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Slenderman - Sally

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As I was walking the forest lane
I saw a man who looked in pain
I asked him from where he had come
But he never said a word or hum
I told him that my name was Sally
And then we walked down the alley.

Why I was in the forest, one must wonder
For, you see, it was a night of thunder
And lighting flashes in the sky
Oh how I wish I could fly
But nevermore shall I see the sun
For now the Man in the Forest is done.

The man looks most definitely wrong
His arms and legs are terribly long
His skin is white and his face not there
But on his body, a suit I swear
My mom and dad would always say
Never walk a stranger's way.

But they were mean, my mom and dad,
So I ran away - I was quite mad
But oh how I miss them, now that I'm gone
And no one will remember, before too long
For the Man in the Forest is out again
Hunting, searching, for children to drain.

An advice to you, I give from my grave
Never listen to the man who will save,
He promises gold and green grass tomorrow
But all he wants, is to feed on your sorrow
If you see the man I mentioned before
Run away, and lock your door.