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Leave The Lights On

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You're not really concerned with what you wear to bed so you just shimmy out of your jeans, fold them up, and place them on Brittany's dresser. She does the same and you both crawl into bed together. You love her bed. It's so big and soft. It's warm and it smells great.

You meet in the middle of the bed and your arms wrap around each other. You're usually the one with your head on Brittany's shoulder, but somehow, this time her head is on your chest. You like it like this. You can hold her and stroke her hair and kiss her whenever you want.

"Santana," she says quietly. You thought she was asleep so you are a little surprised by her voice.

"Hmm?" you ask as you run your fingers through her hair as you have been for the past twenty minutes.

"Were you ever scared of being with me?" her voice is barely audible.

You keep your fingers moving through her hair and kiss the top of her head. "No. I never even thought about being scared. I was appalled that anyone would be scared of being with you." That's the truth. You never blinked thinking about what other people would think.

Brittany grips your shirt tighter, constricting her arms around you. She doesn't say anything so you think you said something right.

She falls asleep before you do, but you're close behind her. You're surprised when you wake up first, but your bladder is screaming at you. You slip out of bed and walk to the bathroom. When you step out of the bathroom, Brittany has rolled over and is taking up most of the bed.

You smile and watch her for a moment before going to the kitchen. You start some coffee and walk to the door that leads to the backyard. You tiptoe back into the bedroom to borrow some pants from Brittany. You find some grey yoga pants first so you put them on, pull your boots on, and walk back to the backyard.

It's a decent sized yard for the house. There are some toys around the yard and it looks as if some branches have fallen from the trees, but you think you have a good place to go camping.

You start picking up the yard toys and putting them in a box by the back door. Then you start throwing the twigs in the yard into a pile next to the biggest tree. You don't know how Brittany or her neighbors feel about campfires in the backyard, but if you can have one, you want to. Not that you're a camping expert, but s'mores seem important.

You hear a door close and look up at the house. You don't see Brittany so you look around. On the other side of the wooden fence you see a man standing on his back porch next door. He spots you looking so he hitches his chin.

You nod back to him and look around the yard. You wonder if you can fit an air mattress into a tent.

"Are you friends with Brittany?" the man asks.

You look over and see that he's leaning over the top of the fence, his forearms resting on top of it. His porch must be right up against the fence because the fence is at least seven feet tall. You walk over to it. "We're dating."

"Oh yeah?" he smiles. "Good for her." He extends his hand to you, "I'm Dave."

"Santana," you shake his hand. You notice a logo on his shirt: LFD. "Are you a firefighter?"

He chuckles, "I used to be. Now I'm the fire marshal."

"Oh cool," you look around the yard. "How do you feel about campfires in the backyard?"

"In your backyard?" he says. He starts looking over your backyard.

"This backyard," you clarify. "Summer wants to go camping and because of some family issue I'm having we're going to be camping back here this weekend."

"And you want to have a camp fire?" he asks with an understanding smile. "I think as long as you keep it small and make sure to have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher handy, then it'll be fine. I'll let the department know. There's a little old lady across the alley that will call in anything."

"Thank you," you shake his hand again. "I want to make this as fun for Summer as I can and I feel bad that we can't actually go anywhere."

He nods. "Have I seen you around? You look familiar?"

You shrug, "I work at the school."

"Are you a teacher?" he asks.

"I'm the district doctor," you explain, "Do you have any kids?"

He chuckles. "No. Do you work at the hospital?" He waves to someone behind you.

You turn around and see Brittany. You give her a smile and answer Dave's questions. "Yeah, I'm the on call orthopedist."

He grins widely, "Oh. That's why. I brought Rick into the ER."

You see a cup of coffee appear in front of you and lift it out of Brittany's hand. "Thank you." You take a sip of your coffee. You look back at Dave, "He's a friend of yours?"

Dave shakes his head, "Not really. We hung out a few times in high school. I just happened to be driving by when I saw him fall. All of his buddies were drunk. Someone had to take him in. I feel like I need to apologize for him thinking you were a stripper."

"Who thought you were a stripper?" Brittany asks, her arm making it's way around your waist.

"Rick the Stick," Dave told her. He took his hands from over the fence. "I went out to get something to eat and he asked Santana if she was his stripper gram."

