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"Hey boss, what brings you to the Barn?" Ed asked with a smile as he approached Winnie's desk. It was early morning and Team One was just about to come on shift to relieve Team Two and had been surprised to find his longtime friend, and former sergeant, Greg Parker hanging around.

"Meeting with Holleran." Parker answered as he turned to Ed.

"Oh, so I see how it is. You don't come by to see us anymore." Ed teased. He knew Greg had been busy at the academy and rarely go the time to stop by SRU HQ like he wanted.

"Don't you have a shift to get ready for?" Greg asked, ignoring the comments from his former Team Leader.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, you're not my sergeant anymore. You can't boss me around." Ed threw over his shoulder as he headed to the locker rooms.

"Oh yeah? Then why do you still call me boss?" Greg called with a laugh. He missed this!

"Sounds like old habits die hard." Winnie laughed.


Greg turned to see Jules walking towards him, gym bag slung over her shoulder and a huge smile on her face.

"Jules, how are you?" Greg asked as she pulled her into a hug. This woman was like a daughter to him so he relished every moment they had together.

"I'm good. Sadie's not fussing as much at night so that helps." Jules answered with a grin. Her daughter had just gotten over a cold. Neither of her parent's had gotten much sleep recently.

"How old is she now?"

"Gong on three months." Jules beamed. "Hey, have you seen Sam around?"

"Team two just got back from a hot call. I think I heard Rollie say they were going to hit the showers before they debrief." Greg answered as he shifted his weight. His leg didn't bother him as much as it once had, but it still ached on occasion.

"Okay. I guess I'll catch him when he comes out then." Jules commented, unable to hide her excitement.

"Everything okay Jules?" Greg asked. He could see that she had something she was dying to tell the man.

"Perfect Sarg." Jules replied, unable to hide her wide smile.

"How far along?" Greg asked, his profiler mind always at work.

"What?" Jules asked, trying to hide her increased heart rate at the question.

"How far along are you?" Greg asked again. "I've only seen that smile on your face one other time and that was the day you married Sam and told everyone you were expecting. He doesn't know yet does he?"

"No, he doesn't. With the difference in our shifts this week we've barely seen each other. I was going to tell him this morning." Jules admitted.

"Don't worry. I won't say anything." Greg pulled her into a hug. "Congrats Jules."

"Thanks Sarg." Jules pulled away to go get ready for their shift.

"Everything okay with Jules?" Rollie asked as he approached Team One's former Sergeant and profiler.

"Yeah. She just needs to have a chat with Sam when you're all done with debrief." Greg replied.

"She's going to be pissed at me." Rollie admitted as he looked at the direction Jules had gone. "Especially now."

"You heard?" Greg asked, sensing that Rollie knew why Jules wanted to talk to Sam.


"Why is she going to be pissed?" Greg asked, thinking of only one reason why that would happen.

"It was a rough call." Rollie explained as he looked to the locker room where his Team was. "Sam negotiated and everyone got out alive."

"But he got hurt." Greg surmised.

"Yeah. The subject had an explosive. There wasn't enough time for Frank to disarm it and it went of as he and Sam pulled back. The blast threw Sam into a wall. He will be feeling it on his right side for a few days." Rollie explained.

"He'll pull through." Greg commented as he placed a hand on Rollie's shoulder. "He always does."

"Yeah. I guess I had better distract the Team so he and Jules can have a minutes." Rollie observed. "Team Two!" He called, gaining the attention of everyone but Sam, who had not emerged out of the locker room yet. " Frank, Doug, and John why don't you run to Timmy's and grab everyone some coffee." Rollie suggested.

"Sure Sarg. You want a double double?" Frank, Team two's tech and bomb expert, asked.

"Yeah, and get Sam an iced capp please."

"Yes sir." Frank turned to leave with his two teammates just as Team One congregated around Winnie's desk.

"Spike, why don't you take Mark and Alex and go get Team One some coffee too." Ed suggested as with a smirk.

"Backtrack down the stairs, watch for cars on the big road?" Spike asked thinking of Sam's first Hot Call with Team One.

"Exactly." Ed said with all seriousness and he placed a hand on Spike's shoulder. "And make sure you hold the rookie's hands when you cross the street. We don't want them getting lost."

Everyone busted up laughing as the three SRU officers followed those from Team Two out the door.

"No one's ever going to let that go are they?" Jules asked as she wiped tears from her eyes from laughing so hard.

"Not a chance!" Ed declared.

"Sam!" Jules called as she saw her husband walking out of the locker room. She easily noted how tired he was simply from the way he carried himself.

"Jules." Sam barely spoke her name before she was in his arms. He held her close, ignoring the flare of pain from his ribs on his right side. He breathed in her scent and relished the fact that she was in his arms.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Jules asked after kissing Sam.

"You can use the briefing room." Rollie called as he pointed to the empty room. "The guys went to get us some coffee so you have a few minutes."

"Thanks." Sam smiled as he put his arm around Jules and led her to the briefing room.

"Are you okay Sam?" Jules asked worriedly, noting the exhaustion in Sam's blue eyes.

"Long day." Sam stated simply as he rested his elbows on the table.

"What happened?" Jules asked, noting the wrist brace on Sam's right hand for the first time.

Sam looked Jules in the eyes and realized that there was no way he was going to get away with not answering honestly. He took a deep breath, as deep as his bruised ribs would allow.

"We just came back from a bomb call."

"How bad?" Jules asked. The fact that her husband was sporting a wrist brace and hiding the pain when he inhaled deeply told her that they hadn't been able to diffuse the bomb in time.

"Sprained wrist, bruised ribs, and one hell of a headache." Sam answered as he looked back to his hands.

"Oh Sam." Jules gently pulled him into her arms for a moment.

"There was a little girl. A baby." Sam continued. "We got her out but just seeing her in there with that man..."

"Made you think of Sadie." Jules finished for him. "You know, it's not just you, me, and Sadie anymore Sam."

Sam's head shot up and he looked at her. That can't be good for his headache. She thought as she smiled at him.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked. He knew what he hoped it meant. They had talked about it before. He just didn't think it would happen this fast.

"We're having another baby. I'm about six weeks along." Jules beamed at him. His thousand megawatt smiled told her everything she needed to know. Today had been a hard day for Sam, but they would get through it, together.

Mere moments later, as Sam and Jules embraced, Jules heard Spike outside the briefing room.

"What's going on? Are Jules and Sam okay?" Spike asked worriedly. He saw his two friends embracing and he hoped that nothing bad had happened.

"Everything perfect Spike." Sam answered as he and Jules pulled apart, smiles permanently plastered on their faces. "Can we tell them?" He asked his wife.

Jules nodded and her smile grew as the couple stood to join Team One and Team Two at Winnie's desk.

"We're having another baby!" Sam announced to his friends.

The group around them erupted in cheers and congratulations and hugs were shared by all. Team Two was excited for their Team Leader. He hadn't been with them long but today he had proven himself to them as a teammate. They couldn't be more thrilled. Team One was more excited about the news. Sam and Jules were family to them, and now their family was growing.

A lot had happened to the Teams in the last year but today was proof that life was good. Proof that they could move forward and live, and be happy. In this moment life couldn't be better!

"Sir, are you sure this is necessary?" The Captain asked.

"Yes. He is best suited for the job whether he wants to admit it or not. Gather your unit and get to Toronto by twelve hundred hours tomorrow."

"Yes Sir!" The Captain saluted, did a crisp about face, and marched out of his commanding officer's building. This is not going to be good! He thought as he looked at the folder in his hands. He couldn't believe that the General was doing his own son!