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New School, New Life

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Thursday, the day before the dance and Jackie is in the hospital, waiting to get her ankle checked, and to finally be able to throw the crutches away. Her and Aster waited in the waiting room until it was Jackie’s turn.
It took a lot of talking before Aster got permission from school to skip his lessons to go with his girl.

Ever since the night when Jackie told the boy that she liked him, they had been kind of together. They walked around holding hands and always sat next to each other. They hadn’t shared a kiss yet, except for small pecks on the cheek or forehead, and one on the nose.

”So, ’ow d’ya feel ‘bout gettin’ rid of the crutches?” Aster asked the white haired girl

”Do you even need to ask?” she smiled then smirked ”I can’t wait to ride my snowboard again”

”‘old yer horses Snowflake, yer not standin’ on that ‘til yer foot s’alright.”

”Yeah, yeah.. mum...” she laughed, then the door opened

”Jacklyn, the doctor is ready to see you now.” A nurse said, Jackie nodded at her, the nurse looked at Aster, ”Are you a relative?” she asked

”Yes he is” Jackie said and grabbed his hand and followed the nurse.

”Hello Jacklyn, how are you feeling today?” The doctor said when they walked into the room.

”I’m good thank you, my ankle don’t hurt anymore and I’m using the crutches less and less each day.

”That’s good to hear, now let’s take a look.”


Aster’s PoV

”Finally” Jackie exclaimed when we walked to the car, her ankle was all better. She acted like a child, running around and laughing, just ‘cus she no longer had the crutches.
”I feel so free, like I can do whatever I want.” she smiled

”He, yeah ya can Snowflake” I said and hugged her close to me.
”Ya wanna grab something ta eat, or ya wanna go ‘ome?”

”Um, shouldn’t we go back to school?” she asked

”Nah, we’re endin’ in an ‘our anyway.”

”Okay, then we could order some Chinese and head to your place?” I kissed her forehead, her face got so pretty when it turned pink.

”Sure we can” and we got into the car.

Later then evening the five friends was at Tooth’s house and watched a movie, They had no school tomorrow since the Dance would start at 5:30pm, so they would spend the night there. Jackie had brought Sophie along so she and Baby Tooth could play.

”Okay, so how are we going to do tomorrow?” Tooth asked
”I mean, should we meet up at someone’s or are we doing it separately?” Sandy wrote something on his phone and showed it to the colorful girl.

”We could do it separately boys and girls. I bet you girls need more time then we do. ;) ”

”Good idea Sandy” North said.

”Yeah, but do you have anyone that could fix your makeup?” Tooth asked

”I think mum could help us with that. If we head to my place at 2:30pm we have a good two hours :) ”

”And I could help you girls here if you want to.” Mrs.Toothiana said and smiled. ”Jackie, your aunt called, she wanted to know if she should bring something when she comes to pick Sophie up, or if you got everything.”

”Um, I got everything, but that is if she’s gonna bring my costume for tomorrow..” Jackie said

”Okay, I’ll let her know that.” Tooth’s mother smiled and walked out to the kitchen.

”Sweet, then we got that cowered, but you boys need to be out of here earlier than 3:30pm, you need to be gone like around 2.00 or 2:30pm.” Tooth said

”Do we really need three hours to get done?” Jackie asked, Tooth gave her a obvious look

”Eh, Yeah. We need to fix our hair and the makeup.”

”Okay, if you say so..” Jackie rolled her eyes.


When Helen had picked Sophie up and left Jackie’s costume, the five friends made themselves goodnight and sat in the living room and planned what they would buy to their costume the next day, the clothes had come with things like; Shoes, cloaks and ornaments. But still they didn’t have everything, Jackie needed red paint to have in her white hair, North and Tooth wanted red lenses and everyone needed vampire fangs.

Tooth and North was to sleep in said girl’s room while Jackie, Aster and Sandy would sleep in the living room, Sandy and Jackie got one sofa each and Aster had a mattress on the floor.

”Goodnight guys” Tooth said with a yawn, it was already 11:30 pm, if they wanted to head to the mall early they needed to head to bed.

