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Sunday, 11:15PM

Rickon: Please tell me that your awake so we can talk about what just happened.
Shireen: First of all: you're*
Shireen: Secondly, of course I'm awake
Rickon: Oh, thank god. But seriously WHAT JUST HAPPENED
Shireen: Everyone died. Calm down. It happens a lot on this show
Rickon: not like that it doesnt
Shireen: You're not seriously upset because none of the main characters died?
Rickon: …
Shireen: Oh my god. Seriously? How would you feel if Daryl died?
Rickon: You take that back
Shireen: Exactly
Rickon: Okay, so not Daryl, but maybe Glenn or something
Shireen: How dare you. You would just leave Maggie heartbroken like that?
Rickon: 'It happens a lot on this show'
Shireen: Shut up, Mister Daryl-can't-die
Rickon: HE CAN'T
Rickon: You just like him because he's a nerd
Rickon: Or as much as a nerd as you can be in the zombie apocalypse
Shireen: Oooo... Good spelling.
Rickon: Shut up
Shireen: Nerd.
Rickon: I work very hard not to spell check these messages. Now if only I could stop the automatic caps
Shireen: I'm sure you can go into settings and change it
Rickon: Too much effort
Shireen: So do you really think Enid's gone forever?
Rickon: Nah. She'll be back in a few episodes.
Shireen: What makes you say that?
Rickon: She's gotta make out with Carl
Shireen: Lol. I don't think she has to make out with anyone.
Rickon: You know what I mean. They gotta start thinking about the distant future of the show.
Shireen: She can't just go be a badass on her own?
Rickon: Oh, come on. She was supposed to make out with Carl when they were in that tree but the writers went all awkward teenager on us
Shireen: Just because they were stuck in a tree together does not mean they have to make out
Rickon: This is America. Of course they do
Shireen: Please. I mean, I've been stuck that close with you before and we didn't make out
Rickon: That's because we weren't in a tree
Shireen: Why would we be in a tree?
Rickon: To hide from walkers!
Shireen: Oh my god.
Rickon: Are you saying you wouldn't make out with me during a zombie apocalypse?
Shireen: I don't think I'd want to make out with anyone during a zombie apocalyspe. Sounds gross.
Rickon: Not even in the do or die situation? You'd rather die without making out with someone?
Shireen: Considering I have never made out with someone, I wouldn't know. Maybe making out isn't that fun.
Rickon: Of course it's fun!
Shireen: What makes you say that? All your experience?
Rickon: Shut up
Shireen: No, please. Tell me more about all these imaginary girls you're making out with
Rickon: Just because I haven't made out with anyone doesn't mean I don't know it'd be fun
Shireen: Yeah, because it sounds real fun to shove your tongue in someone's mouth
Rickon: Not when you say it like that
Shireen: How else are you supposed to say it?
Rickon: As the person who actually reads fanfiction, I think you know the answer.
Shireen: What kind of stories do you think I'm reading?
Rickon: I know what kind of stories you read, Shir. And don't try to act like you've never written any.
Shireen: I haven't!
Rickon: Uh-huh. Just keep the lies coming
Shireen: It's not like you know how to make out with anyone better
Rickon: Sure, I do. I mean it can't be that hard
Shireen: Haha. Fine then, pretend we're in a tree together.
Rickon: In a tree?
Shireen: In the branches.
Rickon: In the branches? That's dangerous. We're going to fall.
Shireen: Fine. Not in a tree.
Rickon: And I'm making out with you?
Shireen: Hypothetically.
Rickon: Hypothetically?
Shireen: Why not?
Rickon: Um. Okay… so I'd just kiss you.
Shireen: Oh, yes. Super romantic. I'm swooning already.
Rickon: Fuck off. This was your idea.
Shireen: I thought you were trying to prove yourself, but if you'd just kiss me… I don't think I'm missing much.
Rickon: What? Do you really want me to get into this? Talk about how I'd hold your hands, and grab onto your waist, and try to feel your boobs?
Shireen: What is it with boys and boobs?
Rickon: Boobs are great.
Shireen: Psh. Mine aren't.
