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A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)

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Tonight I'm finding a way
To make the things that you say
Just a little less obvious

Tsukishima leaned back against the wall, wishing he was anywhere but here. He reached for the headphones hanging from his neck and put them on, if only to drown out all the noise. Why was he even at this party? Oh yeah, it’s because of that asshole over there. Yamaguchi was always dragging him along to parties and other places around people, even though he’d much rather be home, alone. But, he supposed, if best friends were people that forced you out of your comfort zone only to leave you stranded by yourself, then Yamaguchi was his best (only) friend.

And he was definitely stranded currently, because Yamaguchi had left him in a corner about 30 minutes ago to be loud and obnoxious with the orange-headed shrimp across the room. His eyes glanced around the crowd, inwardly questioning why there were so many people here. He didn’t even think Noya-san knew this many people. Hell, he probably didn’t know half of them but that wasn’t surprising; Noya-san is probably excited about having strangers grinding together at his place (he’s real weird).

Speaking of Noya-san being weird, right now he’s dashing and jumping around the room at people yelling “rolling thunder” and there is absolutely no way he’s sober. But then again, Tsukishima was fairly certain no one here was. He could see Azumane-san in another corner frantically waving his arms and talking about conspiracy theories with a reluctant Sawamura-san. He shifted his gaze to the empty space next to his ex captain, usually occupied by Sugawara-san. Strange, those two never really strayed that far apart from each other… But oh wait, there was Sugawara-san coming out of the kitchen, two drinks in hand, talking to a very wobbly Kageyama. The King looked much less dignified than usual - flushed face, relaxed shoulders, an easy, almost-there smile, and if Tsukishima were any more intoxicated he might have even found him attractive.

Almost as if the King could feel Tsukishima’s gaze on him, he looked up and made eye contact. Had his eyes always been this blue, or was the half empty drink in his hand finally getting to him? Tsukishima honestly wasn’t even sure what he’d been sipping at for the last half hour, but sure enough he then noticed it was a very, very strong screwdriver and his head was really starting to feel fuzzy. It was uncomfortably hot in here, and Tsukishima decided he needed fresh air - and a cigarette (he almost laughed at the irony).

He finally left his lonely corner and started heading towards the kitchen and the back sliding door that leads to the deck, “accidentally” bumping shoulders with Kageyama on the way. He ignored Kageyama’s indignant yelp in favor of digging out his pack of cigarettes from his pocket and placing one in the corner of his mouth. He smirked at the red-faced King and continued his journey to the back deck. Tsukishima pushed open the sliding glass door and was instantly hit with a rush of brisk, fresh air and - w-wait holy shit is that Oikawa-san and Iwaizumi-san from Aoba Johsai, making out?? While he had not seen them since that volleyball game when Karasuno lost to Aoba Johsai his first year, he could see that yes, it definitely was the aforementioned two and that Oikawa-san was sitting on the railing of the deck, his legs wrapped around Iwaizumi-san’s waist.

“Ahem.” Tsukishima cleared his throat loudly, smirking as Iwaizumi-san jumped, turning red almost instantaneously.

“Ts-Tsukishima-san!” The usually grumpy brunet tried to turn away, but was restricted by the lanky setter trailing his tongue over his pulse point, “S-stop that Asskawa!”

Oikawa-san pulled away pouting, “Mean Iwa-chan, mean!” He went to move back in but Iwaizumi-san pushed him away, a little too hard.

Tsukishima had no chance to warn them (even if he had wanted to) before Oikawa-san yelped and lost his balance, falling backwards off the railing and dragging a surprised Iwaizumi-san down with him. Tsukishima heard them hit the ground, but they never reappeared. He grimaced, twisting his lips around his cigarette in a disgusted manner as he dug his lighter. At least the music from inside was loud enough to cover any… noises that may be coming from down below. Tsukishima almost felt relaxed out here and away from all the sweaty, drunk bodies inside. He was really enjoying being alone and breathing in the menthol fumes from the lit cigarette hanging from his lips when the glass door leading inside slid open. He didn’t turn to see who it was, as he had a sneaking suspicion. Maybe if he ignored them, they would get uncomfortable and leave.

