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Kyungsoo likes to watch a camboy called Chanyeol.


He was going through a phase of watching a lot of solo masturbation videos on porn sites when he stumbled across someone linking to Chanyeol's live stream channel in the comment section, saying he 'found a boy who looks a lot like the guy in this video, but waaaaaay hotter'.


Kyungsoo thought it was a bit mean to link to someone else's channel under a person's solo vid, but he clicked the link anyway because why wouldn't he. And the guy wasn't lying. Kyungsoo watched the teaser video on Chanyeol's channel and he's instantly sucked in, just like that. Other than being 'waaaaaay hotter', Chanyeol also likes to play up the aura of innocence, sometimes pretending to not know what he's doing to fuel some viewers' fantasy of an inexperienced boyfriend, who's eager to please, eager to try if 'oppa' wants him to.


He has a cute face, has long pretty legs that he spreads wide open for the camera, slender fingers he likes to suck on, coating them with saliva before using them to circle his hole, tips dipping in and out of his tight entrance as he teases the viewers. He has an unexpectedly low voice, given his young appearance and the 'shy and inexperienced but eager' selling point, but his fans seem to dig it, like that he moans and whines like a slut with it, dirty talks his way into almost a thousand viewers shelling out four thousand won per minute to watch him come with a vibrator pumping in and out of his ass, eyes squeezed shut, whimpering, begging.


Kyungsoo never thought he'd be the type of guy to actually spend money on porn, but he's dead set on watching Chanyeol and there doesn't seem to be a better alternative on the internet. Chanyeol only has a one minute teaser video on his profile, it ends with him fucking himself with a dildo while having a love egg shoved deep inside his hole, his breath short and stuttered, voice wobbly like he's about to cry as he says, 'I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, please.'


And that's just not okay.


So Kyungsoo is a regular. Chanyeol's camshows happen three times a week, starting from 9.30pm and Kyungsoo logs in as often as he can make it. It usually starts slow, when Chanyeol just opens up the stream and is waiting for everyone to get online. About half the time, Kyungsoo is early enough to see the screen come to life with Chanyeol's head tilted to the side as he fixes the angle of the camera, face hovering much closer than it normally does when things start to heat up. He squints his eyes and bites his lower lip in concentration before giving them an enthusiastic nod, asking them, 'Can you guys see me alright?' with that cute smile.


Kyungsoo doesn't know if that's supposed to be part of the act or if that's a glimpse of the real Chanyeol that he forgets to hide, that he really is that shy and eager to please in real life. A lot of the viewers lap it up either way; the chat is regularly filled with comments such as 'i want to see that cute face choke on my dick', or 'let daddy fuck that adorable smile off your face', or 'how about i fuck you until you cry for a change', or 'that cute smile is begging to have my come spread all over it'.


He rarely ever joins the chat. Something about requesting things from Chanyeol while hundreds of other people, mostly men, also getting to see the result of it puts Kyungsoo off. Not that he objects to being one of the few hundred men who watches Chanyeol follow other people's requests. Like that time when someone requested Chanyeol put one of those dildos with a suction cup at the end on the floor and fuck himself on it close to the camera, so it would look like POV porn with Chanyeol riding the viewer's dick. That was nice.


When he does join the chat, it's when the stream has just started, there are only a few people in the chat and Chanyeol asks how everyone's day is going or starts the conversation with some current events to avoid it being just him looking at the screen in awkward silence. Some other people usually answer, but sometimes when Kyungsoo is in a really good mood, when he's feeling bold, he types in the chat and hits enter too.


Chanyeol never ceases to look devastatingly cute in those moments when he inclines his head as he reads through the chat box and laughs or smiles when someone says something funny, or tells him about something nice that had happened to them that day. In those moments, from time to time, Kyungsoo entertains the idea of making up something nice to type in there just to make Chanyeol smile. But then he stops himself because that's fucking creepy.


Speaking of fucking creepy, Kyungsoo also reads Chanyeol's personal blog. He stumbled upon it one day by accident, if stumbled upon it one day by accident means he googled Chanyeol trying to look for more of his stuff on the internet and ended up with his personal blog instead.


He doesn't know if creepers like him are supposed to find Chanyeol's blog. He doesn't think so, and he also hopes other creepers don't find it because it's really just Chanyeol's personal blog. There's nothing sexual about the things he posts, in fact they are so far away from anything sexual that Kyungsoo feels simultaneously disgusted and angry at the thought of anyone beating off to it.


Chanyeol's blog makes Kyungsoo wonder if his cam personality isn't completely made up, if he really is that cute in real life. He posts about how much he loves the two new Rilakkuma plushies he got for his birthday, there are posts with pictures of him pointing at cats in the streets and saying how he's too allergic to pet them, as well as pictures of him actually petting them because it was worth it. There are also recipes for meals he cooked for his friends that day and black and white still-frame videos of songs he likes to compose in his free time.


Kyungsoo is slowly building Chanyeol into a real person in his head and that's not the most sensible thing Kyungsoo has ever done in his life. Because Chanyeol is just a camboy he pays to watch masturbate, who's obviously really attractive, who has a lot of pervs lusting after him, who's really, really fucking cute, those people who don't read his blog but still comment saying his cuteness makes them want to fuck their cute little princess with their big cocks don't even know. His slowly budding possessive tendencies towards Chanyeol are not something he wants to talk about.


But then one day, some pervert does go on Chanyeol's personal blog and does post something incredibly sexual, degrading and offensive in the comments and Kyungsoo is typing out a scathing reply and hitting post before he even registers what he's doing. When he does realize he's engaging in a flame war with some random troll in the comment section of a camboy's personal blog, he's already in too deep to pull out.


