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No Bonezone for You

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It's been about six months since Mettaton and Papyrus started dating, and everyone was giddy for them, except for a certain jealous brother. Papyrus was spending more and more time with Mettaton rather then Sans.

It was too sickly-sweet, watching them be lovey together. Don't get him wrong - Sans is happy that his brother is happy, but that doesn't mean he fully trusts Mettaton. Sans has doubts that Mettaton actually cares for his brother and isn't just using him. Although, he couldn't prove it, Sans was going to do everything in his power to catch Mettaton red-handed.

Tonight, Mettaton and Papyrus are going on a date at one of Mettaton's fancy restaurants. Somehow he convinced Papyrus that he doesn't always have to cook for him. The only reason Sans knew this was the fact that he crashed their brief dinner date last night.

This means that Sans can't follow without getting in trouble (a skeleTON of trouble). Puns aside, Sans was peeved that he couldn't crash this sleezeball's date. Instead of spending his time sulking at home, he worked his many jobs in order to keep his mind off and away from his less-than-ideal situation.

Sans arrived home very late at night. He was exhausted and frustrated. All he wanted to do was hop into bed and crank out a few Z's.

Sans took a few tries to get the key into the lock. Finally, he got the door to pop open. Sans dragged himself inside and shut the door behind him. The house was very quite except for mumers coming from Papyrus' room.