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An Ode To The Young

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You watched silently as Hirako-taichou began to twist in pain, the white stuff that Hollow masks were made of spilling out of his mouth. Keep smiling, and no one will notice how utterly horrified you are – or that was the general idea. Keep quiet, keep out of the way, and bide your time. You’ll survive, and you’ll thrive.

You will have your revenge.

(It curls raw and wild in his stomach, and it makes him feel peculiarly ill to think of it even now – this was wrong, it went against everything that he had ever known as a Shinigami; but endure he would.)

Ran deserved no less.

(cold comfort that he had only himself to confide in, even though little Ise was such a good listener; couldn’t risk it, couldn’t chance it)

All you have to do is survive.