Eventually, the original comment gets deleted from the post a day later, and so the whole thread disappears from the face of the internet, which is for the best really. Kyungsoo doesn't want such filth to exist on Chanyeol's blog, nor does he want any physical or virtual reminder that he ever engaged in an internet argument with anyone, ever.


What he doesn't expect however, is to see an email sitting in his inbox the next day from Chanyeol.


His heart is in his throat as he opens the email, somehow half expecting to be banned from Chanyeol's personal blog AND his streaming channel for engaging in a flame war, or maybe it's an automatic email that's generated when your comments have been deleted off the system.


But what he gets instead, is this:


Hello! I just wanted to thank you personally for standing up for me when most people wouldn't have done so because they don't think a camboy like me is worth their time. Tbh I never expected people who watch my camshows would do anything on my blog because it's...well, less interesting to them. So I was really shocked and embarrassed when I saw those comments bc my friends read my blog too! Anyway, I was really upset, so your comments made me really happy. I was never going to reply to those comments bc that would be 'feeding the trolls', but I'm still glad you did! Anyway, I'm rambling now. Thank you and I hope you have a nice day! ( ◕) ノ*: ・゚


Once Kyungsoo's heart has stopped hammering in his chest and he can put two words together to make a sentence again, he rereads the email five times before typing out a reply.


It's something anyone should have done, but I'm glad it made you feel better. And being a camboy doesn't make you worth any less than anyone else. People have their reasons to do things and shouldn't be judged on them if they're not hurting anyone. Thank you and I hope you have a nice day too.


Kyungsoo hits send and spends the next half an hour thinking if his tone was too patronizing. Chanyeol knows why he chose to do what he does, he doesn't need Kyungsoo telling him that it's okay. Who is Kyungsoo to suddenly barge in with preachy comments about self-love? He's googling ways to delete a sent email when his phone chimes and his inbox goes from (93) to (94).


Thank you so much for your kind words! No one has ever said sth so nice to me ;_; You're always the nice one in my streams. You come early and talk to me sometimes in the beginning but never request anything. I don't know if this is weird or sth, but if you like I can do a private stream for you? You don't have to agree, I just thought it'd be a nice way to thank you. I mean I don't really have much else to offer you ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄  


Kyungsoo's eyes grow wide and he realises that in his rush to put the troll in his place, he just typed in his usual handle on the streaming channel into the username field on Chanyeol's blog. So Chanyeol actually recognises him beyond his rare show of internet rage. That's...unexpected. But then, what's really unexpected, is private stream.


What is Chanyeol thinking? Of course Kyungsoo is going to say yes. He can offer this to any one of his fans and they'd trip over their instantly erect dicks to say yes.


They discuss the logistics of it after Kyungsoo agrees. He edited his reply about three times to try to not sound over enthusiastic about the idea of being the only one who gets to watch Chanyeol masturbate, instead of sharing him with hundreds of others. Plus, Chanyeol would be touching himself, knowing Kyungsoo is the only person watching. He gets hard just thinking about it.


Chanyeol suggests they do it through Skype because 'If we do it through my normal channel, you can only type. But I would like to take requests from you in real time, otherwise what's the point of a private stream? And having to come up and read what you type would break the mood. You don't have to turn on your camera but I'll be able to hear your requests'.


Kyungsoo agrees, because he's most concerned about showing his face on the internet. If he doesn't have to do that, he's 100% game.






Chanyeol checks himself in the small screen in the bottom right corner of his Skype window as he waits for Kyungsoo to pick up. His image looks pretty HD and his connection is excellent. He's never done a private stream before but he wants this to be good. This is a thank-you gift after all.


When the dial tone stops, his eyes immediately goes to the black screen before he remembers they agreed that the guy doesn't have to show his face.


"Hello?" He moves his head around and checks the small screen again. "Can you see me alright?" He smiles and waves. It feels so different when he knows there's only one person watching.


"Yeah, you look very clear," comes the disembodied voice.


Wow, that's a deep voice. Maybe he's in his late twenties? Early thirties? Chanyeol doesn't know what the point of him trying to guess a random stranger's age is. But anyway, verbally conversing with someone before he's about to start a camshow is weird.


"I hope you don't mind that I'm in my pajamas tonight." He pulls at the soft and well-worn fabric of his pajama bottoms. "I just showered and I wanted to be comfortable. And I mean, I'll be getting out of them soon anyway."


"It's fine. You look cute." Chanyeol can hear the gentle smile in the guy's voice, and the way he says 'cute' seems to really mean just that, that Chanyeol is cute. Not in the 'you look so cute come over and let daddy fuck your tight little cunt' kind of way. Inexplicably, that makes Chanyeol blush more than any salacious comments would.


"Your voice is pretty deep," he points out with a soft laugh.


"Do you not like it?"


"No! No, I think it's kind of hot actually."


The other end is silent, but Chanyeol gets the feeling that the guy is smiling. He seems as nice as he thought he would be so far.


Chanyeol ducks his head and looks away. He guesses he should start now, that's probably as good a transition as he's going to get. He pulls his t-shirt off before looking back at the camera.


"Tell me what you like. I'll do my best." He smiles and goes to pulls his pajama bottom down. "Oh! And," he looks up as he slides his underwear down (he tends to wear dark coloured underwear for camshows so it would highlight his 'milky white thighs'),


"would you mind telling me your name? I, I can say your name when I' know." Chanyeol blushes even though he's already completely naked and is about to fuck himself in front of a camera for a man he doesn't know.