”G’night you two, no funny business now” Aster smirked at the couple, Tooth chuckled while North laughed then smirked

”Won’t promise nothing.” Jackie gave him a look

”North, it’s not- You know what, never mind. Goodnight.” she smiled and yawned to, no point in trying to teach him the right english.

”Night Snowflake,” Aster gave her a small peck on her forehead, ”Night Sandy” the mute boy waved a goodnight and went to bed.

”Night Cottontail.” Jackie mumbled, to deep in sleep to talk property.



”Okay so what is first on the list” Tooth asked, the five friends had arrived at the mall, Helen had work so Jamie was with them, while Sophie was at a friends house.

”Jamie need some sort of clothes for a halloween party, right?” Jackie asked her cousin

”Yeah, Mum checked and there should be some nice costume in the dress up shop.”

”Sweet, there’s where we’re ‘eading?” Aster asked the group,

”If you guys look for the makeup we need and then the teeth, while me and Jams’ look for a costume then we meet you up at the smoothie stand when we’re done?”

”Sure, we’ll save some time then” Tooth answered then they separated


”Okay, what about this?” Jackie held out a costume of a firefighter, Jamie gave her a look

”A firefighter isn’t scary” he argued, then his face lit up like a sun and he ran to one of the shelves. ”This one is perfect! Can we get it Jackie?” he asked and held up a pilot costume

Jackie smirked, ”But a pilot isn’t scary either right?” Jamie stuck his tung out at her

”No, but they’re cool. Please Jackie?” He gave her the puppy eyes

”Yes we can, try it on and we get out of here.” Jamie tried it and then they bought it. When they arrived at the smoothie stand the other was already there. Along with another. Pitch was with them.

”Hi guys, hi Pitch.” Jackie smiled, even if the guy creeped her out.

”Hello Jacklyn, and who are you young one?” Pitch asked Jamie.

”I’m Jackie’s cousin, Jamie.” He asked shortly, he gave the white haired girl a look, as if to ask who the black guy was. Jackie shook her head. Answering that she would tell later.

Pitch ignored their ”silent talking” and turned to Jackie, ”I assume that you all are going to the Dance tonight?”

”Um yeah, we are, are you?” Tooth answered

”As a matter of facts I am, This halloween theme interested me, I want to see how well unintelligent teenagers dress up for the sake of scaring.” The five friends plus Jamie looked at each other with weird looks. They all shared the same thought Okay, this guy is both weird and scary

Pitch then looked at Jackie with a look that creeped her out again, ”I was wondering if you would do me the honor and go to the Dance with me Jacklyn.” he said, Jackie almost dropped her chin at that.

”Eh..-”She’s already going with Aster.” Jamie cut her of, Pitch looked at him, then Jackie then at Aster, who had a startled, then a cocky face.

”Oh, I see, you’re dating the rodent” Pitch said and then walked away

”Th-The WHAT!!?” Aster spat, about to follow and North had to hold him back so he wouldn’t attack the other male. ”Ah’m NOT a fuckin‘ RODENT!” Jackie walked and hugged her kind of boyfriend

”No you’re not Aster, but please calm down. That guy’s a jerk” She choose to use his name instead of one of her nicknames for him. That would only make the situation worse.
Aster signed and took a deep breath. He hugged the small girl closer, ”Ok, ah’m calm” she whispered, Jackie broke the hug and gave him a bid smile.

”Good, now no more moping around, we still need to find some things. Jamie’s costume is done. Is the makeup and teeth?” she asked

”Yeah, but we was thinking that maybe we should grab something small to eat before we continue. Nick is hungry.” Tooth said

”When’s th’ big lug not ‘ungry?” Aster asked and smiled. The others laughed while North make a unhappy face

”I am following belly, so belly need food” he said proudly, the earlier events almost forgotten






”Red color?”




”Small costume to a small person?”


”Okay, I guess we have everything” Tooth smiled and checked her phone, it showed 1:50pm ”We might as well go get ourselves ready, it’s almost 2pm.”

”Sure, I drive you girls to Toothy’s house.” North said

”Me ’nd Sandy drive Jamie ‘ome then we meet up at Sandy’s?” Aster said, North nodded

”Great, thanks Aster”


At Tooth’s house

The two girls sat in Tooth’s room after both had showered and dried of. Tooth looked at the different colors of the makeup and talked to Jackie about what would look the best on them and how it would be made.

