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Boy Meets Girl: Redux

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It was an ordinary day in Tomobiki. The summers sun was in the sky, teenagers were out enjoying their youth and-

“Give me you're name and phone number?”

-Ataru Moroboshi was hitting on a girl. Yes, all and all, an ordinary day. Perhaps to complete the march towards the inevitable, before the annoyed girl had a chance to respond, a green haired girl with horns and a tiger striped bikini, flew down, sparks flying.

“Darling,” she said darkly.

“Lum! I, uh, I was-”

“Darling you idiot!”

Lum attacked him with her usual bolts of electricity and Ataru yelped. But this time he felt different. This time he felt his vision... fading...




Ataru woke up with a start. He looked around him. He was in a sterile white room with nothing but a chair in the corner, a pot plant by the wall, the bed he was laying in...

...and the machine he was hooked up to?

A hospital. He was in a hospital.

The last thing he could remember was Lum electrifying him like she always did. Why was he in a hospital?

“You're awake!”

Ataru looked up in surprise to see his mother and father staring down at him.

“Mother... father...” he said weakly.

“Son! I'm so glad you're OK,” said his mother. He was surprised. He supposed even she could- “Even if you were useless enough to get yourself knocked down in the first place.”

Yes, there it was.


Knocked down?

“Mother... what happened?”

“You don't remember? You got hit by a truck!”


Suddenly Ataru felt a throbbing all over. That would explain it, yes.

“Moroboshi-san!” A doctor came in, “I can't believe it! I thought you were done for! A truly miraculous recovery! And after only a week!”

“Human cockroach, that's me,” he said weekly.

“Well I'll be back in a moment, I must grab some documents,” the doctor left the room.

“Hey... where's Lum?”

“Who?” asked Ataru's mother.


“We don't know any Lum.”

“Uh... what date is it.”

“The 21st of August 1978.”

1978? Not 1981?

Wait... but that meant...

Ataru was going to be sick. “A dream... it was all a dream...”

“What was?” asked his Father.



Ataru had to stay in the hospital for another week and beside looking at the busty nurse who came the check up on him, had nothing to do. Even she didn't do much to lift his spirits. He was so transfixed on Lum.

Lum Invader.

She had all been his imagination? These three years all a week long dream? He couldn't deal with that.

Lum. “Lum,” he spoke her name aloud, “Lum, Lum, LumLumLumLum...”

All a dream.

His dream girl.

He didn't feel like hitting on any busty ladies.


Only a couple of days after he got out of the hospital, Ataru had to go back to school and really wasn't in the mood.

He arrived at the gates in his uniform, only to be greeted be a brown haired girl.


Shinobu. Shit.


“Sorry I couldn't visit you, I was away!”

“I-it's al right.”

“No it isn't, that's not a way for a fiancé to behave!”

Fiancé? Right. They were still engaged.

“N-no! Really! It's fine!” It' not like you're one to judge, leech, said a little voice at the back of his head.

“I'm just glad your okay.”

Ataru looked at the smiling burnette.

Shinobu is cute. Maybe this isn't...

She morphed into a green haired vixen.


She linked arms with him and dragged him inside, just as the bell rung.


Their first class was English with Onsen-Mark. His class was 2-4.

Guess my dream got something right.

On the way into class he saw Megane.

“Moroboshi!” the shorter boy called, “I see you're alive.”

“Yes,” Ataru glared, “Sure you're upset...”

“What's wrong with Moroboshi?” asked Perm. Megane shrugged.

Ataru set down in his desk. Shinobu was behind him gossiping with her friends. The two seats at either side to him were empty. He was a repellent.

Waiting for Onsen-Mark to arrive, he found himself writing on the desk. He didn't even realise what he'd written until he was done.

Ataru loves Lum.

His face went red! Going soft, over an obnoxious, fake girl.

Fake. She was fake. All in his head. No one like that could exist in real life.

“Ataru, are you all right?” He was snapped out of his trance by a voice behind him. He turned around to face Shinobu.

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

She frowned, but went on with her conversation.

