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A Witch and a Wolf

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The wood floor is old and the walls paper is beginning to peel off in certain spots. There was little to no furniture in the room, only a time worn bed, a small table/desk with a chair in the middle of the room and an unclean window that has torn curtains. On the outside of the house is a whole different story, clean and polished to the rim. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. I toss the small bouncy ball to the wall and let it bounce once before catching it and repeating. A knock occurs at my door when I catch the ball. “Come in!” I shout. I continue tossing the ball as footsteps come near me. A tan hand soon catches the ball when I focus my attention on the shadow above me. A girl with long blonde hair that is wrapped in a French braid with brilliant green-yellow eyes gives me a questioning look. Her outfit consists of a simple maroon skirt and a loose, white, long sleeve, knit shirt. She also has thigh high tan boots, with a barely noticeable square pocket on right boot. Gold chain earrings which is the only piece of jewelry she has on. “Come on, were going to be late to school,” Her voice is soft as if it was never used before. I nod and push myself on the ground.

My outfit contrasts hers, with knee high socks and garter belts to hold them up, high waist shorts, a loose, cold shoulder top, and black ankle boots with a half inch heel. A leather jacket is my accessory and the simple silver ear cuff and three simple bands on my ring finger are the only pieces of jewelry I adore. My hair is in its typical style and I grab the backpack from my bed as we head out the door.

Outside a cop car with a man leaning against it. He gives a smile and stretches out a hand. “Hello, welcome to Beacon Hills. I take it you Leona-” He looks over to the blonde standing next to me. “-and your Y/N.” I nod, but don’t take his hand in greeting. Leona is the only one who does.

“And you’re the sheriff of this place, Mr. Stilinski,” I say. He nods and opens the door to the car.

“Do you girls have everything you need for school?” He asks.

I shake my head and get into the car, “We will get supplies later today. Do not worry, Mr. Stilinski. Delinquents never need class supplies on the first day.” With that he nods and closes the door after Leona gets in. We head over to Beacon Hills High School.

. x .

“Wait, so you’re saying all the sudden a Raven has been following you? Just out of the blue?” Stiles confirms.

“Yes, I noticed it yesterday. It was there at the clinic, the forest, it was even at my house,” Scott says exhales. He stops by a window and quickly pulls Stiles close and points outside. On the top of a light pole, a Raven with silver beady eyes sits silently and seems to look right back at Scott and Stiles. “See! It’s even following me to school!” The bell rings and Stiles shakes his head as he grabs Scott and drags him to class.

Sitting down in their seats the teacher doesn’t start until the principal walks in. Two girls following behind him when they stop and turn towards the class. “Class, these are our new students, Leona Whimsical and Y/N L/N. Please help welcome them to Beacon Hill High School.” With that Y/N sits by a window and Leona sits in front of her. The teacher begins class and Scott shifts uncomfortably. A caw is heard making Scott jump as he turns and sees the Raven acting strangely. This is the first time the Raven has ever made a sound.

“The Salem Witch Trials only lasted about eight months,” A voice interrupt his thoughts. Y/N never even looked at the teacher, she only looked outside. The sounds of clothes shifting fills the room as everyone turns towards her.

“Ms. L/N, I do believe I did not call on you,” He confirms. “I also believe Ms. Whimsical can answer her own questions.”

Y/N nods, “You are correct on both of those observations.” She still doesn’t look at the teacher.

“Then, why did you answer her question when-“

“She won’t talk,” Y/N interrupt. Her voice was stern and even the teacher could tell she did not want to discuss it further. Scott looks from the teacher back to Y/N and back again. The teacher opens his mouth to speak, irritated. When she sighs interrupting him once more. “She is mute.” Everyone shifts to look at Leona as she shows a scar across her neck. It was slightly pink around the edges and Scott could tell it seemed recent. The teacher sees his mistake and turns back to the board to continue the lesson. Unknown to Scott, the Raven had fallen silent the second Y/N looked outside.