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Winds of Change

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Templeton Peck, named for the rat in Charlotte’s Web and the fact that, when he had been left at the orphanage he had given a ‘peck kiss’ on the cheek to the nun in charge. He doesn’t remember and they said he didn’t speak, not for a long time, and there had been note.

He had been left, abandoned and alone at the church run orphanage, at the age of two (he had held up his fingers, apparently) and that was that.

He spent fourteen years there, looking older then he was, expected to act a certain way and be a certain person.

He wonders what it says about him that he knows who to talk to, and where, to get things for the orphanage. Can sweet talk his way out of anything, twisting his words and his face as easily as coaxing a friendly dog to eat from your hand.

To Templeton, this spoke of the world he was born to work in, but it wasn’t enough.

Yes, he could go far, fly far, with his twisting, dancing words, his easy smile, and his good looks. Could route out the worst of the underworld and take their place, but it wasn’t enough.

It was never enough, because no matter how much good he did, no matter how much he twisted, turned and fought his way through, he always felt like something was missing.

That there was something just beyond his reach.

Templeton was intelligent and almost done with high school, when tragedy struck his world.

The orphanage he lived at lost funding.

The kids were going to be moved either to foster homes (where the good were scattered about like dandelion seeds, but without the strength to root) or to another orphanage and everything Templeton knew was going to end.

The nuns and Father Murphy…everyone would be gone.

And Templeton realized there was only one place for him to go.

He always knew where to look.

He always knew what to trade.

And he always made sure that he got the best.

The fake ID held up; 16 year old Templeton Peck was in the U.S. Army.

He wrote to Father Murphy, telling him where he had gone, in a way.

And that was it.

He shipped out after graduation with no one, in the Army, wiser.

It helped to have friends in the right places.

And with that, he was just another face in many.

Templeton (later ‘Faceman’) Peck was just another face in many, though admittedly a pretty one.

He remained so until John “Hannibal” Smith walked into his life and decided that he was more.