Onsen-Mark walked in. “Attention!” he said, “Hello. I'm Onsen-Mark and I'm you're new English teacher. We'll be learning a lot of complex language this year, so I hope you'll co-operate. I can only help you, if you help me. We'll start with roll-call, but first, I've been asked to introduce two new pupils to your class. First-”

A boy walked in. He had a handsome face, slicked back black hair and wore all white. Ataru's eyes widened.

“Shutaro Mendou, heir to the famous Mendou Company!”

“Hello,” said Shutaro, “I'm sure you know me and my family,” he bosted, “My father has decided to send my here to get more in touch with common people.” He paused, seemingly trying to think of something polite to say, “I hope to enjoy my time here,” he bowed.

“OK, Mendou-san, please sit down next to Moroboshi.”

Shutaro did as he was told and looked at the shaggy boy he would be sitting beside, before looking back up towards the front. Ataru was stunned at the boys presence.

No... but it was just a dream... it couldn't be...

“And our second new pupil has just moved to Tomobiki all the way from Sendai, so please give her a warm welcome.”

In walked a girl who smiled at the class. Ataru's blood went cold.

No. Nonononononono...

“Hi!” she smiled, “My name is Rumiko Hirano!” she smiled.

Her hair was black. She lacked the horns. It was unmistakeably her.


“I'm so happy to be here! I hope we can all be friends d'cha!”

“OK, Ms Hirano, please sit to the other said of Moroboshi.”

Rumiko walked over, sat beside the boy and smiled at him briefly.

“OK, student's let's start with-”

All throughout class, Ataru couldn't focus on the lesson. All he could think about was the girl beside him. Lum was here. She was real!

He smiled. He realised his feelings for the girl and this time he wouldn't screw it up.


At lunchtime, Rumiko was walking around with some girls from her class, getting to know them.

“I'm so happy to be here! You all seem so nice!”

“Thank you, Rumiko,” said one of the girls.

“So that boy who sits beside me with the messy hair, what's he like?”

“Ataru? Oh, that boys trouble.”

Rumiko frowned.

“Yeah. He's Shinobu's fiance but he's such a pervert!”


“Yeah, he hits on every girl in the school. He'll probably try and hit on you. Ignore him!”

“OK d'cha.”

Meanwhile, Megane and his gang looked over at Rumiko.

“She's beautiful!” said Chibi.

“Yes, never has a more beautiful being graced Tomobiki than Rumiko Hirano. She will be mine.”

Beside Shinobu and her friends were having some gosip of their own.

“Shutaro Mendou is so cute!” said a girl named Akane.

“And rich,” said the other girl, Ukyo.

“Oh yes, he's gorgeous,” Shinobu blushed, “And he seems like such a gentleman. But, I'm with somebody... and he's out of my league anyway...”

Rumiko was sitting under a tree reading a Shoujo manga magazine when she heard a voice.


She looked up, “Ataru Moroboshi.”

Ataru was surprised hearing his name off her lips, instead of the usual “Dah-ling!”

“Hey, uh, so I was wondering, if-”

“Save it!”

His eyes went wide.

“The other girls told me all about you! I'm just out of a relationship and I don't want to be another one of your numbers, so don't even ask, d'cha!” She stormed off.

Ataru felt faintly dizzy, so he sat down. Word of his exploits had gotten to Lum and she wanted nothing to do with. He missed the electric shocks, compared to this. He sighed. All his life he dreamed of having many beautiful women draped around him.

But now?

Only her.

She was the only one he wanted and for once she wasn't interested.

But Ataru Moroboshi wasn't one to back down in the face of the unattainable.

He'd get this Lum to love him in the same way his Lum did.

He was committed to getting one girl and that frightened him a little.

But he also felt like laughing! After all, the tables had turned.

Now, he was the one chasing after her.

He always loved a good girl hunt.

He wouldn't flirt with any other girl. He'd be a perfect gentleman. He'd get Lu-Rumiko Hirano to love him.

In your dreams!

No... because in his dreams he was too stubborn to admit and now he was worried that he'd lost his chance.

...Of course, he also too stubborn to admit that.

How hard could it be?