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New School, New Life

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A normal Monday in Burgess High, a new girl was about to have her first day in her new school, after been living with her aunt and two cousins for almost a month she needed to go to school.

The girl was small, only 5.5’ in height, thin and her hair was a naturally white mess that reached over her shoulders in a boyish style. Not the kind of white people get when they turn old, but soft snow white almost with a little silver streaks. Her eyes had an icy blue color. Her skin was paler than normal and she didn’t mind the cold as much as others did.

Her name was Jacquelyn Frost.


Chapter 1.

Jackie’s PoV
”Jackie! Time to get up!” I heard Helen- my Aunt- call from the kitchen, why did I have to get up now? It’s only 7.30Am..!

”Jackie You will be late for school!”

”...” Right I was suppose to start school today.

”Coming!” I shouted back. I walked to my wardrobe and put out a pair of light blue jeans and my favorite blue hoodie, I walked into the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror. A pair of ice-blue eyes, a pale face and a mop of white hair looked back. I signed and brushed my hair, it still had it’s spiky style but I liked it, It makes it look more at the boyish way. I was 95% tomboy and 5% girly since I didn’t use guy clothes, except for hoodies, I liked when they were to big.

When I walked into the kitchen I say my two cousins Jamie and Sophie, Jamie was 10 years old and Sophie was 4, me myself was 16, but was in class with the year older than me, since I skipped a class some years ago, but I bet I have to change back after everything I missed the last year.

They greeted me and Helen put pancakes on my plate. I have been living with them for almost a month now, I moved here a year after my mother died in Cancer and my father was taken in jail for child abuse and for drinking. He blamed me for what happened to my mum, and it’s don’t help that I lost my little sister 3 years ago..

”Jackie, Time to go” I woke from my thoughts by Helen talking to me.

”Okay” I wanted to stay home, but Helen said it would be good for me to get new friends, I don’t want to get new friends, I rarely got any since I looked different. But I’ve always been good at hiding what I’m feeling so i just put on a smile and go with it.

”Jackie shoes..” I groaned I hated shoes, but I put on my dark blue converse and walked to the car.

After 5 minuets we was at the school, a big building with a big parking lot and a couple of students outside.

I put my hood over my head and heaved my bag on my shoulder, Jamie and Sophie stayed in the car since Helen was going to the principal with me.

The corridor was big and had a lot of lockers, students looked at me and whispered something, but I didn’t care, I was used to it.


The new kid walked to the principals room and a couple of students whispered and wondered who it was.
”Look guys! A new student, I wonder how old he is.? I bet he’s nice, but he looks shy. You think he has same classes as us?” A talk-active girl said, her name was Tina Toothiana but her friend called her Tooth, since she wanted to be a dentist and because she was crazy about teeth.

She was beautiful and had waist-long light-brown hair with stripes of green purple and pink, her eyes had a amethyst color and she had a colorful dress. She was 5.6 in height with a nice slim figure.
She was one of the schools cheerleaders but she spent more time with the three boys she was friend with than the other girls.

”How can you be sure is a boy Toothy?” One of the boys asked, His name was Nicholas North in a Russian accent since he was born and raised in Russian, he was big, almost 6.3‘ and had a bulky muscular frame and was Tooth’s boyfriend. North, as the others called him was in the football team but was a really nice person. His hair was brown and his eyes had a blue color. He had tattoos on his arms. He had a red shirt and gray pants and black boots.

”Don’t know but it looked like it”

Simon Sanderson, or just Sandy was a small mute boy, only 5.3’ tall and a little chubby. He had sandblonde spiky hair and kind brown/ yellow eyes, he had a yellow shirt and brown pants. He was one of the kindest persons at school, but you will not be on his bad side.

Sandy did some things with his hands and gave Tooth a note saying:

”Yea, but looks could fool you you know :) ”

”Hope kid’s not a troublemaka’ schools got ‘nough a‘ready.” the last boy said, he was a tall 6.1’ with grayish/blue hair and emerald-green eyes his Australia accent was thick and his skin was slightly tanned, he had nice muscular body, he had a green shirt with a sleeveless jeans west, his pants was dark and he had some kind of braces on his wrists. His name was E. Aster Bunnymund.

”Aster! What makes you think that?” Tooth asked

”Jus’ a feelin’ sheila.”

”Ve vill see da? but now to classes.” North said in his overly jolly voice

The four friend walked to their first class and waited for the teacher to arrive. They didn’t think more about the new kid since he/ she probably wouldn't be in this class.