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Behind Closed Door (H. Styles, Daddy!Kink)

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Harry Styles (Daddy!Kink AU)

Chapter 1

“Hey dad,” I greet as I settle myself on passenger seat.

“How was your day?” My dad asks as I leave a kiss on his cheek.

“Pretty good,” I sigh, taking my earphones and plugging it in my ears. I am not trying to be rude; I can still hear him, though.

“You know, for a person who just wants to relax the whole time, you don’t seem pretty excited for your summer holidays.” Dad comments. It is true, summer holidays just started today and believe me I’m pretty excited.

“I’m excited.” I answer, bored and tired out of my mind. Before he could say more, he gets a call.

I live with my dad alone; my mum left us when I was five for some rich ass French man. I was never too close with my mum anyway, so I really don’t miss her at all. My dad is my everything. He is my dad and mum too. He is a brother I always wanted and he is my best friend. I literally don’t have any friends since I don’t feel like associating myself with self-centered bitches. I have people who surround me and they think I’m their friend, but I’m really not.

Nothing pretty exciting ever happens in my life. I’m 17 and still searching for my adventure. The life is same ol’ same ol’. I don’t have a seasonal boyfriend like other girls, although I’m looking for a relationship but I need something more than a cute relationship. I want thrill to hit me hard this summer. No wonder I’m not excited, I’m pretty sure this summer is going to end as boring as ever.

I had my fair share of sex with boys, although I’m pretty sure my dad still thinks I’m a Virgin Mary. You know, the sex is always good, but it’s always same. Like I said, I need thrill. Enough with this boring shitty life! I’m not a slut, but I just like to live my life and have fun. I may have ‘I’m too cool for the world’ attitude, but hey! You can’t just show your weakness to this cruel world. They will crumple you so bad that you can’t get straighten back. You can act like a bitch, but don’t become a bitch. Have your fun but don’t forget your morals. Be confident, but don’t act cold hearted bitch. Have weakness but never show it to the world.

This is how I live, I’m Arabella Hartford and I’m literally going to doze off if dad doesn’t hang up. I shake him slightly to get his attention. I’m a bit pampered by my dad, can’t really blame him. When that bitch of a mother left us, I was his complete responsibility. I’m glad he didn’t leave me at the doorsteps of an orphanage. He has to go for work and take care of me. He work extra for both of us.

“Yes, I’ll be reaching there soon. Okay, fine… thank you.” He sighs, rubbing his face with one hand. “Arabella…” He says with sweet but tired voice.

“Dad,” I whine because I know that tone very well.

“Sweetness, if I leave you home then I won’t be able to reach on time. Mr. Styles wants us in ten minutes exactly and he is very punctual. Please Arabella?” He looks at me with puppy eyes.

“You don’t even know how to make that face!” I point out.

“Okay I don’t. But you’re my sweet child.” He compliments, seriously he should know by now that he can’t buy me with compliments.

“I get bored there; it feels like I am in an asylum.” I have been to Styles and Co. before and it’s such a dead place. People are so formal and everybody mind their own business. It’s no fun going there, whoever this Mr. Styles character is, he has some serious issues. Isn’t it like, when you get old you become more fun to be around with? Like a free soul? Forgiving old man?

I haven’t met him at all, haven’t seen him and haven’t known him. My dad has been working for over a year now, but I still don’t know who the hell Mr. Styles is! I don’t go around and stalk old man, like really not interested to check out his hairy chest and big belly.

“Buy me big frozen yogurt cup and then you can.” I propose, smirking at him.

“I can’t now, but I promise on the way to home, I will.” He promises. I nod and sigh; I shouldn’t be so hard on him after all he works his ass off to take care of me.

In less than 10 minutes, we were in the parking of Styles and Co. Dad take some papers from sun visor and try to tie his tie. I roll my eyes and turn him to face me. I have always tied daddy’s tie.

“Thank you, Arabella.” He says, pecking my forehead. I unbuckle my seat belt but didn’t make a move to leave the car.

“Can I stay in the car?” I ask looking at him.

“C’mon Arabella, the office is not so bad.” He laughs but it wasn’t funny.

“Dad,” I whine but still opened the door.

“I’m buying you frozen yoghurt.” He points out.

“Because I agreed to come here.” I roll my eyes, he opens the door and we went inside.

“Because you’re a wonderful daughter.” He praise but I smile. He went over to reception to check himself in. It’s something weird system, like how teacher take attendance. He comes back where I am sitting.

“Now, no roaming around here in the building. Curiosity killed the cat, Arabella.” Dad says.

“Too bad, I’m a human.” I say which was pretty lame. Dad had a faint smile on his face. “C’mon dad! How many times you saw me messing around here?” I challenge him, crossing my leg over the other.

“None. But you’re Arabella, my daughter and I know you very well.” I throw my head back and laugh.

“Fine, I’ll be a good girl.” I promise. He looked at me uncertainly. “Dad, I promise.” I stress and he sighs.

“I have to go now,” He says, “Wish me luck?”

