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No Bonezone for You

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Papyrus took in a deep breath and then let it roll out of his lungs back into the air. He looked at Sans and said, "We need to talk, please..."

Sans didn't respond. Papyrus started sweating bullets. He didn't know how to address this with the shorter skeleton. He wrung his hands together and he struggled to start talking.

"You know, I'm not trying to...hurt your feelings, Sans," Papyrus started. "I mean I really like, LIKE him, but you're my brother and there is no need to be jealous. I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, will let you date Mettaton, if you truely feel that strongly for him...I guess."

Sans stared at Papyrus, as if he had grown skin and turned human. Then laugher started to bubble of him. It got louder and louder. Papyrus was taken back. Was he wrong? Surely not! THE GREAT PAPYRUS was never wrong! At least he had been sure that Sans had feelings for Mettaton. Hadn't it been so obvious?

Sans crashed their dates to spend more time with Mettaton, didn't he? All those times where Papyrus were able to get a second alone with Mettaton had all been instead spent with the three of them together.

Sans was calming down from his laughing fit. He wiped away tears from his eyesockets. He let out a final huff of air.

"Bro, I don't want to date Mettaton, " he giggled again. Sans looked down at his feet and gently rub his skull.

"I'm going to be honest here, Papyrus," Sans spoke solemnly, "I am jealous-"

"A-HA!" Papyrus interupted. Sans gave him a serious look.