“Tsukishima” God dammit.

“Ah yes, why if it isn’t the King of the Court.” Tsukishima turned around to face the drunk King standing by the door, looking uncomfortable. His dark hair was sticking to his face with sweat, and he didn’t seem to entirely have his wits about him if the way he shouldered up against the wall for balance was any indication of his current state. However, he was apparently coherent enough to shoot Tsukishima a glare.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that.”

“Hmm? Oh sorry, I forgot that me calling you King upsets you. I must be too much of a peasant to speak to the King, anyway.” Tsukishima wasn’t even sure why he loved to taunt Kageyama so much. No one else even called him the King of the Court anymore, not since their first year. Maybe he just loved the way his face gets all red and how flustered he gets every time he calls him by his old nickname.

“I…. don’t think you’re a peasant.”

Well, that certainly wasn’t what Tsukishima had expected. He took a long drag of his cigarette to cover up his lack of response.

Kageyama was looking increasingly nervous and uneasy the longer Tsukishima stayed silent. Finally, Tsukishima took pity on the drunk King and flicked a fresh cigarette out of his pack in Kageyama’s direction.

“Want one? You look nervous.”

Kageyama fumbled the thin stick in his fingers, not looking at Tsukishima as he said, “I’ve never smoked before.”

Tsukishima snickered softly and moved to stand in front of Kageyama. He plucked the cigarette from the King’s fumbling grasp and placed it in his own mouth. He took out his lighter once more and lit the end, sucking in the sweet menthol fumes. He handed the lit cigarette back to the extremely red-faced King.

“Just suck in, hold the smoke in for as long as you can, then breathe it out.”

Kageyama paused for a moment before hesitantly lifting the cigarette to his lips. Tsukishima watched, almost fixated on the way Kageyama’s throat flexed as he inhaled and the way it went lax as he released the smoke all too quickly. He snatched the cigarette from the setter’s hand, taking a few steps closer as he did so.

“You’re going too fast. Try to enjoy it.” Tsukishima leaned closer, took a slow pull of the cigarette and watched Kageyama’s blue eyes transfix onto his lips. He slowly let the smoke curl from his mouth in a steady breath, “Like that.”

Kageyama nodded his head and brought the cigarette up to his mouth once more. He sucked in a long breath, slowly as he felt his lungs fill with minty smoke. He held in the fumes for a few moments, all the while holding eye contact with the taller blond. He slowly started letting the smoke out from his mouth, instantly becoming even more light headed from the rush of nicotine.

With the nicotine came a rush of drunken confidence, so Kageyama quirked up an eyebrow and, trying not to cough, said, “Like that?”

Tsukishima couldn’t make himself look away from Kageyama’s eyes. They were wide and blue and just so goddamn innocent it made Tsukishima’s heart thrum in his ears and before he had time to figure out exactly what he was doing, he had plucked the cigarette from Kageyama’s mouth, leaning in far too close.

“Yeah,” He breathed out, “like that.”

Time seemed to stop completely and Tsukishima could feel tension settle around them like a thick fog. Kageyama’s mouth parted and Tsukishima could see his adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed hard. The cigarette was still burning between his fingers and he could see the smoke floating in the air between them. Kageyama’s head tilted just slightly and Tsukishima watched, as if in slow motion, as Kageyama raised a hand to Tsukishima’s forearm and leaned in. He brushed his lips ever so carefully against Tsukishima’s.

Huh. Tsukishima never would have thought that another man’s lips would be this soft. Kageyama took the fact that Tsukishima didn’t immediately push him away as encouragement and deepened the kiss, moving his hand that’d been resting on the taller boy’s forearm to the back of the blond’s head and nestled in his hair. Instinctively, Tsukishima dropped his cigarette, wrapping his now free hand around the small of Kageyama’s back. The King’s lips were hot and slick against his own and Tsukishima pushed himself forward two steps, pinning Kageyama against the wall of the house. The dark haired boy let out a high pitched noise that had Tsukishima pulling at his lower lip.