Brittany frowns and you smile at her. "It's okay," you tell her. "It's not cheap having the best orthopedic surgeon in the city."

Dave and Brittany laugh.

"I'm going to head inside and start breakfast," Dave waves to you and Brittany. "Have fun." Then he adds to you, "I love your boots."

You look questioningly at Brittany, but she just waves back at him.

You and Brittany walk back inside. "What were you doing in the backyard?"

"Scouting for our camping trip," you walk into the kitchen and open the pantry door. "Dave said we could have a camp fire."

You feel Brittany take your hand and pull you out of the pantry. You feel your back press against the counter and Brittany press against your front. You don't know why, but she kisses you hard. You arch your back trying to get impossibly closer to her as her tongue runs across your bottom lip, as if asking for permission.

Before you can grant permission, Brittany pulls your shirt over your head and tosses it to the side. When her hands meet the skin across your stomach, you gasp into her mouth. You can feel her smile against your mouth. One of her legs slips between yours and she rolls her hips into you. It's hard to tell what's turning you on more. Her hands are everywhere, cupping your breasts and slipping down into your pants.

The things Brittany is able to do to your body are nothing short of magickal. You were able to return the favor and when you finally look up, you and Brittany are lying on the living room floor, a sweaty, panting, and naked heap on the floor.

You rest your chin on Brittany's stomach and look up at her, trying to catch her breath. She looks so beautiful all the time, but when she's not trying or even when her hair is messed up and her forehead is covered in a sheen of light perspiration, there's something so sexy about her.

She rests the back of her hand on her forehead as her breathing slows. She wipes her forehead and looks down at you. She lets out a smile. "Hi."

You chuckle, "Hi."

She pulls you up her body and kisses you sweetly. "I think we should go take a shower and then go get breakfast."

You look up at the clock on the wall. "It's lunch time."

"Let's go take a shower and get lunch," she giggles and kisses you again.

You find that a shower is so much easier when there are four hands cleansing your body. It just takes a little longer than usual because other, more fun things, get in the way.

As you drive to the only Mexican food place in town, Brittany calls to check on Summer. She puts her phone on speaker so she can finish putting her eyeliner on. Summer asks when you're going to pick her up to go camping. Brittany chuckles and looks over at you. You shrug. "We have to go get the tent and stuff."

"We'll pick you up at three," Brittany tells her. "We have to go get a tent."

"Hurry!" Summer calls.

Brittany tells her to be patient, but you just chuckle. When Brittany hangs up with Summer, you call your mom. She tells you that she's fine. She's having lunch with one of the board members of the hospital in Lima. You ask her why, but she doesn't give you a straight answer.

"Do you think she's thinking about moving here?" Brittany asks after you hung up with your mom.

You shake your head. "No way. The nearest Bloomingdale's is at least a thousand miles away." You pull into a parking place at the restaurant.

"Maybe she wants to be near you," Brittany offers.

You're still skeptical, but you don't want to think about it anymore. So you change the subject. You and Brittany make a list of things you need to go camping with over a giant plate of nachos.

"Why do you need a machete?" Brittany asks, moving some jalapenos onto a cheese covered chip.

You just smile and shrug. Then you look down at the plate, "Hey, you're stealing all my jalapenos." You use your fork to nail one of the jalapenos she's trying to steal down to the plate.

She laughs and wraps her fingers around your wrist. Then she uses your own fork to shovel jalapenos onto one of her nachos. You can't find it in yourself to be mad. You think she's cute. Even when her eyes water because she ate too many and she has to polish off her water and half of yours.

When the waiter comes back with the check, Brittany asks for it before he sets it down on the table. You shake your head and look up at him. "I will give you a twenty dollar tip of you give it to me."

He immediately places it in your hand you stick your tongue out at Brittany.

"I'm getting dinner then," Brittany states with her arms crossed and a pout firmly on her lips.

"That's good," you throw down some cash on the table and stand up. "Because I've never cooked over a camp fire."

"Neither have I," she grins devilishly.

You know she'd threaten you with burnt whatever she's going to make, but she won't make you eat it. So you place your hand on the small of her back and escort her outside to your car. You kiss her before you open the door for her and revel in the fact that you are happy and she is the source of it.

