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Fifty Shades of FNAF

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You shot up in bed in the middle of the night, breathing hard with your heart racing wildly, looking around frantically.


A hand touched your shoulder, and you immediately felt more relaxed and comfort sweeped through you. Trembling a little less, you looked over at your boyfriend, Toy Bonnie. His eyes, usually empty of much emotion, held concern. You immediately lunged forward to hug him, wrapping his arms around your waist and whimpering.

"Another nightmare?" he asked you gently, smoothing his hand over your hair.

You nodded, burying your face into his t-shirt and trying not to cry.

"It's okay," he murmured.

But it really wasn't. Your first week working at the pizzeria had simply scarred you for life. You had nightmares almost every time you fell asleep, oddly only during the night, even three months after escaping that hell. Of course, you did stop by now and then to pick up your boyfriend, Toy Bonnie, and kidnap him now and then. For several days at a time, even, since he hated working there and the owner really didn't have the nerve to say no to you two.

"What was it about?" TB asked gently.

You shook your head. You didn't even want to say, and thankfully the memory was already fading. All you could remember was five horribly mangled children at this point...that was all too much for your tastes though.

He kissed your forehead tenderly and you gazed up at him with wide, wet eyes. You tried to blink away those tears though, and he gathered you up into his arms so that he could cradle you against his chest.

Your heart was beginning to steady, and your breathing becoming more soft and less frantic. Toy Bonnie always comforted you after your nightmares, chasing your fear away just like that.

"Okay now?" he asked.

You nodded. "A bit."

He leaned down to touch his lips to yours, and the rest of your terror simply melted away into bliss.

"And now?" he asked, pulling away and resting his forehead against yours.

You stared into his eyes. They were the prettiest shade of forest-green, and you loved them. Loved that they always held nothing for no one, except when they turned to you. Then they were filled with such an amount of affection that it made your heart swell.

"Yeah, I'm fine," you said, kissing his cheek. "Thank you, and I'm sorry you have to deal with me..."

Really, you did feel bad. You had these flashbacks and night terrors constantly, and he would always have to be right there and comfort you. You had no idea how he managed to keep up with you.

"I don't care, angel. It's not your fault, and I'm more than happy to take care of you when you need it," he said.

You smiled. He was so much different than the way he always acted. He was always so quiet and antisocial and, well, not even that kind...Who knew that deep down he could be such a caring and sweet person?

Not that you had a problem with that.

For a second time, he leaned down and kissed your lips softly.

"Mmm...What time is it?" you asked him, pulling away.

"Eleven. You've only been asleep for fifty minutes now," he said, running his fingers through your hair.

You sighed. "And there's no way I'm going back to sleep after all that," you muttered, shuddering.

"You can always stay up with me," he said. "You're off work tomorrow anyways, aren't you?"

You nodded, then sighed. "Maybe I should stay up. I's like every time I just close my eyes at night, I have another nightmare..."

"Then you can stay awake with me. We'll watch a movie or something," he said.

You smiled. "Thanks, TB."


The plan worked...until the clock hit two. Both of you curled up and watched ((whatever your favorite action movie is--action is good for keeping you awake)). Once the movie was off though and Toy Bonnie was searching through Netflix for something else you liked, you immediately began to drift off. You were so tired that you just couldn't help it--you leaned against TB, closed your eyes, and before you knew it a certain Marionette was chasing you down the hallways of the pizzeria, intent on killing you.


Your eyes snapped open and you let out a shuddering gasp. Toy Bonnie was next to you, hands gripping your shoulders, eyes hard.

"Oh..." you breathed. "Sorry. I didn't mean to..."

He relaxed. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah...Just...I dunno," you mumbled. "Staying up isn't very easy.'

"What if I could help?" he asked.

"You're already helping, hun. Just being around helps me."

"No, what if I could keep you awake? Really keep you awake?" he asked quietly.

"But...How?" you asked, frowning.

He pulled you up so that you sat on his lap, then grabbed your chin and drew your mouth down to his. Your eyes widened in realization as your lips met his.

Oh. So that was what he'd meant...

The first kiss was light. The second, tender but getting better. The third, passionate. When his mouth met yours for the fourth, it was heated and hungry.

