s a wicked grin on the younger’s face. Jimin pouts at him.

“Taehyung stop teas - ahh,” he whimpers when Taehyung pinches his nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

“How am I teasing? I’m touching you, just like you asked.” He sounds so smug and if Jimin wasn’t so incredibly turned on, he would kick him off the bed for being such a little shit.

“Not there….” he mumbles shyly. He wants to look away but he already knows that the other would just force him to look back so he tries to keep his gaze steady. He feels his hands start to move down his body again, scratching lightly with his nails. A pleased sigh escapes him when Taehyung dips his head down to kiss him soundly, encouraging him to continue.

“Then where?” he purrs against his mouth. Jimin has to gather his bearings for a second - he doesn’t understand how every kiss is still blowing his goddamn mind - before he answers hesitantly.


Taehyung laughs lowly, hands pausing to squeeze Jimin’s hips, then sliding over to squeeze at his ass. The touch is unexpected, but welcome, Jimin groaning as he pushes down on Taehyung’s hands. His groans trickle into little whines as Taehyung starts to knead his flesh, hands hot and everywhere. He lifts his legs to give Taehyung better access, hooking his ankles across the small of the other’s back to bring him down closer.

At this, Taehyung’s touches become rougher, more desperate. “God Jimin you are so - “ he breaks off with a ragged moan, digging his fingers into his flesh. Jimin thinks back to earlier that day in the studio - Taehyung had said the same thing when things had gotten heated. He doesn’t finish his thought, much to Jimin’s disappointment, opting to kiss the sense out of Jimin instead. People have always gone crazy over Taehyung’s tongue, Jimin thinks faintly, and they have good reason to.

It takes a lot out of him to break away from Taehyung’s deep kiss, panting harshly. “You - you said that before - I’m so, I’m so what?”

Taehyung’s eyes darken even more if possible at Jimin’s question, hands clutching at his ass in an unforgivably hard grip. “Perfect,” he answers with a growl, brushing his nose against Jimin’s cheek. “You are so goddamn perfect - “

The praise goes straight to Jimin’s cock, filling him with dizzy pleasure. He starts to scramble at Taehyung’s shirt desperately. “Off, take it off, I want to feel you - “

“Fuck.” Taehyung pulls back to strip his shirt off in one fluid motion, leaning down to grab at Jimin’s as well. Shirts tossed aside, they crash together again, mouths moving in a frenzied kiss. Jimin relishes the feeling of Taehyung’s bare skin against his, so soft and smooth and perfect. His hands wander up and down his back as he rolls his hips, starting up a rhythm again. It’s honestly unreal that he’s kissing Taehyung, that he’s dry humping Taehyung, but it’s better than anything he could have ever imagined.

Taehyung starts a trail of kisses down his neck and chest, pausing to suck idly on a nipple. Jimin’s soft moan has him biting on the nub lightly, tugging at it with his teeth. Jimin’s stomach muscles are quivering with delight as Taehyung continues his onslaught of kisses and bites across his chest and below. He stops to pay special attention to his abs, lavishing the area with soft kisses and sucking red marks on his stomach. His mouth drifts to Jimin’s hipbones, biting down hard, and soothing the skin with soft licks.

Jimin is so, so hard and Taehyung’s mouth is so damn close to his crotch he tilts his hips up impatiently. He can feel the younger smirk against his skin and he threads his fingers through Taehyung’s hair, a silent plea for him to get on with it already.

The other boy finally takes pity on him, brushing his nose against his clothed erection. Jimin lets out a small whimper, wanting to buck up into Taehyung, but the younger has his hands placed firmly on his hips, keeping him still. Taehyung continues to tease, mouthing him softly through the cloth, rubbing his cheek and nose against him until Jimin is reduced to a shaky mess.