Kageyama got the hint and opened his mouth, letting Tsukishima’s tongue slide in and explore the wet cavity. He pushed his tongue back against Tsukishima’s, licking into his mouth until his mind began to dull from lack of oxygen. They pulled away from each other, panting lightly. Kageyama’s blue eyes were blown wide, and Tsukishima’s breath caught in his throat. Had Kageyama always been this attractive? The hand in Tsukishima’s hair slipped down to his cheek.

“Tsukishima,” Kageyama’s voice sounded raw, like he’d been screaming, “do that again.”

Tsukishima growled, his alcohol infused brain letting his inhibitions fly to the wind. He crashed his lips back to Kageyama’s with rough passion, prying his mouth open once more with his tongue and licking earnestly into the King’s mouth. Kageyama moaned deeply and wound his arms around Tsukishima’s neck as the taller blond shoved his thigh between the King’s legs. Kageyama pushed his groin into Tsukishima’s upper thigh, making it all too clear to Tsukishima what was going on under those dark wash jeans. The realization made Tsukishima smirk and withdraw from Kageyama’s lips. He dropped a hand to thumb along the button of Kageyama’s pants.

“Is this making you hard, King?” Tsukishima asked mockingly. Kageyama’s nails scratched at the back of his neck and goddamn that felt good.

“Shut up.”

Tsukishima laughed at the half aroused, half irritated look Kageyama was giving him. He pulled the dark haired boy closer by his belt loops and, feeling reckless, whispered in his ear, “Let’s take this somewhere more private, shall we?”

Kageyama took a sharp inhale of breath and said nothing as he grabbed Tsukishima’s hand and all but dragged him back into the kitchen. Once inside he headed for the first door he saw, a bathroom right off the kitchen. Kageyama pulled Tsukishima in after him and pushed him to the opposite wall, closing and locking the door behind him. Tsukishima pulled Kageyama to him by the hips, using his slight height advantage to hitch one of Kageyama’s legs around his waist. He moved Kageyama against him, the shuddering whimpers from the shorter male making his head spin. Tsukishima dropped his hands from Kageyama’s thighs in favor of slipping his fingers down the back of his jeans. He mouthed at Kageyama’s jaw, dragging his teeth over his throat.

Tsukishima could feel Kageyama’s hot whimpering gasps against his ear as the dark haired boy raked his fingers through Tsukishima’s hair, pushing his face harder into his neck. Tsukishima lightly bit Kageyama at the juncture where shoulder meets neck. Kageyama let out a yelp that seemed to vibrate the entire tiny bathroom.

Shakily, Kageyama pushed at Tsukishima’s shoulders, looking into lust darkened brown eyes before sinking quietly to his knees. Tsukishima just watched wordlessly as Kageyama fumbled at the zipper of his pants. He bit back a gasp when Kageyama tugged the zipper down and pulled the rough fabric away from his hips. Tsukishima’s erection strained in the tight cotton of his red boxers. Kageyama leaned in, mouthing over the fabric, leaving obscene trails of wetness. Tsukishima’s hands buried into Kageyama’s dark hair, pulling slightly when a tongue dragged hotly at the hem of his underwear. The King peered up at him from under black fringe and Tsukishima couldn’t stop the thought that Kageyama looked absolutely perfect on his knees. Kageyama pulled his lips away just enough to ask,

“Is this okay?”

Tsukishima nearly lost it at how Kageyama looked right then. Cheeks flushed, blue eyes completely blown with lust and alcohol, lips plumped and red.

“Fuck yes it’s okay. God King, you look so fucking perfect on your knees like that. Gonna suck my cock good aren’t you, with that hot mouth of yours.”

Oh. That wasn’t supposed to come out. But Tsukishima didn’t have time to regret his words because Kageyama was pulling down his boxers and stroking his length with slow, firm strokes. He bit at the back of one hand to keep his voice in, the other hand still tugging at Kageyama’s hair. Kageyama lapped at the head of his cock, suckeled at it almost innocently. It was debauched and Tsukishima absolutely loved it.