Talked to was the keyword since Jackie didn’t even try to understand what the colorful girl talked about. Something about makeup and colors. Her mind wandered to the earlier events of the day. To why Pitch was so weird and mean to Aster, He couldn’t be jealous, could he? Jackie didn’t think she was that attractive. But then again, some guys at school had been flirting with her before.

”-and it’s going to be so fun, don’t you think?” Tooth looked at her, Jackie blinked


”Argh, it’s impossible to talk with you! I mention makeup once and then you space out, I don’t even know why I keep try?!”

”That’s a pretty good question” She smirked

”Yes... Now I want to see your dress before we choose makeup fore you, I’ll put on my own first while you keep end up in dreamland with your boyfriend.” she smiled

”Aster’s not my boyfriend” Jackie argued, but the blush on her face told otherwise

”Oh, he is’t? Well tell you what sister, you act like a couple.”

”Well, he’s my kind of boyfriend..” the smaller girl mumbled

”Kind of? How do one have a kind of boyfriend?”

”We haven’t said we’re together yet.”

”Neither did Nick and I, we just ended up as a couple aster he kissed me and told me he liked me.”

”Well, I have told him I like him, and he kissed me on my cheek and called me his snowflake, but we haven’t...” she trailed of.

”You haven’t kissed?” Tooth gave her a soft smile, Jackie nodded. ”Sweetie, being a couple doesn’t depend on if you kiss of not. It’s about how you feel for each other. And the kiss will come, just wait for the right moment.” She gave Jackie a hug.

”Thanks Tooth, you’re a real friend.” Jackie smiled.

”Now let’s get your dress on, before we fix your hair and makeup.” Jackie dropped her head on the bed and groaned loudly.


Aster’s PoV

5:35pm and the guys and I had just arrived to school, ready to head inside. Now all we waited for was the two girls of our group.

To be honest, we had all picked really good costumes, if there was a price for the best costume we definitely had a chance all three of us.

North had a ordinary Dracula outfit, with a white undershirt, a red closed vest, black pants and shoes and a black cape with a red inside that reached down to his ankles and white gloves. His makeup was simply dark around the eyes and his face a little paler. Along with the fangs he looked really good.

Sandy had this more old, royal vampire outfit. A long robe with yellow buttons, pants and shoes, all three in black. A yellow colored shirt and a staff. His makeup was a little darker than North’s and his face was just as pale with dark lipstick. Hi skipped the fangs.

Both had there hair licked back with hair gel.

My outfit was a dark green shirt with a open V-neck tied together with a thin strap and one thick, black strap on each wrist, black jeans and shoes and a black cloak that reached my knees. My fangs was smaller than North’s so they wasn’t visible when my mouth was closed. My face was it’s natural color and I skipped the makeup. Tooth is so going to kill me for that. I thought, but how cares?
My hair was as it used to be, just a little more stylized.

A car pulled up and I recognized it as Tooth’s father’s. Finally, the clock is already 5:45.

Tooth walked out and she really looked amazing. She had a dark, armless purple dress that reached above her knees. She was covered in some sort of webbing that went all the way down to her feet, her arms was covered in the same webbing that hung down from her arms. She also had a frost vest that reached behind her neck and black heels. Her makeup was dark purple and black around her eyes and dark red lipstick. She also had painted her nails black. She had small vampire fangs, like mine. Her hair was, for once, only two- skip that- three colors. Black and purple with a little hint of red in it.

She walked up to us and kissed North, I turned my head to the car again to prevent myself from roll my eyes, and-
”Wow” was all I could say as I saw Jackie walking up to us. If I thought Tooth looked amazing I have no words to describe Jackie. I never knew a girl could look that good in a dress before.

Her dress was simply black and dark blue, the skirt reached above her knees in a blue color covered in black webbing. The top was blue over her stomach with a black band over in a criss cross and black on the sides. Over her chest was a black puff that assembled with matching puffs on her arms below her shoulders. Two black straps over her shoulders holding it up and finally webbing from the puffs down her arms.

She had simple makeup; dark blue eyes and red lips. She had high black boots and her white hair was it’s normal style but with red slings and at the tops...