“Please, oh god, Taehyung please,” he chants, trying to grind against his face. “Please just take them off - “

“All you had to do was ask,” Taehyung murmurs before finally sliding his sweatpants down, leaving him only in his briefs. His cock is straining against the cloth and he lets out a high pitched whine when Taehyung gives him a small squeeze. He presses quick light kisses all over his pelvis and upper thigh, completely ignoring Jimin’s very hard problem. It’s agonizing to watch Taehyung’s perfect pink mouth be so close to his cock yet so far. He feels himself throb, almost painfully. Of all the things he had to learn about Kim Taehyung today, it’s that he’s a motherfucking tease.

Jimin doesn’t know how long he has to deal with Taehyung’s torture until his dick finally gets some action when other boy blows hotly over. He lets out a pained whine, bucking up into nothing. Taehyung continues to exhale hotly over the base, mouthing up the shaft at frustratingly slow pace until he stops by placing a cheeky kiss on the tip.

He lets out a shaky breath. “Taehyung if you don’t put your mouth on my dick in the next ten seconds I swear I am going to - oh my god!”

Jimin shrieks as Taehyung pulls down his briefs in a quick motion and finally, finally engulfs his cock in his mouth, swallowing down to the base and sucking hard. The hot sensation of Taehyung’s mouth is so incredible, Jimin could cry. He almost does as the younger starts to bob his head in what is the sloppiest, wettest blowjob Jimin’s had the pleasure of receiving.

What Taehyung lacks in finesse, he makes up for in enthusiasm, egged on by Jimin’s appreciative gasps and moans when he hollows his cheeks around his length or swirls his tongue across the tip. Jimin particularly likes it when Taehyung licks up the underside of his cock, tracing the veins before settling at the tip to suck slowly. They find themselves in a push-pull rhythm; Taehyung’s pace fast and sloppy, bringing Jimin close to the edge as he lets his cock hit the back of the younger’s throat only to take him away when he halts, switching to kittenish, lazy licks up and down his shaft. The pleasure is overwhelming and Jimin has to struggle to keep his eyes open, not wanting to miss out on how good Taehyung looks with his lips wrapped around his cock. He lifts his eyes to meet his gaze just as he lolls his tongue around the head, hand pumping the base slowly. The look in his eyes, smoldering with desire, leaves Jimin dumbstruck, heart thumping loudly.

“Tae,” he moans, hips stuttering as he fucks his mouth shallowly. “Come here. I want to touch you, too.” The other boy hums in response, giving him one last suck before pulling his mouth off Jimin’s cock with a soft plop and a low groan. He licks his lips shamelessly as he gets off the bed. Jimin shivers at the sight.

“You drive me crazy,” Taehyung hisses darkly, unbuckling and unzipping his jeans hurriedly, shoving them down his legs. He slides his boxers down next, cock jutting out proudly. He strokes himself slowly until Jimin is begging for him to come closer. Taehyung straddles Jimin immediately and Jimin reaches eagerly for his cock, sliding the precum gathered at the slit with his thumb. Taehyung’s groan rumbles deep in his chest and he thrusts shallowly into Jimin’s hand when he finally wraps his hand around him. Jimin jacks him off quickly, focusing on the way his breath hitches and hips jerk, eyes fluttering close from the pleasure.

He keeps up his pace, slowing for a moment when Taehyung suddenly licks a wet stripe up his palm. Jimin really shouldn’t be surprised at how hot he finds that - it seems like his dick is a big fan of anything that Taehyung does. He reaches down to move Jimin’s hand away, positioning his cock against Jimin’s, still wet from Taehyung’s work earlier, and wraps his large hand around both of them. Jimin keens loudly at the sensation of their cocks flush together. Taehyung lets out a breathless laugh as he starts to stroke both their cocks, the friction making them both moan. Jimin can barely keep his head up, gripping onto Taehyung’s hips tightly for leverage.

Taehyung continues to be a tease, switching from fisting them quickly to slow long pumps. Jimin is starting to get antsy, squirming as he tries to fuck into Taehyung’s hand harder. Letting out little whines, he squeezes Taehyung’s hips, looking at him desperately.

The younger seems to finally take pity on him. “What is it, baby?” he asks him sweetly, as if he hasn’t been teasing the hell out of Jimin for the past half hour. Jimin lets out a pleased noise at the endearment. Taehyung loosens his grip, sliding his hand up their cocks slowly. He brings up his other hand to twist in Jimin’s hair, giving a sharp tug, making the other moan loudly.