"Uh," the guy hesitates for a brief moment, "it's um, it's Kyungsoo."


That certainly sounds like a real name. It would probably make the experience more enjoyable for Kyungsoo if Chanyeol was moaning his real name anyway. But who knows; if there's one thing Chanyeol has learnt from doing camshows, is that there are a lot of weird people in the world, especially when there's the mask of internet anonymity standing solidly between them and everyone else.


"Ok, Kyungsoo," Chanyeol gives the camera his trademark shy smile, "what would you like me to do?" He rolls his tongue out, two fingers sliding against the wet surface as he tries to coat them with as much saliva as he can. He then leans back and starts rubbing the tip of his cock, working himself up.


"Um, I like watching you finger yourself, when you prepare your hole until it's loose and wet. You seem to like it too."


Damn. Kyungsoo starts off hesitant but he's graphic. Chanyeol can work with that.


"I do." Throwing a playful smile at the screen, he opens his legs so they bracket his laptop. He tucks it closer to him as he lies against the mountain of pillows he has stacked up against the head of the bed.


He grabs the bottle of lube beside him and squeezes some onto his other hand. He rubs them between his fingers a bit to warm it up before letting his hand drift lower to touch his hole, circling the rim of it, spreading his legs wider to make sure Kyungsoo can see everything.


He slides his body lower down onto the bed and bends his knees further up so the camera can have a better angle of his hole and his fingers around it. He slips a finger in, pushing it in and out a few times, enjoying the way his finger feels sliding again his rim and the walls inside. He moans as he bites his lower lip when he adds a second one.


"Are you touching yourself, Kyungsoo?"


"Yes," comes the quick but gruff reply. It seems like Kyungsoo is already quite worked up, despite Chanyeol having just started getting down and dirty a minute ago. Maybe he started touching himself as soon as Chanyeol starting taking off his clothes.


Chanyeol can see the camera clearly capturing the way his third finger slips in and he throws his head back as he starts pumping them in and out of his hole. "Do you want to finger me?" It comes out a bit breathless.


Kyungsoo doesn't answer him immediately, probably thrown off by his question. Chanyeol never asks something like this in his streams, he never directly asks if his viewers would like to do something to him. Because of course they do, they all want to finger him, fuck him, make him suck their cocks. Instead, he asks what they would like to see him do, what toys they want Chanyeol to use, what position they want him to be in. But this is a thank-you private stream, so Chanyeol thought he'd try something new. If he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to ever do it again.


He hears Kyungsoo clear his throat and then, "Yeah."


Chanyeol smiles. He thinks he's going to like this though.


"Tell me how you would do it." He has piled enough pillows behind his back that he can look straight at the camera even as he's slouched low enough to present his hole.


"I would scissor your hole nice and slow, so you would feel comfortable with it. Your rim would slowly get used to it, getting loose from how much I press against it."


"Uhuh." Chanyeol lays his head back and closes his eyes so he can relax against the pillows.


"And then I'll find your prostate and press against it hard and fast. I'll fingerfuck you till you're a bumbling mess, milk your prostate until tears fill your eyes and you come with your hole clenching around my fingers."


"Fuck, your voice," Chanyeol starts pumping his hole as fast as Kyungsoo said he would, "you sound so hot." Also the things he says. He's never masturbated while someone dirty talks about the things they'll do to him.


Chanyeol keeps pushing his fingers in and out but it's not enough, he can't reach deep enough to make himself come just like that, like Kyungsoo said he would make him. If Kyungsoo were to actually finger him, he might be able to.


"Kyung- Kyungsoo, can I use a dildo, please? I need to feel something bigger and I need to reach deeper," Chanyeol pleads because he won't do it if Kyungsoo doesn't allow him. But he really wants it. "Please."


"Yes of course, baby. Do what makes you feel good. I want to see you feel good."


Fuck, why is this guy like this? Chanyeol's hand immediately goes to grab the dildo lying on the bed beside him and carefully pushes the tip inside himself, before his hole slowly takes its full length. He angles his hand so that Kyungsoo can see him gradually being filled up.


Faintly in the background, he can hear Kyungsoo moaning. "You like watching me take a cock inside me, Kyungsoo?" Chanyeol can't help but smile as he asks, a little pleased with himself, but not really knowing why. He knows men like it, it's why his channel is so popular.


"Fuck yes," Kyungsoo breathes out lowly, "you take it so well."


"I have a lot of practice with dildos, but not much with real ones," Chanyeol overshares, says it before he even realises what he is saying, too focused on trying to find his prostate with his dildo and not touching his cock because Kyungsoo hasn't said anything about that yet. But it's not a disastrous thing to share, it fits in with his inexperienced persona, which he's sure Kyungsoo is familiar with. And Chanyeol kind of wants to see if Kyungsoo is the type to want him to have slept with less people rather than more.


"Really? Do you want more experience?"


Chanyeol knows what comes next, has seen unsolicited comments along those lines in his chat box a million times. 'Want me to come over and give you a taste of a real man's cock?', 'I can help you practice fucking yourself on a real dick', 'my dick is much digger than the dildos you use, you'd love it', 'let me show you what does getting fucked by a hard dick really means'.


But nothing comes next. That seems to be the end of Kyungsoo's response, which in retrospect, is the most logical thing to say in response to Chanyeol's admission. But the lack of follow up, when Kyungsoo seems so apt at dirty talking, makes it seems like Kyungsoo is just asking because he wants to keep the conversation going.