"Why do we need a six room tent?" Brittany asks as you're standing in the isle of the sporting good store.

You look over your shoulder at her, "I need somewhere to put my shoes."

She rolls her eyes and grabs a small one room tent that sleeps six. You hop on the cart and push off with your foot, grabbing a lantern, some glow sticks, and a first aid kit as you sail by.

Brittany chuckles and walks after you. "Why do you need a first aid kit?"

"Well I'm helping to put up the tent," you say, stopping to look over the sleeping bags. "There's bound to be some bleeding in my future."

Brittany finally catches up to you as you select your sleeping bag. "It's barely autumn. Why do you need a sleeping bag rated for negative fifty?"

"If you keep asking my why I need stuff, we're going to be here all day," you kiss her cheek and throw the sleeping bag in the cart before hopping on and sailing away again. Truth be told, you're super excited for this camping 'trip'. You've never been before and you're seeing some very cool things that you've never even heard of before.

Brittany picks up some metal skewers for the s'mores and then she has to push you away from the machetes. You wanted to get two. You know strap them in an 'x' over your back. Look like a badass. "We're going camping in my backyard. There aren't going to be any zombies."

"You never know," you smile at her. It helps that you know she thinks you're cute.

You don't get your machetes, but you do a fire starting kit that has flint and steel in it. Brittany smiles at you as you put it in the cart. You know that in her head, she's trying to remember where she put her matches, but you love that she's going to let you have fun with it.

After a quick stop at the grocery store for some things that Brittany needs for dinner, you drop by Brittany's parents' house to pick up Summer.

When you get to your house, you and Summer grab as much camping gear as you can and run to the backyard. You and Summer have the tent already out of the bag by the time Brittany starts dinner to marinating. Brittany sits on the ground a few feet from where you and Summer are putting up the tent.

"Do you need the instructions?" Brittany asks you, waving the paper in the air.

You try to use your mom's argument. "I put six titanium pins in a man's leg. I can put up a tent."

Brittany just laughs and leans back on her elbows, "Fine."

Apparently you're not as handy outside of the operating room as you are inside of the operating room and after Summer asks you if you know what you're doing, you finally ask Brittany for the instructions. After that, it goes by quickly and soon you have a tent set up.

Summer jumps right in, giggling. "This is fun!"

You look back at Brittany who is smiling at Summer who has started running in circles inside of the tent. You start trying to get the sleeping bags into the tent, but Summer stops you. "We have to lay on those and look at the stars by the campfire tonight."

"Oh," you take her word for it because you're new to this camping thing. "All right, well what now?"

Summer looks around and rolls out her pink sleeping bag. She lies down on it and looks at the sky. "We can look at clouds now."

You roll out Brittany’s and your sleeping bags and look up at the sky. You're a little worried about some ominous looking grey clouds moving in from one side of the sky.

Summer lies still for all of five minutes before jumping up and walking around the yard. Brittany rolls onto her stomach and pushes up on her elbows. "What are you doing sweetheart?"

"I'm looking for rocks," she bent down in the far corner of the yard and picked what you really hope is a rock.

Brittany looks over at you and you share a smile. She scoots closer to you and dips her head down to give you a kiss.

"I got rocks," Summer says walking over to you. As she's walking, she trips over her sleeping bag and goes tumbling toward you. You reach up to stop her from falling, but the rocks fall out of her arms as she falls, one bouncing off of your forearm and into your eye.

A stream of barely edited bad words comes out of your mouth. You make sure Summer is standing before your hands shoot to your eye.

Through your non-injured eye you see Summer watching you with her hands over her mouth. Her eyes are watering and you know she feels terrible. You try to blink your hurt eye open and you find that you can. It's just difficult. "Hey, it's okay. I'm okay."

She slowly shuffles over to you and wraps her little arms around your neck. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," you cradle the back of her head. "It was an accident."

Summer takes a step back and places her hands carefully on your cheeks then kisses what you're sure is a red mark under your eye. It hurts when she kisses it, but it's so sweet that you can't help, but smile. "I love you Santana."

"I love you too Summer," you smile even though that hurts your eye too. "Why don't you show me what the rocks are for?"

As soon as Summer starts picking up the rocks, Brittany hands you a blue ice pack. She gently takes your chin between her thumb and forefinger and turning your head so that she can see. "Are you sure you're okay babe?"