She looked absolutely stunning, and I think I dropped my chin to the floor. She smiled at me and waved, before I embraced her with my arms- careful with her dress- and kissed her forehead.
”Ya look amazin’ Snowflake” I whispered to her, she blushed and looked at me with her big, blue eyes.

”Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself Cottontail.” she smirked

”C’mon lovebirds, lets head inside.” Tooth said and we all walked into the school.


Jackie’s PoV

”Okay I admit, this was better than I thought it would be” I said after a while and we had all get ourself something to drink. The place looked really good, they had really taken the Halloween part seriously. With webbing everywhere, dark lights and weird drinks and snacks that tasted better than I thought it would and everyone had some sort of costume or something that showed the Halloween theme.

”See! I told you you’ll like it.” Tooth laughed, she sat comfortably in North’s lap with a blood red drink in hand, the picture was actually pretty scary. Like two vampire drinking blood. I shook my head at the thought and smiled at nothing.

”Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up sister.” I said, before I felt two arms around my waist.

”Wanna share this dance with me, ma dark princess?” A familiar voice asked. I laughed and turned around in his arms.

”Sure” and I pecked him on the cheek.

We walked to the dance floor and he held me in his arms all the time, my head on his chest and my arms around his back. I signed and closed my eyes, blocking everything out except for myself and the boy who had his arms around me. I felt him kiss my forehead and put his head on mine.

My little bubble was shuttered when the music stopped and they played something with a more scary background. We walked back to our friends to only finding North there. Apparently Tooth was dancing with Sandy. The poor little guy didn’t have a date. But to be honest I don’t think he cared about that, we wasn’t about to leave him behind.

”Wanna ‘ave a drink?” Aster asked me

”Yeah, sure”
”I’ll get one for Toothy and Sandy to.” North said and walked away with my date.

My date, how weird it sounded. I thought. Me and Aster dating I must have looked stupid when I sat smiling alone at nothing.

”Well, look at the little freak, she know how to wear a dress property.” I mentally groaned and turned to the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard.

”What could you possible want?” I gave Valerie an uninterested look. She had a tight, short red dress that pushed her breasts up and small red horns on her blond head. Wow, a slutty devilish imp, how original. I fought the urge to roll my eyes at her.

”I just wanted to tell you to enjoy your time with Aster as long as you can, when he sees me he will leave you in no time.” she smiled at me.

”You think so huh?” I asked her

”I know so, you wanna know why? ‘Cus your just a little bitch everyone feels sorry for ‘cus the only parent you have is jailed bastard, arrested for child abuse.” she smirked

... My mind went blank, How the fuck did she know about that? The only ones I had ever told except for my relatives was Aster, Tooth, North and Sandy. Aster encouraged me to tell the others a while back, so they knew, and they would never tell anyone else. I trusted them.

”How the hell do you know that?!”

”Aster told me.” She shrugged her shoulders

”WHAT?!” I glared at her ”When?!”

”At his place, after he invited me over. He said thought you were pathetic, weak and annoying. Especially when you had your mental breakdowns whenever you mentioned your parents and sister.”

Okay, no one but Aster know about my breakdowns. Not even Helen or my cousins. The only happened when I was alone or later with Aster. He would always wait until I calmed down then he would cheer me up.
Maybe she was rig- No!! I couldn’t let her get to me, even if I felt tears in my eyes.

”Aw are the little baby crying?” She cooed a smirk in her face ”You want mommy to make you feel better? Oh but she can’t..” she then said the last part loud enough for the dance to go quiet ”Because you killed her.”
I blinked at her, tears nearly falling. ”You Jacklyn Frost killed your own mother” Everyone looked at us. That included a pair of spring green eyes.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt the tears run down my cheek as I ran away, away from Valerie, away from the Dance, away from the school. I could faintly hear someone call my name but I ignored it and kept running.


Aster’s PoV (again)

”JACKIE” I called as I run after her. I knew she was fast but I never knew she was this fast, especially in heels, but I knew I would cough up with her sooner or later. That is if I ran the right direction. My mind went back to the dance when I heard Valerie’s voice loud and clear.