"Only if it's with someone I really like."


"That makes sense," is the reply. Even if it's accompanied by the slick sound of what must be Kyungsoo jerking off, it's still just...slightly bizarre.


The atmosphere is slowly drifting and Chanyeol is trying to get it back, it's been going well so far. He slowly picks up the speed of which he's fucking himself with, and asks, "How would you do it if you're here fucking me right now, pushing your cock into my tight hole?"


That seems to have worked, because Kyungsoo groans and lets out a faint curse. "I would fuck you whichever way you like. Do you like it rough or slow and gentle?"


"I can be into both," but if Kyungsoo is keen on giving Chanyeol a choice, which he seems to be, Chanyeol wants to come as soon as possible because he's still really horny at the thought of having his prostate milked. "But I'm feeling rough more tonight."


"Okay. Then I would probably fuck you like how you are right now, with your front facing me, push the full length my cock into you a few times, let you get used to it, but also because I want you to feel the slow drag of my cock inside you, making you want more, make you think how good it would feel if my cock was pounding into you."


Chanyeol slows down the movement of the dildo inside him and imagines what Kyungsoo describes in his head. Kyungsoo is really making him want a real cock inside him, a cock he doesn't have to move himself. He also wants someone leaning over him, their thighs rubbing against his, and he'll be able to see how they roll their hips slowly as they drag their cock in and out of his hole.


"Would you tell me to go faster, harder? Would you beg for it?"


"Oh god." Kyungsoo's voice is still so steady, so low. He can imagine Kyungsoo saying it right into his ears, as he pushes his cock into Chanyeol slowly, over and over. Each thrust pushing Chanyeol up against his pillows a little. "Yes. Yes, please. Please, Kyungsoo."


He thought he asked for rough, so what is this? But it feels so fucking good; Chanyeol's imagination is going wild with Kyungsoo's each word. He's rock hard and leaking so much, he's so wet, but Kyungsoo hasn't even started describing how he'd properly fuck him like he wanted yet.


"I want it harder, Kyungsoo. Please, please, please. I can't take it. Tell me more, give it to me." He's whining now. He does it a lot in his camshows, because it goes with his 'cute' image, but never with so much fucking need because no one has ever controlled what he does, not like this. He can start fucking himself hard and fast any time but it won't feel as good without Kyungsoo telling him to, without him telling him how he would do it, describing it in the most filthily detailed way possible. This real time interaction with Kyungsoo is driving him crazy, he can't believe he's never done it until now, when it feels so good.


"Yes, yes, I'll give it to you. Fuck, you're so desperate for it."


Chanyeol nods instinctively, wanting to obey whatever Kyungsoo tells him to do, his other hand curling around his sheets, knuckles turning white.


"I'll flip you over, pulling your ass in the air and slide balls deep into your hole in one go, because I can reach so much deeper inside you like this."


"Fuck," Chanyeol pulls the dildo out and slightly angles his screen higher, before settling on his elbows and knees, legs spread around his laptop again. He checks that the camera is capturing everything clearly before pushing the dildo back inside himself, the full length of it, just like Kyungsoo says.


"I'll fuck you as hard as I can, slam into your hole with each hard thrust. I'll push your neck down so you can't do anything but take my cock."


"Oh god," Chanyeol moans. The mental imagine of it is simply too much. Kyungsoo sounds so dominant. Chanyeol wonders if he's strong enough, heavy enough in real life to push him down until he can't move, and pound into his hole until it throbs. He always has to do all the work in his camshows, but Chanyeol would really love to be manhandled a bit, just be pushed around like a rag doll and be fucked into.


"My cock would hit your sweet spot every time I thrust into you and you would feel so good, baby. I know you like having your hole stimulated. If I were there I would make sure I fuck you so good you'd come from just getting fucked."


The way Kyungsoo calls him baby is doing weird things to his mind. He always imagined people who watch his camshows would call him slut or whore if they ever fucked him in real life. Not that Chanyeol wants that, maybe not until Kyungsoo.


Chanyeol moans at the thought of having actual sex with Kyungsoo. What is this guy doing to him? Working himself up for camshows and coming for an audience have sort of become a chore now, so he hasn't felt this horny in a long time. And it feels amazing.


"Fuck me, Kyungsoo. Please, you feel so good." Chanyeol hears a loud groan from his laptop speakers.


"Fuck, Chanyeol. I want to fuck you so bad. Ass up in the air, hole so wet and well-fucked by that dildo, I bet I can just push my cock in you, it'll go in easily, but it'll still be a squeeze because you're so tight, aren't you?"


Chanyeol nods into his sheets and then realises that Kyungsoo probably can't see it at this angle. "Y-yes," he chokes out, voice hoarse. He can barely put two words together right now, he doesn't know how Kyungsoo is still managing to dirty talk him into the cusp of orgasm.


"You look so beautiful, Chanyeol."


What is up with this guy? Chanyeol's heart squeezes when Kyungsoo calls him by his name and tells him he's beautiful. This is not how he imagined tonight to go. At all.


"Fuck yourself harder. I would never fuck you that slow if you wanted it rough."


"Yes, fuck, fuck." His dildo is pressing against his prostate at each fast pump. Chanyeol thinks about how Kyungsoo said he would fuck him till he comes without being touched, and his eyes briefly roll back.


"Are you close?"


Chanyeol squeezes his eyes shut and nods. If he touches himself right now he'll probably come within five strokes. Kyungsoo's deep voice and the things he says are doing things to Chanyeol that he's never felt with just his dildo and his toys. It's driving him absolutely nuts.