"Mmm..." you sighed excitedly, wrapping your arms around his neck and tilting your head to the side, deepening the kiss if that was even possible.

His arm slid around your waist, holding you against him. His other hand, however lightly brushed along your jaw as he ran his fingers through your hair. Just that small touch was enough to send a chill of delight down your spine.

His mouth left yours for a moment--just long enough that he could pull your shirt up over your head. Then his lips worked against yours again, feverishly. It simply took your breath away, and you tangled your fingers in his blue hair.

His arms fell from around you, and his fingertips skimmed along your inner thighs. Your breathing hitched because holy crap the feeling just turned you on that much. You tugged his hoodie off, and his shirt quickly followed to join the growing pile of clothing on the floor.

At this point, he slid you off of his lap. You rested back on the couch, your shoulders against the armrest, head resting back so that you gazed up at the ceiling fan, Toy Bonnie's body over yours. His skin pressed against yours, and the weight of him practically drove you insane with desire. He kissed along your jaw and throat, to your collarbone and the edge of your bra.

Oh, it felt so good! His lips were soft and gentle, but they made your skin feel hotter with each kiss.

"Ah..." you breathed, closing your eyes blissfully as he kissed down the flat of your belly.

Your pajamas pants joined the pile just a moment later and Toy Bonnie's gaze roamed over your nearly naked body, eyes dark with desire and lust. Under it though, a deep affection for you, and a satisfaction that he could do these things to you. He saw it in your own eyes, an insane desire for him and the absolute pleasure he could give you through just the small things. It was pleasant to see.

He kissed your lips again deeply, passionately. Oh, you loved the way it felt! As he kissed you though, you felt his thumbs hook into the waistband of your panties and then you felt the fabric slid down your legs before joining the rest of the discarded clothing. Your bra followed, and now his lips moved to your breasts. His mouth, tongue and hands worked amazing wonders there and you moaned softly, his name leaving your lips with it. "Ah...! TB...!"

The sound of his name, said so beautifully like that...It sent a shiver through his body. Being called a Toy had never appealed to him, especially when the others like BB liked to tease him by calling him your 'boytoy'. All the same, he recognized it was a way to differentiate his name from the other Bonnie's, but that still didn't mean he liked it. Until he heard it moaned in love and lust by your angelic voice.

His fingertips skimmed along your inner thighs and you ran your fingers through his hair. His touch had your body aching for him, and humming with excitement. You certainly wouldn't be falling asleep anytime soon, that was for sure.

Your heart was racing within your chest, making your breaths come in harsh, the result of the fiery feeling that invaded your body with each of your lover's touches and kisses. It was an amazing sensation of desire, and almost painful in its intensity.

TB's fingers brushed against your core and a certian small bundle of nerves that were just begging for attention. You gasped as a sudden wave of pleasure rippled through your body. It felt amazing as ever, and only increased as he pushed one long, slender finger into your heat, and then a second even as his thumb toyed with your clit. Your toes curled a bit, and you dug your nails into the couch cushions.

He gave his fingers a playful, experimental wiggle to gauge your reaction. You sharply inhaled, and then moaned softly when he curled his fingers. The sound came out like a kitten's mewl, and TB couldn't help but smile one of those rare, faint smiles. He pulled his fingers out almost entirely before thrusting them back in. You gasped, your hips almost immediately moving up against him, your body pleading for him to go in deeper.

He kissed the valley between your breasts and began pumping his fingers in and out of you at a slow, deep pace that felt downright amazing. Another moan left your soft, kiss-swollen lips, and you could've sworn that you heard Toy Bonnie's breath hitch.

"You make the cutest sounds," he mumbled, nuzzling your neck now.

You gave a breathless giggle, cheeks heating up ever so slightly. "Oh, I know, right?" you teased.

You felt that certain pressure between your hips, and it made your body tense up. It was almost disappointing, and seemed too soon.

Curse your over-eager body! Couldn't it just savor the feeling for a bit longer?

Another soft but slightly louder moan left your lips as the pressure continued to build up with each thrust of his fingers. It was starting to become unbearable, and your body trembled with the intensity of it. And then that insensity and pressure was released, sending amazing waves of pleasure lapping through your body.

