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White pawn to D4.

"Think of it as a chess game, Mr. Edgeworth." Kay was unabashedly coy, bringing her soft lips to the prosecutor's hesitant, agape mouth. Gently pulling him toward his desk by his cravat, she lowered herself onto the rigid mahogany, wrapped her legs around his hips, and guided his shaking hand toward her frilly, silken hair.

A million excuses fluttered in Miles's throat, about how WRONG it was, about how INAPPROPRIATE it was, about how he had COURT IN FIFTEEN MINUTES. He told Ms. Faraday so, his deep voice rising in crescendo while his fingers subconsciously worked their way through the thick locks and strands, unaware of their own desperation

"Come on, Mr. Edgeworth," Kay pouted, tossing her bangs to shroud her left eye. She giggled as she felt him press his left hand onto her back, which curved forward at his touch, her legs now straddled by his quivering hips. Kay winked at him behind her alluring curls, her warm breath condensing against his cold skin. His voice became silent, unable to counter her advances.

“Ms. Faraday, we...”

“Oh, come ON, Mr. Edgeworth. We’ve been fucking for days, and you don’t even have the decency to refer to me by my first name in your office?”

“This is NOT about decency, Ms. Faraday. And what we’ve been doing is a mistake-”

She slid her panties off, lifting her boots expertly to kick the frilly undergarments toward the bookcase. Kay turned toward Mr. Edgeworth, laughing when she saw his crimson face. “And is a chess game a mistake?”

Black pawn to D5.

Succumbing to temptation, Miles bucked his hips forward and allowed himself to slide the key hairpin to watch her tresses flow to her shoulders like a waterfall. He could not remove himself from this challenge, not while he pressed his lips against hers, watching her move her knight to F3. Ms. Faraday was beautiful, from her gray-green eyes to her fluttering black skirt, an enigma to be understood, a contradiction to be unraveled.

Kay tried not to laugh as Mr. Edgeworth's clumsy fingers missed the latch of her belt buckle three times. She decided to unclasp it herself, while he nuzzled his face into her hair, pressing his lips along her neck. She was careful, however, distancing herself from fervor and excitement, watching Mr. Edgeworth absently move his next pawn to C5 gazing at her with loving grace. Unfazed, she smirked and pressed her lips on his cheek, whispering, "I can expose you too, you know."

Miles could admit that she indeed was a sharp player; he felt her push her fingers down to the zipper of his trousers, reciprocating his move as her pawn advanced to C4. A stand-off. He stared into her steely eyes, now glinting with mischief. He grinned, imagining pushing his queen forth to combat her weak defenses, to straddle her against the desk, to let her hair spill across his abandoned paperwork. But Miles resisted the urge, slipping his hips away from hers, groping Ms. Faraday's thighs instead while sliding his pawn to E6.

Kay gasped a moan; her method of breaking through his defenses was now countered. Forcing herself to suppress her voice and purse her rigid lips against his delicate chin, she pulled herself closer to the muscular man as her ass now teetered on the edge of the desk, moving her knight toward C3. She undid his top buttons and pulled his cravat off, exposing his taut chest and hard abdomen, planting kisses while she shook against the edge of the desk, almost falling off. Kay gasped when Mr. Edgeworth now pushed her down onto the desk, her head resting against a stack of paperwork while he elegantly took her pawn at D4.

Miles could not resist Ms. Faraday, how she wildly looked at him with her velvet hair now spilled against the fine mahogany. He pulled himself down onto her, ignoring that he gave her an opportunity to completely unbutton his shirt and pull it off of him, to take his pawn with her knight. He felt himself caught off-guard, while she smoothly and seductively traced the outline of his hard abs. Miles felt himself choke in desperation cradling the back of Ms. Faraday’s head, running his fingers through her wild curls as he slid his pawn forward to E5: an impulsive, fruitless move to combat her knight.

“Really, Mr. Edgeworth?” Kay laughed, pulling her body and her knight back to F3, brushing the stack of papers off of the table. She smirked at Mr. Edgeworth’s cute panic at seeing his neatly organized pile collapse, how he instinctively pulled himself and his pawn forward to D4. Now that Mr. Edgeworth’s body was awkwardly stretched over Kay’s, her smile ignited, for she was now at the position for an upper hand.

Miles felt Ms. Faraday kiss him hard, bending herself and her knight forward to D5, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck while she stretched his back into a position of discomfort. He quickly pulled his knees onto the desk, moving his knight to F6 as he straightened his body to counteract her offense, pulling her up to her knees as well.

They were now at an even height, and their eyes then met, a welcome pause in the intense rush of competition. Miles Edgeworth searched her eyes, free from the desire for fulfillment and climax, and he reached through her tousled hair, which now invoked a sense of completeness, like there was nothing further to unravel. Kay Faraday felt the burden of competition melt off of her shoulders, replaced instead with a feeling of wonder and intimacy, like there was no challenge, but a desire for mutual pleasure.

“Mr. Edgeworth, I...”

“You’re gorgeous, Ms. Faraday.”

She blushed. “Well, you’re fucking hot.”

He blushed. “Call me Miles.”

“Oh, Kay.” It was a terrible pun and they both knew it; but the frivolity of the situation - a thief and a prosecutor fucking on the prosecutor’s desk - caused them to both laugh while they kissed again. Their hearts palpated in harmony, like the calculating rhythm and steady flow of calm logic.

Kay playfully removed his belt after Miles slid her scarf and shirt off. His hands shook again trying to unfasten her white bra; grinning, she gently pulled his hand toward the clasp and slowly guided his fingers until it fell onto her lap. Relieved, Miles cupped her breasts and sucked, licking around her nipples; Kay moaned freely and loudly, guiding his body weight down around the desk until she was on top of him.

They no longer played by their impulses. She moved her bishop to G5, removing his dress shoes and sliding his pants and Steel Samurai boxers off. He moved his bishop to E6, lifting his hands toward her soft ass and gripping her hips. She moved her pawn to E4, and he took hers via en passant and moved to D3; Miles lifted himself to kiss her breasts again as Kay lowered herself into him, taking his knight at F6. Check.

He gritted his teeth when he realized that there was little he could do to escape. Kissing her, he moved his pawn to strike her knight, to distract her; but Kay’s movements were decisive and deliberate. She pushed him back onto the desk, taking his queen with hers, approaching fulfillment as he quietly took her queen with his king; Kay responded with her bishop to F6. Checkmate.

Their bodies rocked like lovers, like equals, caught with passion and the halted absence of desperation. She came first, gasping while she rode him into climax, opening and closing her mouth as he spontaneously thrust further into her. She felt him jolt inside of her, once, then twice, then thrice, until they both stopped, sweating from exhaustion and excitement.

When Miles released himself from Kay, he pulled himself back up and kissed her, sticky from the stench of pointless victory. She sat on his lap and kissed him, surveying the desk, which now lay in ruin with messy fluid splattered across files and sheets. He ran one finger down her backbone, admiring instead her easy victory, one filled with self-control and lack of desperation.

“Well, Mr- er, Miles, I’m kind of sorry for having you miss your trial.” Kay’s grin was sheepish but apologetic, expecting anger on his face, but instead finding amusement.

“The trial was to prosecute a certain young lady for thievery in absentia.” Miles’s voice was warm, and a slow grin emerged on Kay’s face.

“Well, in that case...”

White pawn to E4.