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. . . never such peace, such utter contentment. . .
Quiet, deep chords of pleasure, echoing
Soft in the blood, sweet in the nerves. . .
Burning before, now I am melted
Down to a skinfull of sun-warmed honey,
Light-struck wine. . .
. . . Oh, I never knew,
Never suspected such feeling existed!


Father, you never did tell me of this.
Why not? You, who married a Human,
You cannot plead ignorance. Surely you knew
This joy beyond telling -- but didn't warn me.


. . . All those years you made me believe
Our kind could experience no other pleasure
Than high, bright, cold satisfaction of logic,
Bare peaks of thought. . . sterile promontories.


. . . Did you think that if ever I tasted
These forbidden waters, I would drink deep?
Plunge in, and be lost to Vulcan forever?
Perhaps you were right. Perhaps I will.
I have been happier in this bed
Than ever I was on all of Vulcan.


. . . Love, roll over and kiss me again.

- - -