You nod, "It's not a big deal."

Brittany gently puts the ice pack on it. You reach up and take over holding it on your eye. Brittany moves to sit behind you so that you can lean back on her. You both watch Summer put the rocks in a circle on the patch of grass between the sleeping bags. She tells you it's for the fire.

You high five her and tell her that it's a great idea. Then she goes to the pile of twigs that you gathered that morning and drops some in the middle of them.

"Let me see," Brittany says a few minutes later, lifting the cold pack.

You move it off of your eye. "Oh babe, it looks like you're going to have a shiner."

"That's okay," you give her a kiss. "Everyone will think I'm a badass."

"You're such a badass, baby," she wraps her arms around your middle. Something about the way she says that makes you feel as if she doesn't think you're a badass.

When the sun starts setting, Brittany goes inside to get dinner, and you, with the help of Summer, try to get a fire started with the flint. Right as Brittany comes outside, you catch a spark and the kindling starts smoking. You high five Summer and you see Brittany discreetly slip a matchbook into her pocket.

Brittany makes fajitas over the fire and they're delicious. You drink water from bottles that Brittany has put in a cooler and placed next to the tent.

Summer is curled up next to you as the evening turns to night and becomes chilly. You help her put the marshmallows on the end of her skewer and blow it out when it catches on fire and Summer freaks out. You help her make the s'more and then make one of your own.

You look across the fire at Brittany who is smiling at you and Summer. You love it so much when she looks at you like that. You feel like you're doing something really right when you see that sparkle in her eyes.

Then you turn to the grinning face of Summer. She has a little melted marshmallow on her face and you gently wipe it off.

Brittany runs inside to get jackets for everyone and put up the food. You help Summer get hers on and pull the jacket on that Brittany gave you. You put your hair up and put your arm around Summer who is leaning on you.

When you look across the fire again you see Brittany smiling. She mouths 'I love you'.

It's creeping past nine o'clock when you look down and see that Summer's asleep. Brittany sees it as well and moves Summer's sleeping bag into the tent. You scoop Summer up and shuffle into the tent on your knees. You gently set her down and watch Brittany zip her up.

Brittany turns the lantern inside the tent on, leaves the flap on the tent open, and crawls back out. She sits next to you and cuddles into you much like Summer did. You put your arm around her and kiss her forehead. "You doing okay?"

She smiles up at you. "Yeah. How's your eye?"

"It's fine. I'm a badass," you smile at her.

She chuckles. "My badass," she leans over and kisses you. She then examines your eye. "There's definitely going to be a bruise."

"That's what concealer is for," you lean over and kiss her again. "It's really not a big deal. There's not actual eye damage and no lacerations. Those are the two major concerns with an black eye."

She brushes some hair out of your face that's fallen from your ponytail, "You are amazing and I'm so glad you're here."

"I'm glad I'm here too," you kiss her again and then move your head out of the way so that she can put her head down on your shoulder.

The night sky is broken up by a strike of lightning. You look up at the sky and realize that you can't see the moon.

"Is that-" Brittany asks, sitting up and putting her hands out.

A few seconds later, an onslaught of sudden rain forces you both to jump into the tent, barely remembering to grab your sleeping bags and quickly zip it up. But it seems to a raining in the back left corner of the tent. You strip off your jacket and hold it up to the hole.

Brittany asks, "Did you put the rain fly on that window?"

You raise your eyebrows and look over your shoulder at her in the lantern light, "What's a rain fly?"

Brittany laughs at you and peeks outside. Then she pulls her hood over her head and jumps out of a small hole in the tent. Summer is up by now and looking at you like you're crazy.

"I forgot to put the rain fly on," you explain to her.

"What's that?" she rubs her eyes and lays back down.

"I don't know," you smile at her. Just as you say that you feel the rain stop dripping into the tent. You remove your soaked jacket and see that the tent is no longer leaking.

A few seconds later, a completely drenched Brittany hops back into the tent. She quickly closes the tent and then rips off her soaking jacket. You take it from her and place it on a hook that's built into the top of the tent, away from the sleeping bags. You hang yours next to it then move to Brittany's sleeping bag. You open it for her so that she can get in and get warm.