"Bon!" you gasped out.

He made a soft sound similar to one of your moans, though it was slightly muffled by your breasts. "Even cuter," he said before pulling his fingers out.

He pushed himself up a bit, and licked his fingers. You giggled. "You're so weird, you know that?"

"It's an interesting flavor. You taste good."

"'Cos I'm just that sweet?" you teased. "Yeah, no."

He cocked a brow, then touched his fingers to your lips, a playful glint in his eyes that you so rarely saw. "Try it if you don't believe me."

"No way!" you squeaked, grinning and shaking your head.

He didn't move his fingers away. He was determined.

You rolled your eyes and licked at his fingers lightly. It really was a strange taste, and out of curiosity you simply took his fingers into your mouth and sucked the unusual flavor off of them. It wasn't exactly bad, you supposed.

You shrugged and looked back up at him. His eyes burned with desire, and damn did he look turned on. You could certainly feel just how much, too, when his jeans and boxers joined the clothes pile and his hardened cock brushed against your thigh.

"Be gentle with me," you teased.

He raised a brow, then leaned down to kiss you. "Because you definitely like it gentle," he snorted.

"Sometimes, I might!" you laughed.

Truth be told though, maybe you did like it a little rough. A little, though. You were no extreme sadist here.

Then you felt his member brush against your core, and then he pushed into you in an agonizingly slow manner. Toying with you, of course.

You winced slightly at the faint sting of being stretched out, teeth clenching, nails truly digging into the couch cushions. It had been a while since you two had last had sex, and apparently you needed to readjust. It was a bit annoying, since you really just wanted to get on with it. You needed him, at this point.

"Damn," you complained. "Why ya gotta be so big?"

You actually heard him chuckle, then he slid out from you until just the head remained--then pushed back into you a bit forcefully. Your breath caught in your throat, and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He repeated the action, though he basically rammed into you this time. You cried out and your back arched up from the couch to press your body again Toy Bonnie's. You fell back with a breathless gasp.

Damn, that had felt good even still! The boy could never, ever screw up in bed, you could've sworn. Made you wonder if he'd lied about whether or not you'd been his first. Seriously.

Not that you were complaining.

He paused momentarily, then pushed your leg back a bit so that he had a much better angle. When he gave a third thrust, it was deeper and harder. Your back arched up again, and you gave another breathless moan.

Toy Bonnie snapped. He could really only control himself around you to a point. You always, always managed to turn him into to that degree of animalistic lust though.

He gasped out your name lustily, voice husky with desire, and then thrusted in and out of your body at a rough and fast pace. Each motion sent waves upon waves of delicious pleasure through you though. You squeezed your eyes shut tight, crying out his name.

"Ahhh~!! B-Bon~!!"

The sounds of pants, moans, and breathless cries filled the room--an embarassing amount of which were from you. You simply couldn't help it though as your body trembled and ached for him, for this feeling. He filled you like no one else ever could or, hopefully, ever would.

Pleasure flooded your body and your breathing only came in hot, erotic pants. TB kept his hungry pace, never faltering, growling against your throat in a way that was so unlike him, and in a way that you managed to find so, so very hot. You tangled your fingers in his hair, raked your nails down his back. None of it seemed to bother him. If anything, you thought you saw his eyes only darken with lust to a dark, shadowy green.

But then you felt that knot developing in your waist again--a feeling similar to pain yet so, so much better. And so much stronger than before.

"I-I think I'm c-close!" you managed to gasp out.

He buried his face into the crook of your neck. "Me, too," he growled.

He nipped at the sensitive skin of your throat. With a final, strong thrust, you tightened around his member and gave your own release, screaming his name a final time and pushing your body and breasts against him as you did so. He swiftly followed, and then slowed his pace before stopping.

Both of you were panting, skin covered in a slick layer of sweat. Toy Bonnie sighed almost contentedly, pulling out from you.

"That good..." you panted. "Why don't we ever have sex more often?"

"We're unfortunately busy people," he sighed.

"But it's not even three though," you looked to the clock. "And it'll be a while before dawn."

"Three or four hours," he agreed.

"A long time to stay awake," you murmured.

"Not that that's a problem."

"Not at all," you smiled, looking up at him. "Round two?"