“Tae,” Jimin whimpers. “Taetae, please, please, please.”

“Tell me what you want, baby,” Taehyung coaxes. “Where do you want me?”

“Inside me,” Jimin gasps in response, arching up into his touch.

Taehyung freezes, grip between them slackening, eyes going wide. Jimin honestly would be embarrassed, but he’s too turned on at the thought of Taehyung filling him up, stretching him out with his cock. Just imagining it is enough to get him moaning. The younger remains completely still, staring blankly into nothing. Jimin wonders if he broke him.

“Taehyung.” Jimin rolls his hips against the others impatiently. Now that he has the idea in his head, he can’t wait anymore, he needs Taehyung in him right now. The other doesn’t respond and he huffs out in annoyance. “Are you just going to sit there or are you going to fuck me? Because I can just - “

‘Fuck me’ seems to be the key words in switching Taehyung back on because suddenly he is everywhere, hands pinning Jimin’s wrists to the bed, kissing him so thoroughly, Jimin is trembling when he finally pulls away. “Tell me again,” he whispers against Jimin’s lips, pressing light kisses in between each word. “Tell me where you want me.”

Jimin wants to protest but he’s so wound up he can’t summon the energy to be even the slightest bit embarrassed as he whimpers “Inside me, Tae, please,” in the neediest voice he can muster.

He gasps as Taehyung suddenly flips him on his stomach. “You are so gorgeous,” Taehyung says hoarsely as he trails his hands down Jimin’s back until they’re cupping his ass. Jimin buries his head in the pillow with a soft whine when he slowly spreads his cheeks, exposing himself to the other boy. “I’m serious, fuck, Jimin you are so gorgeous, so perfect,” he praises, starting to litter his cheeks with reverent kisses. Jimin can only wail, grinding his cock down against the mattress as Taehyung starts sucking bruises into his flesh. His hands are caressing and squeezing his ass all over and Jimin is way past gone, pushing his ass upwards to Taehyung in a silent request.

He holds his breath, stomach tense with anticipation as Taehyung spreads him wide again. A shiver runs through him as his entrance is exposed to warm air, Taehyung hovering between his spread cheeks, panting heavily. He makes a sobbing noise when the other boy blows lightly, feeling himself flutter at the sensation.

“Don’t,” he pleads. “don’t tease, don’t tease.”

“Okay, okay.” Taehyung pats Jimin’s ass before pulling away. Jimin waits, thighs trembling in anticipation for what’s to come. He can hear rustling noises before Taehyung’s voice, completely devoid of arousal, mutters out “oh shit.”

He immediately whips his head in the other boy’s direction. “What?” he demands in worry. Taehyung looks sheepish.

“I don’t….have anything.”

It’s honestly sobering, how quickly Jimin goes from being aroused to not. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” he screams shrilly. “How do you not have anything?”

Taehyung blanches. “It’s been a dry couple of months - “

Taehyung!” Jimin so does not want to hear about Taehyung’s sex life prior to this. He can practically feel his boner start to die.

“It’ll be okay!” Taehyung is rushing out of the room, bare-naked. “Just - don’t move okay? Stay right there! I’m serious, don’t move!” Jimin stares unabashedly at his ass. It’s a cute ass.

He lets out a deep groan when Taehyung exits, presumably to go to Namjoon’s to grab the ‘protection’ he offered earlier. He takes this time to kick his sweats completely off, staying in his position as Taehyung requested. Now that he’s been so rudely taken out of the mood, he proceeds to bury his head in his pillow, body cringing with embarrassment. Who knew Taehyung was such a tease? Who knew he was so damn needy? Jimin has always appreciated compliments but Taehyung’s filthy praise makes him want to do….things. Wonderful, terrible, naughty things.

He’s in the middle of thinking about said naughty things, cock twitching back in interest, when Taehyung tumbles back in, hands filled with lube and condoms. His erection, bless him, has yet to have died down. “Honey I’m home!” he shouts, jumping on the bed. Jimin squawks at his sudden entrance, turning to face him with a frown.