“Mmm you like dirty talk King? Does it turn you on? Does it make you hot when I call you a dirty slut? Dirty, filthy slut who loves my cock so much.”

Kageyama let out a loud, broken moan at the words Tsukishima directed down at him. He enveloped Tsukishima’s hard length with his wet mouth, pushing down as far as he could without choking himself.

“Ah fuck yes King, just like that. Sucking my dick so good, so eager. I always knew you’d be a cockslut King, so hot.”

Kageyama whined around Tsukishima, pressing a palm against his own groin, desperate for any kind of pressure. He let his tongue go flat under the sensitive top of Tsukishima’s cock, opening his throat to take him to the base. Tsukishima hissed above him, hips twitching in an effort to feel more of the hot, wet pressure.

Tsukishima pushed Kageyama’s bangs away from his forehead, using them to tilt his head down more. Kageyama hollowed out his cheeks, pulling a long groan from Tsukishima’s chest.

“You’re so fucking good at this. Like you’ve done this before almost.” Kageyama froze for a split second. Tsukishima felt a spike of satisfaction roll down his spine. “Ah, that’s it, isn’t it? You have done this before. Fucking whore.” Tsukishima rolled his hips into Kageyama’s lax throat, feeling the other’s moans vibrate around him.

Kageyama began to pick up his pace, bobbing his head up and down the full length of Tsukishima’s cock. Tsukishima let his head fall back against the wall, his breathing picking up as Kageyama hollowed his cheeks and ran his tongue along the thick vein underneath Tsukishima’s dick, never letting up his brutal pace.

Tsukishima could feel a warm pressure building up in his groin and knew he wasn’t going to last much longer at his rate.

“Ahh, I’m close King, your slutty mouth milking me so good. Fuck, I’m going to…”

Tsukishima held on tight to Kageyama’s hair as he thrust one last time into the dark haired boy’s mouth as he came. He could feel Kageyama nearly convulsing under him, but still he managed to swallow all of Tsukishima’s cum without letting a single drop spill.

Tsukishima tried to catch his breath as he came down from his high. He ran his hand through Kageyama’s hair, letting black strands slide through his fingers. Kageyama pulled back and lapped up the trail of semen that was running down Tsukishima’s softening cock.

“You did so well, Highness. So well.” Tsukishima let Kageyama tuck him back into his boxers and zip up his pants. He pulled him up by his shoulders, nudging his face into the crook of Kageyama’s neck, nipping sharply at it. “I think you deserve a reward.” He dropped a hand to cup Kageyama through his jeans and… oh. Well, that certainly was interesting. Kageyama’s face burned with post-arousal and shame. Tsukishima felt another rush of heat to his gut.

“King, did you already…?” Kageyama hid his face in Tsukishima’s chest and Tsukishima smirked. “Did you cum in your pants just from sucking me off?”

Kageyama mumbled something under his breath, face still hidden in Tsukishima’s chest.

“I’m sorry King, what was that? Couldn’t quite hear you.”

Kageyama lifted his head, his face burning red. “Yes, I came just from sucking you off. There, are you satisfied?”

Tsukishima let out a sharp laugh as he brought his hands up to rub Kageyama’s hips.

“Yes, I am definitely satisfied.”

Kageyama gave an embarrassed grunt and rested his forehead back on Tsukishima’s chest. Tsukishima looked down at the setter in his arms and was struck sober with the realization that this was Kageyama Tobio, the King of the Court, the teammate he had been teasing, mocking, and arguing with almost daily for three years. And this very same teammate had just given Tsukishima what was arguably the best orgasm of his life. He lifted his hands to awkwardly push Kageyama away.

“Er. We should probably get back to the party. Get you a drink or something.” Kageyama gave him a look he couldn’t quite decipher before nodding, his usual scowl back in place.

“Yeah.” He took a step backwards to allow Tsukishima to unlock the door and twist the knob. He pushed the door open and they walked out of the small bathroom back into the kitchen, only to be met by nearly all their friends and teammates, looks of shock and then knowing smiles upon their faces.

“Oh my god Suga you owe me 2,000 yen!”