Rickon: I mean… I don't think anyone's going to get picky if theyre already making out with you
Shireen: It doesn't sound that great to just be grabbing at them…
Rickon: Well you don't just grab them…
Shireen: Then what are you supposed to do with them?
Rickon: You know…
Shireen: Hm?
Rickon: Ugh. Like… You get close to a girl and start playing with her fingers in your hands…
Shireen: Like when you're trying to pretend you're not holding her hands
Rickon: Yeah, and you try to hold her hips and slowly move your hands up her sides
Shireen: And then the girl will just put her arms around your shoulders and start playing with your hair
Rickon: That's really nice
Shireen: Well, your hair does look really soft.
Rickon: Oh, it is, Shir.
Shireen: Haha. You're going to kill the mood like that.
Rickon: Nah. I'd just make you laugh about it so you can get distracted with my hair
Shireen: And why do I need to be distracted?
Rickon: So you won't quite notice that my hands got to your back and I'm trying to grab your ass
Shireen: You could always ask
Rickon: Sure, I'll bite. Can I grab your ass?
Shireen: Hypothetically.
Rickon: So hypothetically, I've got your ass, and you've got my hair.
Shireen: What if I also have your ass?
Rickon: Like in your hands?
Shireen: Obviously.
Rickon: Well, then I'd think that's permission to kiss you
Shireen: You're not going to ask?
Rickon: Hmmm… too verbal. I'd probs just do that lean in half way thing
Shireen: Lean in half way thing?
Rickon: You know… Just lean until our foreheads are touching and start glancing down to your lips
Shireen: Ugh, as long as you don't do that lip-biting thing
Rickon: What lip biting thing?
Shireen: You know, when guys think they look hot and start biting their lips
Rickon: But do they look hot?
Shireen: Kinda
Rickon: Fuck it. I'll bite my lip too
Shireen: Asshole
Rickon: It'd probably be enough to get you to kiss me.
Rickon: I mean. I've got your ass. I'm all close to you. Looking down at your mouth. Biting my lips
Rickon: Actually. No. I'd probably have my hands on your waist again.
Shireen: So let's say I kiss you. Can I keep playing with your hair?
Rickon: If you remember to
Shireen: What's that supposed to mean?
Rickon: I'm pretty sure you're going to be too distracted to do anything
Shireen: Why's that?
Rickon: Because I'm kissing you. And I'm a damn good kisser.
Shireen: What makes you say that?
Rickon: Because I know my shit on kissing girls.
Shireen: You're going to shove your tongue in my mouth.
Rickon: Ugh. No, Shir. It starts out slow. No tongue involved.
Rickon: Just like… moving close to you and keeping our lips together…
Rickon: Waiting for you to respond so I can do that deep breath moan thing
Shireen: There certainly are a lot of things involved
Rickon: There called moves, Shir.
Shireen: They're*
Rickon: Your no fun
Shireen: I told you kissing wasn't fun (you're*)
Rickon: It's not just the kiss, Shir. There are other things involved
Shireen: All your moves?
Rickon: Yup. Like how my hands are now moving up your ribs as I kiss you.
Shireen: And where are they going?
Rickon: Just close enough to tease. Then they'd go back down.
Shireen: Back to my ass?
Rickon: Lower
Shireen: Lower?
Rickon: Yeah. Pull my whole body down to kiss your neck, get to that spot just under your ear… and then I'd pick you up
Shireen: Oh.
Rickon: Oh?
Shireen: It sounds nice, is all.
Rickon: Told you
Shireen: Where would we go?
Rickon: Nowhere at first. I'd just pin you up against a wall
Shireen: That doesn't sound very comfortable
Rickon: Not hard. Just so that we're against each other. And I'd still be kissing you.
Shireen: And what if I wrapped my legs around you?
Rickon: Um. You'd probably be feeling something.
Shireen: Like what?
Rickon: Um. Me?
Shireen: Oh.
Rickon: Yeah.
Shireen: And if I just kept kissing you? And playing with your hair?
Rickon: Fuck. I'd probably have to take you to a bed.
Rickon: Wait. No.
Rickon: Not a bed. Way too forward. A couch?
Shireen: Where would we get a couch?
Rickon: I don't even know where we are. But there's a couch now and we're on it.