“Oh my god, can you chill for like ten seconds? And - what the fuck Taehyung it looks like you took hyung’s whole supply.”

Taehyung shifts his eyes. “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “Namjoon hyung is going to kill you.”

“Whatever,” he brushes the concern aside, inspecting the bottles of lube. “Do you want strawberry flavor or something?”

“Um. I don’t really have a preference,” Jimin says slowly. It’s a little odd, to be talking about flavors of lube like they’re talking about what they want to eat for dinner. He can tell by Taehyung’s expression that he feels the same and they both grin at each other.

“This is weird isn’t it?” Taehyung laughs warmly. “Not like bad weird, but like I can’t believe this is happening weird.”

“You’re telling me,” Jimin murmurs. Taehyung has set aside the lube and is crawling over to Jimin. He rests one hand on the small of his back and brushes Jimin’s hair back. The gesture is full of affection and Jimin leans into the touch with a contented smile.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time,” he admits quietly. Taehyung leans in to knock their foreheads together. He pecks Jimin’s nose, cheeks, and then lips, lingering for a moment. Jimin sighs happily into the kiss.

When they pull away, Taehyung is beaming at him, boxy smile bright like the sun. “Me too, you know. Jimin you know - you know you’re everything, right?”

Jimin flushes at his words. “Stop taking all the cool lines,” he mumbles back. Taehyung laughs again, pressing his cheek against Jimin’s happily.

“I love you and adore you.”

“I said stop.”

“You love me the most though.”

Jimin sighs fondly. “I do, don’t I?”

They kiss lazily for a bit longer before Taehyung starts to get handsy again, moving over Jimin’s ass. He crawls back over to the pile of condoms and lube. Jimin eyes it with distaste.

“Did you really have to bring all of that? We only needed one….”

“Hey, better be safe than sorry. Besides,” his voice drops lower and Jimin shivers. “I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance, wouldn’t you?”

Oh. Oh.

Jimin bites his lip. Taehyung smirks, grabbing some lube. He pauses for a second to look at it again and Jimin groans. “Please get on with it, my thighs are killing me.”

Taehyung taps his ass in sympathy, leaning in to press a gentle, apologetic kiss against a hickey he left earlier.

“You’re such a good boy,” he murmurs lowly. Jimin inhales sharply as he caresses his thighs, continuing to press lazy kisses. “You stayed like this, just like I asked.” Taehyung squeezes and pulls his cheeks apart making Jimin whimper. “Good boys deserve to be rewarded.”

Jimin moans unhappily when he pulls away. He hears several rustling noises before Taehyung is back, one hand reaching under him to cup his balls. “Relax, baby,” he murmurs against Jimin’s skin, rubbing the skin right below the base of his cock. He’s melting into Taehyung’s gentle touch, pleasure ebbing through him slowly. He’s so relaxed he barely notices the slick finger that starts to prod carefully at his entrance. He stiffens for a second but Taehyung rubs his balls again, whispering encouragement as he slides his finger past the tight ring of muscle.

Jimin lets out a small whine at the intrusion. Taehyung pushes inside him gently, moving his finger around to spread the lube.

“You are so tight,” he says in awe, scissoring him slowly. “So tight, so pretty, my Jiminie.” Jimin pants, cheeks flushing at the compliments. Taehyung stretches him with the one finger and massages his balls for what seems like ages until Jimin pushes his hips against him impatiently, gesturing for more. When Taehyung adds a second finger, Jimin drops his head to the pillow.

“Oh god,” he cries out, It’s been a while so the stretch burns but the combination of Taehyung whispering about how perfect he is against the small of his back and squeezing his hand around the base of his cock is enough to distract him. Pretty soon he’s rocking back on the fingers inside him, eager to be filled, but Taehyung is going so damn slow.