"Are you?" Chanyeol somehow manages to ask.


"Yeah. Come for me, baby. I wanna see you come."


Chanyeol nods and fucks himself as fast and hard as he can. He's so fucking close.


"I want to be there to fuck you until you come, to feel your hole spasm around my cock as you ejaculate."


Holy shit.


"Would you c-come inside me?"


"Do you want me to?"


"Yes," yes, yes, yes. "I want- I want your come inside me."


"Fuck, fuck. I'm going to come. I'll come inside you, Chanyeol. I'll spill it all inside you. I'll fill you up. Your hole would be dripping with my come when I'm done with you."


At this, Chanyeol comes with a scream. It comes out a bit muffled by the wet sheet in front of his mouth. Arms and legs shaking, he slumps forward but tries to keep his ass in the air for as long as he can, in case Kyungsoo still hasn't come. His hand is so tired but he continues to pump the dildo in and out, and slowly rubs his cock to milk out the last of his come until his orgasm is over.


"Have you come?"


"Yeah," Kyungsoo clears his throat, "pretty soon after you did."


Chanyeol finally lets his body collapse onto the bed with a groan at Kyungsoo's confirmation. He's exhausted, limbs still shaking slightly, but he's sated, like he hasn't been in a long time.


At the end of the bed, he can hear Kyungsoo's chuckles from his laptop speakers. "Was it that exhausting? I'm sorry."


Chanyeol jumps up from the bed when he hears Kyungsoo's apology, scrambling to turn his body so he's facing the laptop again, still lying on his stomach, avoiding the wet spot on his bed.


"No! Don't apologise! It was amazing!" He runs a hand through his hair, aware of how debauched he must look. The sweat on his skin is rapidly drying but he's going to need another shower.


"Really? Did you enjoy yourself at least a little?"


"Of course I did! I said it was amazing!" Chanyeol says as he realises Kyungsoo must have thought he said it the first time because it's usually his job to tell the viewers how good it feels. Chanyeol tilts his head to the side fondly. Kyungsoo is kind of sweet.


"You're really good at this, have you done this before? Got a long distance boyfriend or something?"


Kyungsoo laughs softly. "God, no. Nothing like that. This was my first time actually. I'm glad it wasn't awful for you."


"It was completely mind-blowing, really. Thank you for making my first Skype sex amazing as well." Chanyeol rests his head on his palm, eyes drifting towards the small window showing the feed from his own camera. Yep, he indeed looks debauched beyond belief. It's kind of hot actually. He wonders if he'll get more viewers if he starts his camshows looking like this.


"This was your first time?"




"Oh, I thought you do private streams if people request it."


"Nope. But I don't know why I've never done it till now, if it's this good." Chanyeol gives him a cheeky smile, showing his teeth.


He hears a faint rush of breath from the other side, figures Kyungsoo must have laughed again.


"Anyway, I hope you liked my thank-you gift, and that you'll continue to support me!"


"I did, and of course I will."


Chanyeol smiles at the camera sweetly for a moment before clicking the hang up button.





Because Chanyeol had the best orgasm he's had in a long while with Kyungsoo that night, he's constantly tempted to just call Kyungsoo up again when he's horny and can see that he's also online. And he kind of does after a couple of weeks, deciding that he's allowed to take pleasure from other people too if they're willing to give it to him. And Kyungsoo is willing, Chanyeol could hear the surprise and subtle excitement in his voice when Chanyeol tells him he was calling to see if Kyungsoo would like to try Skype sex with him again, with no monetary transaction involved, just purely for both of their pleasure.


So it becomes a thing. Kyungsoo never shows his face but Chanyeol really gets off on his voice, and he seems to have a never ending list of things to dirty talk Chanyeol into a horny mess, always leaving him breathless and satisfied after he orgasms in front of the camera.


Kyungsoo tells him not to bother putting on a show most of the times, asks him to just sit back instead and do whatever feels pleasurable to him. So Chanyeol sometimes gets to jerk off to the delightful filth that comes out in Kyungsoo deep voice, or put a vibrator inside him and slowly slide it in and out as Kyungsoo describes the most insanely erotic role playing scenarios to him. Sometimes he's a teacher, a boss, a bodyguard, a high school jock, a prince even, or he's Kyungsoo's pet, his maid, his slave. He makes Chanyeol call him master, sir, or calls him a slut, but Kyungsoo unfailingly always ends up calling him baby, at least once or twice each session, almost as if it just slips out naturally, unthinking. All of them make his blood rush in his ears and cock hard in his hand, hole aching to be filled, body yearning to be touched.


Kyungsoo is so commanding and dominant yet so caring, Chanyeol doesn't know why or what he did to deserve such affection, but he's getting more and more drawn to it. Kyungsoo is really good at this Skype sex thing and his dirty talking is so on point, but he also seems like a romantic. He always asks Chanyeol what he wants, asks him if he feels good. He even notices things that Chanyeol particularly enjoys in his streams and tries to make it happen in their sessions.


So his fingers would rest on the keyboard, mouse blinking in the Skype text box of his and Kyungsoo's conversation sometimes, even when he's not horny. When he just wants to talk to Kyungsoo, tell him about his day, or ask Kyungsoo about his day. He imagines Kyungsoo as someone who would happily listen to his ramblings and laugh at his lame jokes, because he almost does at the beginning and end of each of their Skype sessions, when they're just getting ready to get started, when things are about to heat up but not yet cause they're in no rush, or when they're both coming down from the high of yet another fantastic orgasm, they talk about how great it was, or laugh about some things that were quite surreal or funny retrospectively in their role playing fantasy. They'd always talk in that hushed voice, as if they're actually talking to each other lying close together in bed, tired but sated, eyes smiling.