Shireen: Okay. Are you going to keep kissing me and pin me down?
Rickon: Nah. I don't want to scare you. You can sit on my lap.
Shireen: Oh, that wouldn't last long.
Rickon: Why not?
Shireen: Um… because it's nearly midnight and I get delirious?
Rickon: Which means?
Shireen: …I'd probably just climb on top of you……
Rickon: I can work with that.
Shireen: Oh, can you?
Rickon: Oh yeah. Excellent for rubbing my hands over your back.
Shireen: What good is that?
Rickon: I can try to take off your shirt?
Shireen: Would you?
Rickon: Probably.
Rickon: Or just try my luck at unhooking your bra.
Shireen: It's a front-clasp one.
Rickon: Fuck that. Your shirt, then. But slowly.
Shireen: How slowly?
Rickon: Well, your probably out of breath by now, so I'd start kissing and sucking your neck again
Shireen: If you give me hypothetical hickeys, I'm going to be mad.
Rickon: Fine, no hickeys. But lots of kissing. Enough to get you moaning.
Shireen: Mmmm… that could happen…
Rickon: Yeah?
Shireen: I'd probably force you back, though.
Rickon: What do you mean?
Shireen: Like, grab your face so I can get your mouth again…
Rickon: I told you kissing was great
Shireen: And we'd just keep making out?
Rickon: If its been long enough and your begging me back, then I'd start opening my mouth more
Shireen: For what?
Rickon: To taste you
Shireen: Taste me?
Rickon: You know… feel all that hot air building up.
Rickon: Get one hand solidly on your lower back, hold your cheek, lick at your lips until you let me in
Shireen: And my shirt?
Rickon: Oh, my hand's underneath that
Shireen: No, I'm going to take off your shirt first.
Rickon: By all means
Shireen: Then I'd get to see if you're as ripped as you say you are.
Rickon: I think you'd enjoy the sight
Shireen: So I can just trace my fingers all over your abs?
Rickon: You can put your hands wherever you want
Shireen: Anywhere?
Rickon: Yup.
Shireen: Lower?
Rickon: That demands tongue.
Shireen: Put my tongue there?
Rickon: That too.
Rickon: But like. First base. You know.
Shireen: So I could kiss your neck and then just go back and slip my tongue into your mouth?
Rickon: Oh, definitely.
Shireen: Then, my hands would go lower…
Rickon: How lower?
Shireen: Not that low.
Shireen: Just enough to tease.
Rickon: And if I start kissing you back, can I take your shirt off?
Shireen: Only if it works between kisses.
Rickon: Oh, it will.
Shireen: Alright then.
Rickon: But my hands are going back to your sides. And then I'll lay you down.
Shireen: What?
Rickon: You know… Put you onto the couch so I can kiss you.
Shireen: I thought we were already kissing.
Rickon: Other places
Shireen: Like where?
Rickon: Your shoulders, probably. And your neck.
Rickon: Gods, I'd be obsessed with your neck. Brushing your hair off…
Shireen: What if I moved you?
Rickon: Where to?
Shireen: My chest…
Rickon: You'd have to teach me how to take off that bra of yours first.
Shireen: Just rip it off.
Rickon: I hear they're expensive.
Shireen: Well, I'm not explaining it now, so just pretend it's gone.
Rickon: And you put me there?
Shireen: Yes.
Rickon: Then your asking for it.
Shireen: I am.
Rickon: Fuck. Hands first or mouth? Could I do both?
Shireen: You can do whatever you want.
Rickon: Don't say that.
Rickon: Fuck.
Rickon: Hands first. So I can watch you.
Shireen: You want to watch me?
Rickon: I want to see if you like it
Shireen: Let's say that I do.
Rickon: Then, I'd kiss you again.
Shireen: Yeah?
Rickon: On your mouth. So you can force me places.
Shireen: Then, you're going back down.
Rickon: How far do you want me to go?
Shireen: Slowly.
Rickon: That isn't an answer.
Shireen: Yes, it is.
Rickon: Oh… so my tongue would get a lot of new uses.
Shireen: Hypothetically
Rickon: You'd love it.
Shireen: Maybe.
Rickon: Maybe? Just maybe? When I've got my tongue all over you?