“Taetae come on,” he moans. Taehyung ignores him and continues his slow pace. By time he’s squeezed a third finger in as well, Jimin is letting out needy, high-pitched whimpers. “Oh,” his entire body goes taut when his fingers curl upwards, pressing lightly at his prostate. He lets out a long wail when Taehyung repeats the motion, body beginning to shake with pleasure.

“God you’re perfect,” Taehyung sounds wrecked as he rubs at Jimin’s bundle of nerves. “You look so good, Jimin.” He continues his filthy praise, fingers pumping steadily, until Jimin is an incoherent sobbing mess, thighs threatening to give out on him. Taehyung’s fingers are beautiful, sinful things as they curl inside him, making him see stars with every touch. He could write goddamn poetry about these fingers.

“Please,” he sobs, clenching around Taehyung’s fingers as he prods at his prostate yet again. He needs more, needs to feel Taehyung’s cock inside him. But he’s too gone, mind hazy with pleasure, to beg properly so he just cries ‘please’ over and over until he feels the fingers slide out of him.

He hears Taehyung swear loudly, fumbling at the condom pile until there’s a rip of plastic. Jimin weakly raises his head to look back at a pained-looking Taehyung sliding the condom on. Jimin makes an impatient, needy noise as he drizzles lube over his cock. “Hurry, hurry,” he pants.

Taehyung swears again before scrambling back to him, running his hands soothingly up his thighs until they’re resting on his hips. Jimin’s body is aching from being on his hands and knees for too long but all he can focus on is Taehyung’s hands on him as he spreads him wide. He gasps loudly at the first nudge of his cock against his entrance, keening out to a ragged groan as Taehyung slowly slides himself in. He’s thick and heavy inside him and Jimin is overwhelmed by how full he feels, dropping his head to the pillow, trying to catch his breath. Taehyung’s hands are wandering all over his ass and lower back, stroking soothing circles, murmuring soft encouragement about how good he is.

When Jimin finally relaxes around him, he raises his head from the pillow to look back at him with a wanton look. At this, Taehyung pulls out halfway and pushes back in with a pleased grunt. He repeats this several times with slow, deliberate thrusts until Jimin is pushing back on him needy and impatient for more. He sets an easy, moderate pace, fucking into Jimin leisurely, hands on his hips to keep him steady. Jimin quivers around him, unable to contain the series of whimpers and moans that escape him.

“You feel so good,” Taehyung groans, hips snapping a little harder, sinking his cock deep in Jimin’s heat. Jimin lets out a loud, surprised wail, falling back into the pillow to muffle the sound. He’s immediately jerked back, Taehyung’s fingers tangled in his hair. “No,” he growls. “I want to hear you.” He begins to slam into Jimin harder and Jimin relents, crying out loudly with every thrust.

One particular thrust has Taehyung hitting his prostate and he lets out a scream, eyes scrunching up from the sensation. “There, there, there, again please - “ 

Taehyung’s grip on him tightens. “Fuck,” he hisses, pushing Jimin’s body down, spreading his legs and beginning to pound him harder. The room fills with the lewd sound of skin slapping skin and Jimin’s pleasured screams. Taehyung is fucking him so hard he can barely think, body going into autopilot as pushes his hips up in an attempt to meet each powerful thrust. His cock drags deliciously against the sheets as their bodies rock together.

“Taehyung!” he screams as he pounds into his prostate. His body is so hot, aching with how good Taehyung is making him feel.

“Look at you,” Taehyung tugs his hair, forcing his head up. Jimin looks back at him, panting, eyes blown wide with in bliss. Taehyung looks positively sinful, eyes dark with lust, tongue peeking out of his mouth. “You’re taking my cock so well,” he grits through his teeth and Jimin mewls back. “You’re such - ah shit Jimin - such a good boy.”

Jimin cries as his body goes limp and just takes all that Taehyung is giving him; every dirty word, every rough thrust. Taehyung has shifted so he’s pressed over his back, driving into his ass relentlessly, murmuring sweet nonsense into his ear.  Everything is so intense, his skin prickling with heat, cock twitching violently with pleasure below him. He can feel his muscles start to tighten in an impending sign of his orgasm. Taehyung can feel it too, groaning loud when Jimin clenches around his cock, hips stuttering.