Chanyeol knows it's stupid, but he's starting to fall for Kyungsoo.






Through whatever channel unbeknownst to Kyungsoo, someone gets wind of the news that Kyungsoo is getting private streams from Chanyeol, and Chanyeol's fan base explodes in the worse possible way.


People are, for some reason, outraged that Chanyeol is doing private streams for someone, while they were never informed that private streams were even an option. Kyungsoo doesn't know why anyone feels entitled to that information, but guesses that the hate is coming on so strong because Chanyeol recently cut down his livestreams from three times a week to just twice a week.


Kyungsoo doesn't think that has anything to do with him, and had just assumed that that was a choice Chanyeol made due to his personal schedule. But everyone in the livestream channel's comment section and chat box is demanding to know why Chanyeol is doing private stream for someone without advertising this service, as well as wanting to know how they can get a private stream for themselves.


Kyungsoo feels an insane amount of possessiveness towards Chanyeol, but he knows he doesn't have any right to stop Chanyeol if he chooses to start doing private streams with other people. It would make a lot of sense if Chanyeol does, because only doing two camshows a week means his income is cut by a third, he'd need to make his money back somehow. But Kyungsoo can't imagine Chanyeol doing a private stream with anyone else. Their private streams always feel so...intimate. Kyungsoo isn't so far gone that he's forgotten Chanyeol is in fact a camboy and he is but another one of his pervy fans. Their interaction has almost been strictly limited to mutual masturbation sessions over Skype, but what they have seems so much more special than that.


God damn it, maybe he is that far gone. He's stopped watching Chanyeol's camshows because he doesn't have a need to when Chanyeol himself reaches out to him twice a week. He's gone more than a month without logging onto his livestream channel or watching any camshows, so he's kind of lost touch with the camboy side of Chanyeol.


He should have known better. Feeling like you're special to someone who gets paid to make viewers feel special and wanted is like having the sales person at an Apple store tell you you're a power user and believing it.


His account on the livestream channel is also flooded with hate and people asking him how he managed to get private streams from Chanyeol. He deletes his account when his inbox is still exploding the next day, because realistically he doesn't need the account anymore when he has other ways of contacting Chanyeol, and he simply cannot be bothered with the haters. Replying to the questions or biting back at the haters is only going to get him into deeper shit. He did swear to himself to never get involved with a flame war ever again after last time.


Chanyeol stops contacting him right after people found out. Kyungsoo thought it made sense the first week because he's probably too busy kicking haters off his channel, deleting or replying to no doubt hundreds of private messages, he even comment-locked his private blog. But then when by the second week, things have died down a bit and Kyungsoo still doesn't hear anything from Chanyeol, he starts to panic.


He watches Chanyeol's Skype status turn green sometimes and tries to make Chanyeol talk to him through sheer force of will. He's too scared to reach out first, doesn't know what Chanyeol's feelings are regarding the backlash of people finding out his private streams for Kyungsoo, nor does he know how Chanyeol feels about their private streams. Sure, Kyungsoo knows he enjoys them, but he also knows Chanyeol doesn't think he's anyone special, not in the way that he is to Kyungsoo.


He misses Chanyeol a lot. He would agree to never do private streams again if that's what Chanyeol wants, or if that's what it takes to appease his followers so he would stop getting bombarded with hate and requests. He would rather keep Chanyeol as a friend than a Skype sex partner even though they were never friends to begin with. Because yes, Kyungsoo is that far gone.





At the end of the second week, Chanyeol posts a notice on his channel saying that he does not in fact do private streams, and what he did with Kyungsoo was not a private stream because he is his boyfriend, and whatever he chooses to do with his boyfriend is no one else's business.


Kyungsoo stares at the message motionlessly for about ten minutes before snapping himself out of his stunned blank out. He wants to talk to Chanyeol so desperately but his Skype status says he's offline and his mind draws a blank when he stares at the last email Chanyeol sent to him, more than two months ago, displayed above the blank text box with another lonely blinking mouse. Kyungsoo's first thought was 'fuck yes, we're dating?!', but upon further analysis of the situation, figured it was probably just the easiest excuse Chanyeol has come up with to explain what happened and why he chooses not to take private stream requests.


That itself, is another thing though. Chanyeol is not taking private stream requests. He'd be congratulating himself with an ice cream cake if an hour later, haters weren't back on Chanyeol's channel saying he's a slut for whoring himself out for money when he already has a boyfriend. Some of the nastier ones say they don't want to watch a hole that's been used by another man every night anyway. Some simply say they hope Chanyeol gets gang raped and drop dead. Most of the messages conclude in them saying they're unsubscribing from his channel.


Kyungsoo wants to talk to Chanyeol even more after that. Just to comfort him, tell him he's there for him if he wants his company. But Kyungsoo now has even less clue than before as to how he should approach Chanyeol. Does he just say 'hey, I'm the sole reason people are sending you hate and even death threats, and also why your subscription rate has dropped so much. I'm sorry but are we cool and I'm here for you'?


He leaves his computer for a while, leaves his flat to get some fresh air, walks around the park to clear his head, buys some groceries. But he's still worried sick for Chanyeol. It's already dark when he gets home, and he spends an hour drafting a very long email apologising for what happened even though he knows it's not directly his fault, but he feels an insurmountable amount of guilt for it nonetheless. He tells Chanyeol to ignore the haters and that the best way of coping with internet rage is the wait it out.