Me and North had found some of the guys from the wrestling team we used to hang out with. When I heard it

”Because you killed her. You Jacklyn Frost killed your own mother.” Then I saw Jackie run away, crying. I dropped the glass I was holding and run up to the girl that made my Snowflake cry.

”Oh, Hi Aster” she smiled at me, but I only glared at her and pushed her out of my way before I ran after Jackie.

”JACKIE” I nearly screamed her name please be okay i begged in my head.

I don’t know how far I had run when I arrived at a lake deep in the woods, I walked up to it and heard a sound close to crying.

”Jackie?” I breathed, finally I find her. She sat on one of the big rocks close to the shore. Her boots lay on the side of the lake and she was turned away from me.

As if approaching a frightened animal, I slowly made my way over to her. ’

”Jackie” I said, she gasped and turned to face her. I almost wanted to cry, her beautiful face was full of tear tracks and a mess from the makeup, and her eyes was big and red from crying. She made a choked sound and it looked like she wanted to run away again, but I was faster. I grabbed her arm right as she was down from the rock before she could run and I hugged her tight.

At first she froze and I think she held her breath, before she relaxed and hugged me back tightly.
We stood like that for minutes before I broke the silence.

”Ah’m sorry, ah shouldn't ‘ave left ya ’lone fer so long.” she broke the hug and looked at me with her blue eyes.

”’s not your fault.” she whispered and her face fell to the ground

”Jackie, look at me.” she did
”Ah know ya don’ wanna talk ‘bout it, but please tell me what Valerie said.” I asked as softly as I could

She took a breath and closed her eyes ”She said... Th-that you and everyone else only hung out with me ‘cus you pitied me. For not having parents. And that you would lea-leave me for her..” she sucked in a breath and her closed eyes was filled with tears again.

”We would never do that to ya Snowflake, Ah would never do that to ya.Ya know that right, and we like ya fer who ya are. Noth’in else.” I squeezed her shoulders. She nodded and opened her eyes.

”She also- she somehow knew about my parents and sister, and... and she knew about my breakdowns..” she whispered the last word.

”Bu-but ah thought ah was the only one ya told ‘bout that?” I asked, she looked at me and nodded again.
”Y-you don’ think ah told ’er. Right?” I quietly asked. she shook her head slowly

”No... I trust you, but I can’t think of any way she would know about that. Or that I was the reason for- ”Don’t ya dare say yer responsible fer yer mum’s death. Okay? Yer not.” I interrupted her, never that I would make her feel like she did that.

”Okay” she said in barley a whisper.

We was quiet for a long time after that. She slowly walked out of my embrace, for a second I was afraid she would walk away. But she walked over to the rock and sat down on it. She looked at me and patted the space beside her. And? Was that a smile on her face. I smiled at seeing her smile.

”Do you think the others are looking for us?” she asked as she dried her tears with the back of her hand

”Don’ think so, no one followed me. They maybe understood that ya wanted t’be left ‘lone.”

”But you didn’t?”

”Nope, Ah gotta make sure ma Snowflake ‘s‘appy.” she blushed again


”Yeah Jackie?”

”What are we?” she looked serious, I gave her a puzzled look

”What’d’ya mean?” she signed

”I mean, you and me. Us...?” Wha- Oooh Us? I gave her a smile and took her into my arms again

”Whatever ya wan’t us t’be Love.” I said and hugged her closer. She was quiet for a minute


”Yeah?” I chuckled

”Will you be my boyfriend?”

”Ah thought ah already was” I looked at her and kissed her forehead.


Jackie’s PoV

When he said this I know how my face looked, and I blushed even more when he kissed me on my forehead

”Jackie?” it was his turn to say


”May ah kiss ya?” he whispered, I looked at him, then at his lips then his eyes. I nodded and I felt more than saw him coming closer to me.

Our lips where inches apart when I closed my eyes, and when his lips met mine I became pudding in his arms. First the kiss was sweet and simple, then Aster shifted us so was sitting on his lap with his arms around my lower back. My arms wrapped themselves around his neck and he tilted his head a little and deepened the kiss.

Before we could go any further he broke the kiss with a grin on his face.

”Ah love ya Snowflake.” he breathed, my own breath hitched and I looked at him through half-lidded eyes

”I-I love you to Aster.” he smiled and kissed me again.