“W-Wait,” Jimin stammers weakly between moans, craning his neck to look at Taehyung. The other boy just grunts in response, not letting up on his pace. “Tae wait - baby - wait, I wanna, wanna see you - “ His words come out broken and whiny but they seem to achieve their desired effect as Taehyung slows to a stop. He pulls out with a whimper, Jimin letting out a gasp at how horribly empty he feels.

Taehyung gently maneuvers him on his back, sweeping his sweaty bangs up against his forehead. Jimin knows he must look like a mess, sweaty and panting, but the way Taehyung is looking at him with wonder, like he’s the best thing he’s ever seen, is making his heart bloom with affection.

“Come here,” he opens his arms and Taehyung falls into them, leaning in for a warm and sweet kiss. They stay close like that, foreheads pressed together, as Taehyung slips back inside him. He fucks him tenderly this time with long deep thrusts, grinding his cock into his prostate in slow, sensuous circles that make Jimin sob.

“Beautiful,” Taehyung murmurs, wiping the tears off Jimin’s face lovingly. “So, so beautiful.” He pushes up, hoisting Jimin’s leg up over his shoulder, rolling his hips harder into him. Jimin can’t look away from him, drinking up the sight of his glistening tanned skin, stomach muscles flexing with every roll of his hips, pretty pink mouth twisted in pleasure.

Jimin hooks his other leg around his waist, never so thankful for his flexibility, pulling Taehyung in even closer. Taehyung quickens his pace in response, rocking against Jimin’s prostate over and over until Jimin’s seeing stars. His back arches, ragged cries of ‘Taehyung’, ‘god’ and ‘yes yes yes’ spilling from his mouth. The intense heat from earlier rushes back as he feels his stomach tighten again, legs shaking as his climax starts to hit.

“Oh fuck,” he wails. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna - “

Taehyung’s hand reaching down to tug at his cock is all he needs before he’s sobbing as he comes, spilling all over his stomach, clenching tightly around Taehyung’s cock. Jimin’s whole body is sensitive, buzzing in delight from the intensity of his orgasm and he shudders as he continues to fuck him. He keeps his eyes open, refusing to relax into the bliss of his orgasm, eyes on Taehyung as he waits for him to finish.

It doesn’t take too long, his hips stuttering out of rhythm, groaning loud as he buries himself inside Jimin one last time. Taehyung is stunning as he falls apart, crying Jimin’s name when his orgasm hits, stilling completely, gripping Jimin’s thigh as he rides through it. He collapses on Jimin when he’s finished, a sweaty and boneless mess, burying his face in his neck. Jimin wraps his arms around his back, pressing a kiss to Taehyung’s temple.

“Wow,” Taehyung mumbles.

“Yeah,” Jimin agrees.

They lie there for a moment, panting to catch their breath, hearts thumping in their chests. It’s only when the cum on Jimin’s stomach starts to dry uncomfortably that he pushes weakly at Taehyung to get off. They both groan as Taehyung slides out of him, rolling off the bed. He tosses the condom into the trash can before grabbing a random towel and coming back to clean Jimin up.

“We should shower,” Jimin comments after he’s finished, collapsing back onto the bed with him. Taehyung groans, throwing an arm around his waist and pushing him flush against him.

“I don’t wanna move,” he mumbles sleepily into Jimin’s hair. “Let’s just spoon and go to sleep.”

Jimin shifts slightly in his grip, looking back at him indignantly. “Excuse you? I’m older, I should be big spoon!” 

“Yeah but I’m taller,” Taehyung counters with his usual response to this argument. He pauses before adding brazenly: “Plus, I fucked you. I’m big spoon today.” 

He wants to protest but Taehyung begins to stroke his hair and kiss his neck softly, and Jimin decides it’s not too bad being little spoon. He’s closing his eyes, ready to drift away into slumber when Taehyung pats his hand. “Happy birthday Jiminie. I love you and adore you.”

Jimin catches his hand in his own and squeezes, fingers intertwining.

“Me too.”