At the end of his email, he puts a brief line about how he's here for Chanyeol if he ever wants someone to talk to about this. He itches to say more than that but worries he might come on too strong. What he actually wants to say is 'Are we okay? Please tell me we're okay' and also to offer to go to his place, delete his channel and burn his computer in a big metal trashcan, then make hot chocolate for him and hug him in his bed until he feels better.


His hand hanging frozen above the mouse is shaking from fatigue because he's still intensely debating whether to send the email when a Skype notification pops up in the bottom right corner, and Kyungsoo's hands immediately clench into a fist and his heart is hammering loud enough to hear each distinct beat when the bolded sender's name says Chanyeol.


What greets him when he opens his Skype window is a block of text.


Chanyeol apologises for springing the boyfriend explanation on him, saying that he was just so overwhelmed with all the comments and requests he didn't know what to do. He didn't feel comfortable with suddenly doing private streams for people, but had to come up with a reason that would explain why he did it for Kyungsoo. He also apologises for dropping off the radar for two weeks while he was busy sorting the proverbial shitstorm out, and was too upset to chat to anyone online. He hopes Kyungsoo will forgive him for the two-week silence, as well as for dragging him into this mess.


Kyungsoo starts thinking about which flavour of ice cream cake he's going to buy later as he rereads the message again.


He stores his previous email safely in drafts before typing out his reply to Chanyeol. He asks if Chanyeol is feeling okay now, or if he's still feeling upset. He offers his support the same way he did in his draft email. He tells him he shouldn't feel the need to apologise for anything, that nothing has been his fault at all. He says he's happy with Chanyeol's decision to not do private streams for other people.


He worries if he's showing his hand too much with that, exposing himself as the pathetically possessive pervert that he truly is. But then he decides that even though Chanyeol's reason for not taking private steam requests is not something as ego-stroking as 'because he doesn't want to do it with anyone other than Kyungsoo', it's still a choice Kyungsoo wants to explicitly express his approval for. Chanyeol deserves some approval after the two shitty weeks he's had, and the more shitty weeks to come.


He sort of brushes past the boyfriend explanation thing because he knows anything he can possibly say on that matter will be counted as coming on too strong.






After what was later referred to as the Private Stream Scandal, Chanyeol becomes bolder with sending Kyungsoo messages even when it's not a sex thing. He doesn't just stare at the blank text box as he fantasizes about telling him about the new music-making programme he bought or the awesome trip to the zoo he went on with his best friends. He actually types it out and hits send before he can think too much about it. Because Kyungsoo was so nice to him. Kyungsoo replied to his apology message within fifteen minutes and the first thing he did was ask if he was okay. He explained to Chanyeol that he was sorry too, for not reaching out during those two weeks, because he didn't know if Chanyeol was upset with him since he was the reason those private streams started at all.


As Chanyeol had hoped, Kyungsoo seems receptive to him reaching out outside of their Skype sex sessions. They start messaging each other about normal things and sometimes they even talk on Skype, just talking, about nothing sexual. Chanyeol looks forward to their Skype chats as much as he does with the sex. With Kyungsoo, he's always comfortable with whatever he does. He doesn't have to hide the fact that he does livestreams on the internet like he does with some of his friends in real life, and Kyungsoo never pressures him into doing anything sexual if Chanyeol isn't feeling like it.


After months of this, Chanyeol is completely in love with Kyungsoo even though he has no idea what the man looks like. He wants to meet him so bad, wants to see his smile when Chanyeol tells him dumb cute things, wants to know if he's taller or shorter than him, wants to hold his hand, wants to put a face to that fucking voice. He maybe also wants Kyungsoo to fuck him for real, wants to actually feel his cock inside him, wants to feel it drag against his walls, rub against his rim like Kyungsoo always describes. He really wants Kyungsoo to loom over him when they're in bed, call him baby right next to his ears as he fucks into his hole. Kyungsoo makes him feel a lot of things.


So Chanyeol suggests that they meet up, with tremendous trepidation.


"You don't have to agree. I know you never show your face, so you probably don't want me to see you but I really want to meet you. I you." Chanyeol doesn't want to go for a full-on confession because what if Kyungsoo only likes him for his body and for the sex? Or that he likes him as a friends with benefits just fine but- Because who would love a camboy like him, right? Kyungsoo has pretty much seen the worse side of him, the side of him where he moans for view counts and fucks himself in front of hundreds of strangers for money. He has also no doubt read what people say to or about him on his channel.


"It would be nice to to you in real life, you know?"


When Kyungsoo doesn't reply, Chanyeol panics. "You know what? It's stupid anyway. It's fine that we just talk like this. Forget I ever said anything."


When Kyungsoo still only gives him silence, Chanyeol makes a tortured face that he catches a sight of in the small screen in the bottom left. He covers his face with his hands in embarrassment because he always forgets that Kyungsoo can see him in these Skype chats when they're just talking idly, and Chanyeol has a habit of browsing the internet with the black Skype window minimized on the left.




"It's okay. We can meet."


Chanyeol sits up straight and stares at the screen in wonder. "Really?"


"Yeah, I want to meet you too. In real life."


Kyungsoo lets out one of his soft laughs when Chanyeol makes happy noises and claps his hands in excitement.





So they arrange to meet the next week and Chanyeol dances around his room and screams into his pillow when it turns out Kyungsoo lives in the same city as him.


