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[Podfic] Rocks of Salvation

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Length: 14:30

Size: 13.2 MB

EDITED 3/6/16 to add zip file containing all the chapters as mp3 files (with the fic identification taken out of all but the first chapter) now that the podfic is complete, and an audiobook (in 2 parts). I haven't put it up on MediaFire, since I haven't converted that account yet to a paying account and the zip file is enormous. At least all the individual chapters are up on there.

On Dropbox:

  • Here's the whole thing as a set of zipped mp3 files (924MB)
  • Here's Part 1 of 2 of the audiobook m4b file (9:18:38, 64.7 MB)
  • Here's Part 2 of 2 of the audiobook m4b file (8:00:19, 55.1 MB)

Reader's Notes:

While this is technically part 3 of the Ava Watson verse series, this is a perfect place to start to read and/or listen to the story.

Part 1 is the same story from Ava’s perspective and all that implies.

Part 2 is a short prequel to the whole thing, which contains spoilers for Parts 1 and 3. I may record that at some point, but not until the stuff it spoils is past.

Part 3 (this story) is told from Sherlock’s point of view, as is Parts 4 and 6 and comprises the main story arc.

Part 5 is a brief interlude from Mycroft’s point of view.

Logistical notes:

The chapters in this fic are longer than the JHC (excluding this first chapter), so they will take me a little longer to get out, in general. In addition, I am working on 2 WIPs (“and your very flesh shall be a great poem” by CaitlinFairchild, and “Only With The Heart” by Prettyvk); so I will occasionally put this aside to do them as those chapters are released, then come back to this. If you’ve followed me on other long podfic’s before, you know that I get things out pretty quickly, and I WILL finish this.

Many thanks to KeelieThompson1 for writing this beautiful story and giving me permission to create a podfic of it.

We also continue to be lucky enough to have sw70 doing the Beta work on this (and she has not read the story so it’s all new to her!). Trust me dah-ling, you’ll like it!

Short musical interludes are from “Into Dust” by Mazzy Star.

Kudos and comments gratefully appreciated; I cannot overstate how motivating it is to get an indication that people are out there listening and enjoying.