She smiles at you and slips into her sleeping bag next to Summer. Summer gives her mom a sleepy smile. Brittany kisses her daughter on her forehead and then lays down. "Goodnight Summer."

"Goodnight mommy," Summer's eyes slip closed. "Goodnight Santana."

"Goodnight Sum," you call softly to the other side of the tent. When you get into your sleeping bag and zip it up you hum a little. Brittany scoots closer to you inside of her sleeping bag. You kiss her forehead. "This sleeping bag is great. And you said I didn't need a subzero sleeping bag."

Brittany giggles and kisses you softly on your lips. "You were right. I was so wrong getting the one that was rated for fall weather in the Midwest."

You chuckle and look over Brittany. "I don't know. That unicorn sleeping bag that Summer has is pretty legit."

Brittany laughs with you and after one last kiss, she turns off the lantern. Then you scoot as close as you can to Brittany and find that you can't actually hold Brittany in anyway. You smile at yourself and just sort of lean against Brittany. She leans back against you and you both drift of to sleep with the rain gently tapping on the plastic of the tent.

You don't sleep very long though because you get really hot. You wake up with sweat coating your neck. You sigh and unzip your overly insulated sleeping back and realize that it is freezing outside of your sleeping bag. You try to leave it unzipped a little, but it still makes you hot and then when you unzip too much you get cold.

"Problem?" you hear Brittany asks sleepily.

"Sorry," you whisper. "I'm just.... my sleeping bag is too warm."

She chuckles and rolls over. "Unzip it all the way and we'll lay on it and use my as a blanket."

"Thank you," you do what she tells you to and when you lay down, she lays down next to you and covers you with her open sleeping bag. Her arm that was holding the part of the sleeping bag over you, falls with it and rests around your waist.

"Goodnight," she kisses and snuggles into you.

When you wake up, you are the last person still in the tent. You can hear Brittany and Summer though. They're talking about some kind of food. You sit up and rub your eyes, which is a bad idea because you forgot about the bruise you have under your eye.

You finally make your way out of the tent. Brittany got the fire going again and is now cooking breakfast tacos over it. She's pretty much done and is putting some eggs and bacon in Summer's tortilla as she spots you.

"Do you want some?" Brittany asks, resting her pan on a top of another one that's on the ground. She digs a tortilla out of the bag and makes you one even though you didn't answer.

"Thank you," you smile at her and accept it.

After breakfast, you all start packing up. You have to go see your mom after the backyard is clean. It doesn't take long because Brittany ties the tent up to a tree so it will dry. Everything else gets taken inside and put into the linen closet.

Brittany walks you to your car. You toss your sleeping bag into the backseat and thank her for letting you camp out with her.

She kisses you and tells you to call her later if you're not sick of her. You kiss her back and say that you'll never be sick of her.

When you get home, you have your sleeping bag in your hand. Your mom looks up from the TV and smiles. "Did you have fun at your sleepover dear?"

You chuckle and toss your sleeping bag onto the couch, "I got overzealous in buying a sleeping bag and I had to sweat out half the night."

"Oh mija, you've always been overzealous with everything," she teases you. Then she catches sight of your face, “Santana, what happened to your eye?” She stands up and gently holds your face in her hands, examining it.

You smile at her concern, “I was laying on the ground, looking at clouds, and Summer dropped some rock and one ended up in my eye. I’m fine. I put ice on it.”

She looks it over and then hugs you. “I’m sorry you got hurt.”

“It’s fine,” you gently squeeze her in your arms before letting go and leading her back to the couch. “Summer felt really bad though.”

“She’s a sweet girl,” your mom agrees.

You put your arm around her. "I love you mom."

"What is wrong with you?" your mom smiles playfully.

"Nothing," you rest your head on her shoulder. "But sometimes seeing Summer with Brittany makes me realize that you were pretty awesome when I was little."

She kisses the top of your head, "I wish I would have kept being awesome for you."

"You were great," you shake your head, "I think I turned out okay."

"You turned out better than okay," she smiles at you.

You watch TV for a little while until your phone rings. You pull it out of your pocket and almost as soon as you read who it is you ignore the call.

"Who was it?" your mom asks.

You shake your head and lean back on the couch. "Telemarketer." You feel bad lying to her, but there's no way that you're going to tell her that your dad just called.