But as the day of the meet gets closer and closer, Chanyeol starts panicking and doubting the whole crazy idea of meeting up with someone who he knew because they used to watch his camshows. There's probably a reason why Kyungsoo never shows his face, right? Probably because he's ugly? Maybe Chanyeol would stop liking him immediately once he's seen him. Chanyeol is not being shallow if that happens, right? Like if Kyungsoo is really ugly? Because honestly, no one hot and fit is watching Chanyeol's camshows. Let's be real, if someone is hot they wouldn't have to masturbate to camshows, they can just go out and find someone to fuck.


If Kyungsoo isn't horrifically ugly or obese, Chanyeol thinks that he can honestly work with that. Their personalities seem so compatible, and they enjoy spending time with each other, they make each other laugh. Chanyeol is also kind of in love with him already, so Kyungsoo only needs to give him some time to get used to his looks, and Chanyeol is sure he can grow to love him even if he isn't hot per se. And if Kyungsoo is horrifically ugly or obese, Chanyeol would love to still be friends? He isn't sure if he can continue doing their Skype sex sessions knowing how Kyungsoo looks in real life. If Kyungsoo gets angry at him and calls him shallow and vain, then well, Chanyeol guesses he isn't wrong and he would deserve some of Kyungsoo's hate. But hopefully it won't come to that.


He still shows up at their meet up place five minutes early because Chanyeol is still curious and desperate to meet him, even though there's a 99% chance Kyungsoo is just an average looking/ugly pervert.


Chanyeol goes to the park where they've decided to meet and there's just children playing while their mothers look on, some old people sitting around playing chess, listening to the radio, school kids hanging around, and one really hot guy sitting by himself on a bench. Chanyeol supposes Kyungsoo showing up early as well is too much to hope for, so he sits at the edge of the small fountain and waits.


He keeps looking around but no one who could look like Kyungsoo shows up. Maybe he bailed. Maybe he realised Chanyeol won't like his looks, or maybe he realised he didn't want to meet up with a camboy in public after all.


About 15 minutes later, Chanyeol pouts and dials the number Kyungsoo gave him a week ago on Skype. It only takes two rings before Kyungsoo picks up. "Hello?"


Chanyeol's heart relaxes a little at Kyungsoo's voice. At least he's not avoiding his calls, so maybe he's really just running late?


"Where are you? I've been sitting here for ages."


"Really? I've been waiting here for a while too."


"Really?" Chanyeol looks up from his feet to scan the park again. "Where are you? I'm sitting at the fountain!" Oh my god, what if Kyungsoo is one of the grandpas playing chess???


Chanyeol hears footsteps behind him from his right so he turns. It's the really hot guy sitting on the bench by himself earlier, holding a phone slightly away from his ears and looking down at him with a smile.


"Hello, Chanyeol. You sat behind the fountain, I couldn't see you."


Chanyeol's eyes grow wide as he takes in the perfect tanned skin, the handsome face, the short cropped hair with the fringe styled up. His clothes cover pretty much everything but he looks like he works out.


"You're Kyungsoo?" Chanyeol almost yells into the guy's face, his excitement and delight are too hard to contain.


"Um, yeah? Is there something wrong?" Kyungsoo's expression is sceptical but amused. Chanyeol is 100% in love already, because he's shallow, and vain, and lots of other things.


"No! But you're really hot!"


Kyungsoo's jaw drops a little before he regains his composure and laughs softly. His laugh, his voice. Chanyeol's whole body is about to start vibrating he's so happy.


"Thank you? I guess?" He runs a hand through his hair and looks away. He's shy and Chanyeol is about five seconds away from death.


Chanyeol stands up and he's at least half a head taller than Kyungsoo. He smiles and he's sure he looks silly right now. "I can't believe you're hot."


Kyungsoo laughs again, shaking his head. '"Stop saying I'm hot."


"But you are!"


"Did you think I'm not?"


Chanyeol stops and looks sideways. "Yes?"




"I don't know. I've never met anyone who watches my streams, so I just- I don't know, I was worried. Also, because you never show your face! I thought it's because you're really self-conscious of it or something."


It all seems kind of stupid now, his worrying and overthinking about how Kyungsoo would look. People who watch camshows probably aren't that different from people who watch porn, and most people watch porn? But this is still too much; Chanyeol still can't believe his luck, still can't believe Kyungsoo.


"Well, I am self-conscious, but I didn't show my face because I didn't feel comfortable doing that on the Internet with someone I don't yet know in real life," Kyungsoo shrugs, "I guess I'm a bit traditional about that."


Chanyeol can't stop looking at Kyungsoo, can't stop smiling, can't stop being happy. But then Kyungsoo gently grabs the back of his neck, pulls him down for a kiss, and Chanyeol's brain promptly short circuits.


When Kyungsoo lets go, Chanyeol can only stare back at him with his jaw hanging open. His heart is beating so fast and he feels like he needs to consciously breathe or else he might just stop.


"I'm sorry, did I read things wrong?" Kyungsoo frowns and worries his bottom lip between his teeth before stepping back. "I thought you wanted to meet up so we can, I don't know, do this for real. I don't know. I'm sorry. I like you, but I guess that's pretty obvious."


"No!" Chanyeol snaps back to reality. "No, I like you too. Yes, let's do this for real. I like you. I like you a lot."


Kyungsoo smiles, his lips turning heart-shaped and he takes his hand. "Okay then," he starts pulling him away from the fountain and towards the park exit. "There's this coffee shop I've been thinking about taking you to."