Rickon: Cause I wouldn't be going anywhere until you start asking me to
Shireen: What if I never did?
Rickon: Oh, you would. With all that kissing and sucking and licking. You'd want that somewhere else.
Shireen: Oh fuck
Rickon: What?
Shireen: It's late.
Rickon: Do you want me to stop?
Shireen: Not really.
Rickon: Then, I'll make it all about you.
Shireen: How?
Rickon: Depends on what you're wearing
Shireen: Nothing
Rickon: What?
Shireen: Oh. Um. A skirt, I guess.
Rickon: Okay… Then, I could kiss my way down and my hands can go up your legs.
Shireen: What about my hands?
Rickon: It's about to get real easy to play with my hair.
Shireen: Okay
Rickon: Though, I'd have to play it slow to get off your panties
Shireen: Excuse me?
Rickon: They're in the way. And I have things to do.
Shireen: More moves?
Rickon: Oh, you'll love it.
Shireen: Ric…
Rickon: Hm?
Shireen: Would you really?
Rickon: I don't think you'd let me.
Shireen: It's late.
Rickon: You've said that already.
Shireen: Yeah. I just… need distractions.
Rickon: Should I elaborate on all the nice things my tongue can do?
Shireen: Not helping.
Rickon: Sorry.
Shireen: Don't apologize.
Rickon: Okay.
Shireen: What if I got in your pants?
Rickon: How far?
Shireen: Just my hands.
Rickon: Mmm… what are your hands going to do there?
Shireen: Touch you
Rickon: How?
Shireen: Um. Around and up and down.
Rickon: No need to type your ums.
Shireen: But I don't know what to do!
Rickon: You're the one that put your hands there
Shireen: I'd have to push you down first
Rickon: Why?
Shireen: So you won't judge me
Rickon: Judgement free zone, but by all means, pin me down.
Shireen: Not like that! Just… so you'll stay
Rickon: I'm staying
Shireen: Then, your pants are probably coming off
Rickon: You know, without that skirt of yours, we'd both be naked.
Shireen: I thought that was the point
Rickon: Jesus, I thought you'd stop at second base.
Shireen: Well, you've done such nice things with your tongue. I kinda owe you.
Rickon: No, you don't.
Shireen: But I could. It's not like it's hard.
Rickon: I guess.
Shireen: And I could use my mouth.
Rickon: You could
Shireen: Is it nice?
Rickon: Definitely
Shireen: Would it be easy?
Rickon: Maybe?
Shireen: Maybe?
Rickon: Well, I'd probably stop to make out with you again.
Shireen: You'd want to?
Rickon: Um. Yeah.
Shireen: What if I didn't stop?
Rickon: But I want to kiss you.
Shireen: I have hands.
Rickon: Fuck. I'd go mad.
Shireen: Would you like it?
Rickon: You're killing me, Shir.
Shireen: You should come over.
Rickon: Right now?
Shireen: Yeah.
Rickon: Your dad would literally kill me.
Shireen: And it's two in the morning.
Rickon: That is not a concern right now
Shireen: Oh.
Rickon: Yeah.
Shireen: Fuck.
Rickon: Mhmm.
Shireen: Was this a bad idea?
Rickon: Well, I might not get to sleep for a while.
Shireen: Not that.
Rickon: I know.
Shireen: Then?
Rickon: Um… my house will be empty tomorrow.
Shireen: We have school tomorrow.
Rickon: We could just not go.
Shireen: And do what?
Rickon: Stuff.
Shireen: Like?
Rickon: I can kick your ass at Mario Kart.
Shireen: I'll beat you.
Rickon: I'll let you win.
Shireen: I'll do it alone.
Rickon: I'll kiss you.
Shireen: I'll let you.
Rickon: Then?
Shireen: I should go to bed.
Rickon: Yeah, okay.
Shireen: Goodnight, Ric.
Rickon: Night, Shir.



Monday, 6:45AM

Rickon: I told my mom that I'm sick
Shireen: Are you?
Rickon: Not really.
Shireen: Okay.
Rickon: Wanna play Mario Kart?
Shireen: I'll beat you.
Rickon: I know.
Shireen: Okay.