“You always rock, daddy.” I say and he laughs. He starts walking when I stopped him, “Uh, before you leave, where are the bathrooms?” I question.

“Enter that door,” He points, “Go left and then take another left.” He instructs and I nod. He disappears through the same door he pointed. I sigh down and slump down the chair. The Barbie at the reception gave me disgusting glare, which I didn’t mind. I’m not wearing tight pencil skirt with no wrinkles. I’m wearing my jeans short with a tank top and a flannel tied around my waist. Yeah, definitely not on the same boat. (OUTFIT)

I stood up to go to bathroom. The receptionist head rose and I smile at her. She followed my movements till I enter the door. I took my bottle to drink some water since my throat was drying. Even though this place is dead boring but there is no denying the beauty of this place. I look up at the tall ceiling; Mr. Styles truly gave justice to this place with the decoration. The office was elegant and very spacey.

I suddenly bump into someone and the water splash on the person. I open my eyes and prayed that it wasn’t be my dad. Thankfully it wasn’t, but it was a man with curly hair and plump lips.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” I say as I see wet patch on his suit. “I was not seeing and,” He stops me.

“What are you doing here?” The man asks with his husky and intimidating voice.

“I was looking for bathroom but you came out of nowhere and yeah…” I say, “I have some tissues.” I inform and turn my bag to hold it in front of me but it kinda hit him. I mutter sorry and bend my leg to balance my bag and I took some tissues. I put my bag down and start drying him.

“Stop, stop… stop touching me.” He says swatting my hands away.

“Fine, fine.” I say raising my hands up in defense.

“Do you know who I am?” He asks, looking angry as ever. He kinda make anger look hot, it’s surprising Mr. Styles have good looking employees.

“You don’t know either?” Not a good time to be funny Arabella. “Listen, if you’re in that meeting with Mr. Styles, then I’m very sorry.” His eyebrows furrowed for a moment as if contemplating, the he raise his eyebrows as if he realized something.

“Who gave you the right to come here?” He questions.

“I didn’t know we needed some VIP pass to use bathrooms.” I say, now frustrated with his attitude.

“Only employees are allowed to use the toilet. It’s not a public toilet, that anyone can come and use it.” He says.

“I’m not anyone!” I felt offended, “My dad works here and I’m here with him. He is in the so called meeting with Mr. Styles right now, maybe you should also hurry.” I say whilst walking past him to go to bathroom. “Now excuse me, whilst I go and pee.” I say but he catches my arm.

“You’re disgusting.” He says, bringing me back in front of him.

“You cannot possible fathom the intensity of the fuck I do not give.” I clench my teeth and take my arm back from his hold. If steam coming out from ears was a real shit, then you could see it from his ears. Damn, he is angry now.

“What’s your father’s name?” He asks. I shouldn’t have answered him but I don’t back down from threats.

“Richard Hartford.” I say looking directly into his emerald eyes, showing no fear whatsoever. “Look if you’re going to go complain to Mr. Styles about this that will probably lead to my dad being sacked, then I’m sorry.” I say. I wouldn’t be apologizing if it wasn’t for my father. I can’t let him lose his job because of me.

“And I’m sorry for not looking and walking and also for your wet suit; I can’t do anything about it.” I say looking down at his wet patch area.

“And how you talked back?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Hey, you called me disgusting. You shouldn’t call a woman disgusting.” I teach him and he rolls his eyes. “Listen please, let this stay between us. Don’t tell Mr. Styles or my dad anything, he’ll be very disappointed.” I say, meaning each and every word.

“Don’t want to disappoint your daddy, huh?” He smirks. I look weirdly at him but nod. He doesn’t say anything but starts to walk away.

“Hey! You didn’t answer me!” I call out but he kept walking.

“I have a meeting to go in, Miss. Hartford.” He says and disappeared down the corridor. I didn’t even dare to go to the bathroom. I don’t want to get bumped again into someone. I came back and sat in the waiting area.

After half an hour, my dad comes out with his colleagues. I stood up, happy that I could go home and officially start my summer. I look for that curly haired guy but I didn’t see him. Is he telling Mr. Styles about what happened? I gulp; I have a feeling he won’t.

“Dad,” I say to get his attention. He excuses himself from his colleagues. “How did it go?” I nervously ask.

“Good,” He sighs not really sounding himself, “Um… sweetheart, can you take a cab? I have got something to do. Or you can stay here whilst I finish my work?” He gives me options.

Oh, hell no! I don’t want to come across that Vogue model again.

“It’s okay dad, I’ll take a cab.” I say as I wanted to leave this premises as soon as possible. He takes out his wallet and hand me some money for the cab.

“I know I promised you frozen yogurt, so here,” He hands me some extra money, “Take this and buy whatever kind of yogurt you want.” I took it and thanked him.

“Thanks,” I say, whilst I hug him. I look back to see The Vogue model observing us. I smile at him, but he turns and leaves.

“I’ll buy the food, okay?” He says and I nod.

With that I leave, looking back at my dad and waving him. I hope he doesn’t bring bad news.